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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 8, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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madness story matchup there oracle park, the giants and dodgers based off in the post season for the first time ever, and the giants pulled out a win for game one. here we are and ready to roll. there's any team
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that we could be and send home early. it would be the dodgers. unbelievable it is the best feeling in the world. yeah fans get their wish the home team won in a shutout four to nothing. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm jana katsuyama. christina's off tonight. fans have been anticipating this game for days, and with three home runs from the giants, it did not disappoint. ktvu amberleigh joins us live now from oracle park in amber, so thrilling for the giants fans to start off the series with a victory. that's right. janet giants fans tell me it just doesn't get any better than this. you know they're in the playoffs. they're playing the dodgers and to top it all off, adding to all that excitement, they just beat them in a shutout. it was electric energy felt there was just amazing to hook. it's game one down. let's see where it goes from here. there's nothing
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like a home run to get the home crowd going in the first inning of game one of the playoffs at oracle park, let's go. giants hate dodgers, but. this is so much fun. this energy this is unbelievable. dodgers versus giants the first time in postseason, some describe it as the clash of the titans giants are number one and their number two. it's amazing. i mean, it's gonna be a head to head. it's american. excuse me. we edited for television because the giant's gonna kick #### in the sea of october orange. there are spots of blue supporting the dodgers defending their championship title. we believe the baby wherever we go. we got to repeat this year last year, they said it was a covid championship, so we got to come back with the river for us. not if giants fans have a say team is so resilient and there's just so many great different dynamic players that have
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stepped up beat all night. fans have stepped up their game dressed for the occasion. all the mojo for the giants, right, especially playing the dodgers. you've got to have everything the fast guest family with divided loyalties show their true colors.should be divorced, right? but, uh. somehow we make it work. a little love, hate sold out crowd of more than 41,000 on this night, and there's no doubt which team has the most love. we're going all the way we've been number one. we're going all the way and world serious, doctor. go. no way. game two is scheduled for tomorrow night. here at oracle. game three will be in l a monday. jenna you can feel that energy coming out of that that park thanks so much, amber. so as you mentioned before the giants hit three home runs tonight, but the real star was picture logan web joining us now, with more of the highlights of this historic game, sports director market
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bodies mark tell us about. thanks andrea. i love seeing the passion out there and i think in the early part of the season, lots of us were surprised about what the giants are doing now. you don't even raise your eyebrows now. it's a pretty simple formula. really they hit for power. they play unbelievable defense. and tonight they get as you mentioned big time pitching performance. it was orange friday. of course, san francisco had to take care of their archrival the dodgers. you know a lot of time you go out there when the dodgers are playing, you see a lot of blue. not tonight and just as he did in the clincher on sunday, buster gets the giants rolling with two out in the first inning three. oh, pitch off walker buehler. he rides it opposite field ticket to ride and the giants are off to a two. nothing lead the fourth inning. the dodgers have a man on logan webs. trouble. justin turner up the middle. tommy la stella, brandon crawford turn and incredible double play.
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indeed stella to get out of some trouble right there, and you kind of have the feeling this is what the giants do. and indeed they did. logan web the show he went. 72 3rd gave up only five hits. no runs, of course, struck out and he was in a word, masterful. as he takes care of things, and tyler rogers and camillo oval finished up beautifully and relief for nothing. remember this is a five game series and the giants are out to a one. oh lead, and here's some postgame comments for you. we came out there and take took care of business, but yeah, logan, you know the star of the day night. he, um. he i mean i just i'm so impressed with him. he's his first playoff experience, and he was just out there pretending like it's a game in the backyard and. um it was really fun to watch really fun. yeah fun to see him to that was
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chris bryant giants slugger who came over at the trade deadline with the chicago cubs. he won a world championship and an m v p award. little later on in sports will show you what he did to help the san francisco giants tonight. he had an unbelievably great night, three for three at the plate with a home run san francisco off to a good start, of course, plenty of work left to be dead. you know, it's just exhilarating to see what this team is doing, because partly it was just so unexpected. and now it's gone. you know, 1 80 where we kind of think they're going to take care of their business, and that they did in game one. it is getting real real market is fantastic. the city lit right now, but we have game to tomorrow. so we have that to look forward to. so we've got our fingers crossed again that the can repeat what he did today. absolutely. all right, mark. thank you so much. appreciate it. and plenty of today. fleet week is also underway this weekend in san francisco, and one of those
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popular sites is, of course, the blue angels. they took flight today over san francisco and the city's waterfront. and what we have? yes that signature sound of the jets could be heard across the city as they performed skilled maneuvers for the crowd. the blue angel squadron and other planes flew between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. and there also was a parade of ships from the navy coast guard and army corps of engineers. they entered the bay by going under the golden gate bridge, and thousands of people came out to watch. fleet week. events continue through the weekend with air shows tomorrow and on sunday so san francisco businesses have been waiting for a weekend just like this. that brings tens of thousands of people into the city. the hope is that it will be a financial win for places that took a huge loss during the pandemic. well so far, business owners say today was busy but not really packed. but tomorrow and sunday look quite to be different here. to be more
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crowded, too, with superjet spectacular ships and, of course, the giants back of the ballpark, plus a whole lot more. very excited about having a normal normalized feeling around here, seeing lots of people out here. we've had action down here in spurts over the course of the past few months in the past year, but. no two vents. i don't think i've come together like the giants and fleet week so we're excited. lots of people very excited here. the city has lost 45% of its small business, according to a late july city report. even on fisherman's war, though most places are open a significant percentage or not. crowds will we have fewer places to be serving them and putting pressure on those stores and restaurants that are still open, and those that have survived say they are ready for it. outdoor dining spots have become a mainstay for restaurants during this pandemic, many expanding table service to take over sidewalks and parking places just to make ends meet. and now it appears they're here to stay. ktvu zach sauce joins us live now in
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walnut creek with more on some bills that were signed by governor newsom today. sack. good evening as you can see plenty of diners out here in walnut creek, still enjoying those park? let's and one other thing the restaurants say, continues to be a big hit those cocktails to go and today, the governor, saying those aren't going anywhere either soon. eat your heart out paris, a nod to the city of lights, fame, sidewalk cafes as governor, gavin newsom announced the signing of two state bills designed to keep park let's in california through at least 2024. the biggest fear and anxiety. i think all of us have had as consumers, not just business men and women. but it's like, please don't take this away. don't let them take this away after this pandemic, and so that's what these bills represent. newsom also signing a third bill friday, allowing restaurants to keep cocktails to go on the menu. we've been ramping up into go orders as well. so. definitely helps us. we'd love to continue that as long as we can. stacy
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loewenberg, manager of the bustling brodrick roadhouse in walnut creek on tap to go beer growlers cocktails and the ever popular the shakes are the biggest hit to go. two ounces of alcohol any flavor you want? probably the best busy shake you could have around drinks that loewenberg says helped her restaurant make it through some difficult slow periods this year, but making it clear the bigger win for the restaurant industry. the preservation of park let's that's the best news for us because it's allowed us to have a basically a second full restaurant out here, and it seems like on the creek and everyone else really enjoys it, and it also just looks very charming when you're walking around allison arnold and her husband casey, enjoying a night out down the street at havana. i love it. i mean, we're still not comfortable going inside the restaurants and it would be a tough for us to get used to that. so having more opportunity outside, is it. very good thing. cocktails to go. also considered a nice perk. one they wouldn't mind sticking around. i think it is great if they were to stay. i think the concern was that people would be running drunk through the
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streets. clearly that has not happened. i think california can make it work anything to support their local restaurants. it's been really hard for them to get through the pandemic. so the ones that have stayed open. they need all the help we can give. so again, park let's here in california to stay through 2024. as for cocktails to go, they'll be here through at least 2026 from now on, live and want to creek. zach sauce. ktvu fox two news. all right, thanks so much, jack. oh marin county is easing its mask mandate in limited indoor settings with fewer than 100 people that could apply to gyms, offices, religious meetings and college classes in order to qualify for the exemption from the mask mandate. organizers must verify that everyone entering is fully vaccinated. the location also cannot be open to the general public and the host employer organizer. let's maintain a list of everyone present. that limited easing of the mask mandate goes into effect on october 15th one week from today. the city of
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san francisco, says 70% of its black population now has at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. that's more than 30,000 residents. mayor london breed seen here back in august encouraged people in the community to get the shot. the mayor said today, the city will continue to focus on reaching underserved communities, and she urged those who are not vaccinated to go and get the vaccines. viral social media challenges causing destruction, vandalism, even violence at schools after the break how one group of teachers now urging big tech to take action. and pg and e warns of planned power shutoffs because of fire danger on the way meteorologist mark tamayo will have what we can expect after the break and disturbing crime in oakland, a woman's sexually assaulted. my home intruder at 10 30. the search for that attacker.
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tiktok, facebook and twitter, urging them to take action to limit viral challenges that encourage destructive and violent behavior at school. we told you about them in new 10 ktvu mcgough lyman studio after speaking with teenagers in the bay area. who have seen firsthand the horrible effects these challenges have on schools, emma. andre one popular challenge inspired
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vandalism in middle school bathrooms. but this week a challenge that encourages assaulting teachers has gone viral. put public safety over profits to protect our schools. that's what the national education association is demanding of the leaders of tiktok, facebook and twitter in a letter sent friday and shared by the wall street journal, the president of the enea urged the tech leaders to change their algorithms that encourage harmful behavior at school, such as the viral slap a teacher challenge. which is already migrated to youtube. i saw it on youtube because sometimes they have check out videos on youtube. this eight year old in alameda, said she was browsing youtube in bed when she saw a video of a teacher being slapped. i thought it should not be happening, and i felt that from the teacher who got slapped in a statement sent to ktvu, a tiktok spokesperson, said the company would aggressively remove that kind of content. but the reality is that we have not found it on our platform. most people appear to be learning about the offline bear
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from sources other than tiktok. i don't think like anybody really likes having like. their challenge is like taking control of, but when it gets so out of hand, it becomes like a need to have that at will see would middle school in alameda students say the girls and boys bathrooms have been vandalized and blame the popular devious licks challenge on tiktok for the destruction? one of the stall doors was messed up, and one of these soap dispensers was pulled out of the wall. somebody got caught taking us exit sign off of the top of a door. it's not okay. just say the least. but. um they should stop. and uh, i think i think this should probably be some other kind of regulations around it. that might be easier said than done, according to the digital rights group, the electronic frontier foundation. it's easy to man that an algorithm be tinkered with. um, i don't know. whether help feasible, that is for the companies to do so. i hope we hear from the companies. i hope
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they tell us whether this is something they can do or can't do or whether they have another approach. t have also led the rohnert park department of public safety to issue a warning to students in the north based whole district, noting that theft and assault will not be tolerated, and students who engage in these behaviors would be criminally charged. facebook and twitter did not respond to our request for comment. andre demagogues reporting for us live, emma. thank you. meantime instagram back online after another outage today, the site was down for about two hours, including messenger and workplace. facebook says another configuration changes to blame and add that today's issues were not related to the global outage on monday that left billions unable to access facebook, instagram, whatsapp and other tools. facebook released a statement thanking uses for their patients this week. the coast guard says that an underwater oil pipeline in southern california might have been hit by a boat anchor months before it leaked tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil last weekend. investigators
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said today that it appears the pipeline was intact one year ago sometime after that, though they think that a ship's anchor snagged and pulled the line off the coast of orange county investigators say they are now trying to determine when the pipeline began leaking. other ship anchors may have hit it, causing the 13 inch crack that sent oil into the pacific last week off of huntington beach. full of fire. weather watch has been issued for sunday night through tuesday, and p genie is warning of potential plant shut offs due to the fire danger, the utility says customers in 18 counties could have their power shut off. including napa, sonoma and solano counties. here in the bay area, let's take it down a meteorologist mark tamayo for more on our weather. mark hi there, andre. yeah, this is the pattern. we do not like to see this time of year. those gusty northerly winds increasing. we're basically in the peak of fire season and this will be a serious concern. as early as sunday night and into early monday. now the weekend before that time frame kind of a lot happening or tracking some rain
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showers. right now approachingna start out saturday or some cloud cover and then lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. but as you can see right now, the radar coverage. most of this is offshore, but i did see a light right report in napa for the 10 o'clock hour, so there's the chance we could have some scattered showers for tonight. looks like it is still dry with our live camera at the golden gate bridge camera, but the best chance will be overnight tonight. into early tomorrow morning. here's the forecast model. here we are. tomorrow morning. five a.m. the clouds in place and a few scattered showers out there and then those clouds vanish. so we are expecting lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon in temperatures after a cool day. today we're expecting lots of sixties and seventies so we begin to warm things up for tomorrow. that will be the story and his sunday as well, but those winds will be increasing and this is linked with the fire danger. we do have a high wind watch out toward the sacramento valley out counties. you can't see from monday morning in tuesday morning. that is the same northerly wind that will impact the bay area fire danger, so there's that
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fire weather watch. for the north bay hill, solano county, east bay hills, east bay valleys from 11 p.m. sunday until five pm on tuesday, we could have winds gusting at least over 30 miles an hour could be approaching 50 miles an hour. the main concern this is actually possibly an extended period of strong winds moving to the area, especially throughout the day on monday, so be watching out for this closely and we will have another forecast. update your full update. coming up in a little bit. all right. thank you so much mark. only at 10. yosemite is ranked the 10th deadliest national park in the country, according to federal data gathered by the chronicle, yosemite sees an average of 10 deaths per year with falling being the main cause of death. also on the list, redwood national park up in humboldt county and sequoia and kings canyon until larry county. the deadliest national park on the list is denali in alaska. also the company. texas controversial abortion law is now back in effect tonight,
10:21 pm
plus why former president trump's lawsuit against youtube is comin and raiders hedge coach is facing criticism after he reportedly used a racial trope in an email later tonight how the team is responding. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs
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for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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youtube is headed to the bay area. trump is seeking to restore his youtube account that was cut off after a posting that claimed the presidential election was stolen. the chronicle reports that a judge granted youtube's request to transfer the case to the northern district of california. the judge said that the san bruno based company's customer contracts required that legal disputes be heard in youtube's home district. the federal appeals court is temporarily allowing texas's restrictive law banning most abortions to resume. this ruling comes after clinics across the state started serving patients once again. when a judge ruled the law
10:24 pm
unconstitutional wednesday and suspended it. so, for now, the lone star state's law banning abortions once a heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks stands. more legal challenges, though, are expected. the u. s jobs report for september is out showing fewer new jobs than expected. the labor department says 194,000 jobs were added last month, economists were predicting close to 500,000 unemployment's led to 4.8% that's down from 5.2. president biden expressed optimism that the u. s economy is still headed in the right direction. right now. things in washington, as you all know, are awfully noisy. turn on the news, and every conversation is a confrontation. every disagreement is a crisis. but when you take a step back and look at what's happening, we're actually making real progress. as an example of that progress, he pointed to the senate's compromised to raise the u. s debt limit until early december.
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the house is expected to pass the measure next week, and stocks moved lower today on the weaker than expected jobs numbers. the dow lost eight points. the nasdaq was down by 74 points and then have some p fell eight points. inflation also remains a concern, climbing to its highest level. in at least a decade or more than 130 countries have reached a deal to set up minimum corporate tax. the agreement would require multinational companies to pay a tax of at least 15. that would put an end to offshore tax havens and places like ireland, switzerland and bermuda. according to one estimate, tax havens cost the u. s treasury $100 billion a year. in the us the deal needs congressional approval. it must also get the green light from g 20 leaders. coming up. it's been more than one year since the napa county sheriff's deputy shot and killed a drunk driver. an update on the case from the district attorney next. morrow soccer match. paypal park has
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now been postponed the violence at last night's game that prompted officials to make this change and later in sports. the phenomenal performance by the giants starting picture logan, web sports director market, baniyas will have player reaction to his outstanding post season starts.
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killed an unarmed drunk driver last year, will not face charges at the county's district attorney made that announcement today. body cam video from the october 5th 2020 incident shows juan garcia walking toward sergeant david ackman with one hand behind his back. sergeant ackman drew his gun told garcia to show his hands several times. but garcia kept approaching. sergeant ackman, then shot garcia, who was unarmed. again six times, or cia had a blood alcohol
10:29 pm
level, more than four times the legal limit that night. we go down to oakland and a frightening crime in what residents described as a usually quiet neighborhood, a woman sexually assaulted by an intruder. police say this appears to be a random act and as ktvu crime reporter, henry lee tells us neighbors say they are now on edge. a woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion before dawn. it happened in oakland's normally quiet redwood heights neighborhood. residents say they're alarmed. it's definitely scary, and i feel for the people who that happened to. it happened at about four in the morning thursday at home near loma vista in california off 35th avenue. oakland police say a man climbed into the home through an unlocked window he confronted to victims who were asleep, demanded money and sexually assaulted the woman before leaving, police say it appears to be a random act of violence really unfortunate and probably random. um it's one of the reasons i have dogs. dana loughton lives nearby. she says
10:30 pm
the area is quiet but not immune to crime. we've had home invasions in our neighborhood on 39th, but usually during the day when people aren't home. not when people are actually sleeping in their beds. police recommend that residents keep their doors and windows locked at all times, installed alarm systems and signs that say things like, beware of dog. the house where this happened, did have one of those signs. it will certainly make me double check my locks on my doors and windows. but i my hope is that it's an isolated incident because i. really love this neighborhood and i haven't felt unsafe here before. it is disturbing to hear that, and we certainly keep. our eyes open when it happens here. people are very. distraught about it. carla gerardo low is president of the redwood heights association. crime is on the rise across the country and certainly in oakland were feeling it and it makes it sad because we love. our city. we love where we live. oakland please say they need the public's help. anyone with
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information or video surveillance is asked to give him a call in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. raiders head coach jon gruden is in the middle of a racial controversy after an email surfaced from 2011. the wall street journal reports that in that email, gruden wrote a pejorative comment about the lips of nfl players association director demaurice smith, who is black. gruden has apologized for the email and claims in the past he had referred to people who he believed were lying as quote rubber lips and that he took things too far. raiders team owner mark davis is condemning the comments made by gruden in a statement, david said, quote the content of an email regarding delmar smith from jon gruden when he worked for espn 10 years ago is disturbing. and not with the raiders stand for. all right, so the senators the earthquakes announced tonight they will postpone tomorrow's exhibition match between she best guadalajara's and club leone at play pal park. as ktvu san rubin reports. the decision comes after one person was shot
10:32 pm
and eight others were arrested in flights near the stadium last night. not answered. cellphone video captured what was to be the first in a night full of brawls surrounding the earthquakes match against cruz azul here, a fan storms the field at paypal park, reportedly upset about a call. he takes a swing at one player before being taken down by another. once said individuals taken into custody and taken away. a large group of folks followed, and uh, were upset by the fact that that individual is taken into custody later on some of those same individuals were seen in parking lot starting to get into education and fistfights. in the parking lot. brawl apparently escalated soon. san jose police estimate there were 50 people fighting and in the mayhem, gunfire erupted in that melee. one person was struck with a grazing wound, which is later determined to be non life threatening. that person and one other were transported to the hospital. a total of eight people were arrested and we just saw a ton of cop cars. i was like, oh, shoot something
10:33 pm
must have happened. kelsey gallo saw the aftermath as police ordered the crowd to disperse. it's not great, it's kind of unsettling. um it seems like it was well contained them. management at paypal park spent the day reviewing security procedures and evaluating safety for saturday's game. jose miranda of stockton had really been looking forward to it. we come with families and we're calm. try to keep it peaceful, but there's a lot of people fortunately there. they're pretty bad influence. they drink and then they get crazy, and that's what happens. saturday's game between shiva's and club leon had already been postponed twice due to covid. this time, both teams and their fans made it all the way to san jose. and now this fancy, they're frustrated. then we're going to have to wait again to see them play again. san jose police say they work with park management on stepped up security to ensure nothing like this happens again in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news.
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and the earthquake say tomorrow's match will be rescheduled for early next year. two parents were convicted today in the first case to go to trial related to the college admissions scandal. gamal abdel aziz, a former las vegas casino section of and john wilson, a former staples executive, were both found guilty of fraud and bribery conspiracy after 10 hours of jury deliberations, the parents were convicted of paying thousands of dollars in bribes. to get their children into the university of southern california. wilson also paid $1 million to get his twin daughters into stanford and harvard. the parents, lawyers argued the men believed the payments were legitimate donations. well president biden will not stop the release of documents sought by the committee looking into the january 6th u. s capital, right. former president trump is trying to invoke executive privilege to keep records from his administration from being turned over. however the white house counsel told the us archivist that president biden has determined that invoking
10:35 pm
executive privilege is quote. not in the best interests of the united states. trump's lawyers are also seeking to block the testimony of former administration officials. the burial weather after the shower chance overnight the weekend we're expecting lots of sunshine, but fire danger definitely increasing early next week, we'll have more on your forecast coming up. and it's been four years since the devastating tubbs fire how officials marked today's somber anniversary and what one fire chief tells us was the biggest chief tells us was the biggest lesson from the tragedy. my new, better-than-ever cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier, juicier fillet, bigger pickles, more mystery sauce, and an extremely serious crunch. i'm kind of a big fan. try my bigger, crispier, new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today.
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. campy complex fire zone have been released from the hospital. the incident happened yesterday afternoon, a cal fire fighter
10:38 pm
and three state conservation court workers were wounded. but they're okay. the fire started to larry county by lightning and has been burning since september. 10th so far 134 square miles of burned and it's just 11% contained today marks four years since the start of the deadly and destructive tubbs fire in the north bay. the santa rosa fire department honor guard rang a bell 24 times in honor of each person who died during the 2017 north bay wildfires. at five. we spoke with the santa rosa fire chief scott west rope. he said. what he remembers most is the tremendous way the community pulled together. me that's that's the biggest thing that i take away from. that is how i brought everybody together, and we showed as a community and as an organization. we can tackle anything together. we can climb any mountain together and we can. um we can apply that any
10:39 pm
lesson in life is that is that we're stronger together. chief west rope also said that the department is now focused not just on urban firefighting but also on wild land firefighting and has greatly improved communication across agencies. are turning out to your weather and a welcome sight. the tahoe area sites first snow of the season. today this video was taken at sugar bowls ski resort, which saw three inches of powder. resort staff say people are already calling the book ski trips. sugar bowl is set to open on november 26th the day after thanksgiving. i thought maybe we'd see a little dusting on the top. i come in. there's almost an inch on these tables out here right now. and you know, people are excited. northstar palisades, tahoe and heavenly also saw a nice coating of snow early this morning from warren our weather here at home. we're joined now by meteorologists mark tamayo mark, tell us about it. that's certainly good news for the tall area as well. absolutely yeah. nice welcome change with the first snowfall of the
10:40 pm
season, and it looks like we could be talking about some more snow in the mountains at least a little bit. that could be a by monday. so we're starting to see these storms develop and at least to make her pattern a little bit more interested in dynamic. unfortunately that is also linked to fire danger for us early next week. a lot happening around the bay area this weekend, as you know, for fleet week, and here's the plan for tomorrow. it's san francisco. you can see the breakdown could have a few clouds tomorrow morning and then lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. temperatures will be. in the sixties and nlds game to san francisco for the giants and the dodgers were expecting mostly clear skies tomorrow evening. there's a bit of a chill in the air at the ballpark to look like it looks like it's, uh, the ballpark this evening tomorrow should be a little bit warmer in the wind. probably not as strong but still a breeze right around 15 miles an hour. now look what's happening tonight we have some clouds and even some greens showing up offshore. there's the chance we could be tracking some scattered showers. for this evening. overnight i did see a light rain report in the napa area for the 10 o'clock alvarez so overnight with some of this activity
10:41 pm
approaching our coastline, we could be tracking a few scattered showers. keep an eye here in the golden gate bridge here by the toll plaza. you can still see it's still dry, but that could be changing. as we head into the overnight hours so we do have that chance of a shower. first thing tomorrow morning temperatures most areas will be in the forties to the fifties, so still somewhat of a chill in the air. here's the forecast model. you can see. it's keeping the bulk of the shower activity offshore. but there is that chance, especially near the coast. right on portions of the bay. we have that chance, then look what happens. the clouds vanished throughout the day tomorrow, so lots of sunshine expected. so here's that cooler weather pattern we have been watching. that's the source of maybe a few showers overnight. this area of high pressure wants to rebuild, then we'll just call it a nice weekend temperatures in the sixties and the seventies, but it's this time of year. this is the pattern we do not like to see. you'll see a storm develop up to our north. this move to the east of the bay area. this will set up that northerly winds so high fire dangerous sunday night into monday and into tuesday. fire weather watch once again from 11 p.m. sunday
10:42 pm
until five pm on tuesday for the north bay hills. out towards solano county, the east bay hills, the east bay valleys, we could have winds gusting around 30 to 50 miles an hour. so here's the forecast model. the lot happening here is not too much happening for saturday. this is sunday. but look what happened sunday night. these brighter colors do reflect the stronger wind speed then you can see those winds really ramping up into monday, so it's that dry wind, which we typically link up with fire danger that's going to stick around on a monday. possibly into tuesday, so we'll have to definitely keep a close eye on that highest forward tomorrow in the sixties and the seventies, that chance of a shower early, but lots of sunshine for your weekend gusty winds by monday, we'll keep it on those fire conditions, at least the possibility of fire danger. into early next week as those winds really ramp up from the north. okay. good to know. thank you so much, mark. well, the oakland zoo has brought back boo at the zoo. the festive event kicks off today and will take place all four weekends in october from 10 a.m. to four p.m. the tickets
10:43 pm
must be reserved online in advance, and attendance is limited. the family friendly halloween event includes an animal themed scavenger hunt. another fun treats. everyone is invited to dress in costumes. and instead of trick or treating the zoo says that they will be handing out pre stuffed goody bags to all of the children. coming up on the 11 o'clock news a new requirement for california high schoolers the bill signed by governor gavin newsom today that adds a class to graduation requirements. a rocking night in san francisco tonight at the ballpark and the kid from rockland, california. does everybody proud that wears a giant uniform and bandit? he have some help behind him. defensively and with the bats will tell you about game one against the dodgers, and hey, 49ers fans have been clamoring for it since the day was drafted and now. the kid drink is going to get that first nfl
10:44 pm
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