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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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today, members of the san francisco bar owner alliance have the option of requiring proof of vaccination for customers who want to drink indoors. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes i'm andre, senior frank and julia off tonight. it's not just bars that are taking this step. some restaurants are too as well. ktvu is amber lee joins us live from san francisco and amber. how are customers reacting to the new rules, andre? we found people to be largely supportive here at asia sf there was certainly a lot of excitement over its grand reopening, but there is also concern about the delta variant. do you mind showing me your vaccine card and your id? please proof of vaccination from customers now a new requirement to go inside asia sf restaurant cabaret in the south. market neighborhood. this is the venues grand reopening after a 16 month long shutdown now dealing with sort of this sort of mini surge of the delta variant. it adds a
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lot of, uh, anxiety and stress. see this performer who also ente staff is vaccinated and cust to do the same. but i love it. i think we all have to pr ourselves, and i think it's our ladies mind showing me your vaccine cards in your ridesequid when he bought his tickets two weeks ago, but he came prepared a qr code on his phone from the state that provides this vaccine information along with the mask in his pocket. it is getting tiresome. and but once we get to the point where everybody's vaccinated, it would be great. in the mission neighborhood, the owner of the 500 club is now requiring customers to show proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours. he is a member of the san francisco bar owner alliance that has officially
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recommended that bars require proof of vaccination starting on july 29th. frankly, i. want to get shut down again, either, you know, so i think it's important for everyone to know that we're taking steps. this couple supports requirement for both vaccinated. we actually had covid back in december, and, yeah, it just makes you feel better about being inside back at asia. sf the owner tells decided not to when they learned that proof of vaccination is required. this is good for the business, and it's good for the committee. unity, so we think it's a win win. see the owner of asia, sf is advising people to call ahead to check on reservation availability. one customer tells me he felt comfortable coming here because proof of vaccination is required. andre amberleigh reporting for us live in the city for us ever thank you. vaccinations are increasing in california
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governor newsom today tweeted that more than 100,000 vaccines were put into arms across the state yesterday. it's the largest number of vaccinations in a single day in the state in the last three weeks, 62.4% of people in the state are fully vaccinated. that's more than 21. million people. amazon says it will not require its employees to be vaccinated in order to return to work. however employees who were not immunized, we'll have to wear masks at offices back in march, amazon said it expects employees to return to the office in the fall. however the washington post, which is owned by amazon founder jeff bezos, will require it's employees. to show proof of vaccination that's similar to a number of tech companies yesterday. in fact, google or facebook said they will require in person employees to be vaccinated. google also said it is pushing back its return to office date. the mayor of san francisco says she is considering reinstating a mask mandate as cases surge both here in the bay area and across the country. as ktvu tom vacar tells us tonight,
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reaction to a possible mandate is mixed. one san francisco seeing a significant surge in overall covid-19 delta variant cases as well as hospitalizations, though the surge is attributable almost totally to unvaccinated people. there is a danger of a small number of breakthrough cases amongst the vaccinated as well. at a chinatown conference. mayor london breed hinted she's prepared to do what it takes in san francisco over 77% of people have been fully vaccinated. but we see this delta variants really taking shape, so we have to be diligent. we have to be concerned about what that means. but she struck a balance and as we recover, we want to make sure that we're not going backwards in our businesses. aren't closing down, and i do not personally think it is necessary. i think it's pretty unfortunate. i think we started finally feeling like a little
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normal again and people are out and about it. i think it's necessary. i think it is needed with the way we are trending and everyone has been in that position before one county away in san mateo county. masks are required in government buildings for now, but might have to widen that we look at the data. where is the data driving this? it's not a politician telling you where to wear your mask. we've got to be driven by the science, the san francisco chamber of commerce says its members to priorities are keeping everyone safe and staying open. in order to do those two things if it means i'm requiring masks or if it means thinking about, um, proof of vaccination status coming to work, rendering the business those are those are items that are open to you, but it won't be without pain. it's going to affect my business by limiting the people end up coming in. it's going to cause people to kind of hold back up. certain percentage will stay home. the other major worry for san francisco in the nation as a whole. is that the virus as it
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infects the unvaccinated may spawned yet new mutant variants, but actually even more transmissible and possibly able to defeat the existing vaccines and the vaccinated tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and the nation's two million federal employees are facing new requirements when it comes to getting the coronavirus vaccine, the president also announcing prove they are vaccinated o mask up and get tested regularly. president biden is also directing the department of defense to look into how to add the covid vaccine to the list of require vaccinations for the military. now some republicans say it's excessive government control, but health experts say it will drive home the need to get a covid. shot i don't think the mandate is really the way to go here but getting the federal government vaccinated surely is the way to go to send a message. california and new york have already implemented. similar requirementspresident t9
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response team says people who have not received the coronavirus vaccine will likely become infected by the delta. vary it. anyone who's not vaccinated and who did not have covid. previously the delta variant is so contagious that you're going to get it. it is just a matter of time. if you have prior immunity if you have prior immunity, you do have some protection, but more and more data are telling us that that protection is not so good against delta, remember, you can get the flu every year. it's not because your immunity isn't good. it's because the flu changes. the doctor went on to say today that the best way to prevent becoming infected is to get the vaccine. the current u. s economy is healthier now thancan economy grew at a solid 6.5% the second quarter. that's according to today's report from the commerce department. still the latest figure fell well below the growth rate that many economists had predicted for
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the second quarter. clog supply chains related to the rapid reopening of the economy hindered companies efforts to restock their shelves. new at 11 tonight, former stockton mayor michael tubbs spoke about the future of california's economy as the state recovers from the pandemic. the 30 year old now serves as a special economic advisor to governor newsom and was part of an event at manny's in the mission. he garnered national attention when he started a pilot guaranteed income program, which offered 130 low income residents in stockton $500 a month. the idea has since spread to other cities. including throughout the country, including a handful right here in the bay area. i'm hopeful that we learned from this and with the work in addition to what you mentioned the guaranteed income work that'sppenin in this state to really think about how do y a for the golden state andat be the great state that we are, one deserves to be hungry and
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no one deserves to live in poverty. the state legislature recently approved $35 million in the budget to fund local guaranteed income programs. the first state funded basic income plan. it's really sad day, but you know, we have to reflect on her amazing life and her activism, shock and sadness in san francisco after activists janice marika tani suddenly dies her legacy after the break, also ahead, tiger woods spotted on crutches months after his car crash. what new photos say about his possible return to golf.
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remembers of beloved leader and community activist who died suddenly this morning, janice merrick itani was known for her work in social justice as a poet and as the co founder of glide memorial church, katie was jana katsuyama shows us how the san francisco community is remembering her tonight. janice marie catanese journey through life was filled with a keen compassion for helping those most in need. she co founded glide church with the love of her life, reverend cecil williams becoming glides first president and relishing glides philosophy of radical inclusivity, providing meals, housing and services in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. jan was really one of the pillars of our
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community. it's hard to even imagine san francisco without jan america timing. she was also a poll. it serving asureatm 2000 to 2002 community. right now, i'm really in shock, and it's really sad day in san francisco's japantown peace plaza staff with the national japanese american historic society placed a string of traditional origami cranes and mary catanese photo in a colorful circle around the marker where one of her poems is etched in stone, her fight for civil rights and peace born from her own family's hardships. incarcerated as japanese americans by the us government during world war two. she was very concerned about the devastation of war and the victims of p of war and really push for peace and a better world. she worked with other communities and shared their stories and really difficult stories and subjects s
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recognized internationally by in october. 2019 the japanese government gave her one of its highest awards. remember the stories we write on our skin luminous with a light that shines from within janice america thani's light still luminous, still lingering in the hearts of every person she touched. in the final line of the poem on the japantown marker, she wrote from my life opens countless lives. the journey continues. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. today was the last day for kids to receive a free meal through the san francisco unified school district. the district students nutrition services has now turned its focus to prepping for the upcoming school year since the start of the pandemic. sf usd has served over seven million meals to students and families l
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meals the 2021 2022 school year, regardless of income. widely opposed and controversial plan to put up new digital billboards in san jose appears to be moving forward. the city unveiled plans this week to enter into an agreement with media giant clear channel to erect to electronic billboards along the highway near mineta. san jose airport opponents, though, argue that the signs, distract drivers and create visual blind. the plan must still go through a full review, with the city council making the final decision and if approved, it would mark the end of a 36 year old ban on new. billboards in san jose, the contra costa county sheriff's office is defending its practice of notifying federal immigration agents of release states for arrested undocumented immigrants with felony convictions. the sheriff's office says it provided ice agents with 77 release states of arrested immigrants last year. immigrant rights activists are criticizing the notificactti to detain immigrans
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on behalf of ice, but sure provs transparency about who's going back into the community after having committed a crime coming up familiar summer event returns to the north bay. how the sonoma county fair is scaled back this year. fares are such a tradition, family reunions see people they haven't seen in years. um and we just felt that it was something we could do. and we're tracking that weekend forecast is coming up quick. now we'll have your friday, saturday and sunday in the five saturday and sunday in the five day when i returned you know when you're at ro to make any space your space?
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deborah villalon shows us the sonoma county fair is scaled back due to the pandemic, but still has many familiar favorites. the rides are roaring at the sonoma county fairgrounds this year, though, one carnival midway instead of two covid downsizing. we're watching the delta variant, the fair working with public health limits the crowd to under 10,000 daily masks required indoors and missing this year. the flower show competitive exhibits and the ponies. no horse racing fares are such a tradition. uh family reunion, see people they haven't seen in years. and we just felt that it was something we could do, plus a few new features like camel rides, everybody that calls thank you so much for doing this. thank you. and the list for a church and future farmers of america
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competing in and videos, so they really didn't get the full experience a bunch of our students, this is our first time actually being in the show ring, so they're nervous, but we're also very excited for them. everyone is excited. buy one. get one free on the second day, barker said. business was slow. there's not a lot of people scare still, you know, pandemic is still hurting affairs, but they look for it to pick up on the weekend been out here for 26 years, so i know the gang. you know, i know how to get on me in and out. i don't get the money. we're all happy that something's coming back and we hope it stays the couple making funnel cakes here for 30 years, says the fair circuit is still recovering. it's hit or miss. we will have there and then we'll have two weeks off where to fairs were cancelled and did nothing and then we'll have another fair. fair goers just delight in the familiar sights and sounds. it hits the spot, just the same, almost almost just think this
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mom loves bringing her sons to the fair she grew up with and i'm so excited that it's back. i mean, it's a little smaller, but it's great for the kids and for us to finally get out and do something fun in santa rosa deborah villalon. ktvu fox two news. we have an update down a story we first told you about at 10 o'clock, the shasta county district attorney says pg knee is criminally liable for the zog fire last year, p genie had just responded, saying in a statement quote the company already has resolved civil claims with shasta county and continues to reach settlements with individuals, victims and their families. we do not, however, agree with the district attorney's conclusion that criminal charges are warranted. end quote now the kie and destroyed 200 homes as well as burned 56,000 acres. cal fire found that a pine tree falling on pgd power lines sparked the blaze. how okay, checking in on the temperatures
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for your friday. it's gonna be another nice day. this whole week has been pretty groundhog day e. if you will, in other words we've had these each day has been very similar. tomorrow is going to be no exception. these were the highs from today as referring to the movie groundhog day, which is right. okay, um, but the temperatures today like one on one in fairfield tomorrow that maybe drops down two or three degrees, so we're going to be slightly cooler tomorrow, but it's like splitting hairs. you're not going to really notice a big big difference. i don't i don't suspect and the fog's doing the same thing he did last night's getting right to the east bay hills and kind of shutting down there. that's oakland by the way, and you see the fog coming in just over the building, so it's not a real deep marine layer, so it's not going to or shouldn't have a real far inland intrusion. greens represent that marine layer. at this point, temperatures are running about where they were last night. at this time, we had some thundershower activity around like tahoe, brown kirkwood, bear valley and well from mammoth all the way up really, to like child and almost the truckee today, and those thundershowers will we
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rekindled themselves again tomorrow afternoon in the evening, and then they should die down again, right? when the sun sets, there's a fog along the coast. i kind of paint some in there because the satellite doesn't do a good job picking it up. i think the thing to notice here is this is the model and this is tomorrow morning. so this is right now. pardon me or no. this is tomorrow morning. and you see that the fog is it's not very far inland. it's not getting there's a few high clouds, but that's it. and so with that in mind temperatures warm pretty quickly. the sea breeze will remain, but the temperature footprint a lot like today, not not a big difference on that. so just be aware of that. i think they're really the big change will be on saturday, she look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. the big change will be on saturday when we see temperatures come down. you know, 5 to 8, maybe 10 degrees in some places, so notice you'll notice it on saturday and sunday. they warm up just a touch and you can see there. the five day forecast with the low nineties right across the top. so when i come back, actually, we'll see until thursday. we want to see on thursday. we'll be talking about the next chance for some
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some real heat around here. i'll see you back here then. all right, bill. thanks. an update tonight on the progress tiger woods is making in his recovery five months after badly injuring his foot and leg in a bad car crash, woods was spotted on crutches arriving at a hotel in los angeles yesterday with his girlfriend, erica herman, the golf pro appeared to be putting a significant amount of weight on his injured leg. the leg was still covered in protective sleeve by the way, but the lingering question remains will would be able to make a comeback on the golf course. earlier today, ktvu spoke with tmz's michael back. talk about was his future. his body has been through the wringer, and i didn't think he'd be able to do it. but i think as the time has gone by here, and i've seen tiger. it's become clear that this guy has a mindset and a focus and a determination, unlike many others. yes he does. well, woods detailed his recovery in an interview with golf digest back in may, calling it one of his most quote. painful experiences were
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tonight, well leading up to the nba draft. it was fun tossing around all those possible trades and all the rumors that go with it. but in the real world, here's what the golden state warriors did tonight with picks seven and 14. with the seventh pick in the 2021 nba draft, the golden state warriors select jonathan, come inga the biggest upside of anybody extremely wing spread and from the congo
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originally played in the g league out of walnut creek this past season, also played in the bubble in florida re averaged 16 points, seven rebounds, needs to work on a show. not. but maddie has all the work ethic you could possibly ask for just 18 years old. the 14th pick they go for moses moody, a guard out of arkansas six ft. 67 ft, plus wingspan checks. all the boxes is a score moves without the ball. great attitude. physicality can guard multiple positions on defense and a hits all the high marks. 15 points, five assists during this past season. the razorbacks alright san francisco giants victorious today, but they'. i know the fans one of the best pictures in all of baseball and a very athletic and talented shortstop. in trade turner. they're finalized
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it as we speak the details of that trade giants haven't done a thing. the fans are happy because san francisco took care of the dodgers, two out of three of the series in san francisco. just back off the injured list. brandon crawford stroke the opposite way. he's got himself a two run double in his first and beth. since coming off the injured list. tough david price that's in the first inning. wilmer flores had a big r b i double in the second, and johnny cueto would love what he's about to see. here he got himself in a bases loaded jam and highlighting our sphere gets them out of it by striking out cody bellenger with the bases loaded giants were leading at the time. four to nothing. five in the final, the giants have beat the dodgers five out of the last seven times day mad and it's a three game lead perilous, i would say, because the giants. have to look out for what the dodgers are doing on the trade market, the a's pulled out the trade yesterday acquiring that guy starling marte, a. i'll start caliber outfielder. he
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made it to the game in time to contribute in the first inning he was on when ramon laureano rips to left. he's got himself a two run, double. marty one for four on the day walks, stole the base score to run. and if it's beautiful defense by the third baseman mad chapman here models on the other end with the scoop gold glovers, both sides and frankie montas made it all stand up. he had himself night. 10 strikeouts seven innings, gave up only three hits. no runs in the beat the angels in the first of a four game series or to, nothing and team usa gold cuff. soccer are winners over. guitar one nil that is the sporting life. the trade deadline for the giants, by the way, one o'clock our time tomorrow afternoon. keep an eyeu so much mark that loot for us. ktvu on to and
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you can always find us online you can always find us online at ktvu. com and on wow, you've never put your actual face that close to mine. jay thinks that-- bup, bup, bup, bup. let him answer. uh...okay, you look good. this looks nothing like me! i look at this, and i'm like, "what the hell? where's the sparkle? where's the guy that scored the winning touchdown and was carried off by his team?" this guy looks like he was carried off by the current. i have half a mind to cut this up and never go back there. maybe you can use one of the scissors from the eight-pack that we bought. hey, jay, you feeling it? you ready to knock down some pins? oh, great. gray and wrinkled, like my tired puss. it's my league finals, and jay agreed to fill in for our star bowler, maurice, who's recovering from a groin pull. an actual groin pull, not the party on fire island. i don't know, cameron. i'm-- i'm really not feeling it tonight. well, you better start feeling it soon.


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