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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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want you to know that i did an informal count two groups of 100, i found that in both of those groups they averaged about 15% of people wearing masks 85% not wearing masks, so to mask or not to mask again san francisco, seeing a significant surge in overall covid-19 delta variant cases as well as hospitalizations, though the surge is attributable almost totally to unvaccinated people. there is a danger of a small number of breakthrough cases amongst the vaccinated as well. sacramento county re adopts a mask mandate effective friday at a chinatown conference. mayor london breed hinted she's prepared to do what it takes in san francisco over 77% of people have been fully vaccinated, but we see this delta variants really taking shape, so we have to be
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diligent. we have to be concerned about what that means. but she struck a balance and as we recover, we want to make sure that we're not going backwards, then our businesses aren't closing down, and i do not personally think it is necessary. i think it's pretty unfortunate. i think we started finally feeling like a little normal again and people are out and about it. i think it's necessary. i think it is needed with the way we are trending and everyone has been in that position before one county away in san mateo county. masks are required in government buildings for now, but might have to widen that we look at the data. where is the data driving this? it's not a politician telling you where to wear your mask. we've got to be driven by the science, the san francisco chamber of commerce says its members to priorities are keeping everyone safe and staying open in order to do those two things. if it means i'm requiring masks or if it coming to
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work or entering the business, those are those are items that are open.. it's going to affect my business by limiting people end up coming in. it's going to cause people to kind of hold back up. certain percentage will stay home. the other major worry for san francisco, the bay area, california and the nation as a whole. is that this virus as it infects the unvaccinated actually spawn yet a new mutant variant, potentially even more transmissible and possibly able to defeat the existing that scenes that are out there and those who are vaccinated, reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news and i can comfortably say no one wants to see that happen. tom. thank you so much. earlier this afternoon, president joeworkers to either t vaccinated or submit to regular testing. the president says the move is meant to stop the spread of the delta variant. katie was jesse gary continues now our team coverage on the ongoing fight against this
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pandemic. the nations two million federal employees now face a simple choice. shot in the arm or swab in the nose machine is spiking covid cases. they're going up. why because of this new form. this new variant called the delta variant in an attempt to stem the spread. president joe biden announcing all federal employees and contractors are now required to say if they've received covid vaccination, and if not where face coverings submit to testing up to twice a week. and see work related travel restrictions were never going to see the end the light at the end of the tunnel here with this covid pandemic unless we substantially improve our vaccination rates, experts and government officials say. new delta variant and overwhelmingly among those unvaccinated while some areas of the country have high vaccination rates, others lag, leaving half the populist unprotected. biden's move is
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seen as accelerating the number of shops in arms. it's a step in the right direction and often states and local jurisdictions they follow suit. california and new york have already implemented similar requirements on its state workers. google and facebook require returning office employees to be vaccinated. look, this is not about red states and blue states. it's literally about life and death. i think this is strictly a public health move. if anything, there might be a little bit of a legal spin off to this. i imagine some of the unions representing federal employees in some sectors may take issue with some piece of this. the federal law enforcement officers association, which represents fbi agents, and u. s marshals, released a statement which reads in part. forcing people to undertake a medical procedure is not the american way, and there's a clear civil rights violation. president counters freedom requires responsibility and protecting the nation from another full blown outbreak means as many
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people as possible need to get vaccinated. if you had high vaccination rates. we wouldn't be in this spot right now as an incentive to vaccination across the board, the president is proposing $100 vouchers and paid time off so that people voe all of its members are vaccinated and once the defense department to figure out a way to make that happen from members of the military in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we do notice more people getting vaccines here in california governor newsom tweeting today that more than 100,000 vaccines were put into arms across the state yesterday. that is the largest number of vaccinations in a single day in the state in the last three weeks, doctors have not suggested whether the surge of covid cases or an increase in so called vaccine mandates is behind the uptick. well getta cocktail at one of san francisco's many bars may require another step starting today, a new mandate from the san francisco bar owners
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alliance calls on bars to require proof of vaccination or negative covid test to come inside and drink alex savages in the newsroom with a look at how bars are handling all of this, alex well, andre, the bar owner alliance in san francisco says it polled its 500 members and found out a majority were on board to give this requirement a shot. that's in part because the city's bars have seen a recent increase in covid cases among fully vaccinated bar workers. the alliance says it has an obligation to protect bar workers and their families and offer safe spaces for customers the last year and a half has been particularly tough for the food and beverage industry because of the pandemic, hundreds of bars and restaurants have had to lay off workers cut hours or even closed down because of the lack of business, but not all are willing to turn away customers who don't have the proper covid vaccine documentation. we saw some bars near oracle park today, where proof of vaccination was not being checked. however, most people we spoke with said the rule is a good idea. have my proof on
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my cell phone, so it's very easy for me to provide that documentation. i'm all for it. absolutely all for it. you know what vaccination passes that doing in europe and stuff like that? absolutely should be done here right now to think about having to turn away people now that we're 100% capacity just is not not something that i'm willing to do. at this point. they mandated, you know, we'll figure out how to fix that. but at this point, we're letting everybody in each individual bar in san francis. cisco will be in charge of figuring out how to enforce these new rules. proof of vaccination or negative test results will not be required from customers who sit outdoors at any of those establishments. andre alright alex average reporting for us live in the newsroom. alex thank you, and you cannot escape the delta variant, a member of former president trump's covid-19 response team is pushing that idea tonight. anyone who's not vaccinated and who did not have covid. previously the delta variant is so c it. it is just a matter
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of time if you have prior immunity if you have prior immunity, you do have some protection, but more and more data are telling us that that protection is not so good against delta, remember, you can get the flu every year. it's not because your immunity isn't good. it's because the flu changes in delta is really a new strain. that is different than everything we've seen. ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hung joins us later in the newscast. we'll ask him about this idea of being able to avoid infection if you are unvaccinated. with the first day of school less than two weeks away. in some communities, school districts are preparing for students to return to classrooms full time as scabies, rob roth found there will be some changes in store for both students and teachers. school districts throughout the bay area's say they're ready for the first time in almost a year and a half. it's back to in person classrooms. one parent of an oakland second grader, is
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thrilled. the first day is august 9th excited for her to be back in the classroom on campus with her, her teachers in person and her fellow students. there will be one key difference between now and pre pandemic students. teachers at anyone who enters a school in california will be required to wear a mask. we will be really keen about our safety protocols to continue to implement that and ensure that our students and families feel safe, just kind of accepted it, even though i think difficult up to be i would be okay with my daughter not wearing a mask. vaccines are encouraged, but they're not required to gain entry. vaccines are not available for students under age 12. some districts, including san jose unified are requiring regular covid testing of any staffer teachers who are not vaccinated. school districts will have air purifiers in classrooms and cleaning. protocols that were in place last school year will remain. we have definitely and instituted, uh, more stringent cleaning procedures, disinfection procedures than
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existed before the pandemic. no question about that. these days terms like learning pods, cohorts and hybrid instruction are pretty much gone from everyone's vocabulary. we no longer have to worry about the physical distancing. we no longer have to worry about masks outside. will, of course, follow the appropriate hygiene as we always would, but distance learning is still being offered as a separate independent study program, only a few 100 students in each of the districts we surveyed are choosing that option. the rest plan to come to class even if it's with mass. it will be different in that way. but everything else is what was and we are so excited to welcome our students. even with the delta very in health officials are recommending schools open in person, but rules and requirements could change. change as long as covid remains a moving target. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. group of parents suing the state over a mask mandate for kids in school hope that holding a rally today will
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convince the state to reconsider that policy. they gathered in san diego today, saying the policy will deprive kids have a full education. we know this. we don't need to be quarantining our kids every time they come down with symptoms of a cold and telling you have to stay home for two weeks because they're missing their education right and we don't need to be telling them that they have to wear a mask when they have no symptoms, and they're not sick and they're not likely to spread or transmit the virus or even get sick themselves. we know that our state leaders say the mandate is necessary, though, to help slow the spread of covid new at five, the alameda county da's office says it will not file charges against the man accused of holding a woman captive in his home and repeatedly raping her, investigators say after a thorough investigation, it was determined that the woman's allegations of kidnapping and being raped at an oakland home are unfounded. a source close to the investigation told ktvu. there were some credibility issues with a woman, the source says. the woman texted friends and visited a grocery store
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during the time, she said she was being held against her will. we are just getting word that san francisco glide co founder janice miracle tani has died. she was a well known activist and beloved former poet laureate in san francisco, and along with her husband, the reverend cecil williams. miracle tani was recognized for her decades long work, helping the underserved residents of san francisco today glide expressing its grief over her sudden passing, saying she brought fierce courage and spirit to everything she did. san francisco mayor london breed releasing this statement saying. that jan maryk itani was one of our city's true lights. she was a visionary, a revolutionary artist and the very embodiment of san francisco's compassionate spirit. the mayor went on to say that miracle tani was boundless in her energy and her devotion to the city and to her fellow san franciscans and that her heart goes out to her friends and family, especially to cecil. yeah well, some businesses in san francisco say
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they are being targeted unfairly for lawsuits. this is in chinatown coming up, they say the legal action is like extortion and video posted to social media gives you an idea of what people face when hit with a magnitude 8.2 earthquake in alaska and find out why his firefighters are returning to some populated areas impacted by the tamarack fire. and i'm looking into the weekend forecast. we're almost there. i'll have what you can expect for saturday, sunday and right into
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to their homes in the sierra. today firefighters are making a return to populated areas to
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mop up hot spots around the tamarack. fire containment holds steady now at 59% today, the fire has destroyed 23 buildings, and it's charred, nearly 69,000 acres. the largest wildfire in california still growing, but not as quickly as before. the dixie fire has now burned 346 square miles. crews have contained or maintain 23% of containment here. firefighters say their biggest concern right now is he continuing high temperatures and the low humidity. alrighty checking into the weather out there. we've got some air quality to talk about. we've had some lesser than great air quality up in the sacramento valley. now those smoke for those fires, mainly the tamarack and the dixie fire have filtered back into the valley, which makes sense whe. , coming down the feather river canyon coming down the americand the red being much more
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significant showing up in paradise and orville sacramento having lots of yellow. so in the morning hours that smoke if you're doing anything up there this weekend, the smoke is settling into the valley. most of the east side of the valley. so it is not. it's not good for you. as you know, when you start seeing those reds and purples like we're seeing up around, beat meadows and regalia, um, in a sterling city paradise that's not healthy for you. so our story is this high pressure, the high pressure sticking it out. and as it sticks around, we've got the compression which keeps the farm pretty much right at the coast. it's going to keep it a bit. mild around the bay and pretty warm inland right through the weekend, but not quite as warm as it has been. so what's that mean? kind of more of the same just not as hot as we had yesterday. this high right here. that's been kind of defining our our weather. really for the last couple weeks now, and that's where we're seeing all that some tropical moisture fridayntt a little bit of cooling, so
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there and then and then mark put this together for us is graphic and you can kind see the rotations of the arrows going around, so just grabs that moisture when you get down around 2028 degrees north latitude that it's humid. it's warm. there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and it starts. this needs that highest scooping it up and bringing it. hundreds and hundreds of miles north. our location. that's why up around like tahoe, they're getting hammered with thunderstorms. right now around kirkwood. i'll show you the next time i see in the next hit, we'll put it together, but lots of thunderstorms up around like tahoe echo summit on 50. there is our live camera even see a little smoking are atmos. fear to. it's not bad, but you can see if you look you can kind of see that great tinge to it. there's the fog in san francisco. it's sticking right at the coast. like i said, a little bit cooler tomorrow, but kind of more of the same. some air quality issues up on the east eastern sacramento valley. we'll talk more about that for the weekend, and then we'll go when i come back. we're going to pull up the radar. we'll look at those thunderstorms popping pretty hard right now, especially around kirkwood and, um, bear valley and places like that. i'll see you back here
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just a few, but we'll see you. then we'll dozens of domestic wells have gone drawing or the oregon california border where the worsening drought in the west is taking a particularly dramatic toll right now, officials say, at least 120 domestic wells have dried up in the past few weeks, and this means many homes have no running water, and the drive comes just a few months after the government shutdown, federally controlled irrigation water to hundreds of farmers in that area for the first time ever. convicted rapist and former hollywood film producer harvey weinstein was back in court today in los angeles. weinstein is facing 11 new charges of sexual assault. his defense attorneys convinced the judge to drop though one of those charges because it exceeded the statute of limitations. the 69 year old weinstein was previously convicted of rape and sexual assault in new york. and is already serving a 23 year prison term. he was extradited to california last week to face these new charges. some you wilo
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it and coming up on ktvu news at six. it could be the end of an era in san jose, as the city moves to add two new led illuminated billboards. this would mark the end of a 36 year ban on new billboards will tell you where they would go. plus, we're continuing to follow the sudden death of san francisco philanthropist jenness maker teeny pop. mcmurray take martonyi rather and we will hear from those who knew her coming
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lines are beginning to form again. at some covid testing sites. this is a testing site in fort lauderdale, florida today. some doctors think more people are getting tested because of the threat of the delta variant. you see a self ng joins us now with more on this thread an fort trump's covid-19 response team,
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saying that the varied is unavoidable. how and why is the delta burying so contagious than other strings? well entry the delta beer, and it's like lord voldemort in harry potter and we're the vaccine is harry porter's so evil is kind of very pervasive right now, given the large swaths of unvaccinated folks. the reason why it's so scary is because it produces so much virus that you can't really escape it. whatever works for you last year as an unvaccinated person won't work this year in terms of protection. 1000 times more virus produced in delta compared to the earlier versions of covid. so is this one of the distinct changes here the distinct differences between the traditional covid virus that we saw earlier in this one. the fact that it carries so much more that can be spread to other people. exactly there's just so much virus that, uh, just just by, uh um, factor of being present
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in march much larger quantities. uh probability speaking, you can't really escape it as particularly non vaccinated folks. not only that, but it's stickier as well. so it's not only producing more virus, but the mutation is at the point of attachment. to where the launching pad the way it's trying to get into the body. so that's both those things that make it particularly dastardly. and i know you're talking about this little crowns that we see on the virus. now. now the breakthrough. these breakthrough cases among the vaccinated does it keep you up at night as an expert in this field, doctor? it does because i think for two reasons, first of all from, uh, sort of confusion and, um, you know, causing a lot of, uh, damage and mayhem, so to speak. it's causing people to really evaluate how they navigate life. even in the hospital setting. we've had some employees who have been calling out sick. so
5:25 pm
is leading to a lot of people and contacts, staying home from work. um, it is not what we expected. um, we're seeing more people with who have been vaccinated. get covid, but it's more like a cold in those people. they're not getting seriously ill going to the hospital in large quantities going to the icu, requiring ventilator beds and they're not dying 99.6. deaths in the united states has spilled you to those who are unvaccinated. so what? what i want to know here is. the delta bear. is it more likely to already affect those who are immune to the disease? let's see. you got it last year and now we have a delta. very how does it affect that type of person? yes. so people got covid. naturally definitely not going to escape that delta because for two reasons, first of all, um there's a big range of how people respond to natural infection as much as a thousandfold. you just don't
5:26 pm
know who you are. and then, secondly, that immunity from natural infection wins over time even faster potentially than vaccine immunity, which is much more reliable and durable. so for both those reasons people who got covid before naturally can easily get it again and do poorly with it. mhm just very concerning all around. as we see these, these cases start to skyrocket again. dr peter trinh hung, infectious disease specialist at ucsf. thank you for your insight today. thanks, entree. still ahead tonight. some local business owners claim they are being unfairly sued for ada violations, and now they're fighting back protecting seniors attacks on asian americans, the new ambassador programcoming up. your cellphone may be the target of cybercriminals. the one simple step you can take to protect yourself from the hands.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit unfairly sued for violations of the americans with disabilities act. they say they are being targeted even as they emerged from the pandemic. ktvu reporter henry lee is live in the newsroom with what they're saying. new at five. henry well entering whether these business owners say it's important for the disabled to get access, but they say they're being exploited and extorted. these
5:30 pm
plaintiffs are abusing 88 extort chinese speaking mom. sao chinatown ada lawsuits could recover from there after the covid 19 pandemic but now faces another crisis in this attack and exploitation targeted to all chinese more than 100. chinatown businesses have been sued or receive demand letters alleging 88 violations such as inaccessible. front doors or restrooms. many involved the same two plaintiffs. the far east cafe is one of chinatown's oldest banquet halls. the pandemic forced it to close for more than a year. it reopened just last month. five east cafe, but through a translator, owner bill lee said that joy was short lived. when he was sued. he was feeling like there's hope for coming out of the covid coming out of the pandemic suddenly and he got hit by this lawsuit. mayor london breed says she supports accessibility for the disabled, but we also understand that complexities and the challenges
5:31 pm
that exists in chinatown city administrator carmen chu said her own parents were hit by a lawsuit years ago while running a restaurant in southern california. it was really a scary thing, you know, all of a sudden, you have a lawsuit. you don't know what to do. and you worry like, what does this mean for me? i reached out to an attorney whose firm has filed many 80 a lawsuits. he wouldn't say how many involved chinatown businesses but in a statement, he said, in part, a simple search of the docket will indicate that we do not discriminate in bringing suits that said. every single case filed by our office is the result of the violation of state and federal law and my clients are enforcing those laws in the way the law intends. now, a little more than a week ago, dhs of bodine says he's launched an investigation into potentially fraudulent 88 lawsuits. now china town and city leaders say they're gathering funds to help with inspection, repair and legal costs. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox don't need all right, henry. thank you. well, i meant an increase in violent attacks on asian americans in oakland, chinatown, a community ambassador program was launched
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this afternoon. now the ambassadors are working to help people feel safer. members of the community walk with seniors and other vulnerable people to their destination. they'll also keep watch on asian owned businesses. in the community ambassador program is a culmination of several things, and the culmination is of a community responding to crisis. a critical mass converging and mobilizing for unity. it's a culmination of finding all of our voices to stand up to hate. the community ambassador program is funded in the oakland city budget. some four million parents or guardians of children from some families are now at risk of not receiving monthly payments of the expanded child tax credit this year. that's according to a report published today by the center on budget and policy priorities. the monthly payment is an advance on a part of the annual tax credit of american citizens. parents who have. not
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filed a recent tax return or updated key information with the i. r. s may miss out on that benefit, the irs began sending out the payments back on july 15th families who qualify get up to $300 a month per child under the age of six and $250 for older children under the age of 19. the irs, meantime, is expanding tax credits for employers who offer their employees paid time off to get their covid-19 vaccines. it also applies if an employee needs time off to recover from the vaccine, or if they need time to take a relative to get a shot. the biden administrations american rescue plan has a provision for the tax credit. the tax credits are available to small and mid sized employers that pay sick and family leave there in effect through september. 30th. well, the biden administration today reminded people that the covid eviction moratorium will expire on saturday, and this could force million of millions of americans behind on their rent out of their homes. now california has its own eviction
5:34 pm
moratorium, but that is set to expire just a few months on millions of americans who are behind on their rent may soon be looking for a new place to live. this follows the biden administration's announcement. the nationwide ban on evictions will expire on saturday. president biden would have strongly supported a decision by the cdc to further extend this eviction moratorium to protect renters at this moment of heightened vulnerability. unfortunately as some of you might know, the supreme court has made clear that this option is no longer available. the decision comes after the supreme court's 5 to 4 ruling that extended the covid moratorium through the end of july. justice brett kavanaugh, who was in the majority said he'd block any additional extensions without quote, clearer and specific congressional authorization. president biden strongly supports the program. providing relief for millions the president is calling on
5:35 pm
congress to act on another extension. quote without delay. we will continue. it was all of government effort to keep americans safe and house through the swift dispersal of emergency rental assistance to states and cities. the cdc put the federal moratorium in place last september to prevent tenants unable to pay rent. from being evicted during the pandemic at the beginning of july, 3.6 million were behind on rent down from 6.4 million in march. however landlords argue an extension is unnecessary as more people get vaccinated and get back to work in washington, david spun fox news now again, california has its own eviction moratorium. that is good all the way until the end of september. so this federal mandate does not apply to renters here in the state. jobless claims dropped last week. but here in california claims rose to their highest level since the state reopened back in mid june, according to the u. s labor department. 400,000 americans collected
5:36 pm
unemployment benefits last week, which is down 24,000 from the week before california accounts for 1/5 of all jobless claims filed nationwide, more than 67,000 people file for claims last week, which was up by almost 11,000. from the week before another big win for team usa as sunni lee wins gold in the women's individual all around final. the meantime, japanese health officials issue a new warning as covid-19 cases spike there in tokyo, fox news correspondent greg palkot has more. team usa, adding another goal to its medal count on thursday. gymnast sunni lee became the fifth straight american woman to claim the olympic all around title, edging out gymnast from brazil and the russian olympic committee. defending champion simone biles cheered from the stands after withdrawing from the competition to care for her mental health. i was starting to put a little bit too much pressure on myself knowing that . i had to hit the best routines
5:37 pm
of my life to get here. meanwhile the olympics continue to take place under a microscope as tokyo sees a spike in covid 19 infections, local health officials reporting a record 3800 new cases on thursday, double the number from a week ago to foreign olympic athletes are hospitalized more than 30 or self isolating in hotels. dozens of people protested in tokyo thursday, blaming the games for the recent surge. just saying it. by hosting this event, we are going to create the tokyo olympics variant and those who tested positive will return to their countries. tokyo has been under 1/4 state of emergency since july, 12th. but despite stay at home requests, people are still walking around the city. japanese officials now sounding the alarm, she got so much equal. this highly infectious delta strain is progressing and to reduce the number of new cases. we talked about how it is necessary to further reduce the movement of people. japan's prime minister says that he. gr.
5:38 pm
what does a magnitude 8.2 earthquake look like? video coming up, and we'll run through simple things you can do to protect your phone to protected from hackers. plus it's something called pandemic. i the one thing that's causing dry, irritated and fatigue eyes. oh, yeah, we're looking at
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5:40 pm
video posted on twitter gives you an idea of what people in alaska faced overnight when they got hit with an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. this video was posted shortly after this morning's quake off the state's southern coast. so far, no injuries are reported. but there are reports of light to moderate damage in some areas and the quake triggered a tsunami warning for parts of
5:41 pm
the alaskan coast in hawaii. sirens went off residents in tsunami zones including homer told to evacuate to areas 50 sea level researchers say the pandemic lockdown had a troubling effect, especially on college students, according to a new survey from the ohio state university. anxiety depression and burnout all rose among college students more than 1000 students were pulled this past april and in august of 2020, the study. found anxiety increased by 3.6% depression by 4.2 and burn out by 31% the survey also found that 9% more students took the initiative and started seeing a mental health counselor to try to cope. well the pandemic. also having a bad effect on our i help, researchers say. over the last 15 months, adults have spent more than half the day on average, looking at some type of technology screen. as jenna socks, reports, doctors say
5:42 pm
it's not a surprise that the screen time is now affecting our eyes. since the start of the pandemic adults have spent on average more than 13 hours a day looking of technology screen and not surprisingly, this could be affecting our eyes spending too many hours staring at a screen can cause dry and irritated eyes and also i fatigue. this occurs because you tend to blink list while staring at the blue light from a screen. and the movement of the screen makes your eyes work harder to focus and i exam can help detect these and other eye problems early when they're most treatable, burn and a santos was noticing symptoms with her eyes, so she went her eye doctor and i exam can also help detect not only vision issues but also cataracts. glaucoma diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration that could cause vision loss during a routine on exam. your doctor will ask about your vision in general
5:43 pm
health, but also will test your vision and check your prescription. they will also examine the optic nerve and retina after dilating your eyes with drops and look inside your eyes with a microscope. a why even run of the mill vision impairment may be linked to poor memory and greater risk of depression. and after the difficult year we've all had that's just another reason not to neglect our eye health i mentioned to you. that was jenna socks reporting for us. there are a few things that you can do to reduce the harmful effects of prolonged screen time. one thing doctors suggest trying is the 2020 20 rule every 20 minutes. gazit something 20 ft away for about 20 seconds. technology experts notice many people neglect to take simple steps to protect frg up what you can do to help protect your data. plus it is draft night and the golden state warriors have a top 10 pick what the dubs might be looking to do when they're on
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today. that module is a multipurpose laboratory will act as a research, lab storage unit and airlock module has suffered several glitches, though since its last week's since last week's launch from kazakhstan that raise some concerns. about what the docking would actually go smoothly. one east bay city is set to become the first in the nation to offer vegan food at public events and buildings. last night, the berkeley city council approved an ordinance that calls for the city to cu hs includes foods of jails, senior centers and other city buildings. measure also requires a city to offer plant
5:47 pm
based foods as part of its efforts to fight climate change, alright, looking at the live camera shot of san francisco wins a relatively light out there, at least on the bed, shaking the camera a little bit, but not super strong. we do have the fog. she's kind of coming up over the san san bruno mountain and trying to work its way in through the. the city up over 19th and into downtown camera. zoom pretty good. now i want to check those winds coming up here, but you can see some of the smoke that we've been talking about for the central valley showing up in the higher elevations. um or i don't think that's probably that smoke is coming from the winds. 20 miles an hour right now in fairfield, that where it was last night, this time not to robust but enough. let's see sfo that's always a good 1. 21 miles an hour there, so yeah, i guess it's blowing. okay that's sustained at 21 2 so you could be gusting easily to 28. maybe 29. so. the plan for tomorrow is more of the same. this is these are the current temperatures that we have right now and you can see beautifully.
5:48 pm
the topography or the micro climates in the bay area and how they lend themselves to the topography, right? you got the greens, the cooler air at the coast and. so on and so forth, and we just play this game all summer, where the heat tries to encroach and then the cooler air tries to push it back, and it's just back and forth back and forth pretty much all summer long and that's where we are now, so we're getting a little back and forth. which way is it going to go tomorrow? it's going to go back and we're going to see temperatures cool. just a couple of degrees, and then on saturday, it's going to go back even further when i say back that cool air is really going to push inland and saturday will be fairly noticeable with a cool down and then sunday to warm up a little bit. and then these are popping up in this year. nevada right now, brown kirk, would you say that sell? how quickly it died out to a couple of cells in that and then just pop up up up up lightning strikes cause for concern for fire, but these are fairly wet storms, which is, uh, fortunate. as you know, as you would imagine, but we are still seeing some significant rain coming down at kirkwood. and we'll keep an eye on that for you. that course when the sun sets a lot of that should die
5:49 pm
down. it's already dying down. we have a few high clouds. that's not fog so much. we had a few high clouds lingering around, and then we've got a forecast tomorrow morning, a fog at the coast and some more high clouds lingering around. as you pull that away and pull back into the afternoon hours should get a day tomorrow. just like today. same footprint. same right? same footprint, maybe two or three degrees cool or something like that. san francisco 56 in the morning. lunchtime you're at 63. then as you get into the afternoon, san francisco makes 67 degrees with fair skies. 96 anne at 90 to morgan hill is a good looking friday for you. it's good looking saturday and sunday as well. as a matter fact. you'll see that weekend. come in here. you can see that. we're looking at temperature back in the eighties on saturday was slightly warmer on sunday. i'll see you back here at six with updates. all right, thanks. national security agency, warning that the average americans cell phone is being highly sought after by cybercriminals. kevin corke has more on what federal officials say you can do to keep your private data safe from getting
5:50 pm
hacked. big corporations and federal agencies are no longer just the primary targets of cyber attacks. now anyone with a cell phone could be at risk, however, experts say protecting yourself is actually easier than you think. reboot your phone regularly, the national security agency says, turning your cell phone on and office, not always a foolproof way to avoid getting it hacked, but it certainly helps make it more difficult for cybercriminals to infiltrate your device. and gain access to your personal and financial information. modern cyber attacks or, you know, chain of 23 or even more vulnerabilities in row. and that have to be successfully exploited. and if you can brissette, the adversary back to beginning of that chain and forced them to go through the whole thing again. that's also an aspect of incurring costs on them, and for an added layer. tu should also focus on managing
5:51 pm
europe's when you're done with one, you're not going to use it anymore. uh, uninstall it. because by doing that you keep your attack surface more bounded. meanwhile president biden is issuing a stern warning to the international community about cyber threats, cautioning that they could even lead to war if we end up in a war have real shoot anymore with the major power, it's going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach, and if you're wondering just how many times you should be rebooting your phone just to make sure it's nice and safe, well the nsa says you should do that at least once a week and washington i'm kevin corke fox news. with the seventh pick in the 2000 and nine nba draft, the golden state warriors select stephen curry from davidson college. yep it was 12 years ago when the warriors drafted a baby face guard out of tiny davidson college
5:52 pm
seventh overall, and i think that we would all agree that that worked out pretty well for the team, right. well, today, the nba draft is being held in new york with the warriors who once again holding the seventh overall pick. sports anchor jason appelbaum joins us now. so jason, who did they take? well, heather, you know if he's have to player that curry is, i'm sure they'd be thrilled. and by the way, steph was the fifth guard drafted that year. as for who the warriors took in this year's draft, seventh overall, here's commissioner. adam silver. with the seventh pick. the 2021 nba draft, the golden state warriors select jonathan, come inga from goma. no real surprise if you followed this leading up in the draft, but jonathan commingle is a very athletic six. ft 7 £210 said to be the top small forward in the class. he's just 18 years old. he's originally from the congo in africa moved
5:53 pm
to the united states in high school. he played for the g league ignite, which is based out of walnut creek, but played this past season in the florida bubble averaged 16 points, seven rebounds, says the biggest thing he has to work on right now is his shot, says the ultimate goal was not just to be drafted today, but he wants to be a six or seven time all star. he wants to win several championships and make it to the hall of fame. he said that in previous interviews, so he's got a high expectation of himself. that's got to be music to warriors fans. ears now the draft is still in progress as we speak, and the warriors do have another first round selection number, 14 overall and sports director. market binders will be up in the six p.m. hour to tell us all about who they take with that pick assuming they don't trade it away. so that's the story here. as. for who the warriors took seventh overall in the draft, exciting stuff. thanks jason
5:54 pm
coming up next on ktvu news is six. the pride of minnesota, the mom community anti usa, we have more on sunni lease incredible gold medal win, and we'll also hear from her dad about the historic moment, and hundreds of thousands of people gather in chicago for the start of the four day music festival. lollapalooza requirements for attendees aimed at slowing the. read of the coronavirus majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
5:55 pm
so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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degrees and country singer shanaya twain are ready performd live. we caught up with the music artists with fans and new
5:57 pm
music. foxes ashley divorced and has the story now from hollywood. concerts are making a comeback, and artists can't wait to be back on stage performing live after over a year away from their fans we love to do and we love doing what we feel like we're called to throw big parties and entertain people and live out these songs together to do it so long and becomes a part of you and, um, and to not be able to do it just feels really, really, really bizarre, so we're all very excited to be back on the road here story. some bring with them new music they made during the pandemic like foxes, the mass singer winner. and 98 degrees. singer nicholas shea water at home are also doing an album of remixes of our old classic hits, so all this will culminate in a new bp. it's going to violate this fall of all new music, so we're just excited to. first of all, have new, you know, new product to give different bands and we're super excited up. new music girl got this heart flow. brian kelly of florida georgia line released his first solo
5:58 pm
album, and soon reunites with tyler hubbard to hit the road played our first show back at tailgates and tall boys festival and it was 13,000 people, absolutely big old party. slammed to the walls and that was a tease because we have to wait till i think september until our tour start, let's go girls and country singer shania twain is ready to resume that residency in las vegas. let's go returns in december with additional dates in february. 2022. i didn't get enough. of the show. um it was so cut off short. i can't wait to get back and just. carry on in hollywood. ashley bork in fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six tonight, tribute to pouring in over the sudden death of san francisco philanthropist, dr generous marika tani, known for her work in social justice as a poet and, of course, as a co founder. glide she touched the
5:59 pm
lives of countless people in this community in the tenderloin and all around the world, and we grieve with the guide family. we agree with all of the people who were touched by her, and it's just a huge loss for our city and really for the world. shock and sadness over the death of dr janice america. tani who died at the age of 80. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julia are off tonight. she was certainly a fixture not only in san francisco's tenderloin district, where she co founded glide with her love reference cecil williams, but her work was known far beyond the bay area. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more on hell. miracle tani is being remembered tonight, janna. well heather and andre. this has come as such a shock to the community. be here, um janice america. tani passed away early this morning. they only learned last week that she had been diagnosed with cancer. and so this has been very sudden. obviously she is very beloved
6:00 pm
as well. we have seen her throughout the years ever since nearly 60 years ago, she was started glide with her husband, reverend cecil williams, the two of them known as community activists as warriors for social justice. who really tried to spread love throughout san francisco. she was also known in her own right as a poet laureate for san francisco, from 2000 to 2000 to a very accomplished poet whose work was known nationwide throughout the world, and she was beloved by the japanese american community. as somebody who spoke out about civil rights, her own family incarcerated by the american government during world war two, um today i spoke with one member of the japantown community who talks about what an icon and she was for both people there as well as throughout san francisco. she's just a role model on so many different fronts to artists in the community, um to thoss


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