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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 23, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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now the question is will it help persuade those who are hesitant to actually go out and get vaccinated? today. uh we've hit another milestone. that milestone came with the announcement monday that the food and drug administration for the first time is granted full approval to fighters covid vaccine for those 16 years of age and older prior to that, the fda is given the vaccine emergency use status the fda approval is the gold standard and as i just said, now, it has been granted fda officials said in a briefing that while the review is relatively fast, it was also. thorough their efforts to move as quickly as possible have in no way sacrifice scientific standards or the integrity of our process president joe biden said he hopes the fda approval will help give confidence those who are hesitant about getting the vaccine the kaiser family foundation released a survey that found about a third of the
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unvaccinated say they would be more likely to get vaccinated with full fda approval those have been waiting for full approval. should go get your shot now. vaccination is free. it's easy. it's safe, and it's effective but president biden also had an appeal to employers to make vaccines mandatory for their workers. if you're a business leader, a nonprofit leader, the state or local labor, who has been waiting for full fda approval to require vaccinations i calling you now to do that ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter jin hong says the fda approval will resonate. beyond the u. s is going to have a sea change in the rest of the world, also because many countries actually looked to the u. s. fda for legitimacy fighter is marketing the vaccine under the new trade name as for vaccinations for children between the ages of 12 to 15 12 to 15 can still get it. not a
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problem. it's just on the image to use authorization. until there's more data. to satisfy the f d. a. moderna is expected to get its full fda approval in a few weeks and johnson and johnson before the end of the year. heather we'll have to wait and see if this news today does in fact convinced people who have been vaccine hesitant to go ahead now and get the shot rob roth. thank you. united airlines is moving up the vaccination deadline for its workers now that the pfizer vaccine has gained full fda approval united airlines says it's 67,000 employees in the u s will now be required to be fully vaccinated by september 27th and if they don't get vaccinated they could potentially lose their jobs united had previously set a deadline of october 25th or five weeks from fda approval of any vaccine, which. whoever came first united is the only major airline in the united
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states so far with the vaccine mandate in place san ramon based chevron is mandating vaccinations for some of its employees and it could be expanded the company says workers who travel internationally live outside the country or work in the gulf of mexico are among those who will be required to get vaccinated. chevron has also reportedly considering mandates throughout its entire workforce as it contends with rising coronavirus infections among its unvaccinated employees and the pentagon says it will now require service members to receive the coronavirus vaccine since the pfizer vaccine has gotten full approval from the fda. officials say it's an effort to ensure health and safety of military members the defense department says guidance on the vaccine is being developed and a timeline will be announced in the coming days about one million out of 1.4 million active duty duty
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military are fully vaccinated according to the pentagon. well with today's approval the clock is now ticking for city workers in san francisco to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from city hall and christian this is all part of the policy that the city announced back in june requiring all city workers to be vaccinated. yes that's right. the city's policy said that workers had 10 weeks after a vaccine received full fda authorization to get that vaccine or possibly lose their jobs. that countdown begins today. in just a matter of months all city workers in san francisco will be vaccinated or risk losing their jobs, the city announced in late june. it would require all city workers to be vaccinated 10 weeks after the food and drug administration gives final authorization to a covid-19 vaccine the announcement from the fda that the pfizer vaccine to received that approval started the countdown with the approval of the pfizer vaccine.
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the clock starts ticking today. we're very confident that we will have all city employees vaccinated by the deadline which will be november 1st san francisco's director of human resources says the city is well within its rights as an employer to set minimum terms of employment including vaccinations she says the final fda approval means nothing should be in the way of employees getting vaccinated at this point we've had some outbreaks in city employment, and i think that really highly. writes that this is the step that we need to take as a large employer and i think all employers need to take. san francisco city workers unions confirmed they are currently negotiating with the city on how the vaccine mandate will unfold. it was already pushed back for more than a dozen city employees over san francisco's requirement for workers to disclose their vaccination status by the end of july. some of the biggest city unions saying they want workers to be safe, but they also want to be sure. they're not being
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targeted the firefighters union releasing a statement earlier this month reading in part quote our firefighters have been working hard to follow all public health guidelines to keep our cities safe and local 798 has been encouraging our members to get the vaccine however we are strongly opposed to a policy that threatens employees with discipline and potential termination. well, san francisco was the first to issue a mandate that city employees get vaccinated it is not alone new york los angeles in st louis have all announced similar policies and just today chicago announced that it will be issuing its formal requirement or its formal announcement the next few days requiring all city employees there to be vaccinated as well we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox two news yeah i imagine other cities will follow suit as well, christian thank you, san jose today started a new program requiring city where hers. this show proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test the city order applies to thousands of police firefighters emergency
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dispatchers librarians city hall workers, including the mayor there are exemptions though, for medical and religious reasons anyone else who does not have proof of vaccination and refuses to be tested will be put on unpaid leave, and those workers cannot get vacation pay or sick pay. moving to beneath. and now the city council is set to vote this week on a proposed new mask mandate for the city. it would require everyone to wear a mask in most indoor locations regardless of their vaccination status. tanisha is in solano county, which has not joined other bay area counties in requiring indoor mask mandates manisha dropped its indoor mask mandate back in june when the entire state of california reopened the city council is set to vote on the matter tomorrow announced the very latest on efforts to bring us citizens and allies out of afghanistan the white house says more than 10,000 people
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have been taken to safety from the taliban health country as foxes mike mibach. annual reports tonight while the pace of evacuations is speeding up it's not clear that it will be completed by the august 31st deadline for a complete u. s withdrawal. over the weekend busloads of afghan refugees arrived in northern virginia with little more than the clothes on their back. they managed to escape from an increasingly dangerous situation on the ground at kabul's airport where on monday a gunman shot at afghan security forces guarding the gate one afghan died no us personnel were hurt the violence putting new urgency into evacuation efforts and we have been very clear that we are not leaving americans who want to return home. we are going to bring them home. the white house has a target date of august 31st in the taliban is calling that date a red line, so the pace is picking up the administration says at least 28 flights carrying more than 10,000 people took off sunday the most yet but a
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spokesman either does not know or won't say exactly how many americans still have to be flown out. i think i'm just going to leave it at several 1000 right now, and us allies are concerned about their citizens to pushing for a u. s military presence into september. we're in touch with it. taliban daily we're in touch with our allies and partners and the president will make his own determinations members of congress have plenty of their own questions about the decision making process and say they raised those concerns with the administration when they first heard the pullout plan i can tell you the democrat members were as just as vigorous as the republican members and opposing this and congress will start getting some answers when key members of the administration hold classified briefings for relevant committees this week at the state department, mike emanuel. fox news a new poll finds that 63% of adults surveyed approve the us withdrawing troops from afghanistan but 53% disapprove of president biden's handling of the withdrawal 44% told
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pollsters with cbs and yougov that it is going very badly and 59% say the us is not doing enough to help afghan allies escaped the country. still to come here at 5 30, the new child care juggle that many families are facing as some kids potentially exposed to the coronavirus head home from school in quarantine and what brought out a large police presence near san francisco's delores park today including the bomb squad plus an update on the calle door fire in el dorado county which has now become the number one fire incident in the country. will take a look at where all that smokes going. and warm up that's headed our i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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near delores park this morning to investigate a suspicious package. it happened shortly after 10 there on dolores street near cumberland reports say the package contains some kind of note and officials needed to make sure that it was not a danger to the public skybox was overhead as police set up a perimeter and then also blocked off vehicle and pedestrian traffic in that area so they could investigate police did not disclose what if anything, was in the package but the all clear has since been given well now we go to haiti where the death toll from that 7.2 magnitude earthquake more than a week ago has now surpassed 2200 according to haiti's civil protection agency there are 344 people still missing at least 12,000 people were injured nearly 53,000 homes were destroyed by that quake back on august 14th relief operations are expanding but it's still a struggle to get supplies out to everyone who needs them. in eldorado
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county, the cal dorf fire is still burning out of control however it is now 5% contained but up from 0% containment yesterday so far the fire has burned over 400 homes and over 100,000 acres from overhead you could see the flames tearing through the dry forest this afternoon cal fire says the fire is quote knocking on the door of the tahoe basin after it jumped highway 15 near kippers over the weekend 19 helicopters over. 200 engines 51 dozers and over 1700 personnel are currently fighting the cal door fire and all evacuation orders have been lifted in lake county for the cash fire fire officials say the fire is now 100% contained it burned more than 80 acres in the clear lake area. officials are warning people who are going back that there are hazardous materials in the debris the cash fire mobile home park at the center of the
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fire zone also has no water. service many of the homes there about 60 or so were also destroyed the fire started last wednesday the cause remains under investigation now there is some progress to report against the massive dixie fire east of chico, which is now 40% contained some evacuation the orders have been lifted and lassen county the flames have spread over five counties though, since this fire started 40 days ago, it has burned more than 725,000 acres and destroyed more than 1200. structures the monument fire in the shasta trinity national forest is on track now of landing in the top 20 largest wildfires in our state history the fire has burned 18,000 additional acres just since yesterday for a total of more than 150,000 acre. so far, the monument fire started back on july 30th and is just 20% contained 48 structures have been destroyed. all right back now to the out of control cal door fire. cal fire is calling
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to fire the number one fire incident right now in the country. governor newsom is asking president biden to declare the fire a major disaster all this is firefighters continue to battle 13 firefighter 13 fires rather across the state more tonight from ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary. rarely has so much of california caught fire on such a large scale and at the same time, the wildfires across the state have already caused extensive damage to residents in infrastructure and at a mid afternoon briefing monday state and federal officials explaining the complicated series of chess moves to stay ahead of spreading flames currently 13 major wildfires are burning in california and 13,000 firefighters from every corner of the state and beyond deployed. the relentless march of flames the drought conditions are definitely making it challenging to get containment on these fire some of them are moving up to eight
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miles a day, and that's just something that's going to be really hard to build line around to get resources on cal fire officials say over the weekend gusty winds help the cowl door fired jump highway 50 new spot fires near kippers california are burning in remote locations additional resources have been deployed to make sure they don't grow and make the situation worse. we have many a large damaged damaging fires that are ongoing particularly in the north part of the state and they're going to continue to grow and get bigger, but it does allow for us to move resources to surge resources from the south part of the state the california national guard is utilizing 11 military helicopters and upwards of eight air tankers to give crews on the ground a chance. did containment lines use of aircraft slows fire so that we can get boots on the ground and put those fires out. the plans all hinge on the mercurial mother nature and the effects of ongoing drought that's leading to a new normal for fire season mother nature
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is in control and we are doing everything we can to save your lives and property cal fire officials say so far three times the acreage of the state's five year average have burned for that reason they're asking all californians to have emergency provisions and bags packed and at the ready in case wildfire spread to southern california and in cases an earthquake on top of the wildfires and san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news nine national forest here in california are now closed for the next two weeks all due to high fire danger and that includes the mendocino national forest which was devastated by wildfires back in 2018 and again in 2020 lake tahoe basin, tahoe and ash. fourth loomis, shasta, trinity and six rivers all closed to the public. today. they are set to reopen september 7th though that is the day after labor day. all right let's take a look at the weather out there you know the smoke's been the story around
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here. we've had cool the mild temperatures and the smoke's been lingering if you see any pictures from like tahoe today, it's way worse up there with folks in the purple zone which is just toxic air quality in truckee. in south lake tahoe today, this low pressure to the north sea. that guy that's what's been helping it's really helped a lot in the bay area look at the winds i left the wind vectors in so you can kind of see right through nor the southwest flow, so it's pushing the smoke generally out of the area, but what i said the other night or last night is that you know the smoke gets caught up in these little nooks and crannies in the topography of the bay area so it takes a lot to get it out. so we still have smoke we still have some areas in the yellow the moderate air quality concern but it's getting much, much better as we go. into the next couple of days. we do have a live camera outside you can see you know i think that smoke a little bit right. you got certainly see fog, low clouds breaking over the hills but out there by tam you see a little that haze that's most likely smoke. it will show better tonight when the gets dark and then the lights kind of turned into an orange is color so with that in
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mind we are losing the smoke which is very good news too many folks and we are heading for a pattern um, that's going to continue to clear the smoke tomorrow and on wednesday but then on friday, thursday and friday and saturday the high jumps in right, which is what it does after the low leaves and so high jumps in and heats up, so we're going from this really nice, mild pattern which i like to back into the mid number ninety's inland, mainly on thursday, friday saturday being the warmest day so here's a computer model for the fog and you see the wind vectors in as well and see that little notches like san jose south bay a little bit of smoke in there. that's tonight at midnight. and you see it start to move off and then gets a better push out here as we get into wednesday and kind of hangs in the central valley quite a bit but the trend is good for us in the bay area in terms of getting the smoke out of here so let's keep our fingers crossed that it goes that way here are the current air quality readings greens that's good i love you like i say earlier if you look up in tahoe i mean that's
5:21 pm
beijing air on a bad day. some of that purple some of that red really poor toxic air quality they've had a couple of days in a row up there like tahoe, so if you are up there or you are going up there. ah just prepare for some nasty smoke really? probably for the next 36 to 48 hours. the trend is for this a warming trend we're used to seeing that two couple days of cool and then bang we get on it thursday a little bit of warming friday a bunch of warming and saturday and sunday back into the upper nineties inland air quality should be a little better by them but these fires are so many. there's so much smoke but it really is just you know, it's just it's changes literally, like every few days in terms of which way it's going so i'll see you back here in a little bit. we'll look at the five day forecast. have you gone all right, bill, we'll see you, then. thank you some state lawmakers and park officials were in contra costa county today to unveil plans for improving safety on mount diablo. the plans call for building dozens of bicycle turnouts to improve safety and access to the mount diablo peak they'll allow drivers to pass bike riders as they pedal up
5:22 pm
the long twisting road to the top of the mountain. officials say they'll put a valuable addition to the safety measures that have been taken to help reduce the number of collisions on the mountain prior to our safety improvements we were averaging approximately 30 collisions per year involving bicyclists and or vehicles or both. after these improvements in 2016 we reduced them to approximately five per year an 80% reduction in the recently passed state budgeting. includes $1.5 million to fund as many as 77 turnouts on mount diablo. it was a violent weekend of olio coming up what weekend of olio coming up what we know about a series is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit year old edison garcia garcia guzman was taken into custody
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on friday investigators say the assault happened on may 30th. the 16 year old girl told deputies that she was hitchhiking and was picked up by a man who gave her alcohol she was physically she says and sexually assaulted and left stranded on the side of quimby road the sheriff's department says the suspect has reportedly admitted that he met the girl the night of the assault. it was a violent weekend in valeo were two men were shot dead and a woman injured in a freeway shooting as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains to law enforcement agencies are now trying to find those responsible. the vallejo police department is investigating to shooting deaths since friday it's very unfortunate very tragic but the most recent shooting in vallejo happened late sunday night on interstate 80 a woman driving this infiniti m. 35 was hurt when someone opened fire on her car she was travelling west on i 80 near the redwood street exit unknown amount of shots were fired victim got hit and was
5:26 pm
transported to the hospital everything is still under investigation her car was pepper with gunfire. she pulled over and got help from passing drivers and the siege p she was talking responsive when she got transport to the hospital the chp only has a vague description of the vehicle tied to the shooting. unknown suspect vehicle at this time just dark colored sedan opened fire on the suspect was a victim vehicle the chp and vallejo police say there's no apparent connection between the freeway shooting and two deadly shootings on city streets. preliminary details. would indicate that none of them are related however we want to bring justice in these cases and we need the public's help just before 7 30 sunday night, a 21 year old man was shot and killed behind a market on fairgrounds, dr near gateway at about 1 15 friday morning a 56 year old homeless man was found shot behind cvs pharmacy on sonoma boulevard police say there's a homeless encampment in the area near the drugstore officers did attempt life saving measures in that incident and. volatile fire
5:27 pm
personnel declared the victim deceased at the scene. there have been 10 homicides in vallejo so far this year that does not include the suspicious death of a 78 year old woman in her home earlier this month. that investigation is also ongoing henry lee ktvu, fox two news. brentwood police announcing today that its officers assisted the d e a in a huge drug bust operation it took place in brentwood earlier this year and it resulted in this seizure of more than £60 of methamphetamine its street value estimated at $120,000 suspects were taken into custody without incident. with students back in the classroom more schools are seeing covid cases prompting quarantines coming up to 9 to 5. how families are juggling work and having kids back at home once again and the largest school district in the country new york city announces a tough new vaccine requirement for all school employees how it's different from others around
5:28 pm
the country and the key police reform proposal announced today by the mayor of anyang. following
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rule your day with the big five g upgrade. only at metro. of the bay area are now in lockdown ill due to exposure to covid 19 with more parents no longer working from home juggling the demands of a 10 day lockdown with a full time job is going to be difficult for many ktvu xem agus has had
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a coronavirus testing site in sama tail or parents are bringing their kids today, emma. frank it's a long line of cars here, and many have children in them. parents from foster city elementary have been coming here to get their kids tested after the school. notify them another kid was potentially exposed to covid positive person in. i'm not to thank caravan of cars carrying young kids rolled through this covid testing site monday at the san mateo marriott, a seven year old second grader of foster city a momentary and they just recently had several outbreaks in the school, but in particular one outbreak in her classroom no quarantining for his daughter's classroom but the school's fifth graders are all under lockdown due to three students who tested positive for covid 19 last week. 1/4 grade classroom at montclair elementary in oakland went into a mandatory 10 day quarantine after just one day of school for full time working parents many who are back in the office
5:32 pm
that quarantine period would be tough to juggle it's hugely challenging but honestly we have to balance that with the risk of how how hard would it be to actually you know, unfortunately have a have a child who's ill this mother of two says she can apply for covid paid time off to take her kids to get tested like she did on monday, and if need be to use if they needed to quarantine but still very stressful because i have a full time job to struggle. i have to talk to my supervisor and allocate my case load my works with them. so it is very stressful exhausted as a working mom stephanie shiner and her husband and third grade sunan al amina went into 10 days of lockdown a few weeks ago just before school started because eight year old desmond tested positive for covid 19 it was a scramble it impacts a lot of things, jobs, specifically jobs important. she took a few days off from her job as a university administrator and her husband who works in catering and events did too, but those days off are finite
5:33 pm
now they're budgeting them should desmond's classroom need to quarantine the ripple effect was even for someone who i feel like we've been pretty cautious. the amount the ripple effect was was, um was overwhelming. many parents don't have the flexibility of taking pain time off for their kids to get tested or quarantine and they're now navigating how to make time to either get tested that's required by schools or after school programs, frank alright emma goes live force tonight, emma thank you the nation's largest school district the new york in new york city will require all teachers and school staff be vaccinated to return to work. the mayor of new york bill diblasio made that announcement today. the city previously said teachers like other city employees would be required to get the vaccine or get tested weekly for the virus but this new policy announced today does not have the weekly
5:34 pm
testing alternative. this will require that all staff of every kind principals teachers custodians food service you name it needs to have at least one dose by september 27th the entire staff by september 27th at least one dose and we know this is going to help. ensure. that everyone is safe diblasio says that he'll work with the labor unions to be sure that the policy is implemented fairly a new poll shows the majority of americans support mask mandates at schools the opinions are sharply divided along political lines the associated press survey shows overall 60% of respondents. say students and teachers should be required to wear face masks while in school the poll found roughly 80% of democrats favor the mask mandate while only
5:35 pm
about 30% of republicans say the same police in moraga are now mourning the death of one of its own police officers corporal kevin mooney died saturday after becoming infected with covid 19 mooney joined the department eight years ago and rose through the ranks to serve as detective. he also, sir does arrange master field training officer and president of the moroccan police officers association mooney is survived by his wife children and grandchildren he was 58 years old well the mayor of an eod plans to introduce new legislation tomorrow banning potentially deadly police holds. mayor lamar thorpe said that he's taking action following a recent in custody death okay to be investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky spoke to the mayor about his plan this afternoon heaven tell us more. that's right, heather, the mayor. will introduce the resolution at tomorrow's city council meeting as part of his pledge to reform the city's police department and this follows the high profile death of angelo quinto. we should always look at ways to preserve
5:36 pm
life. antioch mayor lamar thorpe is putting forward new legislation that would ban police techniques that could cause a person to his fix e eight such cases became a national issue following the death of george floyd last year this is a national conversation we're having around police reform and so we're doing our part i think, as local leaders the bay area has seen numerous positional lists fix cia cases. it often happens when a person is restrained in a prone position like on their stomach of your police officer, and you have both your hands on somebody's back in your applying all of your weight. your body weight on that individual you can cause positional xxi ation antioch and its police force have been under recent scrutiny following the december death of angelo quinto. officers responded to a call of a mental health crisis and restrained quinto on his stomach for several minutes he fell unconscious and was pronounced dead at a hospital. the coroner's office on friday ruled that quinto died from excited delirium a
5:37 pm
controversial theory recently opposed by the american medical association junk science civil rights attorney john burris's representing pinto's family and rejected the coroner's findings last week. we do still believe this would restrained affix ea shin. there was nothing that was given today to suggest otherwise the mayor's proposed law mirrors a statewide bill that's currently in the legislature if passed a before 90 with some early band techniques that could risk causing positional asphyxia we should always wait for state action to tell us what to do to tell us to do the right thing. now i reached out to the antioch police department and its police union and i'm still waiting to hear back heather evan have other departments band these types of techniques and did the mayor offer another less risky technique to help control the suspect well, this is almost unprecedented piece of legislation as i mentioned earlier in the story the state legislature's taking up this initiative but this may be a first of its kind for an
5:38 pm
individual city to take on banning these kind of holds heather. alright, evan sernoffsky reporting live for us tonight evan. thank you. state attorney general rob bonta announced a major agreement today between the state and the troubled bakersfield police department bhatta was joined by the chief of the bakersfield police department as he made the announcement about the department's policies and procedures the department has been under investigation by the california department of justice. allegations of civil rights violations and excessive use of force banna says the agreement will revise use of force policies and expand use of force reporting by officers. the department will enhance and revised training with respect to investigatory stops reiterating that race color, ethnicity national origin religion gender, gender identity disability or sexual orientation are not to be used as a factor in establishing reasonable suspicion. or probable costs. the california
5:39 pm
department of justice investigation of the bakersfield police department began in 2016 and was led by then attorney general kamala harris today marks one year since an officer involved shooting led to violent protests in kenosha, wisconsin. yesterday the blake family hosted a justice for jacob blake rally outside the kenosha county courthouse 29 year old jacob blake was shot several times in the back he survived but was left paralyzed the video of the shooting spread across social media protests also broke out leading to vandalism and arson a group of san francisco artists working to fight hate against asian americans is going to receive a million dollars to help its effort. state senator scott wiener, the this morning announced a $1 million state grant is going to the anti hate ap artist program the group's mission is to help raise awareness about hate against the asian american community
5:40 pm
anything we can do to bring attention and focus and energy to the fight against anti a pity and violence is incredibly important and i'm proud to stand with the community and moving that effort forward, but there's also has some really additional great. benefits for the community now the asian american and pacific islander program raising roy onus about anti ap hate will be at the chinese culture centre of san francisco. judge hands down a jail sentence to the leader of the proud boys coming up what he was convicted of and how much time he'll be spending behind bars i gave it my all and i tried my best to deliver for you the emotional farewell address from new york's governor, andrew cuomo on his final day in office. and details on a new investigation involving recall candidate and
5:41 pm
radio spent last in office today
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
resigning amid harassment we didn't get done that we to, or everything should done and we didn't always it quite but want you know the bottom my that day i my i gave my and i tried my best. to deliver. for two ago announced he would down than face impeachment over accusations 11 have accused of sexual new york lieutenant
5:44 pm
kathy huckle take over state are investigating elder leading candidate the election governor newsom against was filed the california party, claiming that elder did not properly disclose his income sources. and the paperwork to run the recall election the fair practices says no decision been made the allegations vice kamala harris scheduled return california week campaign governor the vice has traveling southeast right but is expected fly the bay for rally friday in of the governor details of and that might be have yet been a national of the extremist group, the proud boys, been sentenced five in for a black lives banner enrique was in d c court today
5:45 pm
pleaded last to set in fire the banner was stolen a church that happened a december of president trump's re election defeat. he pleaded to bringing high capacity into d c days the january insurrection theriot to the court his actions calling them a grave mistake. a search here in tennessee people after historic i'm charles and tennessee got the details up and the announcement about who will hosting after the named stepped just days being given job and there's still a little of smoke there. you can see looks like a bit here mount but not so bad the big a little each day talk that. and there's a warm up coming our way as well. so we'll look into that.
5:46 pm
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20 deaths 27 old twins were swept of the arms their father as news, charles tells us a is for a dozen missing and those floodwaters. rescue crews frantically through debris in central looking adults children after the record rain the storm up 17 of rain less 24 more triple forecasters predicted surged neighborhoods more than 20 including babies we've been from limit the city and it's been huge of this small community. talent where these for many decades officials many those lived in areas where the water quickly rose. in county. the flooding washed roads knocked power leaving of people
5:49 pm
electricity in the town waverly turned rivers hours the water taking over and businesses some structures their foundations residents they were off guard how quickly rain fell. i jumped out of a trailer and anything know he was it was down that president has the federal full support recovery and home business say are eager rebuild i'm going to open if i have go in there and pull out redo again the national service no rainfall expected tennessee over the next days and waverly charles watson fox news. tropical depression is making way across northeast the setting has flooded washed roads and out to than 100,000 and on re made yesterday rhode
5:50 pm
is tropical with 60 an winds parts of york city been hit with than eight of flood watches in effect new york pennsylvania jersey and in portions of new. and a look this image of york city shows lightning striking world trade on in manhattan this was the bands what was storm approached well was just about tennessee's number inches of rain what that gentleman that that if had 17 of rain we even able to handle it and we have rivers and drainage, but it's. inches of rain a ridiculous of rain to get 24 that's more you find the, uh big island, hawaii up in the rainforest. but that that's a even for. okay we're at a quality that's been the really the weather has pretty
5:51 pm
much same day, and the air is what's been that looks good the greens where want to be and we're doing you as you get east little bit try us talking how these how smoke into valley, right sacramento a low point there's river drainage uh then look at the grass really and then try truckee south tahoe. that's that's um, almost toxic. purple is. well just toxic if it toxic just spend much of it. you um so been fortunate our of the deal we've had a nice breeze trending in the now next days on mainly thursday notice but it's going warm a little bit day temperatures of have cause like how cool is right i mean, these the highs that been seeing the temperatures been seeing they're actually in many cases they were at this the loop just shows a bunch of clouds. stuff a little activity in the pacific northwest in here, that's a nice looking weather system. you we're
5:52 pm
getting closer september and we're to start seeing illusion fire a little which tell what this thing happen to us is some rain here is pronto quick as we right being it i've rain come in september we all there's fog now and then can kind of see the smoke little bit better the bay it is in inland bay certainly the marine is deep. let just going to get over the east bay again and that'll keep temperatures about where they work. maybe a little bit. warmer so kind of just steady smoke the in this until we to thursday i'll show you in the five day is the fog morning little of smoke acts a lot today a tad bit you see the oranges right actually some reds some so i think mid mid tomorrow the warm that's antioch that's you clayton in those so there's fairfield nanak in santa rosa 82
5:53 pm
conquered. mild day really mild for august kidding these the number rosa napa to get in so five day you kind of see here. we've got you know, certainly hazy today hazy tomorrow then we basically we head into the we're looking temperatures to warm, especially friday saturday um a good pattern heather frank and think we're going continue with for another hours. then it starts to warm and then it gets kind of pretty very warm on friday and saturday. yeah. looks like all right, bill. thank well mae and be will filling in the host jeopardy sony pictures announcing is scheduled tape three worth of episodes production this week now this after newly host mike stepped after podcast emerged he disparaging about jewish people and people from haiti. he
5:54 pm
remain as an producer the jeopardy been without regular since host alex died pancreatic last november you've probably them last you went to eat q codes at restaurants you to a digital still ahead tonight five. scam linked
5:55 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
5:56 pm
because that's power down time. unions after it saved a number of complaints about grueling summer schedules staffing and weather problems placed a huge strain on its employees. southwest says it will consider changing schedules after it
5:57 pm
added some flights to capitalize on the summer travel surge the season was particularly rough for the airline only 64% of their flights actually arrived on time between june 1st through august 18th restaurants are increasingly using those q r codes for customers to see the menu on a mobile device now the better business bureau is warning americans about potential scams linked to those q r codes. fox. as catherine holly has more now. q r. stands for quick response you scan the box shaped code using your phone's camera and seconds later, a link will open even though legitimate businesses are using this technology scammers are also seeing this as an opportunity to take advantage of consumers the better business bureau recently sent out a scam alert warning about fraudulent qr codes. con artists are preying on people's trust since the technology is being used more often, qr codes can't be read by the human eye so scammers are disguising
5:58 pm
malicious links. and then you're scanning these codes going to a link. that could be asking for personal information you do not know it that you are l a is that you're going to and to tell you get there and when you get there could be too late it could be trying to download malware onto your cellphone across the country the bbb is getting more reports of phony qr codes the details are all a little different, but there's one thing in common. scammers hope you scan the code without taking a closer look here in florida deploy has been used in cryptocurrency scams one person who applied for a part time job reports i was instructed that a supervisor would be sending me money to convert to bitcoin they provided me a q r code for a digital wallet for my account creation at a local cryptocurrency atm. i don't know what the next step would have been as i cut off communication so it's even more important when you're dealing with cryptocurrency be very wary of qr codes just like we know not to click links in emails and texts from unknown
5:59 pm
senders experts say the same logic should be used for scanning qr codes do you know the company who's asking you to scan the code? just make an informed decision and take a minute to think about what's being asked of you before you turn on that camera on your phone and scan that code. catherine hawley fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. a pivotal moment in our country's fight against the coronavirus today the f d a granted full approval for the pfizer coronavirus vaccine. the fda approval is the gold standard and as i just said, now, it has been granted. today's announcement from the fda makes the pfizer vaccine the first in the united states to move beyond the emergency. you status and gained full approval good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie president biden called the approval a sign of the overall progress being made
6:00 pm
against the pandemic as ktvu rob roth reports tonight. the president hopes that it will make way for more vaccinations. today. uh we've hit another milestone that milestone came with the announcement monday that the food and drug administration for the first time is granted full approval to fighters covid vaccine for those 16 years of age and older prior to that, the fda is given the vaccine emergency use status the fda approval is the gold standard, and as i just said, now, it has been granted fda officials said in a briefing that while the review is relatively fast, it was also. thorough their efforts to move as quickly as possible have in no way sacrifice scientific standards or the integrity of our process president joe biden said he hopes the fda approval will help give confidence those who are hesitant about getting the vaccine the kaiser family foundation released a survey that found about a third of the unvaccinated say they would be
6:01 pm
more likely to get vaccinated with


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