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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this is a way to keep students safe and physically in the classroom. california will become the first state in the nation to mandate covid-19 vaccinations for all eligible students in grades k through 12. governor newsome's order adds covid-19 to the list of shots. students need to attend school in person to add to that list. the vaccination for covid-19. we intend to do that. once the fda as fully approved the vaccine, which will give us time to work with districts, the mandate will likely not take effect until next school year because it kicks in once the fda grants full approval to the vaccine for age groups in grades 7 to 12, then k to six ages. 12 to 15 are still under an emergency authorization. we want to get this thing done. we want to end this pandemic. we're all exhausted by it. and the purpose of this is to continue to lead and that space news that made the announcement from den in middle school in
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san francisco, he touted the state's low positivity rate and other mandates for health care workers, state employees and school staff. but newsom said there's work to do because just 63. a half percent of kids 12 to 17 have gotten at least one shot. 84% of all eligible received one dose. but for 12 to 17, we're not where we need to be. and so we hope this encourages, folks, uh, to get vaccinated medical, religious and personal belief exemptions will be available on vaccinated students will have the option of remote learning or independent study. a handful of districts, including oakland, west contra costa and piedmont, advanced mandates ahead of the state. newsome encouraged districts to move faster if they wanted. one size cannot fit all. with one caveat, and that is baseline expectations. and that's what we're providing here is a baseline expectation school mandates have been hotly debated nationwide, and newsom's announcement elicited
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a strong response from republican assemblyman kevin kiley, he said. at every turn, the governor has let his top special interest donors dictate pandemic policy. it is an abuse of public trust without precedent in our state's history. here's what else is in the order right now. will teachers in school staff are required to be vaccinated or get tested weekly once the requirement goes into place for students, grades seven through 12? all teachers and staff will need to be vaccinated. a negative test will not be an option. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu fox two networks continue to try and stop at the virus. all right, greg, thank you so much. well some people tonight are questioning the need for this student vaccine mandate. ktvu reporter henry lee picks up our team coverage of today's big announcement with reaction now to the new requirement across california schools. reaction to governor. new subs vaccine mandate for students is mixed. a group representing school boards welcomed his announcement. and it may sense to have a universal approach on this
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issue, and that's what the governor is doing in this case. troy flint, spokesman for the california school boards association, says newsom's announcement brings clarity to individual districts that patchwork of different regulations and mandates at the local level that we've been working under for the past 18 months. haven't been fully affective in trying to combat covid-19. for me. it's frustrating because you have a governor that's deciding a medical procedure. basically for all of our school kids, ryan's witelson has two kids in the san ramon valley unified school district. he says. he doesn't believe children are more at risk. it's not something i see being backed up by doctors by cdc by medical boards. i don't see this as a mandate. strong recommendations. 100% i think you should talk to doctor. there were only a handful of school districts in the bay area that already has some kind of vaccine mandate before the governor's announcement, among them oakland, hayward, piedmont and most recently, west contra costa unified. those without mandates have been following local and state guidelines. but now they say
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they'll follow newsom's lead. we will make sure that we are ready to implement those mandates when the final details are all ironed out. c j. kamut is superintendent of the fremont school district, one of the biggest in the bay area. he says, it seems clear any vaccine hesitation should be a thing of the past. now that the state seems to be moving forward with its mandate, and if that is the case, which it appears that it will be, i would encourage our families to get vaccinated as soon as possible. the timeframe for student vaccinations depends on age children. 12 and up are now eligible, and shots for younger kids could come soon. henry lee ktvu fox two news now the los angeles unified school district was the first district in the state to approve vaccine mandates for students. in fact, students 12 and older are facing in october 3rd deadline so in just a few days to receive a first dose of the vaccine if they want to be able to participate in any school of faith affiliated. extracurricular activity that includes all sports. only medical exemptions are allowed for students there in l. a in
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mid august, california became the first state in the country to require all teachers and school staff. be vaccinated or undergo weekly covid-19 testing, and that includes public and private schools, according to the state department of health. the requirement affects more than 800,000 employees. including about 320,000 public school teachers, and also applies to cafeteria workers, custodians and school volunteers. well the san jose police officers union and the city have reached an agreement on covid vaccinations for officers. today is a start of the city's vaccine mandate for its employees and the union said about 140 officers were threatening to leave the department over that requirement. the city and police officers association of signed an agreement. it says officers have until sunday to either be vaccinated or show proof of a weekly negative covid test. they can also submit applications for medical or religious exemptions. those who do not can be suspended for 40 hours without pay and could face being fired. nothing is
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perfect. we really believe that this does strike a balance again for our members and the protection of the community's. it's important that we have a very clear message all of our employees that we're serious about vaccination. san jose says about 92% of the city's 7000 workers are vaccinated, and the city of san francisco says it will soon start sending out letters of separation. two police officers and sheriff's deputies. who refused to be vaccinated. 366 police department employees are unvaccinated and the sheriff's department says 80 of its deputies are also still unvaccinated. sheriff paul miyamoto says the department is increasing its effort to try to get everyone their shots. but really emphasizing, even as we begin these processes these administrative processes because our people as are many of the health workers are in high risk settings in the jails and the hospitals, so they've been identified as the first hear of individuals. uh to have
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to be in compliance with the health order. san francisco city employees have to be fully vaccinated by october 13th or risk losing their jobs, teachers finding a vaccine mandate in new york city separate a setback tonight. according to the hill, the u. s. supreme court today rejected the teacher's request to take on their case. that rejection came without comment from the court. we are about to lose our jobs or professions. i've been a teacher for almost 10 years because i don't want this because i don't trust it, and that is just not acceptable. now yesterday, anti vaccine advocates want to separate battle in new york a judge their rule that the state must accept religious exemptions for healthcare workers facing vaccine requirements. right now, people who live and work near a ruptured water main and alamo are waiting for service to be restored that pipe gushed water for several hours this morning. getting his rob roth is live now in alamo, where
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work is underway now to try to get everything back to normal. rob. right heather? well, there's a big job facing east bay mud work crews. they're trying to repair a sinkhole that's very deep and very wide and at the same time there also repairing a water main that burst they expect to be out here through the night. just after midnight, water started gushing out of a ruptured pipeline before long, the intersection of hemi avenue in danville boulevard became a lake emergency crews in the east bay municipal utility district responded. but they say at first they had trouble locating the gate valve to shut off the water, and his night turned today, water was still gushing before crews could stop it, but not before a million gallons of water were lost, much of it ending up in the san ramon creek. the rupture caused a sinkhole 20 by 30 ft. in size in eight ft. deep. mike mascara runs the creative learning center. a preschool next to the ruptured pipe. watch the whole get bigger, got a little
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nervous as more and more of the parking lot started disappearing and street and crosswalk and. um i had to call a lot of people and let them know that school was close today, he says no water or mud got inside the building the rancho romero elementary school of block away also closed for the day, leaving parents to scramble and we got to figure out what to do with the kids today payment, says 179 customers will be without water at least 24 hours. one of them is this family were sitting at home. i'm trying to wash my hands and you know trying to can't do that. can't take a shower can't watch my face. okay sinks are filthy. can't do laundry. it's a pain in the butt. the pipe that ruptured is an eight inches bestest cement pipe installed in 1959. this is the third water pipe rupture in the past week in alamo and the largest. it's not clear what caused this break today, but we're working to figure that out, and we're also working to address the issue of aging pipes all throughout our service area. east bay. much
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says at least some of their customers should expect to be without water until midday saturday. heather. yeah the inconvenience continues. all right. rob brought there for us tonight in alamo. rob thank you. busted pipe is being blamed for triggering a sinkhole last week. also in alamo, the rupture near valley oaks drive and stone valley road was reported just before seven p.m. on friday. hundreds of residents in the area where affected and we're without services until the following day. for folks who would be let's say, you know, below 250% of coverage some of those have very low, you know, $1 a month premiums. people who have been depending on uncle sam to cover the cost of cobra benefits need to come up with a new plan coming up options for those watching that insurance benefits expire, and cameras capture a critical clue in the case of an attempted home invasion, where one person was pistol whipped and another was shot, and we'll get you ready for the big return to a fleet
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week in san francisco. no if you enjoy the unseasonally warm weather that is outside our doors. good news is going to last through the weekend. better details after the break. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn.
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sponsored cobra health insurance. uncle sam had been paying for it since april. ktvu tom baker looks now at the effect and also the new coverage options. that california is now have tom well with the loss of federal health insurance companies. we've learned that even those folks may not be out of luck, but a little out of pocket. people who have been enjoying the free
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federal cobra health insurance benefit for the last six months really need to get replacement coverage pronto. that's because that benefit part of the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan expired thursday night. professor janet kaufman is a health insurance expert at u. c s s institute for health policy studies and says there are real alternatives if their income is low enough. they will qualify for medical, uh and medical has no premiums, either, so they have a way to get. uh no cost insurance to qualify for medical. we did the math to show who qualifies single folks who make up to $17,774 can get it. families of two earning up to $24,040 can get coverage as well. a family of four making up to $36,570. families of eight earning $61,630 are also
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medical eligible. if their income is above the medical threshold, which is 138% of poverty. then they'd be eligible for coverage through covered. california covered california. the golden state's version of the affordable care act can be very affordable for low income earners for folks who would be let's say, you know, below 250% of garbage. some of those have very low, you know, $1 a month premiums. even those folks and families with higher levels of income will get discounted covered california subsidies. which will still reduce your out of pocket costs, and says dr kaufman, the actual number of people cut off maybe far less than the 16 million projected. some folks have probably taken jobs that where they have job based insurance. um, but many others are still unemployed. now covered california says that it believes at least 138,000 californians have become eligible. odds are it's
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a lot higher than that. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, heather thanks so much, tom appreciate it. or not at this be prepared to start your weekend under a spare the air alert, taking a live look outside conditions don't look bad this evening. right now. this is about the apple in the distance, but the bay area air quality management district thinks the combination of wildfire smoke hot temperatures and vehicle exhaust is enough for them to issue a spare the air alert for tomorrow. pollutants may cause throat irritation, congestion and respiratory problems. yes and we may actually have a little bit of smoke drift come our way. in addition to all that that andre just mentioned here's a gorgeous view over the golden gate bridge, no spare the air today. air quality is good to moderate around the region. we have a lot of sunshine from the coast around the bay and inland. we do continue with the sunshine and not likely to see that fog reappear. at least we're not. for the next couple of days we will begin to see a bit of a cool down as we get
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into monday and tuesday, but not going to happen in time for your weekend, so hopefully you are enjoying this unseasonably warm weather getting into the afternoon highs for today. lots of seventies along the coast eighties around the bay and nineties inland right now. santa rosa 87 san francisco, checking in at 70 degrees for seventies in oakland, livermore upper eighties in san jose at 87, if you're going out to see the giants play this afternoon or getting closer to the evening, right as we get into the sunset, our right about seven game time. 6 45 67 degrees west priest about 15 mph, so temperatures will begin to cool off and continuing to call into the evening hours. so bring along the jacket. it's going to be nice out there at the beginning made change over the course of the game. here's a look at storm tracker to and you can see all that sunshine. the fog, they're well off the coastline. a little bit trying to develop here right off the cemetery county coastline, but not having much luck. we have a very dry northeast flow in place. it is light, but you can see those winds coming from this direction. that's about
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5000 ft up. meanwhile at the service, we have a light variable wind in from the north concord three mph nap a little bit of an aunt strawberries for you there at eight. mph as we get into tomorrow. it's going to feel a lot like what we felt for today that relative humidity going to remain low as well. we do have that northeast flow, which also not only warms us up, it tends to dry us out. oakland north over the hills reporting relative humidity at 24. mount diablo reporting 25% so holding onto the summer like pattern for the next few days, the air quality again right now good to moderate around the region that begins to change up a little bit and a spare. the air has been called for tomorrow. as andre mentioned a moment ago. we'll check in on that in the next half hour or so for your neighborhoods, but here's a view of the future cast model notice. we still have a little bit of fire activity over the state of california. it begins to drift a little bit towards the essential and sacramento valley could even enter parts of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon or so, so you may see a little bit more haze in the sky as well. meanwhile tomorrow
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temperatures starting out in the fifties over santa rosa, so chilly went for you there. san francisco. not too bad 56 for your morning low as we go inland is going to be relatively mild, upper fifties low sixties. to start your day livermore as well as antioch. getting into the afternoon high. some areas could actually be a little bit warmer than what we had today. 5 10 15 degrees above the seasonal average 94 in santa rosa for tomorrow. san francisco a very warm 81 upper eighties in oakland, nearing 100 degrees for livermore, 97 the afternoon high. they're better details on the afternoon highs for tomorrow. not much change on sunday, but we are tracking a cool down in the extended forecast, even the possibility of scattered showers more on this coming up in just a little bit. we'll check in with you, then. thank you so much rosemary oroczo tickle company, merrick says it's covid-19 pill could make it easier to survive infections and cut the risk of hospitalizations by 50. as gerry willis tells us the pill is being compared to tamiflu.
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drug giant merck, seeking emergency use authorization for the first ever oral treatment for covid-19. their antiviral pill is being described as tamiflu for covid. it's in phase three trials, and mark says it reduces the risk of hospitalizations and death by 50% the significance here while most treatments are taken through infusion marks treatment could be taken orally at home, reducing the burden on hospitals across the country. the government expected to order 1.7 million courses when and if authorization is granted at regeneron. they've developed a drug cocktail of their own, that is proven to be effective. so effective that the government just ordered another 1.4 million doses of their antibody treatment. now as state, local and federal lawmakers push vaccine mandates strong therapeutics to treat those infected could be equally as important. that's what one of regeneron's top scientists
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alina bomb told us listen. i think we learned a very important lesson was now delta showing us that vaccines which undoubtedly are absolutely critical, um, they do not protect everyone in some individuals will still be at risk of the severe outcomes. two things go together. um, you cannot substitute. a therapeutic for a vaccine, but you can also not dispense with therapeutics and hhs spokesman saying that the government shipped out twice as much monoclonal antibody treatments in september as it did in august, and now. deaths from covid-19 leveling off. that's a good news. in terry town. for the very first time in more than a year. you now have a shot tonight and experiencing oakland's first fridays street festival tell you all about the fun that awaits attendees and coming up on ktvu news at six. it's. orange october the san
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francisco giants get ready to help the san diego padres. we'll take you live to oracle park has the home team looks to clinch the division. and now that the state eviction moratorium has expired, we'll tell you the steps that renters can take to try to protect themselves from being forced out of their homes. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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hawaii's big island is spouting clouds of gas and ash, lava fountains, some as high as five. store as a as a five story building can be seen bubbling inside the giant crater. back in 2000 and 18 of volcanic eruption destroyed hundreds of homes. geologists say the russians should stay within the volcano's crater and that they do not pose any danger to those living on the island. oakland's popular first friday street festival is back for the first time in 18 months, the event on telegraph avenue just getting underway now, organizers say will include more than 50 vendors, three
5:25 pm
live bands and a car show. last hour on the 41 of the organizers told us they are thrilled to be back, and there's a little something for everyone tonight. we have about 15 different food trucks. we have dessert trucks tonight. quite a few dessert trucks, i think because it's warm out. they want to provide some ice cream. um and then we have spark. oakland artists, which are local bay area artists that went through a program that we put on and they're coming out here to sell their wares and see how people like their stuff. it's one of the most cherished events in san francisco, and every year people love it. it's a huge shot for the economy, but it's a huge shot for fun in the city. san francisco getting ready for fleet weeks come back just ahead when event organizers want from everyone planning to get in on the fun, then see the surveillance video that police hope will lead them to the people who shot a man during an attempted home invasion in san matteo land, a judge issues a
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gag order and the fraud trial of theranos is former ceo. find out who's being ordered to keep quiet.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. in san francisco this coming monday. okay to miss christian captain is on the city's waterfront and christian city officials say preparations are underway for return of this in person event. yes and just a
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matter of days the bay here behind me is going to be filled with military ships. the sky is going to be filled with the blue angels, and it's one more step towards normalcy for san francisco. live fleet week. events are coming back to san francisco. after a year of going virtual. we are so excited to be here today to announce that fleet week is happening on monday, the military ships will make their way into the bay to kick off fleet week, organizers gathered with san francisco city leaders and say it will be the only person fleet week nationwide this year. it's one of the most cherished events in san francisco, and every year people love it. it's a huge shot for the economy, but it's a huge shot for fun in the city. in years past, fleet week has drawn as many as a million visitors with hundreds of thousands on hand for the signature airshow alone, the city's health director, saying the city can hold large scale events such as fleet week with safety measures in place. organizers are asking anyone coming to wear face coverings and, most importantly, be fully
5:30 pm
vaccinated to protect themselves and others. sochi sochi and where possible, you know, in the large crowds keep that mask on. and socially distance if and when those masks need to come off. law enforcement says security plans have been in the works for months, so you'll see us walking around in uniform. you'll see us in plain clothes in the shadows to make sure people just focus on the events and activities and. really enjoy the time that they have here. police are urging anyone looking to come out to fleet week events to take public transportation. and if visitors must drive to park smart, make sure that you keep your valuables out of sight locked away. and it's a good idea to do that before you park. you don't want to park somewhere, unload your car and put everything in the trunk for pure 23 cafe, the return of an in person fleet week after a virtual event last year means a lot more diners on their outdoor patio. good news for their bottom line. it's huge for us. yeah a lot of people come down to the waterfront to watch the blue angels fly around and all the ships and stuff and it's great for business. we love it.
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organizers and health officials say the city's high vaccination rate and relatively low covid transmission rate is why large events like fleet week and chinese new year parade are getting the green light. they're still pushing for anyone who has not yet vaccinated. to get the shots. we're live in san francisco. christian captain ktvu, fox two news. looking forward to it. all right, kristen. thank you. well known five. san mateo police are investigating an attempted homicide that happened, you're going attempted home invasion robbery. authorities releasing these videos showing the suspects outside of a home on college avenue near north humbled street around three pm yesterday. detectives say three men rushed one victim as he returned home and tried to force their way into his house. the victim was pistol whipped and a second resident was shot as he was trying to escape. three men in black clothing and mass got away in a lexus ls 4 60, sudan. berkeley police say a woman is under arrest for
5:32 pm
allegedly shooting her domestic partner. it happened last friday on active street near derby. police say the victim is a woman in her twenties whose elbow was shattered in that shooting. officers say the alleged shooter, a 21 year old woman from oakland, was arrested tuesday. they say she admitted to the shooting and ask the family member to hide the gun and now to houston, texas, where police say a former student broke into a charter school and shot at administrator this afternoon terrifying students say the wounded principal ran to warn them about the shooter. i was at lunch, and the principal ran in the cafeteria, telling us to run and get out and that it wasn't a drill and he had blood on him, and they made us run outside. but then they told us don't go outside to go back. they put us in a gym in a classroom and told us to get on the floor and turn the lights off. 25 year old alleged gunman is now in custody after surrendering to police when he came into the building. the front door. it's a glass door was locked. he gained entry by
5:33 pm
shooting through a glass door. and immediately batter born one of the employees of the school. police say the shooting victim is in serious condition at the hospital. the motive for that shooting is not yet known. before years ago today, the deadliest mass shooting and u. s history happened in las vegas, and today's ceremonies took place to remember those who died in that massacre. mm. october 1st 2017, a gunman opened fire from his high rise hotel room. on a crowd attending an outdoor country music concert. 58 people were killed. hundreds of others were injured. how does this amazing spirit rise from the depths of despair? we are resilient. the
5:34 pm
gunman killed himself before police reached him. the fbi says investigators will likely never know the motive for this massacre. back here in the bay area of the trial against former theranos founder elizabeth holmes continued in san jose. holmes of course, is facing fraud and conspiracy charges for allegedly misleading patients and investors in her failed blood testing company. okay to investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky has been following the case and has the latest today from the federal courthouse in san jose. testimony from theranos is former lab director continued all day, but even more drama was going on outside the courtroom, and it involves the reporter who broke the theranos story. this has implications with respect to the first amendment in many ways, former wall street journal reporter john kerry rouz. may be banned from covering the theranos trial and is under a judge's gag order. these revelations came out friday in a federal court filing by his attorney, cary rue, broke the theranos
5:35 pm
story for the journal back in 2015 and wrote the definitive book on it titled bad blood. he is now hosting a podcast that's following the trial called bad blood. the final chapter. he's drawn the ire of the defense in this case because he has done really such an amazing job of reporting. on the theranos matter. jean paul jassy is a first amendment attorney based in los angeles, who's representing carry room. he said his client was never subpoenaed in the case, but it's under the same restrictions as all 61 other witnesses on the defense's list. the person who is. really been. the journalistic expert on this issue could be precluded from hearing the testimony of other witnesses, a trial. the judge's order, he said, is an attack on kerry rouz first amendment rights. and it's unclear if the defense really even plans to put him on the stand. that's the first amendment right to be able to go to a trial. see the trial
5:36 pm
and talk about it. i think that's going to be important, and i think the judge is going to say this homes right to a fair trial. is paramount to your right to communicate through the first amendment. at least for the time of this trial. steve clark is a south bay legal analyst and former prosecutor. he's been following the trial and was in court on friday. the day's testimony was dominated by former theranos lab director dr adam rosen dwarf he was under cross examination while on the witness stand for the fourth day with the defense did today is undermined. his previous testimony by meticulously and surgically going through old emails. we still have at least one more day of testimony from dr rosen dorf in this trial continues on tuesday. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and a reminder that you can get updates as they happen at ktvu dot com. evan has been live blogging the latest developments when court is in session. some renters in san
5:37 pm
francisco do not need to worry about the expiration of the state's eviction band coming up the area being declared and eviction free zone also will break down why cal fire said brush fires on purpose. along the peninsula today. and we'll show you what it's like to experience a hurricane at the ocean's surface.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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part of san francisco was declared and a fiction free zone supervisor, dean preston announced a plan to make sure that no one in his district district five loses their home because of pandemic. he says. it's going to take an all hands on deck approach to get struggling tenants, the resources, rent relief and free legal counsel that they are entitled to an outreach blitz is planned to email call and text every renter in district five to make sure they are protected. and prepared. there
5:40 pm
should be a federal ban on evictions. there should be a state ban on evictions. but without those things, we will not sit quietly by and wait for our neighbors to be evicted. we are a city that recognizes the importance of housing in our ability to thrive as human beings. take advantage of these resources. we are here and we are ready to fight for you. supervisor preston was joined by housing advocates and tenant attorneys who pledged to help renters know and understand their rights. preston says that $200 million in rent relief is still available. to san franciscans. all right now to washington, d c in a live look at the u. s. capitol building right now. president biden hopes a trip there today will convince congress to get on board with his infrastructure plan. now speaker. nancy pelosi delayed a vote late last night on the trillion dollar infrastructure built as efforts to broker a compromise with house progressives broke down
5:41 pm
as foxes madeline rivera tells us tonight there are deep divisions on capitol hill surrounding the legislation. it is crunch time for the president, making a trip to capitol hill friday to move negotiations along on the bipartisan infrastructure bill and a multi trillion dollars social spending and climate package crucial to his domestic agenda. democrats have been divided all week, but say they're making progress doesn't matter when. doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days or six weeks. we're going to get it done. talks are swirling that the top line figure has gone down from $3.5 trillion to roughly $2 trillion in an effort to appease moderate senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema mansion says he's willing to support a $1.5 trillion bill. however several progressives say a framework agreement on the social spending isn't enough. the reason i want to vote is because i want to be assured that there is no delay then they say they won't vote on the $1.2 trillion
5:42 pm
infrastructure bill. house speaker nancy pelosi did not bring the bill to the floor for a vote thursday night. she's not releasing more details, simply telling reporters friday. very important, then i'll come back later. and to make things more complicated. cinema is in phoenix, where she's reportedly continuing remote negotiations with the white house. still it puts the timeline of a vote on the reconciliation bill in question if we fail on either or both that is going to be very damaging to joe biden is presidency. 3700 department of transportation employees have been furloughed because surface transportation funding lapsed whether infrastructure bill didn't pass on thursday, but lawmakers are working on a separate bill to reauthorize those programs in washington. mala rivera fox news. a lot of people saw flames and smoke along the peninsula today, coming up why, that's actually a good thing. and caught in the eye of the storm will give you a glimpse of what it's like to
5:43 pm
ride out a hurricane at the ocean's surface. our summer like weather going to continue into your bay area weekend. we'll check in on the current conditions and show you what you can expect for the weekend and beyond coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious or life-threatening side effects. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while on dovato. don't stop dovato without talking to your doctor, as your hepatitis b may worsen or become life-threatening.
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such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. little bit of smoke in the year, fire crews were out working to reduce wildfire risk with what they call it vegetation management project at tomcat ranch. cal fire posted these images on social media, saying cruz with monterey bay are. gaining experience and supporting the vegetation management project, adding the hashtag good fire. well, the key way to limit the destructiveness caused by wildfires is to create a defensible space around your home. but according to a california legislative analysis released today, there should be better state and local enforcement to make sure homeowners in fire prone areas complied. officials say creating defensible space gives firefighters a much better chance of defending home. in
5:46 pm
the last five years alone, wildfires have destroyed nearly 50,000 homes in our state. firefighters are continuing to work and contain the windy fire that's burning in the sequoia national park. the lightning sparked fire has been burning into larry county now for 21 days. close to 90,000 acres have been burned that fired those 40% contained tonight. arcadia. firefighters posted this new video on social media yesterday, showing firefighters driving. through the flames there well for the very latest on the fires burning throughout the state, be sure to head on over to our website and click on the wildfires tab there. you will find all of the up to date information on the many fires. in california again at ktvu dot com. well for the first time it drone has now captured video from inside hurricane noah released this video taken inside hurricane sam in the atlantic ocean. the video was recorded by a sale drone, which floats on top of the water. drunk can survive 50 ft waves and high winds to collect the important data. hurricane sam
5:47 pm
is a category four storm traveling right now towards bermuda. it's not expected to hit the island, but it could bring tropical storm conditions. to that area. around here in the bay area. it's all about the heat and that is going to continue getting into your weekend outsider doors at this time, mostly sunny skies along the coast around the ban inland and a beautiful view. there we stop about an hour or so until the official sunset, but you can see already some nicer. sunlight as we are looking over towards the west. we are looking at warm up that will continue into your weekend. in fact, tomorrow could be slightly warmer than today. tomorrow is also a spare the air day so we'll check on the air quality expected for your baby area. uh neighborhood in just a moment. here is a look at storm tracker to where we have that fall right off the coastline. not expected to regroup. we have a northeast flow it's a light one. but it's out there going to roll you into the next few days, though, and then we'll come back and take a look at what you can expect for your weekend because
5:48 pm
this is the first sign of some change monday into tuesday, a system that's working through the pacific northwest dropping into northern california could actually bring us. not only cooling but going to bring us the possibility of maybe a few scattered showers. you can see here. it doesn't look like much. it tends to fall apart as it gets closer to the bay area, but we are looking farther out into the tuesday wednesday timeframe. for those changes coming our way in time for the weekend. we will continue with the sunshine and temperatures well above average, and for tomorrow, air quality is expected to be moderate for most of us. slightly unhealthy for the inner east bank. just above that 100 index, which means if you have respiratory issues, or if you suffer from asthma, something to be aware of, and as we showed you in the last half hour may have a little bit of drift from those. california those fires burning over sequoia drifting our direction. meanwhile outside our doors at this hour, a very nice 70 degrees in san francisco. we have 77 in
5:49 pm
oakland into the south bay upper eighties over san jose, and for the inner east by upper eighties to about 90 degrees. still at this hour and conquered, you've got 90 their upper eighties over napa tomorrow morning temperatures ranging from about 50 degrees in santa rosa. 56 san francisco, a lot of upper fifties around the bay and a few low sixties for the inner east bay 63 expected for you tomorrow morning in antioch with mostly clear skies and then into the afternoon. another warm day we've got upper seventies expected over areas of pacifica so very nice speech whether they're low eighties in the city of san francisco. where the giants will continue to play through the weekend. we've got 89 hayward 90 degrees for redwood city, the inner east made even nearing 100 degrees in some areas like concord and livermore into the upper nineties. your extended forecast here. will continue west atis quo rolling through your area sunday with little change expected a tad cooler on monday. that's when the cooling began more notable tuesday into wednesday, and that will be our
5:50 pm
opportunity and maybe some wet weather entering the bay area as well back to you. all right. thank you. so much. rosemary afirma is rolling out a new flood insurance program officials say the new pricing method will more fairly determined how much property owners should pay for flood insurance. right now, about five million americans are insured through that program. currently those premiums are calculated based on flood zones and elevation. but starting today, fema will look at other factors like proximity to water and drainage as well. well, former process begins today to transfer beachfront property that was taken from a black family in southern california. about 100 years ago yesterday, governor gavin newsom signed a bill authorizing l. a county to transfer the land known as bruce's beach in manhattan beach back to the bruce family. at the bruce family built what was the first resort for african americans on the west coast. the city of manhattan beach seized that land back in the 19 twenties, saying it was needed for city park. well nothing was ever developed on that site, and the bruce family was never compensated. that's
5:51 pm
like it's a lawyers. i think it's a policy making a ticket to the streets, organized the community. we march we protested. let me do what apparently, manhattan beach is unwilling to do, and i want to apologize to the bruce family just. well, the governor saying that because the current mayor of manhattan beach, he has apologized to the bruce family build, the city council has refused to sign an official apology. well, a famous painting by a british street artist will go up for auction for the first time. so if you're interested here, the details bank ceased to part girl with balloon. is expected to go for more than $4.5 million. the piece will be auctioned off at christie's in london this month. the rare edition is one of 25 created by banksy in 2000 and five it features a girl and one painting and her heart shaped balloon. in another. the painting has been in the hands of a private collector until now. well a couple from northern california hit the jackpot the real jackpot on a visit to a popular state park. r
5:52 pm
makayla tells us that they found a four carat rock. it could be worth more than $15 million. michael and nor in red bird just returned from the crater of diamonds state park in arkansas, where they paid 10 bucks each to go diamond honey last thursday, my husband started digging with a shovel and put in the dirt in the screen and i was like sinking it trying to find the. any diamonds or rocks or whatever. but noreen said she wasn't having any luck. so she decided to walk around. then she saw something shiny and bent over to pick it up. moved a little bit of dirt out of the way and it was a good sized rock, and there's no dirt that was sticking to it once i picked it up, so i thought it could be a diamond, she said. because it was the size of a jelly bean. she thought there's no way she found a diamond that big. the ring continues searching while michael took it in and handed it over to a woman in the office. she said. oh, it looked like a stone. you get it, uh, one of those, uh, places you can buy, you know, rocks from,
5:53 pm
but to be sure, she called in one of the experts. mike says they put it into a machine and shined the laser on it when three rangers showed up and one of them was armed, he knew something was up. they sat him down and said, you have a 4.38 carat yellow diamond. and i always like. i just are you kidding me? michael said he was speechless. doreen was still outside looking for more sparkling rocks in the dirt. she says all of a sudden she hears her name being announced over the loudspeaker, nori robert, which you come to the rental office, she said she had to pick up all the equipment they had rented by herself because she wanted to get their deposit back. and then made her way into the office. the red birds were told. this is the largest diamond that's been found in the park this entire year. i found it hard to believe to people who. just wanted to experience you know, digging for diamonds in a real diamond field, you know? and it
5:54 pm
was just like. it must have been our day. the experts told them they were lucky. it rained two days prior. the largest diamonds are always found on the surface about two days after a large rain blows through. a lot of times the shovels and buckets aren't even needed. here. i am out there digging up almost like crazy. parts of holiday shoppers are being advised to get a jump start on wish lists now coming up what's likely to get in the way of finding perfect gifts and coming up on ktvu news at six o'clock tonight at late night fire destroys a portion of a beloved playground. we'll show you the damage and also tell you about the expected cost of repairs plus good. the san francisco giants clinched the nl west tonight the excitement brewing in oracle park and we'll take you there live. covid-19 cases, americans d
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
more shopping in august, consumer spending jumped nearly 1% that's after a slight decline in spending in july. analysts say the delta variant triggered a summer slowdown and dining out and vacations, travel. the commerce department says the increase suggests people are digging into their savings to spend more on clothing, furniture and groceries as well. well, the holidays are months away. but some experts are sounding the alarm about the holiday season foxes caroline shively explain some stores could find themselves with limited stock once the christmas rush gets underway. if you thought holiday shopping has been rough and past years, just wait. actually don't wait. financial experts are already warning of shortages for the holiday season. i think i would
5:58 pm
recommend everyone to go ahead and buy those hard to get items now. versus waiting until the holidays. so what's the reason behind the delays this holiday season? it all started with what else? the pandemic. covid first caused slowdowns, then shutdowns at factories in china and vietnam. covid is the underlying factor that, uh, commence back in the spring of 2020 and continues to have a an impact negative impact, then that impact snowballed. factories trying to catch up making toys and presents have led to a backup of container ships trying to deliver them. now, many of those ships are stuck in the waters outside some of america's largest ports. in fact, large retailers like home depot and wal mart have rented their own shipping containers and are moving product through some lesser used facilities. another problem, the worldwide semiconductor shortage has halted or hampered production of everything from video games to cars to phones. and finally,
5:59 pm
if you order gets online expect even more delays starting friday instead of first class mail taking three days to arrive anywhere in the u. s. it could take up to five. in washington, carolina shively fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. it's orange, october and tonight. excitement is in the air as giants fans filter into oracle park to see if their team can clinch. the national league west. i'm slightly pumped and i'd love to see him clinch tonight at least a day. but you know, whatever it takes to get there and finish ahead of the dodgers. i'm good with that. well right now. the san francisco giants magic number is two in order to claim the division title over the dodgers. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm jana katsuyama in for christina. first pitch is in just 45 minutes, and the giants are on a six game winning streak as they get ready to host the san diego padres. now, just last night, they claimed their 100.
6:00 pm
fifth win of the season in what is a record number of victories in one season for the franchise. now this is a live look at the scene at oracle park is fans make their way inside. you see a lot of orange shirts. they're currently the giants hold a two game lead over the los angeles dodgers with just three games left in the season, and that means any combination of giants winds. and dodger losses would add up to san francisco, clinching its first nl west title since 2012. the fans say they couldn't be more excited. we decided to come up here and see if they could clinch while we're here for the next two days. we are going to win. we better win. and the dodgers. i don't think that the mole brews are going to kick their but you got to beat the padres. so we can go to the world series and have another championship under our belt. and


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