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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this is the fourth. and the big game, of course, just one of the big many of big events happening in the city this weekend welcome everyone to the four i'm heather holmes big weekend foreries between two long standing rivals gets underway tonight. we have live team coverage for you of game. one of the nlds jason appelbaum is inside oracle park. first though, let's get over to ktvu christian captured where fans are already gathering in the city christian. yeah giants fans, dodger fans. they're all excited about this serious and they agree on one thing, they say it's going to be a great one. as far as baseball rivalries go, it's tough to find one deeper than the one between the san francisco giants in the los angeles dodgers. now fans will get to watch the teams in their first ever playoff matchup, and giants fans say even with 107 wins this past season when it
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comes to the playoffs. it's a whole new ballgame. it's always tough when you're up against the dodgers. i mean, come on biggest rivals. we're just hoping for the win while the debate will play out over the national league division series over who is the better team? there is one thing that giants fans and dodger fans can agree on. this is going to be a tough best of five series. it's all about the dodgers for me. i think it's gonna. be a great series, but in my heart, but the giants have a way of winning over fans even when they don't seem like they back the black and orange where you from los angeles. whoa wait a second. you're from where? los angeles, california and you're a giants fan. yeah you know, they're playing the dodgers. yeah and while it may be tough, giants fans say when the series is all over, it will be the giants headed to the national league championship series and eventually, the world series. even if that means they have to go through the dodgers to get their stuff, but i mean the giants they kept up with them all season. they won the series against them, and hopefully these are the games. that
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really matter, so hopefully they're able to come out with what the w against the dodgers. while this is the first official playoff series between the giants and dodgers, there's a little bit of an asterisk here now back in 1951. when both teams were still in new york. they both ended their season season in a tie, and they had a three game. playoff series or best of three series in that year. they also had another best of three series in 1962. the giants won both of those series, so giants are hoping to be. three times lucky and take this series two. for now, we're live in san francisco. christian captain ktvu, fox. two news, all right. christian thank you. yes they thank you so much christian fan from los angeles. i have seen it all now. alright first pitch for this game scheduled for 6 37 tonight and inside the ballpark. the players are gearing up. let's get over to jason appelbaum, who is inside oracle park with a look at this matchup, jason. yes alex. you know giants dodgers the two best teams in all of baseball.
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you mentioned first pitch at 6 37. these gates are going to open just a few minutes from now, but this is quite a matchup, guys as we pan over and take a look at the giants doing some batting practice. uh this is probably the most anticipated division series in history as the teams are warming up right now. i don't think that means too much that the giants won the season series over the dodgers 10 games to nine. they are starting from scratch now and when you take into account. this rivalry and the fact that these two teams combined for 213 wins most ever in a postseason matchup. well let's just say this matchup was meant to be corrupted. it's very fitting because both teams had have had really good, um, regular seasons and which is good for the game to see those both of us compete in the playoffs. this is going to be an unbelievable way to kick it off. this series is going to be. a madhouse of both places. we
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knew that we were going to have to go through them and they're going to have to go through us to get to the world series. so, um, you know better better get it out of the way early. i think that says it all. logan webb is going to be making his first career playoff start. and for the dodgers, it's going to be one of the races. they've got several, but it's going to be walker buehler, one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. and you know, guys, the giants. they're still not getting the respect despite 107 wins, that's the most in franchise history and also the most in the majors this year. the dodgers are still the favorites to win this series. and actually, when the world series so go figure through all the records out right now it's the best of five and that's why they play the game. i bet you giants prefer to be the underdogs in this one, right, jason. i think so. i mean, they've kind of been playing with a chip on their shoulder all year, at least the expectations haven't been high for them. they've been proving everybody wrong. and so when
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you frame it like that they're going to try and prove prove people wrong. once again, so we'll just have to see what happens about 2.5 hours from now. game one and game two tomorrow night before the series shifts over to l a. all right, let's get it started. jason appelbaum live at oracle park. thank you, jason, and this fierce rivalry is dividing some households. vice president kamala harris bay area native is, of course, rooting for the giants while her husband, second gentleman, dug em half is pulling for the dodgers since he spent part of his childhood in southern california. this is a photo posted to twitter earlier today, and you know what to get to that sort of divided house in just a moment, but it's really nice to see these politicians. kind of being on politician line with their fandom and really saying, this is the team i'm supporting here. i am folks, including our own california governor. obviously he represents both los angeles and san francisco but tricky for the governor. it is but in his tweet, he says, as a native san franciscan, i may have a different opinion meaning in
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the outcome of the series with the hashtag beat l. a. yeah it does get tricky. i know that for a fact, i can relate to the vice president and her husband here. i live in a divided household. right now. there you go. that's me and my lovely wife. she's born and raised in l, a diehard dodgers fan. um you know, but we live in the same house. we coexist, although i must say. the rivalry, you know, heading to the playoffs a little and intensified. so this week is going to be, uh, it could be a little bit tricky. it's going to be it's going to be intense around my house a big complicated here, but we're excited about. it's going to be a lot of fun and you're actually going to the game too. right we're going to go on saturday. yeah so if you see my wife give her a hard time, okay, so what happened? just kidding. she she wins you. you win. i mean, did you talk? do you have a nice bill together and hash it all out? it's all love. god willing. no no, we'll be good. yeah, it's a lot of fun. we have a lot of fun with it. well, i wish you the best. i'll just thank you. uh huh.
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alright yeah, let's talk now about another big event happening in the city. of course, fleet week and the blue angels taking flight today over san francisco and the city's waterfront. it was certainly loud and exciting as they performed their skilled maneuvers for the fleet week air show. burisma. the air show wrapped up just a few minutes ago, the blue angels squadron, another planes flew between golden gate bridge and alcatraz. there was also a parade of navy coast guard and army corps of engineer ships that entered the bay under the golden gate. thousands came out to watch fleet week. events do continue throughout the weekend. and there will also be airshow is tomorrow and sunday well, another big event is expected to draw big crowds the san francisco this weekend. is the italian heritage parade. the event returns for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. this sunday. that parade begins at 12 30 on jefferson street along fisherman's warf, and that ends at washingtond all of these events this weekend
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expected to bring a big boost to businesses that, as we all know have taken a huge hit during the pandemic. ktvu tom vacar joins us now from the city with more on that, tom. well for san francisco. this is really shaping up to be the biggest and the best and the busiest small business. opportunity for small businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. friday was busy but not jammed in the city on the first day of the blue angels fleet week performances after thursday's dress rehearsal, we heard the jets roaring over the city yesterday, which. gave everybody the chills saturday and sunday looked to be quite a more crowded affair with the super jets, spectacular ships and the boys of october. the ballpark plus a whole lot more. we're very excited about having a normal normalized feeling around here, seeing lots of people out here. we've had action down here in spurts over the course of the past few months in the past year, but.
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no two vents. i don't think i've come together like the giants and fleet week so we're excited. the crowds will want food and drink and souvenirs in the city that has lost 45% of its small businesses. according to a late july city report. even on fisherman's warf. most places are open. a significant percentage are not. so crowds will have fewer places serving them, putting pressure on the ones still open. those who have survived say there is ready as they can be such as sabella and low tory seafoods on fisherman's warf. and perry's on the embarcadero. we're not too concerned about it. we believe we can handle anything that comes at us. especially getting through this pandemic, so the more the merrier for us returning to previous revenue is not necessarily something that were built for right now. and so you have to. you know, you might have to make people wait. even if you have space, you know, and that's it's it goes against human nature and the nature of our business. but in order to you know, do what we do properly sometimes you have to hold back a little bit all of this presenting the best
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reason so far for businesses to hope for a real upturn. we've seen a lot of, um, requests for company. happy hours, come back and in the coming weeks and months. which is a great sign if people are coming back to work. although there will be a lot of pop up food stands and food trucks. best advice be patient because kind to the vendors, the servers and especially be kind to each other. as you compete for these resources. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. it really is going to be an electric weekend there in this city. thanks so much, tom appreciate him. tesla is planning to move its headquarters out of the bay area to texas. what's behind the decision and how governor newsom is reacting to another large company, leaving the state also chaos following a san jose earthquakes soccer game with several five breaking out and even a shooting right outside the stadium, how police responded to the violence. outsider doors at this hour. it is cool. it is breezy, and we
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have a slight chance that a few scattered showers as we get into the evening hours, better into the evening hours, better details coming after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the state. as we reported yesterday, tesla is planning to set up in austin, texas, where it's also building a massive car and battery manufacturing complex. rufus jeffries is with the bay area council, a business association in san francisco. thank you for joining us this afternoon. this decision by tesla boy how big of a blow is it to the state of california? i don't know how big of a blow it is. we'll have to see. uh, certainly it's a name brand company. it's uh, brought a lot of attention to the bay area for its innovative technologies. uh let's focus on electric vehicles. um but it's not leaving the bay area. really. it's going taking its headquarters to austin, but it's going to maintain its large manufacturing plant in fremont. it's. mr musk
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indicated that they're looking to actually increased production there over the years, too, so it's really not clear how many folks from thpa alto headquarters will be leaving california. so um, we're definitely losing the tesla name from california. but we're keeping the jobs. uh and so you know, there's some good and bad. okay so let's focus and fortunately a little bit now on the bad california relatively high taxes, high cost of living. uh obviously, those are some of the factors that are driving businesses away. yes it's been a concern for the barrier council for several years, if not more now is how difficult it can be to do business in california. we definitely are not a low cost leader across the nation and as mr mr musk pointed out, or housing affordability is really disastrous. so fortunately this year, governor newsom signed a large number of housing reforms bills that we hope will start to accelerate the production of housing and addressed the affordability crisis and just
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to supply the laugh of housing that we have here. but we've got a lot of other issues that we have to focus on taxes regulation. ah climate resilience, which creates obviously obstacles and quality of life issues for employers are transportation system needs much more investment. so california definitely has challenges, but, uh, we're not going away and we just need to redouble our efforts to try and address them. ok, i want to focus now on the good because that's what california governor newsom did today. obviously something that you mentioned he talked about today, boosting production. at the tesla plant, but at the same time, the governor also downplaying the relocation of tesla headquarters to texas, instead touting california's overall economy. let's go ahead now and take a listen to what the governor had to say. california. is the fastest growing economic jurisdiction. in the world. over the last five years. in fact we've grown
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at 21% gdp. we have outpaced all western democracies. germany japan, the united states and substantially outpaced texas with respect to texas. they've grown at 12% gdp in the last five years. california 21% not even close. okay so a little dig there at texas. obviously rufus california is a state you know, lots of entrepreneurship innovation here, but still, tesla is moving his headquarters to texas. yeah listen, we were always sad. we don't like losing companies texas or any state. uh, we need to work hard to make california place that businesses not only want to grow start but continue to create jobs here and innovate. so yes, we that is a big part of the story here. uh we really need to redouble our efforts. i think coming out of the legislature this year, as i mentioned, we saw a number of housing bills will see how much housing those actually produced. uh, we the berry council believes that we need to all that need to do a lot more. and
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so on that homelessness and many other issues as well, so i know the governor is focused on those things. we've got a lot of ground to make up these issues that california's base to have happened over many decades. and certainly the pandemic, you know, really brought a traumatic and dramatic turn on that. um but i think you know if you look at venture capital interest in investing here, interested in talent, living living here and working here, california still a leader, but we cannot be complaints. since we have our challenges that we have are downsides. we have to take care of it. ok, so you mentioned, you know, doubling down on efforts to make things a little bit better, especially for businesses here in california. not a lot of time in our conversation left today, but what additional changes would the bay area council like to see. we're working right now, with a group of over 102 100 region, a local and regional business associations to create what we're calling the new california coalition so really, to create a new political movement. it's in its infancy right now, and we began this
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work last year, and we're hoping to ramp it up and accelerating this year really brink. more political attention, more political will to these these deep seated problems, so that's something to look forward to, and you know in the next year or two is not going to be a quick turnaround, and you know it's going to take time to get up to speed weren't it for the long haul, and, uh, that's what we're going to focus on. all right. really appreciate your time this afternoon, rufus jeffries of the bay area council thanks again for coming on. thanks heather. giants agree small businesses hit hard by the pandemic will now receive even more assistance from the state governor. newsom was in oakland earlier today, where he signed three bills to support small businesses they expand and make some emergency pandemic legislation permanent. one bill allows restaurants to apply to keep outdoor expansions and park let's permanently another allows restaurants to continue serving alcohol in park. let's and a third bill will allow restaurants to sell to go alcoholic beverages with food orders. marin county is easing
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its mask mandate in certain limited indoor settings with less than 100 people. the places that may qualify include gyms, offices, religious gatherings and college classes. those settings are exempt from the mask mandate. if they can verify everyone entering is fully vaccinated. the location also cannot be open to the general public, and the host, employer or organizer must maintain a list of everyone who is present. the east mask mandate goes into effect on october 15th one week from today. outsider doors this afternoon, a very brisk one. for many, the winds were blowing temperatures well below average. and we have the possibility of some rain coming our way getting into tonight into early tomorrow morning. here's a live look over san francisco where when disturbance moved through, and we cleared out rather nicely. a lot of blue sky out there today if you had a chance to see the blue angels up above their flying over the city and will continue into the weekend, we will begin a warming trend modest one, but it'll be there in time for the weekend. and
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i'll show you that in just a moment. first. i want to show you to the leading edge of the next system that looks like may bring us a few scattered showers tonight and into tomorrow morning. most of this is going to remain off the coastline, but we are likely to see at least a little bit. some of the forecast readings is showing anywhere from a few one hundred's to maybe 10th of an inch. for some of our bay area communities. meanwhile at sfo, the winds are blowing to 17 mph and gusting to 26 livermore gusting to 28 for folks that are going to be out of oracle park this evening. bring a jacket, maybe even a blanket. it's going to be cool and it is going to be breezy. 58 degrees right now in the city of san francisco, we have 66 in napa low sixties and live more 66 over san jose. here's a look at what we do expect at game time for this evening 6 37 mid upper fifties in the forecast partly cloudy conditions and that west northwest wind will continue to about 20 mph or so. when it comes to the possibility some rain in the overnight hours and
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tomorrow morning again doesn't look like a lot. but we may see a few 107 inch and the future cast model will show you getting into tonight. that cloud cover moves in possibility of maybe a few sprinkles over the north bay. here's a look at five o'clock tomorrow morning when we have our best shot over the entire bay area and then by 78 o'clock, it's already pulling out. i'll have a better look at what you can expect for tomorrow. your fleet week festivities and the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. thanks for asking. new underwater video of the pipeline that broke off the coast of southern california coming up next we'll hear from a california congresswoman who was promising to hold the responsible party to hold the responsible parties. accountable.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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pipeline that broke off the orange county coast, sending thousands of gallons of crude oil into the pacific. one video taken by a remote vehicle shows the fractured pipeline. the coast guard says the section of
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pipe three quarters of a mile long was pulled along the ocean floor, possibly buy a boat anchor. a second video shows the 13 inch crack in that pipeline. one expert who looked at the video said the small size of the rupture could explain why the leak went undetected for hours. at the aftermath of that huge oil spill will be a major focus of this weekend edition of the issue is for more we're joined live now by host alex michaelson and alex. you had a chance to talk with the southern california congresswoman who is demanding answers here. yes that's right. alex can't congresswoman katie porter, who has a really national figure at this point, she is going to be helping to lead the congressional investigation into exactly what happened. this was. federal land where that oil was coming from, and so it will be a federal investigation. she also thinks this could be a way to increase the conversation about banning offshore drilling around the country. here's some of what she told me. we will be
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conducting a thorough investigation, and the federal investigators are already on site doing that, um, collecting information beginning to investigate and that part of it will take time. but we will absolutely hold the responsible party accountable. at the meantime, the focus is really on making sure that we're cleaning up the spill as quickly and as safely as we can. this spill has put our wildlife at risk. or health at risk. it's bad for our economy, obviously, and so there's a lot of focus right now on doing the response at the same time. i want everyone to be assured that there is going to be accountability for why this happened. so we'll talk more with her on the issue is we also talk with michael knowles on the right and brian tyler cohen on the left for a big debate this week. we also toured homeless encampment with the secretary of veterans affairs to get his take on homeless vets in california. but you know, alex, i really
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think the biggest debate this week that californians really care about is dodgers versus giants. i even brought some props along for this segment. i want to show you this is um, some cutouts that last year you know, dodger stadium we couldn't have fans. so i was there with my dad. we cheered them on as they won the world series last year, so i'm all in and i know i don't know. do we? do we have a wager? what do we do? it's a big game coming up. it is a big game. i mean, do you really think you're dodgers stand a chance against these giants? i mean, really, honestly, alex. of course they do. i mean, they're the hottest team. well both of them are really the hottest things in the giants are great at every step of the way. it seemed like the dodgers were almost there, and the giants would keep winning. but i think in a fresh series, the dodgers have a great chance and i can't wait. i am feeling i'm feeling confident. i am feeling confident. what about you? you know, on one level, i feel
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confident. but then i look at that lineup that the dodgers have and there is there is so much talent there they are loaded. the giants are going to have their hands full. i mean, there's just no doubt about it. but these two teams are just evenly match. it's going to be a fantastic series. and to your point here we have to put something on this some sort of a friendly wager. so. whoever's team comes out on the losing end of this series. uh will where the other team's gear. so if for some reason, the giants don't pull this out. i will sport dodger gear on this show in the san francisco bay area. yeah. do you have any dodger gear? you know, you know, alex, you missed earlier in the show. my i'll just go read my wife's closet. she's a diehard dodgers fan i living. that is an interesting part of this is it's a recording families. you know, vice president harris put out a picture of her in in san francisco giant gear, and her husband, doug emhoff, is
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wearing dodger gear so it is splitting families. it is splitting up relationships. it's splitting up our bromance. i mean, it's really taken a hit this week, but i can't wait to see you next week. in that giants gear. all right, alex, but we have your word, right? giants gear you'll be wearing that giants. i think you look good in orange. i've never worn giants gear ever. but i will wear it next week for you in the off chance. somehow there's all sorts of injuries. something goes wrong. and you guys get lucky. alright. it's a deal, man. good luck. best of luck to you. it's a pleasure. we'll talk soon. and of course, we'll let you know the issue is you can catch more of alex's interviews coming up this weekend. it airs sunday 5:30 a.m. alex didn't notice. but at the bottom, the hashtag was beat l a. the whole time he's talking about controlling as we were, we were all right onto some other serious news that we're going to be following here on the 45, then a shooting at last night's earthquakes game. in san jose and it all started when fans rushed the
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field how this chaotic scene escalated even more, and we'll tell you about the arrest police made. also today marks four years since the devastating tubbs fire in the north bay tore through neighborhoods there and took a number of lives. we'll hear from one man who lived through all of it and help this community rebuild. in the north g
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ceremony was held today to honor the people who died during that destructive fire.
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the santa rosa fire department honor guard rang a bell 24 times this morning and honor of each person who died along with the 24 people killed, the firestorm destroyed. 5300 homes in sonoma county and burned 173 square miles. we're here this morning to remember. to remember the lives that were lost and the thousands of people who were so deeply impacted to remember the bravery of our first responders and everyone who came to our aid and to remember the generosity that the world showed to santa rosa and economic county. in santa rosa about 2000 of the homes destroyed by the fire have now been rebuilt and another 380 construction for more on the significance of this anniversary. we're joined now by steve romm, who's the president of coffee strong. it's a support group for people
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living in santa rosa's hard hit coffee park neighborhood. steve great to have you on today. appreciate you taking the time. i know you were at the bell ringing ceremony earlier today to honour. uh thank you. pardon the lives that were lost in the tubbs fire. as a survivor of this disaster. why is it so important for you to pay tribute? well you know, uh, first of all, yes. i was very honored to be able to attend. and it is, uh. we've all gone through this thing for four years now, and it weighs heavy at times, but, um to today to be honoring those who are no longer with us is really moving an important and. you know, just shows the resiliency and it's all about recovery and sharing what we've learned and sharing that with other communities to be better prepared. what are the thoughts that go through your mind? when you're taking part in a ceremony like this? what stands out to you? the most about the morning of october 8 2017., it's
4:34 pm
pretty much it's pretty moving i mean, it's pretty, uh, i'm looking at the coffee park signed there, and it's just, you know, watching our neighborhood we grow. has been really our own therapy really? um you know, there's this shocking odds over but the recovery is a long process. and uh, just, uh, seeing the neighborhood come back as it is. itself rewarding and feels better feels good. obviously with we have have shown here, there's been quite a bit of progress made in the coffee park area where so many homes were just leveled by the fire. um there are still there have been hundreds of homes rebuilt, but how much more work is left to be done and. and do you ever see the community getting back to where it was before the fires? well yeah, absolutely. i mean, there. we have some moments so much momentum. i'm i mean, just today i heard the city of santa rosa is 85% rebuild. coffee park itself. we
4:35 pm
had 144 1444 homes lost today we have about 1098 homes completed. our parks redone. um there's roughly about 300 homes in permit process, so we're close to. really um, getting this completed that we do have some, you know, unfinished tasks. we have roads and sidewalks that need repair and landscaping. but that will come and, uh we're excited about it. you're on the way for sure. well when you look back on an anniversary like this, obviously you try to you try to take away lessons from from going through a disaster like that. what do you think, are the most important lessons that your community has has taken away from the tubbs fire? and do you believe. that area is better prepared now for the potential of another wildfire. absolutely absolutely, you know in fact, we hear people that
4:36 pm
are want to leave california want to leave our county and why would you want to leave the most prepared county in california? i mean, we've endured this fire and others and, uh, you know it really after the fire the first fire in 2000 and 17. we really. built partners with people like united policyholders and kaiser united way the foundation and everybody just kind of came together. and we really, um. we feel like we're prepared. we feel like we know what to expect and we're able to share our story with other communities that are going through the same things in recovery and be able to lessons learned and be able to educate them so they don't have to start from square one. they can start where we left off. well it's wonderful to see the progress that's been made and the resilience in that community after going through a disaster like that. i appreciate you taking the time here on this four year anniversary. steve rome president of coffee strong up there in santa rosa's coffee park neighborhood, appreciate you taking the time. thank you very much. thanks, alex. really appreciate it. all right. eight
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spectators at a san jose earthquakes match arrested after several fights broke out in the parking lot. this happened last night following the match against a club from mexico. ktvu elissa harrington shows us cell phone video that shows a man trying to punch one of the players. this was the moment things turned chaotic at the end of thursday night's earthquakes match against mexico's cruz azul of fan rushed the field and took a swing at one of the earthquakes, players. cell phone video showed other team members hold the man back. he was taken off the field and arrested tensions than spilled into the parking lot once that individuals taken into custody and taking away a large group of folks followed. and were upset by the fact that that individual is taken into custody later on. some of those same individuals were seen in parking lot starting to get into all indication and fistfights officer steve aponte with san jose police said. there were already some officers working inside the stadium during the game. dozens
4:38 pm
more from around the city were called when violence erupted outside. at one point a firearm was discharged. um in that melee, one person was struck with a grazing wound, which is later determined to be non life threatening. two others were taken to the hospital of firearm was recovered at the scene. eight people were arrested. police say they had all been spectators at the game. they did give an order for folks to disperse from the area, which is a lawful order for them to leave. those who didn't remained and were subsequently arrested. police say they hope to work with paypal park officials to make sure this sort of violence involving fans does not happen again in san jose, i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. of the state of the u. s. economy is in focus once again today with the september jobs report that was weaker than expected labor force participation take down despite the end of enhanced federal unemployment benefits. as foxes. mandala rivera tells us this afternoon, the covid delta variant remains a major hurdle
4:39 pm
for hiring. with just 194,000 jobs added the september jobs report. mists economists projections of 500,000, but president biden sees progress the unemployment rate down to 4.8% a significant improvement from when i took office, many private industries, including leisure and hospitality, retail, trade and transportation, added more jobs. however, hiring in public education dropped over the month. tamika jacobs, assistant manager of palin bakery in washington, d c. says their problem is keeping workers admitted child just kind of, um, stopping the turnover from. being sober up, you know, just keeping people there and keep people satisfied. some economic analysts believe the roads are full recovery will be bumpy as concerns over covid-19 and supply constraints continue. still there is optimism as the number of coronavirus cases fall. there will never be a better time to look for a job that right now democrats say the jobs report reflects the need to pass the
4:40 pm
president's domestic agenda to protect families. financial security republicans argue their multi trillion dollar social spending plan will create more government. pendency all of these welfare payments. are basically paying people not to work. jacobs is hopeful the labor market will improve. though it may take some time. we end this for a long haul. all eyes are on the federal reserve to see if they'll continue with their plans to withdraw some economic support later this year after this disappointing jobs report in washington matter of era fox news. stocks were lower today on the weak jobs report, the dow lost eight points. the nasdaq was down 74. the s and p fell eight. inflation also remains a concern, climbing to its highest level in at least a decade. president biden will not stop the release of documents sought by the committee that's looking into the january 6th. u s. capitol riot former president trump is trying to invoke executive privilege to keep those records from his administration from
4:41 pm
being turned over. however the white house counsel told the us archivist that president biden has determined invoking executive privilege is quote not in the best interests of the united states. trump's lawyers are also seeking to block the testimony of former administration officials. all right. the blue angels thrilled crowds with breathtaking precision flying during fleet week. so what is it like to fly with these daredevil pilots? well i'll tell you that next, plus how this elite team trains and prepares for the airship. cool breezy day over the bay area this afternoon for that blue angels show, but temperatures are going to begin to warm. have a look at the possibility of maybe a few scattered showers as we enter tomorrow morning, followed by a minor warm up coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment,
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4:44 pm
the air show few years ago, i got the rare chanceride along in the cockpit of a hornet. ready go flying. i'm ready. head shoulders back. ready hit it! oh, my god. yes just like that. we were up in the air. it really was an incredible once in a lifetime experience, and i really learned a lot. i mean, these are the best of the best navy pilots. i want to show you now the sixth man who make up this year's team, including the pilot who took me up a few years ago. lieutenant commander cary rykoff now when i met him, as you can imagine had a million questions, including about his training. and how they prepare for the air show. and alex. i learned that it really is this intense regimen of, you know, weight training, healthy eating. a lot of p. phyl
4:45 pm
mental aspect. and then also, you know, the combination of those two really is on par with what a professional athlete goes through during a game, so it really is remarkable. yeah it does. it makes a lot of sense that you have to be physically fit and prepared for the intensity of going up like that. now we often hear about the g suit because you're obviously you're pulling. so many gs, right pulling them, um, they don't wear those decent anymore. is there a reason is they don't they don't wear them because it interferes. so g suit has those inflatable bladders on the legs right? and the whole idea of a g suit is to keep the blood in the upper part of your body, so you don't pass out. the thing is in in these hornets in the time before may, shins that the blue angels are trying to get into. the bladders on those legs would interfere with the flight stick so they wouldn't be able to really maneuver the jets in that way. and so that's why they don't wear them. that makes that makes sense. it does make sense. that's tight quarters in there that looks pretty cramp. it's someone who's mildly claustrophobic, right? it seems like you're you
4:46 pm
are very cramped. um but you know, this is what they do and do instead. alex. they do as you want to make sure you don't black out. exactly that's obviously you know, really important to do not not mess out as a pilot, but. no they do this move. it's called the hick maneuver. and so basically you squeeze your legs, your bum you bring in your abs, and then you make this hick sound and that's what keeps the blood in the upper body part of the body, and so you don't pass out, make it. it's just this hink. but anyway, i know you're on the spot. i learned it before going up because it really is important. that's why i didn't pass out and so they know when to do that maneuver. um and you know they have it all timed out. obviously they practiced this over and over again, and you stayed alert the whole time, right? i did. it was really a remarkable experience. i mean, they walk you through every aspect of it. you're familiar with. everything that you can inside the plane. you know, it's kind of a crash course on a on a hornet but really was
4:47 pm
amazing and really impressive. i mean, they are dedicated to this and they're dedicated to making it a fun air show for all of us to see they put on an amazing show they do. they'll be doing it this weekend in the skies over san francisco. all right, let's talk about what kind of weather the pilots can expect. good flying weather, rosemary? yeah, i would say so. what an amazing. event out there for the weekend, and so many people love to watch the blue angels. i saw them yesterday. practicing oven derek cloudy conditions and then we have sunny skies today. i think as we get into the weekend, even better weather here's a look at what we are seeing over the sierra, though. giving you a view here at some new snow first snow of the season. isn't that beautiful sugar bowl reporting a few inches of snow? uh, snow fell all the way down about 6000 ft, so we had some in tahoe. right there close to the lake. and then you got into areas like blue canyon, and they picked up a good amount of rain. take a look at some of these numbers here. blue canyon reporting almost 4/10 of an inch donner
4:48 pm
lake reporting almost 6/10. so that is some good news there. uh we will see the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles camera way tonight and into tomorrow, but it doesn't really look like a big deal, and i'll show you that. meanwhile if you are thinking about going to tahoe for the weekend drying out, temperatures are going to be on the cool side below freezing to start the mornings and then into the afternoon 54 degrees tomorrow. 61 expected on sunday so very fall even maybe it feels a little winter like over tahoe this weekend. meanwhile here's a beautiful shot over the golden gate bridge, where again. we had mostly sunny skies this afternoon and we're still partly cloudy to mostly sunny as you can see san francisco reporting 58 degrees 64 right now. in oakland, the winds turned on and wow, breezy the entire day gusting to 25 even 30 mph still at this time, and if you look right behind me a little bit of rain there off the coastline. that's just the leading edge of what may bring d expecting it to move thug how is
4:49 pm
pretty much in the north bay for the late night hours and then into tomorrow morning, we have a few scattered showers that want to fall over the bay area, but still a lot of this moisture off the coastline and then by 78 o'clock, it's moving out, and we will be with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for tomorrow and tomorrow is expected to be a warmer day as well. meanwhile tomorrow morning 43 degrees expected for santa resolution 55 in san francisco, 50 in livermore and in the south bay 51 to start your day san jose afternoon highs for today. 60 and pacifica. cool one for you there, upper sixties in the city of san francisco if you're going out for fleet week, or maybe to see the giants play 69 in hayward 73 red with city low to mid seventies expected for our inland communities, so nice smile pattern there. for the fleet week festivities. san francisco expected to start out in the fifties in the morning hours, so little cool but not bad upper sixties for the second half of the day there in the afternoon, we'll saturday and sunday, meanwhile, giving
4:50 pm
you a look into a monday tuesday, temperatures do come up slightly. but the monday tuesday timeframe. we're expecting the winds to return, and with that heightened fire danger with the fire weather watch already anticipated. for that time frame. in the meanwhile we have a mild weekend coming our way back to you. all right. thank you, rosemary. well it is far from what spider man would do policing, campbell investigating and unusual burglary with one of the suspects dressed up like a superhero. also a frightening and dangerous encounter in the middle of the night and intruders sexually assaults a woman in her own oakland home. it's definitely scary, and i feel for the people who that happened to coming up tonight at five o'clock what police are saying about this crime? and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies.
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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require all city contractors who work alongside city employees on a regular basis to be vaccinated. the mandate will
4:53 pm
also apply to all city commissioners. the contractors will be required to be fully vaccinated by december. 31st. san francisco had already said it will require all city employees to be fully vaccinated no later than november. 1st cruise ships are returning to san francisco now for the first time since the start of the pandemic. the city announced today that the majestic princess will sail into the port of san francisco on monday. city leaders say the return is crucial to san francisco's economic recovery. the fort is expecting 21 cruise ship calls through the remainder of this year and expect 127 next year. the campbell police department has released surveillance video of an unusual burglary suspect. take a look here. you can see one man with red gloves and another man dressed as spiderman, apparently committing a crime in the city of campbell. if you look closely, you can see one of the burglars is right there in costume. the men can be seen dragging a trash can full of stolen property that included some tools. this happened early
4:54 pm
wednesday morning on white oak roads near camden. anyone who has information on this strange burglary should put in a call to the campbell police department. president biden is restored protections for three national monuments. i'm jackie heinrich in washington. why the decision to offer greater environmental protection is generating strong mixed opinions coming up?
4:55 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
4:56 pm
first president to issue a proclamation of indigenous peoples day. it is a huge boost for those who want to refocus the federal holiday celebrating christopher columbus. toward an appreciation of native peoples. the proclamation recognizes indigenous peoples' resilience, strength and positive impact on american life. the day will be observed on monday, october 11th along with columbus day. which was established by
4:57 pm
congress. the antiquities act gives sitting presidents the right to make changes to the country's national monuments. former president barack obama used it to create several protected lands, but then former president donald trump used it to dismantle them. foxes jackie heinrich is in washington d. c. with the look at how president biden is now using that same act to restore protections for several areas. and the push back. his decision is already facing. national monument and parks are part of the identity, our identity as a people. president biden announcing greater federal protections for three national monuments, fully restoring the boundaries of bears, ears and grand staircase escalante national monument in utah. and protecting the northeast canyons and seamounts national monument, located south of cape cod in the atlantic ocean. preserving them is the fulfillment of a promise to our children and all those who will come to leave this world a little better than we found it. all three areas were impacted under former president donald trump, who argued the
4:58 pm
protections were harming businesses. trump used the antiquities act to slash roughly two million acres of land across both monuments in utah, while also allowing commercial fishing and sections of the northeast canyons and seamounts monument. a very historic action. to reverse federal overreach and restore the rights. of this land to your citizens, some local leaders and environmentalists calling this a victory for the areas, indigenous people and wildlife, others, including utah governor spencer j. cox say the president's move is frustrating asking for a permanent solution and to quote. and the perpetual enlarging and shrinking of these monuments and bring certainty to their management. legal action is even being considered. we care about these lands, but we absolutely need to have say and how they're managedse national monuments comes in the wake of,e impact humans can have on the environment. in washington, jackie heinrich fox news. ktvu
4:59 pm
fox two news at five starts now. many people have been waiting for a weekend like this for a year and a half a packed schedule sure to draw big crowds. if you like air shows and big ships, there are events for you. and, of course, the big ticket item this weekend is the giants hosting the dodgers tonight in game one and tomorrow in game two of their postseason series. and you can expect tens of thousands of fans and spectators flooding into san francisco all weekend. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama andre. senior remember if you want to grab a drink or bite to eat indoors. you need to show proof of vaccination in the city. we have live team coverage for the main event this weekend, a rivalry dating back to the 19th century dodgers giants. postseason what else needs to be, said jason appelbaum, a christian captain live this evening. let's start with christian who talked with some fired up fast. christian yeah, fans of both teams say that they are very much looking
5:00 pm
forward to the series and while they don't agree on much, they can agree on one thing. it should be a great series. come back. as far as baseball rivalries go, it's tough to find one deeper than the one between the san francisco giants in the los angeles dodgers. now fans will get to watch the teams in their first ever playoff matchup, and giants fans say even with 107 wins this past season when it comes to the playoffs. it's a whole new ballgame. it's always tough when you're up against the dodgers. i mean, come on biggest rivals. we're just hoping for the win while the debate will play out over the national league division series over who is the better team? there is one thing that giants fans and dodger fans can agree on. this is going to be a tough best of five series. it's all about the dodgers for me. i think it's gonna. be a great series, but in my heart with the dog, but the giants have a way of winning over fans even when they don't seem like they back the black and orange where you from los angeles. whoa wait a second


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