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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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in hayward, where he was then struck and killed by a hit and run driver, but we didn't find anything that was, you know, mechanically wrong with it. as we said the vehicle was still running. so at this time, we don't know why that vehicle was stopped. it happened just after 2 30 friday morning on the southbound interstate 80 near that wouldn't have a new exit. the corner identified. the driver is 52 year old rick tone of san leandro. the chp says they don't know why don't stopped his car in one of the middle lanes. what we believe is that he as he was exiting the vehicle he may have been sideswiped by a vehicle traveling on espn, 8 80. it collided with his door as well as him. the force of the collision bent back the driver's side door. the driver who struck don't apparently just kept going. investigators are looking for that person. there were likely be front end and right side damage. just with the way that the collision occurred. that's what we're expected. the chp cautions drivers who are in an accident, a car that stalled or has a
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flat tire to stay inside the vehicle. never never get out and stand on the shoulder of a freeway. if you get struck in your vehicle, at least you have your seat belt on you have airbags. those vehicles are made to protect you. if you don't have that protection, then it's just a vehicle versus pedestrian, and the chp is asking anyone who may know anything about what happened on the freeway to give them a call andre and hopefully someone sees this and is able to help them with their investigation. rob. thank you now to the coronavirus pandemic and as some cities across the bay area debate, new mask mandates the spread of the highly contagious delta vary it has prompting leaders to stress the importance of getting vaccinated. he's brooks jarocz is live now force in san francisco, where that city to brooks is seeing an increase in covid cases. that's exactly right, heather. in fact, san francisco is one of the world's most vaccinated cities. 77% of
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people are fully vaccinated, but that hasn't stopped covid cases rising, increasing tenfold since the beginning of june. you. the delta variant is primarily responsible for the rapid rise of covid-19 cases. san francisco is averaging 176 new cases each day up from just 12 in early june, but even the current daily rate is less than half of the peak back in january, director of public health doctor grant colfax says most of those infections are among the unvaccinated vaccines. i remain our ticket out of this pandemic, and they continue to work extremely well. still breakthrough cases are occurring. in fact, dozens have been among medical workers at hospitals like san francisco general, they're now out sick, typically contracting covid from places outside of healthcare settings and now putting a strain on the entire system. we're monitoring the situation carefully. because
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they're fully the people are fully vax. if people are fully vaccinated, they're unlikely to experience. uh serious disease so again reinforces the importance of vaccine to protect our health care system and our health care workers. hospitalizations still a countywide or ev. very vigorously exploring. um uh, issuing and enjoy mass mandate, um and in discussions with surrounding counties, health officers with regard to that, for now, strong recommendations into final push for protection as the city deals with its fourth surge if you're not not vaccinated right now, this is this is not a good time to be in that situation, especially with delta here, delta is causing the vast majority of our of our covid-19 cases. right now, dr colfax says up to 90. 5% of all hospitalizations in the city are preventable.
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protected. but that also doesn't mean that your shots aren't working. health experts say that if you were to get infected and are fully vaccinated, you may experience symptoms similar to the common cold in san francisco. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, brooks thank you very much. well starting on monday, people in brentwood and mountain view will face mask mandates in certain locations each city wants everyone wearing face coverings inside city facilities, regardless of vaccination status. seated leaders say they are taking every precaution to try to keep the public safe. well the cdc blames what it's learning from a covid outbreak in massachusetts for its shift in masking recommendations, they say nearly 75% of the hundreds of people involved in that outbreak were fully vaccinated. and now doctors believe that the delta variant is about as contagious as chickenpox. this
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is a very serious virus. it's spreading extraordinarily rapidly, and not only does it spread rapidly, but if you're infected, you're more likely to get severe disease. me up a little bit later in this newscast, a doctor will break down why the delta variant is in fact, so contagious, well, california's largest wildfire so far this year is flaring up, but authorities say it's because flames are burning through unburned islands of vegetation within a perimeter that firefighters have actually built. fire officials say the dixie fire created a huge fire cloud yesterday. that's a towering columnist smokese a dao firefighters, fire burning and viewed in plumas counties has destroyed more tcontinues to thn 10,000. others firefighters, though, are making progress on the tamarack fire burning along the california nevada border. it has expanded just over 100 acres since yesterday. more
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than 68,000 acres, though, have already burned in alpine county and douglas county, nevada. this fire by the way is about 65% contained. governor gavin newsom and six other western state governors hope of virtual meeting with the white house will put them on a better path to wildfire prevention and response. good to be a political reporter. greg lee joins us with the message governor newsom delivered today to the president, greg andre. good evening, governor newsom in washington governor jay inslee urged the president to provide resources and people to help battle ongoing fires. and prepare for new ones. president biden acknowledged the nation's resources are already stretched thin. we're blowing past every record, and not in a good way we're at over 5700 fires here today. governor newsom gave prident harris a bleak update, r western state governors in asking for additional federal help. we are the largest civil aviation. for fire fighting in
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the world, california we do not come close to having the tools in the air that we need. we need your support to dramatically increase the aerial support in addition to boots on the ground, we're in for a long fight yet this year and the only way we're going to meet those challenges is by working together for the second time in a month, the white house convened a meeting of seven western state governors to talk prevention and response. previously biden announced to raise for federal firefight. writers and said climate change was driving worsening conditions. we can't ignore how the overlapping and intertwined factors of extreme heat, prolonged drought and supercharged wildfire conditions are affecting the country. and so this is a challenge that demands our urgent urgent action, the white house announced. two working groups focused on wildfires in extreme heat, biden told the governors he's working with fema to overcome supply chain issues for supplies like. hoses
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and fuel for aircraft. please pay attention to this fuels issue. we had to get our national guard to get some emergency fuel supplies for our aerial fleet a week ago. this is a major issue. newsome echoed comments he made earlier in the week while touring damage caused by the tamarack fire. frustrated with the early response from the forest service, but there's a culture that too often is wait and see. we can't afford that any longer. this is a federal fire. they waited and what we saw is the fire took off because we didn't put enough initial assets. now in terms of financial support, the president said. fema has already approved 20 fire assistance grants totaling about million to help states reporting live in t ongoing threat of wildfires in our state, greg thank you so much. meantime these shasta county district attorney is accusing pg and e of being criminally liable for the zog fire last year. the district attorney has not yet decided
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whether pg and e will ultimately face criminal charges. the fire killed four people destroyed 200 homes and burned more than 87 square miles in september and october. cal fire determined a pine tree fell on pgd power lines, sparking the fire. now in a statement, pg and e says it does not agree with the da's conclusion that criminal charges are warranted. the search for a missing berkeley runner will resume tomorrow, two weeks after it was initially called off 37. well, philip kray check went missing while on iran at pleasanton ridge regional park. back on july. 10th authorities say there are no new clues or pieces of evidence but then ongoing, volunteer search effort has identified an area near the taejon canyon thatt. tk started his run he left his carl phone. well car buyers and renters run into trouble finding deals these days coming up how long some buyers are being asked to wait to get what they want. and the fbi takes on
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reports that someone has been spotted flying with the jet pack right over l a x airport. we'll talk to a clinical psychologist about managing anxiety that can come along with the spread of the delta variant. seasonal temps felt over the bay area this afternoon, but we do have a bit of a cool down. kevin are away for the weekend. better details coming
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get started with powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month from comcast business. call or go online today to learn more. ktvu tom vacar shows us. why finding that car at a deal is even harder now. at first glance from the air the ports of venetian richmond, two major arrival points for imported cars of all makes, including
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foreign built domestic brands. it looks like an ocean of cars. ultimately though, they're bound for hundreds of dealers all over the west and beyond, but complex, sophisticated microchips, the heart and soul of everything that uses power in a vehicle and electronics have been in short supply. that's forced carmakers to either cut back production or store. otherwise complete cars until the chips arrive. one at creek ford is just one example. it's very different than anything we've seen. we've only a handful of new cars on our lot. the title wave of buyers come directly from people finally freed from stay at home orders and filled with wanderlust, and they're in keen competition with other buyers, though the biggest source of used cars is usually from trade ins, another significant source has now arisen. there's a very high so a lot of people aren't drivge
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selling us their car. so in this situation, a lot of new car buyers knowing instant gratification is less likely are willing to make a deposit and wait for the car. they really want in the last couple months. we've had as many custom orders as we would normally have scale, which is incredible something we haven't seen example. kevin could lick of oakley ordered forge new bronco in may there behind on manufacturing, so we won't get it until 2022. he clearly understands what's going on. but i kind of knew going in that they were behind everybody's kind of behind with manufacturing, semiconductor chips and all the parts, so it's not only the car industry. it's every industry right now. and that's impacting everything electronic and will continue well into next year. so if anything with microchips is on your holiday shopping list, specified by early tom vacarts t
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car buyers to people looking for rental cars are also running into trouble. auto traders, executive editor says many rental car companies are selling their fleet to car locks looking for inventory, and that is creating a rental car shortage. some people looking for rentals are turning to alternatives like renting u hauls. credit for ingenuity because i would not have thought if i was like, say, in some place like hawaii or florida. i don't think it would have occurred to me. let's go rent a u haul. but it appears some people are doing just that. autotrader predicts the rental car shortage would eventually double rental car rates in some areas. well, no need to go anywhere because we've got some great weather right here at home and the weekend looks to be just slightly cooler. so if it's been a little bit too warm for you, we are going to drop temperatures off. just some as we get into the weekend. here's a live look. san francisco and that marine layer their low clouds along the coastline and because of it along the coast
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and in san francisco, a cool 1 62 for you there upper sixties in oakland, you go inland, and it's quite a different story. livermore at 94. we have san jose enjoying 80 degrees and. santa rosa in the upper seventies as well, so low sixties at the coast too low in mid nineties for inland cities. yes definitely feels like a summer pattern out there, right. we do have the giants game playing or the giants. i should say playing at 6 45 partly cloudy sky 60 degrees in the west priest about 15 mph so going to be cool, make sure you have the extra layers if you're going to be out at the game a little bit later, the onshore briefs are fairfield 24 mph. local reporting on northwest wind at 21 in the north bay napa reporting a southerly breeze at 16. that wind was actually a bit stronger earlier in the day, but it actually backed off just a little bit and as a result, temperatures really warmed up right about noontime. we actually had temperatures a little bit cooler, but then we caught up and for the second part of the day storm check or two here
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showing you where we do have the fog along the coastline. we also have thunderstorms again in the sierra. take a look at what's going on here. lightning strikes all over the place. we had on, but you can see pretty much activity. if we go south of that, though, we've got numerous thunderstorms reported here with all that lightning there from areas near yosemite bear valley. this flash flood watch goes until eight o'clock this evening for the sierra includes like tahoe and stretches all the way into southern california. so that's what's going on there. and then as we get into saturday and sunday, there's still a slight possibility at a few scattered showers that will remain and the thunderstorm activity over the sierra as well. so that to be aware of if you're thinking about heading up. for your weekend. just be prepared for that the future cast model here shows you as we get into tomorrow morning, we have the low clouds along the coastline and inside the babe. you can see that other cloud cover here. that's again that monsoonal moisture that just
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continues to pour into california and up over the sierra. for us, it's going to be a mostly sunny day away from the coastline. temperatures will be coming down though 56 degrees tomorrow morning in san francisco, mid fifties and napa upper fifties to low sixties for the east bay and 61 degrees for you, san jose the afternoon high still right about average 66 for san francisco will go 70 in oakland low nineties expected deliver more low eighties over san jose. a better look at some of these afternoon heiser tomorrow. about 81 for redwood city and for the inner east bay. 92 degrees expected and conquered low eighties expected in napa even a little bit cooler for you bay area sunday and the cooling trend will continue in the extended forecast. i'll have better details coming up in just a little bit, andre alright, roseberry. thank you so much. well a new survey shows the top environmental concern of people in california is the state's water supply and the drought as well. the survey by the public policy institute of california found 63% of cal. four games, sea water supply as
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a quote big problem. 80% of residents say climate change contributed to the current drought in the state and 40% of those surveyed say they have been doing a lot to reduce water use recently. well today kicks off the final weekend at the gilroy garlic festival this year. the festival is a drive thru event because of the pandemic to the parking lot there of the gilroy presbyterian church, garlic food lovers must order online in advance. gilroy garlic festival was cancelled two years ago after a gunman shot and killed three people and wounded 12 others. it was then canceled again last year due to the pandemic. the threat of the delta variant has some people on edge coming up how to manage that anxiety that comes with all of the new warnings, then coming up on ktvu news at 62 of the nation's largest employers now requiring workers get vaccinated. the announcement from disney and walmart and
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what it means for visitors and for customers to plus, it may not be well known to the public, but some of the biggest names in music have flocked to it over the years, and now there are plans to read. open the hit making record factory in this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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mass guidelines has brought a return of pandemic anxiety to talk about all this added uncertainty is clinical psychologist andrea tzorvas. thank you so much for being here. enter just when a lot of us were feeling a little more relaxed in that vaccination could yield a much more normal life, yet another setback. how is this latest information affecting people? yeah, you know, it's giving people a lot of anxiety. it is something that we thought we were maybe not completely done with but that we were getting pretty close. and so i think it's
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pretty upsetting and people are feeling depressed. feeling sad. they're feeling hopeless. is this going to end? when will it end? how you know? can i see my friends? can i see my family? is this going to affect my business? i work, so it's just it's a lot of. society and unfortunately so feelings of depression as well. yes, those are all the questions that you know, i've been asking myself. i've heard friends and colleagues asked as well. so what are some of the best ways for us to manage those feelings? yeah so what you're gonna want to do is really focus on what you can control. so that is sort of the key for managing anxiety. and then what you're going to do is really notice the thoughts that come up, and so when you notice those anxious or depressed thoughts, you're going to challenge those thoughts. so when you when your mind says things to you like this covid never gonna end right then that's when you can challenge yourself and say it will end. it may just take time.
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i can tolerate this. i know it's uncomfortable, but i've been through it for a while now. and i'm going to be ok. okay, so that's that's a great coping mechanism for us adults. what parents? you know we're not only trying to help ourselves navigate through all of these changes, but we've also got to help our little ones deal with their feelings, and that's a different approach. it is. so when you're talking to kids, you want to use simple language and you want to describe things in sort of a matter of fact way. so what that looks like is you know the pandemic is continuing, but you're safe. you're going to be wearing a mask. they're going to be wearing it indoors and possibly outdoors and reminding your child that they are safe because what happens is kids don't fully understand. and so then, then that's when they get really anxious. and so if you can encourage them that they're going to be okay, and here's how we're going to protect you. and that it will end at some po well. so you're giving
5:25 pm
them you're instilling to kind of renewing some plans, seeing family seeing friends? and should we go about, you know, continuing with those plans, or should we take a little bit of a pause right now? do you think? yeah you know, i'm not a medical doctor. i'm a psychologist. i wouldn't want to speak for you know what the cdc says. but what i would. recommend is following the cdc guidelines. and even though it might not be what we want, i think that makes the most sense. you know me there's a lot of unknown happening right now and so all we can do is follow what the scientists and research tells us to do, and that's really our best that well, i guess really, what i was getting at is that ifo make plae hopeful. be optimistic mind as well to remember that this is not going to last forever.
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yes this is another setback, but we will be able to once again see our friends. we will be able to enjoy that concert. yeah, you're bringing up a really good point. and i think maybe the caveat is i'm going to make these plans and. maybe these plans will get cancelled and i'm going to be ok if they do, and i can reschedule and it's not gonna last forever. and so we will get through this. so again. it's kind of this reminder that nothing lasts forever. and there's hope and we will get through it. we've we've been through it for now. many months. yes we'll leave the conversation with that. hopeful thought. thank you really much. thank you very much for coming on really important discussion, especially as things once again changed with this pandemic. thanks again for coming. absolutely as we mentioned earlier. the cdcs thinks the delta variant is this contagious as chickenpox. coming up, u c. berkeley doctor explains why it's so easy to spread, whether you're vaccinated or not, and welcome
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ to beating the delta area and this evening we're getting another and better idea of how critical that maybe according
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to a development coming out of the c d c k tvs tom baker is live in marin county with this development that came out of the health agency tom pretty soon these test sites that you see behind me for covid are going to be much, much busier as flu and cold season comes in. people get scared they are going to want to know, but you've got to understand. and this this virus is like a many headed monster cutting off. even multiple heads may not kill it, especially when many of the victims are actually helping it. the headline is frightening without getting sick vaccinated. people can spread the covid delta virus to others. if you're vaccinated, it still remains a fabulous shield from preventing you from getting hospitalized in dying. but the vaccinated often with no symptoms can still spread it to others. delta is a strain, the cdc says, is the fastest spreading coronavirus, including colds and the flu, as well as smallpox and ebola,
5:31 pm
even as fast as chickenpox, and that's what that's what demands a change in our behavior. now delta reportedly also floods people with as much as 1000 times more virus than the original coronavirus. the cdc's new guidelines say even vaccinated people in high spread areas should mask up when indoors and that's based on the documents on findings. it goes so far as to say that everybody everywhere should mask up indoors so i can no longer walk around. and think that well, there's no way i can infect. my family. my. neighbors my community because i'm fully vaccinated, which means. i've got to have a mask on when i'm going to be around a lot of other people, especially indoors without near total vaccinations. masking is the only way out the way to break that chain to stop it from surviving. is to not have
5:32 pm
people around where it can jump to. so the unvaccinated seriously do threaten the vaccinated who might unwittingly spread the virus. you may have been lucky to avoid it in december in january. but the chances of you avoiding it. this go around are far far less. it's so transmissible. the only hopeful news is that the delta variant spreads fast. but since many folks are already vaccinated, it drops off very rapidly as it did in india, the uk and several early infected us counties. deltas worrisome. what about the one to follow delta? now the longer that large portions of the population remain on vaccinated unvaccinated, the more likely a new mutation will emerge, which is vaccine resistance. and if that happens, it's a whole new ballgame. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news
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that is something no one wants to see tom. thank you. another coronavirus outbreak is making its way through the sonoma county jail. 31 inmates at the jail currently have covid-19. it's a second outbreak in less than six months. the sheriff's office has none of the inmates actually have symptoms. the outbreak began last week among inmates who were recently booked into the jail. they were placed in quarantine for two weeks. san jose city hall is scheduled to reopen to the public on monday. people can schedule in person appointments at the permit center for building planning, fire and public works permits. residents and staff will also be allowed back into san jose city council chambers after a year and a half of strictly online meetings. on tuesday, the city is scheduled to hold its first hybrid city council meeting. masked residents can attend in person, while those who prefer can continue to participate via zoom. welcome news for many riders of public transit getting next monday, bart will be extending its service, the agency says services returning to pre pandemic service levels
5:34 pm
with day service will run from five am until 12 am, was running till noon. saturday service will begin at six a.m. and run until midnight and on sundays. trains will run from eight am until nine pm. really trying to focus on passenger worlds and ensuring that people can safely socially distance on the train. so we want to ensure that we've got high number of trains coming in and a good frequency to support her writing. it's a weekday service running from five am to midnight, the transit agency says. it's understand how the pandemic related cuts and service have been a hardship on many riders. they also remind that all bart riders must wear mask at stations and on trains. no matter your vaccination status. the santa clara county vita is now offering free temporary bus service along as light rail routes. this comes as the agency works to restore life rail service following that mass shooting back in may, the temporary bus service will start on monday. it will run
5:35 pm
every half hour on weekdays from 5 30 am to 8:30, p.m. and hourly on weekends from seven am to seven pm it's unclear when light rail service will resume, but the vita is hoping to bring back light rail service sometime in september. a federal ban on evictions is set to expire at midnight tomorrow. but this is the important part here in california tenants will remain protected. that's because the state's eviction moratorium is good all the way through september foxes, madeline vera tells us lawmakers on capitol hill, though, are scrambling to try to come up with a federal solution. in the last few months for exams, schaefer have felt like an uphill climb, struggling to make payments on the home she's lived in for five years. we have been paying our rent, we just can't come up with the full amount now shafer, who's been using disability pay to cover part of her rent, says her landlord could soon force her out. i got anxiety. i'm nervous. i can't sleep since september. millions of renters
5:36 pm
like schafer, who fell behind on payments during the pandemic were protected by a federal ban on evictions, but the eviction moratorium ends july 31st. and with not a lot of time left before august ris was a known ad preventable disaster. several democrats and republicans are also criticizing an emergency fund meant to help renters of the $46.5 billion that congress approved for rental relief. only $3 billion has been. distributed why should the ranchers. punished for the fact that the system did not put money in their pockets to pay the rent to the landlords. the white house, meanwhile, argues its hands are tied after the supreme court ruled the ban could only stay until the end of july. the supreme court said it could only be extended with congressional authorization as lawmakers on capitol hill workedmany
5:37 pm
like schaeffer are facing a grim possibility. be homeless out on the street. at least eight states. ndc will still have some protections for renters. if an extension for the federal eviction band fails in washington mother rivera, fox news and as we mentioned california's eviction moratorium does not expire until the end of september. the law uses federal money to pay off 100% of unpaid rent from april 2020 through september 2021 to be eligible tenants must earn 80% or less of the area. median. income so far, nearly 113,000 people have applied the department of justice today, ending a long legal battle over former president donald trump's taxes. the dogg said that trump's income tax returns must be released by the i r s to the democratic led house ways and means committee. the committee has been trying to get the returns for two years now and that it needs trump's taxes for an investigation into whether
5:38 pm
the former president complied with tax law. the former president could still challenge this ruling by the way in court. some people worry the olympics will become the source of a new covid-19 outbreak coming up the games. organisers ramp up efforts to try to stop the spread of the violence. and here we go again reports of someone flying a jetpack over elliot's prompted fbi agents to get involved here and a zip trip to the north. jay introduces us to her unusual farm.
5:39 pm
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together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. now open to the public. in vacaville. visitors can pet and even rent an alpaca for the day. ktvu south castaneda takes a zip trip now to the north bay or a husband and wife team is operating this alpaca ranch. if you've ever wanted to spend
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some time with an alpaca, you're in luck. you can do that here. menagerie hill ranch in vacaville, if you want to see and touch one, you'll need to schedule a tour. what you do, you'll be guided by folks who know a lot about out there. heard i saw young ones as young as six weeks old and older ones. he also is about six, maybe seven weeks old. i had never seen an alpaca in person. but that changed quickly when i was introduced to a lovely two year old female. we brought sunny out so you can get up close and personal hurt high. sonny. she's one of our, um, branch favorites. alpacas are friendly and curious with very soft for their cousins to llamas and camels. the ancient animals were said to be domesticated more than 6000 years ago. pacos are vegetarians they eat hay and grass is it's very satisfying to feed them. here they will let you feed them and pet the animals and go into some of the pens just to hang out on the tour. you learn more
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about care, feeding in a bit about alpaca history, including why suddenly the animal has become so popular. we sold a lot of alpacas last year. here's something you may not have expected. you can rent an alpaca for your gathering, and a lot of people do for wedding receptions and photo shoots. i'm already married so the that ship has sailed. however if i knew someone who was getting. married and i wanted an alpaca at the ceremony. i could come to you and say, hey, menagerie, hill farms him. i'd like to rent an alpaca at this ranch husband and wife team deb galway and kirk howard worked together to breed board and sell and rent the animals. come on, resa. you can tell they love what they do, and it seems the animals no. two on this five acre property. there is also a store inside this barn where you can buy things made of an alpaca theme tote bag if you'd like to visit menagerie hill ranch to take
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the tour. it's $20 for adults and $15 for kids, 12 and younger and you'll need an appointment. all in all, i had a lot of fun seeing these wonderful animals, and they even posed with me for a selfie sort of guess the joke's on me. don't worry. they're smiling to sell. all right. well, the sidings ever turned a man with a jetpack strapped to his back flying in the l a x airspace. behi flying antics now being investigated by the feds. tornado damage from the midwest to the east coast, the aftermath of a major storm system coming up next here at home. i'm tracking cool down in time for your bay area weekend. better details coming up after the break. in the midwest made io
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the east coast. mike tobin show this this evening the severe weather sent debris flying. an extensive damage was caused across the area. the cleanup
5:46 pm
begins on the east coast after severe weather damaged homes and prompted tornado warning thursday night the storms knocking out power thousands of people in new jersey, virginia e was seen just north of the philadelphia region in bucks county, where multiple tornadoes touched down within a little over one hour. the strong winds toward for a mobile home park in a car dealership, ripping off roofs and flipping over vehicles. at least six people were hurt, but none suffered laughter. injuries officials say. it's some of the worst damage they've seen in years. i can only hope this is it for us for a while and you know we're going to get a break and get a moment's pause and catch our breath and get things back together for us. the storms came from the same that brought tornadoes and high winds to wisconsin and illinois early thursday. the national weather service confirmed at least four tornadoes touched down in southeast wisconsin. the strong winds leaving some 90,000
5:47 pm
people without power and causing extensive damage to homes and businesses. there's ruff's missing building burns down and. some houses only have, i guess, two sides to them. it's fast who we have a 10 by 14. i believe garden shed and it is literally gone. picked up and just shattered over the yard. wisconsin's governor declared a state of emergency on thursday to provide additional resources for the cleanup in chicago. mike tobin fox news, another warm one far inland communities today, reaching almost 100 degrees for some of those hotspots. we're going to knock those numbers down for your bay area saturday and even a little bit cooler for the weekend on sunday. give you a look here at? uh well, we had a view of san francisco not that long ago and now a lot of low clouds entering into the bay and covering it up, at least from the spanish point, so low clouds along the coastline now entering into the bay, and as we get into the evening hours,
5:48 pm
it will cross into the east bay as well and over areas of the north bay. we're also tracking some thunderstorm activity over the sierra. and as i showed you in the last half hour, even a flash flood watch in place until eight o'clock this evening for the sierra for us. cloud cover again will be moving inland in areas over the east bay shore as well as the north they expected to wake up tomorrow morning with the partly cloudy skies scattered showers in the forecast for like tahoe, not only through today, but there is a possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow as well as sunday. if you do have plans for the weekend that will take you into the sierra for us, we'll start out with the morning clouds the afternoon sun but over the sierra, you can see how the blues and the yellows pop up once again, checking in on lake tahoe right now, south lake tahoe reporting 76 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. a few scattered showers. their upper seventies over truckee, so it feels muggy out there and for the weekend, not much change upper seventies expected for the afternoons saturday, as ay but the chance of thunderstorms right now the
5:49 pm
flash flood wash. she does expire at eight o'clock. it may be reissued again by the national weather service. come tomorrow. here's a look at the temperatures outside our door. we have low sixties in san francisco to upper nineties in brentwood, so a large span there of numbers very typical for summer 67 in oakland right now. in the north bay upper seventies in novato, and in san jose, were 80 degrees. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up again with a little bit of fall cover along the coastline inside the bay and temperatures for tomorrow morning. 56 degrees san francisco upper fifties in oakland in the north bay, 55 napa and for the inner east bay low sixties livermore afternoon highs for tomorrow. quite nice and shaving off a few degrees, as mentioned just a moment ago. some areas like antioch and brent win in the upper nineties. today tomorrow low nineties still very, very warm, but not quite as hot low nineties for concord, livermore in the north bay. we've got some gorgeous weather here. 82 degrees for folks that are thinking about doing some wine tasting in the napa valley 66 in san francisco
5:50 pm
and around the bay. low seventies oakland low eighties redwood city 81. degrees expected over san jose. the extended forecast into your weekend temperatures falling off just a little bit more in time for sunday, and we'll keep going monday, tuesday and into wednesday low sixties at the coast low seventies around the bay upper eighties expected in lunch is very pleasant weather for this time of year, andre rosemary. thank you. union representing us flight attendant is demanding the major u. s. airlines develop a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the elves on really passengers, the association of flight attendants surveyed nearly 5000 members, and it found that 85% of flight attendants have faced of violent or unruly passenger in just the past few months, and the union says the nation's flight attendants need more protection and they need them immediately. well, traffic is picking back up at the oakland airport. there's reportedly but. more than 11% increase in passengers from may to june. the number of people traveling
5:51 pm
through the airport also more than doubled compared to june of last year. airport officials states encouraged that more planes are leaving oakland full even if there were still fewer flights compared to 2019. well the federal aviation administration and the fing anoe sighting of a person flying a jetpack near l. a x fill. shuman. reports commercial flight airline pilots reported seeing a man in a jetpack at about 5000 ft in the air jet packs man. it like pf your left or right, sir, right wing led officers did you see the, um? we were lucky, but we did not see iron man after the pilot of a cargo plane made his report about six p.m. wednesday night 5000 ft 15 miles east of l, a x air traffic control radioed a warning. attention all aircraft use caution for the step back. he is just. north of the final
5:52 pm
around 5000 that gate last report them but nothing more was reported. and i'm sure that what they're seeing, um, is either somebody in a jetpack or it is a drone with somebody with a balloon hanging on it. pilot leigh coates, who's flown existing jet suits and jet packs at much lower altitudes, says yes, it's possible, but it makes no sense that a legitimate jetpack. operator would be an l. a x airspace at that altitude. if this is a media thing for somebody that's come out with some new technology that they actually are flying a jet suit. well then. they're doing it irresponsibly. everyone that i know all the professionals in this industry safety is number one. they they fly close to the ground. they fly as high as they're willing to fall, and they want to progress the industry, so it's really reckless of someone to do it that way. there's no video of
5:53 pm
this latest incident. unlike this last december that's when fox 11 told you about this purported jetpack sighting recorded by a flight school instructor over the south bay. still unexplained before that, two reports from pilots of commercial airliners again of jetpackach a jet pack. then as now, a mystery are these all related. is this the same person or device questions with so far no answers, and faa spokesman telling me the faa has worked closely with the fbi to investigate every jetpack sighting report. we have not been able to validate any of the reports. and that was phil schumer reporting for us now, years ago, a man in a launcher flew near l a x with dozens of helium balloons tied to the chair. well people hoping to
5:54 pm
head overseas for summer trip might have to change their plans, given the massive backlog for us passports. i've told you about the backlog for weeks now, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better, for example, people camped out overnight at the west los angeles federal building, hoping to renew their passports or get a new one. but walking appointments were abruptly cancelled. yeah. yesterday because of the long lines, which overwhelmed the office, the state department says demand for passports has surged as travel restrictions of gradually eased the expected wait time for a new passport or renewal can be up to 18 weeks. yet we're supposed to be 12 weeks and now it became 18 weeks, but we still haven't gotten past you. thank you for calling, and then it's gonna say goodbye, see, you can't get through. you can't go on their website. you can't get through the phone. and people are driving all the way out here for no reason we're sitting out here and now they're not going to take walk ins at all. you can't make appointments with the point very frustrated people there, the state department says the current
5:55 pm
backlog of americans seeking a passport is now up to two million. everything now is by a point well, the olympic games face challenges that go far beyond the spread of covid-19 coming up. one athlete claims there was a doping problem and coming up on ktvu newse and so . and now after a 13 year closure, a recording studio in the north bay is set to reopen thousand pound bear. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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containment efforts as for the g
5:58 pm
surge in cases there. greg palka has the very latest for us covid surge a company in the olympic games in tokyo is intensifying with more than 3300 new cases reported on for r times this week. and now officials are taking action. expanding the state of emergency to areas outside of tokyo, with doctors fearing tourists may be taking the virus home with them. this sudden increase in cases in particular this situation where young people are getting infected. if this is to continue, there is ample risk of a medical collapse. organizers say the surges due to the delta varia, not the olympics, pointing out 80% of the olympic village is vaccinated, but the spike in cases is prompting a growing number of residents to call for the cancellation of the game. the number of daily covid cases has exploded. it is absolutely wrong to hold sporting events under such a situation. meanwhile after withdrawing from competition, it's still not clear if simone biles will
5:59 pm
participate in any of the four events she has scheduled next week. but swimmer ryan murphy was the one making waves on friday, claiming there is still a major doping problem at the olympics after being asked if his losses this week to a russian swimmer could have been the result of performance enhancing drugs. my intention is not to make any allegations here at the end of the day like i do. i do believe there's doping in in serving, and that is that is what it is. russia was banned from the olympic games due to a previous doping scandal. their athletes are competing under the russian olympic committee banner. in london. greg palkot fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the war against the coronavirus has changed driven by the delta variant, and now we're learning that vaccinated
6:00 pm
people can spread the virus. people who are fully vaccinated can also transmit. um and that's what that's what demands a change in our behavior now. today, the cdc released a new study detailing just how easily this new variant can spread, even among those who are vaccinated. good evening, everyone and have their homes in tonight for christina, i'm andre senior, the cdc director, calling the findings of quote concerning and pivotal discovery that the lead the agency's updated mask recommendations that the issue ktvu tom vacar. has more on the study and reaction from an infectious disease expert tonight. the headline is frightening without getting sick vaccinated. people can spread the covid delta virus to others. if you're vaccinated, it still remains a fabulous shield from preventing you from getting hospitalized and dyi de, the cdc says, is the fastest spreading coronavirus


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