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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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frank somerville. and i'm julie julie haener. we have been seeing some strong, gusty winds all across the bay area this afternoon. here's what it looked like in back a bill where you can see tree branches were swaying in the wind. if you were out on the roads, maybe you felt your car being pushed around a little. those dry offshore winds are raising more concerned now about wildfires. all right, here's a live look from a camera on our rooftop of our studios here in jack london square. those flags are in jack london square. you can see them still blowing out there in the wind. can you ever and this morning pgd started targeting power shutoffs aimed at preventing wildfires caused by their electrical equipment about 25,000 customers affected in northern california. the outages are indicated by the purple triangles on the map there in the bay area. they're mostly in napa, solano county were more than. 7000 customers are in the dark. 87 customers had their electricity turned off in northern sonoma county in about 700 contra costa and alameda county's pg and e says
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it could give the all clear later tonight, depending on the conditions and with more on those conditions, so let's check in with our chief meteorologist. bill martin bill? yes definitely. the winds were up the last couple hours or so last 10 hours. the winds have really been going. some of the wind gusts we've seen up in the higher peaks up over 50 miles an hour. we've got 47 on the top of mount tamil pius today. altamont past 43. i think what's unique about this weather offshore wind event is the direction there's a lot of north in this wind. and so we're saying some of the strongest winds in the central valley and we're seeing big winds down at sea level. so like mount diablo came in at 49 miles an hour almost 50 miles an hour, but some of the surface winds out around back of ill fairfield and davis those numbers are up around 50 miles an hour as well, so just a different kind of wind direction. normally we're northeast were more northerly. so it's funneling down the central valley, the wind advisory says, in effect until about eight o'clock tonight. okay and then that's going to be changed, so it's going to drop and then we're gonna be stuck with that red flag warning that last three tours
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tuesday, but as those wednesday down, so does the fire danger. the red flag warning will be a red flag warning, but it's not going to be as robust and red flag warning because the winds will be significantly less and i think, especially tonight i think tonight we're going to see winds. drop off quite a bit from where they were this afternoon. i think their peak was this afternoon, so the strong winds continue. it's going to be windy and dry as we head into the next 24 hours. so now when kind of takes a back seat. fire danger takes a up front seat. i have seen a couple reports of small fires. there's one to just started about an hour ago, up around the galia outside on college hill by sterling city that's out of paradise. small fire, and then i saw another fire when i see that one gosh, there was. often i'll find i'll dig around for that one. so there are a couple fires have popped up and we'll keep you posted on that as well. all right we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. well, the strong winds and increased fire risk cab emergency officials on high alert. like other areas, san francisco could see some down trees and power lines. ktvu christien kafton joins us now
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from san francisco, stern grove or some parking areas are now off limits due to an abundance of caution, christian. yeah, not a lot of strong winds right now in the southern part of san francisco, but officials here in the city not taking any chances. if you take a look, you can see the sign right there, saying that stern grove park is now closed because of the threat that those high winds pose. much of the bay area is under a high wind advisory. and in san francisco, that means a heightened risk of downed trees and tree limbs. the city's department of emergency management is on high alert those type of debris in the roadway. and power outages, some of the things that we're concerned about, so to monitor that the stamps go department of emergency management is keeping an eye on the weather we have our watch center. we have our 911 dispatch center ready and available to respond the city is advising people to secure any outdoor belongings on decks or in their backyards. the steady winds and gusty conditions could also potentially knock out power and regions of the city. so the city is advising people to have fresh batteries and flashlights
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available. if you see it down tree call, 311 will get a maintenance crew out there. if you see a downed power line called 911, and we'll get the professionals out there to go ahead and take care of it. the city's recreation and parks department is also watching the high winds and has already closed pine lake and veiled parking lot in stern grove park. there's a lot of really tall trees there, and, um, we just don't want to take any chances. stern grove is the same part that had a massive flood following the water main leak in august that leak washing away the soil around the roots of dozens of eucalyptus trees, increasing the danger they would come tumbling down in windy conditions. the concern really revolves around the number of tall trees in the area, and, um, you know, in high winds, a tree could go down and we don't want anyone to get hurt. in san francisco's department of emergency management is urging people living in the city to sign up for alert sf by texting their zip code 2888777 so that they
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can get timely alerts about any power outages or. damage in their area where live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. and if you want to stay up to date, with all the latest weather conditions, watches and warnings, be sure to download the ktvu weather app. southwest airlines had a cancer leave him more flights today. this comes after weekend with the airlines cancelled more than 2000 flights, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded across the country. ktvu tom vacar joins us live at the oakland airport, which is southwest main hub. here in the bay area, tom. well the airlines all of them, including southwest had better deliver on the many, many tickets they've already sold for the holidays because that's the really high volume travel time, and they certainly do not want to not only disappoint their customers, but all the families that will be waiting for them. monday was day three for southwest airlines passenger as cancellation held that will improve from the weekend
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continued with 360 flights so far, in addition to mondays, 10% cancellation rate. a whopping 30% were cancelled on sunday and 24% saturday with more than 2000 flights and all round a taurus was supposed to meet his wife in las vegas sunday morning, and my wife was coming up sunday morning for the radar game in her flight was canceled. and so she couldn't get rebooked until 10 o'clock that night games at one o'clock, so she wasn't coming to vegas. southwest blames the cancellations on bad weather back east and problems with air traffic control. the federal aviation administration says it had adequate staff on the weekend. the faa also says for several airlines, many cancellations were due. to having both aircraft and crews out of position. some reports suggest that southwest was the victim of organized sick outs over vaccination issues, something the airline and the pilots union deny. but in previous months, southwest did
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blame large and excessive cancellations on staffing shortages. that caused it to reduce its schedule for fewer flights while air travel demand was soaring and continues to build its tied into a lot of the bigger picture issues we're having with the national economy. daniel byrne ham is operations director at scott's cheap flights .com, a free online worldwide booking service. with some two million paying members, probably southwest contention that this began as a weather delay, you know, probably true, but i think it's significantly compounded by the fact that it's difficult to rehire lot of skilled employees. you know both airports and airlines. this weekend. american and spirit also had some cancellations. but in the low single digits tiny in comparison to southwest. earlier in the summer, delta had a huge issue just a few months back. but now comes the acid test for every airline and that as a test is called the holidays reporting live tom vacar ktvu fox two news you had better call ahead. okay, tom, thank you for that live
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report. toy makers are trying to get their products on the store shelves and time for the holidays. toy sales are up 19% this year totaling $11 billion so far, and toymakers are. seen high demand from consumers, but it may take a while for the toys stand up in the stores due to the current shipping crisis. industry experts are advising shoppers to start early shop right now get the kids to make those wish lists early because right now we're seeing that initial stock of toys come in. we're on about a 6 to 8 weeks delay for a lot of products. industry experts also say toys that are in stock will cost more due to the chip shortage and a shortage of raw material like paper, wood and plastic action figures, for instance, could be going for 2 to $3. more while bigger toys like playsets and dollhouses could see a 10% hike. on wall street stocks were lower. after an up and down day of trading, the dow fell 250 points, nasdaq
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dropped 93 points and the s and p was lowered by 30 technology and communications shares saw some of the biggest losses today. progressive democrats are making a push to try to persuade moderates to keep more of their wish list in the party's proposed social spending bill. as foxes medal in rivera tells us this comes as president biden's poll numbers are taking a hit. calls for party unity are growing among democrats as they struggle to bridge the divides on a multi trillion dollars social spending and climate package. so far, there has been no compromise between moderates and progressives on its size for everybody who says. no no, we're just going to come down from 35. i want to say then what are you planning to leave behind and its scope reject, particularly housing and childcare and climate change, and all of this is baffling to me still there trying to sell the public on the plan, even as they try to figure out what provisions to keep or leave out.
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i think i hear the same thing that not enough americans know what's in this bill, but when they find out. they really applaud what senate faced with the risk of losing their razor thin majorities in next year's midterm elections, democrats say now is the time to pass the bill. the president standing is sinking to a quinnipiac university poll shows his approval rating stands at 38% his supporters believe the passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and his domestic agenda. would help turn things around. congress is going to do its job in getting to his desk, the two bills that are really put a lift under our economy. republicans argue the democrats plans would hurt the country. it's a tax and spend socialist dream list. there's talk among some democrats of potentially doing another reconciliation bill next year to include some of the provisions. that might not be included in this year's bill and washington. mala rivera fox news. for 20 years it went unsolved. the halloween
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killing dating back to 2000 and one but now san jose police say they found the suspected killers past two decades that helped investigators tracked down three suspects. that plane hit. oh my god! oh my god! i'm freaking out playing crashing in southern california into a neighborhood, sparking a huge fire that destroys homes and leaves multiple people dead. details coming up next. plus always wonderful. it was great to see. uh worf, back in action was great to see the city back in action. the bay area tourism industry hoping to build from this weekend promising numbers, the bay area hotels ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom! finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question,
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but our here, we are just getting started. for victims after a small plane crashed there. at least two people are dead, including a ups driver, whose truck was parked near where that cessna went down in the city of santee. it crashed also into two homes. both of those houses were destroyed by fire. several others were damaged. authorities still have not said how many people were on board that cessna but said the crash was not survivable. the plane miss crashing into a high school by just three blocks. we have 10 homes or sorry 12 homes that have been impacted. two of them complete losses, a debris field that is almost a block as far as length and we have parts of. the actual airplane strewn across at least 10 homes and into some of the streets. the plane's flight plan was from yuma, arizona, to an executive airport in san diego. now investigators are trying to
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figure out what caused that small plane go down may have seen a cruise ships officially back in the pay, the majestic princess cruised into the port of san francisco just. before seven o'clock this morning. this is the first of nearly two dozen cruise ships that will arrive in san francisco between now and the end of the year. ktvu sex sauce joins us from san francisco good to see some parts of the bay area. are getting close to a pre pandemic levels with those tourists coming back, zach take it away. frank absolutely a real morale boost. i spoke with the manager of hotel zoe earlier, he says this past weekend gave his staff a sense of pre pandemic life with people flocking to the area. it was wonderful. it was great to see. uh the dwarf back in action was great to see the city back in action rooms booking up over the weekend at hotel zoe and its sister property hotel argonaut, which stefan mueller overseas. so
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it's a constant draw from morning until. late afternoon and evening draw that included the famed blue angels, providing jaw dropping acrobatics in the air to the ships at port and on the playing field oracle park where the giants took on the dodgers in historic series, game one and game two, and you have a cruise ship coming into port as well, which obviously helps to it brings it brings more traffic into the neighborhood. more foot traffic, the majestic princess arriving into port monday morning, marking the return of cruise ships to san francisco after a 19 month hiatus brought on by the pandemic with new customers for restaurants. you're going to want that clam chowder. you're going to want that dungeon is crab and what better way to have it than to sit in one of the restaurants that are right on the water, and you can see the fishermen bring in the catch of the day, another region booming with visitors for its local fair right now, the napa valley. this is our most active part of the year, the harvest season as well underway and it still continues.
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but um, we're sort of at the tail end of harvest. lindsey gallagher visit napa valley, eyeing a return to near pre pandemic visitation in the a region. and after a devastating season, played by wildfires were within striking distance from the hotel occupancy standpoint of 2019 levels. however, our revenue is pacing ahead of 2019. and so i think that's a phenomenon we're hearing. it's not just us enough a valley but, um, hotel rates are a little bit high all around the state of california right now, and people you know, don't have as many options as they used to in terms of traveling abroad back downtown kevin carroll, who heads up the hotel council of sanford cisco, hoping local and regional visitation will help offset the decline in business visitors. so in order to have a full recovery will have to have both the tourism. all three the tourism business travelers and convention business. so we're optimistic we think that we're going to be seeing more and more people coming to the city, but we also are realistic,
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knowing that it's going to be several years before we have a full recovery. and one other challenge. the hotel and restaurant industries continue to face staff shortages. the hope is that as the visitors continue to return, so will the staff for now, we're live in san francisco. zach sauce ktvu. bu fox two news. alright jack. good to see people heading back to the city. thank you. authorities reopened huntington beach in southern california today. it was closed for more than a week due to a massive oil spill off the coast of orange county officials say they made the decision to reopen after tests showed there were no detectable toxins in the water. the focus now is trying to determine what caused the crack in that oil pipeline spill was estimated to be between 25,000 to 132,000 gallons of crude. well what a difference one month makes around south lake tahoe. this is some video from today at california lodge at heavenly valley ski resort. as you can
5:19 pm
see some light snow is falling for the second time. in the last week. early last month, thousands of people were evacuated around south like toe because of the caldera fire. the fire is n contained. and while there wasn't enough snow to finally put the fire out every little weather system certainly helps out was it snow, but a dust storm in southern california. caltrans posted this video from a closed section of highway 1 38. if you can see it, that's in lancaster. low visibility made driving. virtually impossible. other roads around lancaster were also shut down today because of that dust storm. winds everywhere. and like we talked last night, you know these winds coming out of the north as they are a lot of north and i'm not as much east as north and so that north winds going right down the central valley dust storms all over from fresno. down towards bakersfield. you saw the lancaster video there. so just windy, windy day, not just for us, but pretty much for everybody. i don't think anybody was really spared high elevation, low elevation talking to folks out. in san
5:20 pm
francisco out along the avenues and you know when the sand gets blown, that's those are sand dunes out there. it's messy, and that's what's happening. gale warnings off the coast and winds up to 45 miles an hour along the beach caesar sea level wins. you can see augusta 35 at fairfield. and you do see the tall till the north. right. so that arrow that's a north wind. that's the north wind. that's a little bit northwest over here. that's west in oakland's interesting 30 mile an hour gusts of concord right now, you've got 31 hour gust deliver more out of the north. 31 at san jose. so it's equal opportunity. you know, lot of times we get these wind events and again has northeast in it. we don't we hardly notice it at the surface. but when you get these north wednesday really come right down, funnel right down through the bay right down through the central valley. let's look at the model and i think this is encouraging the wind advisory or get dropped tonight and you'll see why the red flag warnings going to lose a lot of its power to as we go through. the next few hours. so here we are tonight, contours of what you want to look at here. the red contours and you see by 11 o'clock tonight, vacaville still blowing, but the contours are going away. so
5:21 pm
we're really seeing that wind died down. into tomorrow morning. then you see, see that wind come back at the coast and the kind of this so i think we're through the strongest winds, which is really encouraging because that's where you want to be is on the other side of this thing as we look at the airport right now, you've got pretty good conditions. it's windy. and of course, when you get winds like this, you can experience flight delays, certainly because they moved their runways around and things like that. this. i don't think the north wind is as much a problem as a south wind, okay, and you can see the weather. bush right here blowing pretty good and airport wins today, up over 40 miles an hour for a time as well. so. just a windy, blustery day. and, of course, the snows. we just showed you around lake tahoe. that's a lake effect. believe that, you know, you talk about chicago in those areas getting lake effect. snow that was lake effect, snow inch and. in uh, the south lake tahoe around kirkwood as well some areas of the four inches, so there's this system as it goes down through the. basin and down towards vegas. you can see that set spinner so that guy is
5:22 pm
going to move on off and as it gets further from us the pressure gradient weekends and that's what we're looking for. when was closer to us like 12 hours ago eight hours ago. that's when the pressure gradient was the tightest between the high and the low in vegas is definitely getting some activity down there so. the story. the next couple hours will be the winds should gradually and they have been gradually subsiding. they're still going to be still going to be breezy. wind advisor gets dropped. the red flag warning stays up through tomorrow and at that point with less wind than red flag warning won't be quite as robust. so a little bit of good news on that side. we'll see you back here with the five day forecast in just a minute. all right. we'll see them there. thanks stretched to their limit working through the pandemic coming up next here from school nurses, managing multiple schools and a new layer of complexity when it layer of complexity when it comes to deali the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good.
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there are days when i've gone to probably, you know, six different sites, depending on what the what the needs are. sarah rawdon is one of 10 registered nurses looking after 21 schools in the sunny side unified school di and so we just keep working, she says. the pandemic has added a lot to their daily workload on top of helping students with everything from minor cuts and bruises to chronic conditions. they're now tracking and testing children for covid-19. ron says it's now common to work straight through lunch breaks and after school hours. it's not uncommon for me to see emails come through regarding covid cases. well into the evening. and i know that my staff has stayed because of the workload and just trying to get everything done and keep everybody safe, the national association of school nurses says. this issue has been happening for years, but the pandemic is stretching resources thin. they're now seeing school nurses retire early or change careers. you
5:26 pm
know our country as a whole. it is concerning that almost you know, about half of our public schools don't have a full time school nurse. this is our third. school year that we're dealing with this pandemic and they are. no, they're tired. they've been working 24 7 at the us mexico border. the nogales unified school district is utilizing outside help working closely with community health leaders to offer telehealth visits with doctors and covid testing that has been busier than prior school years when there was no pandemic, because now with any. uh mild cold or a sore throat or anything like that they have to be sent to the nurse's office. pandemic aside, the cdc recommends schools have at least one full time nurse for every 750 students. at the moment, it's estimated that a quarter of schools have no nurse at all. in phoenix, stephanie bennett's fox news. coming up halloween homicide
5:27 pm
that set unsolved for some 20 years. but today, san jose police say, not only did they find one suspect they got all three was a random act of violence this victim and the suspects did not know each other at all. up next. what happened in august that police say led them to those suspects. plus the cdc needs travelers to volunteer how your next arrival at sfo could help them keep track of new covid variant
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break in the case came after witnesses once willing to talk gave new information leading to three arrests. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary live at san jose police headquarters. with more on that story, jesse. frank police detectives say they partnered with the district attorney's cold case unit. that pairing allowed for new information to be put into the case. allowing investigators to finally close it. it really demonstrates the tenacity and the relentlessness that are detectives have when it comes to solving homicide cases for nearly 20 years. what happened to me? ha! was a macabre mystery. it starts halloween 2000 and one in front of his apartment complex in the 500 block of avalon e avenue near penitentiary, a creek park. two men stabbed a 22 year old ha multiple times, killing
5:31 pm
him. the second person was also stabbed, but survived the twowo suspects, and the third man sped away in an suv, and that was it. an unsolved killings set for nearly 20 years. this was a random act of violence this victim and the suspects did not know each other at all. in august, the case was assigned to the joint police and district attorney's office. cold case team. those investigators re interviewed witnesses and decades later, new details, produced clues and captures if they have specific knowledge of the murder. they're going to remember the details, no matter how long it, uh, it is given those statements and interviews, we were able to corroborate some more information which led to this filing and subsequent arrest of these three suspects. october 6th brothers, francis and utopia, dag array and gilbert mary alice were all arrested in san jose. investigators say they continued living in the same city where they committed the crime they had gotten away with
5:32 pm
murder. it is very important, it's important that it shows that our criminal justice system works. treat the three defendants are all charged with homicide with a gang enhancement. the motive for the murder still unknown. another twist in this case, house family has moved from the bay area, so san jose police are hoping the public can help them reach the family to let them know the relatives. murder has been solved. if you have any information, contact the san jose police department. we are live outside san jose police headquarters this evening. jesse gary ktvu, fox. two news. we'll head back to you. all right. thank you, jesse. police in palo alto or searching for several suspects wanted in connection with a home invasion. investigators say three men broke into a home on m a court last friday night. as those men moved upstairs, they were confronted by a 70 year old woman who lived there. sounds like the only was she surprised, but they were surprised, uh,
5:33 pm
part finding each other. they actually went their separate ways. the three suspects has said the house ran back to an awaiting vehicles, but the area. investigators say they're looking at surveillance video in hopes of finding the three men who may say drove off in a black sedan. anyone with information is asked to contact palo alto police. two members of antioch city council are proposing legislation that would protect tenants. in a news conference today, the vice mayor monica wilson and council member to misha walker said tenants have been harassed since the state's eviction moratorium. expired at the end of september there now pushing for an anti harassment ordinance that would hold abusive landlords accountable and another law that would make not emergency evictions more difficult. if we do not protect our current tenants as they seek to recover from the economic aftermath of the pandemic, these very families can easily become new members of our regions on housed population. that we cannot allow. the vice mayor. wilson
5:34 pm
is hoping the issue will be addressed at the next city council meeting. the cdc is going to use tourist volunteers to help track new variants of covid-19. the cdc picked sfo jfk and newark airports to launch that pilot program. the programme establishes enhanced voluntarily. voluntary covid surveillance for international travelers arriving at those three airports. anyone flying to the united states must have a negative covid test no more than three days before arrival. now anyone arriving can also volunteered to take a test after landing so the cdc can study any new variants that are circulating around the world. two new covid treatments could become game changers in the fight to contain the outbreak if they are approved by the fda. fox news alexandria, hoff tells us this comes as federal health officials say parents don't need to be afraid of letting their kids go trick or treating this year. it's a possible
5:35 pm
breakthrough in the fight to contain the pandemic drugmaker merck asking federal health officials to grant emergency use authorization for its treatment drug, the first covid fighting medicine that comes in a pill form as opposed to the innovators injection, adding an easy to use weapon to the anti covid arsenal that could have a big impact on accessibility. though some doctors warn it is not a silver bullet. it does reduce the severity of illness but doesn't prevent it entirely and but it can potentially keep a lot of people out of the hospital. mark says the pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths among infected people by some 50. similar to results released monday by astrazeneca for its inter venous drug fighting cocktail. the fda could give the green light for both drugs in a matter of weeks. welcome news for officials and covid hotspots where demand for therapeutics is soaring. you look at the folks that are going into our sites now, you know, it's 50 50 between people that have been vaccinated and not vaccinated. there's also
5:36 pm
good news from america's top virologist dr anthony fauci, saying sunday. it's safe to go trick or treating this year. and halloween themed businesses say the new guidance is already paying off. it's awesome. i mean, people were ready for it, and we've already seen an impact. i mean, we're selling a lot of costumes today, and dr fauci says, if covid trends keep going in the right direction the new guidelines should hold for other holidays this fall. in washington, alexandria off fox news that we spoke with dr monica gandhi, infectious disease expert at ucsf last hours, she says, the data looks good for this new covid pill. by merck. this type of drug is an oral outpatient pill. you take it twice a day for five days and in 775 participants in what's called the move out trial, it reduced the risk of people going into the hospital if they had mild to moderate covid by 50% and actually, there were no deaths in the arm of those who got mold. a pair of air and eight
5:37 pm
deaths in the arm of those are that placebo, so it was. quite impressive in terms of preventing hospitalizations and deaths in in a mild to moderate outpatient covid. dr gandhi also says an outpatient pill would be a huge advance in the fight against covid. starting this friday. mask mandates will be eased in both san francisco and marine counties in both counties. mass won't be required its settings where regular groups have fully vaccinated people gathered. those places do include offices, gyms. religious gatherings if the employer or host can verify the group as 100% vaccinated bars and restaurants are not included in this phase of east restrictions. a business trip to los angeles for the san francisco giants. game three is tonight. our sports director marco baniyas will join us with a preview coming up next wait till you see the champion pumpkin of the year, nine bucks a pound it won the grower nearly 20,000 bucks will unveil. great pumpkin next.
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because all eyes on dodger stadium tonight as the giants and dodgers go at it in game three of the l d s the best of five series is locked up a game of peace, so tonight's game is crucial. ktvu sports director mark ibanez joins us now with a preview of what should be another terrific game mark. oh, yeah. i don't want to underplay it at all. if there is a time in a season where you can say it's crucial, and it's about the closest thing to do or die, you can get without quite being there. the giants are even in the series one and one, but you know, you can kind of feel the momentum after that big dodger victory, lopsided as it was saturday night. we're better than this serious kind of changed up a little bit. it's on the dodgers side right now, as they swing it back to los
5:41 pm
angeles. and then you throw in a few beauties like this, they're going to be able to throw their ace max scherzer, the giants. he's seven and with the 1.98 e r a since coming over in a trade at the deadline, he's been in 23 postseason games, so he's experienced giant said left hander alex would against them. he is a matter of fact, was on the championship team last year. for the dodgers. he's a former l, a guy, but he's great, too, against them for the giant the earth in his three games, but he's been pretty good since coming back from covid with the 1.78 e r a. and, of course the dodgers got into this. on that walk off right there by chris taylor a week ago tonight and now they're even up in the series. they're going to be playing in front of a packed house in l a and get this the dodgers of 1 15 in a row at home, their manager, dave roberts, that was exactly how important a home field advantages in a series like this. when you have 50,000
5:42 pm
fans. um. it matters. it matters whether it's in the box, whether it's on the mound for our guy or. conversely you know, one of their guys has to make a pitch and you start to feel that, um, that tension that the fans create so. i didn't know 15 in a row, but, uh, you know, let's hope it's 16 after tonight. yeah i think it's gonna be really loud. um the previous times that we played here is always been a loud atmosphere. they're really into the game, and i don't expect anything less tonight, if not a little bit more. course. that's late night. lama wade. he's had some big hits and in the late innings against the dodgers, he seems to love and cherish those moments, so we'll see if it happens and i've said it before, guys as i send it back to you. i think the team that wins this series. is going to win the world series. they're going all the way. this will be the giants toughest challenge yet, and of
5:43 pm
course, we'll have all the details and interviews tonight at 10 o'clock, well, 107 wins and 106 wins. they are the two best teams of baseball no doubt. alright, mark, we'll be watching. thanks. got it? i know what i need to do outside of the competition and maybe next year old take the grand prize, the bigger the better when it comes to this competition coming up next checking in on the champion gored, this year's pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay and now, 50. years later, paul mccartney shutting some light on a big secret, the new blame for breaking up the beatles coming up. and we advisory gets dropped here in the next few hours, and that's going to leave us with the red plague. warning. i'll let you know what
5:44 pm
don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.”
5:45 pm
well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. the annual pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay. the winner was jeff alzheimer, romeyer rather from olympia, washington. the grand prize gets him $9 a
5:46 pm
pound, meaning he's getting close to $20,000 for that. gee enormous pumpkin ktvu is james torres wraps up the competition now from half moon bay. back 38 years ago in this event first happened, the first winning pumpkin weighed about £132. nowadays these pumpkins are weighing nearly 20 times as much as that. does this not look? pumpkin guys, dozens of pumpkins, aiming to weigh a ton to win a ton of money to the competition for half moon bay's heaviest pumpkin. heating up. it was a lot of work. it's surprising when you tell people it takes an hour or two a day to grow a giant pumpkin, but you know, we want foreign debt. all right, chris holes from point, reyes says it's his first time competing. his pumpkin weighed more than £900 more than veteran sherman wallace from gilroy. i, uh. i'm probably have something to learn. they all had something to look forward to. this year. last year's competition was scaled back. no audience no
5:47 pm
spectators due to covid-19. this year. it's all back with some pumpkins like the one city toe back is sitting on measuring nearly £2000. it takes a good seed first and foremost and then good soil. i spend a lot of time dialing my soil in and making sure that the nutrient levels are just optimum for pumpkins. it's a fun way to get into the false spirit, and for some, it became a cool hobby to pick up during the pandemic. for me, it's a good way to, uh entertain myself, and it's a hobby and course just, you know. trying to get better every year, and, uh, one way to just stay busy. it's all fun and games, but these farmers are here to compete. the winner earns $9 for every pound for our first timer eyes. are on the prize for next year. oh i know what i need to do have sized up the competition and maybe next year old take the grand prize in half moon bay. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. to
5:48 pm
pay area receipt. researchers rather have won the 2021 nobel prize for economics, stanford economist guido in bins and u c. berkeley professor david card along with joshua angriest from mit, all named early this morning. nobel committee says the three winners were awarded for their method geological contributions to the analysis of castle relationships, which. apparently provided new insights about the labor market. the nobel winners say they are many people responsible for getting them to this point. all of my teachers and all of my and also also all of my colleagues and co authors who have. and graduate students who have really been a source of inspiration. try to convey to my students that the way to do good, pathological research. it's really talk to people doing empirical work and talk to people were doing policy relevant things so you can make
5:49 pm
sure that the mythological work you're doing is actually going to be used and relevant for that for people analyzing data. all that work paid off to the three winners will share the $1 million that comes with winning the nobel prize. lava fountains continuing to bubble inside the kill away a volcano crater. this is video from the volcano's crater on saturday that volcano on hawaii's big island started erupting in september and so far. the eruption is not endangering any homes back in 2000 and 18. the volcano erupted, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes and destroyed more than 700 homes. already looking at the outside. it's beautiful day. it's windy, though all the way down to sea level and at higher elevations as well. golden gate bridge, which is typically very windy because the winds coming from the north, which is coming over the headland shots, kind of glassy in here, right so you're not getting the winds get blocked out there. if you go out in the
5:50 pm
ocean, you got a gale warning inside the bay. it's howling as well as we look at the next. six hours or so the wind will be gradually dying down. these are the current wind speeds and these are sea level. he's turned up in the upper atmosphere. so we're up at the tops of mountains. this is 35 miles an hour at fairfield. gusting to 29 nearly 30. it conquered right now. oakland downtown, gusting to 28 significant winds right down to sea level 31 at san jose gusting downtown and sfo westerly wind gusting to 35 miles an hour. so here's what happens again. the contours the colours. watch what they do the reds. obviously the windiest. see a dying down after midnight tonight. kind of goes away now you still have wind yourself yellows, which are in the 25 to 35 mile an hour range, but not you know, the 50 60 kind of range that we could see. and then the winds just kind of die off. so that's i'm encouraged by that. that's why the wind advisories going to go away here in the next few hours. the red flag warning will stay up. but it's going to be a week rendition of that without that wind advisory the red flag warnings not quite as robust so that's good too. right, so it's
5:51 pm
still be cautious, still pay attention. this story right here is there's the low circle. it's like circling things. there's the low, right and then here's the high and when this low was close to the high, that's where the winds right. you can see. look at the direction around both of those. that's when the winds were falling straight down the. the central valley, and that's why the winds in sacramento or so aggressive wins anything north to south facing. all of us had wind but the really big winds were out back of ill and fairfield. 14 degrees cooler in fairfield. than it was last night. this time tomorrow is going to be a nicer day again. it'll still be a red flag warning, but it's going to be a low grade red flag warning forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies 73 in fairfield, 74. out in antioch 72 in santa rosa. and yeah, so we're doing pretty good so far. and getting that wind advisory going away is a good thing. i suspect the winds will really die down. i think they'll be some gusts tonight. you know 25 30, but i think the 45 fifties are going to be going away, which is really good. coolest day of the week is going to be wednesday, and by the way, we
5:52 pm
could do have some cool overnight lows overnight lows when these winds die down tomorrow and then again on wednesday morning, they're going to be temperatures are going to be down into the upper thirties. low forties in some places, calls has been so there you go. that's the plan for now. i'll be back. let me put sunday in there. i can do that, too. let's pop sunday and. and you see sunday kind of just stays in the low eighties. i'll see you back here a little bit. good sleep of weather. okay, bill. thank you for that public. carney shedding some new light on the breakup of the beatles in an interview with the bbc, the singer and bassist said. he would have preferred the band stay together. john lennon had already told his bandmates, including george harrison and ringo starr that he was leaving back in 1970 mccartney says the group was advised by their new manager, allen klein. keep the word of the breakup secret while loose ends are tied up. star trek actor william shatner is set to fly into space this week. shatner is 90 years old, he will join three other passengers on blue origin space flight on wednesday, he was asked if there are any special challenges because of his age.
5:53 pm
the only thing about age that has application to this particular vehicle is getting in and out of the seat with any kind of arthritis. so unless you're really supple, getting in and out of these seats in weight in when we're on gravity. is a short, okay. he doesn't look like he's 90 or sound like he's 90 great. at 90 years old. he will become the oldest person in space. his other civilian crew mates are blue origin executives. blue origin is, of course, the company founded by billionaire jeff bezos. prices are on the rise, but there's also another issue impacting shoppers on my command you in washington with more on what the white house says it's doing to
5:54 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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parade returned to new york city today after it was cancelled last year. all because of the pandemic. pray featured a marching band and some classic new york city police cars. pretty cool today is a federal holiday and president biden. has also declared it indigenous people day. most federal buildings are closed and there was no mail service as well. facebook says it is introducing several new features to help children and teenagers reduce the amount of harmful content they're viewing on the company's social media platforms. the announcement comes after former facebook employee testified before congress that facebook is well aware of the fact that it's platforms contain material that can harm young people. facebook executives spent this entire weekend denying that claim.
5:57 pm
well i don't think a company that only places you know, profit above everything else would do what we've done. we've invested over the last several years. $13 billion in this kind of work and making sure that our platform is safe to use. facebook says the proposed updates will help parents better supervised their child's accounts encourage teenagers to reduce the time spent online and help direct kids away from potentially harmful material. the social media company says it's also planning to reduce the amount of political content on people's feeds, focusing instead on content from friends. prices keep going up across the country, but it's not the only issue facing shoppers lately as fox news chief mike emanuel tells us inventory is becoming a growing problem, which will likely get much worse with the holidays coming up. halloween decorations, maybe up, but lately there's an even scarier sight at the pump gas prices up another eight cents this week,
5:58 pm
putting the national average at $3.27 per gallon. nearly a dollar higher than 12 months ago. i mean, everything is on the rise. you got. gas prices. you got food, and he's right prices are surging across the board at grocery stores, car dealers and electronic stores. it's killing my business. the labor department estimates americans are paying on average 5% more than they were a year ago. some of this is just the natural result of coming out of a pandemic in the economy up and running. but it's not just higher prices scaring shoppers who were looking for superman shirts, capes. it doesn't it's not easy thing to find trying to find decorations. they're sold out empty shelves and shortages are also on the rise as dozens of container ships stuck on the california coast wait to unload the quickest route from asia to the united states and interior points is through los angeles. it's like taking 10 lanes of freeway traffic. and squeezing them into five. the white house says
5:59 pm
it's addressing the issues fueled by covid-19, a labor shortage and increased demand. the president recognizes that there are several, uh several he that contribute to the bottleneck, even though halloween is still weeks away, experts say. now is the time to also think about christmas. and make sure you get those hard to get gifts before they are gone. in washington, mike emanuel fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. power out to thousands as powerful waves take branches and trees down and raising up our fire danger, and there's even snow in the sierra, dangerous weather hit in the bay area and beyond. good evening. i'm frank mallicoat infer frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener the big issue the wind. we've been seeing strong winds all across the bay area all afternoon. here's what it looks like right now. and jack london square in oakland. you can see those flags. they are still blowing
6:00 pm
in the breeze down there now, this is what it looked like in back of ill earlier. today, you can see the wind whipping the trees there, and some branches are being tossed around. in san mateo county, the gusty winds took down a 75 ft cypress tree that landed on a classic car in 1969 cougar. yes it happened early this morning in el granada. no one was hurt, but that car was destroyed along with the residents garage. and all this went and has fire ripe conditions and has p genie shutting up power to some this morning, pgd started its targeted power shutoffs. the outages are indicated by those purple triangles on the map in the bay area. they're mostly in napa and solano county in the north bay, where more than 7000 customers are affected 87 customers. had their electricity turned off in northern sonoma county and about 700 contra costa and alameda county's pgd is hoping to start restoring power's soon as conditions get better let's find out when thanks, mike calm dallas. join


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