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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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start of the game. and you can see right there kind of an even mix with dodgers and giants fans heading into the game for game one of the series. game two is tomorrow. and that's not the only big event in the city as if the game is enough to attract big crowds. there's also fleet week today there was a parade of ships that put on quite a show for onlookers, and all of that, combined with tonight's warriors game will likely keep traffic thick. this is the scene on the approach of the bay bridge right now. we checked in about an hour ago, and it looks like now, traffic is a little bit heavier. doesn't look too bad right now because you can see the end of the line of the cars waiting at the toll plaza to get through your encouraged by the way to take public transit if you're heading into the city. communion barter both expanding service with trains running until midnight. and if you do drive keep in mind parking meters are set to special event rates. that's eight bucks an hour you'll be paying. and some drivers are paying as much as $100 for parking near oracle
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park right now begin this hour with the build up to tonight's game. jason appelbaum live outside oracle park. jason tell us about. well andre, i would i would say maybe a 70 30 split you said maybe 50 50 giants and dodgers, but i was just inside. definitely more. giants fans, chance of beat l a or breaking out all around the ballpark and steve young is just arrived. my photographer ryan cecile tells me so this is a pretty big deal. two best teams in baseball, two of the biggest rivals in baseball meeting in the postseason for the very first time, so i would say this is the most anticipated division series game. in major league history now, as for the season series, the giants did win it 10 games to nine. but i would say you can throw all that out the window. the records don't really matter. right now they're starting from scratch. this is the best of five series and, you know accou3 wins this year. most ever in a
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postseason matchup. let's just say this matchup meant to be. it's very fitting because both teams had have had really good, um regular seasons and good for the game to see those both of us compete in the playoffs. this is going to be an unbelievable way to kick it off. this series is going to be. a madhouse at both places. we knew that we were going to have to go through them and they're going to have to go through us to get to the world series. so, um, you know better better get it out of the way early. yeah, evan longoria said. you know, ideally, these two teams would meet later in the postseason, but that's how it shook down. keep in mind that when we say that these two teams are meeting for the first time in postseason history 131 year rivalry, but they just implemented the wild card game about a quarter of a century ago about 25 years ago, so they couldn't meet in the postseason. prior to that. on the mound for the giants will be young logan web he's been
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lights out for the giants all year long. in fact, they're 12 0 in this ballpark when he takes the mound walker euler. thank you go giants walker buehler on the mound for the dodgers. andre alright, thanks for the update. giants fans out there 70 30, he says, so. that's certainly some good news like to see some service members to walking into the game. well some fans are turning this game into a day long party and christian captain shows us how they're getting ready for this his story game unlike any that they've ever seen before. come back. as far as baseball rivalries go, it's tough to find one deeper than the one between the san francisco giants in the los angeles dodgers. now fans will get to watch the teams in their first ever playoff matchup, and giants fans say even with 107 wins this past season. when it comes to the playoffs. it's a whole new ballgame. it's always tough when you're up against the dodgers. i mean, come on biggest rivals. we're just hoping for the win while the debate will play out over the
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national league division series over who is the better team? there is one thing that giants fans and dodger fans can agree on. this is going to be a tough best of five series. it's all about the dodgers for me. i think it's gonna. be a great series, but in my heart with the dog, but the giants have a way of winning over fans even when they don't seem like they back the black and orange where you from los angeles. whoa wait a second. you're from where? los angeles, california and you're a giants fan. yeah you know, they're playing the dodgers. yeah while it may be tough, giants fans say when the series is all over, it will be the giants headed to the national league championship series and eventually, the world series. even if that means they have to go through the dodgers to get there. yeah they're tough, but i mean the giants. they kept up with them all season. they won the series against them, and hopefully these are the games. that really matter, so hopefully they're able to come out with what the w against the dodgers. well, this is the first official playoff matchup between the giants and dodgers twice once in 1951 and again in 1962, the dodgers and giants.
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ended their seasons tied and played three games tie breaker series. those games were entered the record books as regular season games. and for the record, the giants won both of those previous matchups. giants hoping to make it three times lucky in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. all right, and it will cost you to experience the playoffs in person. stubhub had tickets priced at $140 for today's game around noon around that same time tickets to tomorrow's game started around $185. if the series goes to five games, people are being asked to cough up at least $232 per seat. now, keep in mind stubhub ticket prices do fluctuate depending on demand. and to give you another sense of just how invested fans are in this game. take a look at one tweet exchange between senator alex padilla and governor gavin newsom governor newsom started out with a nod to both teams posting. quote one way or another california
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team is moving on to the next round. but he went a step further by writing this as a native san franciscan. i may have a different opinion hashtag beat la well, senator padilla responded, using the governor's same words about a california team moving on to the next round. but he finished his post with as a native angeleno and giulio, i have a different opinion hashtag. let's go dodgers, so the feud is on on twitter between both of those, uh serious rivalry as we told you. another big event this weekend is fleet week and one of the most popular parts of the weekend. of course, the blue angels. they took flight. over san francisco and the city's waterfront today, and it was loud, exciting as they performed skilled maneuvers for the fleet week air show. trying not. that signature sound. the blue angels squadron and other planes flew between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. there was also a parade of navy coast
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guard and army corps of engineers ships, which entered the bay by going under the golden gate bridge. thousands of people came out to watch. fleet week. events continue throughout the weekend. there will also be airshow is tomorrow and sunday and on sunday brings yet another event that short of draw big craft the italian heritage parade. you might return for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic this sunday. now it starts 12 30 jefferson street along fisherman's warf. it ends at washington square park. in north beach. well san francisco businesses have been waiting for a weekend like this, with big events, bringing tens of thousands of people into the city every day. as ktvu tom baker reports. there's hope it will be a financial win for places that took a huge loss during the pandemic. friday was busy but not jammed in the city. on the first day of the blue angels fleet week performances. after thursday's dress rehearsal, we heard the jets roaring over the city yesterday, which gave everybody
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the chills saturday and sunday looked to be quite a more crowded affair with the super jets, spectacular ships and the boys of october. the ballpark. plus a whole lot more. we're very excited about having a normal normalized feeling around here, seeing lots of people out here. we've had action down here in spurts over the course of the past few months in the past year, but. no two vents. i don't think i've come together like the giants and fleet week so we're excited. the crowds will want food and drink and souvenirs in the city that has lost 45% of its small businesses. according to a late july city report. even on fisherman's warf. most places are open. a significant percentage are not so crowds will have fewer places serving them, putting pressure on the ones still open. those who have survived say there is ready as they can be such as sabella and low tory seafoods on fisherman's warf. and perry's on the embarcadero. we're not too concerned about it. we believe we can handle anything
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that comes at us. especially getting through this pandemic, so the more the merrier for us. returning to previous revenue is not necessarily something that were built for right now. and so you have to. you know, you might have to make people wait even if you have space, you know, and that's it's goes against human nature and the nature of our business. but in order to you know do what we do properly. sometimes you have to hold back a little bit all of this presenting the best reason so far for businesses to hope for a real upturn. we've seen a lot of, um, requests for company. happy hours, come back and in the coming weeks and months. which is a great sign. if people are coming back to work, though, there will be a lot of pop up food stamps and trucks. best advice, be patient and kind to the vendors, servers and, of course each other. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. we're in county announced a new easing of its mask mandate in certain indoor settings with fewer than 100. people and exemption could apply to gyms, offices, religious meetings and college
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classes in order to qualify for the exemption from the mask mandate. organizers must verify that everyone entering is fully vaccinated. also the location cannot be open to the general public. and the host, employer or organizer must maintain a list of everyone present. that limited easing of the mask mandate goes into effect next week on october 15th. feudal certainly make really double check my locks on my doors and windows. she's talking about a home invasion and sexual assault. it is alarming residents in the redwood heights section of oakland coming up how the victims were approached as they slept and underwater video gives investigators new clues as to how and when oil might have leaked from a pipeline off southern california's coast. at a barrier whether a bit of a chill in the airport today, most of tracking the chance of a few showers for tonight into the early part of saturday. we'll talk more about the radar and we'll have your weekend forecast coming up. and superheroes are known for
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fighting crime. but in the south be yes. spiderman appears to have taken a turn for the worst. nothing amazing about this coming up. police officers blame someone dressed as the superhero for steel. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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that's why. so campbell police added the spiderman theme song to the surveillance video and you get you could call it amazing for the wrong reasons. because if you look closely here, you can see one of the burglars dressed like spiderman. there's also a second suspect involved here. the men can be seen dragging a trash can full of stolen property, including tools that happened early wednesday morning on white oak road near camden. anyone with information is asked to call campbell police. cruise ships are returning to san francisco for the first time since the pandemic next week. the majestic princess cruise liner is scheduled to sail under the golden gate monday. ktvu
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christian captain tells us the ship is expected to be the first of many. all manner of ships criss cross, the san francisco bay and monday morning for the first time in more than a year and a half commercial cruise liners return the majestic princess on a coastal cruise returns to the port of san francisco. the passengers on board welcome to make their way ashore and explore the city wanted to point out that this ship is we talked with passenger and cruise expert stuart shearing aboard the majestic princess, he says there is strong interest for passengers to return to the high seas. people are ecstatic to be aboard. there's people that have been on a couple of cruises. there are people who have not been on a cruise since the pandemic began. um people feel very safe. everything's open entertainment is operating normally. the shows are operating for many the images of the grand princess under quarantine in the bay in february of 2020 is one of the iconic images that marked the beginning of the covid pandemic. princess cruises says trips are resuming
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with an eye towards safety, the company releasing a statement reading in part quote, we are committed to the health and well being not only have our guests and teammates but to the communities we visit. passengers on board must be fully vaccinated and provide a negative covid test two days before embarking on board the majestic sharon says crew members are following safety protocols we had to upload our proof of vaccinations. to make sure that you know that everybody on board is current. the passengers the crew are all are all vaccinated. and you know this. look, i feel safer on a cruise ship. then i do at home. i'm covid protocols kicking kicking the place. san francisco's port says safety is a top priority appear 27 the cruise ship terminal as well. the port local health authorities, cruise lines had to work together to ensure that. agreements were in place as guided by the cdc. the majestic is only the beginning. 21 more ships are set to call in the port of san francisco this year
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and next year, a record 127 cruise ships are expected to visit each one carrying a boatload of tourists. san francisco has a lot to offer for. tourist and we're excited to have. these passengers coming and tourists come and visit our beautiful city. shirin says the ships are operating at about one third capacity, but that the return to san francisco marks one more step toward normalcy. this is my six crews since june. and the demand you know is has been incredibly strong for, uh, for cruise ships. well the majestic princess is the first to return. the ruby princess will call san francisco her home port. she begins service up and down the coastline and eventually out to hawaii, starting on halloween in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. new developments tonight in the oil spill off the orange county coast. the coast guard said this afternoon that the pipeline may have been hit by a boat anchor several months to a year before the leak was
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detected over the weekend. investigators say other ships may have been even hit the pipe as well. underwater video released by the coast guard shows a section of the pipe that was pulled along the ocean floor. a second video shows the 13 inch crack in that pipe. experts say the small size of the rupture could explain why the leak went undetected for so long. the coast guard gave the tails on the timeline this afternoon. we're confident that back in october 2020. the pipeline was intact and it was as it was surveyed by the company. we have gps coordinates that show the pipeline was on station at that time. since october. 2025 point has deflected 105 ft and the we have casing damage and then, of course, the crack that occurred since that over the course of that year. so the coast guard says it will pour over data from the past year to see when the initial damage occurred and what ship may have caused it. coast guard officials estimate between 24,000 and 132,000. gallons of oil were spilled about 5500 gallons have been
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recovered. that is this president biden using the antiquities act to restore protections for several areas. jackie heinrich is in washington d. c with a look at the push back. the president is already facing for this. national monument and parks are part of the identity as our benes of people president biden announcing greater federal protections for three national monuments, fully restoring the boundaries of bears, ears and grand staircase escalante national monument in utah. and protecting the northeast canyons and seamounts national monument, located south of cape cod in the atlantic ocean. preserving them is the fulfillment of a promise to our children and all those who will come to leave this world a little better than we found it. all three areas were impacted under former president donald trump, who argued the protections were harming businesses. trump used the antiquities act to slash roughly two million acres of land across both monuments in utah, while also allowing commercial fishing and sections of the northeast canyons and seamounts monument. a very historic action. to reverse
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federal overreach and restore the rights. of this land to your citizens, some local leaders and environmentalists calling this a victory for the areas, indigenous people and wildlife, others, including utah governor spencer j. cox say the president's move is frustrating asking for a permanent solution and to quote. and the perpetual enlarging and shrinking of these monuments and bring certainty to their management. legal action is even being considered. we care about these lands, but we absolutely need to have say and how they're managed. the restoration of these national monuments comes in the wake of california's devastating oil spill, calling attention to the impact humans can have on the environment. in washington, jackie heinrich fox news. there is a lot of excitement today in the sierra. the towel ho area saw its very first snow of the season. take a look at this video. it was taken that sugar bowl ski resort, which saw
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three inches of snow resort staff say people already are calling to book their ski trips. sugar bowl is set to open on november 26. that's the day after thanksgiving. i thought maybe we'd see a little dusting on the top. i come in. there's almost an inch on these tables out here right now. um, and, uh, you know, people are excited. and there's also excitement at northstar palisades, tahoe and heavenly, which also saw a nice coating of snow early this morning. nice change in the sierra and there's actually other chances. some snow falls we head into monday as a system of drops in from the north net system could actually unfortunately increase the wind for us that will lead to an increase in the fire. danger. lots to talk about first. then we'll talk about the giant forecast for this evening. nlds game one starting out in a few minutes later on at ah, you can't see 6 37 lots of cloud coverage temperatures will only be in the mid fifties. so kind of a cool. wendy evening at the ballpark in san francisco and fleet week.
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we are expecting some cloud cover for tomorrow morning. these are the afternoon highs for both saturday and sunday. and as you can see it not too much change. we're expecting mainly temperatures in the low to mid sixties for both days for afternoon highs. so this weekend we're talking about some clouds tomorrow morning, clearing skies into the afternoon hours. and then on sunday more sunshine, but a bit of a breeze in the afternoon hours and into the evening. here's a satellite radar. look at this radar coverage offshore now tonight late tonight into early tomorrow morning. looks like we could be tracking some scattered showers here in the bay area. definitely a cool one out there. temperatures right now, as you can see in the fifties and the sixties and a bit blustery and a few spots as well. in terms of the wind you can see conquered. that's augusta 22 miles an hour. not as strong on these panels but still a bit of a breathe out there. here's our live camera, looking out toward the bay here out towards san francisco, and those clouds will continue to move in forward tonight. look what happens late tonight. you could see into early tomorrow morning. the scattered showers and place this is four o'clock tomorrow morning. and then the
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clouds move away quickly into the afternoon hours, revealing mostly sunny skies. we'll talk more about your weekend outlook and also the fire danger with your full update in a few minutes. are thank you for cal fire team members injured in the campy, complex fire doing much better tonight. coming up, they survive, watching a treat come crashing down around them. and find out how tesla's move out of california might be sending a signal to other companies here in the area.
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flag now to a different state. as ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us tesla ceo says the new texas operations will be different from the bay area plant, and it's seen by some as a wake up call for silicon valley. the bay area's rocky marriage with tesla is taking a different track this after shareholders learned the electric car manufacturer is moving corporate headquarters from palo alto to austin. texas wake up call, right. i think that's really what we should be looking at. i think we should take it that way. tesla ceo elon musk says austin will now fly their corporate flag because texas with lots of land and fewer regulations, is right for this company's brand of bullish expansion. these factories, we'll have cell production. in them as well. so this will be really kind of raw materials in cars out so really? really big tesla is the
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latest and possibly not the last major company in part or in whole to move from the bay area. hp and oracle have also moved their headquarters to texas headquarters. costs are clearly higher here than they are. um in lots of other places, so it's a very sensible thing for him to be moving to texas for their headquarters, strategic management professor dr robert chapman woods says costs related to housing and regulations are the two biggest factories for companies pulling up stakes, and that's too big hurdles for tesla. which rise to be the largest car manufacturer in the world. tesla will maintain and expand production here at its fremont plant, and there's a published report saying it's going to lease over 300,000 square feet of office space in palo alto. most tesla employees will not have to relocate to austin, texas. california governor gavin newsom says tesla's departure does not know the gleam of the golden state. i'm
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proud of the fact that we maintained our status with over a quarter. of the nation's unicorns being located in headquarter here in california. those are the next test listen, experts say. while that's true, the departures do indicate silicon valley needs to operate differently in the days and years ahead. if these things are not taken as a wake up call, it could get worse and we certainly don't want to see that happen in fremont, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. full of home invasion in an oakland neighborhood, and it escalates when the intruder takes it a step further, sexually assaulting a woman inside after the break the search for that attacker and residents on edge. and paypal park officials are considering whether to cancel tomorrow's earthquakes game after a brawl and a shooting at last night's matchup. but later in sports. it's official rookie trey lance will get his first career start this weekend. it gets the cardinals sports director market bodies will have to tell us
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weekend. several big events are happening in the city that expected to bring in tens of thousands of people every day, including fleet week and the italian heritage parade. the hope is that the weekend will be a financial win for places that took huge losses during the pandemic. marin county is easing its mask mandate in certain limited indoor settings. starting next friday. masks
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will not be required in some gyms, offices, religious gatherings and college classes provided that those locations abide by some rules. there cannot be more than 100 people inside, everyone entering the indoor setting must be fully vaccinated. and there must be a list of everyone present. well, the coast guard now says that damage should that oil pipeline that caused a large spill off the coast of huntington beach could be months to a year old investigators suspect at some 0.1 or more boat anchors. may have caught that pipeline. newly released video shows a 13 inch crack in the pipe. some experts believe the size of the crack may explain why it took so long to detect the leak. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. it was frightening ordeal in the middle of the night, police say a woman was sexually assaulted by an intruder in oakland. redwood heights neighborhood crime reporter had released spoke to residents who are concerned about this incident and the search for the person behind this attack. a woman was
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sexually assaulted during a home invasion before dawn. it happened in oakland's normally quiet redwood heights neighborhood. residents say they're alarmed. it's definitely scary, and i feel for the people who that happened to. it happened at about four in the morning thursday at home near loma vista in california off 35th avenue. oakland police say a man climbed into the home through an unlocked window he confronted to victims who were asleep, demanded money and sexually assaulted the woman before leaving, police say it appears to be a random act of violence really unfortunate and probably random. um it's one of the reasons i have dogs. dana latin lives nearby. she says the area is quiet but not immune to crime. we've had home invasions in our neighborhood on 39th, but usually during the day when people aren't home. not when people are actually sleeping in their beds. police recommend that residents keep their doors and windows locked at all times, installed alarm systems and signs that say things like, beware of dog. the house where this happened, did have one of those signs. it
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will certainly make me double check my locks on my doors and windows. but i my hope is that it's an isolated incident because i. really love this neighborhood and i haven't felt unsafe here before. it is disturbing to hear that, and we certainly keep. our eyes open when it happens here. people are very. distraught about it. carla gerardo low is president of the redwood heights association. crime is on the rise across the country and certainly in oakland were feeling it and it makes it sad because we love. our city. we love where we live. oakland police say they need the public's help. anyone with information or video surveillance is asked to give him a call in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. well, the city of san francisco announced another vaccine mandate. today the city will require all city contractors who work alongside city employees on regular basis to be vaccinated the requirement will also apply to all city commissioners. the contractors
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will be required to be fully immunized. by december. 31st san francisco had already said it will require all city employees to be fully vaccinated no later than november. 1st. governor newsom was in oakland today, where he signed three bills to support small businesses hit hard by the pandemic. the bills expand and make some emergency pandemic legislation. permanent one bill allows restaurants to file applications to make their outdoor expansions and park let's permanent. this as the senator said, codifies some of the work we did on a temporary basis last year to allow for, um take out of mixed drinks and cocktails and. booze broadly defined in a responsible way. uh and also codifies our efforts to expand the footprint of these businesses and to remove the burdens. that the state imposes. the governor also is urging local governments to facilitate outdoor dining through local
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zoning and programs that support expanded open air dining take out and delivery options well, eight people were arrested and one was shot following a large fine outside the san jose earthquakes game thursday night. ktvu and ruben has more on how paypal park officials are considering whether saturday's game should be cancelled as a result. that incident. cellphone video captured what was to be the first in a night full of brawls surrounding the earthquakes match against cruz azul here, a fan storms the field at paypal park, reportedly upset about a call. he takes a swing at one player before being taken down by another. once said individuals taken into custody and taken away. a large group of folks followed, and, uh, were upset by the fact that the individual is taken into custody later on. some of those same individuals were seen in parking lot starting to get into education and fistfights. in the parking lot. brawl apparently escalated soon. san jose police estimate there were 50 people fighting and in the mayhem, gunfire erupted in that
6:36 pm
melee. one person was struck with a grazing wound, which is later determined to be non life threatening. that person and one other were transported to the hospital. a total of eight people were arrested and we just saw a ton of cop cars. i was like, oh, shoot. something must have happened. kelsey gallo saw the aftermath as police ordered the crowd to disperse. it's not great, it's kind of unsettling. um it seems like it was well contained them. management at paypal park spent the day reviewing security procedures and evaluating safety for saturday's game. jose miranda of stockton had really been looking forward to it. we come with families and we're calm. try to keep it peaceful, but there's a lot of people fortunately there. they're pretty bad influence. they drink and then they get crazy, and that's what happens. saturday's game between shiva's and club leon had already been postponed twice due to covid. this time, both teams and their fans made it all the way to san jose. and now this fancy they're frustrated. then we're
6:37 pm
going to have to wait again to see them play again. san jose police say they work with park management on stepped up security to ensure nothing like this happens again in san jose and ruben ktvu, fox two news. four people who were hurt when a tree fell on them inside the campaign complex fire zone have been released from the hospital. the incident happened yesterday afternoon, cal fire firefighter and three state conservative conservation corp workers were wounded, but. thankfully there, okay. the fire started until larry county by lightning and has been burning since september. 10th. so far 134 square miles of burned and it's just 11% contained. bell ringing ceremony was held today to honor the people who died during the 2017 north bay wildfires. the santa rosa fire department honor guard rang a bell 24 times this morning in
6:38 pm
honor of each person who died today marks four years since the start of the deadly and destructive tubbs fire. along with the 24 people killed. the firestorm destroyed 5300 homes in sonoma county and burned 173 square miles. we're here this morning to remember. to remember the lives that were lost and the thousands of people who were so deeply impacted. to remember the bravery of our first responders and everyone who came to our aid and to remember the generosity that the world showed to santa rosa and economic county. oh, in santa rosa, about 2000 of the homes destroyed by the fire have been rebuilt. and 380 are currently under construction conferences battle over the debt ceiling has sent a wave on wall street coming u
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remains weak. the labor department says 194,000 jobs were added last month. well, economists were actually predicting close to 500,000 unemployment slipped to 4.8% down from 5.2% and that's in part because of 180,000 fewer people. we're looking for work despite millions of job openings. the markets responded to that jobs report. with stocks ending the day down. the dow fell eight points. the nasdaq lost 74 points and the s and p. 500 was down eight
6:42 pm
points, so wall street has been paying close attention to the debt ceiling drama playing out in washington. yesterday the senate did its part voting to avoid a default at least until december, but the house still has to act before october. 18th or things could get ugly congressional correspondent chad program reports from capitol hill. markets abhor uncertainty. washington's fight over the debt ceiling is something that wall street is watching. treasury secretary janet yellen predicted doom for the economy of congress doesn't act by october 18th. it would be disastrous for the american economy for global financial markets. and for millions of families and workers whose financial security would be jeopardized by delayed payments. the us flirted with the default a decade ago, congress hiked the debt ceiling before the deadline, but the drama spooked investors. standard and poor's downgraded the credit rating of the federal government because of congress's bumbling response. the u. s is triple a rated it
6:43 pm
is on negative watching standard and poor, so they are looking for a reason to downgrade the us this could very well be the reason that they're looking for and so i'm concerned about. the politics, really having an economic fallout that we don't like? market watchers recall the dow tanking in real time when the house defeated a rescue bill during the 2000 and eight financial meltdown. the market thought they're not dumb enough to not pass this and guess what? they were dumb enough to not pass it. republicans are trying to highlight problems democrats have governing. it couldn't even pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which the president negotiated. and the speaker of the house promised would pass last week. so the plan is to hike the debt ceiling by $480 billion that gives the treasury department just enough money to get through december 3rd. it also means the federal government must grapple again with its bills. right around the same time as everyone else. at the holidays on capitol hill, chad per gram fox news. president
6:44 pm
biden will not stop the release of documents sought by the committee. looking into the january 6th. u s. capitol riot former president trump is trying to invoke executive privilege to keep records from his administration for being turned over. however the white house counsel told the us archivist that president biden has determined that invoking executive privilege is quote not in the best interests of the united states. trump's lawyers are also seeking to block the testimony of former administration officials. very weather tracking some cloud cover for tonight and even the possibility of a few showers late tonight. we'll talk more about that your weekend outlook also an increase in the fire danger. the forecast is coming up. beautiful shot there. let's go to ktvu heather holmes. now with a look at some of the stories are working on for the seven o'clock in his overrun ktvu plus. andre new tonight at first in the nation new law right here in california, when some adult children will be able to add their parents to their health insurance plans, and kim kardashian getting
6:45 pm
ready for her big night on the snl stage. and harvey levin of tmz thinks the reality tv star will be a big hit. while those stories and a lot more ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:47 pm
a measure to decriminalize the use of anthea genic plants and fungi. the 5 to 0 vote means the possession, cultivation and distribution of substances such as so called magic mushrooms and lsd will be designated as one of the city's lowest law enforcement priorities. but the measure also states that the commercial sale and manufacturing of psychedelics as well as driving under their influence will remain illegal.
6:48 pm
barrier whether a lot to talk about this little update first we're talking about the possibility from showers for tonight into early tomorrow morning and then eventually fire danger that shows up in the five day forecast in a fire weather watch. let's show you the highest from today, though you probably noticed that chill in the air. temperatures have been cooling off line of 71. it's not cold but at least cooler compared to what has been over the past few weeks. it seems like san francisco 60 at santa rosa 70 degrees today, one of the cooler days the week temperatures will be warming up a little bit into the weekend. although you can see by sunday breezy conditions by the afternoon hours, but especially by. sunday night, and that is our next concern that is related to a fire danger now showing you this a satellite in the radar. look at this green offshore. there is the chance we could have some scattered showers. move in. we're thinking later on tonight, say after 10 o'clock into early tomorrow morning till about three or four o'clock tomorrow morning. so here is that the shower coverage? just offshore, so you probably noticed the clouds moving in. the showers can be moving in overnights not going to be a weekend washout.
6:49 pm
in fact, this weekend will be mostly sunny for like 90% of the two day period today, stretch even into monday as well. forecast highs. rather actually current temperatures look at the forecast highs a little bit right now. some fifties and sixties conquered checking in 62 degrees. it is windy and a few spots. you can see oakland that's a wind gust of up to 29. miles an hour, and some more reports here. not as strong on these panels for sfo hayward in san jose. here's a live pmr looking out toward the ball park in san francisco. of course, they're the big game happening right now the giants and the dodgers and we just have some clouds moving overhead. here's the plan with the cloud cover tonight. more clouds expected. you can see what happens, though. this is one o'clock tomorrow morning. some scattered showers, especially near the coastline, probably decreasing chances as you do work your way inland that chance and 23 or four o'clock tomorrow morning, and then those clouds move out rapidly. leaving us with mostly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. so this is the guy that could produce a few showers at least overnight tonight into early
6:50 pm
tomorrow morning, this area of high pressure this returns this weekend, somebody's call it a nice weekend temperatures in the sixties and seventies. our next concern is this guy this area of low pressure it's developing up to our north. this will be dropping into a nevada. and this is the classic setup. we do not like to see this time of year and that is that northerly wind ramping up so fire danger will be a concern and we have a high wind watch toward the sacramento valley out toward the delta region monday morning in tuesday morning, and that is linked with the fire. danger that fire weather watch for us here in the bay area from 11 p.m. sunday all through monday until five p.m. tuesday for the north bay hills. solano county, east bay hills and the east bay valleys. that's something to watch closely and early next week that could soon turn into a red flag fire warning. highest forward tomorrow sixties and seventies. a touch warmer, maybe in your sunday forecast. but then, as you can see, here we are tracking. unfortunately the stronger winds by sunday night and into monday, especially for the berry hill's. all right. thanks
6:51 pm
so much mark up next in sports. 49ers announced trey lance will start in place of injured jimmy garoppolo sports director market. baniyas will also have a health update on all pro tight end george kittle, all next in sports. and it will be a w w we smack down in primetime on ktvu that
6:52 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:54 pm
night the vital room so much going on in the world of sports tonight. let's talk about the 49ers, though i guess fans could kind of trick themselves into saying it's early. it's early lots can happen between now and the end of the season. but the truth of the matter is. the dreams of a super bowl are quickly disintegrating for the 40 niners even this early because the injuries just keep on comin. it's unbelievable. jimmy garoppolo, it's official. he's out for sunday's game against arizona in arizona. is centered calf will not allow him to play sunday. so here comes the trey lance era. ready or not, he will get his first nfl start against the foreign oh cardinals, kyle shanahan says that he will simplify the playbook. make sure the rookie
6:55 pm
is comfortable. in the meantime, he's just excited to get that first nfl start. i'm excited, obviously, but not going to make it bigger than what it is. i feel prepared and had a good week. preparing i guess honestly, pretty similar to how i usually do, obviously getting getting more reps. um i was hoping jimmy would would be healthy for sure. but he's gonna awesome job in him. and they both have helped me out of town this week, some excited for it for sure, excited for the opportunity. and the bad health news just keeps on coming. trey lance most likely will not have george kittle to throw to the all pro tight end also has that injured cap. what's with the calf injuries? he will not probably plays listed as doubtful didn't practice much this week. and he can try and tough it out. but it looks right now. like he won't play as well. 49ers not the only nfl west team that's got health issues. seahawks quarterback russell wilson hit
6:56 pm
by the rams for roche's aaron donald last night thursday night football sustained a severe dislocation of his finger. it is a ruptured tendon on his throwing hand on the finger. it's going to require surgery. a procedure that could keep him out 6 to 8 weeks. i'll tell you something that the seahawks lose russell wilson for anything approaching two months. they are done so, you know, weird way. that's almost good news for the san francisco 49 is baseball. there's little something happening in san francisco tonight. i want to give anything away, but buster's in a two run homer against the dodgers and other playoff stuff. to talk about let's go to milwaukee, where the brewers have a pack towels for game one against atlanta braves, of course, used to play in milwaukee. it was scoreless into the seventh, rowdy to less. it's got to be one of the best names in awful words. rowdy crushes went up. charlie morton. that's a two run jacket and that was going to turn out to be enough. for milwaukee ninth
6:57 pm
inning. now it's 2 to 12 out atlanta with runners at the corners and the closer, extraordinary josh hader. it's a final left on a feeble little grounder to second to one's the final milwaukee leading that series one to nothing. battle of the septa generi in managers and houston that would be dusty baker in his early seventies. tony larussa in his late seventies. we've got a 44 ball game into the seventh at a houston when your. them alvaro's things one and jose l tube. always pesky comes in to score the go ahead run 54 for dusty and company now it's 74 stroh's craig kimbrel giving it up for kyle tucker. let's say two run shot five run seventh inning for the astros, who break it open 94 and a two nothing series lead. they will go back to chicago on the south side. come sunday afternoon.
6:58 pm
back there. white sox have little catching up to do. all right friday night at the videos. you do need to check this out. this is a fantastic play with a great camera angle. youth baseball. keep your eye on the wild pitch here. catch your scrambles after it. runner trying to score. oh okay. yeah. and you know for a youngster that is just some great athletic ability right there it is smooth. he's pretty pumped up about it. you know that he knows it and see it again. yep that is quick thinking right there and athletic ability. that's the sporting life. guys obviously will have a whole lot more on giants dodgers later this evening. mark this is something you've been looking forward to for a long time. we've been talking about this in the newsroom. we'll see what happens later on tonight. we appreciate it. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. we're back tonight for the 10 o'clock news over on channel o'clock news over on channel two.
6:59 pm
thank you very much. thanks. leonard: that is unbelievable. good for bert. damn, the macarthur genius grant. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. everything is stupid and i want to go home. that's sheldon's way of saying he's proud of bert, too. ah. hey, it's not even called the "genius grant," it's the macarthur fellowship. just like it's not frankenstein, it's "frankenstein's monster." which brings us back to that hulking simpleton over there. and if anyone's a genius, it's me for the way i brought that full circle. how much money did he win? over half a million dollars. wow. and he doesn't have to use it for research, he can do whatever he wants with it. oh, good, maybe he can build a nicer bridge to live under. here he comes. right. be polite. i know how to behave. do you? hey, congratulations bert! yeah, good for you. that's amazing. thanks. i was as surprised as anybody. when they called and told me i won, i didn't believe them.
7:00 pm
and then they said, "no, you really won." and then i said, "cool." someone call george r. r. martin, this guy knows how to finish a story. i've well, see ya. good at telling it. some genius. i zinged him with sarcasm, he didn't even notice. i know, and it was the greatest sarcastic quip i've ever heard. well, aren't you a peach. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bang! ♪ we make the goods that make life better... and make the everyday more sustainable.
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