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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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here is really close by. we just live right here on the street, american canyon road, so we were just thinking if the fire ever got past at least close to the high school, then that's the time where you just go ahead and get ready. north bay. firefighters worked quickly tonight to get the upper hand on a wildfire in the middle of a red flag warning. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and hi, everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat infer frank somerville tonight. some good news, though, for people who live. at work near that fire. all the evacuation warnings have been lifted. that fire broke out this evening there. newell drive in american canyon and quickly grew to more than 100 acres. but tonight there is a new twist in the investigation. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live near the scene of that fire indiana you've learned this is now turned into an arson investigation. that's right. julian frank, we're here at american canyon high school. this is where they set up the command center. and just in the past hour, i spoke with the napa county sheriff. he says his deputies got to the scene nearby, where the fire started found a stolen vehicle on fire there, as well as a man who had burn injuries nearby. building smoke from the flames could be seen from a pg and e camera. the high winds pushing the fire near american canyon high school firefighters got the call about six p.m. and within
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an hour issued an evacuation, warning the area where the fire was reported to start. it was very close to us several structures and including the american canyon high school fire can travel two or three football fields in less than a minute. and so it's. that's why it was important to issue that evacuation warning. cal fire says half of american canyon was potentially in danger the smell of smoke from the fire was reported all the way to oakland. cal fire crews said. fortunately the wind shifted driving the fire east away from structures that allowed cal fire to lift the evacuation warning, the sheriff says deputies found a car stolen from valeo in flames at the scene where the fire started and a 26 year old man nearby, but they did find a car that was looked like it was on fire. in an area that a car doesn't belong and off road by a water tower and kind of a creek area. um and so and then they detained the person who actually had some burns themselves. and that person is being detained and it's being
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treated investigated as an arson case. and back to your live. the sheriff tells me that that man with the injuries is expected to survive one other note. i mean, we can still feel the wind out here and cal fire tells me that they are planning to have crews there at the scene trying to both. contain it and also watch for any hot spots or any sparks. because with this wind, they said, it can travel so quickly tonight. they were fortunate. he tells me that it got within maybe one mile of some of the structures and certainly with the winds that can travel quickly, so they're going to keep an eye on this through the night. julie it was especially surprising scary when you hear that man say that it can travel up to 2 to 3 football fields in less than a minute. scary moments out there. glad that they got a jump on that quickly, janet. thank you. all that strong wind out there, posting a fire risk keeping many pgd customers in the dark tonight, but pgd says they're patrolling lines tonight and are beginning to give an all clear to some
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locations. however it is not released specifics on which areas are clear right now the utility started shutting up power to people in areas vulnerable to fires this morning. this is a look at pg and e s current outage map the purple triangles here. are places where there is no service. currently most of the outages across the bay area today we're in napa and solano counties. pg and e says once lines are safe, they will restore the power, but there's still monitoring the weather sense. a red flag warning remains in effect. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a look at what we can expect some of these winds to calm down bill. you know, frank, they have been dying down a bit over the last few hours. that winded vise ary that was in effect for much of the bay area has been dropped. and so with that gone, we know that the winds have dropped a good 10 to 15 miles an hour in many places. we are expecting that red flag warning to last through tomorrow afternoon, but it's a much less robust red flag warning because it doesn't
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have that wind advisory attached to it. this whole fire warning is mostly about winds, right humidities aren't too low temperatures aren't too high. it's kind of a cold low, so it's really about the winds and when the winds die down and back, takes the pressure off this red flag warning, even though. it's a big deal, and it definitely needs paying attention to, but it's clear that the winds have died down as we look up around the napa area now which the wind right there 16 miles an hour out of the north, that arrow coming straight down that tells you it's the north wind. we've got a north wind of 27 miles an hour at fairfield and then 16 miles an hour. so those are that's the real boss. i mean, 16 sustained is that significant wind. but that's way down from the 25 35 months, our winds that we've seen earlier. so as we look at the that wrong that map this map, which represents the forecast winds, you'll see the contours, right. and so yellows bearable. reds and oranges are big time and that's going away. see that? so as we get into tomorrow morning, much less when you get some coastal wind here in the afternoon. but then
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it all goes away. so the wind advisory dropped the red flag warning up through tomorrow. i just showed you the model that shows the winds are generally dying down and they will throughout the day tomorrow, so we'll see you back here with the forecast. thank you bill. today's gusty winds post more than a risk for fires and el granada this morning, strong winds took down a 75 ft cypress tree, and, sadly, that tree landed on a classic 1969 cougar. nobody was injured with car was destroyed along with the residents garage. later in the newscast, emergency crews in san francisco layout how they're prepared for windy weather as well. turning now to a developing story in southern california. terrible images are emerging tonight after a small plane crashed into a neighborhood near san diego. at least two people died in that crash. two others are injured,
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and that crash happened around noontime today in the city of santee, about 20 miles to the northeast. of san diego. the play was a cessna 3 40 a can hold up to five passengers and a pilot. it's not clear how many people were on board. according to the flight plan. the plane was traveling from you, mayor rizzo, nana to montgomery gibbs airport that's in san diego. at least a dozen homes were damaged, too, were completely destroyed. a debris field that is almost a block as far as length and we have parts of the actual airplane strewn across at least 10 homes and into some of the streets. that plane also hit a ups truck ups employees among the two people who died the cause of the crash still under investigation. well, jon gruden resigned today as a head coach of the las vegas raiders his departure comes after several articles reveal the content of some of gruden's emails over seven year
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period, which included races homophobic and misogynist comments. gruden was five games into 1/4 season of a tenure $100 million contract. ktvu is jesse gary spoke to san jose state sports communication expert dr sean fletcher to get some perspective. gruden's decision. well this behavior is not surprising to me in the least bit. i think it it also amongst other things, it's an indictment on just how deep this runs and quite honestly just how deep the sort of hedging and good old boys network that still exists in the nfl to this day over the weekend, and even earlier today, we were led to believe that this was an isolated incident and he apologized and moved forward. but we've since learned that this ran deeper than what we thought it was. this was over a number of years that this type of sexist,
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homophobic massage in mystic racist exchanges were taking place and we likely would not have known it had this investigation against misconduct with the washington football team had not taken place, so i'm not surprised in the least bit. he stepped down as as head coach of the raiders. um is that the end of it now? is that is that nip it and tie it off, or do you think this is just. the first shoe in several shoes that could drop well for the nfl this can be it. i was disappointed at the nfl deferred their responsibility over to the las vegas raiders, the nfl where they were the first group to receive these these emails as part of this ongoing investigation of the washington football team, and ultimately, they differed. their responsibility is sent it over to the las vegas raiders. i think that they could have sent a very strong message to say while you may drag your feet mark day. rivers, um. he's not going to be patrolling the
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sidelines representing the nfl shield, and they decided not to do that. i do believe also that most likely of the 650,000 emails that were have been reportedly, uh, comb through doing this investigation. i'd be very surprised if jon gruden is the only one that comes out of this, uh, scathed, so to speak. so, uh, this runs very deep. well raiders assistant coach rich but sakia will replace gruden as the interim head coach. gruden issued a statement tonight saying, i'm sorry i never meant to hurt anyone. on a baseball. now the giants locked up in a pitcher's duel tonight in game three of the nlds and that dual went to the giants. the two teams combined for just one run, and that was enough giants over the dodgers one to nothing. ktvu sports director marco van is here now to tell us about tonight's crucial on the road win mark. yeah, it gives all you have to do to shut down. the dodgers is shut him out.
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that's the only way to beat them. they have such an unbelievable lineup of hitters and twice in this series, the giant pictures have been able to completely clamped down on the words that come to mind when i think of the giants this season mental toughness, they just seem to grind these games out, and they never seem easy. it was downright. candle stick in and of all places. dodger stadium temperatures in the fifties. the crowd seems big, but rather subdued and the giants never let him get going with their eighth. max shares are on the mound, and he had it going on yet. 10 strikeouts tonight, but evan longoria catches one of those fastballs from the sweet part, rides it over and out the only run of the game. longoria had been struggling at the plate. he was ready for that. 1/7 inning. dodgers two on jake mcgee, a mountain look at brandon crawford get up the ladder to
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take that laser away from mookie mcgee's pump. mookie can't believe it, and the dodgers have to be dumbfounded about what great giant defense they have seen. in this series for the most part, and then the kid camillo devolved 24 years old asked him to get six out. the final one was most scut bread cheese. as gavin lux, daddy hit it out of the park and stephen duggar with the wind. knocking it down. makes the catch. hit the pike. lux you didn't hit it out, you're done, and so are the dodgers down two games to one devil, a rare six hours save and get this back shirts. there had not lost a game in a dodger uniform since he was acquired at the trade deadline. here's longoria. i'm talking about the young kid closer. how about your 24? year old closer? does he have ice water in his veins are one. i mean, golly, we and call them
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late in the year. two you know, hasn't been called on a whole lot huge situations like this to be able to go out two innings. in this environment. i mean, you just look at him on the mound and you feel pretty confident, but, uh, man, he proved something to us tonight. if you are a giant fan, you have to feel like the dodgers through their best punch tonight. max scherzer, one of the all time greats, he's a future hall of famer. the giants didn't exactly rough him up, but they got that one run made it count. we'll have a lot more with regard to this game and all the sports believe me. there's a lot going on 49 are news, you name it, and we'll have it in about 40 minutes from now, guys, but that's it with regard to the giants. two games to one lead at game four tomorrow. hey mark, i know baseball is so near and dear to your heart when you think you think they're going to close this out in l a or is it going to come back to san francisco? i don't want to make the prediction that i could make a wish. there you go. we'll take that. i don't think my heart could stand a game five,
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although they would have the kid logan web on the mound, so you feel pretty good about that, but i think i speak for all giant fans right now. get her done tomorrow. yeah the land of the dodger right? take care of business down there and then come home, all right? mark. thank you will see a bit later. yeah. coming up. the pandemic may keep some people you depend on over the holidays at home, including santa coming up businesses gear up for our worker shortage this holiday season and southwest airlines passengers face another big day of delays and cancellations.
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a beloved holiday tradition in the south bay and that is christmas in the park. it's in desperate need of more santa's. many of the regulars have expressed concerns. now about covid ktvu is azenith smith is live at plaza to cesar chavez park in san jose, with more good evening. good evening, frank. yeah can you believe in a little more than a month christmas in the park will return to it in person event once again this year, and organizers worry that there may not always be a santa around to greet children. after one year
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hiatus due to the pandemic christmas in the park will return to its original form of free walkthrough event at plaza de cesar chavez park and san jose. last year's drive through events at history park will remain. two ways for families to celebrate the holiday means the need for more santa's organizers say. santa's this year are hard to come by this year. because we're still you know, in covid, um, visits with santa claus or something that we're struggling with and one of the things that we're struggling with. is actually getting santa at christmas in the park, the nonprofits executive director says this year santa's who typically volunteer their time are choosing not to return. their fear is that they're going to be around unvaccinated children, of course, by that time, even though there's still a couple months away, you know, we're still going to be in a stage where the kids are not going to all be vaccinated went to the doctor. in fact, yesterday and got the booster shot this, santa says despite that added
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protection, he'll feel safe behind a plexiglass shield fears that the coronavirus and these unprecedented times are leading a labor shortages everywhere over at westfield valley fair in san jose, there's a hiring sign on almost every store fronts. as the holiday shopping season ramps up. we're anticipating a crowd. absolutely i think people have been, um, waiting to dine out new restaurant i. china is looking to hire 50 staff members. it can be a little difficult, especially because of. covid obviously and, um. people going back to school, making people feel safe as everyone's priority back at christmas in the park, the visiting santa experience will only take place outdoors as opposed to an enclosed space like years past. we don't want to let people down. we want people to come and have a enjoyable experience. and the santa orientation program is this saturday and the nonprofit
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anticipates will need at least 15 more santa's. if you're interested we will have contact information on our web story. frank alright, azenith smith christmas just 66 days away by the way. you know all we start early here in san jose? indeed it's creeping up. okay thank you. for that report. toymakers are trying to get their products on store shelves in time for the holidays as well. toys stores are up 19% this year totally an $11 billion so far, and toymakers are seeing high demand from consumers, but it may take a while. for the toys to end up on the stores due to the current shipping crisis. industry experts are advising shoppers to shop early. shop right now get the kids to make those wish lists early because right now we're seeing that initial stock of toys come in. we're on about a 6 to 8 weeks delay for a lot of products. industry experts also say toys that are in stock will cost more due to the chip
10:20 pm
shortage at a shortage of raw materials like paper, wood and plastic action figures, for instance, could be going up 2 to $3, while bigger toys like playsets and dollhouses could see a 10% hike. all right. welcome back. we've got some weather for you. it includes those winds dying down just a bit out there. it's still breezy, but it's not as significant as it was this morning. say 567 o'clock this morning in many places, then they get around lunchtime. the winds have died down, but it's still kind of dry and breezy out there and so we are going to continue with that red flag warning through tomorrow. we'll see some gusty winds again tonight, but i don't suspect. they're going to be in the 50 mile. an hour range will be in the 25 35 mile an hour range most likely, but you still have wind check out fairfield right now gusting to 32. there's that north winds to the arrow pointing straight down coming from north to south. napa has a due north wind 10 miles an hour, so that's down significantly, and the thing about this wind event was not just in the hills but right down in sea level. we had good
10:21 pm
strong wednesday, way out. san francisco's ocean beats the great highway. san was blowing around gale warnings. offshore 45 mile an hour winds 31 mile an hour at livermore. right now, that's the north wind as well, but the winds have gradually been dying off and they'll continue. in that as we go forward, this model would depict that for you will just sort of see the you know. look at the colors. like i said, that's those are the contours that, for instance, back of il 36 miles an hour so that orange corresponds to that right? and so you can kind of see what will happen is that orange goes away as we get into tomorrow morning early, you're back into mostly yellows. now along the coast, you'll see some of the stronger gale force type winds come in. but that's not quite as devastating for us in terms of red flight concerned, because of course it's offshore. and then the winds go away pretty quickly after that, so this thing is dying down, but we still got some time to get through and also that fire up in american canyon or they're gonna be watching that all night because the last thing you need is an amber to spark up. when i come back, we got the five day forecast. we'll take a peek at that. and which
10:22 pm
you can expect coming up. all right. we'll see you soon. thank you. bill cruise ships make a come back to san francisco comingp. how this is just one signal the tourism industry. is on the rebound and people return to southern california beaches following a major oil spill.
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you can see gusty winds, blowing trees and tossing some branches around out there and san francisco emergency officials are on high alert for possible down trees and tree limbs. ktvu christien kafton tells us the city's recreation and parks department shut down at least one park because of safety reasons. much of the bay area is under a high wind advisory. and in san francisco, that means a heightened risk of downed trees and tree limbs. the city's department of emergency management is on high alert those type of debris in the roadway. and power outages some of the things that we're concerned about, so to monitor that the sense go department emergency management is keeping
10:25 pm
an eye on the weather. we have our watch center. we have our 911 dispatch center ready and available to respond. the city is advising people to secure any outdoor belongings on decks are in their backyards. the steady winds and gusty conditions could also potentially knock out power and regions of the city. so the city is advising people to have fresh batteries and flashlights available. if you see it down tree call, 311 will get a maintenance crew out there. if you see a downed power line called 911, and we'll get the professionals out there to go ahead and take care of it. the city's recreation and parks department is also watching the high winds and has already closed pine lake and vale parking lot in stern grove park. there's a lot of really tall trees there, and, um, we just don't want to take any chances. stern grove is the same part that had a massive flood following the water main leak in august that leak washing away the soil around the roots of dozens of eucalyptus trees, increasing the danger they would come tumbling down in windy conditions. the concern really revolves around the number of tall trees in the
10:26 pm
area, and, um, you know, in high winds, a tree could go down. and we don't want anyone to get hurt. san francisco's department of emergency management is urging people living in the city to sign up for alerts sf by texting their zip code 2888777 so they can get timely alerts about any power outages. or wind damage in their area in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. what a difference a month makes around south lake tahoe. this is video from today at the california lodge at heavenly valley ski resort as you can see some light snow falling for the second time in a week. early last month, thousands of people were evacuated around that same area of south lake tahoe because of the cal door. fire that fire now 98% contained. and while there's not enough snow to finally put out the fire. every little weather system helps out. still ahead tonight, teams of volunteers and professional cleanup crews managed to get some beaches reopened in southern california following a big oil spill off the coast of
10:27 pm
orange county. coming up what investigators are learning about how that spill may have started and find out what some people think will help protect marine county stinson beach from rising sea levels. and later in sports. the giants aren't the only team celebrating tonight as the red sox move on to the championship series, and engineers get ready to action tomorrow to help solve the problem with san francisco's leaning millennium tower coming up
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i didn't even get to finish. francisco's sinking and now tilting millennial tower, the chronicle reports they will install a three ft wide sleeve steel sleeve deep into the ground on the fremont street side of that 60 story skyscraper. this comes after earlier repair work caused the tower to sink even more,
10:30 pm
putting the entire repair project on 19 inches and has tilted more than a foot since it opened back in 2000 and nine honey to beach in southern california reopened to the public today, more than a week after an undersea pipeline ruptured off the orange county coast. as fox news has met, finn tells us authorities are still trying to determine because that pipeline to leak. huntington beach in orange county reopened monday after a devastating oil spill several miles off the coast of california forced its closure for more than a week. cleanup efforts are underway as questions remain into what caused the spill. the u. s coast card believes in underwater pipeline may have been damaged by a ship's anchor, months before the league began. right now we are doing an investigation. we are determining whether criminal or civil enforcement will be necessary. we don't know yet, but we will go wherever the facts lead us. the 17 mile pipeline leaked anywhere
10:31 pm
between 25,000 to 132,000 gallons of oil into the pacific ocean. marine wildlife in the area was devastated as a result, and people are urged to avoid touching any oiled materials. that may appear on shore in the coming days. please do not pick them up. they do have hazardous material on them, potentially the best thing that you can do as your email the address we have set up and that allows us to get our response teams out into the field. meanwhile state officials are calling on the federal government to do more to prevent another event like this. the spill, also prompting fresh calls to eliminate offshore oil production in california altogether. there is an outrage. that congress has failed to prevent this damaging oil spill. the trade off between oil production and environmental harm is simply not one that we should be making. officials say they reopened the beach after tests
10:32 pm
showed there were no detectable toxins in the water. additional tests are expected to be conducted throughout the week in los angeles, matt finn fox news. marin county is looking into creating a dune system. it sends him beach aimed at pro protect him rather homes from rising sea levels. the dunes would be at the first of its kind, emery county and what costs less than the more traditional hard structure seawall seen in other parts. of our coastline. county officials are containing me to get feedback from the public there, as well as other nature based alternatives. the plenty process is expected to last three years. southwest passengers are being advised to check flight schedules before they head to airports across the country. for a third straight day, the airline has cancelled or delayed flights. ktvu is tom baker spent the day looking and do what's causing the problems and he found there's no clear answer just yet. monday was day three for southwest airlines passenger as cancellation held that will
10:33 pm
improve from the weekend continued with 360 flights so far, in addition to mondays, 10% cancellation rate. a whopping 30% were cancelled on sunday and 24% saturday with more than 2000 flights and all round a taurus was supposed to meet his wife in las vegas sunday morning, and my wife was coming up sunday morning for the radar game in her flight was canceled. and so she couldn't get rebooked until 10 o'clock that night games at one o'clock, so she wasn't coming to vegas. southwest blames the cancellations on bad weather back east and problems with air traffic control. the federal aviation administration says it had adequate staff on the weekend. the faa also says for several airlines, many cancellations were due. to having both aircraft and crews out of position. some reports suggest that southwest was the victim of organized sick outs over vaccination issues, something the airline and the pilots union deny. but in previous months, southwest did
10:34 pm
blame large and excessive cancellations on staffing shortages. that caused it to reduce its schedule for fewer flights, while air travel demand was soaring and continues to build its tied into a lot of the bigger picture issues we're having with the national economy. daniel byrne ham is operations director at scott's cheap flights .com, a free online worldwide booking service. with some two million paying members, probably southwest contention that this began as a weather delay, you know, probably true, but i think it's significantly compounded by the fact that it's difficult to rehire lot of skilled employees. you know, both airports and airlines, american and spirit. airlines also had some cancellations. but in the low single digits tiny in comparison to southwest. delta had a huge issue a few months back, but now comes the real acid test. the holidays. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. police in palo alto are searching for several suspects wanted in connection with a
10:35 pm
home invasion, investigators say. friday night, three men broke into a home on m a court as the men moved upstairs, they were confronted by the home 70 year old resident. sounds like don't let was she surprised? but they were surprised, uh, apartment finding each other. they actually went their separate ways. the three suspects who said the house ran back to an awaiting vehicle by the area. investigators say they are looking at an area surveillance video in hopes of finding the three men whom they say drove off in a black sedan. anyone that might have information urged to get palo alto police call. and san jose. police say a 20 year old co cases have finally solved in three people are in custody in the unprovoked killing of a total stranger. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us. the break in the case came after witnesses who were once unwilling to talk gave new information. it really demonstrates the tenacity and the relentlessness that are
10:36 pm
detectives have when it comes to solving homicide cases for nearly 20 years. what happened to me? ha! was a macabre mystery. it starts halloween 2000 and one in front of his apartment complex in the 500 block of avalon e avenue near penitentiary creek park. two men stabbed a 22 year old ha multiple times, killing him. the second person was also stabbed, but survived the two suspects, and the third man sped away in an suv, and that was it. an unsolved killing set for nearly 20 years. this was a random act of violence this victim and the suspects did not know each other at all. in august, the case was assigned to the joint police and district attorney's office. cold case team. those investigators re interviewed witnesses and decades later, new details, produced clues and captures if they have specific knowledge of the murder. they're going to remember the details, no matter how long it, uh, it is given those
10:37 pm
statements and interviews, we were able to corroborate some more information which led to this filing and subsequent arrest of these three suspects. october 6th brothers, francis and utopia, dag array and gilbert mary alice were all arrested in san jose. investigators say they continued living in the same city where they committed the crime the entire time believing they had gotten away with murder. it is very important, it's important that it shows that our criminal justice system works. the three defendants are all charged with homicide. with a gang enhancement. the motive for the killing is still unknown. another twist in this case has family has left the bay area so police investigators are hoping the public can help them reach the family and let them know the relatives. murder has been solved. if you have any information, contact the san jose police department. in san jose just gary ktvu, fox two news. blood banks need help this week coming up how they're working to manage a major blood shortage. we are tracking the
10:38 pm
winds that are quickly dying down. i'll have the details on your five day forecast coming up and san francisco tourism was back with a bang over the weekend why businesses are hopeful that the recent surge of visitors. is assigned, the city's tourism industry is on the upswing marin that when we come back every day in business brings something new. so get the flexibility of the new mobile service designed for your small business. introducing comcast business mobile. you get the most reliable network with nationwide 5g included. and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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cross is putting out an urgent call for donors. the organization says national blood supply has dropped to its lowest post summer levels in at least six years. they're also seeing about a 10% drop in donations. despite that demand remains high, though blood types are needed, especially o, as well as platelet. donations. some days. we are, you know, less than a less than a day
10:41 pm
supply of blood cannot be helping factored. it cannot be stockpiled. it need folks to tun out now, but also to make appointments in the days in which they had to minister this weekend supplies blood to the hospitals when it's needed. you can make an appointment to donate at red cross blood dot org. anyone who donates from now through the end of the month will also get a $5 gift card for a merchant of their choice. today marks said it asked the fda to grant emergency use authorization for its experimental anti covid pill. it is the first covid fighting medicine to come in a pill form as opposed to an intravenous injection. mark says the pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths among infected people by about 50. does reduce the severity of illness but doesn't prevent it entirely and but it can potentially keep a lot of people out of the hospital. marks results are similar to those released by astrazeneca for its intravenous covid fighting cocktail. the fda
10:42 pm
could give the green light for both drugs in a matter of weeks up next still shows cruise ships and tourists. what a busy weekend in the city. the influx of visitors and dollars has many folks optimistic that tourism is finally back in swing. in san francisco, and you'll wake up tomorrow morning under a red flag warning for a second straight day coming up our chief meteorologist bill martin will return, but the complete bay area forecast ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break)
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it was a weekend full of events in san francisco. the busy weekend gave him much needed morale boost for bay area spectators and an economic shot in the arm for the city's tourism industry. ktvu zack saw spent the day at fisherman's warf and tells us about all the benefits from the weekend activities. it was wonderful. it was great to see. uh the dwarf back in action was great to see the city back in action rooms booking up over the weekend at hotel zoe and its sister property hotel argonaut, which stefan mueller overseas, so it's a constant draw. from morning until. late afternoon and evening draw that included the famed blue angels, providing jaw dropping acrobatics in the air to the ships at port and on the playing field at oracle park, where the giants took on the dodgers in historic series, game one and game two, and you have a cruise ship coming into
10:46 pm
port as well, which obviously helps to it brings it brings more traffic into the neighborhood. more foot traffic, the majestic princess arriving into port monday morning, marking the return of cruise ships to san francisco after a 19 month hiatus brought on by the pandemic with new customers for restaurants. you're going to want that clam chowder. you're going to want that dungeon is crab. and what better way to have it than to sit in one of the restaurants that are right on the water, and you can see the fishermen bring in the catch of the day, another region booming with visitors for its local fair right now, the napa valley. this is our most active part of the year. the harvest season is well underway, and it still continues. but um, we're sort of at the tail end of harvest. lindsey gallagher visit napa valley, eyeing a return to near pre pandemic visitation in the region and after a devastating sees and played by wildfires. for within striking distance from the hotel occupancy standpoint of 2019 levels
10:47 pm
however, our revenue is pacing ahead of 2019. and so i think that's a phenomenon. we'ret jusn napa valley, but, um, hotel rates are a little bit high all around the state of california right now. and people, um, you know, don't have as many options as they used to in terms of traveling abroad back downtown kevin carroll, who heads up the hotel council of san francisco, hoping local and regional visitation will help all offset the decline in business visitors. so in order to have a full recovery will have to have both the tourism. all three the tourism business travelers and convention business. so we're optimistic. we think that we're going to be seeing more and more people coming to the city, but we also are realistic, knowing that it's going to be several years before we have a full recovery. and one of the challenges the hotel and restaurant industries continue to face staff shortages. the hope is that as visitors continue to return, so will the staff were in san francisco. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news. all right. those
10:48 pm
winds have died down a bit out there. the wind advisory has been dropped for now throughout the bay area shouldn't go up again. the red flag warning stays. in effect. the wind advisory still in effect for parts of the central valley. down towards sacramento and out towards modesto. for us. it's a red flag warning through tuesday. you can see the areas coverage pretty much all of northern california in the bay area. it's the hilly location. certainly. the winds are dying down there. and i think i mentioned this before without the wind without that. wind advisory. the red flag warning has lost some of its teeth, which is good still worth being extremely cautious. as you look at the forecast model you'll see by tomorrow. the winds right. the reds are what you're worried about, and the orange around back until tomorrow morning. kind of just goes away, so it's a very different forecast. for tomorrow, and then it was today. very different. and so when i showed that marley yesterday we had lots of red all over the parts of the bay area. not not the case tomorrow there's no fog along the coast. it's pretty clear. temperatures tonight are going to get cold. it's gonna get down into the mid thirties and santa rosa, which is very,
10:49 pm
we haven't seen temperatures that cool in a while. so up in the north bay forest bill gern ville. i think frost is a real possibility of you. imagine that santa rosa 43. that's the coolest spot on the map. 43 in livermore, though. that's pretty cold, too. right so, uh, 44. morgan hill. so down there and the next night wednesday night into, uh, pardon me wednesday tuesday night into wednesday morning. is going to be very chilly as well. so with that in mind, there's the low pressure center and as that goes for that's the reason for the wind, right interacts with the big high over here, so in that low is close to us when it was here. 12 hours ago. the winds were strong it was close to us close to the high and now it's down here, so it's separated. there's distance. and so the pressure gradient slackens. the winds die down and so on, and so forth, and things get a little bit more sane around here, kind of scary at times, right when those winds got blown last night. 789 o'clock in the morning. it was going pretty hard in some places. and, you know, i've said this before. there's a lot of folks as you look at tomorrow's forecast in the berry in california have friends up in paradise and chico and reading and some of
10:50 pm
those fires and kind of people coffee park and fountain grove. and when the winds blow, it's like ptsd all over again. i mean, you know who you are i mean, it's scary, and he smells smoke. so you have a lot of empathy for folks when the winds come up, especially people who have been through that kind of trauma. and that turns out to a lot of california's in the last 5 10 years. 72 in santa rosa tomorrow, little warmer 69 napa 73 in fairfield. 74 90 oxo. nice day tomorrow the red flag warnings up, but it's again not super robust, which is good. you see it warm up just in time for the bay area weekend. see you back here at 11. we'll see them. bill. thank you coming up in sports. we'll hear from the giants as they are now, just one win away from eliminating those dodgers and moving on to the next round of the playoffs. sports director mark ibanez has all the highlights after the break and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news people gather to brainstorm ways to cut down crime in north oakland.
10:51 pm
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try my tasty tiny tacos tonight. i know the dodgers of the defending world champions. but you kind of get the feeling watching these games. they can't believe that this is actually happening to them the giants with another shutout victory, one win away now from eliminating them and man. it was a weird night at dodger stadium. look at the flag. just don't see that down there. temperatures got down. into the fifties, and the san francisco giants made sure that sellout crowd wouldn't get too riled up. max shares are there. ace was bringing his a game, he struck out 10 17 innings. we had not lost the game since being acquired by the doctors at the trade deadline bud in the fifth inning fastball evan longoria
10:54 pm
ticket to ride he was waiting for it rides over and out through the teeth of the wind. he had been in an old for 24 slump prior to that hit one. nothing what it stand up. well, it would but they needed some nice place like this kristie taylor as one taken away by stephen duggar covering a lot of ground up there and right center field, taylor, by the way, it made a couple of very nice place. tyler rogers appreciates dodgers to one jake mcgee and trouble monkeys. laser up goes brandon crawford, like he's been doing all year. the dodgers cannot believe it. mookie is out of there. that was the biggest dodger threat of the night and then call on the young 24 year old wow, gutsy move by catholic to ask this guy to get sick. oh that he did in order. the final one. gavin lux was mikey thought that he'd hit it out. wind pushes it back. giants get the
10:55 pm
shutout victory and the dodgers are down to desperation mode right now, one to nothing. sure sir, is beaten for the first time in a dodger uniform. here's gave castle talking about victor completely happy for him. as a friend. he puts a lot of a lot of weight on his own shoulders. trying to come up big for his teammates so happy that he was able to do that, and obviously that swing. led to a big win for us. that it did. and so the dodgers within one game of elimination, the team they played in the world series last year is done the race done in by boston red sox at fenway park, game four. third inning, two on for rafael devers. he's been doing it all year for them drove in well over 100 runs. that's a three run blast stuff, shane
10:56 pm
mcclanahan, and it's a quick lead for the red sox, but it would get away from the 55 in the ninth inning. two on one out, kicky hernandez. last year he was with the dodgers such a key component. he hits it high and deep that's going to be cut by austin meadows. no chance to get the runner at the plate. danny santana in walk it off at fenway park their division winners, and they're waiting to see what happens with the white sox and houston. they were rained out on the south side of chicago, and the astros lead that series. lettuce spray guys two games to one. take it back to the national league that is chipper jones and andrew jones, a couple of former great braves watching another ex dodger jack peterson go deep, breaking up a scoreless game in the fifth inning and that three run shot holds up three months in the final in atlanta goes up on the brewers two games. to one to
10:57 pm
round out the national league play alright, but covered football along time you've got to admit, i mean, i've never seen anything like this. just getting to be downright weird with the 49 ers, another key player injured today, although we didn't know about it yesterday and, of course, trey lance sustained a sprained knee in the last his first nfl start yesterday. strange thing was he didn't know he'd been hurt. i guess it stiffened up on him last night as he was laying in bed and today, coach kyle shanahan says, yes, indeed it is a sprained knee and he's going to miss some time. fortunately for the 49ers there in the by week so he may not missed too much tied. alright monday night football. very entertaining game, john harbaugh, his ravens were down. 22 to 3 in the fourth quarter to the colts, and they woke up big time under a minute. lamar jackson flips it for mark
10:58 pm
andrews five yard touchdown, two point conversion, so we got 25 all four seconds left in regulation. rodrigo blankenship 47 yards for the colts to win it. no, he cannot hit. so they go to overtime, and the ravens win it on a touchdown pass jackson for hollywood, brown ravens out of most improbable victory and who says lamar jackson can't pass the football? how about 442 yards four touchdown passes. carson wins best believe. 31 25 ravens in a great monday night thriller, all right, we've got some time, so why not check this out? you're ready for a new sport. how about this? they call it pfc. that's right. hello fighting championships. you cannot have any physical contact with your body. but you get the feeling that £2.4 pillow around. and you can
10:59 pm
catch this online. i don't know if they're going to catch on. yeah no feathers, but, uh, that reminds me of being a kid in the bedroom and tearing it up big brothers, listeners and friends. check this out back to that atlanta game. chipper jones hall of famer rate defensive third baseman in his time, but. i think he's lost a little. you know, it's chipper. you gotta bring a glove and he took. he took some heat about not bullet in that foul ball, but he's looking to take it in good spirits. that's the sporting life for right now, and we'll have more on that giants picture of the dodgers in about 25. yeah, great. game one. nothing good stuff. mark. we thank you for that up next at 11. this right over here is really close by. we just live right here on the street, american canyon road, so we were just thinking if the fire ever got past at least close to the high school, then that's the time where he just, you know, go ahead and get ready. north bay. firefighters work
11:00 pm
quickly to get the upper hand on a wildfire. now investigators say it may have been intentionally set. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. and from frank somerville tonight all evacuation warnings tied to this fire have been lifted. fire broke out this evening near newell drive in american canyon quickly grew to more than 150 acres. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live from american canyon high school near the fires location with what she's learning about the investigation. janna. well julie, this was the command center but they since moved out, just about a half an hour ago. new this hour. i do have an update. the police have reopened, american canyon wrote in both directions. but the fire crews remain out here. there is still a wind and they are worried about containment and any hotspots. the sheriff's. sheriff's deputies


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