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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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say, plate eight. thanks for watching everybody. thank you >> chris: i'm chris wallace. the crisis of the southern border sparking fierce criticism of the biden administration from both the right and left. ♪ ♪ >> the only thing that they've shown is an incapability of dealing with this crisis, candidly, in a way where they pretend it doesn't even exist. >> chris: images of thousands of people camped conditions. now homeland security says the migrants are gone, thousands released into the u.s. to await immigration hearings. >> what we do when we see something with unprecedented is we respond, and respond we did. if >> chris: and an uproar over footage of aggressive treatment of migrants by order
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patrolled. >> this is abhorrent, we can and we must do better. >> chris: pushback from democrats the president was quick to respond to. >> president biden: i promise those people will pay, there will be consequences. >> chris: we will ask secretary of homeland security alejandra my argus what is joe biden's immigration policy and we will get -- greg abbott, leaving the charge to tighten th the and control the border. if it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, a measure to avoid a government shutdown and keep the country from going into default faces a crucial -- we will oscar pennell what's at stake for the u.s. economy and the biden agenda. and our "power player of the week." he's on a mission to preserve the historic battlefield where his great-great-grandfather fought in the civil war. all right now on "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪
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>> chris: and hello again from fox news in. since joe biden took office, there have been more than 1 million encounters with people trying to cross illegally into this country. but the shocking images from del rio, texas, this week seemed to crystallize how out of control the situation is. if thousands of migrants huddled under a bridge in unspeakable conditions. border patrol officers on horseback setting off a firestorm of outrage. at least 10,000 migrants were deported back to haiti or returned to mexico. but thousands more are still in this country waiting for their cases to be heard by an immigration judge. of all of it raising new questions about resident biden's immigration policy. in a moment we will talk with the secretary homeland security, alejandra mayorkas, and we will get reaction from the republican governor of texas, greg abbo but first, let's bring in jeff paul in del rio on the
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border with mexico. jeff. >> yeah, chris, the international bridge here in del rio, texas, is finally being reopened after that surge of migrants forced its closure. the camp of mostly haitian nationals has been cleared out, but the steady stream of migration has shown no signs of slowing down. no matter the day, the time, or the weather, they do not stop coming. this family unit from venezuela is crossing into del rio, texas. they are one of the untold numbers who attempt to enter the u.s. every single day. if the image is a stark contrast to the recent surge of thousands who streamed across the rio grande just one week ago. >> i can tell you the humanitarian efforts have been -- it's just something that i've never seen on this scale before. >> but those efforts have drawn criticism after images surfaced this week shown border patrol, horse patrols clashing with migrants. >> we know that those images painfully conjured up the worst
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elements of our nation's ongoing battle against systemic racism. >> the biden administration has suspended the use of force patrols in the del rio sector and an investigation is under underway. after this latest round there could be yet another migrants caravan heading north. sources here on the ground in texas dallas they are tracking a group of 20,000 people who just crossed the southern border of mexico and they are heading north and could land anywhere here along the u.s.-mexico border within the next month. chris. >> chris: jeff paul reporting from our southern border. jeff, thank you. and joining us now here in studio as the secretary of moment security, a la hundred mayorkas. welcome back, sir coming to "fox news sunday." >> thank you very much for having me. >> chris: i want to start with those 30,000 haitian migrants who came across the border into del rio, texas, since september 9th, as you say. you say that 12,400 will have
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their cases heard by an immigration judge and another 5,000 are being processed by your department. mr. secretary, of those 17,400, how many have been released into the u.s. and how many more potentially could be released into the u.s.? >> secretary mayorkas: so, chris, about 3,000 are actually in detention, and we make those detention determinations in the best interest of the american public. others are in immigration court proceedings. they are monitored by oscar. we impose conditions upon them so we keep in touch with them and ensure their appearance in court. as the law requires. >> chris: but to answer my question directly, of the 17,400 that weren't deported back or didn't return on their own to mexico, how many of them either -- well, first, how many have been released into the u.s.? >> secretary mayorkas: they are released on conditions, approximately, i think it's
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about 10,000 or so, 12,000. >> chris: have been released? >> secretary mayorkas: yes. >> chris: end of the 5,000 that are still in process? >> secretary mayorkas: we will make determinations whether they will be returned to haiti based on our public health and public interest authorities. >> chris: so are we talking about a total of 12,000 or could it be even higher? >> secretary mayorkas: it could be even higher. if the number that are returned could be even higher. what we do is we follow the law as congress has passed it. >> chris: but let's drill down on more than 12,000 migrants who you say that you're going to keep surveillance over but they are being released into this country. >> secretary mayorkas: chris, that's what the law requires. >> chris: i understand. >> secretary mayorkas: if, in fact, someone is not expelled under the public health authority of the centers for disease control, then they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings. they have an opportunity to make
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their claim for relief to a judge as the law requires. >> chris: i understand all of that, but let's talk about what it's going to happen to those 12,000. removal proceedings, including asylum cases, can take anywhere from six months to several years, and 44%, according to the department of justice, 44% of those who are released into custody -- from custody -- miss their court hearings. just as a matter of reality, won't many of those thousands of people end up settling here in the united states, some of them permanently? >> secretary mayorkas: chris, we have enforcement guidelines in place that provide that individuals who are recent border crossers who do not show up for their hearings are enforcement priorities, and will be removed. and that is one of our -- >> chris: to remove all of them order some of them disappear into the country? >> secretary mayorkas: it is our intention to remove them, that is what our policies are, and we deploy our enforcement
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resources according to certain priorities to ensure the safety and security of the american people. >> chris: but sir, there are more than 11 million people in this country illegally. clearly, despite your best efforts, millions of people end up in this country and don't -- just disappear. >> secretary mayorkas: chris, 11 million people in this country without lawful presence is a compelling reason why there is unanimity about the fact that our immigration system is broken and legislative reform is needed. >> chris: okay. according to internal documents, your department is now tracking a lot more people, including haitians, who are on their way up from south america, central america, to cross the border into this country. i want to put up the numbers. 20,000 haitians in columbia, 3,000 in peru and 1500 in pan
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panama. in may, the biden administration extended temporary protected status for the 150,000 haitians already living in the u.s. and now as you've said, you have released another more than 12,000 into the country. our next guest, texas governor abbott, traveled to del rio, to the site of that bridge and the 15,000 people huddled under the bridge this week, and here's what he had to say, take a look. >> when you have an administration that has abandoned any pretense of securing the border and securing our sovereignty, you see the onrush of people like what we saw walking across this dam that is right behind me. >> chris: hasn't this administration created a magnets? haven't you given haitians, and a million more immigrants will you have an encounter with since joe biden came into office, haven't you given them a reason to believe there's a reasonable
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chance if they come into this country, they will end up being released into the country and have months or perhaps years to stay here? >> secretary mayorkas: chris, this is nothing new. we've seen this type of irregular migration many, many times throughout the years. i don't know if governor abbott said the same thing in 2019 when there were more than a million people encountered at the southern border. >> chris: it has gotten worse. the statistics of your own department show that the flood of people coming illegally across the border has gotten worse under the biden demonstration. >> secretary mayorkas: i wouldn't call it a flood, if i may. >> chris: what would you call it? >> secretary mayorkas: we have seen large numbers of individuals encountered at our border making a claim for asylum, for humanitarian relief, which is a statute, which is a law of the united states that individuals can make a claim, a fear of persecution by reason of
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their membership in a particular social group. that's what the law provides. this -- we are certainly seeing a large number of -- here in this year, but in 2019, we saw a large number. in 2014, in 2010. this is nothing new. it spans many, many years. it spans different administrations of both parties, and it speaks to the need for legislative reform. >> chris: but i want to get to this question about asylum-seekers having to come over in a minute. but i want to talk first because you say nothing has changed buried you had -- i mean i think what was so dramatic about these last two weeks is that, yes, there is a trickle of people to come across, but to see 30,000 people in 17 days come across the border into one location and be hiding under that -- huddling under that bridge, you say 30,000 people walked across that days.del rio
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question, why didn't you stop them? >> secretary mayorkas: we encounter them at the border. that's where we encounter them, chris. and you know what, we saw indeed a large number of people cross at one particular part of the border in a short. lack of time. and what did we do? we searched our resources, search our personal. >> chris: why would you stop them from coming into the country? >> secretary mayorkas: we did. we encountered them, they gathered -- they assembled in that one location in del rio, texas, and we applied the laws. we applied the public health law under the cdc's authority, and we applied immigration -- >> chris: my question is why did you allow them in the country in the first place? whiting you build, forgive me, a wall or a fence to stop them from walking -- this flood of people coming across the dam, it looks like a highway that allows them to cross the rio grande. >> secretary mayorkas: it is
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the policy of this administration, we do not agree with the building of the wall. the law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief. that is actually one of our proudest traditions. >> chris: of the 30,000 haitians who came across the border into del rio, how many did your department test for covid? >> secretary mayorkas: so we have strict covid testing protocols that we apply across the board. we test, isolate, and quarantine unaccompanied children. we work with nonprofit organizations to test families. those who are in nice custody are tested, isolated, and quarantine. those who are expelled under the title 42 public health authority are returned immediately. they are not placed in immigration court proceedings, and those we do not test, because they are returned medially. >> chris: but your own departments inspector general said that your testing policy -- and the faure to test a lot of
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people wound up in this country -- that you rely on stroke ohmic local or state officials and a lot of people don't get tested has put communities in this country at risk. >> secretary mayorkas: we concurred with those recommendations, we made improvements. that is also nothing new. that is exactly why we have an independent review of our operations, to see where we can make improvements, where we can strengthen our processes, and that is exactly what we did here. >> chris: a couple of more questions i want to get into with you. your department is now investigating the border patrol for those officers on horseback who were at the border trying to keep patients from coming across the border. here is senator lindsey graham talking about that. >> i think the most inhumane thing going on right now in america is that the men and women of the border patrol have been completely abandoned, demagogue, scapegoat, and treated like dirt by elected officials and the
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democratic party and is it administration. >> chris: i know you've got an investigation going on so i'm not going to ask about what they did. what i am going to ask you is who ordered those patrol agents on horseback to go to the border, and what were they supposed to do? >> secretary mayorkas: chris, i'd like to not speak about what they were supposed to do because that also touches upon the investigation that is ongoing. what the policies and training required, and whether or not those in the visual -- the horse patrol is something the border patrol employees because horses can traverse, they can cover terrain that might not otherwise be covered. >> chris: i understand, but they weren't there, they were on the border to block the haitians from coming across. >> secretary mayorkas: we use the border patrol, the horse patrol, to assess the situation and very often to help people in distress. whether these individual border patrol agents on horseback
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complied with our policies and training, or whether they did not, is the subject of an investigation, and that investigation is independent, and the outcome will be determined by the facts and nothing more. >> chris: finally, you talked earlier about the fact that allowing people to come into this country to make a claim of asylum is the law, but in fact, and you know this well, sir, more than a month ago, the supreme court overruled the idea that this administration had unilaterally decided to rescind president trump -- former president trump's "remain in mexico" policy, the people had to wait in mexico while making their claim of asylum. they made that ruling more than a month ago. why have you failed to comply with the supreme court's ruling to reinstate remain in mexico? >> secretary mayorkas: so it is a district court ruling. >> chris: supreme court ruling. >> secretary mayorkas: the supreme court made a determination on the injunction,
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but we can talk about the law another time. let me say this, that we are complying with the court's order. we do have an obligation to implement the migrant protection protocols, and we are negotiating with mexico, because those protocols require a bilateral agreement. and so we are negotiating with mexico, as we are required to do under the court's order. >> chris: mr. secretary, thank you, thanks for your time, thanks for taking time out during these very diz busy dayso speak with us. up next we will get reaction from texas governor greg abbott, who is on the front line of our crisis of the southern border. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> chris: at the height of the migrant crisis in del rio, our next guest wrote to preside president biden seeking an emergency declaration for his state. joining us now from austin, texas governor greg abbott. governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> governor abbott: thank you, chris. >> chris: you just heard my conversation with secretary mayorkas. your reaction? >> governor abbott: listen, secretary mayorkas, even president biden, they are in dereliction of duty. listen, talking about the laws they were trying to apply, the united states constitution itself requires that the president and that the federal government secure the sovereignty of the united states of america, including the states in the united states of america, and abide in administration has abandoned any pretense of securing the sovereignty of
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texas or the united states by having these open border policies that you so well articulated. they have created a magnet that led to these massive groups of haitians, as well as the other groups that are coming here for one reason, and that's because they have sent a message and a signal to the entire world that they are not going to secure the border, they are going to allow them across. you talked to secretary mayorkas, review peter lee asking him why they did not stop the haitians from coming across the board in first place. chris, everyone knew, including abide in administration, the haitians had gathered on the mexican side of the border before they crossed and the biden administration did nothing to stop those haitians who had gathered en masse in mexico from coming across the board. >> chris: so governor, let me ask you about what you're trying to do. you have set up what you call operation lone star in texas, and let's take a look at some of the measures. the texas legislature has approved almost $3 billion for
6:23 am
border security, including building a wall. if you've surged thousands of state personnel, including national guard, to work with local law enforcement. governor, are you in effect taking over immigration policy for the state of texas? >> governor abbott: i will give you the words of border patrol agents themselves in del rio. they said that the surge of migrants across the border was stopped only when the texas department of public safety and the national guard showed up to provide a steel barrier to prevent the migrants from coming across. as soon as the national guard and the texas department of public safety showed up, literally with hundreds if not thousands of vehicles, that is when the illegal migration stopped. that's exactly what the biden administration could do if they wanted to come about, chris, it's the kind of thing that texas is going to have to continue to do in addition to the other policies that you did not announce, and that is as opposed to catch and release,
6:24 am
texas has imposed a policy where we are going to arrest and jail people who are coming across the border trespassing into areas into the state of texas. >> chris: let me ask you, because your first answer you said that under the constitution, the president has a responsibility to protect the sovereignty of this country, and i know you are a strict constitutionalist, but the constitution is pretty clear, and so has the supreme court in repeated rulings, that it is the federal government, whether it does it or not, if the federal government that has responsibility for immigration laws and in fact, the u.s. attorney general, merrick garland, has written to you and threatened to sue, arguing that you and your state are overstepping your authority. >> governor abbott: because the biden administration is refusing to do its duty to enforce the laws of the united states, they have left texas in no position other than
6:25 am
for us to step up and do what we have to do. you know, you mentioned the people in del rio and the way that del rio was overrun by a population about the same size of del rio that had been coming across the border illegally. as governor, i'm not going to let that happen. i'm going to step up and do whatever i have to do to make sure that i protect the people of del rio as well as all these other communities in the state of texas that the biden administration is ignoring. the people in south texas, they are angry about the biden administration for ignoring them -- the biden administration cares far more about people who are in this country then he does the people, american citizens who live in this country and i'm going to step up and support the citizens of the united states of america. >> chris: a number of people have been -- democrats especially -- have expressed outrage over those border patrol officers on horseback who were at the border and seemed to be trying to block haitians pretty
6:26 am
aggressively from coming across the border. here was president biden on all of that this week. >> president biden: it was horrible what you saw coming to see people treated like they did, horses running them over and people being strapped, it's outrageous. i promise you, those people will pay. they will be -- an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. >> chris: governor, even if you think that those officers are being scapegoated, are you at all troubled by the images of these officers on horseback very aggressively pushing back on the haitian immigrants coming acr across? >> governor abbott: several quick points. first, they wouldn't have been in that situation had the biden administration enforce the immigration laws and secure the border in the first place. second, as you know, course, the person whoook thospictures said that the characterization that the democrats have made about the border patrol using them as whipping people coming
6:27 am
across the border is false. they were simply maneuvering horses, but the last thing i will tell you is what the president said going after the border patrol who were risking their lives and working so hard to try to secure the border. if he takes any action against them whatsoever, i have worked side-by-side with those border patrol agents. i want them to know something. if they are at risk of losing their job and a president who is abandoning his duty to secure the border, you have a job in the state of texas, i will hire you to help texas secure our border. >> chris: governor, and the time we have left her want to ask you about two other questions. you signed a law in may that bans abortion after a fetal heart beat can be detected, around six weeks. and there is no exception and that law for either rape or incest. here's what you said when you signed the law. >> goal number one in the state of texas is to eliminate rape so
6:28 am
that no woman, no person will be a victim of rape. >> chris: now, in 2019, which is the last year that we have numbers for, almost 15,000 cases of rape were reported in your state of texas, and almost everyone says that that's a severe undercount, there are a lot more cases that just aren't reported. is it reasonable to say to somebody who was the victim of rape and might not understand that they are pregnant, you know, until six weeks, well, don't worry about it because we are going to eliminate rape as a problem in the state of texas? >> governor abbott: well, there's multiple things i have to say in answer to this but the first thing obviously is that survivors of sexual assault, they deserve support, care, and compassion and texas is stepping up to make sure that we provide that by signing a law and creating in the governor's office of sexual assault survivors task force, but
6:29 am
separately from that, chris, i got to point out about the ways that i have fought to go to arrest and apprehend and try to eliminate rape. i sought the death penalty. it >> chris: governor, excuse me, because we are running out of time. there were more than 15,000 rapes in 2019 when you were governor. let me just ask this question. a state representative, republican state representative says that he's going to offer a new measure that would restore the exception to the texas abortion law for victims of rape and incest. if that came to your desk, will you sign it or not? >> governor abbott: it got to go back, chris, what the reason why the law was passed in the first place, and the goal is to protect the lives of every child with a heartbeat -- >> chris: including a child -- >> governor abbott: i got to get to point this out. >> chris: including the child of a rape? >> governor abbott: this goal
6:30 am
is consistent with united states supreme court has written, and that is states have the ability to make sure that we protect the health and safety of both the mother and the child, and that's what we are seeking to do here, and i have to add this, and that is texas has provided more than $100 million in funding for pregnancy centers across the state of texas to help those to make sure that they -- >> chris: just to lock this down, are you saying, sir -- i don't mean to interrupt what are you saying that you will not sign an exception for rape and incest? >> governor abbott: first, i've got to tell you chris, you're making a hypothetical that's not going to happen because that bill is not going to reach my desk. but second, again, the goal is to protect the life of every child with a heartbeat. >> chris: finally, this week former president trump sent you an open letter asking for an audit of the 2020 presidential election in the state of texas, which we should note, he won by
6:31 am
about 600,000 votes. within hours, the secretary of state of texas, an office that you appoint, agreed and has ordered audits in four of texas' biggest counties. a couple of questions. one, isn't it just a terrible waste of taxpayer money to have an audit in a state that everybody says went fine and that president trump won by 600,000 votes, and are you contributing to this undermining confidence in our election process? >> governor abbott: i got to make several points about this. one, the context here. there are audits of every aspect of government. we have a state auditor, there's a federal auditor for the way the government operations work. businesses that are public companies are subject to an annual audit. why do we audit everything in this world, but people raised their hands and concerned when we audit elections, which is fundamental to our democracy? second point, and that is these audits that the state of texas
6:32 am
is doing, they actually began months ago because the secretary of state of texas has an obligation to make sure that we do conduct audits in texas and they have to be done and away before any evidence about it would be a limited, which would be next september, and so those audits were already underway. last point is this, and that is donald trump won over the state of texas, regardless of the outcome of these audits, donald trump was still have won the state of texas. however, we do have every single year, including in the 2020 elections, allegations of illegal voting in places in the state of texas, we have -- >> chris: i would simple point out the order -- he asked for the audit and suddenly the renewal audits announced in four counties by the secretary of state a posthumous office within hours of on thursday. governor abbott, thank you. thanks for talking with us today. always good to talk with you, watching to see what happens next on the border. >> governor abbott: thank you. >> chris: coming up, we will bring in our sunday group to discuss immigration and the
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>> they got word the fact that the bag administration, we have an open border policy. >> i'm not just unhappy with the cowboys who were running down haitians and using their reins
6:37 am
to with them. >> chris: president biden's immigration policy getting hammered by members of congress on both the right and left. and it's time now for our sunday group. benson of fox news radio. catherine lucey covers the white house for "the wall street journal," and fox news political analyst juan williams. catherine, how worried is the biden white house about the situation of the border, which is bad and particularly these last two weeks are getting worse. how worried are they about the political fallout, and do they have any answers? >> chris, they are coming under heavy criticism, as we just saw, from both parties. republicans arguing that policies are too permissive, democrats frustrated about the evacuation flights, and the images of these agents at the border. saw secretary mayorkas earlier in this program, they are trying to argue that they are handling it, that they are moving forward. certainly president biden on friday said that he takes responsibility for the situation
6:38 am
of the border. he spoke about the images of the agents being outrageous. i think the big thing to think about as we look forward here is that these pressures aren't going to go away and that they are going to continue to deal with this. they don't have a lot of political support or allies really on the left or the right right now, and for the president, this moment is really testing his promise of a more humane immigration policy. >> chris: guy, the numbers are stunning. or than 1 million encounters with people coming over the border since joe biden took office, and in 17 days, 30,000 haitians coming across the border just indo real texas. >> in this way, your guests secretary mayorkas testified the border was secure, those were his words, which rang completely hollow. it's sort of an insulting assertion from to make, but that's the talking point from the ministry's net still won't call this a crisis.
6:39 am
the north of 1 million encounters does not even include the 10,000 or so got a ways each month. i saw that -- that interesting exchange with the secretary earlier, you asked him about the agents on horseback who have been smeared by this whipping allegation that are not supported by the evidence. he said he didn't want to get into it, he wouldn't even say if they violated any protocol or training pending the investigation but his boss, the president, this week, in the sound bite that you played, said they will pay for the horrifying behavior, so that's a very different answer, much less circumspect than the answer you got from the secretary this morning. >> chris: juan, i want to talk about this issue that catherine raised about biden wanting a policy that's more humane. is it humane -- i know you are no fan of president trump's immigration policy, but is it humane to create a policy that allows -- that creates magnets so that you end up with 30,000
6:40 am
people crossing the border in del rio, texas, and huddling under that bridge in squalid conditions? >> chris, i don't think it's the case that president biden has created a magnet with his immigration policy. i think that it's clearly the case that he is -- his tone is far different than the protest kind of inhumane rhetoric from president trump ripping families apart and talking about a wall, but to democrats and republicans, i think everyone will tell you that in fact biden's policies on immigration are far closer to trumps in terms of the aggressive policing, the high number of people who are deported, who are put out then certainly the democrats are comfortable with. we saw that this week. that's why you're saying both sides are critical of biden's policies. but again, remember, we saw surges previous to this, previous to biden. right now the haitians are fleeing desperate situations,
6:41 am
some of it sort of the global economic consequence of covid and a natural catastrophe that's hit haiti, but all of that is to say that you have an immigrant situation where in this country known people who have legitimate cases for asylum, people who are desperate and fleeing violence or catastrophe, are getting turned back in many cases and, you know, unlike trump, the system is not being starved, so they are being processed and then people say you have a crisis. well, the fact is, again, that those people under law should be given their process. congress should act if they want to change the law. >> chris: let's turn in the time we have left in this segment to another big story, and that was the final approval for pfizer vaccines for a certain -- certain groups of people starting right away after six months. here was president biden on all of that this week. >> president biden: the majority of americans who are
6:42 am
fully vaccinated with the pfizer vaccine are now able to receive a booster shot six months after they've received their second shot. six months after you receive the second shot, you are eligible. >> chris: catherine, there certainly were some bumps in the road, first the president said it would start in 20th, he said it would be for everybody was been vaccinated, it's been delayed, it's been constricted. does the biden white house think that in the end folks are going to forget all of those bombs and just be happy they can get another booster? >> that's the question, right, chris? we know from poland that booster shots are widely popular with vaccinated americans, but we also have heard in our reporting from some administration officials am i concerned that this back-and-forth and sort of shifting message, you know, could create confusion among americans and so that's a real issue, and that has opened them up to some criticism. obviously the president earlier suggesting this be more widely available, the white house says that they always try to make clear that they would wait for
6:43 am
the final, you know, scientific ruling, but this has raised questions about whether he is sort of keeping his promise to follow the science here. >> chris: all right, panel, we have to take a break here but up next, democrats are working on a tight deadline to avoid a government shutdown and a default on our debt that could potentially tank the economy. will they make the deadline? ♪ ♪ has plans built just for you whether you need a single line or lines for family members, you'll get great value on america's most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited for just $27.50 a line. that's our everyday price. plus, our plans always come with unlimited talk, text and data included. so, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $27.50 a line. that's half the price of verizon or at&t. only at t-mobile. the leader in 5g. (vo) while you may not be a pediatric surgeon volunteering
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>> president biden: you know, people, understandably -- well, you know, it started off at 6 trillion, now it's 3.5 trillion, now is it going to be 2.9 -- it's going to be zero. zero. >> chris: president biden trying to play down the cost of his massive social spending plan, and we are back now at the panel. juan, this is the new white house line that they have rolled out, instead of defending the $3.5 trillion tax and spending bill, the new argument
6:47 am
is, well, it's going to be zero, because they're going to pay for it by raising taxes, but whether you pay for it by taxes or by borrowing, it's still a $3.5 trillion tax and spending bill is still it $3.5 trillion spending bill. >> yeah, but of course they are talking, chris, in terms of the debt and the deficit and it doesn't in fact raise the debt or the deficit. you look back obviously the democrats are at the trump years, and you saw $7 trillion hike in terms of debt and deficit because it wasn't paid for, and the consequence was that, you know, we have escalating debt and deficit that is a concern to every economist in the world. right now with the biden people are saying is you can raise the corporate tax, i think it's from 21 now to 25. that's less than it's been for the last 30 years, and you can raise taxes on people who make more than 400,000, and at this time of high economic equity,
6:48 am
that's very popular with the american people, so i don't think that -- i don't think -- you can argue about zero, but you can't argue that it has some impact on the debt, and that's the biden point. >> chris: catherine, we should point out first of all that on another sunday talk show this morning, speaker nancy pelosi said that she expressed real confidence that this week that the house will pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan. now, president biden, on your beach, the white house, met with all the factions in the democratic party, house and senate, liberals and moderates, trying to work both on bipartisan infrastructure and also on this -- yes, i'm not going to call it a zero tax and spending bill, but the $3.5 trillion tax and spending bill, how confident are they? are there as confident as nancy pelosi that they are going to get the infrastructure bill through this week and the $3.5 trillion soon to follow? >> certainly it's crunch time
6:49 am
for all of this. i mean, this is going to be a massive week for the president's agenda, and whether his domestic plans can move forward. the white house is privately still saying they're optimistic. they feel good about the way his talks went last week. he met obviously with the leaders, but also with key moderates and progressives. we know that, you know, he has been making clear that some flexibility on the overall number and, you know, when he met with moderates, he spoke about possibly -- they discussed whether this could go to less than 3 trillion. so they are still negotiating. i mean, this is not done yet, but they are -- they are pleased that things are still moving, that they are still talking. beasley pelosi pelosi is exposing confidence, but there are still clear divides, there are still policy divides that are not resolved. this is a very heavy lift to trying to all of these things this week, we're going to see it's really going to be a test of the president's negotiating and managing skills within his party.
6:50 am
he ran as someone who is a veteran lawmaker who could really manage tough situations like this. we're going to see how he does. >> chris: as big as these two bills are, that's not the real deadline this week. the immediate deadline is at 12:01:00 a.m. on friday morning, the u.s. federal government runs ess they at least pass a continuing resolution to keep it nd to link the government funding bill with another measure that would raise the debt limit because the government is in danger of defaulting on its debt, probably sometime in mid-to-late october. at the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has made it pretty clear he don't like this idea. take a look. >> if washington democrats want to jam through trillions of dollars in reckless spending all by themselves, they can raise the debt limit all by themselves. >> chris: guy, it may be smart
6:51 am
politics, but given the fact that much of the debt that the debt limit would be raised to deal with was incurred under president trump, isn't it irresponsible for mitch mcconnell to say you know, we are wiping our hands of raising the debt limit? >> well, it's a political strategy, chris, in a political town that is currently completely run by the other party, the democratic party. far be it for me to question the strategy and the tactics of mitch mcconnell. generally i would say he has thought about these things harder and longer than i have or most people have, and he is a pretty brilliant and shrewd tactician. i would say overall i think those things are going to happen. the government is going to be funded, the debt ceiling is going to be raised, the democrats can do those things on their own if they choose to prioritize them. i am more interested to see the sequencing and the total dollar amount on the infrastructure bill that's bipartisan, when that gets voted on does it come first, does it come second and then on reconciliation, does
6:52 am
that top line number come down far enough to assuage the moderates where they get something across the finish line? my suspicion is, knowing nancy pelosi about service track record of whipping boats, my suspicion is they will get there. i don't know where "there" is, what exactly is going to look li a few weeks ago because the fault lines very much exist and it seems like pelosi recognizing this thing could fall apart so she shut up this pressure cooker of a week with everything on the table this coming week with a big high-stakes meeting tomorrow among house democrats in the evening. it will be fascinating to watch and i think the mcconnell position is republicans should do nothing to throw a lifeline to the democrats so long as they are sort of at war or at least in conflict with one another. >> chris: juan, i want to pick up on something that guy said. you would have gone broke a long time ago betting against mitch mcconnell and his mastery of the process. whether you think it's fair or
6:53 am
not, in the end, will democrats have to raise the debt ceiling on their own? >> it looks that way, chris, because i think mcconnell wants leverage to run a political ad blaming the democrats and making them into big spenders. by the way, notes, he has no demands as to you should do this or you do that can cooperate in the government can continue to function. i think this is an example where republicans know, you know, look, we've done this in the past for other presidents, republicans and democrats. they know what's right but right now they're all about the politics. >> chris: what an amazing thing, politics in washington, d.c., and it says something to you folks that we are so excited by this pressure cooker of budget bills in congress this week. thank you, panel, see you next sunday. up next, our "power player of the week," the virginia sheriffs office or trying to save the historic ground where his ancestor earned our nation's highest military honor. ♪ ♪
6:54 am
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[fast upbeat music begins] [music stops] and release. [deep exhale] [fast upbeat music resumes] [music stops] ♪ ♪ >> chris: there are american battlefields synonymous with heroism, and then there are battlefields that maybe one day, if we are able to preserve them and tell their stories. here's our "power player of the week." ♪ ♪ >> it's a part of american history, it's part of that family history. >> chris: sheriff lieutenant damon ratcliff on the importance of preserving civil war
6:56 am
battlefields, like these fields outside of richmond, virginia, where the battle of newmarket heights was formed. radcliffe's great-great-grandfather edward is 1 of 14 black union soldiers who earned the medal of honor there. >> people fighting to make their own decisions, make their own choices. it's important that we continue to learn from history so we can continue to grow as a country and come together. >> chris: is a legacy ratcliff first learned about watching the movie glory as a kid. >> my grandfather explained to me that we had a relative that fought in the civil war. it was really surreal to watch what they had to go through, how they kept pressing on regardless of their treatment. >> chris: he started researching his ancestor's story. >> he was slave on the farm, he walks down to yorktown where he joins the union army. >> chris: and it turned out edward fought in a field near where damon is now a law enforcement officer. >> that's where i am today.
6:57 am
i'm walking possibly where he walked. >> chris: the battle took place at sunrise it september of 1864 in thick fog described as a mental of death. edward spoke grade was fighting to capture high ground when his commanding officer was shot. >> his white commanding officer had succumbed to his injury from confederate artillery. it was at that point he led his battalion into the confederate stronghold. >> chris: thought must fill you with enormous pride. >> it does. it's a sense of bravery, it's a sense of courage. if they were captured, then they were either going to be returned to a state of slavery or killed. >> chris: radcliffe visited the battlefield release and link with his brother, a marine, yet another ratcliff in public service. there are traces of edwards story and document, but not much. >> wears edward's medal of honor? >> we don't know where it is at this point. >> chris: no pictures? >> not currently, but memories will always continue, the story
6:58 am
will always continue on. that's what this is about. >> chris: the u.s. loses about an acre of land like this every hour, most drivers whizzing by the new heights battlefield don't know they are passing part of our nation's heritage. radcliffe is working with the american battlefield trust to change that, part of keeping faith with his family's history. >> i hope that it helps people realize what their families could have accomplished and maybe they are not looking in the right places and there are resources out there for them to research their families, see with their family history was about and see where it can possibly lead them. >> chris: 179,000 black men volunteered to fight in the union army, close to 37,000 of them gave their lives. and that's it for today. have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday." see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪
6:59 am
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