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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 7pm  FOX  August 12, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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hendriks, our friend, with his 26 saves leaving the american league, 79 strikeouts, most a big league reliever. last pitched on the sixth as we play here on the 12th, so he is just that. plenty of rest and plenty ready. >> john: yeah, and you get to the danger point of a close closer/reliever where you don't want many days to go by. so i would think, and less something bad happens here, he will get in his game here tonight and it will be a welcomed opportunity. you don't want to go too long when you're used to pitching every other day, two days in a row, three days in a row. >> joe: peralta has looked outstanding. craig kimbrel, it appears, is ready to come in and work in the eighth. a little pause and go. >> john: that sounded like our
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producer. >> joe: it did. just when i said that. pete. pause... go. pregame introduction. he's the best. pete. matt, our director. we -- no matter what role you film here for fox or for major league baseball or as a fan, we all couldn't wait to get here. amazing crew that has been assembled to bring you the sights and sounds from dyersville. 2-2 now on jose abreu, who has had a nice night, homer, two walks, two runs scored. >> john: some of the best drone -- the pilots, drone pilots, those navigating those drones, best i've ever seen. >> joe: no doubt. 2-2 buried a strike out ends the inning. good stuff by peralta. let's go to the 7-4, white soxis on top.
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>> joe: as we welcome you back, a reminder, geico is donating tickets to honor military members and their families at major-league stadiums around the country through the geico seats for service program. today we welcome the pilots and personnel of the 442nd fighter wing out of whiteman air force base in missouri to perform today's flyover. john, this is how the white sox have drawn it up here after the deal with the cubs. they may have the two best closers in the game in the same
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bullpen and they've got a three-run lead. here's one of them in the eighth. the other we expect in the ninth. it's kimbrel, and there's strike one. >> john: yeah, exactly, and they basically made that move knowing each personnel and each personalities would adapt. local to both guys can be locked down guys, they can share the duties. they have a closer every night, if they go on a six-game winning streak, they have a closer every night if they want to use it that way and kimbrel has that power breaking ball. >> joe: that nasty, nasty pitch just missed. leury garcia is in the ball game in right. as we play here in the eighth, 3-run game, 7-4. bummer a nice job, got two outs, walked one. there it is again, strike two. >> john: it's a unique breaking ball because he has
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such a different arm angle. the hitters seeing a fastball slinging almost a low three-quarter that kind of rises and then he gets into that breaking ball that takes the top of the nepad -- the knees, and goes down to the shin pads of the catcher. >> joe: 96 mrs., 2-2. stanton now, he is 0 for 3 tonight, then voit, then odor. that is outside for ball three, 3-2. pretty good pitch again. kopech didn't get that same delivery last inning. here it is, and it may have been a centimeter outside.
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>> john: if he throws a breaking ball anywhere in the middle of the plate, stanton will swing at it, or he could just try to throw fastball by him in the zone. >> joe: 3-2. left side, anderson makes the play, one away. for ken rosenthal, there are stories just about everywhere you look with this one game here in dyersville, iowa. tell us one that maybe people aren't aware of. >> this part of the country has experienced a drop for much of the summer but the last few days brought rain and tuesday's storm had such violent winds it actually snapped off some of the corn. andy and adam ray, they are brothers who went the "field of dreams" site to grow the crop and they have worked towards the say since 2019 with mlb, but when that storm hit two days ago, suddenly they had to scramble. what they did was purchase 1100
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metal and fiberglass rods and what they did with them was zip tie them to each of the damaged stocks to help them get back upright and to make them look beautiful again. they worked until 10:30 that night and then were at it again the following morning. it just goes to show you the care and the pride that went into this game. >> joe: you feel it everywhere, whether you are checking into the hotel or you are walking into the ballpark or -- i mean everybody you meet who is from iowa is so proud of what's going on here tonight and what happened here yesterday with the little league game, it's just -- that's what's made it special. >> john: yeah, as it should be. this is a once in a lifetime, hopefully now twice in a lifetime scenario because -- again, you just can't pitcher a place in the middle of where it's at and that's what makes it so unique and of course tied in with the movie, and as you said, at the hotel, people were
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politely waiting outside for autographs and didn't think twice about being rude, and they were just super nice. >> joe: swing and a miss to make it 2-2. stayed at the hotel julian while we've been here and i've said that i would say on national tv that i spilled coffee on the general manager on my way out the door to get in the car today, so i'm sorry. >> john: you did? >> joe: yeah. >> john: but you apologized. >> joe: i did! i felt terrible. that bounces in, and a full count. back in dubuque, about, what, 25, 30 minutes away from here by car -- so sorry!
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i ou. 3-2 pitch, nobody on here in the eighth. fouled back by voit, good rip. stanton grounded out, now a 3-3-2 pitch on its way and voit takes a one-out walk. for the fine folks of iowa, here are some fun facts for you. fun fact for you, the largest corn producer in america, iowa. only state that starts with two
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vowels, iowa! hogs out number human population, iowa! and notable celebrities born in iowa, herbert hoover, john wayne, johnny carson, that midwestern charm he always had, kurt warner, ashton kutcher, and joe burrow coming back from a torn acl right now with the cincinnati bengals. >> john: you know what i also learned when you ask questions? not all the corn is edible. i mean, it's edible, but it's not used -- it's used for grays and animals. >> joe: it's feed corn. >> john: yeah, i didn't know that. >> joe: another fun fact for you from a hall of famer. a swing and a miss, now 0-2 on rougned odor. >> john: and i guess time will
7:12 pm
tell if the apple pie hotdog makes it it past the trial period here in iowa. >> joe: here comes 0-2 pitch. upstairs for ball one. now that your x number of innings after eating that -- >> john: i want another one. >> joe: oh, you want another one? >> john: yeah, i want another one. >> joe: foul tip hung on to by the catcher zavala, two down. prior to the game, having fun with the corn and eating -- that's feed corn, right?
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>> john: i think so. >> joe: they spit it out. >> john: [laughs] >> joe: has lived to tell. ethan katz in his first year as pitching coach for the white sox and by all accounts doing a tremendous job. here's one that gets back to the screen out of the right hand of kimbrel and down to second goes voit with two outs, ball one. >> john: kimbrel will keep you uneasy in the box, which is not a bad thing if you can make your pitches when you have to, but he will uncork a couple wild ones every once in a while. and snap off that breaking ball when you think it's coming at you, you buckle, and it's a strike. >> joe: now that's going to send zavala out to the mound to talk to kimbrel.
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let's send it down to tom verducci. >> joe, earlier before the game, i met white sox owner jerry reinsdorf in the cornfield. i've been waiting all night to say that, by the way. he mentioned to me that the cross she was getting for tickets to this game was greater than any of the chicago bulls finals when michael jordan was there. of course that center sat more than 20,000. there's 8,000 here but each team was allotted 1500 tickets. if you're in the ballpark tonight and you are from iowa, it's like winning the lottery. actually, it is the lottery. that's how they were able to get hands on their tickets. average ticket price the greatest in regular-season history. only the 202016 world series games at wrigley field in cleveland exceeded the average ticket price, which by now is probably over 3,000 a ticket. >> joe: wow.
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i got tickets for friends, now i'm going to have to lean on them more for thank yous than that i actually got. who knew? jerry reinsdorf, who made the audacious move to make the change in manager from renteria to tony la russa, his good friend, and here he and they sit in first place by a mile. that's outside, and the count 2-1 now on higashioka. >> john: and there is some experience that tony has had with big leads and he wants to take that lead and double it, i guarantee it, knowing him, but he will have his team ready to play throughout the year. you know, big leads, it takes a minute to figure out how you're going to keep everybody going in the same direction when you're fighting for your life. sometimes you good on that stretch and that's the team you worry about playing. >> joe: 2-2.
7:16 pm
10.5 is kind of a magic number for tony, his cardinals in 2011 came back from 10.5 out to get into the postseason. they won it all, beat the texas rangers, and tony la russa walked away. ten years later his the white sox manager, where it all began for him in 1979. 2-2 pitch, a swing and a miss and that ends the inning! a walk, two strikeouts, kimbrel threw a scoreless eighth. bottom half rolls in, still 7-4.
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it's all included. 2 lines of unlimited for only $70 bucks. and this rate is fixed. you'll pay exactly $70 bucks total. this month and every month. only at t-mobile. two major league teams gift us a forever moment. the white sox, the yankees come
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to our field of dreams and play ball. >> joe: we have done just that on a thursday night, august 12th, 2021. dyersville, iowa, bottom of the eighth inning, and back to work, this yankees bullpen. as rodriguez takes over. two strong innings from wandy peralta. no hits, three strikeouts and a walk. >> john: fastball, slider, change. >> joe: joely rodriguez is just the third pitcher of the night for the yankees, so heaney, even though he got knocked around a little bit
7:20 pm
allowed three more home runs. got five innings under his belt, peralta, two shut out innings and now another lefty, rodrig rodriguez. off day coming tomorrow for these two teams before the series resets and restarts on the south side of chicago on saturday. 1-0 pitch to jimenez is out and up, 2-0. >> john: i can't help but think yesterday, doing that youth game between chicago and new york and those kids being here at this incredible setting, and i wonder what they are thinking, you know? they played at a high level in their own right, 14 and 15-year-olds -- >> joe: this one is into right. judge to his left won't get there and it drops in front of him for a leadoff base hit by jimenez. 2 out of 4 tonight with his three-run home run back in the third. tonight's telecast present or by geico by the all new hyundai
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tucson, our best tucson ever. and by t-mobile, america's largest, fastest, and most reliable 5g network. >> john: i'm just wondering what they are thinking about sitting in this setting, wondering about the future, right? always thinking about the heroes they have on the field and some of those are duly noted, the descriptions we were given. pretty cool. >> joe: a nice hand for eloy jimenez, who comes out of the ball game for brian goodwin, who will do the running at first. here's yoan moncada and out to talk to rodriguez is higashioka. this is the third day in a row pitching for joely rodriguez. for the yankees in the ninth inning it will be the nine, one,
7:22 pm
and two hitters, wade, lemahieu and gardner. so rodriguez is trying to keep this a three-run game and keep his team in it. liam hendriks, as we peeked through the corn, is getting ready for the white sox. >> john: basically what he does is saves all his energy and pours it right into every pitch he throws when he comes in and he's getting after it at the highest level. people used to ask me all right, what's the big difference between starting and closing and there is. on a day that i would pitch as a starter, i didn't want a lot of people to ask me a lot of questions. not that i didn't want to talk to them, i just wanted to save all my answers. i want to make a lot of good decisions that day. i want to make 125 good decisions and the more questions
7:23 pm
i asked, the more i felt like i was exhausting some of those decisions, so on a day i pitched, it was more about just everything else but pitching, right? as a closer, you have so much time to kill and some guys just choose to recluse themselves and get away and then check into the game around the seventh inning, or if you get too involved in the game, your thinking all right, now my chance is to pitch in your into everything. you have to say that energy and he does it in a unique way where he is like whatever, you can talk to me during the game, it's my time to go in, that's when i think about closing. >> joe: 1-1. i mean, lee smith was notorious for taking a nap in the trainers room on the table there until somebody woke him up and said hey, you know, whatever it is, seventh inning, eighth inning, time to start heading down the there. i don't think much bothers hendrix. 1-1, and the next from the
7:24 pm
tender is hit on a line for a double play and nothing that goodwin could do about it. took a step to his right, and that was it. live to the game sponsored by hyundai. the home run by abreu just over the wall, the first in mlb history. back in the first and then eloy jimenez, the three-run shot in the third, the to run blast, and the fourth by seby zavala. with the bases empty, here's vaughn. strike one. >> john: you know they all came out of the cornfield, which is really cool, but these are two huge teams, like big guys. the yankees have some monsters and so to the white sox.
7:25 pm
>> joe: i think the corn is as high as ten, 12 feet. they weren't too far under that when they walked out of there. >> john: no. >> joe: the count is 0-2 as hendriks is set to go after a scoreless inning by kimbrel. a walk and two strikeouts. 0-2 pitch. >> john: and the other thing real quick as he's getting ready to come out, it's a controlled adrenaline as a starter because were building towards the end, where it's an adrenaline rush like you've never experienced when you come out of the bullpen to go into the ninth inning. it is unmatched, there's nothing that prepares you for it and you ride that adrenaline and hope to get three outs. >> joe: left side, and base hit. vaughn, his first hit of the night, on base for the second
7:26 pm
time. and as the eighth inning continues, a quick word from google. >> joe: another at-bat for luis robert, who has speed and power to burn, his 28th game of the season. came back this past monday. takes a strike here. he tore his right hip flexor running to first base on the 2n. finished second in last year's al rookie of the year voting and
7:27 pm
won a gold glove. and one of those big bodied guys you're talking about. 0-1 pitch is down. joely rodriguez, 1-1. strike two. >> john: a lot of the sluggers, you have to be very careful leaving the ball in the middle of the zone or up. they are vulnerable down because when you're taller and likely to hit the ball in the air, you've got to make the pitch down.
7:28 pm
>> joe: here's another 1-2 and a strike out ends the inning, and sends this game into the ninth. hendriks coming in to try and save it for chicago.
7:29 pm
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-hi. -how was your flight? -good. -good. morning, ted. for bundling made easy, go to when making the kentucky fried chicken sandwich people asked how i felt about burger places selling fried chicken. i'd say that's none of my business, just like making fried chicken is none of theirs. get the kentucky fried chicken sandwich for just $3.99. it's finger lickin' good. >> hey! is this heaven? >> no. it's iowa. >> joe: we are across the corn from where they shot that movie, released in 1989, "field of dreams," that scene between kevin costner, who
7:31 pm
played ray kinsella. ray liotta played shoeless joe jackson, and here's liam hendriks, who is another throwback type. from australia, ready to work. line drive into right center field, he is greeted with a base hit. that pitch was up. and a base hit to start the inning, 2 out of 4 is tyler wade on the night and there is life for the yankees here in the ninth inning as hendriks throws one pitch. goodwin stays in the game, he's in right. garcia, who just entered, will go now to left field. robert stays in the game in
7:32 pm
center and now the top of the order with aaron judge lurking two hitters away. d.j. lemahieu now, brett gardner on deck. >> john: that's what liam hendriks knows, he knows who's coming up to present the tying run in his goal is to never get the tying run to home plate. >> joe: at 96 for strike one. lemahieu has a single, two walks, and he's flied out. outside, 1-1. the game has been spectacular to watch. it's an important game. all these games are important for the yankees. right now on the outside of the playoff picture looking in as -- >> john: abreu, that was a
7:33 pm
95-mile-an-hour throw over. >> joe: here comes the 1-1. hendriks. blows it by the bat of lemahieu, strike two. lance lynn, who you saw there, started, still in line for the win. 10-3 as he made the start here tonight. here comes a 1-2. struck him out on a neck-high fastball, one away! >> john: you rarely see that in d.j. lemahieu when he is going good, but this fastball just beats him. tries to get on top, one of the best contact hitters in the ability to go to all parts of the field, he got blown away
7:34 pm
there. >> joe: baseball is in full swing. follow mlb on twitter, facebook, instagram, and youtube so you don't miss a thing this season. if aaron judge is going to represent the tying run, brett gardner is going to have to get on base. he's had a nice night at the plate, and he takes a strike. singled and scored in the third, homered in the sixth, bounced into a force out in the seventh. all the weapons out of the bullpen on display tonight for the chicago white sox. good stop by zavala. 1-1. >> john: yeah, brett gardner, if you're a yankee fan, if you
7:35 pm
can hit somehow a ground ball to the shortstop, there's nobody there, but they're playing him that way because he really hits the ball on the ground to the shortstop. playing him in the shift. >> joe: 1-1. that is out of play, strike two. >> john: brett gardner missed his pitch. he was shaking his head right after he missed that and fouled off that breaking ball that was up. that's where this pitch was. that is something that brett gardner knows he may not get again.
7:36 pm
>> joe: struck him out, two down! and hendriks will get to deal with aaron judge, a spot where judge, the best he can do is make it a one-run game. from lynn to kopech, to bummer, to hendriks, a pretty big important combination for the white sox with an eye on october. >> john: yep .
7:37 pm
there's no real reason to pay attention to the guy at first base right now. [laughs] i mean, he threw another seat over there >> joe: ball one . ball two. he's got a little mad hungar hungarian -- >> john: he does! >> joe: he doesn't have any mysteries to how he's feeling and every moment as the 2-0
7:38 pm
pitch is fouled away, 2-1. >> john: he gets himself little self reminders, little "stay back," smack himself a little bit. >> joe: huffing and puffing with the count 2-1 on aaron judge. this ball is way out of here! one-run game! seconds of the night, 25 for the year for big number 99!
7:39 pm
>> john: watch out if he gets hot. power against power, and again, he doesn't have to pull to make the park look small. >> joe: and he's brought up joey gallo now representing the tying run. ball one. gallo with 2 26 home runs, one s a yankee. now 14 games with new york. good pitch down and in. >> john: [laughs]
7:40 pm
>> joe: that came up and caught gallo after it bounced in, 2-1. 7-6 ball game. a 5-rbi night for aaron judge. 2-1. 3-1 with stanton on deck .
7:41 pm
the tying run is on. and that will bring a visit from ethan katz. >> john: not many visits he's going to take to his closer, but he's going to take this opportunity, just remind him the situation, remind him of the scouting report to stanton. so, does this record, win or loss, go to tony, do you know? >> joe: that's a good question, or miguel cairo? >> john: i think it goes to tony. >> joe: he has number two on the all-time list, not many in this category. >> john: [laughs] >> joe: there's connie mack and then there's tony la russa,
7:42 pm
who is somewhere with family sweating out the end of this one. here's stanton. he's hit 17 home runs, hitless tonight. around it goes! back at the wall, it is gone! yankees on top, 8-7! hero of the night! [cheers and applause ] >> john: this was super close to being caught.
7:43 pm
a rocket by stanton. he just gets a breaking ball that stays over the middle of the plate and he just smokes it, but then watch the end of this play, right there it looked like he had a chance, but just over the fence. >> joe: sixth blown save of the year for hendriks, and a complete reversal here in the ninth inning. what a moment for giancarlo stanton, a two-run shot by judge, a two-run shot by the dh stanton. voit takes high, 1-1. >> john: the yankees getting all these runs with two outs. they hit the three-run homer with two outs, and these four runs all coming with two outs. >> joe: 1-1 pitch here is down and in.
7:44 pm
2-1 pitch is down, 3-1. the yankees are without aroldis chapman, on the il with shoulder inflammation. they've been mixing and matching in the late innings here of late. that's foul, full count. and we will see who gets the ball in the bottom of this ninth inning. zach britton getting loose. not a favorable review of his own work the season here recently by zach britton. that's off the end of the bat. but coming off a good appearance his last timeout.
7:45 pm
a shocking top of the ninth against liam hendriks, and it started with tyler wade first pitch swinging and a base hit. >> john: it is shocking, but the yankees have been doing this kind of throughout the year, it's just a credit to the team who has battled. every team has injuries, the white sox of had a bunch of injuries, but the yankees have gone through a stretch where sometimes unrecognizable what their lineup is. >> joe: 3-2 pitch again and a strike out ends the inning. what an inning it was, damage done. provided by aaron judge,
7:46 pm
giancarlo stanton, knocking down corn and putting the yankees on top. ♪ ♪ bottom of the ninth inning from iowa coming up. ♪ ♪ everya new 5g phone. old customers. new customers. families. businesses. every customer. from these bakers to these bakers. hello! new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. cracked, busted, sticky buttons and all thank you. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network. (laughter)
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>> joe: a 4-run top of the ninth inning has made it 8-7 yankees and into the bottom of the ninth we go. what a night for aaron judge, a three-run home run, a two run home run, giancarlo stanton's two-run home run a moment ago put the yankees on top. they hope for good, the white sox want to ruin the night for the yankees and for zach britton. >> john: here's the challenge the white sox have. zach britton's sinker is so good, he really throws it for a strike, but hitters rarely take it because they think it's a strike coming out of his hands
7:49 pm
and they swing and hit a lot of ground balls, so make him throw strikes, britton wants them to hit it on the ground. >> joe: change is all over the place. meanwhile, it was supposed to be leury garcia starting the inning, but with the lefty, it's danny mendick who will start the inning here hitting under .200 in just under 60 games this season. ground ball, right side and to the bag goes lemahieu, who has shifted their with rougned odor at second base. enter velasquez at short and tyler wade over to third, so moving the pieces all around the infield, trying to get the best defense behind zach britton that they can. >> john: yeah, a lot of ground balls, so you're going to be on your toes if you're an infielder and he just has incredible sink to that --
7:50 pm
>> joe: pretty good life there to that fastball. zavala, a two-run home run tonight sandwiched by strike strikeouts. one out, nobody on, and strik strike two. britton trying to nail it down. ball one. one outcome a bases empty, ground ball, left side, that is a foul ball. foul ball to keep the count 1-2.
7:51 pm
>> john: this ball barely goes foul. of course the ball has to go over the bag to be deemed fair. >> joe: zavala back to the plate, then tim anderson. remember eloy jimenez has already come out of this ball game, that big bat in the cleanup spot, but still a few spots away for the white sox trying to rally here in the ninth. a fun game for all, a more important game for the yankees with where they sit. zavala takes ball two. 2-2.
7:52 pm
tampa bay rays put up a win today. yankees started this day 6 back in the division, just two behind boston. that skips in. >> john: yeah, that's been the amazing turnaround. they've played so well they've only gained a half a game on the rays, but they picked up a lot of games on the boston red sox and now are close enough for the wild card -- way closer than they are for the division. if got an -- got to get in position for the wild card before you can think of a divisional title. >> joe: 3-2 pitch is high and the tying run is on. tampa bay beating boston, so an opportunity for the yankees to be just one behind the red sox as they try to beat the white sox. tim anderson digging in, 1 for 4
7:53 pm
tonight. >> john: good matchup here for a low-ball hitter, sinking fastball. >> joe: anderson hits one in the air to right! back at the wall and the white sox when it ! the white sox win it! [cheers and applause] [fireworks] [cheers and applause] [fireworks]
7:54 pm
♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> joe: it you can throw the party, but you never know how it's going to turn out. >> john: [laughs] unreal! >> joe: how about six runs on the board and the ninth inning alone and the white sox with a walk off 9-8 win. this was some kind of night for baseball. >> john: it sure was and the most energetic guy on the team ends up winning it and letting everybody know about it as soon as he made contact, he knew it was gone and what a game. >> joe: it makes a winner out of hendriks, a loser out of britton.
7:55 pm
>> john: this just was a good matchup for the way that tim anderson likes to hit, and he gets the barrel of the bat down to the ball in the low part of the zone about as good as anybody. and he knows it right there. >> joe: a walk and a homer and a walk-off win! and nobody more relieved than liam hendriks. >> john: no, exactly. >> joe: he is there emotional leader, tim anderson. and what a moment here on thursday, august 12th in dyersville, iowa. >> john: [laughs] you can't script a movie any better, i don't think they could
7:56 pm
have scripted this game any better for the folks here. nobody left, and like you said, ninth inning fireworks. >> joe: a 9-8, the white sox win it, let's send it down to ken rosenthal. >> thanks, joe. eight home runs hit in his game, what was it like in the ninth inning when you guys came back? >> well, we never give up. we never give up. they scored four runs, but we never give up and this is the result. >> when you got here today, did you tell yourself "i have got to hit a home run into the corner"? >> i just say i need to have good at-bats, because of i have good at-bats, the homer can come. >> you grew up in the dominican republic, played in some small towns in the minor leagues, what will you remember about this day? >> well, it was amazing, you know? this is like when you go play in the minor leagues a little bit, but this is a big one.
7:57 pm
and it was fun. it was really fun. >> thanks a lot, congratulations. now over to tom verducci with the hero. >> tim anderson, we spent a lot of the stay talking about a great movie, and you go out and you write your own hollywood script. it's plain to me what it felt like coming off the field after the top of the ninth inning with the lead lost and then you write back. >> the games never over. the game is never over until it's over. i knew what i was looking for and i didn't miss. i didn't miss, and, you know, let's go home. >> what does it say about this team -- i know this is the first time you beat the yankees this year, you're starting to get healthy, we saw a bushel of baseballs go in the cornfield here, what does it say about how the white sox are playing now and what's ahead? >> we battle. we battle all the way to the end. we went to new york we whipped them -- they whipped us three times the we all those guys. >> this to me was one of the most visually striking scenarios i've seen for a major league ballpark. the important thing is you're walking way from iowa with a win.
7:58 pm
what else will you take away from this experience? >> just the overall experience, man. just coming here playing in the middle of corn, who would have thought of that? who would have thought it would be able to walk it off here as well? so we made history tonight. >> congratulations. >> thank you, i appreciate you always. >> back to you. >> joe: what a player he is, eight home runs, a homer battle, each site had four and tim anderson had the last, the last swing that mattered tonight. ♪ ♪ makes a winner out of hendriks, 7-2, a loser out of zach britton, 0-1, and the white sox flexing their new home run power on the night that that vaunted bullpen didn't have it. but, my gosh, feel like we all walk out of here winners having been here. >> john: amen. >> joe: a night we will not soon forget and maybe won't ever. 9-8, the white sox win it.
7:59 pm
[fireworks] the acting manager miguel cairo getting the win and tim anderson setting off fireworks here in iowa! kevin and the guys coming up next. this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here
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