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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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like a good neighbor, state farm is there. call or click to get a quote today. like a good neighbor, state farm is there. >> tim: tim brando, spencer tillman. back at the coliseum in los angeles. healthy lead for the road cardinal. >> spencer: what a week over week come back. >> tim: really unbelievable what we see from week to week. sometimes young players have a tendency to maybe rest on their laurels after the victory. a team or if they were in the
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pac-12, it likely would be in the upper half. but clearly they didn't get out of that what they thought they did. stamford on the other hand had their feelings hurt. the pattern taken by washington. >> spencer: still playing hard, watching the way they handle themselves, showing your energy, moving with aggression. love to see both sides. >> tim: only week two, you've got to live and learn and get better. quick maneuver after he got past. not much there. you cannot come, spencer, in this building, the all-time greats, of course. sam van cunningham we touched on in the outset.
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suddenly passed away this past week. wearing the d calls in honor. >> spencer: we tend to default those vision plays. but i talked to my guys, the great ones. >> tim: this one looking long. almost caught. had a chance at it, almost brought it in. think about this. as great as he was, almost caught, almost fit. cunningham in just a second. sam was never the leading rusher in a given year in usc. first pick of the new england patriots but was never the leading rusher on his own team.
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>> referee: five-yard penalty. first down. >> tim: there is the decal you see. >> referee: the run will start. >> tim: clarence rushed for 972 that year. 71, lou harris was with him. in '72, how about this thing? anthony davis, remember what he did in the saturday afternoon here? 1,191 yards. >> spencer: is about moments. >> tim: moments and what he meant from a team standpoint, he
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remains beloved and it remains that way all the way through his days long after he had played. 71 years of age he was having some back problems. prior to that unfortunately he caught along the sidelines. tapped out inside the 5-yard r run. suddenly he is remembered by the family, remembered by the ufc community, he'll be surely surely missed for many, many years here in los angeles and in the trojan community. >> spencer: that old expression -- it's not late, but he had that big phrase, they had the affinity for stepping up in those moments and that was sam ben cunningham. >> tim: going to see if he stepped on a little bit earlier.
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>> spencer: i didn't see any green. >> tim: they place the ball at the 9-yard line. with 107 the play. barlow now the loan setback. now puts it back up. >> spencer: so deep, they got five good ones. shame they cannot find any continuity on offense. >> referee: timeout, usc. 30 seconds. >> tim: by the way, a moment of silence they had prior to the game for sam coming him, members of his family were on hand to see the emotion because he was
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in reasonably good health short of the back problem that forced him to have the surgical procedure when he passed away. i should mention also that his dad john who was a two time all time performance linebacker in the late '60s, a teammate of his and a dear dear friend, last time i talked, he was with -- >> spencer: and healthy. >> tim: he was. >> tim: from the pocket. now got rid of it. nowhere to go. >> spencer: that's because stanford is still playing this game, they have such integrity.
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finding ways to sit down between the zone coverage. but not stanford. recently dialed in. hats off to all of the defensive sides of the football for them and particularly the defensive coordinator. >> tim: barlow gets it in for a touchdown. the trojans give them their due for hanging tough, getting a couple of scoring grabs in late. they cut it to 16. they'll go for two here. >> spencer: nice job was still staying with effort. giving you wonders here and when they play with leverage. different, got to be with the score.
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>> tim: malepeai will be in the backfield for the two-point conversion. there it is. they get it, makes it a two score game. he's been here before. >> spencer: its epidemic now, to me, but when you see this little double portion right here, work on that defensive on the backside with so much open space. route combination, got to be able to diagnose that in real time. again, an academic issue now. but something for the future. >> tim: i'm so glad these young fans are back for college
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football. one of the things i really noticed in our coverage, the first couple of weeks... >> referee: number 27 per usc is now wearing number 25. >> tim: we are showing replays of fan reactions to big plays. >> spencer: i love that. >> tim: i just love that. super slo-mo, fans who are just -- that's one of the great shots we have of our game night and there are more of them the matter what games you are watching, no matter what happens to be. >> spencer: sport does that and we play so different roles. you can usually walk straight, walk a little bit more when your team does well. some of it is a respite. >> tim: i mean, i love the nf
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nfl. nothing like it. even nfl players will tell you that the best times in the sport... oh, a little leo! we've got a little leo here. australian born, if i'm not mistaken. >> spencer: wasn't he? >> tim: they got the falsetto falsettos. >> ♪ i feel like dancing ♪ ♪ dancing the night away ♪ >> tim: 1978. four shows we saw at nbc. one of them was the midnight special. wolfman was the announcer. i'll never forget that. the only people over 20 i think in the audience. partner, i enjoyed it. coming to the coliseum for the very first time was so much fun.
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being here is like waking up the echoes. it really is. >> spencer: i'm glad you got a chance to be here, glad to see this guy get the team righted after the week last weekend. it's early yet, he's done a wonderful job. >> tim: david shaw will be heard from in his division. he had help them meet in midfield, two really good friends. come back in just a moment to wrap it all up here in the coliseum. what a day, what a night, what a morning that we had on fox and will continue to have with the nfl come tomorrow. we will be right back. e. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory.
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>> tim: don't forget, tomorrow on fox the nfl is back. a huge doubleheader. they get it started, america is a game of the week. aaron rodgers, leads the pack against the saints. all kicks off at 1:00 on fox and the fox whatsapp. check local listings for the game in your area. how about this guy? tyler mccree put on a show tonight for the cardinal upsetting the number 14 team in the country.
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for spencer tillman, this is tim brando. our producer jim tell yvette. our director as we say good night from los angeles, memories of an incredible day, commemorating a day we must never forget and from big news in forward until the afternoon in colorado to hear tonight, it was something exceedingly special. >> 20 years ago, today, the world changed for all of us.
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>> spencer: this day of remembrance we pay tribute to the true heroes of 9/11. ♪ ♪ >> this is going to be an emotional night in this ballpa ballpark. [chanting "usa"] starts now, whae
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gone through as a nation and whatever we will go through. i think that the best thing is to understand that all of us americans are in this together area. residents of multiple faiths come together tonight. they marked 20 years since the 9 11 attacks after a day of memorials take place across the country. good evening. i'm
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andre senior. thank you for joining us for the late edition of the 10 o'clock news. christina is off. somber remembrances put a focus on 9 11 victims victims today from the sites of those attacks to right here in the bay area. people are finding ways to never forget at the same time, the painful reality of terrorist threats surface and massachusetts, a body of a marine who was killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan last month, returned to loved ones in the town of lawrence this afternoon that marine was only five years old on the day of the attacks in new york. the pentagon and pennsylvania back in 2000 and one local tributes to victims went into the evening hours. one of those later event was organized by the muslim american community with a goal of bringing together people of all faiths. ktvu some of gaza's live in downtown palo alto, with more
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on the significance of this gathering, emma. andre members of the muslim community in the bay area. some of them experienced heightened islamophobia and prejudice after the september 11th attacks. tonight's event was a show of support and solidarity and a reflection of lessons learned in the last 20 years. that's in the circle as night fell in front of palo alto city hall, a circle of candles illuminated the faces of friends across faiths, in part to show appreciation from muslim americans. many muslim americans say that feeling it was largely absent in the wake of the september 11th attacks. the main takeaway from the event, at least for me. is that with all this hardship that is going on, and all that happened indeed, there is ease. and indeed there is perseverance. and indeed there is the path forward for those who are willing to look for it more than 200 people came to palo alto on saturday evening, and many more streamed the prayer service virtually wars long,
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owns this annual peacemaking event, now in its 10th year, happens to coincide with the current political tensions in afghanistan and the return of taliban rule right. after that. the organizer and founder of american muslim voice foundation believes breaking bread meeting face to face and teaching americans about islam through events like this one and others throughout the year. keep the peace. we are worried about the backlash again, but i am an american, i am of pakistani heritage and i am in muslim and everything that i have teachers be. to be positive to love to care to build, not destroy a message echoed by her 37 peace partners. many of them leaders across religious groups. oh said, you buy, although
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sometimes people want to divide us, and this is not uncommon. it just doesn't happen on september, the 11th. in contrast to tonight's harmonious event uphold conducted last year by the associate press and norc center for public affairs, found that 32% of respondents held very negative or somewhat negative views towards muslims. the poll reflected there was more negativity towards muslims than any other religious group aundrey sad to see that still happening across our country and the gospel that live reported palo alto, emma. thank you. the president. survivors loved ones of victims and more gather today to flicked on this unforgettable date in history. madeline rivera picks up our team coverage with a look at how people are marking this day. across the country, a somber day as the nation marked 20 years since the deadliest terrorist attack on u. s soil. president biden and former presidents clinton and obama in new york to pay their respects to those loss in the attacks,
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and my uncle, firefighter christopher michael mazzella, i know you're with us every day watching over us. and even though i never met you in person, i still miss you a lot. and shanksville, pennsylvania, the man who was president on that dark day. paying tribute to the passengers on united flight 93. they fought off their hijackers and prevented another attack. many who are now live a vast, unconscious debt. to the defiance displayed in the skies above this field at the pentagon, where 184 people died, a call to remember the people were lost that day. not just names and numbers. remember them today for not only who they were but what they could have become, and a promise to defend america. it is our job to defend the great experiment that is america. and to defend the american people in our democracy. even when
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it's hard. a specially when it's hard president biden also visiting memorial sites and shanksville and at the pentagon, laying wreaths and paying tribute to all americans who lost their lives on that tragic day in lower manhattan model rivera fox news wasn't bay area residents were on flight 93 that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. on 9 11 vice president kamala harris spoke at a ceremony there today. what happened on flight 93 told us then and it's still tells us so much. about the courage of those on board who gave everything they possibly could about the resolve of the first responders who risked everything. and about the resilience of the american people. group of passengers on flight, 93 banded together to regain control of the aircraft from the hijackers when the
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aircraft crashed into a field in shanksville, killing everyone on board. authorities believe the terrorists had planned to carry out an attack on the u. s. capitol. we'll turn to our website and news app for extensive coverage of events marking 20 years since the september 11th attacks. what you'll see online includes stories from firefighters who responded to some of them say they're struggling with ptsd brought on by their experience on that day. drivers getting more than they likely bargained for. in southern california, coming up flames from a wildfire right up to the freeway. they're burning his vehicles whiz by. we have an election every single day between now and tuesday, and they don't want and as the clock ticks down to election day, governor newsom spent the time in the bay area to shore up his political future. and we had some warmer temperatures out there today a little more more warmth on the way as we head through the weekend. i'll talk about you
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powering possibilities.
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across the bay area today honored victims of the 9 11 attacks. okay. tv's greg liggins shows us how the reflecting on that tragic day. in union city, they gathered to remember the victims of flight 93 read their names. leroi homework. in san francisco. they recognize not only the lives lost on that fateful day, but the continuing loss of life of those who worked what they call the pile sifting through rubble to recover bodies since this event, and this is pretty staggering 70 to 80% of those that worked that incident have gotten ill and many have died and now retired firefighter who went to ground zero says the terrible images are burned in his eyes. you know what came back? i made a comment that, uh, if my eyes get speak, uh, can they would tell you what it meant to be there? uh it was something that really is
11:32 pm
indescribable. in alameda, a small gathering aboard the uss hornet, which included a re throwing attended by a veteran who served aboard this very ship helped to defend the country and this is all part of something which is. very important to me. san jose had perhaps the bay's biggest ceremony as firefighters, dignitaries and the public reflected on a day most will never forget for each of us the first news of the horrific attacks i've been indelibly seared in our minds and our memories it was or where were you moment on a day, where bell ringing is typically reserved for fallen firefighters, the chief extended the gesture to the community at large. whether it was here in danville, alameda, san francisco or san jose. the message throughout the day was really the same. this is a day we cannot forget. greg liggins ktvu fox two news.
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now today's anniversary deeply personal for the bay area. one of the planes united flight 93 was bound for sfo that we mentioned earlier 20 years later. people here still remember that day and where they were when they heard that america was under attack. i was at home, and i was in california and my daughter woke us up and said that we were under attack and she was about 16 years old. i was cleaning up getting ready. my agent was coming over. i was touching up pain. i had brokers coming in an hour, and paula zahn was on cnn and all of us. playing through the condo and all of a sudden everything stopped. you went to new york? yes we went to new york. what was that? like um, i went to the museum with two of my friends and, um, the moment we walking in the muscle when you start you hear voices, you hear people crying? um and we start crying we
11:34 pm
couldn't believe it. it was extraordinarily, you know, shocking and overwhelming and we were just in disbelief. well nato marked the 20th anniversary of the attacks with a commemoration ceremony in brussels. that repair laid and those in attendance falling silent as they paid their respects to those who died on that day, the milestone anniversary happening just weeks after that chaotic us withdrawal from afghanistan and the return to power of the taliban, the faction that sheltered the muslim militant group funded founded rather by osama bin laden that actually carried out the attacks. and this military band and great britain played the u. s national anthem during a commemoration ceremony at windsor castle. 67 british
11:35 pm
nationals were among those killed after the attacks. there were also remembrance events in london as well as european cities, as we mentioned earlier for more on today's memorials marking 20 years since 9 11, you can get more information on the memorial events by going. into our website ktvu com and also by downloading our ktvu. news app. lawmakers were called to action in the days following september 11th and since then, the work to prevent acts of terrorism on american soil have never stopped. peter doocy takes a look at how president binds administration is dealing with the fight against terror two years two decades rather later. a key component of the biden doctrine is over the horizon counterterrorism capability that means tracking terror from far away and it's a break from previous post 9 11 presidents, including obama, whose anti terror strategy relied heavily upon boots on the ground in afghanistan. there's a future there that is brighter, not only for the afghan people, but for most importantly, for american
11:36 pm
security. uh and you guys are the tip of the spear, but without americans in afghanistan anymore, american military muscle will be 100. it's for thousands of miles away. we're going to retain. on over the horizon capability that they were to come back to be able to take them out. surgically move critics charge. this won't work. let me just say that's more like over the rainbow. biden's own defense secretary says there's no question that it will be more difficult to identify and engage threats that emanate from the region, a trump era national security advisor recently explained why the hours it takes to fly either an unmanned or manned mission from the gulf to afghanistan is extensive. so. you know, in that time period targets can move. hostages can be moved. however, when the president made this promise we will not forgive will not forget will hunt you down to the ends of the earth and we will you will pay. the ultimate price that happened are over the horizon
11:37 pm
capacity can work and has worked in going after isis targets and killing people who went after our troops. some doubt the long term effectiveness of leaving terrorists alone in afghanistan. i would say this without soldiers on the ground with the cia president helping them. the likelihood of banana. another 9 11 has gone up by 70 or 80% but for now, the president is not looking back. the war in afghanistan is now over, and the president defends the way he pulled out by arguing that if the men who planned 9 11 had done it in a country other than afghanistan than the us never would have gone there in the first place, and now he is counting on advances in military technology to keep tabs on the terrorists who could try to do it again at the white house, peter juicy fox news. well the way we fly shifted after 9 11, of course and coming up newer security measures at airports begin to trickle down to other places that attract big crowds. also
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ahead, find out what may help people manage rising insurance premiums. one subsidies
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support for governor gavin newsom and his boat. no get out the vote tour. no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, the governor making a stop at st mary's center in west oakland, a large crowd of supporters. many of the members of s e i u local 10 21 were among the crowd that union organized today's event and represents nearly 60,000 employees and local governments, non profit agencies health care programs in school. throughout northern california. during a brief speech, the governor took aim at his republican opponent, larry elder. that leads the pack of candidates seeking to replace them, he said. he said
11:41 pm
it over and over and over that he looks forward to being the next governor of the state of california to appoint conservative judges to use his line item veto to cut funding for family planning. this is what's at stake if we don't turn out and vote no on this recall, newsom said. he is hopeful ahead. add up tuesday's election. larry elder, meantime, spent the last saturday before the recall election in southern california, attending a 9 11 commemoration in fullerton, the 69 year old posting pictures of himself on social media standing with first responders and for complete coverage of the september 14th california recall election, go to ktvu com where you can watch the returns live. as they happened back down to this. the september 11th terrorist attacks led to a major overhaul at airport security measures. many of those safety practices remain
11:42 pm
in place today and is gary baumgarten tells us tonight, some experts worry the digital age is creating more opportunities for new security threats. wang lines in intensive screening practices are the norm at airports, but they never used to be. and as the nation approaches the 20 year mark since the 9 11 terrorist attacks, it's clear how that fateful day forever changed the way we fly transportation security administration that was not a thing prior to 9 11. the t s a replaced the private security companies many airlines were using to help quickly monitor their passengers soon, the time it took to go through. with security checkpoints increased. as officials heightened the scanning process of each individual flyer. other changes included the mandatory screening of checked bags of the presence of additional air marshals on board planes and added locks on the doors leading to airplane cockpits.
11:43 pm
these measures were all designed to help avoid another 9 11, but experts are not warning of new security threats as the t s a continues experimenting with using facial recognition technology while screening select passengers, officials say your identity could be stolen if the servers holding the information regarding your facial scans wherever hacked. you could be standing in front of the kiosk and all of a sudden it could pop up and say you're on the no fly list and you can't get on the plane today. similar technology is also starting to be used at some concert and sporting events, meaning there are other ways your identity can be compromised without you ever stepping foot in an airport. gary bomb garten fox news, alright still ahead tonight in this late edition traffic troubles on a southern california freeway. the problem wasn't caused by an accident but by a brush. with wildfire and as we had to break a live look outside on the saturday night, the thermometer set to rise just a little in some
11:44 pm
areas. meteorologist colleague, robin will have your complete robin will have your complete you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50.
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. in a mountainous area near castaic in los angeles county, the so called route fire broke out shortly before five pm and force the closure of a portion of the five freeway in both directions. crews say they launched an aggressive attack on that blaze with water dropping helicopters and they're making good progress. we're told, but the fire is still threatening structures and the calgary fire burning south herself like tahoe rather is now 65% contained. video released today shows crews clearing debris to make areas impacted by the fire safer and more accessible. the calendar or fire broke out on august 14th in his burned close to 219,000 acres residents in the
11:47 pm
north upper truckee area of the lake tahoe basin or being allowed to return home now. and the dixie fire is nearing one million acres burned at last check. more than 960,000 acres have been charred. the fire is 65% contained someone in old station posted these photos to instagram yesterday, officials say crews are continuing to make progress, reinforcement containment lines and the weather conditions were slightly better today. than they were yesterday. and then certainly some good news collar. yeah, absolutely. you know, when they get a chance to get some containment on the fire that you've got to take it when the weather is on your side, and thankfully that has been the case past few days, and i think they're going to have the next few days as well. we've got kind of a calm weather pattern coming, but we are going to warm up a bit and i wanted to show you the temperatures in the state right now. because notice pump springs 95 degrees. yeah, i expected this time of year. that's just an indication of high pressure. that kind of sits over the four corners and it is ultimately going to track its way towards us and help us warm up a little bit tomorrow
11:48 pm
as well. now, if you're at the coast, you're not going to get that warm up as much. maybe a degree or two. but if you are inland, you'll start to see a little bit of a difference here. our current temperatures very comfortable out there, mostly fifties 58 degrees right now in san francisco, where 60 and hayward. and excuse me move inland to conquer where they're already kind of hanging onto a little heat from the day sitting at 69 right now live look outside, and you can see it's not terribly foggy out there. we do certainly have some marine layer present. but it should be relatively compressed tonight, so i don't think it'll stick around a whole lot tomorrow. so i'm going to call it minimal fog meaning coastal? yes maybe a little valley, but i think it'll kind of burn off rather quickly. temperatures tonight should be in range from about 50 to 60 degrees. so again, we're pretty moderate. so this is where the high pressure is centered currently in this high pressure ridge, right, meaning that it builds up is going to start to expand over to california. and when that happens, it's not going to be extreme heat this time, so that's some good news, right we've had enough of that already this summer, but we are going to see our inland communities get likely up into the low nineties tomorrow, and
11:49 pm
we did have some that made it up there today. but again if you're at the coast, you really won't feel a whole lot of effects from this, but i'm going to call it a pleasant sunday for everyone, because i think these temperatures along with the afternoon sunshine are going to be quite nice tomorrow and these temperatures will stick with us through tuesday so that ridge really won't start to break down until tuesday, so should be day. so here's tomorrow's highs for you 68 in san francisco 86 up in santa rosa. if you're in oakland about 73 degrees, mountain view, 75. you can see some really nice temperatures. here's where the nineties will be east bay and we're talking low nineties so conquered 90 degrees livermore, you'll be close to it in antioch as well. the usual suspects now i did want to mention this just to mention it that we could get a little northerly wind sunday night into monday in our north and east bay hills and mountains and because we are so dry, of course we think of fire danger. now there are no watches or warnings for this. this is just kind of keep an eye on it thing, but i just wanted to make you aware. because. super important that we continue to be vigilant and make sure that we're doing our part with fire safety, right
11:50 pm
help our firefighters out now as far as smoke is concerned that northerly flow over to roll this forward here and show you tomorrow, we're doing great. but as we get into monday noticed, this is like monday at 11 a.m. we start to get a little bit of that northerly flow, and it does drag a little smoke down into the north bay. this is a little early to be looking at this, but just a heads up like you. i look at that when i come to work because i know we've all had quite enough of the hazy, smoky air. in our lives, and so i always like to keep on eye on and let you know. and i think. right now. we're looking like we're going to stay good to moderate air quality over the next 3 to 5 days and so hopefully that will hold. but if we do anything, it would probably be monday afternoon into the evening. we might see a little haze in the north bay so you'll see tomorrow a little bit warmer. we're going to continue that as i mentioned until we go through tuesday, we start to cool down just a touch as we get into wednesday and thursday, but all told. it is a pretty good looking five day forecast. guys back to you very nicely, kyla. thank you, well covered california, offering a special enrollment period for those at risk of rising insurance premiums once the
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american rescue plans, subsidies and at the end of this month, the stimulus bill approved by congress earlier this year provided subsidies that paid the premiums for individuals seeking cobra continuation coverage. however those subsidies are set to end its september 30th covered california estimates that 138,000 and people are losing their subsidies, and they're still eligible to enroll in a health. plan and it's offering those californians the opportunity to switch to covered california. alright i'm next in sports. after disappointing loss last week, the stanford cardinals made a statement tonight, boy did they upsetting top 15 ranked usc joe fonzi with those highlights coming up next?
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giants. it's no longer about whether or not they'll be in the postseason. it's about continuing to win and beating the dodgers and the nationally west fans at wrigley field today, remembering what happened in this country 20
11:55 pm
years ago. cubs gotta run in the first, and then the giants showed how meaningless that run was tommy la stella, with the bases loaded two outs in the second, stella's two run single up. zach davies was just the start of a huge day for him to one. next up was brandon belt, he goes down and golf. said davies pitch into the bleachers and right center. it's a career high 23rd homer of the year for belt and have five running. for the giants. the route was on the fifth was another beginning. three runs already ended, endless stella ripped one high and deep down the right field line that captures six run inning on a day when la stella was three for six with three runs scored, and five r b i s the giants like that comes up for 15 runs on 13 hits in the 15 to 4 win. they stay 2.5 games in front of the second place dodgers, who again beat the padres chris bassett, continuing his rehab as the a's hosted texas, with no margin for error. in their postseason hopes good oakland power on
11:56 pm
display as the bill to lead it was already too nothing in the third and then matt olsen added on olsen gets all of the west benjamin pitch for his 33rd home run of the year. the asian front three to nothing 322 game in the fourth one. mark canha went deep. leonie tomorrow's runs out of room at the wall. that's a two run shot canada's 17th of the year. the a's got three in the inning and led 62 same score in the eighth, but the rangers got to oakland struggling bullpen. sergio romo came on for coal. irvine and d. j. peters ripped romo pitch into the left field seats with a runner on making a 6 to 4 games. now it's 6 to 5 and andrew chafin gives up a two run shot to jonah hime. the rangers get five in the inning. go on to win 8 to 6. the ayes have eight blown saves and their last 19 games. the loss leaves them and tie with seattle two games out of that last wild card and 5.5 games back of houston in the l west. well, the way stanford played last week at kansas state,
11:57 pm
you'd probably figure the cardinal would have a long night in their conference opener at 14th, ranked usc. that would be an improper assumption. some high end theatrics is what you'd expect at the l. a coliseum is david shaw and the cardinal settled this week on quarterback tanner mckee. well this will take some pressure off the quarterback first down on the 13 stanford second possession, nathaniel pete pops through the line of scrimmage. and where is everybody pete out? it runs the trojan secondary. goes 87 yards of the end zone six minutes into the game, stanford as i seven lead, this was a huge play with just nine seconds left in the half mckee finds bryson tremaine in the back of the end zone. tremaine gets a foot down stanford heads to the locker room with the 21 to 10 lead and this play in the third quarter really put stanford in the driver's seat. king slovis throws behind his receiver, the balls tipped and ends up in the arms of stanford's chi, you blew kelly! yes, chi, you blew kelly kelly goes 31 yards. the end zone. stanford rolls 42 to
11:58 pm
28 evens its record at one and one want to know impact. 12 play cal at texas christian today trying to bounce back from its opening week lost in nevada. the bears is down 21 19. when damian more splits the horn frog defense and gets into the end zone from 12 yards out cal in front 26 21, with most of the fourth quarter still to play. that was enough time for tcu to score twice. the frogs go back in front when max dugan has time to stand in the pocket and find quentin johnston. one move johnston gone on a 45 yard run to the pylon tcu back in front 27 26 bears down 34 32. they have a shot to tie with the two point conversion and here's how close they come more is at the goal line. but does he break the plane before his knees down? they review it and say no. tcu hangs on for the win, improving the two and cal falls to oh, and two pac 12 hasn't fared so well lately in high profile games. oregon though, made quite a statement
11:59 pm
today before better than 100,000 in columbus, cj verdell breaks into the open, he's got one man to beat for dell won't go down finishes at 77 yard run. verdell had three touchdowns as oregon knocked off third ranked ohio state, 35 to 28 women's finals, the u. s open tennis championship with two unseeded players meeting for the first time ever 18 year old emma canoe against 19 year old leila fernandez. radhika new is in the near court. in the first set, shell hit a winner down the baseline to wrap up that set 64 and now it'll be radical news serving for the match. we may be seeing the future of women's tennis. the british teenager wins her first major after coming in ranked 150th in the world over a canadian teenager who came in ranked 73rd 6463. the final numbers well, pretty impressive and pretty much a good day for sports here in the. the area.
12:00 am
yeah for those two teams one last second. yeah saturday. i went good one. thanks so much, joe. download for us. thank you so much for joining us for this so much for joining us for this late edition. of thed news yesterday. um, phil's mom died. it wasn't unexpected, he was with her, and she went very peacefully in her sleep. she and i had a special connection. we all did. but mostly me. she said i was just like her. was she weirdly competitive, too? the whole family is going down to florida tomorrow to be with phil for the service. it's such a relief. i can feel how much he needs me right now. there they are. hey, guys. oh! oh, you brought my neck pillow. i missed you so much. phil, i'm so sorry. thanks. grace was such a kind and whimsical soul. the different animals she put antlers on for christmas cards-- inspired. not a single one was photoshopped. not even the alligator? cost her the tip of her pinkie, but she had no regrets. oh! (chuckles) i'm so glad you guys are here.


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