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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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district say because of declining enrollment, they need to close five elementary schools come next school year. hello again, everyone and heather holmes and i'm andre, senior, frank and julie are off tonight. the plan affects 18,000 students in the district and new tonight. ktvu says a smith tells us how the school community is working to save those schools. my heart is broken. i feel that this is a direct attack on our community. um. i'm not happy about it. christina aguilera is a bilingual kindergarten teacher, a glass brook elementary and he word, she says the district surveyed the 65 year old school. asked what was broken, teachers thought repairs would be made. instead they're learning the district wants to close it. they turned around and use that information against us. this is my home. um. it's not only my home, it's all of our homes. in addition, a glass brooke, the district is proposing a close four other elementary schools bowman, eldridge, strobridge
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and faith ringgold school of the arts and sciences, and that's just the first phase of closures. we are built here in hayward to serve over 24,000 students. and so, essentially, we're built to serve many more students in facilities than we need, a district spokeswoman says. in the last two years, the district lost 2000 students. two thirds of them left the bay area. the district is now facing a $14 million deficit. there's less money to really service and improve the facilities, but i do really want to emphasize that this is an initial proposal. the plan is to move students tomorrow. modern facilities, for example, students at last brooke would move to schaefer park elementary, less than a mile away. this parent has two kids that glass brooke. i feel sad. yeah sad and then having the kids transferred turn of the school. they don't know an area they don't know if they're at a large school. they won't have the same security and safety. they won't have anybody looking out for them. school staff say
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the school is more than just a building but a sanctuary for immigrants and refugees where we already have relationships with the families. we have relationships, the students, we have a legacy of caring and a legacy of support. above all, they say the school is a family. we want to do what we can to save our. our school to save our community. save our family. a rally is scheduled for this wednesday at 12 45 in front of glass brook elementary in hayward. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. san jose states president announced today she will be resigning at the end of the semester, mayor papazian became the university's 30th president in july of 2016. her resignation comes amid controversy over the school's head ling. of sexual abuse allegations by student athletes against a longtime sports trainer. the school announced today. she will continue to cooperate with the ongoing external title line procedural investigation. no word yet on a successor. san francisco is gearing up for a
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very busy weekend tomorrow, the giants will face off against the dodgers in game one of the national league division series. first pitch is at 6 45 and just down the street chase center. the warriors play the lakers and a preseason game. tip off is at seven o'clock, and it's fleet week. the blue angels ships and tours always attracted big ground and there will be even more people with the other events happening in the city all of these things, prompting officials to urge people to take public transportation. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more janna. well, heather. any one of these events would draw a big crowd. but we're we're going to see all of them combined this weekend, and oracle park is actually recommending people reserve a parking spot. that's how many people they're expecting. they're going to be extra trains and streetcars and ferries all to try and get people in and out of the city. as fleet week blasts into the weekend. the tens of thousands of eyes on the sky will also mean thousands of cars and big
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crowds on san francisco streets. too many people very full, very crazy. yeah very crazy. crazier because the weekend air shows from 10 to 4 aren't the only show in town. the san francisco giants playoff games friday and saturday against the l. a dodgers are sold out with nearly 42,000 fans coming to oracle park downtown each day. uni is expanding service. we are running extra trains, express shuttles to get people to and from the ballparks and just a mile down the road. the warriors will be hosting the l. a lakers at the chase center friday night at seven p.m. bringing thousands more fans downtown probably to be a gridlock, traffic gridlock and potential parking problems. meters will be set to special event rates of $8 an hour and some lots near the ballpark in arena are seeing prices top $100 a spot. many people are turning to public transit. bart will also have expanded service,
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with trains running until midnight for fleet week. we are going to have a few extra trains on sunday, bart parking lots will remain free saturday and sunday, and officials say the trains have upgraded filters to keep writers safe. we have a really great ventilation system. that circulates the era in and out of the cars. every 70 seconds. taxi stands, rideshare and fairies will also be an option. happy feet week. go giants along with the iconic pedicabs. i'm going to start as early as they can. huge weekend since there's only about a third of the petty cabs back in operation after the pandemic. and just a reminder. don't forget your mask. you might not need it on a pedicab, but you will need it on all of the public transit. the train stations as well as many of those indoor venues. heather. okay get ready. it's going to be a good time. thanks so much. dan appreciate it. san francisco's italian heritage parade is also happening this weekend. the famous parade will
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take place in the city's north beach neighborhood on sunday. it will be the first major parade in san francisco since the pandemic began. you're looking now at video from pre pandemic times the italian heritage parade has been running in san francisco for more than 150 years. well, the weekend closure of 18th street in san francisco's castro neighborhood is being put on hold now. the bay area reporter says that members of the castro merchants association for the street closure would hurt their businesses. now last summer stretch of 18th was shut down on weekends to allow for outdoor gatherings and dining during the pandemic. but now, the merchants say restaurants and other businesses have set up our clicks and other spaces and do not need the closures. tesla founders and ceo elon musk is moving the company's headquarters from palo alto to austin, texas. musk announced the imminent move at the company's annual shareholder meeting. today travis county has approved a plan to provide millions in tax subsidies to tesla for building a $1.1 billion factory there in austin. musk is already living
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in texas, and many of his spacex operations are based there as well. well known 11 governor gavin newsom signed protecting workers. who speak out about harassment and discrimination. it's called the silence no more act, california workers will now be legally protected if they speak out about discrimination based on race. religion sexual orientation, gender, identity, ancestry, disability or age. the law protects those who speak out even if they have signed a non disclosure agreement. that law takes effect. on january 1st. gilroy police released body camera footage today showing what led up to a deadly officer involved shooting last month. mr. plus that part well here, roy. police say david lopez had agreed to meet them at the post office around 2:30 a.m. on september 8th. the 40 year old was wanted for attempted murder in august. what officers
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arrived, they say lopez immediately opened fire. the officer shot back. authorities say lopez then got out of second gun and fired again. another officer, then shot and killed lopez gilbert police officers were injured in this so without this program. those gerry's would have had to go out of business. the drought has been a huge problem for california farmers coming up later tonight. the new program in the north bay that hopefully will help to keep them afloat. also have this easing mask restrictions in the bay area. the guidelines set today to allow counties to eliminate the indoor mask mandate.
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plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. mandates health officers in eight of the nine bay area counties put out a list today of the requirements. counties need to meet coronavirus cases must be in the cdc's yellow or moderate here for three weeks. hospitalization rates must be low and stable and more than 80% of the total population must be fully vaccinated, officials stressed. this is the beginning of a weeks or even months long process, but it's still welcome news for many. going out every day with the mask. did i have it? do my kids have? it's kind of a pain. and plus, i think it's kind of nice to see people's faces right together. i hope that we can get to the other side of this pandemic is quickly as possible. solano county is not included because officials
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there didn't ever initiate mask mandates. a fighter today asked the fda to grant emergency approval to its covid-19 vaccine for kids ages. 5 to 11 ktvu zach sauce tells us it's ba long road. we've been working really hard for months now dr yvonne maldonado and her team at stanford university have been working with parents and their kids. 3000 children ages 5 to 11 stepping forward to receive fighters, covid-19 vaccine and a blind study. i think they were. they were excited, a little nervous but mostly excited to be part of this is historic for them, and for all of us, their experiences documented and now in the hands of us regulators will make the final call. i'm expanding eligibility. i think parents should really trust the. fda and the secrecy process. it is really driven by science in orinda. nic marks ready to get
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his son the shot once it's given the green light. hopefully most people get it done and. our teachers feel safer and cherry sutra eager to see her nieces received the vaccine, too, because i think it's protecting them and they can go back to school. they can have the study. stanford reporting no major incidents, only some experiencing similar side effects to adults. low grade fevers, mild flu like symptoms. what remains to be seen how the vaccine will be doled out if it's approved. it is a third of the adult dose. so the question is, how will it be administered? will it be the same dose vials that we're using now or will they be, uh different files with smaller amounts? zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. a mural in san francisco's mission district is honoring frontline workers for their contributions and many sacrifices during the ongoing pandemic. the mural was commissioned by health care workers at the richard fine clinic at zuckerberg, san
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francisco general hospital. money for the mural came from three nurse practitioners who volunteered to work at shelter in place hotels during the early stages of the pandemic. that money was gifted to them by grateful co workers who wanted to honor their sacrifices. organizers say the mural shows that disproportionate impact that this pandemic has had on communities of color. many of our patients are essential workers. there are farmworkers, healthcare workers, construction workers shown in this mural, and it also commemorates the work of frontline workers in our own clinic and our own hospital. health care workers say they are still raising money to cover all of the cost of doing that mural, and they say they hope it brings a little joy to everyone who sees it as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. for many of you have already gotten your covid vaccine. health officials want you to get your flu shot. flu rates were very low last year because of things like social distancing and school closures, but with kids back in class people packing bars and restaurants are heading. back
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to the office. flu cases are expected to be higher and because of that local health departments want to remind everyone six months and older to get a flu shot, and doctors say there is plenty of vaccine to go around. well, remembering a somber anniversary. how the santa rosa fire department plans to mark four years since that deadly and devastating tubbs fire. a chaotic scene at p,
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san jose, police say after tonight's soccer game, several fights broke out and there was at least one shooting near the stadium. police say they do not know if anyone was hurt, and they have not said if they made any arrest yet. the earthquakes were playing tonight in an exhibition game against cruz
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azul were following this story, and we'll bring you any more information coming up tomorrow on mornings on two 9 11 san jose has received $50,000 for winning an energy saving contest. the oem connected city energy challenge was a friendly competition between oakland, fresno, san jose and bakersfield. each city work to encourage people to become energy savers and san jose signed up more than 3500 people, which was more than any other city. the $50,000 will fund 10 scholarships worth $5000 each. through san jose aspires a program that helps kids in underserved communities get to college and sonoma county. the drought has meant dairy farmers have had to bring in water from other places just to stay in business. but beginning today, those farmers and hundreds of thousands of other residents will be getting at least some of their drinking water from a new source from deep below the ground gave his rob roth explains. dairy california armors in petaluma caught a
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huge break thursday because of the drought. many of these cows have been drinking water trucked in from miles away. every day. our farmers are hauling. roughly about probably 60 70,000 gallons of water a day 10 truckloads a day, sometimes to their cows, but with this turn of a valve, they'll be able to replenish their water supplies without going through all that so without this program. those dairies would have had to go out of business. the new water is coming from an underground aquifer that the water district is tapping into through this drought relief. well it will now, said 1.6 million gallons of water a day to a storage unit in petaluma. cows and residents alike will be drinking it along with folks in sonoma in parts of marin county. this emergency relief well was used during the drought six years ago, but never to this extent. this is probably the largest use of groundwater to date. we have two other wells that will have to also be brought online. but for now, the demands are so great sonoma
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county relies on the russian river as its main source of water, but water levels here are low and getting lower, so to reduce its reliance on the river the utility sonoma water has dug deep. 800 ft deep to be exact that underground water is treated and safe to drink this wells helping us meet a state mandate to reduce our diversions off the russian river. and actually be able to make it through this very severe drought. each dairy cow drinks about 40 gallons a day they another livestock will be getting about a quarter of the underground water. the rest will go to the public through different water utilities. the district expects to build a water recovery system to replace the water. it's taking out now with water from the winter rains in santa rosa rob roth ktvu two news. the ceremony will be held in santa rosa tomorrow to mark a grim anniversary four years since the massive and deadly north bay fires. the firestorm erupted on october 8th 2017. resulting in a cluster of fires
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and sonoma and napa counties, the deadliest the tubbs fire devastating parts of santa rosa as part of tomorrow's memorial, the members of the senate rosa fire departments, honor guard. will take part in a bell ringing ceremony to remember the 24 lives lost in sonoma county, and when all the north bay fires claimed 40 lives and destroyed more than 5300 homes. looking at the high temperatures from today. 72 fairfield, 75 nanak. that's the hotspot. temperatures have been dropping. as you know the last few days since the weekend, you know, saturday and sunday last week very warm, especially friday and saturday and sunday. temperatures have cooled dramatically since then. and they're going to stay there. this weekend will be a little warmer, but not much. i mean, i think the warmest spots this we're going to be in the upper seventies, but a nice looking week ahead and again this you couldn't ask for a better setup. in terms of fire concerns. so here's the story. here's the future model. it's a long range model friday morning,
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right tomorrow morning showers up in lake tahoe, even snow above 9 8000 ft. something like that. and then clouds clear out tomorrow morning and then here comes tomorrow night into saturday morning. so you see what we got? that's how it's going to be. so you know how today was, that's how tomorrow's gonna be just like that, in the next couple of days are gonna be very similar as well. so you can have clouds is going to be cool. it's not going to be overly warm, but there'll be periods you're standing in the sun. or if you're in the sun, it's going to feel fairly warm, you know, mid seventies low seventies sixties for most of us tomorrow, and then by the weekend, we'll see the low seventies and then you see the green. there are some little bit of drip drops coming out of the area, and you know around the area. but none of it's substantial and we're not expecting anything substantial. be nice. like i said, i hope i'm wrong, but i don't think it's going to happen. i think we just got a lot of moisture but without any strong dynamics to guide it, and that'll change as soon as we get deep into the winter passed, you know where early it's october once we get a little further into winter. the dynamic start to change right. the jet stream gets
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going quicker. temperature disparities aloft become greater. they will share the temperature shirt becomes greater and you begin to get significant rain events and that's what we're looking forward to, but not this week. but possibly by the second week in october. maybe okay so as you look at the forecast, highest greens or sixties yellows are seventies tomorrow just like today. next day. just like today. it's all kind of the same, very similar weather pattern, which is great, and that keeps saying it's great because the idea that fire dangerous what we're worried about and this is really, you know, you know if we're not doing fire stories right now, right, so it's good. and this event right now moving through northern and central california over the next couple of days is dropping rain, uh significant rain on some of the fire zones like the windy fire, dixie fire. they call their fire so just helping get those things put out completely. okay so i'll see you back here on sunday night, and i hope you have a good weekend. we'll see you then. yep. you too. thanks. metallica cyprus, sylvie offspring just some of the band's taking part in the
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aftershock music festival in sacramento, just like about every other music festival. this one was also cancelled last year because of the pandemic. but we're told this year is sold out. the event kicked off tonight at discovery park in the return of thousands of music fans. well that's a welcome boost to the sacramento economy. it's been such a tough 18 months for the hospitality industry and really everybody in sacramento, so to bring in an event of this size of this caliber that delivers so many people from outside the market spending money in our businesses is something that is sorely needed in sacramento right now. 25,000 people were expected tonight, then 40,000 each of the next three nights. this four night festival is expected to generate about $30 million in economic activity, such as all right. well the giants having a little fun today, while getting ready for the nlds tomorrow against the dodgers sports director market, vania subtext with that. at first take a look at this stunning view of marin county
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ktvu photojournalist bill ericsson, capturing the sun setting right behind mount tam. boy the bear off area offers some of the always beautiful sunsets. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. we will be right back.
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dodgers just don't seem to take no for an answer. the giants are relentless. i don't see how this five game series couldn't go the distance. and just how it could not turn out epic. they are this afternoon giants getting their final workout and i would imagine after the rigors of 162 games, scheduled out of the bumps and bruises have healed over the past few days, they look plenty loose
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and relaxed, throwing a football around. of course, it will be logan web on the mound, the dodgers having to turn it around real quick, winning that game on the walk off. by chris taylor last night, they bundle up. you're in san francisco now and you know who is going to be pitching for them? walker buehler, who would probably be an ace on most staffs, he's number two behind. max scherzer, but the dodgers ready to go in san francisco, certainly ready for him. we knew that we were going to have to go through them and they're going to have to go through us to get to the world series. so, uh, you know better better get it out of the way early. well said by heaven longoria. let's take it down to tampa, where none other than randy arozarena went off. he had a home run and then straight steal of home. you got to see that again, the rarest of the rare and tampa takes care of the boston red sox in the opener, great pitching type defense, risky base running. they're up one
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nothing over boston and houston much earlier in the day. cool kid checking out dusty baker and the houston astros going to get tony larussa chicago white sox. you want to see some base running? how about this jose altuve into the plate on the ground? er and he's in there safely. you'll see how the replay just speaks his hand right in there. this was never a contest, 61. the astros win it there out to a one nothing lead over chicago white sox thursday night football. what it boiled down to is health, both quarterbacks taking shots to of all places. the hand area fingers russell wilson on that beautiful seattle night, will not remember it as such as he gets hit by aaron donald, you know immediately. it's a problem. it's diagnosed as a dislocated finger. he couldn't make it the rest of the night but met stafford did 365 yards
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passing. tyler higbee with the touchdown catch. 16 7 rams at that point, it's geno smith. remember him? he's in throws a pick trying to pull off a late comeback. nick scott. the actual receiver tyler lockett fell down 26 17. the rams wind up winning and they re establish themselves 41 atop. the nfc west 49ers. jimmy garoppolo didn't practice today, so we're still wondering who's going to start come sunday against the undefeated arizona cardinals. all right, you got to check. this out as we close it out. nelson cruz in tampa indoor stadium. check this out. where the ball go. he had a home run. no it actually hit. ceiling and look at those are the ground rules have hit its those catwalks cnd. it's ruled because the ground rules home run so delson cruz hit it so high. that it hit the roof. you
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