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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 28, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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leaders and victims families coming together to mourn their loss. the cdc urging fully vaccinated people to mask up indoors. yet again, the newest strategy is being used to slow the spread of the delta, varian and governor newsom getting a tour of the massive tamarack fire south of lake tahoe as firefighters power through difficult conditions to get those flames under control. this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach garcia as the afternoon off today marks two years since the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival that killed three people and injured 17. others and a lawsuit filed by the victim's families against a gun manufacturers now moving forward gate views. demagogues joins his life the newsroom with more on the story. emma mike after a year and a half spent collecting evidence and discovery today, the attorneys announced that cynical their county superior court recently granted the motion to name century arms llc as the fourth
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defendant named in the lawsuit being brought by brady legal and the scarlet legal law group. they're seeking damages and injunctive relief from century arms for marketing and selling the military style assault rifle used by the shooter. the attorneys claim the gun manufacturer designed a weapon that can too easily be modified to fire automatically. we believe that we will prove conds negligent was reckless was in violation of federal law and all applicable standards of care. we believe we will prove that case we believe we will win that case. the lawsuit also names the city of gilroy, the gilroy garlic festival association and the security team hired by the festival, just a half hour prior to this announcement, the mayor of gilroy, marie blankly, joined the gilroy city council in holding a commemorative service
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for the three people who were killed at the festival two years ago. we're here today at this memorial site at christmas hill park to remember the lives lost of trevor urbi. kayla salazar and stephen romero and the lives forever changed by a sudden act of violence at gilroy's 41st. annual garlic festival, at least two of the shooting survivors who were wounded that day have undergone for surgeries and have more to come. one of them spoke at today's attorney press conference and said she and her child are forever traumatized. reporting in the newsroom amoco's ktvu fox two news, emma thank you for that. san jose's largest school district is requiring teachers and staff to either get vaccinated or be tested twice a week for covid. san jose unified school district will also require that face masks be worn inside and
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outside of school buildings. students will also have to stay at least three ft. apart in the classroom, i think most people understand that we're trying to create a safe environment and make it as safe as possible for both students and our employees, and in order to do that we have to know where the virus is at all times to prevent it spreading and having to potentially close the schools, the school district says 90% of its 3500 employees. and contractors are already vaccinated. the cdc has once again revised its guidelines on masking as the delta varian continues to spread across the country reporter jonathan series in atlanta with the story. the new covid surges accelerating we're averaging more than 56,000 cases every day. a 57% increase from last week as new containment efforts go into effect. on tuesday, the cdc revising its masking guidelines recommending fully vaccinated people in areas of high transmission put their masks back on in public and alld
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of the delta variant prompted the changes, but some doctors claim that feds are not following the science only supposed to be in areas of a lot of spread, but kids spread more covid outside school than in school, and i already told you they don't spread it much in school. a number of cities have also mandated vaccines for all public employees and president biden is reportedly considering a similar rule for federal employees and contractors, which could be followed by a push for private employers to do the same. i am hoping that we will do everything to unify as a country to get more and more people vaccinated, and if that's one strata d in our toolbox. i'd be all for it, but it's still not clear if those measures will stop. the delta variant hospitalizations are up 43% from last week with health care providers warning it's much more dangerous than the original strain. the acuity of these cases happens quicker. thank you. be. patients are getg sicker, quicker is also tracking a new variant.
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this one first emerged in colombia. it's now spreading rapidly in the southeast in atlanta, often syria ktvu fox two news. england says fully vaccinated travelers from the united states and the european union will soon be able to enter the country without having to quarantine. the changes go into effect on monday, travelers will still need to take a coronavirus tests before leaving and after arriving in england. despite the changes the biden administration has held off on loosening restrictions for uk and european visitors here to the united states. we are learning more about a covid-19 outbreak in santa cruz county linked to an indoor concert for people who live in the county are now in the hospital, and the band that performed is isolating at home after testing positive for the virus. ktvu jesse gary reports. after opening in june for the first time since covid appeared the doors of the felton music hall are again closed in july. we're taking the step to shut down
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until august 5th to make sure that all staff have been. received negative tests. owner thomas cousin says after a july 18th show at the hall to patrons became covid positive. then two more the following day, and then the performing artists grateful. shred all tested positive for covid 19. all for patrons have been hospitalized in santa cruz county, so that does qualify. under the state definition of an outbreak. however, we expect there may be more based on some of the information that's been provided to us by the menu that felton music hall has been a decades old launching pad for new x and friendly surroundings for performers who've seen their shine fade. the hall was half full when the outbreak occurred. some patrons were vaccinated and masts were offered, but not mandatory, even if you had a perfect case scenario where everyone was vaccinated, and everyone was six ft apart in the indoor area because of just the way the virus works and the breakthrough infections. um
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people were bound to, uh, you know, develop symptoms and contract. covid the grateful shred, posted a statement to social media saying, in part nearly all of the band and crew have tested positive and are at home recovering with their families, the owner of the music hall says he sent emails to all patrons who attended the show july 18th, advising them to get tested moving forward, he said. masks will be required and proof of covid vaccination necessary for all them. employees who want to be scheduled to work shifts really hope that everybody goes and gets their vaccine because it's delta variant is nothing to joke with cousin says he expects these doors to reopen august 5th, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news mill valley police are searching for the person who vandalized a piece of art, highlighting the black lives matter. movement authorities released surveillance video of a person using an aerosol can and vandalizing the art last week, the pieces tied i told perspectives past president future and is installed there
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at tam high school. the artwork appears to have already been repaired. mill valley police detectives are investigating the case in treating it as a hate crime. the chp is looking for three people involved in a deadly crash in nevada away. fourth person in a car was killed in the overnight crash. chp says. officers stopped toyota sedan around 1 45 this morning after it was seen speeding on 11 in the north battle lanes right near lucas valley road when the toyota pulled over. right near the off ramp to passengers jumped out and took off running when the officers got out of their patrol vehicle, the driver and one other passenger then sped off. the officers then had to run back to their car. get in and get back on the freeway, attempting to overtake the vehicle. by the time they got on the freeway, they the car was so far ahead of them. they actually couldn't even see it anymore as they headed down this way, believing that the car had continued on they look to their right and they see a e of dirt and near the
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bell marine keys off ramp and found the suspect's vehicle with a passenger dead in the back seat. the driver had already taken off from the scene. anyone with information about the case has asked to call chp south bay firefighters were very busy battling a grass fire. this one kicked up around 40 clock yesterday afternoon in the dry riverbed of coyote creek, right there along the city lines with milpitas in san jose, near mill river lane. this is video now from the creek bed. just this morning. firefighters say they will remain out there most of the day as they continue to make sure no hotspots kick up yesterday afternoon. firefighters say they had a difficult fight. there were not only the hot temperatures and the changing winds, but exhaustion. several of those firefighters have been out battling the large fires across california. i just got back from the river fire as of friday and was called into work as of monday, so we're doing the best we can with what we have. the air has just been overgrown for a few years due to the heat stress, lack of water drought conditions. it
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just produced a lot of smoke and then also the debris that the materials that are brought in from the homeless encampments. city officials and volunteer groups are helping the people at those encampments who were forced out. the flames also came very close to several homes in an apartment complex, but no buildings were damaged. still to come here at noon, there's been a breakthrough in negotiations on one of the major spending bills making its way through washington. how soon it may go up for a vote. olympic superstar simone biles has pulled out of competing in this week's gymnastic finals that challenges athletes are facing while under a global spotlight. and as we give you a live look outside here of downtown san francisco on a wednesday afternoon. some high clouds out there, but some blue skies and a number of cities across the bay area we're going to check in with meteorologist mark two mile for the forecast
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ athletes are adding to the u. s medal count. the u. s team won the first women's gold medal and the new olympic sport of three on three basketball within 18 15 win over the russian team in swimming. katie ledecky won the first ever olympic women's 1500 m freestyle with teammate erica sullivan taking silver in that same race and in men's basketball, the u. s team regroup from their disappointing opening game loss to france by beating iran 1 20 to 66. six and here is the
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updated medal count at the olympics for some of thesian at, australia six and great britain five. videodec e and other olympic athletes are voicing their supportpic gymnast simones biles has withdrawn from competing this week in order to focus on her mental health reporter lauren green explains the implications of her decision in the world of sports. simone biles will not defend her olympic all around title, choosing to withdraw from thursday's individual final to focus on her mental well being. ninth place qualifier jade kerry will compete instead, usa gymnastics, saying in part quote we wholeheartedly support simone's decision and applaud her bravery and prioritizing her well being. her courage shows yet again why she is a role model for so many. the announcement comes after biles removed herself from the
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gymnastics team final otuesda an uncharacteristically bad landing on the vault gymnast, saying she did not feel mentally ready. i say put mental health first, because if you don't, then you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not going to succeed as much as he wants to the decision, drawing support from other members of team usa that's hard to do in a world where people expect so much of you. mental health is so important physical health is so important and it's no different being olympians. biles now following athletes like tennis star naomi osaka, who are using their platforms to discuss mental health psychologist saysn is a long time coming you were k with a significant physical illness, you wouldn't say. oh, get over it. you would take care of it. mental health problems are just as serious, usa gymnastics says biles will be evaluated daily before making a decision on whether to
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compete in next week's event finals in new york. lauren green fox news. governor newsom is right near the california nevada state line today, getting a firsthand look at the damage from the tamarack wildfire burning south of lake tahoe. the governor was joined by nevada governor steve cecil. act this morning, the u. s forest service says the tamarack fire has burned 106 square miles and is 59% contained. it has destroyed at least 23 structures. 17 of them are here on the california side of the border. year to date were close to four times. the acres burnt year to date this year compared to the pace that was set last year. this is serious stuff. it's just, uh unbelievable. when you think about the season is starting earlier. it's going longer than it was in the past the governor we're talking. it's almost treated in the 12 month season in terms of fighting these fires. the fire was sparked by
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lightning on july 4th and burned across the state line. just last week, firefighters battling california's biggest wildfire the dixie fire are making slow but steady progress overnight. cruise did set some backfires that has helped increase containment 23% the dixie fire has burned more than 217,000 acres in butte and plumas counties. california's electric grid operator once again, asking people to conserve energy. cal i assume has called for a statewide flex alert today. this is going to take place from four in the afternoon to nine o'clock at night. the alert was issued in anticipation of high energy demand and tight supply conditions across the west customers being asked to avoid using large appliances and to take other steps to save power, including not running that air conditioning. all right with that, let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo on this wednesday afternoon. little breezy out there. i see. yeah, mike that typical brief setting up this afternoon around 10 to 20 miles an hour or something that we are used to this time of year, but you're talking about the power
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and trying to conserve power. we do have as far as the heat in his building and once again for the island spots, and that'll be the case, not only for today. but in the thursday and possibly into friday, we have the heat moving into the region. we're talking about upper nineties close to 100 degrees. win on air quality not only hereme yellows and the moderate level. it looks like that red showing up at least to indicate the air quality not so great, probably closer to the fire zone of the dixie fire this afternoon, says its current look at the air quality satellite. once again, we're tracking some areas of fog right near the media coastline. another round of showers actually moving up the spine of the sierra moving in from the south. it looks like with some lightning strikes detective for us right now it's becoming closer. it's typical summertime fog pattern out there was some fog hanging out coast side warm temperatures inland, and as result, those inland temperatures really are beginning to warm up right now. in the eighties, and the nineties looks like fairfield 91. degrees san francisco 64 san jose in the upper seventies
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77. here's a live camera this afternoon looking out toward the bay bridge in san francisco. you can still see some of that low cloud cover, so it's a shallow marine layer, meaning that we have that it's a compressed marine layer and that leads to low visibilities right near the immediate coastline. we had the monsoon clouds yesterday that lifted up to the north of the region. we get a bit of a break now. our next surge of moisture that can move in as we head into the weekend by saturday with some more clouds, but at least for today, inland spots are heating up some coastal coastal areas. still some patchy areas of fog out there, keeping those temperatures in check now for today and into tomorrow, no major changes were just talking about the england heat. look what happens as we take this into a friday some showers and thunderstorms out toward the sierra and then look what happens into saturday. this is saturday morning, five o'clock a big batch of clouds moving in as we start off the weekend. so what does that mean for us definitely some clouds. it could feel a bit humid, a bit muggy and still the slight chance of a few isolated showers or thunderstorms as
12:20 pm
that moisture moves in from the south of something will be watching out for to start off the weekend for today, though you could pick your temperature we're talking about micro climatescisco santa rosa 90 hot spots inland mid to upper nineties this afternoon and san jose approaching the mid eighties, another hot day inland on thursday. it's minimal change in a friday as he encountered the next three days. temperatures in the nineties for the interior, and then we'll bring in those clouds and those clouds represent a bit of uncertainty in terms of shower chances, so at least for right now we'll talk about the clouds the humid conditions as we head into saturday and elisa slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm or something. i love to watch closely as we head toward the weekend with you on that one. mark, thank you for that. still to come here noon retail theft in san francisco has grabbed more than just the attention of business owners and shoppers. why some gubernatorial recall candidates say the crimes.
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berkeley poll shows it is shaping up to be a tight race 47% of likely voters say they will vote to recall governor newsom 50% say no pollsters say voter turnout will determine who wins. but for now, some californians may be experiencing voter fatigue. we just had a very intense presidential election democrats. obviously we're a lot happier with the outcome and we're republicans. and so i think a lot of democrats are kind of checked out for the
12:24 pm
moment from electoral politics, political analysts predict voter interest will increase as the election approaches and we see more campaign ads out there on television. there are 46 candidates in all, most of them republicans running in this recall election seeking to replace the governor. according to that berkeley poll. conservative commentator larry elder has the most support. now he's followed by businessman john cox. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer and sacramento area assemblyman kevin kiley. governor newsom has taken two of his children out of a summer camp program where children are not required to wear face masks. the governor's spokesperson says he and his wife missed a message from camp officials saying they would not enforce face mask rules that violates california policy that requires wearing a face mask for everyone in youth settings sends children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated. cracking down on crime has become a major campaign issue for candidates who want to replace governor newsom in this recall election. ktvu crime reporter henry lee
12:25 pm
tells us how the latest theft caught on camera is fueling the campaign of one of the governor's opponents. it's happened again. four women run off after stealing from a cvs pharmacy at van ness and jackson in san francisco, this time just before six monday night, it's the latest grab and go crime in san francisco that's forced many drug stores in the city to close. the man who took this video tells me he feels sorry for the workers who have lost their jobs have had their hours reduced because of what he called out of control. shoplifting organized retail theft has become such a hot button issue that it's now a point of focus in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election. former san outside the shuttered walgreens at larkin and bush in san francisco, blasting the governor. a governor who has supported the lessening of laws when it comes to stealing items under $950, lowering those consequences. at a news conference last week, newsom said he signed a new law that maintains task forces
12:26 pm
across the state that crackdown on retail theft. san francisco police chief bill scott supports the legislation. when they see these things go viral. the perception of log insists the perception that anything goes really. that has to be overcome 23 of the top 10 cities for organized retail theft in the united states are in california. ella's number one, san francisco's number five and sacramento is number 10 henry lee ktvu, fox two news. heart is now releasing new details as the agency plans to restore service four weeks earlier than initially planned. part is returning to what they're calling near regular service on monday the permanent changes to train schedules include increased frequency and extending station closing times to midnight mondays through saturdays. there will also be more direct trips out to san francisco international on weekdays, the bart trip planner will reflect the updated schedule win. writers plug in august 2nd or leader as the trip date still to come here at noon, google's slowing down his plans to reopen its campuses.
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agreement with democrats on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, leading republican negotiators say they've worked through disagreements with democrats on the proposal. the bill would include $600 billion and spending on highways and bridges. broadband internet and other public works projects. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the bill could go up for a vote on the senate floor as soon as tonight. the special house committee investigating the january six capitol hill riot could hold another hearing come next month yesterday at the committees. first hearing there was testimony from four capitol police officers who risked their lives defending the capital building and lawmakers inside one officer who was beaten until he was unconscious, criticized republican lawmakers who he said did not take what happened that day seriously. the indifference showneing cruse thinking to myself. this is how i'm going to die.
12:31 pm
lasted nearly four hours and included video from body cameras. i told him to just leave the capital, and in response, they yelled. no, man, this is our house. president trump invited us here. we're here to stop the steal. meantime some republicans held a news conference, calling the hearing a sham and demanded answers. also on how the people who were arrested for their roles during the riot are being treated while in custody. house speaker nancy pelosi joined the league of conservation voters in washington, d. c this morning to call for action on climate change. it is an imperative that we get this job done, and we fully intend to do it for the children for the planet for the future. i'm so proud to work in the speaker. pelosi went on to say that with president biden in the white house now is the time for congress to pass clean energy legislation. the biden administration is looking at ways to strengthen america's cybersecurity. today the
12:32 pm
president will lay out his plan to bolster the online security of america's critical infrastructure as foxes. lauren blanchard reports. the president says this is a top a war real shoot anymore going o be as a consequence of a cyber breach ofen warning members of the intelligence community of the threat cybersecurity poses wednesday, the president signing a national security memorandum to bolster the online security of the nation's critical infrastructure and help the nation keep up with evolving cyber. threats we better figure out how we're going to keep pace, his comments specifically focused on the threat posed by china and russia. president biden says he believes china wants to be the world's strongest military force and says russia has a struggling economy and little else. aside from oil, gas and nuclear weapons, mr putin, who has a real problem,
12:33 pm
he knows he's in real trouble. which makes him even more dangerous in my view, the kremlin said the president's comments show his misunderstanding of modern russia in a senate judiciary committee hearing, the homeland security secretary said cyber attacks are growing rapidly. we have seen, um a 300% increase and ransomware attacks. over last year. we've seen more than $300 million in losses. republican senator ted cruz claimed president biden is making the cyber issue worse, showing weakness to china and weakness to russia only invites more aggression. and more cyberattacks attacking our nation. also in the hearing, senators were told it's small businesses that are fearing the worst in the growing cyber and ransomware battle, and that no industry is safe in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news, new at noon, president biden is in pennsylvania as part of his push to promote buying america and the
12:34 pm
president toured a plan today that builds matt trucks. he met with workers and the company's ceo. the visit is part of president biden's effort to talk about his by american. agenda as well as his infrastructure package and the use of government procurement contracts to create factory jobs. stop losing hours of live stuck in traffic because the streets are crumbling. waiting for slow, spotty internet to connect them to the world. that's what the economy we're building is all about, because given half a chance to think about this i mean, this is the bottom argument half a chance. ordinary america's american people have never, ever ever ever let their country down. just giving a half a chance. i mean it. this is the president's third trip to talk to blue collar workers in pennsylvania since he took office in january. we're following a developing storyfolc
12:35 pm
guidelines and is recommending that people wear masks indoors in public settings, regardless of vaccination status. the health department says 90% of the state's population is in areas with high rates of transmission. him back east. new york governor andrew cuomo says all state employees will be required to be vaccinated for covid-19 or undergo weekly testing. cuomo making the announcement this morning, saying the mandate will take effect by labor day. new covid-19 infections has climbed more than 400% in new york since the end of june. governor cuomo also says frontline workers at state owned hospitals will have to be vaccinated and they cannot avoid the mandate with frequent testing. the governor hopes to work with union officials to implement and the new policy. google is the latest company to readjust its return to office plans as the delta variant leads to new outbreaks. google ceo said the company is now aiming to have most of its work force back to the office is starting october 18th instead
12:36 pm
of its previous target, target date of september. 1st is also the ceo is also rolling out a new policy that will eventually require all on site employees to be vaccinated once google campuses are fully reopened, he adds that there will be exceptions, exceptions for medical and other protected reasons. vaccination rates are increasing yet again. ktvu deborah villalon explains how the latest surge in infections is motivating holdouts to get the vaccine. the delta variant really was a factor in this a visit to the farm stands for vegetables and vaccine. go to the farmers market, get some fruit and get a shot. this dad taking the plunge after being on the fence for months, i waited to see what reactions of this shot would be in other people and see if there any after effects. i'm happy that i've done it. i can't go back, but i'm slightly concerned about the future of it, but we'll see many pop up clinics like these are getting busier. but there's no national stampede last week on average,
12:37 pm
525,000 americans were vaccinated daily this week. it's 583,000 many motivated by the aggressive delta variant. it's kind of scary for people because it's realizing that we're dealing with this type of virus that is proving to be very challenging, and for some, it's practical. i'm going to be looking for new work. i've, you know, kind of seeing the political climate vaccine mandates are becoming more common in more places. it might come up in a job interview of no idea, but you know if i'm asked, i'd like to be able to truthfully say that i happened. the alternative recurring covid testing at work, also a turn off. it's very quick, but it's extremely extremely unpleasant. covid is not done with us. covid is still here. physicians welcome more shots in arms, whatever the motivation, santa rosa's memorial hospital has 18 covid patients, the daily average here has more than doubled from june to july. and when you look at the patients
12:38 pm
that are at our hospital today, the majority of those patients are younger and their unvaccinated for a 14 year old. it was parental pressure and a gift card that tipped the balance. i didn't get covid, so i just didn't really think i needed it because like if i hadn't got a year and think i was gonna get it, so he's going back to school, he does play a lot of sports, and we think it's the right thing to do to get vaccinated. some people say they've been holding out for vaccines to win final fda approval expected early next year. but the dangers of the delta variant convinced them that weight wasn't worth the risk in nevado deborah villalon ktvu fox two news, a restaurant in southern california once customers to show proof that they're not vaccinated despite the current rising covid cases and hospitalizations throughout the pandemic basilicas pasta in huntington beach never followed covid protocols at the begin. needed the pandemic, the restaurant, even banned mask wearing and now it's requiring
12:39 pm
proof of being the tactics dangerous. this particular situation inviting only unvaccinated people to be eating together indoors in a restaurant is since enforcing e new policy, the restaurant says it's recei calls, threats and hundreds of one star reviews. let's go to come here at noon p. genie cruz picking up dead trees and other debris from last year's wildfires up in the north bay why crews had to wait to start some of the cleanup and just a reminder as temperatures start to heat up for many communities inland of flex alert goes into effect four o'clock this afternoon time to save some energy. there's a nice look at downtown san francisco, where it's a little cooler compared to those inland communities we're going to check in with meteorologist mark mile for meteorologist mark mile for that forecwasn't fair. company
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a hit and run crash last may will be formally charged. timothy hermano is accused of driving his car into gregory turn ege, who has taken a walk in his oakland neighborhood on mother's day, hama knows wife was also injured in the collision. she reported him to police and he was arrested the next day turn into his family says it will attend the arraignment and then plan to make a public statement following that arraignment. california district attorneys association is calling on east bay state senator nancy skinner to withdraw a bill that would lessen the punishment for some
12:43 pm
theft crimes. the request comes after former u s. senator barbara boxer was assaulted in robbed in oakland. boxer said someone pushed her from behind and then stole her cell phone before jumping into a waiting vehicle. skinner's bill would make some holdups with no weapons or serious injuries. misdemeanor petty thefts, skinner says the bill will help ensure that in the case of theft, the punisher it fits the crime. oakland police now investigating a shooting in the downtown area, not far from police headquarters. this happened just after 30 clock yesterday afternoon at eighth and broadway, near chinatown. police say no injuries were reported, but anyone with information about the shooting or anyone with security camera footage is asked to call oakland police. federal investigators are now unsure how many people died in a jet crash right near the truckee airport monday afternoon. the faa requires two pilots to fly the bombardieri challenger jet, and now they're. board. there was at least one passenger but now paperwork later surface, saying there was a total of
12:44 pm
four people on board. but the corner there in the county has not commented yet on the actual number of bodies that type of jet can carry as many as 12 passengers. the ntsb is investigating the cause of the crash. no one on the ground was injured. san francisco is trying to buy p genie lines and equipment located within city limits. the san francisco city officials say they want to take over control because they're worried about the risk. of a major fire. they're petitioning state utility regulators to come up with a fair price, the city says. pg and e has not safely maintained its transmission lines, which in the past few years have led to destructive wildfires across northern california, san francisco city leaders also say residents have been forced to pay higher utility bills to cover p genies equipment and financial failures. pgd crews are in the north bay right now, clearing out dead trees months after cutting them down and then leaving them in piles on private property. ktvu tom vacar tells us why pg and e had to wait to remove the debris. bg and e and its contractor. that was true.
12:45 pm
you're spending some days on the herb lamb winery above calistoga and many other properties as well. sawing enormous dead trees into easier to hold chunks and hauling them away. after last fall's many wildfires in central and northern california p jeannie came in and cut down 200,000 dead or dying trees. this in an effort to protect lines, properties and people from those falling trees. many of those trees were in the fire. prince of the l n u and glass fires in the north bay, especially in napa and sonoma counties. we worked with the landowners to chip and remove the smaller pieces four inches in diameter or smaller, but it's usually our policy to leave the larger pieces because it's considered their assets the homeowner's property, but many landowners now saddled with a lot of scattered dead trees on their land, say the debris was creating hardships. and because of this feedback, pgd has decided to come back to these locations. take inventory of. the would ask the homeowners if they want us to
12:46 pm
remove it, and then we'll haul it away for them. some of this wood is so badly burned, it's likely to go just directly into the chipper where it can be turned into mulch, which is very useful or fuel for biomass plants that create energy. but some of this wood is really quite good, and it's so good that it could actually be milled and turned into lumber, which could be used for homes and parks and all kinds of other practices of the 6000 effective properties in the l n u and glass fire area less than 20% so far have taken pg and e up on this offer, which really provides property owners with added wildfire protection, but with this work that has been performed. there is definitely a fuel break, not only from the utility perspective but a fuel break from just what's remaining on people's property. truth is, everyone is rethinking forest management to keep most fires from starting in the first place, the industry as well as i think property owners and the community are being more pro. active as well, as you know,
12:47 pm
utilities were doing working together to prevent this stuff in the future. the future is now as we soon enter the peak fire amongst tom vacar ktvu fox two. california wildlife officials have been caring for animals injured in some of the wildfires burning across the state. the fires are destroying habitats, forcing animals to run from their homes. sometimes right through the flames. one bobcat was found trying to escape the lava fire that's burning near mount shasta. rescuers found him with third degree burns right there on his paws is being treated now at the uc davis school of veterinary medicine. it's a lot of these fires are not natural anymore. the majority are from us. and because of that, we have a responsibility to these animals to take care of them. wildlife rescue officials say they've already held more than 4000 animals. that's already 300 more are being flown on a helicopter
12:48 pm
from canyon national park. these frogs are sierra nevada, yellow legged frogs, and they are considered threaten the oakland zoo as an ongoing breeding program for the frogs with the goal of re establishing their population in the wild. today's release is the 18th by the oakland zoo with 600 in 26 yellow legged frogs released so far all right back to the meteorologist mark tamayo we go and i took a little peek here out the window. i could see some fog out there by the golden gate. still yeah, mike. it's that typical summertime. a fog pattern in the fog just kind of sits low right near the golden gate out toward the coast of that's why we kind of celebrate the micro climates. this time you'd rather talking about 59 or 99 degrees, and that's part of the forecast for today for this afternoon baseball weather as well as we take a look, the daughter's in town playing the giants, and as you can see if we take a look at the forecast out in san francisco. partly cloudy skies this evening westerly wind about 20 miles an hour and temperature at first pitch right around 63 degrees.
12:49 pm
here is a satellite in the radar, in fact that we're watching some showers and thunderstorms. not here. but out toward the sierra was interesting is becoming closer. this thunderstorm activity is kind of getting close to the tamarack fire zone. as you can see here getting closer to south lake tahoe. so of course, the bad thing. we have lightning strikes, but the good thing, hopefully hopeful. even get some rainfall to fall out of those clouds. looks like the radar's picking up on that activity this afternoon. here's the satellite as you can see that mike that fog that mike was talking about is hanging out coast side, and that means the san francisco's only 64 degrees away from that, though the hotspots in the eighties and the nineties out toward fairfield 91 degrees livermore 86 in san jose in the upper seventies. here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco. there we go with that to fog bank, a shallow marine layer, so that means that the cloud at least that the depth of that cloud is not super deep. so where it's foggy. it's cool. but away from this, you have the warming temperatures now, of course, yesterday we had that humid pattern setting up what we call
12:50 pm
it monsoonal flow, which essentially means just a change in the wind direction out of the south, the upper level wind pattern for today. no major changes heating up england as we head into the weekend, there's another surge of monsoonal moisture that could drift in and that could bring in the slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm that could be on. saturday now between now and then, we're just talking about some warm to hot temperatures, especially inland. not much change for the coast. and then this is friday. you'll see those showers and thunderstorms out toward the sierra kind of like today and then in the saturday some of those clouds drifting closer to the bay area, so looks like we will have some clouds, at least for the first half of the weekend. some humid conditions and we'll keep an eye on that shower chance as we head into saturday highs this afternoon ranging from the sixties upper fifties to the sixties coast side seventies and eighties around the baby hotspots inland lots of nineties out toward livermore conquered fairfield in antioch, getting close to 100 degrees this afternoon. looks like that will be the same story as we head into wednesday, little change into
12:51 pm
friday. actually, the thursday today is already wednesday. getting mixed up with the day is already but some hot temperatures today tomorrow and then we'll gradually cool things off as we head into the weekend. and we'll keep an eye on that shower and thunderstorm chances. we head into the weekend, mike, you can still tell him on vacation mode is i still kind of kind of getting figured out the days that's all. good, mark. i'm right there with you, mike pence settled in. yeah. all right. thanks, mark. i don't know. i can't explain it. they're just really, really good kind of just fresh made and nice and crispy. i don't know they're perfect. alright this week on mornings on two. we are taking a zip trip to the north bay and visiting some places you may have never been to before, such as how about turtle rock in napa county? i know i haven't been there were going to give you a taste of their famous egg rolls and also share all the wonderful things you haven't yet discovered in the north bay. so we hope you join us for that much more friday on the nine when we take our trip
12:52 pm
to the north bank. all right, still to come here at noon resto require proof of vaccination to sit inside how they're trying to figur febreze fade defy plug.
12:53 pm
it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell first day fresh for 50 days. la la la la la. my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my c of a professio majestic mountains...
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scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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compared to years past. the fairgrounds are still being used for covid testing and vaccination, so this year's fair will focus on livestock exhibitions, including dairy, cattle, goats, rabbits and sheep. fiesta hall will also be filled with competitive exhibits, including photography, quilts, art projects, baked goods, the santa clara county homebrew competition, also returning with judging on saturday. the fair runs through august 7th. a new survey shows 63% of restaurant owners in san francisco, supportive. vaccine mandate for customers. ktvu is amber lee spoke with owners who are all trying to work out how to best approach. the recent
12:56 pm
surge in cases and he says that's at roti indian bistro in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. business is brisk on t his restaurant depends largely on a loyal clientele that's kept his business afloat during the dark days of the pandemic, he says his staff is fully vaccinated, but he doesn't plan on requiring customers to show proof of vaccination unless there is a mandate, your government says so then we had to do it, but not on our home, the restaurant owner says, asking for proof of vaccination would also mean requiring the customer to show some form of identification, such as a driver's license. we are hoping that it gets, uh, required from a government entity, laurie thomas is with the golden gate restaurant association. the results of its new survey of restaurant owners released tuesday show that ove 60% support requiring
12:57 pm
recommending all employees be vaccinated and where masks restaurants are different than bars. we're not used to carding people. we don't have one point of entry. in fact, many of us have two or three points of entry to the restaurants, and we don't have staff to watch each door. canela bistro and wine bar in the castro, the owner says, if covid cases continue to rise in the next week or two, he will require customers to show proof of vaccination. it's not like we're saying you have to get vaccinated. we're saying you have to get vaccinated if you want to come in here back at roti, the owner says more customers are now choosing to dine outside because of covid safety concerns. inside tables are set up with social distancing six ft apart. the restaurant owners tell me they're keeping an eye on the number of covid cases. they agreed that the best way out of the pandemic is for everyone to get vaccinated in san francisco
12:58 pm
amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. right. i have an update now on those upscaled trash cans, you may have heard of that san francisco officials want to take for a little test around here. the board of supervisors approved $400,000 to have samples made that, according to the chronicle, the money will pay for five cans of three different models working out to about $12,000 for each sample, which is 60% of the original expected cost. officials say the cost for whichever model is chosen will be about $3000 san francisco giants taking on the dodgers tonight, game two of the three game set last night, the giants beat the dodgers 2 to 1 in that series opener, pushing their lead in the national league west 23 games. buster posey scoring the go ahead run here when cody bellinger decided to throw the ball to sausalito giants beat the dodgers again to one first pitch tonight at 6 45. the oakland a's are in san diego. the is lost to the padres last night 74 there now six games back in the ale of the houston astros, the aids still sit as the american league second wild
12:59 pm
card team game ahead of the mariners. today's game starts in just about five minutes there in san diego. this year's valedictorian at oakland tech is spending his summer dedicated to give him back to the community. ahmed mohamed's kits, cubes summer camp 2021 is his latest endeavor and so far about 100 children aged 4 to 13 have attended the camp for free. they're learning about science and working with experiments as part of mohammed's hope to really let young inner city children experience the wonders of science. mohammed, who will be attending stanford in the fall, partnered with former nfl players, marsha john lynch and josh johnson to cover the cost of the camp, and that's going to do it for us this noontime everyone, don't forget our next news gases coming up at four o'clock coverage, though always online for you, ktvu .com and on the ktv news app. don't forget that ktvu weather app as well, thanks again for watching doctor oz is coming up next, we're going to leave you with that beautiful picture. downtown san francisco giants and dodgers later tonight.
1:00 pm
and dodgers later tonight. dr. oz: coming up next, an urgent medical alert. post-covid syndrome. why doctors warn that even a mild case of the virus could change your lungs, brain and heart forever. then -- an oz experiment you've never seen before. our viewers took a 21-day challenge. >> i feel like i'm eating so much cleaner. dr. oz: what happens to your body when you replace meat, fish and dairy with plant-based substitutes. coming up next. dr. oz: welcome back to your covid-19 headquarters. today we're coming to you with a new warning from doctors who say even if you have a mild case of covid-19, you might not be out of the woods. it's known as post-covid syme


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