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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 26, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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members killed, others injured in multiple attacks at and near the airport in kabul the escalating and very fluid situation as people try to flee the country before the us imposed august 31st deadline. plus it's been 24 hours since hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in san jose we're live on the scene with the latest on the efforts. cap a gas leak plus that's sad sight to see a 12 year old boy killed after the vehicle he was in was hit by a train in oakland will have the latest on this investigation and why many in the community say this one crossing is so dangerous the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at new and good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach and i'm gasia mikaelian let's get you straight to live coverage from the pentagon more on the 12 u. s service members killed too. day in afghanistan will listen in together you please before you ask your question and identify yourselves and your outlet so the general has an idea of who he's talking to.
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and just a reminder. we've got 30 minutes and we have a hard stop at 3 30. so with that. general mackenzie over to you, sir john thanks um it's a hard day today as you know two suicide bombers assessed to have been isis fighters detonated in the vicinity of the abbey gate that hamid karzai international airport and in the vicinity of the baron hotel, which is immediately adjacent to the attack on the abbey gate was followed by a number of isis gunman who opened fire on civilians and military forces. at this time we know that 12 u s service members have been killed in the attack in 15 more service members have been injured. a number of afghan civilians were also killed and injured in the attack were treating some of them aboard h. kaaya many other afghan civilians have been taken out to hospitals in town we're still working to calculate the total losses we just don't know it. what that is right now. their loss weighs heavily on us all and i'll talk a little bit more about that, as we go through my prepared remarks. we continue to focus on the protection of our forces in the
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evacuees as the evacuation continues let me be clear while we're saddened by the loss of life, both u. s and afghan we'll continue to execute the mission. our mission is to evacuate us citizens third country nationals. special immigrant visa holders, us embassy staff and afghans at risk despite this attack, we are continuing the mission the evacuation at best speed innocent today we have approximately 5000 evacuated on the ramp at h. kaya awaiting airline since august. the 14th we've evacuated more than 104,000 civilians from the from h. kyle. over 66,000 by the united states and over 37,000 by our allies and partners, and that includes bringing out about 5000 americans as the secretary of state said yesterday we believe that there are about 1000 probably little more than 1000 american citizens left in afghanistan at this point we're doing everything we can in concert with our department state partners to reach out to them and to help him lead. if they
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want to leave and remember not everybody wants to leave yesterday we brought in over 500 american citizens, it would be difficult to overestimate the number of unusual challenges and competing demands that our forces on the ground and face the threat to our forces particularly from isis k is very real as we have seen today. i would also like to express the professional way that our forces have overcome those challenges and to deliver the results that we talked about in my opening portion of remarks the number of people that we've been able to extract from afghanistan would also be remiss of me, not to mention the tremendous contributions of our many coalition partners and they stood with us on the ground. today's kaya. also the interagency and international partners who supported the evacuation the many soldiers sailors, airmen marines and coast guardsmen who supported this operation down range across the central command, the european command and the northern command areas of responsibility moreover this
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evacuation could simply not have been done without the amazing flexibility us transportation coming in and the airlift provided by the united states air force. no other military in the world has anything like it. i'd also like to thank the host nations that have generously provided access to their facilities for the processing the care and feeding of our evacuees. i also need to acknowledge the temporary suffering this summer of our evacuates have had to endure. please know that we continue to execute our number one mission which is to get as many american citizens and other evacuated as possible out of afghanistan. we also continue to expand the capacity at our intermediate facilities to ensure safe sanitary and humane conditions for evacuation while continuing to look for ultimate ways to expedite their processing and ultimate transfer to the united states or other destinations i'd like to close out my remarks today by just taking a moment to describe the heroism. our marines soldiers and sailors are exhibiting as they screen
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the people who are coming onto the airfield. this is close up work the breath of the person you are searching is upon you while we have over watching place we still have to touch the close of the person is coming in. i think you all can appreciate the courage and the dedication that is necessary to do this job and to do it time after time. please remember that we have screened over 104,000 people. finally, i'd like to offer my profound condolences to the families of our servicemen and women and afghan civilians who lost their lives. today we have put more than 5000 u. s service members at risk to save as many civilians as we can. it's a noble mission, and today we have seen firsthand how dangerous that mission is. isis will not be terrorist from accomplishing the mission. i can assure you of that all americans can and should be proud of the minimum women of the armed forces were facing these dangerous head on with their international partners and all our other friends that
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are with us and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for all our service members who are carrying on this mission today. john, i'm not ready to take questions. thank you, general we'll start with the leader thank you, general mackenzie leader baldur with a p. thank you for taking the time to do this. uh um can you give us your assessment of the isis threat going forward what are you seeing on the ground now? does this cut the evacuation short? do you believe. um and are people able to get onto the airport now and then finally the president has warned that any attacks against the u. s would be answered will this attack be answered miller militarily by the u. s. who a number of questions there. let me try to take them in order so first of all the threat from isis is extremely real. we've been talking about this. several days we saw what actually manifest itself here last few hours with an actual
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attack. we believe it is their desire to continue those attacks and we expect those attacks to continue and we're doing everything we can to be prepared for those attacks that includes reaching out to the taliban who are actually providing the outer security cordon around the airfield. make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us and we will continue to coordinate with them as as they go forward, we are continuing to bring people onto the airfield. we just brought a number of buses of, uh aboard the airfield over the last couple of three hours so we continue to process will continue to float people out. the plan is designed to operate while under stress and under attack. and we will continue to do that. we will coordinate very carefully to make sure that it's safe for american citizens to come to the airfield if it's not we'll tell them to hold and then we'll you know we'll work other ways to try to get him to the airfield but i think our mission remains we're still committed to flowing people out up until we terminate operations at some point towards the end of the month and but i think we have the ability to actually. do all of those things as we go forward let me just come back
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one moment and you talked about going after isis yes if we can find who's associated with this w them we've been clear all along that we're going to retain the right to operate against isis in afghanistan and we are working very hard right now to determine attribution to determine who is associated with this cowardly attack. we're prepared to take action against them 24 7, we're looking for them. david general david barton would, uh cbs 27 casualties is a terrible numbers. um 12 dead. could you explain the circumstances of these attacks which resulted in such? uh high casualties for the u. s. sure sure, david so, first of all, you will understand that we're still investigating the exact circumstances but what i can tell you is this the attack occurred at a gate at the gate. we have to check people before they get onto the airfield we
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have to ensure they're not carrying a bomb or any other kind of weapon that could ultimately make its way onto an aircraft that requires physical screening you can't do that with standoff you ultimately have to get very close to that person. so i'll debated the airbase itself is surrounded with t walls were well bunkered in we've done a variety of things to protect ourselves at these interface points these gates for people actually come on the airfield there's no substitute for a young for a young man or woman young united states man or woman standing out there conducting a search of that person before we let him out now the taliban have conducted searches before they get to that point and sometimes those searches have been good and sometimes not. will simply note that before this attack we had passed 104,000 people through. so this attack is one too many, but we will. we will evaluate what happened we'll find ways to always get better. but the key thing is you don't want to let somebody on an airplane carrying a bomb because that could result even massive loss of life of an air if an airplane would be destroyed so you got to do the searches we work with our afghan partners on the ground, the issue elements. to conduct
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those searches. but ultimately americans have got to be in danger to do these searches. there's really there's really no other way to do it and again i cannot tell you how impressed i am with the daily heroism of the men and women that are out there doing this work typically soldiers sailors and marines that are doing that work and they're right up close to thousands of people that are flowing through the airfield. you've all seen the images. and uh be able to get up and do it. day after day. it's remarkable and this time looks like somebody got close to us we'll find out why we'll try to improve our procedures uh it is 12 12 12 service members dying. nobody feels that more closely more directly than me and everyone else in the chain of command and we recognize that we need to continue to evaluate our procedures as we go forward. same time there's a tension there. we have to continue to let people own the airfield because that is why we are there were not there to defend ourselves we're there to defend ourselves while we process american citizens first but also the other categories
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of people that i've mentioned get them to a place where we can fly them out to a safer, better future. so just to be clear this this suicide bomber was going through the gate being search checked by u. s service members when he detonated his vest. david, that's that's uh that would be my working assumption i know this. he did not get inside we did not get only installation it was at the interface point where they try to come in with this attack occurred and we just don't know more right now. we're gathering that information because you will understand what we're investigating that but right now our focus really we have other active threat strings. extremely active threats train against the airfield we want to make sure that we've taken the steps we need to take to protect ourselves there. there are focuses on that over the next few hours day or two. we'll learn a lot more about what happened here, and i'm sure we'll be able to share that with right now. our focus is actually going forward ensuring that another attack of this nature does not occur because as you know typically
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the pattern is multiple attacks and we want to be prepared and be ready to defend against that. courtney can you take down mackenzie it's courtney qb from nbc news. can you tell us a little bit more about the these extremely real additional threats from isis is it, uh concerned about more suicide attacks um and also about some of the steps that you may be taking to mitigate future attacks? i mean, would it include. putting u. s troops were marines outside the gates are outside of the airport for additional perimeter security and then finally with all of this is there any discussion about sending any additional u s troops to kabul airport for additional security measures uh so let me actually answer the last part of your question first we assess we have the forces. we need to protect ourselves there. i'm always in a constant dialogue with the secretary if i needed anything else, i'd be talking to him immediately but i think we have what we need to protect ourselves so let's talk a little bit about the threat strings so very very real threats. dreams very very uh
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what we would call tactical that means imminent could occur at any moment and they range from rocket attacks. we know that they would like to lava rock it in there. if they could. now we actually have pretty good protection against that. we have our our and i'm rocket and mortar system the gun systems that those who have been out they were very familiar with that are pretty effective against these kinds of attacks we have well positioned around the boundary of the air film we feel that would be we will be in good shape so that kind of attack occur. we also know they aim to get a suicide vehicle borne suicide attack in if they can. from a small vehicle to a large vehicle they're working all those options and then we've just seen their ability to deliver a walk in a best wearing suicide suicide attackers all of those things we look at now the other thing we do is we share versions of this information with the taliban so that they can actually do some searching out there for us, and we believe that. some attacks have been thwarted by then again. we've been doing this for a long we've been doing this since the 14th this is a this is an
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attack has been carried out we believe it's possible that others have been thwarted. we cut down the information we give the taliban they don't get the full range of information we have, but we give them enough to act in time and space to try to prevent these attacks. the other thing we try to do is we tried to push out the boundary even further so that we don't get large crowds massing at the gate clearly at navigate. today we had a larger crowd there that we would like which goes to show you that the system is not perfect but we have gained large elements of standoff at other gates and we want to keep that kind of standoff in place as you know, standoff. attacks like this is always the best defense unfortunately we just don't have the opportunity given the geography of the ground that were owned always gain that kind of stand all so we take let me close up your question by saying we take the threat of these attacks very seriously. working very hard we're doing a variety of things we've got. as you know, we have aged 64 attack helicopters on the ground that we're flying to take a look. they have very good thermal and optical
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imaging systems we got aircraft overhead that have also have very good imaging systems we have unmanned aircraft mq nine that have the ability to look. all of these systems are being applied. in defense of the airfield all of it on a continual basis all of them vectored by the intelligence that we received and that we and then we also use the taliban as a tool to protect us as much as often i'm going to go to the phones haven't done that yet alex horton, washington. post alexi there. yep. you understand meeting uh you know, this is absorbing with the washington post. thanks for doing this. uh, can you give us a sense of where you are in casualty notification for these folks on the ground you know how long do you expect to take given that it's a large number uh and also can you tell us a little bit about you know how the forces not reacted you said that you and introduced a little. probably more standoff at this
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point, but what are other measures you're taken to increase security after the attack? sure i would actually before he did the terrorist discipline for notification of casualties little point that supergroup provide. and i believe that process is ongoing but i just i do not have visibility on it. my visibility is fully forward against the day to day practical threat that we face in the theater but there are other people who can probably answer that question for you. i'm just i'm just not that person, alex so in terms of practical things that we're doing okay again. we've reached out to the taliban. we told you need to continue to push out the security perimeter. we've identified some roads that we would like for them to close. they've identified that they will they will be willing to close those roads because we assess the threat of a suicide born vehicle threat is high right now, so we want to reduce the possibility of one of those vehicles getting close so we're actually moving very aggressively to do that we talked a little bit about the over the overwatch that we have in place but i'll review it again. we have our unmanned aircraft rm q nines and other unmanned drone systems that
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have very good optical and other means of looking down, so we look at what's happening around the gate we try to identify patterns and we got highly trained people that take a look at that we also have our aircraft that we fly locally uh at the age 64 is that i mentioned a few moments ago as well as other manned aircraft that come off the uss off the carrier that we have off the mockery coast as well as u. s air force aircraft. that we bring up from out of from out of afghanistan everything ranging from f fifteens to a c 1 30 gunships and, as you know the 1 30 gunship has a very highly capable targeting system it's also very visible platform and we know we know from long experience that visible demonstration of these kinds of csr tends to dissuade the attacker because they they know that if we can see him do it, we're going to strike them immediately. so we'll be prepared to do that, should it become necessary to defend the base? we're looking very hard. we assess we are in a period of heightened warning right now, and we're working through that as aggressively as we can over,
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uh, gordon general gordon wolfman welfare journal can you tell us if you think that your recommendation for staying potentially after august, 31st would change because of this threat stream. or are you concerned about the threat stream and also you know the u s military in the taliban been coordinating very closely on various things, do you still trust the taliban and is it possible that they let this happened so as to where they're not? they let it happen. i don't know. i don't think there's anything to anything to convince me that they let it happen as to whether or not i trust them? that's that's not necessarily that's the word i used very carefully you've heard me say before it's not what they say it's what they do. they have a practical reason for warning us to get out of here by the 31st of august and that's what they want to reclaim they want to reclaim the airfield we want to get out by that day to if it's going to be possible to do so. so we share a common purpose. as long as we kept that common
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first purpose aligned they've been they've been uh useful to work with. they've cut some of our security as some of our security concerns down and they've been useful to work with. going forward now. long term. i don't know what that's going to be. i will tell you this anytime you build a noncombatant evacuation plan like this and you bring in forces. you expect to be attacked so we expect we didn't we thought this would happen sooner or later it's tragic that it happened. the day is tragic. there was this much loss of life. we are prepared to continue the mission. i've had a great opportunity have dialogue with my chain of command on it and i'm not gonna be able to share with you. what? my advice has been as you know and understand gordon, but i think we can continue to conduct our mission. even while we're receiving attacks like this uh here, for schmidt with the new york times even before today's attack you were just four days or so from us from leaving how soon will you have to start diminishing the evacuation flights if indeed
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those can continue to make space and time for the military retrograde that is that withdrawal of her many troops there in their equipment to eric without getting into specifics. i would tell you that the plan is designed to maximize throughput of evacuees even as we began to prepare to draw down the force on the ground so we recognize there's a need to balance the two. so we're not going to get to a point where suddenly we turn off the spigot it will draw down as we get closer to the indict. it's not useful for me to share that that day with you right now when we will begin to draw down those flights. but what we will do it at some point at the same time i want to emphasize again the plan is designed to maximize pushing people out, even as we reconfigure the force. continue to defend ourselves and get ready to bring out our own equipment. military ultimately our own military person in general, i could just follow up. follow up on that will you have to also develop alternative routes beyond those that you already have to get the remaining americans in kabul who want to leave safely to the airport? i would tell you that we have worked over
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the last week. we have brought in hundreds of americans by working alternate routes to get them in by establishing contact with them by the directing them down. uh steady different ways to get to the airport our task force r j sock element does that on the ground? very effectively in coordination with, uh with admiral vase lee, who was the overall commander there, so we continue to do that that's not something that we're beginning now we've done that all along and we will continue to do that up until the last moment. general general mackenzie jennifer griffin, fox news can you say was there one or two suicide bombers at the abbey gate? and can you say for certain that it was a male bomber and can you give us any more details about the second explosion that occurred at baron hotel was out of the bed was that a car bomb or was that also a suicide bomber? um, finally there are state department employees who are side by side with us marines at that gate. were there any other us? citizens
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killed in the attack and why were the marines so close together that so many were killed in 11 strike, so we think one suicide bomb at abbey gay? i don't know if it's male or female. just don't have that information. um uh don't don't know much about the second bomb except one went off in the vicinity of the baron hotel which is you're aware is a deeply bunkered structure and as far as i know, no. there were no uk military casualties as a result of that there may have been afghan casualties and i'm sure there were afghan casualties but it will take us a little bit of time to actually learn how many afghans 10 casualties. we took some of them on board the installation many of them were taken to hospitals out in town so what i see is what i what i get an open source reporting. about the nature of those casualties, but we're trying to gather more information about it. so the last point i would tell you i don't know that i don't know the size of the bomb and the size of the bomb is directly
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related to how many people are going to be affected by the blast radius of the weapon i and so i we're going to investigate that as i've noted, before you're at the interface point there at these gates. somebody's actually got to which someone else in the eyes and decide that they're ready to come in and so we'll find out exactly what happened. beyond that i would not want to speculate at this time jennifer thank you any other american citizens from the state department who were killed? none that i'm aware of now. okay, i need to go back to the phones. laura seligman high general thanks so much for doing this a couple questions first of all, can you tell me um we've heard reports of a third and possibly 1/4 attack in kabul today can you confirm those? and then also, can you tell us. how exactly are you still conducting these evacuation flights? are you concerned about manpads and other threats to the aircraft wall vacations of other attacks
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in kabul but we have not been able to run that information down. so we see it. we you know we get open source reporting on it, but i can't confirm that there have been other attacks in kabul away from hk today we continue to take a look at that very hard. i will tell you this the safety of our aircraft coming in and out is apparent. out importance because obviously you have the opportunity there to for 450 or more people to die if you have a significant mishap of the aircraft, we know that isis would like to get after those aircraft if they can. we don't know that they don't believe they have a man pad capable of doing it they have taken shots at our aircraft on occasion without effect. we think that's going to continue. uh and we will, but as you know, military aircraft have a variety of self defense systems, which more vulnerable actually the charter aircraft and other aircraft that are coming in that do not have those do not have those systems. so we with our is are we look very carefully at the approach. pattern and the departure pattern off that runway to see what we see if we
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see any sign of something that might pose a threat to aircraft, that's one of the things that we look at religiously at throughout the day and throughout the night as we conducted as we conduct operations because really the aircraft, the only way we're going to get people out of there. so we are keenly sensitive threats to our aircraft okay, we're gonna take him if i could just follow if i could i'm sorry, guys. guys we gotta keep moving guys take one more question than give the general chance to close out injuries general i know it's still early but at this moment in time how do you believe the suicide bombers made it through several checkpoints where there was taliban or afghan forces to the marines? he believes it was. it was a failure, or they were able to somehow evade them and make it to the marines and. well, clearly if they were able to get up to the marines at the screening at the at the entry point of the base because a failure somewhere it was a failure by uh, you know taliban operate with varying degrees of confidence some of those guys are very scrupulously good some of them are not. i just don't know the answer to that question uh but we will. you
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can be assured we're going to continue to take a look at it and try to make all our all our practices better as we afford. okay general general, sir we're going to let the general we're going to let the general close out, general sir, for any closing thoughts you might have, sir john thanks again. i would just like to say today is a hard day. but but the thing i come back to is remarkable professionalism that the force on the ground is showing. as i've noted before, ultimately at the screening points in particular you've got to get very up close and personal to the people that you're bringing out. there's no way to do that safely from a distance and we should all just bear in mind that we've been doing it for. well over a week. we brought 104,000 people out. that's a tremendous number of contacts that every individual marine soldier or sailor has had to have, as we bring people aboard the airfield. it's a very heavy heart. you know that we that i that i do this conversation with you today. nobody feels it more than they are the other members of the chain of command will do everything we can to improve our practice is there to make sure it's as safe as
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possible for our for our folks on the ground that are doing this dirty, dangerous work. john thanks very much thank you, general thank you all appreciate it john. will you take a couple questions marine general kenneth mackenzie speaking at the pentagon saying it's a hard day today but the mission remains the same to get the remaining americans safely out of afghanistan. marine general speaking just hours after two suicide bombers attacked near the airport in kabul at least 12 u. s service members are dead others are injured we just learned mike that an afghan official says at least 60 afghans were killed and 143 more wounded in this airport attack the attack believed to be the work of isis the general also voicing concern that while they are searching for those responsible there are is concerned that there may be another attack as they continue to move people. off the installation onto planes and then fly them out of afghanistan he said. there is the possibility of a rocket attack there's a possibility of another suicide bombing attack, whether it's a suicide vest or even in a vehicle he said that they are working closely with the taliban and trying to close
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some streets around the area i thought it was interesting that he he did describe a little bit more about the one attack at the airport and basically if you can envision you know the airport and then they have the marines there and then there's an initial perimeter where the taliban is there to do the initial screening bomber whetha man or a woman got by the taliban there and then made it right up to the gate there at the installation at the airport and that is where that one bomb went off, killing the 12 u. s service members right there. he also took time to highlight the courage and dedication of all the u. s service members who continue to do that physical screening process making sure that these individuals coming to the airport are safe they can get on their planes into part and that continues as we speak, whether it'll go all the way to august 31st. we'll have to wait and see. but as of right now, the process of evacuating individuals there at the airport continues still waiting to hear from president biden no word yet from the president about today's attacks. we'll have more news coming up after the break. mark t
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forecast out there on this thursday afternoon hey, mark! hi there. good afternoon yeah. quick update we're talking about warmer temperatures for today but the real heat that moves into the area friday and into the weekend but here is
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the plan for your thursday fog clearing out that we are expecting lots of sunshine temperatures that incredibly hot just yet, as you can see the overall temperature range hotspots will be approaching the lower nineties later on today, so that would be the case with the with the cloud cover kind of clearing out into the afternoon hours. here's a satellite throughout the day and you will see this the fog from this morning trying to clear on out you see that northerly wind as well. that could actually help transport some of the smoke toward the bay area's we head into your friday and saturday. in fact an air quality advisory issued for those two days coming up beginning tomorrow and into saturday mainly in the upper levels won't be dense pockets of smoke, but still. something to be watching over the next couple days. take a look at our current temperatures warming up, but still a nice warm, not extremely hot afternoon san jose 74 conquered in the upper seventies here's our live camera checking out san francisco this afternoon in san francisco will be at least approaching the lower seventies later on today, so mostly sunny and warmer some seventies and eighties around the base of
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nineties, well inland, but the real heat. that moves in tomorrow and into saturday, we'll talk more about that with your full forecast in just a few minutes. thank you. mark hundreds of san jose residents are still stuck in limbo waiting for pg any to finish repairing a ruptured pipe that's leaking gas in the area of eugene avenue and race street. ktvu demagogues celebrity the evacuation so you have an update for us from the centers a fire department but emma, this is not good news for all those waiting to return home. unfortunately not the fire department announced this afternoon yet again extended the evacuation order and are hopeful that they can let people return safely to their homes by early this evening as pg and e crews work to cap off one final gas line san jose residents who evacuated their homes wednesday afternoon due to a gas leak. in the area tried to return home thursday morning only to find the evacuation order had gotten pushed later and later in the day. you'll just be in your car until it happens yeah yeah i'm still working out between cafe
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cafe 325 addresses including some businesses evacuated after a third party contractor ruptured an underground gas line, digging into it with heavy duty equipment violating protocols that required hand digging near gas lines. natural gas has a flammability range when it mixes with. oxygen and so what we've done is we've created this large perimeter where we know that the outside of that perimeter is where we have zero natural gas pet owners were told to leave their animals behind now. san jose fire says the work on a case by case basis to reunite people with their pets as they did for this man thursday afternoon but a true homecoming is still to be determined so right now we're looking at the evacuated people probably hopefully being able to re enter their homes sometime early this evening. it is a pretty complicated process that pgd is going through right now and obviously our primary concern is to make sure that everything is secure and safe before people actually come back into the area. businesses
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in the area also stayed closed leaving some employees with a mountain of work waiting for them it kind of messes up what we had planned for the day. i'm happy that they're concerned about my safety but at the same time i um we just came back from a national convention, so we were gone for two weeks. and i've got a lot of piled up work in there that i would like to get done so, um, yeah i would like to get in as soon as possible. even after pg and pg any repairs the ruptured pipe and people are able to return safely to their homes. the intersection of park and race will remain closed for a period of time and a select number of homes will need pg and e to enter their home to turn on their gas and restore their gas lines. but only for a select few reporting in san jose magus ktvu fox two news. all right, evan thank you for that more on the breaking news out of afghanistan we just heard marine general kenneth mckenzie report that u. s service
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members were killed and injured in a suicide bomb attack two of them at the airport in kabul and right near the airport at a hotel ktvu sally rasmus joins us live with more on this breaking story. ali mike 11 u. s. marines and one navy medic were killed at least 15 other u s service members injured u s military leaders just give us an update on what happened. the first blast occurred around 70 clock, pacific time outside the abbey gate of the hamid karzai airport in kabul this happened as throngs of people had crowded that gate attempting to board some of the remaining flights out of the country marine general kenneth mckenzie jr says a suicide bomber detonated a device when he or she they're not sure which was going through a checkpoint that was operated by u s marines at that airport designed to screen afghans to get into the airport and board fly. right out of the country the general said. the perilous nature of that important work is unavoidable could simply not have been. you don't want to let somebody on an airplane carrying a bomb because that could result even
12:37 pm
massive loss of life of an air if an airplane were to be destroyed so you got to do the searches. we work with our afghan partners on the ground the issue elements to conduct those searches but ultimately americans have got to be in danger to do these searches. there's really really no other way to do it. and again, i cannot tell you how impressed i am with the daily heroism of the men and women that are out there doing this work. after the blast. general mackenzie says that there were several isis members or people believed to be members of isis that opened fire shooting into the crowd during the chaos after that initial explosion u. s service members returned fire now there was a second explosion that happened at the baron hotel which is nearby the airport although the general says there were no us or british casualties at that site he did say, however many afghans were injured or killed in these two explosions western security officials believe a specific wing of the islamic state known as. isis kate may be behind all this back group described as an even more extremist wing of the taliban
12:38 pm
that splintered off from the taliban and maybe trying to provoke a civil war in that country august 31st is the deadline by which the u. s government will leave the country of afghanistan entirely after 20 years of war there marine general mackenzie says the u s will respond militarily against the perpetrators of this morning's attacks. we will go after them we've been clear all along that we're going to retain the right to operate against isis in afghanistan and we are working very hard right now to determine attribution to determine who is associated with this cowardly attack and we're prepared to take action against them. 24 7, we're looking for them. in the meantime the mass evacuation of americans and afghans continues the u. s and its allies have evacuated 104,000 people since august 14th and general mackenzie says they've continued to bring people to the airport by bus. they've continued to process evacuees and operate flights in and out of afghanistan even in the hours after this attack
12:39 pm
happened, the general says, they're approximately 1000 us citizens and americans who remain in afghanistan. in the newsroom ali rasmus ktvu box two news, ali thank you for that an investigation is underway to determine what went wrong at a railroad crossing in oakley after a freight train hit a car killing a 12 year old boy and contra costa county sheriff's office has identified the boy as joshua shaffer deputies say his 19 year old sister was driving and was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition after yesterday's crash she had just picked her brother up from delta middle school when the train hit their car on east cyprus road, flipping it over and said. need debris into other vehicles waiting there at the crossing the train went through. and then all of a sudden i just heard a big crunch. i looked over in the car flew off the road and then a tires were going and then debris was hitting my truck and i called 911. the city of oakley says the signals and crossing arms were operating
12:40 pm
properly at the time of the accident parents tell us there is usually heavy traffic in the area especially when school lets out the cal door fire and elder rato county continues to grow this comes as fire crews are working to prevent it from moving into the lake tahoe basin the fire is about 15 miles away from the lake. it's burned through more than 213 square miles since it started 13 days ago fire crews are making progress amid higher humidity in lighter winds these past few days. virus still just 12% contained cal fires now sending more cruise to the part of the fire that's burning closest to the west shore of lake tahoe. a new fire is burning in calaveras county it's called the aurora fire it started yesterday afternoon near the town of colombia. there are evacuation orders for the towns of murphy's and douglas flat this fire has burned 700 acres and it's 10% contained the cause of this fire is not yet known to santa claus to santa clara county supervisors have proposed that the board issue a no confidence vote for sheriff laurie smith according to the mercury news supervisors joseph median and susan ellenberger are calling
12:41 pm
for the august 31st vote based on their ongoing criticism of costly jail abuse and neglect settlements and several criminal indictments evolving sheriff smith. associates last week the board unanimously approved a referral calling for federal and local investigations into the jail operations more trouble for san francisco thinking millennium tower why the project to shore up the building this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
12:42 pm
to help keep our state golden. our seasonal savings aren't made to lure you in. quite the opposite. to get you out there. doing stuff. save more this labor day in-store and online at the home depot. the home depot. how doers get more done. homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness.
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who was choking and as ktvu henry lee reports the off duty officer says he was just doing his job oh my god this is cell phone video showing off duty san pablo police officer gilbert trophy in downtown livermore he's trying to help a mother whose infant son isn't breathing oh, my god he's choking the officers 12 year old daughter is recording with her cell phone it happened on august 15th a sunday after trotsky and his family had watched the movie. they were driving home when his wife saw a woman in distress was a lady on the side of the road outside of her vehicle holding her baby in her arms and she appeared to be very distraught truchi got out and asked if she needed help. she basically handed me the baby and i noticed that the baby's face was blue. he looks calm on the video. but in reality he says he was almost as scared as she was at the time i lean the baby over and i tried a couple back blows to clear the airway, but it didn't seem to work. at one point the
12:45 pm
officer turned toward his wife and mouth. the words call 911 he told the mother to do a finger sweep of the baby's mouth and after some more back blows the baby coughed vomited and started crying and then the mother immediately grabbed the child from me, and she embraced her son the officers, kids saw it all from the back seat. they talked about it all day long which was awesome that was the best feeling. you know, officer trophy was with his family he was off duty, and he was compelled into action and we're really grateful that he had he was their trophy doesn't consider himself a hero i just feel like i was at the right place at the right time and i think that anybody in that situation would have done the same thing. trophy has been with san pablo police in 2013 he's a field training officer known for making key arrests for drugs, guns installed in cars. trophy was named officer of the year in 2018 this is awesome. this is better than the baby's parents did not want to be interviewed but a
12:46 pm
relative tells me they're super grateful and really happy that this officer saved their little one. henry lee ktvu, fox two news the construction work to stop san francisco's millennium tower from sinking has been halted. after the building unexpectedly sunk more in recent weeks. the buildings sank another inch in one week an engineer on the project tells ktvu there's been an increased rate of settling associated with pile driving being done to stabilize the building. says the pile installation will stop for up to four weeks as crews try to figure out what's causing that increased rate of settling he also says there has been no material harm to the building and that it remains fully safe. there was a groundbreaking this morning on a new, affordable housing development in the city of oakland mayor libby schaaf, another city and community leaders were just ceremony for the casa suenos affordable home development at the fruitvale transit village this is the third phase of that mixed use transit development by the unity council it will have 181 units of affordable family housing 46 units will be set
12:47 pm
aside for the area's chronically homeless resident. the quarter of the units. i mean for our formally unsheltered on housed neighbors that is the answer to a dream, to provide decent housing for our essential workers who have gotten us through this pandemic and deserve much more than just our gratitude they deserve affordable housing kind of go ahead this final stage of the fruitvale transit village development is expected to be ready for people to move in by the fall of 2023 back to mark tamayo we go and look at that forecast across bay area you said, not a heat wave, but a little bit of warm up there for a lot of inland communities yes, definitely a definitely. i'm going to notice those temperatures going up a bit today but more so as we head into friday and saturday so yeah temperatures will be close to 100 degrees for the hotspots says early as tomorrow afternoon at least right now, though it's actually kind of pleasant out there but we've had a break from the heat for over a week temperatures
12:48 pm
though, that thursday could see that change here for today and then into friday as well. so here's the plan as you can see here. basically a three day stretch but the hottest day will be on saturday temperatures and land around 95 to 100 degrees not as hot around the base. we're not talking about a heat event for the entire region and of course with this pattern fire danger will be on the increase here is the fog from this morning, clearing out you can see those northerly winds as well that northerly wind will actually transport some of the smoke and the haze and to the area for tomorrow and as a result we do have an air quality advisory for tomorrow and into saturday. in fact, if we check out the air quality levels and the sierra of course it's unhealthy for us. we have a bunch of greens and yellows. showing up here is the forecast for tomorrow everybody in that moderate range and eric quality advisory. basically this is upper level smoke directed into the region but as we have noticed with these recent events there's a chance that some of that smoke could to drift closer to the surface as well. here's the forecast model today not too bad but look what
12:49 pm
happens as we take this into your friday definitely see the impact of that wind moving in from the north and then into your friday as well friday evening and then into the weekend so it looks like we'll be dealing with some more hayes and some more smoke over the at least the next couple days maybe a change wouldn't count on it, though. by sunday. far as the current number. santa rosa 73 we had san jose 74 some seventies and some eighties well england out toward walnut creek here's a live camera check it out san francisco this afternoon where we have cleared out nicely still, that hes already developing in our in our sky. so today we are warming things up compared to yesterday because this area of low pressure is kind of scooting out and the big area of high pressure wants to return and this will set up that warming trend for thursday basically thursday friday, saturday and into sunday so today is not in credit. hot but this is kind of already beginning to a nose into the region and you can see that northerly wind in place around this big area of high pressure that will be the main transport mechanism to bring in some of that smoke and some of the haze highs this afternoon you can
12:50 pm
see san francisco lower seventies up in the north bay, a bunch of eighties and inland we're talking about some nineties out toward concord livermore and antioch this afternoon here's a look ahead your five day it is warm to hot as we head into your friday still hazy over the next few days, sub cooling not much into sunday but it looks like we'll bring in more of a cooling trend as we head into early next week. it looks like a three day heat stretch that really begins across the region tomorrow as we had enough friday alright, mark, thank you still to come here at noon an update to the major flooding at san francisco stern grow what it means for the final concert there at the park that was scheduled for this upcoming weekend. now, says president bidl
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
speak about today's attacks in afghanistan and in just about an hour or two o'clock our time here out west 11 u. s marines
12:54 pm
and one navy medic were killed and at least 15 other service members injured in these twin suicide bomb attacks the first one happened around 6 45 this morning our time right outside of a gate there at the airport in kabul after the blast us. military leaders say the isis members opened fire shooting right into the crowd during the chaos. u. s service members. did return fire and then there was a second explosion at a hotel nearby just about an hour. after that, there were no u s casualties at least at that site although afghan officials say 60 afghans were killed in that explosion there by the hotel august 31st that is still the deadline agreed to by the taliban and the u s government for u. s forces to leave the country of afghanistan and its entirety again. president biden expected to address the nation about today's attacks in kabul and just about. one hour today marks 101 year since the 19th amendment officially became part of the constitution giving women the right to vote,
12:55 pm
wyoming became the first state to allow women to vote in 18 69 congress first proposed the 19th amendment in 1919 it became official law on this day in 1920 congress designated august 26th as women's equality day in 1971. many organizations and gender equality groups are holding events today across the bay area. house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco with mayor london breed marking women's equality day. speaker, pelosi says despite the progress over the past century women across the nation still face many barriers to full equality and i always say our diversity is our strength our unity is our power the unity of women make change transform our country when women succeed america succeeds see it in our speaker pelosi and mayor breed also used today's event to encourage more women to vote in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election. final stern
12:56 pm
grove concert of the year has been canceled and not because of the pandemic as ktvu is christian. catherine reports a water main break has silenced the music. the problems began monday when cruise from san francisco's public utilities commission. we're working on a water line at 22nd avenue and slowed as that crew was tightening a bolt an air valve failed sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the air and then down at the stern grove park the park now closed until further notice. it's. completely buried the concert meadow under about two ft of silt and sediment and um, it's surrounded three backstage buildings one of the major concerns the danger of falling trees and the ground was just saturated um and it undermined their root systems about. of about 50 of those big trees and several trees are already on the ground at this point cruz from rec and parks and the puc are working together trying to determine ju to begin cleaning it
12:57 pm
up. we estimate it will need at least two weeks to dry before we can even get equipment in there to start repairs and restoration of stern grove. the league taking place just days before the final concert of the stern grove concert series which was set for sunday oakland's own tower of power and too short were set to perform now, concert organizers say with the damage to the site and the danger posed by falling trees the only responsible step they could take was to cancel the much anticipated show. there was no way for us to put on it a final concert this upcoming sunday which was such short notice in such extensive damage, organizers say the timing of the flood with less than a week until the performance there simply wasn't enough time to find a new location. although there was a lot of good, well extended to us about different options but i think people expect a certain experience that they're only getting it strong grove and so we didn't feel we could do it.
12:58 pm
justice by moving at this stuff, short notice and frankly, i don't think our organization could have pulled it off organizers for the stern grove festivals say they managed to put on nine great shows this year and say they are committed to bringing the show's back the upcoming show. was also said to be a major fundraiser for the nonprofit that puts on the shows and organizers say will be losing a lot of potential funding if you're interested in donating to help stern grove host more shows and bring more live music back to the city, you can check out the link that we have on our web page ktvu .com in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news 49ers stands, i'll have to wait a little bit longer before finding out who will start at quarterback head coach kyle shanahan says he already knows but see. no advantage in publicly naming a starter right now, the regular season opener against the detroit lions is still 17 days away both veteran jimmy garoppolo and rookie trey lance have been up and down during training camp and the first two preseason games. what do you
12:59 pm
gain by not naming the starting quarterback at this time um i look at more is what do you gain by naming it you know, it would be right. one reason i can think of by naming it that would help and better in those questions carlson had a pretty good idea to do the starting quarterback in week one. do you have a pretty good idea? yeah i have a pretty good idea. yeah. garoppolo and lance are expected to play against the raiders in the final preseason game kick off his one p.m. sunday at levi stadium now the 49ers kick off the regular season on september 12th right here on ktvu and if you're a 49ers super fan we love to see you in action. take a video showing us your loyalty to the red and gold we might posted online, share it right here on ktvu. scan the code at the middle of your screen right now, or head to ktvu .com slash red and gold just a reminder. president biden will address the nation about today's attacks in kabul 12 u. s service members killed 15 others injured in two suicide bombings there is the white house podium reporters ready for president biden to speak
1:00 pm
about this. he hasn't said one word as of yet, but we will be listening at two o'clock this afternoon thanks for watching everybody enjoy the rest of the day. next oz -- he was convicted of brutally beating hi fiance to death with their baby in the next room. the savage murder of kelsey barrett shocked the country. how did the killer's mistress get away with clean up the crime scene and walking away? and shopping developments in searle killer john wayne gaysy. he was convicted of 33 murders. but could there be more? that's coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now, i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. today, new


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