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good idea. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now housing will be built in an overflow parking lot for the police officers. hello again. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off tonight. proponents say that more housing is desperately needed around san jose. but at least one homeless advocate doesn't believe that this is the best location new tonight. katie was azenith smith joins us now live from san jose, with more on the project as no. well heather city leaders chose this location because it advice several homeless encampments near highway 87 near san jose airport and, according to one city council member. the city has the support from the police departments. right now. this law near taylor street and highway 87 next to san jose police headquarters is used for additional parking for san jose pd in six months. city leaders hope lottie will house the homeless. we believe our own house residents are part of our community. if they're going to
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live in our park. why don't we house them in our community? at tuesday's city council meeting, city leaders unanimously approved an emergency interim housing project 16 prefabricated modular units with 76, private bedrooms and bathrooms also included community buildings with kitchens and laundry facilities. the city has three similar projects, including this one on evans lane, actually a parking lot that i myself utilized for years as a sound as a police officer, city owned lot that allows us to move much more quickly. the lot sits in councilman raul paralysis district. the city chose the site because they saw need. it's near a large, unsanctioned encampment across from highway 87. not to mention pressure from the faa to clear out encampments along guadalupe river park by the airport. as for the police response, they were nervous initially about the security of their parking lot and where they park their vehicles overnight. and we knew that going into this and so we already had a plan, he says.
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roughly a third of lahti will be used, he says the city has the police support and nonprofits that work with the homeless. the units are built at a fraction of the cost of traditional apartments and in months time this homeless advocate isn't convinced. it just seems like a ridiculous project because. so many on house people feel threatened and harassed. by the police. the mayor says the biggest challenge has been finding sites in communities that want them. if this project is successful, it could be a permanent housing solution. these are not simply tiny homes that will be here today and gone and. two or four years. these will last perhaps a quarter century. and that homeless advocate i spoke to who doesn't necessarily agree with the project says she wants bigger ideas. bigger projects. this one will house 76 housed individuals. she wants bigger ideas because, she says, the need is so great heather alright as suspect reporting live for us there in san jose.
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thank you. of the city of san jose, is also moving to convert more hotels into housing the city's applying for state funding to buy four hotels that will be turned into homes. much of the money is expected to come from the project home key program. applications opened up last week. the four hotels plus another city owned site would add about 548 units for unhealed residents. of the latest on the coronavirus, roughly 90% of eligible napa county residents have received at least one covid-19 shot as cases of hospitalizations trend down, but there is still work to be done. unvaccinated residents continue to make up at least half of those being hospitalized for covid. but with pending federal approval of covid-19 vaccinations for children under age 12, the numbers could improve. health officials say that age group could account for a significant swath of the country's population. one of the largest concert promoters or the largest contra promoter in the country now has a vaccine
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requirement. as of yesterday, anyone that attends a concert at any venue that live nation owns or operates must now show proof of vaccination or negative coronavirus test in the bay area. live nation owns venues like the film or the masonic punchline, concord pavilion and shoreline amphitheater. live nation is also requiring all of its employees to be vaccinated. johnson and johnson has officially submitted its booster shot request to the fda. j and j says it would be given at least two months after the first dose and could increase effectiveness to 94. fda advisers are set to review the request next week, according to the cdc. about 15 million people here in the u. s received the j and j vaccine. we're learning more about what may have caused that massive crude oil leak off the coast of orange county as governor gavin newsom. headed to that area for briefing today. ktvu jana katsuyama is following developments from the newsroom tonight. janna andre investigators are looking into whether a ship's anchor might have damaged that pipeline and
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a federal pipeline oversight agency issued an order today saying in the meantime, the pipeline operations cannot resume until the company completes a list of corrective actions. sticky clumps of black oil cover huntington beach instead of sunbathers and swimsuits. cruise in biohazard suits are sifting the sand for spilled oil instead of sea shells. more than 300 workers were out cleaning up miles of orange county shoreline tuesday, the coast guard says a diving team located a source of this weekend's amplify energy pipeline rupture. a 13 inch split in that pipe. we've determined that approximately 4000 ft of the 17.7 mile pipeline. has been displaced and it's been laterally displaced by 105 ft. there's a 16 inch steel pipeline that's happened so they can cover him an inch of concrete. in a letter tuesday the federal pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration
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ordered the company to keep the pipeline closed and list of 19 requirements, governor gavin newsom toward. the site with state and federal lawmakers. it's time once and for all. to disabuse ourselves that this has to be part of our future. this was a federally permitted facility, even l. kind director of the uc berkeley law climate programme says although the federal government regulates offshore operations, the state can take action on shore to protect human health and wildlife. the state really would be well suited to have a buffer zone between oil and gas production facilities and sensitive sites, l kind says while california is dependent right now on oil. the offshore rigs are a small part of the supply. the bulk of that is actually down in current county outside of bakersfield, that's about 70% of california's oil and gas production is just in current county alone and then l. a county is a second. biggest oil producing county in the state.
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as for the investigation, it's unclear how much oil spill but investigators say as much as 144,000 gallons might have been involved. it is a class action lawsuit has been filed against the company, but amplify energy says that they are going to be cooperating with a federal investigation as they look for the cause of this spill. and then investigation still ongoing tonight, no doubt is going to be lasting for a long time to come. janet. thank you so much. meantime, californians will soon have a better idea of what's headed for landfills instead of recycling centers. bill governor newsom signed into law today sets what advocates say are the nation's strictest standards for what items can display that chasing arrows symbol state recycling officials say many consumers assume that the chasing arrows symbol means that items should go into curbside recycling bins. officials recommended that the symbol be reversed for materials which are accepted in curbside bids. opponents countered that the bill is so
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restrictive that it could send more items to landfills. former facebook employee was on capitol hill today to testify before lawmakers that the social media company is ignoring the platforms. harmful effects. whistleblower francis halcon revealed why she believes the site negatively impacts young children and doesn't do enough to stop misinformation and violence. now going alleges that facebook contributed to the january 6th ryan at the capitol. she testified that facebook prematurely turned off safeguards designed to thwart misinformation and incitement to violence after joe biden defeated donald trump last year. the platform. whether facebook knows it or not, is being utilized by some of our adversaries in a way that helps push and promote their interests at the expense of america's yes, facebook so very aware that this is happening on the platform. facebook disagrees with many of how guns allegations, saying she quote worked for the company for less than two years, had no direct reports and never attended a decision point meeting with c
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level executives. whole family is asking for help tonight after their car was stolen in the southwest, coming up the irreplaceable item inside. also her murder has gone unsolved now for more than 25 years. and tonight, the main suspect in the killing of jenny lynn has died. babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross,
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25 years ago, has now died in prison. the east bay times reports that 53 year old sebastian alexander shaw died in oregon statement attention very. sean was considered a suspect in the killing of 14 year old jenny lynn and her home in castro valley. back in 1994. he was never arrested. in that case. he was sentenced to life in prison for a double murder there in oregon. a three year old boy is recovering after getting shot while riding in the car with his dad on a freeway in oakland. the shooting happened on interstate 5 80 nearly fontaine street over crossing police say the toddlers father was traveling eastbound around 10 30 last night. when someone in another car started shooting at them. the boy was sitting in the back seat and was shot in the foot. the toddler is in stable condition. we're told his father was not hurt, and police are looking for a motive. now a man who was out riding his bicycle says that he was attacked by a motorcycle rider and a terrifying incident in san francisco. get a museum release says the victim is hoping to identify the person who kicked and punched him
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after nearly running into him with his motorcycle and my nose is bleeding because he sucker punched me. the bicyclist is the man in khaki pants. he asked me to identify him only as j because of safety concerns. he tells m by a motorcyclist after near crash in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. just put in the bicycle in the way, it's like you're not going until the police show up. the confrontation happened a week ago tuesday, shortly before three in the afternoon. the 36 year old says the incident started when he was riding alarm brennan street at second, he says the motorcyclist nearly crashed into him while making a left turn. chases me and then right about here, he starts kicking at my bicycle. j says the motorcyclists followed him into a nearby alley. he gets off the motorcycle. punches me in the face, jay says he got off his bicycle and tackled the motorcyclist to the ground and that the motorcyclists punched him in the face. several times we'll still wake up. scared uh,
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nose hurts. the bicyclist says his injuries include two black eyes, broken nose and bruised ribs. i would just say shock. um you don't expect to get. just kicked and punched when you just riding your bicycle going to do an errand, the motorcyclist has seen throwing the bicycle out of the way before taking off. we were not able to locate and at this stage, we're looking to identify and locate them. j says he posted on social media and other bicyclists say they've encountered a man who may be the same motorcyclist. one woman wrote that he cut through a parking garage to pursue me and that he seemed angry. she declined an interview. but did tell me she did not file a police report. at this time. we're unable to confirm if this is the same suspect in other incidents that may have occurred. whatever this guy is going through. he shouldn't be inflicting this on other people. i think he needs serious help. the motorcyclist is described as being five ft.
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10 and weighs about £200. he was writing a white harley davidson. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the family is asking for help after their car was stolen with the sentimental item inside bani bs says her 2017 mercedes was stolen from a hotel hotel valencia in san jose after her daughter's wedding. p a says it happened around two sunday morning, she says. the valley left the car unattended. with the keys inside. now inside the vehicle was her daughter's wedding veil. san jose police tell us they are investigating the case. if you have any information you're asked to call police. a close up look tonight and how pg and e is inspecting power lines after complaints from customers about edges due to its new safety sensors, we have seen a reduction in potential ignitions by 60. from this time compared to last year. and we are looking at that cool down
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and dropped off a lot today. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler. that is the trend right into the weekend with a chance of some umbrella weather showing up towards the end of the week.
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lines. safety settings are non planned. we don't know when it's going to happen. not always contingent on whether. 11 p g. d held a special webinar for san mateo county residents tonight we're talking about the new, more sensitive power lines safety settings that have led to increased outages. pg and e explain those settings apply to about 170 circuits in areas of extreme fire danger. these are areas of the service territory that if a fire were to occur, it's going to be a challenge. to get
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firefighting resources in there to fight the fire. it's also going. to be a big challenge to get people out dialogue. they say they're making adjustments e quickly season, the utility says they will switch the circuits back to their normal settings. it was part of this. public information push pgd allowed to media crew up in a helicopter. see how they inspect the power lines is tom baker shows us the process and how the utility says it is paying off with fewer fires. this is an aerial helicopter inspection of one of six main power lines and sonoma county that passed through one of pg and e s highest fire risk areas where pie on main power lines they're placed in heavily wooded, high wind areas. the pilot and observer look for branches, trees or even the remains of roosting wild birds
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that can short power lines out. but pg and e now knows that the switches have too much of hair trigger, causing unwarranted shut offs. so this hair triggers are being adjusted to be well bless harry. over time. we're continuing to refine them to make them better. so there were balancing between that customer interruption and the safety that we have installing more properly adjusted automatic quick shut off switches can and does reduce the number and length of outages. we have seen a reduction in potential ignitions by 60. from this time compared to last year. the switch is also reduced the size of outages by bypassing areas that don't need to be cut off. so with smaller outage areas, erin ground inspectors can more quickly assure any equipment needing repairs fixed and the line reenergized. tweaking the triggers is helping find the sweet spot between unnecessary outages and wildfires. without helicopters. each fault could
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take 2 to 3 times as much time to get the line back in service. the more they inspect, the more efficient they get. but what about those days when the weather is too foggy her bed to fly? we're gonna put someone under that line and they're going to hike to it. whether that takes us an hour whether it takes us five hours. we're going to do it because we're not going to re energize that line until we know it's safe to do so. once the lines are cleared, power control can remotely reactivate the power line. it can only be done almost instantaneously. the fact is, we're now in or at least entering the high winds season. the diablo winds the santa ana winds. and the reality is as those winds come up. these things are going to trip. that's the acid test. but if they do trip and they prevent a fire then it's a success. tom baker ktvu clocks two news. alrighty then yeah, the trend is going pretty good in terms of whether for fire danger because we're cooling off and we're getting higher
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humidities, and we might even see some sprinkles on friday, so that would be a good thing. the trend is this right? we talked about it earlier, but temperatures continue to fall off into tomorrow and thursday level off on friday and saturday. we do see some chance of some sprinkles or showers potentially on on friday and again, it would be more santa cruz mountains. it would be a very light event. um, but it's something and again. the fact that we have this cooler weather pattern is very helpful to firefighters again because we're not dealing with the heat. we had about three days of some pretty you know, 95 96 degree temperatures inland. today's temperatures as you can see inland with low eighties mid eighties and the warmer spots tomorrow. those those mid eighties turned into low eighties and upper seventies. it's a big look big system, it really is. it's just not going the right way. there's no. dynamics or there are a lot of dynamics with it, but they're all spread out over a large area, so there's not going to be much in the way of precipitation for the bay area. proper north of here. they're getting showers already up around eureka and crescent city. few 10th of an inch now
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will continue as this pattern is going to be pretty dynamic, wet, wiser rainfall wise for the pacific northwest and northern california right through bay area friday and saturday. uh, cooler 11 degrees cooler in, uh, fair fairfield and out towards the napa area than it was last night. at this time, the cooling trend is continuing. it'll cool little tomorrow, but it's not going to be so obvious. i mean, today is cooling trend was just like, wow, it's 15 degrees. that's a big bump. tomorrow is a v a couple degrees, but so cool and again, it's not cold as we go into friday. this low kind of works its way down. this law is interesting because if it does cut off from the jet stream, these can be rain producers, gh? so if you think bumps up against the coast, a little closer pulls away. depends. so friday, we'll have to see how that pans out. that's uh, that's the main time that we could see those showers when that low is supposed to slide south of clouds tomorrow. look at that. and again what i said about no dynamics. there's no lift. and so you said the claws just keep going without dropping any rain. if you had
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some lift in there, some upper level support all that moisture would really produce could be very significant producer of rain. these are the. forecast size for tomorrow, and here's the five day forecast, so it looks like you're going. we could do a lot worse this time of year. fortunately we've got nice, cool pattern that will stick with us right through the weekend. mild temperatures look nice. thank you. bill a russian film crew is making history in space. they're shooting a movie right inside the international space station. the three person crew arrived at the space station this morning there filming the story of a surgeon who must operate on a sick cosmonaut in space. because his condition prevents him from returning to earth for treatment director says the crew looked at different filming options as they attempted to shoot in zero gravity. 16 times. this project is largely experimental so we will run into the nuances of cinematography, part of which we could have four cnn, part of which we couldn't. the russian film crew will spend 12 days in
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space before returning to earth on october 16th. part marks up next in sports with the red sox wildcard went over the yankees. plus we'll hear from giants manager gave kepler on friday's post season opener. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans.
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available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ecstasy to make the playoffs, but how quickly it can end. and that's just what happened to the new york yankees tonight. then way packed boston first time these two teams have ever met in a wildcard event. and this thing pretty much after the bottom of the first you knew it was going to win it. xander bogert with a blast to deep left center off garrett coal that happened to be the shortest post season outing. of
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his career. he's tough, but he just didn't have that. if you ask me anyway, that killer instinct like i want the ball. i'm not coming out of here. the mound. he even said i'm out. yeah fight for it, man. stay in there. tell the manager that's all you're going to give up steady last only two innings, and he's gonna get shredded by the new york media 31 boston huge play here. giancarlo stanton, hammerson left center field here is a key play. aaron judge gets the wave from third base coach phil nevin's he's a godard! xander bogaerts. great throw to the plate. got his man changed the momentum instead of 2nd and 3rd 1 out, it's pretty much end of indian attitude is five talked, but lights depressed and nothing but the final out to take care of stamp did hit a home run later. he had a nice night, but it's a six to conclusion and of the live the new york yankees. boston red sox now take on.
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tampa team that won the east. as for the san francisco giants, which might call your back to work tuesday, take a little day kicked back yesterday. but down on the field that willie mays stadium today, brandon belt. looking good, but not ready to play baseball. after the fractured thumb, it might if they move on, get to play sometime in october. meantime the question remains kevin gausman or logan web as the starting pitcher in the opener against either the dodgers of the cardinals. that remains to be seen, but we know it will happen. on friday night in san francisco, gabe kapler sizing up the kurds situations. we're doing everything we can to appreciate each one of these special moments. and we are also very good as a team at moving on and getting ready for the next challenge, and we've got some significant ones ahead of us. they have been the best
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that that absolutely is for the 49ers. what a shaky start to the season. even the place kicker was injured. robbie gold had to sit it out sunday after straining a groin muscle. he'll missed at least three weeks. he's on the i also, they sign. guy by the name of joey slide. 25 year old, played a couple of years with carolina was cut earlier this year by the texans. after three games. he's got a career rate of 79% success on his field goal attempts you know, calling a baseball game is played by play guy that is easy as it looks. just ask john sterling. yankees play by play, man tonight. you need to check this out. the pitch to stanton girl there goes deep left in his high that as far as god out of the ballpark, a stand tony and home run now what? what did i do wrong? what did i see?
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wrong well, it didn't go out of the park, right? it's tougher the park, right? it's tougher than it looks. trust me [ door opens ] jay, i'm home. did manny call? no, because he's fine. it was a slumber party, not a gang fight. i just want him to fit in. i'm gonna take a shower. do you care to join me? you know, honey, there's a gun in the footlocker in the garage. if i ever say "no" to that question, i want you to use it on me. [ chuckles ] [ haley speaking indistinctly ] [ footsteps approaching ] shh, shh, shh! what's wrong? [ continues speaking indistinctly ] why aren't they trying to hurt each other? i don't know, but i'm afraid to move. [ laughing ] you're really good at this. thanks. what is happening, claire? cameron: mmm. mitchell: what do you think? now, that is a scone. no butter, nonfat.


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