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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they don't agree on much, they can agree on one thing. it should be a great series. come back. as far as baseball rivalries go, it's tough to find one deeper than the one between the san francisco giants in the los angeles dodgers. now fans will get to watch the teams in their first ever playoff matchup, and giants fans say even with 107 wins this past season when it comes to the playoffs. it's a whole new ballgame. it's always tough when you're up against the dodgers. i mean, come on biggest rivals. we're just hoping for the win while the debate will play out over the national league division series over who is the better team? there is one thing that giants fans and dodger fans can agree on. this is going to be a tough best of five series. it's all about the dodgers for me. i think it's gonna. be a great series, but in my heart with the dog, but the giants have a way of winning over fans even when they don't seem like they back the black and orange where you from los angeles. whoa wait a second. you're from where?
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los angeles, california and you're a giants fan. yeah you know, they're playing the dodgers. yeah while it may be tough, giants fans say when the series is all over, it will be the giants headed to the national league championship series and eventually, the world series. even if that means they have to go through the dodgers to get their stuff, but i mean the giants they kept up with them all season. they won the series against them, and hopefully these are the games. that really matter, so hopefully they're able to come out with what the w against the dodgers. while this is the first official playoff matchup between the giants and dodgers twice once in 1951 and again in 1962 of the dodgers and giants into their seasons tied and played three game series. those games were entered into the record books as regular season games. and for the record, the giants won both of those three game tiebreaker series. so giants are hoping to make it three times. lucky relies in san francisco christian captain ktvu box to new and whoever wins this series will have bragging rights for years, even
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decades to come, christian. thank you for that, like report. and we've heard from the fans. now. what about the teams? the giants and dodgers had the two best records in baseball this year, and ktvu is jason appelbaum joins us live from inside oracle park historic dramatic matchup. so what do you seeing their inside and i can tell us about what we're going to see with the games. yeah janna. what i'm seeing is the fans are starting to file in here. the energy is starting to pick up a little. we're still about oh, i'd say an hour and a half from first pitch, but it's a little crips. so if you grab your jacket if you're coming out to the ballgame here as we take a look, the dodgers are on the field. the giants were working out about 45 minutes ago taking batting practice, but now it is. the dodgers, and this is probably and i don't think i'm exaggerating the most anticipated division series and history. the two best teams in baseball the to a great extent. tonight will be about which team and which pitcher handles
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the pressure better and on the mound for the giants will be 24 year old right hander logan webb, who has probably been the giants most consistent starter all season long. he's a rockland native. drafted by the giants in 2000 and 14 so he's home grown, and this year was kind of his coming out party 11 3 with a 3.3 e r a and you've got to like this three and oversees the dodgers. he just #### pitch this last sunday and the regular season finale being the padres to clinch the national league west division title. so tonight we'll make two huge starts in a span of six days for web. you know, talking to other guys, you almost have to treat like just another start. um even though it's not, and that's what i try to do for the last game, and you know it wasn't the same when i came off the mount the first inning and. the crowd was screaming and yelling. everyone's on the feet like i could just kind of feel my like.
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heartbeat gone and kind of my hand shaking a little bit. um, you know, that's that's pretty cool. it's um. something that i've kind of dreamed about feeling for a long time. i definitely think will be even more amped up for sure this next one so excited for that. yes don't be fooled by his located demeanor yesterday in that press conference. he's got ice water in his veins. his teammates say he's very even keeled and his approach is perfect for this game, so we'll see. and here's a good little stat for you. my producer cam cleveland, says that the giants have won all 12 starts. that logan web has made here in this stadium so i don't want to jinx it or anything, but they have not lost with logan web when he starts a game here, uh at the stadium. janna it's gonna be fun. absolutely and i am a firm believer in lucky 13. so let's hope that he can do that tonight. thanks jason. i like it. well if it isn't home runs
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and strikeouts, bringing you to the city this weekend. maybe it's a big military ships and air shows today the annual parade of ships to police right here we were there, some of them passed underneath the golden gate bridge. it's a great show every year. those ships that made their way to their peers. it is a largest parade of ships on the west coast. there were ships from the us navy, coast guard and army corps of engineers, and this afternoon. it was the first of three air shows we saw parachute teams, stunt pilots and, of course, this right here. the stars of the show the blue angels. you might have also caught a glimpse of the earth show if you were around the bay area this afternoon if you missed it. don't worry, they'll all be back again in the sky tomorrow and on sunday as well. well this weekend is on track to be the busiest in san francisco since the start of the pandemic, along with fleet week events along the embarcadero and the giants playoff game, the warriors are playing the lakers a chase center seven o'clock tonight. and the italian heritage parade is this sunday in the north
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beach neighborhood. that means a lot of people a lot of traffic, so authorities are encouraging people to take public transit. we are running extra trains, express shuttles to get people to and from the ballparks and we are increasing service for people heading down the embarcadero going to fisherman's worth as well. and if you decide to take munich or bart, mass are required, you should also know if you are driving parking meters around the city. well, they'll be set to special event rates $8 an hour. san francisco businesses have been waiting for a weekend like this, with big events, bringing tens of thousands of people into the city every day. there's hope it will be a financial win for some of these places that took huge losses during the pandemic. our ktvu s reporter. tom vacar spoke with business owners and joins us live now from san francisco with how they're preparing tom. wolf for san francisco small business. this could quite literally be the biggest and
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the best and the most profitable weekend since the beginning of the pandemic. friday was busy but not jammed in the city on the first day of the blue angels fleet week performances after thursday's dress rehearsal, we heard the jets roaring over the city yesterday, which. gave everybody the chills saturday and sunday looked to be quite a more crowded affair with the super jets, spectacular ships and the boys of october. the ballpark plus a whole lot more. we're very excited about having a normal normalized feeling around here, seeing lots of people out here. we've had action down here in spurts over the course of the past few months in the past year, but. no two events. i don't think i've come together like the giants and, uh, fleet week so we're excited. the crowds will want food and drink and souvenirs in the city that has lost 45% of its small businesses. according to a late july city report. even on fisherman's warf. most places
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are open. a significant percentage are not so crowds will have fewer places serving them, putting pressure on the ones still open. those who have survived say there is ready as they can be such as sabella and low tory seafoods on fisherman's warf. and perry's on the embarcadero. we're not too concerned about it. we believe we can handle anything that comes at us. especially getting through this pandemic, so the more the merrier for us returning to previous revenue is not necessarily something that were built for right now. and so you have to. you know, you might have to make people wait. even if you have space, you know, and that's it's it goes against human nature and the nature of our business. but in order to you know, do what we do properly sometimes you have to hold back a little bit all of this presenting the best reason so far for businesses to hope for a real upturn. we've seen a lot of, um, requests for company. happy hours, come back and in the coming weeks and months. which is a great sign if people are coming back to work. now of course, there will be pop up food stands and of
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course trucks. all of that should get people through. but it's still likely to be crowded. so the most important thing is to try to be nice and patient. to yourself to your friends to your servers, everybody. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. we all could use a little kindness. that's true. thanks so much, tom. and we want to show you a look at traffic right now that's heading into the city during the afternoon commute today, this is video that's coming from a camera at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you do have tickets to the giants or warriors games and haven't crossed the bay yet, you might consider bart or fairies as your best bet as things downtown are sure to get very congested in the coming hours. well the fan running onto the field taking a swing at a player. it was just a hint of what was to come later in the night tonight at 5 30 what they said was the earthquakes and stadium security are doing following a postgame brawl and a shooting in the parking lot.
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plus underwater cameras. give us our first look at the cracked pipeline that leaked oil in southern california. more details on what this coast guard video shows coming up. plus, i think if these things are not taken as a wake up call. it could get worse. and we certainly don't want to see that happen. wake up call indeed for the bay area and california after tesla says it's out. business experts explain why companies keep making the same decision to move to texas. and unseasonably cool, breezy day over the bay area with clouds on the way and a slight chance for a few scattered showers tonight. better details after the break. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better.
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of orange county. the coast guard said this afternoon that the pipeline might have been hit by a ship's anchor several months to one year before the leak was detected over the weekend. underwater video, released by the coast guard shows the section of pipe that was pulled along the ocean floor. a second video shows the 13 inch crack in the pipe. the coast guard gave details on the timeline in a press conference this afternoon. we're confident that back in october 2020. the pipeline was intact and it was as it was surveyed by the company. we have gps coordinates that show the pipeline was on station at that time. since october. 2025 point has deflected 105 ft and the we have casing damage and then, of course, the crack that occurred since that over the course of that year. the coast guard says they will pour over data from the past year to see when the initial damage might have occurred and what ship may have
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caused it. the coast guard estimates between 24,000 and 132,000 gallons of oil were spilled. about 5500 gallons have since been recovered. one of the bay area's most iconic and visible companies, is moving its corporate flag to a different state. as ktvu seth, the reporter jesse gary tells us tesla's impending departure is seen by many as a wake up call for the capital of high tech. the bay area's rocky marriage with tesla is taking a different track this after shareholders learned the electric car manufacturer is moving corporate headquarters from palo alto to austin. texas wake up call, right. i think that's really what we should be looking at. i think we should take it that way. tesla ceo elon musk says austin will now fly their corporate flag. because texas with lots of land and fewer regulations, is right for this company's brand of bullish expansion will take your taking it as far as possible, but it's um there's a limit to how how. big you can
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scale in the bay area. tesla is the latest and possibly n t in r in whole to move from the bay area. hp and oracle have also moved their headquarters to texas headquarters. costs are clearly higher here than they are. um in lots of other places, so it's a very sensible thing for him to be moving to texas for their headquarters, strategic management professor dr robert chapman woods says costs related to housing and regulations are the two biggest factories for companies pulling up stakes, and that's too big hurdles for tesla. which vies to be the largest car manufacturer in the world. tesla will maintain and expand production here at its fremont plant, and there's a published report saying it's going to lease over 300,000 square feet of office space in palo alto. most tesla employees will not have to relocate to austin, texas. california governor. gavin newsom says tesla's departure does not know the gleam of the golden state. i'm
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proud of the fact that we maintained our status with over a quarter. of the nation's unicorns being located in headquarter here in california. those are the next teslas, experts say. while that's true, the departures do indicate silicon valley needs to operate differently in the days and years ahead. if these things are not taken as a wake up call, it could get worse. and we certainly don't want to see that happen in fremont, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. recently other companies have also moved headquarters from the bay area to austin, including hewlett packard, oracle survey software firm question pro and file trial, a software company that was in san jose. marin county is easing its mask mandate in limited indoor settings with fewer than 100 people that could apply to gyms, offices, religious meetings and college classes. in order to qualify for the exemption from the mask mandate. organizers must verify that everyone entering is locato
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cannot be open to the general public, and the host employer organizer must maintain a list of everyone present. that limited easing of the mask mandate goes into effect on october 15th just one week from today. alright, moving to this now. what a difference a few weeks makes. last month we were reporting on fires evacuations. and poor air quality around lake tahoe. well, today we had this snow. this is from sugar bowl ski resort, which reports three inches and remains on target to open on november 26. that's the day after thanksgiving. north star, palisades, tahoe and heavenly also have made some nice reports some nice snow in that area early this morning, rosemary. certainly a beautiful sight to see what we've been dealing with what we have been dealing with last month. oh yes, absolutely. just a few inches of snow, but gorgeous, right the first of the season and areas near blue canyon, picking up almost half inch of rain. also great news. meanwhile for us, we've seen some pretty
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dramatic changes within a few days. if you remember back over the weekend and even into monday, unseasonably hot over the bay area and now wow, really cool and breezy. and then if i push you all the way out to monday tuesday, we have a fire weather watch that is anticipated in planned for already giving you a live. look here out a beautiful day over the bay area. we did clear out we had a lot of blue sky overhead. but cool and brisk out there even at this hour, and if you look upstream, we've got another round of possibility. at least some scattered shower activity coming in tonight, lasting into. tomorrow morning. it's not going to ask for the entire weekend. i think by the time most of us wake up tomorrow, it'll pretty much be on its way out. meanwhile at this hour under the partly cloudy skies as if our reporting winds at 80 mph gusting to 25 just a little while ago and you can see hayward disgusting right now to 26, so it's a breezy one. and temperatures in the upper fifties. right now. san francisco 58 in berkeley, low
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sixties brentwood low sixties san jose. so a chilly one out there for the evening hours, and for the game we do expect mid upper fifties throughout the evening with that west northwest wind about 20 mph game time will be 6 37. if you are heading out to that game, bring the jacket. i see some folks even with blankets. that's not a bad idea if you're going out. meanwhile the future council show you getting into the evening hours. there is that possibility of a few scattered showers over the north bay. and then while we sleep, it punish moves through the rest of the bay area. here's tomorrow morning could wake up with a few scattered showers. and then it pulls out and we are left with dry conditions for the rest of the weekend and a minor warm up for the rest of the weekend as well. when i come back, i'll have a look at the temperatures talk more about that fire weather watching the extended forecast coming up. the underwhelming september jobs report reflecting the problems that businesses are having in finding workers. i'm mallory vera in washington with reaction to the state of the economy. then at six fans pay
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employment recovery remains weak. the labor department says 194,000 jobs were added last month, economists were predicting close to 500,000 unemployment did decrease to 4.8% that's down from 5.2% in august. and that's in part, partly because 180,000 fewer people were looking for work despite millions of job openings, labor force participation among women went down despite the end of enhanced federal unemployment benefits, and economists say that could suggest that families are still having a hard time finding child care. as foxes. madeline rivera tells us the rise of the delta variant also remains a major hurdle for hiring. with just
5:23 pm
194,000 jobs added this september. jobs report mists economists projections of 500,000. but president biden sees progress the unemployment rate down to 4.8% a significant improvement from when i took office, many private industries, including leisure and hospitality, retail, trade and transportation, added more jobs. however, hiring in public education dropped over the month. tamika jacobs, assistant manager of prey line bakery in washington, d c. says their problem is keeping workers has been a child just kind of, um, stopping the turnover from being over, you know, just keeping people there and keep people satisfied. some economic analysts believe the road to full recovery will be bumpy as concerns over covid-19 and supply constraints continue. still, there is optimism as the number of coronavirus cases fall. there will never be a better time to look for a job that right now democrats say the jobs report reflects the need to pass the president's
5:24 pm
domestic agenda to protect families. financial security republicans argue their multi trillion dollar social spending plan will create more government dependency all of these welfare payments. are basically paying people not to work. jacobs is hopeful the labor market will improve. though it may take some time. we end this for a long haul. all eyes are on the federal reserve to see if they'll continue with their plans to withdraw some economic support later this year after this disappointing jobs report in washington matter of era fox news. stocks moved lower today. on the weak jobs report, the dow lost eight points. the nasdaq was off by 74. the s and p fell eight points. inflation also remained a concern, climbing to its highest level in at least a decade. coming up a fan stormed the field and took a swing at a player and that was just the beginning of what would be a violent night in san jose side ton of cop cars. i was like, shoot, something must have happened. the tension inside paypal park
5:25 pm
spilled into the parking lots where dozens of people fought and one person was shot coming up next the security plan for several games scheduled this weekend, plus. it's definitely scary, and i feel for the people who got happened to a woman sexually assaulted in her own home after someone broken in the middle of the night what police are saying about this frightenin i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor
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fight outside the sanity earthquakes game thursday night. ktvu san ruben has more on how paypal park officials are considering whether saturday's game should be cancelled as a result. man's life now outside the stadium and. it's something they're still deciding, but they want to make sure that there is a game. it's a safe environment for everyone. not answers. cellphone video captured what was to be the first in a night full of brawls surrounding the earthquakes match against cruz azul here, a fan storms the field of papal park reportedly upset about a call. he takes a swing at one player before being taken down by another one, said individuals taken into custody and taking away a large group of folks followed. and were upset by the fact that that individual is taken into custody later on. some of those same individuals were seen in parking lot starting to get into all indication and fist fights in the parking lot brawl apparently escalated. soon san jose police estimate there were 50 people fighting and in the
5:29 pm
mayhem, gunfire erupted in that melee. one person was struck with a grazing wound, which is later determined to be non life threatening. that person and one other were transported to the hospital. a total of eight people were arrested and we just saw a ton of cop cars. i was like, oh, shoot. something must have happened. kelsey gallo saw the aftermath as police ordered the crowd to disperse. it's not great, it's kind of unsettling. um it seems like it was well contained them. management at paypal park spent the day reviewing security procedures and evaluating safety for saturday's game. jose miranda of stockton had really been looking forward to it. we come with the families and who were calm. try to keep it peaceful, but there's a lot of people fortunately there. they're pretty bad influence. they drink and then they get crazy, and that's what happens. saturday's game between shiva's and club leon had already been postponed twice due to covid. this time, both teams and their fans made it all the way to san jose. and now this fancy,
5:30 pm
they're frustrated. then we're going to have to wait again to see them play again. again management says they're still trying to determine whether that game should go on as planned. san jose police say they'd be happy to work with park management on security protocols to ensure that nothing like this happens again, jenna. certainly that safety of the fans and the teams really a top priority and thank you so much. there's a troubling crime to report out of oakland woman sexually assaulted by an intruder in her home, located in the redwood heights neighborhood crime reporter henry lee is live in the newsroom with the tales of henry. this is no doubt leaving residents there on edge, andre the are this is a horrific crime in a usually quiet neighborhood in oakland, and residents are upset. police say, this appears to be a random act. a woman was sexually assaulted during a home invasion before dawn. it happened in oakland's normally quiet redwood heights neighborhood. residents say they're alarmed. it's
5:31 pm
definitely scary, and i feel for the people who that happened to. it happened at about four in the morning thursday at home near loma vista in california off 35th avenue. oakland police say a man climbed into the home through an unlocked window he confronted to victims who were asleep, demanded money and sexually assaulted the woman before leaving, police say it appears to be a random act of violence. it's really unfortunate and probably random. um it's one of the reasons i have dogs. dana loughton lives nearby. she says the area is quiet but not immune to crime. we've had home invasions in our neighborhood on 39th, but usually during the day when people aren't home. not when people are actually sleeping in their beds. police recommend that residents keep their doors and windows locked at all times, install alarm systems and signs that say things like, beware of dog. the house where this happened, did have one of those signs. it will certainly make me double check my locks on my doors and windows. but i hope is that it's an isolated incident because i. really love this
5:32 pm
neighborhood and i haven't felt unsafe here before. it is disturbing to hear that, and we certainly keep, uh. our eyes open when it happens here. people are very. distraught about it. carla gerardo low is president of the redwood heights association. crime is on the rise across the country and certainly in oakland were feeling it and it makes it sad because we love our city. we love where we live. council member xiang tao, who represents the area tells me she's saddened and angered by what happened to that she's fighting for more resources to prevent these kinds of crimes. anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to call oakland police live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox do need hopefully they're able to crack could say it's very soon, henry. thank you. california's covid case raid and hospitalizations have started a steep decline since a peak around mid august. over the past two weeks, the daily average number of cases has fallen nearly 25%
5:33 pm
hospitalizations are also down more than 20% and the number of deaths has stayed the same at around 100 per day. the city of san francisco announced another vaccine mandate today, the city will require all city contractors who work alongside city employees on a regular basis to be vaccinated. the mandate will also apply to all city commissioners. the contractors will be required to be fully vaccinated by december. 31st. san francisco had already said it will require all city employees to be fully vaccinated no later than november. 1st well, small businesses hit hard by the pandemic will now receive more assistance from the state. governor gavin newsom was in oakland today, where he signed three bills to support small businesses. they expand and make some emergency pandemic legislation permanent. one bill allows restaurants to apply to keep outdoor expansions and park let's permanently. another law allows restaurants to continue serving alcohol in park let's and a third bill will allow restaurants to sell
5:34 pm
to go alcoholic beverages with food orders. this as the senator said, codifies some of the work we did on a temporary basis last year to allow for, um take out of mixed drinks and cocktails and. booze broadly defined in a responsible way. um at also codifies our efforts to expand the footprint of these businesses and to remove the burdens. that the state imposes. the governor is also urging local governments to facilitate outdoor dining through local zoning and programs that support expanded open ear takeout and delivery options. new environmental action from the biden administration. what happened today to protect several national monuments plus psychedelics decriminalized the northern california city that just made that decision? for everything from magic mushrooms, lsd.
5:35 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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presidents the right to make changes to the country's national monuments. former president barack obama used it to create several protected lands, then former president donald trump used it to dismantle them. jackie heinrich is in washington d. c with the look at how president biden is now using that same act. to restore protections for several areas and the push back. his decision is already facing. national monument and parks are part of the identity as our benes of people president biden announcing greater federal protections for three national monuments, fully restoring the boundaries of bears, ears and grand staircase escalante national monument in utah and protecting the northeast canyons and seamounts national monument, located south of cape cod in the atlantic ocean. preserving them is the fulfillment of a promise to our children and all those who will come to leave this world a little better than we found it. all three areas were impacted
5:38 pm
under former president donald trump, who argued the protections were harming businesses. trump used the antiquities act to slash roughly two million acres of land across both monuments in utah, while also allowing commercial fishing and sections of the northeast canyons and seamounts monument. a very historic action. to reverse federal overreach and restore the rights. of this land to your citizens, some local leaders and environmentalists calling this a victory for the areas, indigenous people and wildlife, others, including utah governor spencer j. cox say the president's move is frustrating asking for a permanent solution and to quote and the perpetual enlarging and shrinking of these monuments and bring certainty to their management. legal action is even being considered. we care about these lands, but we absolutely need to have a say and how they're managed. the restoration of these national monuments comes in the wake of california's devastating oil spill, calling attention to the impact humans can have on the
5:39 pm
environment. in washington, jackie heinrich fox news. so president biden will not stop the release of documents sought by the committee looking into the january 6th. u s. capitol riot now former president trump is trying to invoke executive privilege. to keep records from his administration from being turned over. however the white house counsel told the us archivist that president biden has determined that invoking executive privilege is quote not in the best interests of the united states. trump's lawyers are also seeking to block the testimony of former administration officials. two parents were convicted today in the first case to go to trial related to the college admissions scandal. kamala abdel aziz, former las vegas casino executive, and john wilson, a former staples executive, were found guilty of fraud and bribery conspiracy after 10 hours of jury deliberations. the parents were convicted of paying thousands of dollars in bribes to get their children into the university of southern california. wilson also paid $1
5:40 pm
million to get his twin daughters into stanford and harvard. their lawyers argued they believe the payments were legitimate donations in humboldt county, the arcata city council this week unanimously approved a measure to decriminalize the use of youth, energetic plants and fungi. the 5 to 0 vote means the possession, cultivation and distribution of substances like so called magic mushrooms, mescal and perry buttons and lsd will be among the city's lowest law enforcement priorities. the measure also states that the commercial sale and manufacturing of psychedelics as well as driving under the influence will remain illegal. we'll cruise ships are returning to san francisco for the first time since the start of the pandemic. the city announced today that the majestic princess will sail into the port of san francisco on monday. city leaders say the return is critical to san francisco's economic recovery. the port is expecting 21 cruise ship calls through the remainder of the year and expect 127 next year. marking
5:41 pm
four years since the start of the tubbs fire coming up next, we'll talk to the santa rosa fire chief about lessons learned and reflections on everything that was lost. and seasonally cool day over the bay area in a slight chance for scattered showers entering tonight. i'll hav working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition.
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. but our here, we are just getting started. guard rang a bell 24 times an honors each person who died during the 2017 north be wildfires today marks four years since the start of the deadly and destructive tubbs fire along with the 24 people killed, the firestorm destroyed 5300 homes in sonoma county and
5:44 pm
burned 173 square miles. we're here this morning to remember. to remember the lives that were lost and the thousands of people who were so deeply impacted. to remember the bravery of our first responders and everyone who came to our aid and to remember the generosity that the world showed to santa rosa economic county. in santa rosa about 2000 of the homes destroyed by the fire have been rebuilt and 380 are under construction now. and joining us now to reflect on the four years since the devastating tubbs fire. santa rosa fire chief scott west rope thank you so much for taking time to join us today. thank you for having me. i wanted to start off and ask you what is the biggest memory that you have from that fire that has has really stayed with you over all these years. i appreciate that. it's a great question and something i addressed with our personal recently and for me. the biggest memory that sticks with me is unity. um it was the unity of the community who was
5:45 pm
the unity of the organization. it was unity community of the region, whether it was the fire service law enforcement military, right, every kid. the case may be. it was. the unification of that event as tragic as it was really brought this community together and that really is carried on through the last four years and remains today. and so to me, that's that's the biggest thing that i take away from. that is how i brought everybody together, and we showed as a community and as an organization. we can tackle anything together. we can climb any mountain together and we can. um we can apply that any lesson in life is that is that we're stronger together. and it was inspiring to see both at ceremony and also the ways in which things are being rebelled. thousands of homes destroyed i'm wondering where there any lessons from battling the tubbs fire that you've been able to incorporate into the santa rosa fire departments, firefighting approach and response. absolutely. i would say that. you know, this really goes
5:46 pm
across the fire service in general and sonoma county. it's not santa rosa specific only because it takes all of us to, um to handle these kinds of incidents, but we've done a lot of things differently within the city. we obviously have now a very entrenched and robust vegetation management program. so. not only is it us, but it's our surrounding neighbors, and so it's slowing the spread of the fire potential fire that would come into the community. operationally i say the biggest changes we've made our we've changed our business model. we're no longer a urban fire department that goes well, then hires on occasion. sonoma county is now. you know there's wildfires here, and so we have to change our business model. the way that we equipment staff our personnel and attack these fires. and then really the biggest catalyst change has been communication and coordination among state convention amongst agencies. it's always been very good, but it's very robust and much better now, and, um you know whether it's a text message or phone call or video conference. we're always on the same page or always moving in the same
5:47 pm
direction. let's turn to infrastructure now within $70 million in damages that happened as a result of that tubbs fire as the rebuilding process led to any improvements in the infrastructure and homes in terms of fire, readiness or prevention. absolutely so it took. where where homes that were in the wild inter interface that were pre existing non conforming to while then urban interface building standards, and now they are built to that standard. and even outside of the wildland urban interface, there are there's a lot of citizens who are rebuilding their homes, or, um, whether it's the infrastructure or a county infrastructure rebuilding to be more fire safe and more more fire already. and then not only those who are impacted by the fire, but those who were not impacted by the fire. um have made those changes as well. so we've really done a lot of, um public education campaign work to make sure that everybody's on the same page and that we're all using the same information. but
5:48 pm
it takes all community approach to get there. and i'm definitely seeing a major change in the way that people build homes, rebuild homes or retrofit what they already have. and from a community standpoint, are there any resources that support that you'd like to see from the state or federal government to help fire departments such as yours as we're seeing these long fire seasons continue. absolutely and the federal state government have been fantastic as far as i'm helping with resources to rebuild the fire station we lost during the tubbs fire, um, to help the community rebuild. and so it's been. it's been a great partnership with the state and federal government. um, as we move forward, obviously, we have a lot of our local state legislators in federal legislators who are working with us and were entranced with them more than we ever happened for before, um, to make catalyst changes in both wildfire management, wildfire and forestry. improvements and protection and then moving standards forward so we can we have legislative space
5:49 pm
home hardening and vegetation, management things like that. finally i just want to ask if you have any closing, thought anything you hope people are reflecting on as they think about this four year anniversary. i thought about. i thought about that and figured it would be a question that you would have and what i told her personnel and a and my message to them recently was just take a moment to pause. take a moment to reflect and remember and really. you know the way we operate this business on a day to day basis is we don't want this to happen again. we don't want any lives to be lost. we don't need properties to be lost. ultimately mother nature is going to have her say in the matter, but. it takes everybody to get there. so take a moment today to tomorrow or over the weekend deposit reflect. remember the lives that were lost. remember the, um those who lost their homes or family members who lost their homes? and let none of that go in vain learned from it, the better from it as a person as an
5:50 pm
employee of the fire department as a member of the community, whatever the case may be, is take a moment and let none of that be in vain. and so as the greater good we can all be better and prevent this from happening in this community, other communities. and certainly a message that applies not just in santa rosa has certainly to all of us as californians. santa rosa fire chief scott westbrook. thank you so much and thanks to your fire crews out there still continuing to do that good work. thank you very much. well on that topic. we have a fire weather watch that is already been listed for the monday tuesday timeframe. we'll talk about that in the extended forecast. let's talk about what is happening outside our doors right now because we may actually experience a few scattered showers getting into tonight and through tomorrow morning. there's a beautiful view into the city where we do have a nice golden golden sky. we had plenty of blue sky overhead. today we had temperatures way below average, and we breezy conditions that continue at this hour. meanwhile temperatures at this
5:51 pm
time 58 degrees in san francisco low sixties and oakland, 16. livermore low sixties san jose and 66 degrees right now, santa rosa. storm tracker to showing you that next system and disturbance that is working its way along the northern california coast line and is now fairly close to our coastline as well. take a look at that right off the coast near areas of the sonoma county area about 35 miles offshore. most of this moisture is expected to remain offshore. it's going to kind of just scoot along the coast as it heads south, but we will have an opportunity and a few scattered showers. and here's a look at the future cast model. perhaps a few 107 inch over areas along the coast. just inside the bay. the farther west, you are the better the opportunity at seeing a few of those scattered showers. the future cast on this shows you. right into the evening hours. we are likely to see perhaps a few over the north bay and then into the overnight hours, it does begin to shift into the central and south bay tomorrow morning. a few scattered showers. definitely a possibility. but we dry out fairly quickly. the time stamp their nine a.m. and we're
5:52 pm
already turning to partly cloudy, dry conditions and that will be dry for the rest of the weekend. i'll look at the temperatures expected for tomorrow morning a chilly 43 degrees in santa rosa, mid fifties and san francisco. 51 in oakland. it was just earlier in the week when it felt like summer and now we are below average tomorrow. temperatures are going to come up from today but still be below the seasonal norm 73 expected for santa rosa upper sixties in san francisco will go 70 in oakland low seventies livermore as well as san jose. so very mild weather out there for tomorrow. 73 red with city. 75 in concord, 73. expected for the north bay napa. if you are going out for fleet week, the afternoon highs and san francisco upper sixties for tomorrow, as well as sunday. and again as we get into monday, tuesday actually starts sunday night, a fire weather watch for our north bay hills are east bay hills and for our east bay valley locations will be watching that in the days ahead. in the meanwhile enjoy the weekend sixties at the coast nearing 70 around the bay mid seventies expected inland
5:53 pm
back to you. all right, thank you, rosemary. oh boo at the zoo is back at the oakland zoo. the festive event kicks off today and will take place all four weekends in october from 10 in the morning until four p.m. tickets must be reserved online in advance and attendance is limited. the family friendly halloween event includes an animal themed scavenger hunt and other fun treats. just remember, you can dress in costume and instead of trick or treating the zoo is planning to hand out pre stuffed goody bags to all of the children. all right, dad. this is opening weekend for the mill valley film festival. the red carpet was rolled out last night for its first premier night in two years. last night, the streets outside the sequoia theater was filled with fans waiting to see the premier. of director joe wright cyrano, the film festival switch to a drive in an online format last year. to be in the theaters is an extraordinary thing. you obviously in terms of the pandemic and people being able to gather and feeling that connectedness to each other,
5:54 pm
but it's also the way these films were meant to be seen. more than 118 films were screened at these koi theater and at the smith san smith raffle film film center and sandra fell ill. movies can also be streamed on the film festival's website. there's a deal to avoid the fiscal crisis in washington with the debt ceiling, but it will come up again around the holidays. i'm chad program on capitol hill more on that story coming up. so much spiderman does whatever spider came. and it's not your typical call from police officers to help solve a crime. at six investigators pla
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so you can get back proclamation of indigenous peoples day. it is a huge boost for those who want to refocus the federal holiday celebrating christopher columbus toward an appreciation of native peoples. the proclamation recognizes indigenous peoples, brasiliense strength and positive impact on american life. the day will be observed on monday, october 11 along with columbus day, which was established by congress. after weeks of deadlock, the senate passed a measure to raise the u s debt limit, avoiding a potential fiscal crisis as foxes chad programme tells us this is not the first time congress has played chicken with the debt ceiling, making wall street very nervous. markets abhor uncertainty. washington's fight over the debt ceiling is something that wall street is watching. treasury secretary janet yellen predicted doom for the economy of congress doesn't act by october 18th. it would be disastrous for the american economy for global financial markets. and for millions of
5:58 pm
families and workers whose financial security would be jeopardized by delayed payments. the us flirted with the default a decade ago, congress hiked the debt ceiling before the deadline, but the drama spooked investors. standard and poor's downgraded the credit rating of the federal government because of congress's bumbling response. the u. s is triple a rated it is on negative washing standard and poor, so they are looking for a reason to downgrade the us this could very well be the reason that they're looking for and so i'm concerned about. the politics, really having an economic fallout that we don't like? market watchers recall the dow tanking in real time when the house defeated a rescue bill during the 2000 and eight financial meltdown. the market thought they're not dumb enough to not pass this and guess what? they were dumb enough to not pass it republicans are trying to highlight problems democrats have governing. they couldn't even pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which the president negotiated. and the
5:59 pm
speaker of the house promised would pass last week. so the plan is to hike the debt ceiling by $480 billion that gives the treasury department just enough money to get through december 3rd. it also means the federal government must grapple again with its bills. right around the same time as everyone else at the holidays on capitol hill, chad per gram fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. tough but i mean the giants. they kept up with them all season. they won the series against him, and hopefully these are the games that really matter. sports fans across the country. focus attention on oracle park right now, as the giants take on their arch rival dodgers in the playoffs. good evening. i'm andre scene and i'm jana katsuyama. the city is buzzing tonight with the build up to this game and other big events. you also get live outside the oracle park the hub of tonight's action. right now we're about 30 minutes from the start of the game. and you can
6:00 pm
see right there kind of an even mix with dodgers and giants fans heading into the game for game one of the series. game two is tomorrow. and that's not the only big event in the city as if the game is enough to attract big crowds. there's also fleet week today there was a parade of ships that put on quite a show for onlookers, and all of that, combined with tonight's warriors game will likely keep traffic thick. this is the scene on the approach of the bay bridge right now. we checked in about an hour ago, and it looks like now, traffic is a little bit heavier. doesn't look too bad right now because you can see the end of the line of the cars waiting at the toll plaza to get through your encouraged by the way to take public transit if you're heading into the city. communion barter both expanding service with trains running until midnight. and if you do drive keep in mind parking meters are set to special event rates. that's eight bucks an hour you'll be paying. and some drivers are paying as much as $100 for parking near oracle park right now beg t


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