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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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cannot get out. many locals with ties to afghanistan feel hopeless tonight, but the president insists that his move to pull u. s troops out of that country was the right decision to make. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener today, president biden called the pictures coming out of kabul. gut wrenching. we have been watching as frightening images emerged from the city's international airport. thousands of people mobbed that airport in a desperate attempt to flee the country. this picture shows people packed onto a military plane evacuating out of afghanistan, defense .com posted the photo. it shows 640 afghan squeeze shoulder to shoulder inside a c 17 airlifter despite the chaos at kabul's airport, the pentagon says they expect to wrap up their oversight of evacuations. by august 31st.
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that's the same date the white house is set for officially ending the u. s combat role in afghanistan. but tonight thousands of people remain at the airport, hoping that they can get out of the country on one of the flights there. afghanistan's former president hamid karzai hopes posting a plea to social media will help calm his people. in the post. he is standing next to his daughters and asked people to stay inside their homes as the taliban takes control. he also asked the taliban to engage in more dialogue. karzai left office in 2014, the current president, ashraf ghani, fled the country yesterday and he has not been seen since. ktvu azenith smith is in fremont. tonight it is home to one of the nation's largest afghan communities, as in it, julie afghan americans here in the bay area are worried and growing more anxious. the president has authorized 6000 to afghanistan to assist us and
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allied personnel there. u. s military flights at kabul international airport resumed monday evening after being suspended for safety reasons. in the morning. thousands of afghans poured on the runways latching onto a moving u. s air force transport plane, some falling to their death, desperate to flee. the truth is. this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. president biden addressing the nation for the first time since the rapid collapse of the afghan government to the taliban, i will not mislead the american people. claiming that just a little more time in afghanistan. will make all the difference. the president defending his decision, saying the us fulfilled its mission of going after osama bin laden after the 9 11 attack and you grainy al qaeda in afghanistan. he says the mission was never meant to build the nation or create democracy. american troops cannot and should not.
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fighting in the war and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. the u. s spent 20 years in afghanistan and a trillion dollars helping train and equipment. afghan military force it took days for the taliban to take control. over the next two weeks. we're going to be as aggressive as we can and moving as many people as we can, and i was very much disappointed. the executive director of the afghan coalition, and fremont worries about afghan women now living in fear under taliban rule. many of them have memories of the militant groups repressive regime in the 19 nineties and early two thousand's a lot of families. they are hiding their young. children especially the girls. they're hiding them so nobody can see and taliban cannot find them. and the defense department is preparing to house up to 30,000 afghan refugees at military bases in
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wisconsin and texas, julie azenith smith reporting live for us tonight. thank you. afghan americans in the bay area are keeping a close eye on developments in their homeland to men tell katie views amberleigh that they're distraught and very concerned for the safety of their family members. in kabul, the ktvu is amber lee has our report. family members. accounts of chaos, confusion and fear in kabul are leaving khalil heartsick and desperate to help his family and others leave afghanistan. i'm just thinking about my country, my family, you know, it's so sad. khalil tells me he served in the afghanistan national army and later worked as a translator for u. s forces. he asked me not to give his last name, he says his rela tips in his homeland are now in danger from the taliban because he worked with the u. s government. we just lost the country, the terrorists and now the growth.
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they cannot go to school. you know the women they cannot get out there getting beat by a taliban every day on the street money to get the food daily contact with relatives through messaging on social media for a son at the mahdi of fremont, he says, businesses and schools are shut down. he also worked as a translator for the u. s. military. diplomats at the embassy at tamati says he fled to the u. s eight years ago to escape the taliban. i'm angry the way is ended up dead. ahmadi says the taliban killed his brother in law, a police officer a few weeks ago, leaving his young children fatherless. now he says his relatives, including his parents and siblings are at risk. he asked us not to show their faces. i am worrying a lot. um especially for my younger brother and my youngest sister. that, um. you don't know what's going to happen to them. khalil says he and others are speaking out for the sake of the afghan people. maybe someone can help us. i mean, if
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i don't talk, you know he doesn't talk. nobody talk. what will happen to those girls through those innocent people? again, that was amberleigh reporting. both men are asking us leaders to expedite visas for afghans who are at high risk from the taliban. they say they've been trying for years to get their families out of that country. oakland congresswoman barbara lee tells ktvu the u. s needs to take action to help women and girls in afghanistan who have been left behind now to live under a brutal regime, and that's what i'm focused on right now is making sure that women and girls safely evacuated that they get out of the country. those especially those who. have been helping the united states and there are many women who have been part of this process. long term. we've got to figure out that the taliban is a brutal, brutal, uh. you know, group of terrorists and here they're running the
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country, so we're going to have to determine how we're going to work internationally to provide for, uh, women security, first of all, but also the continuation of the progress they've made in terms of women's education in terms of the empowerment of women. congresswoman lee says other countries have to band together with the us to put pressure on afghanistan and insist on better treatment for afghan women and girls, senator dianne feinstein responded on twitter, saying, quote the extraordinarily rapid fall of afghan forces has place countless lives in jeopardy to taliban violence as retaliation for their work to improve their nation. we must act now to save as many of those lives as possible. and a reminder tonight that we have full coverage on all of the developments in afghanistan on our website ktvu. com our digital coverage includes the images coming out of kabul and political and now political analysis of the situation. new
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at 11 tonight. vallejo police have made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting last night, officers arrested 40 year old daniel hoare ezz of vallejo. investigators say they found warez at the scene of the shooting just after 11 30 last night on solano avenue. he was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder. the name of the victim has not been released, but police say he was a 46 year old resident of vallejo residents in susan ville in lassen county have been told to be ready to evacuate as the massive dixie fire continues to grow. that wildfire is now more than 575,000 acres with only 31. and containment, even though no evacuation warnings have been issued. people living in susan development urged to be on alert in case the fire threatens the city. the dixie fire has already destroyed almost 1200 structures, including some 600 homes more than 6500 firefighters are battling the fire in red flag condit and those red flag
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conditions prompted pgd to warn of possible power shutoffs starting tomorrow and more than a dozen northern california counties, including some here in the bay area tonight, pg and e announced that the people sps warning now affects 18 counties, including napa, solano and sonoma. interviews rob roth went to napa county today to see how people are preparing for the possibility. of losing their power at this hardware store in this small napa county town of angwin, this isn't our first rodeo. many of those who hadn't brought backup power generators the past few years are buying them now that in other items they may need if pg and e actually does shut off power tuesday night into wednesday as part of the public safety power shut off wildfire protection program most of the time. i am the first things that go or flashlights and batteries and coolers an ice because more people are worried about not being in the dark the
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entire time. pg niece and 48 hour advance notice is sunday evening to residents in 16, northern california counties, including about 1800 customers in certain areas of napa, sonoma and solano counties that it may shut off power. the idea is to reduce the risk of wildfire from energized power lines. pgd neurologists are expecting winning us 2030 mph and an isolated wind gusts up to 50 mph and with low humidity levels. these are all criteria that pg looks at pg and e says it's equipment may have caused the mammoth dixie fire the second largest wildfire in california history. people here in angwin population about 3000 have lived through evacuations in previous power shutoffs before i'm tired of it. it's a real hassle to continue to buy gas continue to keep going with the generators, but for a long time resident myrna flores the power outages are more than annoyances. my dad needs to have his oxygen and his, um.
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his um, a face mask for his sleep apnea. and so this affects him directly. every time it gets shut off. i hate to have my power go away, but i've got to believe that it's for a good thing. pgd expects the high winds to past wednesday. but it isn't saying when power would be restored. we can't re energize alliance until debris is removed. damages fixed that there any trees on the line those have to be removed, and then we turn the power back on beginning the. share. pg and e is now considering whether there are trees tall enough to strike power lines when determining whether ps ps isn't necessary in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox two news. multiple crashes lead to an investigation of tesla's autopilot feature coming up the type of vehicles autopilot appears to have trouble spotting and find out how soon you may be able to get a covid vaccine booster shot.
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right:
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that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. investigation into crashes involving tesla that are operating in the auto pilot mode, the agency says tesla is on autopilot have crashed into stopped emergency vehicles at least 11 times since 2018 investigators are trying to figure out why the feature seems to have trouble spotting police cars and fire trucks.
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the probe will focus on 765 u. s vehicles with autopilot built since 2014 earlier today we talked to some tesla owners about how the autopilot feature works for them. i like it a lot. it what it does is that relieves the pressure of stuff around you. you can concentrate and relax. and when you drive like i drive 2.5 hours to get here, very comfortable. i used to be here nervous when i got here. the tesla owners we talked to say the autopilot feature doesn't mean you can check out behind the wheel. they say just something. it's just something that makes driving a little less less stressful. nestle did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the ceo has repeatedly defended the autopilot feature. governor newsom announced new executive orders today meant to make sure schools and hospitals can keep functioning during the surge. one order will allow healthcare
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workers from out of state to practice here in california. some medical technicians will be able to continue helping with the coronavirus response and the order allows retired teachers and other staff to return to help schools with staffing shortages. and we have a better idea tonight and when more people may be able to get vaccine booster shots, sources tell the associated press the u. s may recommend boosters for all americans eight months after they get fully vaccinated. two people familiar with discussions on the matter say the recommendation may come as early as this fall. ktvu deborah villalon shows us how some people already eligible for those boosters are finding it easy to get shot. this is, uh, my twice daily transplant recipients take meds to suppress the immune system so the body doesn't reject the transplant. bobby mcmullen considers that a privilege. i'm so lucky to be a double organ transplant. i am a living miracle of medicines, and i
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would never do anything to screw that up. never legally blind at 30 from type one diabetes, mcmullen became a ski racer and continued as a paralympian cyclist through to kidney pancreas transpl latest conquest that third line on his vaccination card. his fighter booster. how excited my through the roof remember in january lines and knowing cdc just signed off days ago. mcmullen's weren't sure what to expect. you may also schedule an extra dose of that found the next day appointment at their neighborhood cvs store, no waiting and no qualifying. red tape either going in. we didn't have to show any proof of anything. cdc specifies certain groups get third shots now transplant and cancer patients. stem cell recipients, people with hiv and those taking certain drugs, but it's an honor system and the elderly diabetics people with heart disease don't qualify. do the right thing, you know,
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certainly allow those that do fit into that definition, the opportunity to get their shot because they are at highest risk. i think they're going to be a lot of people who do gain the system. mcmullen's doctor hopes people won't try to cut in front of those most vulnerable. luckily now in the united states, there are plenty of shots to go around. but internationally. that's not so. and so using the shots and appropriately is really stealing opportunity from somebody else, okay at 58 mcmullin is a motivational speaker who reminds people transplant recipients are not obvious, but they're everywhere and need protection. and hopefully in the years time you'll give me a call and ask me how i'm feeling. i'm like. just like you saw me. last time. a rock star in mill valley deborah villalon ktvu fox two news important, the death toll following haiti's earthquake is rising, coming up a new crisis develops at the country's hospitals and see what happens when cars returned to a stretch of the great highway in san francisco. and
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we'll do an air quality check for tomorrow. some smoke still lingering. we've got a fire, weather watch to look at and also a cooling trend as we
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find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the ground in haiti tonight, searching for any signs of survivors from that 7.2 magnitude magnitude earthquake saturday hospitals in the capital city of port of prince are overflowing now, with the injured, the death toll surpassed 1400. thousands more are injured. u s a. i, d has 65 urban search and rescue first responders and four canines now searching for survivals survivors rather in the rubble. using our eyes. we have tools with us for visual search devices that can get inside
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collapsed buildings, and we also have a acoustic and seismic listening devices to make sure that we can hear the sounds deep inside and collapse structures. the tragedy in haiti is unfolding as tropical depression graces drenching the island with torrential rains, the storm could bring flooding, mudslides and possibly landslides, areas already impacted by that massive earthquake in our story around here, will be a pretty significant cool down as we head towards tomorrow. now, today it was pretty hot. i showed you these highest at the 10 o'clock broadcast. we just take a peek at him again. these are from today. highs tomorrow we're going to be cooler by a good 10 degrees in many places 5 to 10 degrees, so it's gonna be a pretty significant core that some areas may cool down even more as we get a sea breeze. we've got this kind of weak trough coming in. there's the fog. can you see it? you can't really see where it goes. yeah just blocked out the buildings. i love doing that. there it goes, so it fogs just working its way in right now. i love the way it lights up. it
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just isn't it crazy? it just goes dark and then also the clouds come in. but that's how dynamic it is kinetic. i mean, this is it's going on right now. the fog's building back in. it's going to get pretty far around the bay tonight. there'll be plenty of it when you wake up tomorrow morning, and then you're looking at things that will temperatures anyway. that'll be a good 5 10 degrees cooler in many places. is, but there's 5 to 10. degrees of cooling brought to you by self. it's hard to see, but there's kind of a saggy trough right here. um, that comes through. that's cool. gets the smoke out of here cools the temperatures, but it's also going to generate sort of pressure gradients about tuesday night into wednesday, we'll see a fire, weather watch and a fire weather watch will probably turn a red flag warning that's for like the hills of sonoma county. northern moran up in butte county, up in paradise up in the near the dixie fire, so they're going to have especially this is really about the digs. fire. quite frankly, the fire weather concerns because that southwest winds going to drive it in the north winds going to drive it back another way. that's all going to happen tomorrow night between tomorrow night and
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wednesday morning, it's a short lived event. i think many folks won't even notice the wind around here. but again, pgd talking about cutting power right up in the sonoma county area, and, you know, we know why they do it. and let me tell you something. they're gonna do it any time the wind gets even close, and that's where we are right now the winds close. i don't think it's definitely a red for like event, but it is now because the way the climate is and where we've come over these years now, with 3 to 2 years of drought, and, um, you know, and just the fire concerns we have. so there's the five day forecast. i will see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. thank you. vehicles are back on san francisco's great highway today for the first time in more than a year, the roadway was shut down in the early days of the pandemic to give people more space for recreation while social distancing. it became a popular area as well to walk and ride their bikes, but it will now be open for vehicle traffic from six am on mondays until noon on fridays, then on
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weekends, only bikes and people walking will be allowed back on the road. coming up after the break the giants kris bryant hits two home runs, so it wasn't enough to give the giants the win. well, joe fonzi will show us what happens coming
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who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. tonight, the giants got their first look of the season at the new york mets. the mets fared pretty much the same way. the rest of the major league teams have against san francisco this year scoreless game in the bottom of the fourth darren rough strokes one down the left field line off new york's rich hill. buster posey comes home with the first run of the game. rough will get called out coming off first when he steps on pete alonso's foot and then loses contact. while alonso applies the tag. the giants got one more in the inning. mets
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got three in the fifth, but the giants we took the lead in the bottom of the inning with one swing of kris bryant's bat. that one carries out to straight away center with a runner on it's 4 to 3 on bryant's second home run as a giant, so keep your eye on that same part of the ballpark. pinch hitter brandon belt in the seven thought the mets trevor may that one makes it over the center field fans number 16 on the air for belt. the giants lead is 5 to 3 bryant up again, and he put the very next pitch into the left field seats. his third home run as a giant was his 20. first of the year. giants win 7 to 5 brandon crawford, four for four. he's now batting 36 kevin gausman of his record at 12 and five. the giants stay four games in front of the second place dodgers, who also won tonight matchup tonight in chicago of a former a's manager, tony la russa against the current one bob melvin. matt chapman's been on fire he picked up where he left off against the white sox dallas chemical. in the second inning. chapman times of breaking
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pitching goes deep for the 18th time this season. that's four homers in the last three games for chapman. the aids added to the lead later in the inning. mark canha lines it to left to score. josh harrison to run inning for the a's and two to nothing lead, but the white sox got single runs in the 3rd and 4th and then took the lead here in the fifth. this drive off the vata eloy jimenez is too hot for chapman to handle. tim anderson comes home. it's 3 to 2 chicago, that ball just hit too hard for even the platinum glover to take care of, and the white sox kept adding on luis wilbert in the eighth off the older square. uh that made it 5 to 2 and triggered the chicago celebration that dates all the way back to the days of old comiskey park, and that would be the exploding scoreboard. the white sox improved to an l best 40 and 22 at home with the five to win the eighth day 2.5 games behind the astros, who also lost tonight but fall into the number two wild card spot, a half game behind boston. what we're going with the theory
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tonight that you can't go wrong with animals or kids. you put a young, impressionable puppy with the bunny, and that puppy might just identify with what it sees. i wonder how that work if he was hanging around with. a bird, mm, i got. oh how much do you tell? oh another one, you know clowns, and that is the kind of joy a baseball card can bring to a kid mason farrellys from ripping by the way that is in san joaquin county, where aaron judge, he went to high school. that would be linden high 14 year old mason is a four time cancer survivor that cardi opened up was number one of one of the aaron judge, rookie. cards so how about that? that's such a sweet story, just lead to see just how much joy and how much excitement he gets from that he deserves it. four time cancer survivor wow, we were all kids
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at one point where a baseball card meant a lot to us. kind of what i look like when i opened my pack and oh, my god, willie mays. see you later, everyone. thanks for joining us. good thanks for joining us. good night, everybody. come on, joe. buff that sucker. what'd i teach you? (spits) (chuckles) sanitary. is joe applying for a job in a train station in 1940? just teaching him a few things every man should know. someone has to get in there early, or sometimes the kid turns out funny. knock, knock. hey, phil. hey, guys. phil, in here! phil: you ready to tackle your website? i know i'm here a little early. i thought i was gonna be -- do you recognize that? are you kidding? i love your sauce. some of it fell out of my burrito last night, and i licked it right off the remote. that's auntie alice's new sauce! she stole my recipe! i know. i am the crazy colombian that always loses her temper and needs to be calmed down by the white people. no! i don't think you're being crazy enough. i'm not a violent man, but i know how nuts it can make you to create something special only to have it stolen from you.


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