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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 30, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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officers with serious misconduct records from getting hired at other departments. there's 46 other states. 46 other states that have established foundational laws to address that issue. why is it so hard? to do the right thing. sb two will end the cycle of what i said at the wash, rent and repeat cycle of police misconduct and ensure all officers in california are held to the same fear and appropriate standards. law enforcement unions largely support a decertification process but opposed the way sp two is crafted. specifically an advisory board made up of six community members into police representatives. we were trying to make a program that would have been fair, equitable and provided all the due process rights everybody's afforded in the united states. but unfortunately that makeup made it very biased towards the peace officer coming before them. union leaders vow to continue working with the legislature on implementation. other measures signed include
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raising the minimum age for officers from 18 to 21, setting standards for officers to confront, stop and report excessive force by another officer. increasing transparency of police misconduct records, setting standards on use of rubber bullets and tear gas for crowd control and banning any restraint with high risk of positional asphyxia. i will always be angela's voice. the expansion of the chokehold ban is named after angelo quinto, the navy veteran, died in antioch last year after officers responding to a call of a mental health crisis restrained king toe on his stomach for several minutes. this is hope that change is possible. and that means that the last that we had is not in vain if we can prevent other people from the top in the same fate. greg lee ktvu fox two news. senate clara university law professor david ball told us at four that these laws should have a positive impact. it's part of the solution. i
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think to have these laws to make sure that somebody who has a demonstrated record of misconduct, you know, that's very serious in this case. um, isn't you know, sort of. on policing our streets. so um, there have been quite a few of police d certifications in places like georgia and florida and north carolina, you know sort of red to purplish states in getting you know, um, officers who really shouldn't be, uh on, you know, enforcing the law off law enforcement. the professor said that the law also provides a commission to hold a hearing with a 2 to 3 vote before decertifying an officer in san francisco. unvaccinated police officers are running out of time to get their covid shot. as many as 267 officers could lose their jobs since the city is requiring all employees get vaccinated. ktvu christien kafton has the latest on what the department is doing to make sure patrols are covered during this uncertain time. san francisco police
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officers are among the city employees that fall under the health order to be fully vaccinated by october, 13th, the chief of police, releasing a statement acknowledging that as many as 267 of the city's 2100 officers are unvaccinated. and could be put on administrative leave and eventually separated from the city, the chief saying he's already planning on pulling 31 officers from their regular duties and putting them on patrol to make up for any absences, quote. uncertainty about the number of unvaccinated sfpd members who will be unable to perform their duties after october. 13th requires us department to begin initial redeployments to assure that we will continue to fulfill our core functions of patrol investigations and public safety. leah cohen serves on the san francisco police commission and says each officer who asks for an exemption will receive a hearing to determine their future employment with the city and if they're able to continue to protect and serve we as as city employees and we as the police commission, our job is to make sure that we create an environment that is safe for
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officers to perform their core functions. tracy mcrae from the san francisco police officers association says she's still negotiating with the city and hopes that officers will be allowed to continue to serve with a combination of vaccines, masks and regular testing. and i believe we will come to an agreement where we will have officers out on the street or save were vaccinated, and if they're not because of an exemption or anything, they still would be safe and how they do their job. several sources have told me the city is hoping that as officers realize they're not getting vaccinated impacts their fellow officers. some of those unvaccinated officers will go ahead and get the shots. at the same time. the mayor has said she will push ahead with the city budget that includes police academies to make up for any loss of officers. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. healthcare workers in california could be fired if they do not get the covid-19 vaccine. the state says all healthcare employees must be vaccinated. what gets covid-19 rather by today or
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have a valid religious or medical exemption, kaiser says employees who have not been vaccinated could be placed on unpaid leave starting tomorrow and could be fired december 1st if they still choose not to comply. dignity and sort of health have similar rules in place now, the biden administration says legally, companies can ask their employees to show proof of vaccination. the department of health and human services says hip hop the privacy rule does not apply to employers or employment records. company issued vaccine requirements have caused many workers to lose their jobs or even quit. still, legal experts say businesses are free to set whatever rules they like to protect their customers and other employees. now to washington and a major development for the democrats. negotiating a massive $3.5 trillion spending plan. moderate west virginia senator joe manchin revealed he would like the price tag of that bill to drop by more than half fox news, madeline rivera tells us the announcement came as house lawmakers are poised to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure
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bill. it's messy. the sausage making on capitol hill with president biden's domestic agenda facing a critical moment, moderate senator joe manchin is sharing what he's willing to spend on the democrats. social and climate spending plan $1.5 trillion what we could do not jeopardize. not jeopardize our economy mansion had shared the figure with senate majority leader chuck schumer in july. the memo, confirmed by fox news includes a suggestion that debate on the reconciliation bill won't begin until october 1st, but a spokesman for schumer says he never agreed to mansions conditions. we are fighting for the build back better agenda, which is the president's agenda. progressives are still pushing 43 a half trillion dollar package. and they say they're not supporting the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. and so the larger packages ready. house speaker nancy pelosi says she intends to hold a vote on the infrastructure deal thursday on a path to win the boat. i don't want to even consider any options other than
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that all of this comes as the u. s, faces the looming threat of a debt default unless lawmakers raise the debt ceiling by october, 18th. when the country is expected to exhaust its cash reserves, both republican administrations and congresses and democratic ones have run budget deficits for most of the post war period. one crisis has been averted. congress has passed a short term spending bill that will fund the government until december. 3rd. avoiding a government shutdown in washington. mala rivera fox news. the federal funding bill includes money for federal firefighters, senator alex padilla says it includes provisions from his wild land firefighter fair pay act with senator feinstein. it waves the annual pay cap for those fire crews. there's also $30 billion for disaster relief, including wildfire recovery, with billions expected to flow here to california. well. stocks were lower on wall street today,
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wrapping up the month of september with losses. the dow was down 546 points. the nasdaq was all 63 points and the s and p was lowered by 51 points. the s and p saw its first monthly loss since january. it's down nearly 5% for the month. traders remain worried about the pandemic, slowing consumer spending and growing inflation, among other factors. coming up a massive marijuana raid in the east bay that authorities say maybe the largest in our area ever will show you the intricate setup with room after room filled with marijuana plants. over the course of 18 months discovered that this was a very sophisticated and elaborate, almost corporate style. uh, cultivation operation. and temperatures today, above the average and warmer than yesterday by a few degrees, so it's warmer out there and it's going to continue that way into the weekend. i'll have that five day forecast coming up and state regulators they're preparing for the possibility of a mandatory water
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restrictions as they discuss the current drought conditions. and what lies ahead. also taking a live look right now at the traffic conditions on highway 24 through lafayette on this thursday evening. ktvu news at six will be right back. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day.
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or stations in just this week, the chronicle reports. the first incident happened monday, a man was found unresponsive at the daily city station around 10 in the morning later that same day another man was found dead in a train stopped at the fremont station, and then on tuesday, police say a man was found dead on a train in pleasant hill. bart. officials say overdoses appear to be the cause of death of all three men. alameda county sheriff's deputies raided what they call one of the largest illegal marijuana growing operations in california. the seizures happened at more than a dozen locations in the east bay.
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crime reporter henry lee shows us what else deputies uncovered. and now we made a county sheriff's investigators used a gas powered hedge trimmer to destroy marijuana plants. lots of them. the sheriff's office raided the san leandro warehouse and more than a dozen other locations in oakland, hayward and castro valley after an 18 month investigation. this is all marijuana here. the best way to get it is we put it in these bags. um we'll put it in trucks. the seized plants will be burned in the central valley. marijuana is legal under california state law, but sergeant ray kelly says, cultivating it to the scale without proper permits. and while laundering the profits is not this is unsanctioned this is not legal. this this does not meet the thresholds and guidelines. as prescribed by the state of california. the warehouse on neptune drive had rooms for different stages of growth, grow lights, air vents and jerry rig power hookups. you know, this is basically modern day bootlegging like we saw in the 19 twenties. investigators seized up to half a million plants. more than a dozen guns £12,000 of process
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plants worth $42 million.10 million dollars in cash. this was a very sophisticated and elaborate, almost corporate style. uh cultivation operation corporate because workers were treated to break rooms like this one with flat screen tvs and fine wines stocked in fridges, $1000 bottles of wine that they would just sip on after all apart, grow like this one is hard work trimmer spent hours cultivating these plants sitting on small chairs like this one. also rated was this warehouse on 77th avenue in east oakland, outfitted with 10 generators? get to operated under the radar. when you decide not to operate under those guidelines, life's a lot easier until you get caught, although seven suspects have been implicated, others could still be charged. the investigation is ongoing by the alameda county sheriff's office, and they have a lot of marijuana plants to destroy in san leandro henry lee ktvu fox two news. an illegal gambling establishment was busted today. daly city police served a search warrant at five this
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morning at a home on monterey avenue. they see several illegal items seen here, including illegal coin operating gambling machines, drugs, money and several guns. a total of four people were arrested. the uh gavi sports bar and grill in san jose will officially closed its doors in just a few weeks since december of 2020. the san jose police department says the bar has been the source of dozens of calls from residents reporting dangerous and illegal activities. earlier this year, a suspected drunk driver drove up onto the patio there and killed a young mother. the city announced today that effective october 17th. the bar will cease operations. the city says the closure is to address the safety issues caused by that business. alright so in san francisco today, emergency crews were called to an incident at first and folsom streets. take a look when firefighters arrived. they found a glass pane that fell out of a window on the 45th story. the photo was tweeted out by the fire department. it happened at the avery 4 50 luxury rental apartment. and
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you can see window washers are working at the time of the window fell out now. fortunately no one was injured. all right. it was a bit warmer today out there and it's going to stay this way. temperatures are going to run in the mid upper eighties in low nineties inland above the average that lasts right through the weekend. here's where we were for the average that's what you expect for this time of year. for this day, santa rosa 79 today we hit 91. so you see the temperatures above the average by in some cases, you know. quite a bit over certainly over 5 10 degrees and so, with that in mind temperatures tomorrow we'll again be above the average the current temperatures from today these are you know, some cities didn't hit on that last graphic, but 88. morgan hill 91 in antioch. these temperatures tomorrow will be very similar little bit of fog returns to the coast. so do what you will with that. i mean, i think it's afternoon and evening, so the beaches in the mornings and then before three or four o'clock should be fine. but we will see a little bit of a wind shift. that will drive that fog
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inland. there's a golden gate bridge. um i want to get your fun fact. on the bridge. it was there's 41. this kills me 41 million vehicles a year across that bridge 112,000 cars a day. hundreds four or 41 million vehicles, so that's how i guess it's the busiest tourist attraction in the world. something like that. okay so as you go outside you're looking for temperatures tomorrow to be a lot like today. san francisco maybe some patchy fog generally in the mid to upper fifties in the morning hours. then at lunchtime, you're up near 70 degrees and at the end of the day san francisco 75 degrees for your friday will be warm again on the weekend to i'll see you back here with that. bill thank you will see in a bit in southern california firefighters are battling a massive palette fire. this is happening in the city of carson in los angeles county at a warehouse distribution center, according to local reports. some of the boxes contain rubbing alcohol, which is further fueling the flames.
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some nearby businesses have been evacuated as a precaution. so far. no injuries have been reported. our new mandatory water limits have been set for people who live in livermore. earlier this week, the city council issued a water shortage emergency declaration. well, now the city's limiting water use by 15% compared to last year. the biggest change, residents can only water landscaping three times a week. properties with odd numbered streets can water on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. even number addresses can water on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. no sprinkler irrigation is allowed between nine a.m. and six p.m. state leaders are calling on california's to keep reducing their water usage as we head into a third, potentially dry winter leaders held a virtual meeting today to discuss the current drought conditions. most of the state is under extreme or exceptional drought conditions right now, and leaders say it's getting worse. during the summer, governor newsom called for californians to reduce their water usage by 15. well today, state leaders
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are reiterating that message. some parts of the state stepped up and achieve that 15% reduction and even exceeded it, particularly where conditions were most acute like the russian river watershed. but overall, the state water usage was only down about 2. state leaders also discussed the possibility of mandatory water restrictions across the state. if we see another dry winter, and they discuss ways they plan on, spending the $5.2 billion water and drought resilience package. that was passed in the final state budget for a second straight year. wildfires raging in the sierra are threatening to wipe out giant sequoias. those trees, giant trees are long considered a symbol of living history here in california. the fire into larry county is raging in the giant sequoia national monument, where almost 30 largeesve alrdyd right now. that fire is 35% contained further north in sequoia national park. the knp
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complex fires have been encroaching on historic groves of sequoia is there. that fire is only 11% contained. and last year the castle fire in inyo county wiped out as much as 14% of the total sequoia population. investigators in mariposa county say they still do not have answers into the mysterious death of a family of three and their dog whose bodies were found in a remote area of the sierra national force last month. sheriff's officials say they have ruled out possible causes, including lightning strike. illegal drugs and suicide. they continue to investigate whether toxic algae or heat remained. remains were to blame here. but the couple formally from san francisco, they took their daughter and their dog on a hike on the remote trail back on august 15th. the temperatures that afternoon range between 107 and 109 degrees. still ahead. traffic on the golden gate bridge brought to a standstill today, a group of protesters trying to send a message to the nation's leaders about immigration reform across
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country project to honor the japanese american survivors who were interned during world war two. we'll hear from the man who has made it his mission to make sure the painful mistakes of the past are not forgotten by future generations.
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morning as ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary explains, demonstrators want to put immigration reform measures back into that massive spending bill that's right now before congress. thursday morning the
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right across the bay's most iconic bridge was agonizing shortly before seven dozens of protesters drove onto north beyond lanes, stopping traffic 40 undocumented families. and allies bravely took over the golden gate bridge to send a powerful message not just to congress but to the entire nation that immigrants deserve a path to citizenship. now protesters say their collective goal isn't to engender iron from motorists. but action in washington d. c the senate and house could vote as early as this week on a $3.5 trillion spending bill that contains several steps to reform immigration. we say we welcome those who are homeless or. who are downtrodden who are needy. it's time to extend that on, not just have a statue of liberty standing in the harbor, a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented americans is central to a growing call for action but also paid family leave a child tax credit funding for construction to
6:24 pm
house the homeless and funding for free community college. we blocked the bridge. i could ask a lot of people here, but my sense is desperation. desperation is being driven in part by the senate's parliamentarian elizabeth mcdonough. next language in the bill, giving millions of would be immigrants. legal status me as a teacher. are not constantly thinking. no well, my parents be deported. will i be the ported passing the reforms would end the deportation threat, but. it's not directly tied to spending but immigration reform and as such, the senate can consider it in this type of bill. at a second rally thursday outside san jose's federal building, demonstrators demanded vice president kamala harris override the parliamentarian if she does not ignore the parliamentarian. then the democratic party will have a political crisis. protesters say the integrity of the
6:25 pm
democrat party is riding on the spending vote, meaning there could be more commutes like this one if washington can't find an effective compromise, and san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news. new rules from the biden administration with limit arrests of undocumented immigrants who have been in the country for a year or more. the rules would only require authorities to pursue those who recently crossed into the u. s or are deemed opposed to pose a threat to the public safety. simply being in the country without legal status would not be the sole basis for enforcement actions. the new rules take effect in late november. coming up on ktvu at 6 30 new sense of security in oakland chinatown community leaders announced the installation of 20 new security cameras to help track crime and make community members feel more safe. later in sports in a new book, tom brady reveals he wanted to finish his career with the san francisco 49 ers. why it didn't work out and how he wound up in tampa bay instead. sports director marco
6:26 pm
van is with the details later in sports.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. bills in l. a county today, the new laws created the certification process for officer misconduct, set standards on use of rubber bullets and tear gas for crowd control and ban chokeholds restraints. time is running out for san francisco's police officers to receive their covid shots. it's a requirement to
6:29 pm
stay on the job, but hundreds still have not been inoculated. 267 offices remained on vaccinated and at risk of losing their job. a city health order requires employees to be vaccinated by october, 13th. alameda county sheriff's deputies carried out a multi city marijuana raid after an 18 month investigation. it included locations in san leandro, oakland, hayward and castro valley. investigators say they seized up to half a million plants 12,000 process plants worth $42 million.10 million dollars in cash, plus more than a dozen guns. you're watching ktvu news at 6 30 today, oakland's chinatown unveiled new security cameras installed throughout the neighborhood. this comes after a string of violent attacks on mostly elderly asians. ktvu is rob roth tells us the hope is the new cameras will deter criminals and give residents and visitors a sense of security. here in the heart of oakland. chinatown the gold medal restaurant has been
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serving lunch, dinner and late night meals for more than 30 years. but even at noon, customers were scarce that they usually popular restaurant. the owner is easy, ma says. business is down around 20% but unlike many other barrier restaurant owners, mark does not blame the pandemic for the downturn. i think crime is even worse than calling. people don't afraid of covid. but they are afraid of the crime. but some leaders in chinatown are hoping this will help they announced thursday the installation of the first of 20 security cameras they intend to post throughout the neighborhood. this one is at ninth and alice street. the cameras were donated by a san mateo security company called burqa to incorporated most of the robberies taking place lately, people driving cars through and they stop, rob and then run. so with the cameras with this kind of camera system which capture you know the incident and which can be, uh, hopefully deter and also fighting crime as well. crimes such as this captured by a different security camera.
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gunman shot a man in august after he tried to stop them from stealing the purses of two women on ethan franklin streets. his injuries were not life threatening a few weeks earlier. other street robberies the victims were asian, and many are elderly. hopefully. is there a lot more camera around? it will prevent, uh, crimes happen again. but the wave of attacks in chinatown over the summer has dropped significantly in recent weeks. oakland police have added more foot patrols working overtime, among other violent suppression efforts. so since i deploying additional police resources patrolling china down, we had, uh, basically, we had almost zero incident for the past two weeks. the rest of the security cameras are expected to be up and running here in oakland, chinatown within a month. in oakland, rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. back in march, santa clara county judge set off on a journey to honor japanese americans who are put into
6:32 pm
internment camps during world war two little did judge johnny go go. no, his efforts would take him around the country and touch the lives of so many. superior court judge go go has been taking historic 48 star american flags from city to city to have former internees and their family members signed their names onto the fabric. the american flag had 48 stars during world war two hour heather holmes spoke with the judge about his memorial project. he hopes it will shape future generations understanding of this painful chapter in our nation's history. it was a really sad time with respect to our united states constitution because many people were forcibly relocated, uh and removed from their homes, their schools their businesses. without due process of law, and so obviously as a lawyer as a prosecutor, i protect people's, uh, due process rights and as a judge protect due process
6:33 pm
rights, i obtained my 1st 48 star, american flag and. obviously bearing being here in san jose for the last two decades, working as a prosecutor, and now as a judge, i knew that congressman mike conduct from san jose when he was a young child. he was him and his family were. imprisoned in one of the camps. and so i knew that, uh, through my community outreach with my condo over the years that he would be the first person that i would approach my second person, if you will, that i did. i tried to, um, have signed the flag was. was secretary norman mineta again originally from san jose. he signed the flag and. and then you know, with those two icons and leaders from san jose. um uh, on on board with this project, and i was able to convince more members in our centers they community. and then i really took it from there. and now i'm actually starting on my third flag. the
6:34 pm
folks that were in those japanese american camps, uh, in that assigned the flag, um you know, they feel that it is, um, an honor for them to sign the flag to represent their families. how many more signatures would you like to collect? well i've got, uh four more visits. just here in california alone. i'll be visiting, um san francisco. uh alameda and santa maria. and those are just the service. the california stops, probably fresno as well, um, i'll be traveling to denver into arkansas, where some of these other camps were located. um i probably will approach close to 1000 signatures and probably started fourth flag, if not the fifth flag for you personally, what has this whole experience been like for you? it's been really an incredible journey. um i beyond my wildest
6:35 pm
expectations. i figured i would have one flag with a handful of signatures, uh, on it. but again once, uh, the japanese american community started to learn about this project and really the meaning, uh, and purpose again to honor their sacrifice there. there um, their resiliency. uh you know, the it has become such a more powerful and meaningful project from generation to generation. we tend to forget the experiences that we've learned. and then, unfortunately, as you probably know, uh, this homes um, history, unfortunately, has a way of repeating itself, including all of the negative. aspects of history. and so it's incumbent upon us that that that are aware of the situation to continue to help, educate and spread the spread. uh, that education to others. and judge
6:36 pm
go go, is holding a flag signing event this saturday at the japanese american museum of san jose. he plans to donate one of the flags to that museum and others here in california. he will make the donation on january 30th the day the state honors spread. korematsu who fought japanese american internment. and for more information on that event, we posted a link under the web links section of our website at ktvu .com. are coming up. nearly released. numbers show california unemployment claims skyrocket to the highest total in six months. what experts say is causing this surge also had a science fair project turned lifesaving tool. we will introduce you to a local teenager who is helping save the lives of babies on the other side of the world with a simple invention.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn.
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. according to the latest data released from the u. s. labor department. today, the number of americans filing for benefits rose by the third straight week or for the third straight week. a nationwide 363,000 claims were filed up 11,000 from the week before here in california. nearly 87,000 workers file claims up 18,000 from the week before. that means california's unemployment claims rose at a pace far greater than the nation and at a rate higher in proportion to the golden state's population. ktvu is tom baker. has the details. two days ago. fear us miss our way opened his fourth troy greek
6:40 pm
express restaurant in the east bay. big problem. no workers applying. it's been almost impossible. all of our oliver locations, either nobody response to the ads or they come in. they work for a day and they leave. duane morris law firm, labor lawyer and former head director michael bernick says. some of the latest week surgeon. new claims are both from newly laid off workers, also from people refiling existing claims we had nearly 30% of all the nations, new unemployment claims, um, even though we have about 11.7% of the nation's civilian labor force, consider this. california reopened its economy 14 weeks ago. federal unemployment benefits were cut off just under four weeks ago in previous downturns. by now, people would have been flocking back to work. employers are having job fairs. um very few, um, jobseekers attending so for
6:41 pm
lower or modest wage service workers. the labor drought continues their primary concerns or fear of the covid ulta variant, lack of affordable childcare facilities and concerns about if schools will stay open. one bright note for people with skills in demand. healthy competition for those jobs is now underway. but the back to work situation requires restoring california's devastated small business economy. by last fall, the pandemic had cut the number of small businesses by half and the jobs they supported the number of small businesses in operation the revenues far far below pre pandemic times. bernick says california must create a comprehensive growth environment for all businesses, but especially. small business jobs. mechanics uh, plumbing contracting and everyone has the same problem. everybody complains about the same thing that they just can't find people. failure to return to work actually slows the pace of
6:42 pm
business recoveries to the point that it can cause them to downsize, creating even more additional layoffs. tom vacar ktvu. fox two news. already the weekend just around the corner. now all have that forecast coming up right after the break. all right, let's go to ktvu alex savage. now, with a look at some of the stores working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus andre. thank you. the next time you fly, you might have to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test will tell you about the new bill that's being pushed forward by a california senator. that would put those new requirements in place for domestic flights. plus one day after britney spears major legal victory in her conservatorship fight, we are now hearing from her father. what he is saying about the judge's ruling. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus we'll see you, then alex, thanks. but first after the break, facebook's head of global safety is grilled by lawmakers
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over the social media giant's protection of children online and what the company knew about how it's platforms were impacting young people. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day.
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instagram on young kids report earlier in september showed in the leaked internal data, facebook knew its photo sharing app instagram was mentally harmful for young girls. but only made a few changes. facebook executives say they want to build products to support users who are struggling on their platforms. we've invested incredibly heavily in suicide prevention on our platform. these steps are. baby steps, not even baby steps. in the direction of trying to improve instagram.
6:46 pm
facebook recently paused plans for instagram kids, which is tailored to users 13 and under next week, the facebook whistleblower believed to have leaked internal data, is expected to testify, governor newsom wrote. a children's book is titled ben and emma's big night or big hit. rather it's about a boy who plays baseball, but struggles to fit in because of his dyslexia. gavin newsom who has dyslexia and played baseball says he wrote this book to empower dyslexic children. the book is scheduled to be published on december. 7th newsom will donate all proceeds to the international dyslexia association. a selfie teenagers being applauded as an innovator who's making a difference, using what began as a science fair project to help premature babies survive in india. nietzsche daria is a senior presentation high school in san jose.r she created whichn help keep a premature baby
6:47 pm
alive by regulating the newborn's body temperature. her invention was behind a nonprofit she started last year. dedicated to distributing incubators in rural areas of india, a country where only one in 10 premiums survive. darius says she wanted to address the great need for incubators. there were electricity and access to health care is scarce. incubators in hospitals costs up to $5000 and rural areas don't have access to technology like that. so i created a low cost incubator, which costs $50 and can. um function like incubator in a regular hospital. well, bright girl to date, daria nonprofit impact incubators as distributed 125 incubators to rural areas in india all free of charge. already above average temperatures today. here's what we're supposed to be. san francisco should be 71 degrees pretty warm, but that's typical for this time of year.
6:48 pm
san francisco today all the way up to 83 degrees temperatures in the city tomorrow i'll be at this probably 77 78 something like that be a little bit core. there's a little bit of fog expected tomorrow night that will create a bit of a sea breeze. so temperatures generally. definitely nice like today. here is a live picture of the golden gate bridge and you can see there's no fog out there now. beautiful sunset. we're not looking at it, but i was just checking out. some of the other cameras and out to the west of us is just a stunning sunset right now. is that. fog is free and so everybody out in the sunset district you see the sunset, which isn't always the case in june, july and august, as you know, so, uh, tomorrow in san francisco, there's the forecast the morning. it'll start off kind of cool, but it ends up pretty mild lunchtime. you're already almost 70 degrees. then instead of 83 like we saw today in san francisco, you're 75 degrees, so pretty pleasant. uh there's another system write little little tweet going through to the pacific northwest. there's one behind that, and there's one behind that, and that's what looks
6:49 pm
like could be a potential for us next week around wednesday, um, for a chance for maybe a sprinkler shower or something. would that be great? um so we'll keep our eyes on that it's down the road. it's a long way off. but again anytime you get an opportunity for some showers, temperatures are running ahead of where they were yesterday at this time by 10 degrees in livermore, so. the trend, right? i always show you this map because i want you to see the trend, right? the current temperatures now this is the departure from yesterday. trend stops. now i think temperatures tomorrow go flatline. they're basically going to be zero or plus one or minus one. so it's gonna be about the same the next few days. five will slowly return to the coast. it's not much of a it's not a robust fog layer, so it's not going to have that huge impact where everybody in the avenues is wearing puffy's. it's going to be right down at the beach pretty dense at times, but there'll be holes in it as well. forecast highs tomorrow with a few high clouds like that, and then your temperature forecast highs for tomorrow. 92 in fairfield. that's the warmest spot essentially then 87 in santa
6:50 pm
rosa. a little bit of patchy fog at the coast is fall. it's beautiful. some of the best weather we get. san francisco or the bay area is september october for my money, it's funny enough funny, but it's sort of sad is in the old days before the fire thing, and the drought conditions were in now, um. fall used to be a time where we get excited. you know, the boys can go offshore. the winter gets going to warm. it's going to be 90 in san francisco, and i've kind of lost that. it's lost that thrill but just because when it is 19 san francisco now we're looking at red flag warning, so we do have a chance for some potential showers coming up in the next seven or eight days. julie so that might give us a little bit of a respite. i'll see you back here at 10 and 11. all right. we will see then, bill. thank you. well today we are learning which stars will perform and next year's super bowl halftime show, dr dre, snoop dogg, eminem, mary j. blige and kendrick lamar are all performing together for the first time ever. five music icons will perform on february
6:51 pm
13th at sofi stadium in inglewood, dr dre, snoop dogg and lamar, our southern california natives, roc nation and pepsi are putting this show together. roc nation's founder jay z, called the future performance history in the making. for the next after a few days of excused absences, draymond green shows up to camp sports director market baniyas has is somewhat surprising take on how he thinks the team will on how he thinks the team will do this year. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:54 pm
bonnie is with you. the vital room. golden state warriors day three of training camp and hey, look who decided to show up draymond green of course, veterans never crazy about having to go to training camp in the first place, but they were excused absences. after all, and the early reports with regard to draymond he showed up in tip top shape. which is pretty much expect after all, he did play for team usa in the olympics over the summer over in japan, and he will be counted on of course, to provide veteran leadership for relatively. young group. a lot of kids on this team. jonathan commingle moses moody, the two
6:55 pm
draft choices from this year and when he's healthy, james wiseman to help tutor as well, but a little bit surprising with regard to how young this team is. and dream mom's predictions for how they're going to do melding the young with the older veteran types. a mixture of, uh, you know, experience and hardly any experience. you know, historically, i think it just being a fan of the n b. a uh i can't recall the last time you seen someone. have success with that. but in saying that that's our situation and so, uh, you do what you gotta do to make that situation work. we'll see. it's not that far before the regular season starts about 34 weeks or so, hey, we got some baseball the talk about the gut grinding conclusion to the giants season. they face madison bumgarner tonight. it's always a must win situation
6:56 pm
with the dodgers breathing down your neck. they do lead by two with four to play, so we'll have highlights the night at 10 o'clock on that. as for the a's wow just kind of a weird conclusion to their season, basically as they were in contention most of this year. in fact they were in a playoff slide most of the summer. they just got the wheels knocked off of him in the last month or so. i think it started really with his suspension of ramon laureano. busted for steroids and then chris facet there. ace got hit in the face by that vicious line drive in chicago and then inexplicably losing 12 straight to the seattle mariners, including last night and overall, they lost. 15 of 19 to the mariners in their own division that can't happen. matt chapman sizes things up. 60 cities, so just. we're bummed out. you know, it's we haven't really been playing very well over this last month
6:57 pm
or so. so. it's kind of sucks when you know, even though we've been playing not very well, we still had an opportunity and we just couldn't get the job done. see yourself not being in the playoffs and watch a team, you know, kind of ripped that out of your hands just sucks. yep not a good feeling to the end of the season. meanwhile he drives sell a book. you've got to have some juicy quotes, leak out right? and there's a new book out about the dynasty of the new england patriots and, of course, bill belichick and tom brady. kind of an interesting sidelight coming out today. it was reported in that book that tom brady actually reached out after the 2019 season to his former teammate, wes welker is currently a coach with the 49ers. and wanted it relayed to 49 are brass, including kyle shanahan that he would be willing to finish his career with the 49ers. what he was apparently asking for was a two year deal worth 50 million. he
6:58 pm
wanted to play close to his parents, so they can drive to the games and he could play in the area where his love for football began. shanahan reportedly along with his coach is evaluated every past that brady threw in that 2019 season and concluded brady was only marginally better than jimmy garoppolo. and the rest is history. of course, you side with tampa won a super bowl last year. all right, we got some check this out stuff to deal with right here. and any time you call yourself a celebrity juggler, you better bring something next to the party. this is brian panky doing his thing. but he's juggling apples and eating them taking lights out of what's interesting. wow so that's his specialty, and it just goes to show guys that. yes, indeed. america does have talent. that's the sporty life right now. where do you find that stuff? thanks, everybody for stuff? thanks, everybody for joining us. good night. r
6:59 pm
it's pretty late. you think i've got time to run some more simulations on the cooling system? sure, i'm still figuring out the thermo-acoustic expander. sheldon: oh, while you do that i am going to pump cerebral spinal fluid through my brain cells to remove the metabolic by-products of the day's thoughts. what? it's called sleep and it's my bedtime. nighty-night, y'all. hey, hey, hey, you're not going anywhere. we only have two months to deliver this to the air force because of you. (yawning): i know, i was there. well, wake up! we're gonna put in a lot of late nights. how late? well, i don't know, midnight, 1:00. one o'clock? i'm not a raccoon. if you're tired, have some coffee. what? you have some coffee. i am having coffee! and look how irritable it's making you! guys! we're not gonna get anything done if we start fighting. now, can you please try to soldier through? (sighs) fine.
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(i don't think) i can go much longer. it's been three and a half minutes, wake up! ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪


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