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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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sometimes they come in the back with us crying about all these girls are really bad, with mass guidelines changing worker shortages and higher prices, all having an impact on people in the middle of this pandemic. tonight business owners are asking customers, please do not take it out on them. good evening. i'm claudine wang and
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i'm alex savage in tonight for frank and julie. we begin now, with the growing debate over when to wear a mask with new rules taking effect tomorrow in one bay area county in san mateo county. everyone will now have to wear a mask inside county buildings starting tomorrow. all county employees and members of the public visiting those buildings will be required to wear masks whether they're vaccinated or not. the mask requirement comes in response to the rising number of new covid. in fact, actions and hospitalizations in san mateo county, tied to the delta variant, a new mandate will take effect as the cdc evaluates whether everyone in the country should start wearing masks again. president biden's chief medical advisor spoke about those discussions today. this is under active consideration if you're asking that part in my part of the discussion, yes, i am part of the discussion, but i think what you were seeing even though as of our conversation at this moment, the cdc stay says, and recommends that if
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you are vaccinated fully that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. however if you look at what's going on locally in the trenches in places like la county, the local officials have the discretion and the cdc agrees. with that ability and discretion capability to say, you know, you're in a situation where we're having a lot of dynamics of infection. so even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask. that's a local decision that's not incompatible. with the c overall recommendations that give a lot of discretion to the locals, doctor anthony fauci calls the surge of cases we are seeing an unnecessary predicament. he urges everyone who can get a vaccine to get one. he did not offer a timeline on when a decision might be made about changing masking guidelines and as the masking debate intensifies, businesses are asking customers for patients. they say they know that the worker shortages
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and the uncertainty about what's coming next does have some people on edge. azenith smith is live in pleasanton with a look at how businesses are working to manage all of this as myth. well claudy in restaurant owners are struggling, and they say some customers aren't as understanding as they had hoped. owners hope so it signs will serve as a reminder of what they're dealing with and mix all star kitchen and pleasanton assigned greets customers. we are experiencing delays in the kitchen. thank you for your patience. it's kind of hard right now really hard. or and i'll be working so hard in the kitchen, you know, mentally physical. the castros took over the business from vic two weeks before the pandemic, they say customers may experience up to half hour wait times for food and tables because of another sign. help wanted you had that hiring, sign up sign in the window for almost two months, and nobody comes to apply. some customers are downright hang gree. there's really some people really, you know, route
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with us or server. it's the kitchen delayed so much and people don't have a vision. some people they feel color and tyrone kind of like, um, demanding and said, well, i mean, i'm trying. we're trying to do our best time nannies bistro is shorthanded to restaurants are also dealing with rising food prices and delivery delays because we are internal restaurant and our products mostly come from italy, so we're having a lot of problems with the container. i think this is a big issue, and it's going to be a big issue moving forward with, you know, with the delta variants and people requesting or demanding maths psychology professor dr thomas plant says people are frustrated for a number of reasons. political polarization, economic inequality, drought and fires. that's causing them to be on a short fuse. we are out of practice, knowing how to behave in public. you know, we spent the last year and a half in quarantine in lockdown and people's social skills are a little rusty. the only way to
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get through it, he says. it's together as a service industry maneuvers its way through the pandemic. you can wear a mask or not. i mean, they just whatever i don't you don't know if they're vaccinated. we struggle right now, a lot. a lot of business in downtown back at vicks, the restaurant has only sitting 65% capacity indoors that what they can handle. for now, far from back to normal. it's hard for everyone. you know if it's hard for everybody, and vic's owner says downtown cafe down the street is closed on mondays because they don't have enough staff. others are closing early, rather than giving bad service. claudine certainly tough times, but i think that spread advice to not taking it out on them and be patient. thanks so much as well, school administrators in the west contra costa unified school district are busy getting students ready for the upcoming school year, a free vaccine clinic will be open tomorrow from 10 am until five pm at richmond high school. the
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clinic will offer the required vaccines that every student needs to go to school. and while the coronavirus vaccine is not yet required students, 12 and older will also be able to get that vaccine too. the west contra costa unified school district is planning to have 100% in person learning school starts on august 16th tonight firefighters working to put out the dixie fire also have another fire to worry about the fly. fire those two fires merged today, creating one even larger fire. that's now more than 190,000 acres. firefighters want people who live near those flames to leave right away. because cal fire can't guarantee that firefighters will be able to help people who stay behind. let's say mitri spoke with people near the fire zone. where an indian falls right now where the dixie fire has destroyed some homes, and you can see some of that damage there behind me. since this fire sparked nearly two weeks ago, it has destroyed at least 16 structures, according to the last report from cal fire, and this fire has covered so much
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ground that crews have split up into two teams. one covering the fire west of highway 70 and the other covering the east portion, which joined with the nearby fly fire last night. despite evacuation warnings and view and plummets counties. we have seen some people who have stayed behind. we talked to john kappelman outside his home near rush creek a few miles from twain. it's very stressful, uh, scary at times. last night. there was you can see the glow over that that hill right there and the firefighters put it out or knocked it down. you know, to where all of a sudden the glow is gone. and i was just relieved. he said he and his wife stayed behind to take care of their animals. they have goats, chickens and turkeys. and while he says he's experienced fires in the area before this is the largest he's been through, and he says the smoke yesterday and today has been the worst. it's dense and low today, making it hard to see very far in indian falls, liz amy tree. after weeks of
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burning out of control crews battling the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe are making some progress now, cal fire says the tamarack fire is 27% contained nearly 67,008 have burned. thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes and smoke from that fire is now visible at lake tahoe. the fire was sparked by a lightning strike back on the fourth of july. the largest wildfire in the u. s right now is the bootleg fire in southern oregon up near the california state line so far. almost 409,000 acres have burned over the last three weeks, crews are inching toward 50% containment. now the fire has destroyed more than 70 homes, most of them mountain cabins, and thousands more are in the fire's path. thousands of people have been evacuated. aflames were reported at mclaughlin park around 6 p.m. firefighters from berkeley and the east bay regional park district got that fire under control. about an hour later, the fire burned two acres and said smoke all the
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way up into the berkeley hills, berkeley's fire chief says the fire appears to been caused by someone at a homeless encampment. a couple of bay area firefighters who are working to contain the dixie fire up north found themselves in the middle of another emergency at the hotel where they're staying. he had water in the lungs, and it was not breathing, and he had no pulse. firefighters rushed to help a young boy who was unresponsive in the hotel pool coming up later in this newscast how those first responders jumped into action to save the boy's life. well graduates of mills college in oakland are hoping to go to court tomorrow, and that will give them access to financial information about the struggling institution. new attend. elegance is live for us in oakland with details on the dispute, emma. claudine mills. college administrators have said that the colleges in poor financial health, but the alumni association says they haven't seen the documentation to support that claim. and they're asking the court to give them access. they have a
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hearing set for tomorrow. we feel that we have. exhausted all avenues. we don't want to be going to court. alexa pagonis, a mills college graduate from the class of 1991 is the vice president of the governing organization that serves to keep the college's board of trustees in check. there are 20 board of governors and we represent 25,000 alumni. um and we did do a recent survey and 83% of our alums want to continue forward with. the lawsuit and have some transparency and complaint filed on friday asks a judge to order the college administrators to turn over thousands of pages of financial documents and give the alumni association 60 days to review them. has repeatedly denied the alumni associations numerous requests for financial information. they say without them, they can't assess the fiduciary health of the college alumnae are also up against a ticking clock. northeastern university has booked and
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formal talks to acquire mills as one of its many satellite campuses. why make it this hard to get this information? well, that that's the that's the big question. why? why indeed? um it is absolutely perplexing. the attorneys representing the mills administrators deny that the college has concealed financial records and wrote in a letter obtained by ktvu, but ample information regarding the colleges. critical financial situation was shared and the additional requests for more documentation are irrelevant. in a statement sent to ktvu mills college president elizabeth hillman said mills continues to feel confident that combining with northeastern is the best opportunity for the college to be financially sustainable in response to changing demands of higher education and to continue its legacy in social justice and support of women's leadership. the college prefers not to comment on any pending litigation. a judge may decide to fast forward a decision and
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rule tomorrow. the hearing is set for 2 30 in the afternoon at alameda state superior court. claudine we'll keep watching thanks so much, emma. you got a baby trapped underneath the car after a terrible crash will show you here. how to fast acting police officers helped to rescue that child plus a rally in the sand. those humidities are going to increase this week as we look forward to temperatures on the warm side, especially in the inland valleys. i'll have the whole forecast when i see you next, and we will talk about that rally in the south bay. it happened today in support of dr recipients after a federal judge ruled that the program is illegal. we'll tell you what. activist
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body cam video, capturing a dramatic rescue of a baby in new york. it happened in the city of yonkers just north of new york city. on friday, authorities say an out of control car hit a mother and her eight month old as they cross the street. the impact pushed both of them inside of a barbershop and then trapped the baby underneath the car. two police officers who were at a bagel shop next door ran to that scene. one officer with the help of several other people lifted the vehicle. so the other officer could rescue the baby. i got it. i got the baby. the baby. hold on. hold
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on. the mother suffered a fractured leg and the baby suffered a fractured skull. both are expected to survive. the driver was unlicensed and was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated to bay area firefighters assigned credited with helping to save a young boy from drowning in a pool. this happened last thursday night at a hotel in ready where the firefighter paramedics were staying. this is video posted by the oakland firefighters union online. when jared neil from the oakland fire department, and tom szwed helm from the morada orinda fire department heard a mother screaming at the hotel. they jumped into action along with other first responders. they hopped the fence surrounding that pool and found a 10 year old boy who was not breathing and unresponsive in the water. the firefighters gave the boy cpr until he finally sat up and started crying. huge relief for this crew. i do have kids, uh, have four. so you know like
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it's hard not to look at a kid and go. hey you know, i couldn't make it. boy was conscious by the time an ambulance arrived at the hotel and he was flown to uc davis medical center for further treatment in san jose today, immigration rights activists and lawmakers rallied outside of city hall to fight for the federal program known as daca. the rally comes after a federal judge in texas recently ruled that daca is illegal, the fate of thousands of young immigrants without legal status is now uncertain. following that ruling, the obama era program was left intact for some 600,000 people who have benefited from it today. activists called for swift action from the biden administration to provide a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people in the us, biden said, you know when he ran that he supported the daca youth and that he supported um are essential workers and the undocumented community. we're asking him to return the favor since the latter latino communities vote
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contributed to him when in the election. daca provides work authorization and temporary relief from deportation for undocumented immigrants who come to the u. s. as children tonight. the chp is continuing to investigate the latest deadly shooting along highway four. we brought you this story is live breaking news last night and conquered as casey james torres reports. this is the fifth shooting on highway forward just the last few months. people who drive along highway for every day say it's starting to earn unwelcomed reputation. california highway patrol officers responded to five different shootings in the last three months. highway four is full of cars every day and night. it's getting kind of concerning concerning after saturday night, officers say. a car carrying a gunman shot into a black toyota camry and conquered the camera crashed into a guardrail. highway patrol found the camera covered in bullet holes. two victims shot inside, one dead and a car seat in the back, though they
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have not confirmed if a child was in the car. word got around quick among the east bay communities scary. i have two kids, and it is very scary to kind of know that you know, you don't really know if it's something that's with someone targeted or just a random shooting. so i guess the unknown is kind of the scary. these drivers say it's even scarier hearing stories like these keep happening since april, chp responded to four other shootings on highway four. a shooting near 6 80 hurt a mother driving her 11 year old daughter three days later near railroad avenue. chp says a shooting hurt a driver in his twenties. a few days after that, on may 1st near bailey road, another driver shot and nearly a week later again near railroad avenue, a driver and passenge it's not the town i grew up in for sure you grew up here. i grew up here. yes and it's not the town that i grew up in. it's not the area used to be a nice family community. but this is not that anymore. fad a statement from
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chp reads. our detectives are requesting assistance from the public and gathering the details surrounding this incident, if you or anyone, you know, have any information that might be helpful. please call the chp investigative tip line. any information is helpful to help keep the cars along the free way safe in contra costa county. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. major cities all across the us are struggling with violent crime, with many calling it a national crisis. chicago's top prosecutor says her city is dealing with an unrelenting gun problem. i cannot look to the people that i serve and tell them that we're spending more of our resources going after petty offenses that can still be dealt with then we are going after gun violence, and that's where my priority is. later on in this newscast, how local leaders are trying to address gun violence in their communities. already getting ready for the week ahead. we had a nice weekend temperatures
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from the on the mild side humidities were reasonable communities next couple days are going to go up quite a bit as some some tropical moisture comes in to the valley and up through our area. it's kind of starting now. you probably saw those clouds this evening at sunset. tomorrow will be a nice state. there's a slight chance for a thunderstorm, but very slight. i mean, it would be easy. bay fringes of the east bay. right now, it looks like the thunderstorms are real possible, though lake tahoe area, right the typical places when you get that afternoon moisture 95 in antioch today 95 concord high temperatures tomorrow about the same about the same. not much difference. this high pressure is going to kind of operate this way with the moisture is bringing it up over the corner here. so the rotations like this, and this moisture is getting pulled up in and that's what tomorrow is, and i actually can tell now the humidities are up a few percent of tiles in the last three hours or so. it's kind of getting sticky. you'll notice it. fog stays at the coast. this pattern isn't going to break up much of anything. we're gonna have coastal fog and have temperatures tomorrow. a lot like today. we have fog out there now. the big story, i
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think really will be just that temperatures are going to stay in the inland valleys in the low nineties pretty much all week. i mean, tomorrow we'll see. the tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. we'll see low nineties 89 90 92. after that we'll get back into the mid nineties, so current temperatures serves the sea breeze. so the fog bank is out there and you'll see that we're running a couple degrees cooler in some places, a degree warmer and others and we were last night. so nice looking week ahead, fired. angel elevate a little bit as well. i'll have all that when i see back here with the five day forecast. well it doesn't take long for investigators to catch up with people they think vandalized the black lives. madam mural. the arrests in santa cruz coming up and coming up later tonight in sports, the oakland a's looking to avoid the three game losing streak as they wrap up their series with the seattle mariners, plus. find out what could put an end up twoo
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weeks. the average price for a gallon of gas in the u. s is now $3.22 gas most expensive here in the bay area at $4.39 a gallon the lowest average in the country is in baton rouge, louisiana. at $2.71, a gallon, industry analysts from the lundberg survey say that an abundant supply should keep gas prices from spiking. cell phone users should be getting fewer robot calls this fall. new technology required by the fcc is designed to make it more difficult for scammers to get through more now from reporter heather sullivan. if you are interested in renewing your auto warranty now you mail says 573 million robocalls in the u. s in june were really auto warranty and health related scams. scammers spoof your caller id to make it look like a call. you need to answer. he will be taken under custody by
10:25 pm
the local police. something like the i r s, or, uh, a big bank or even it can come up as your neighbor. for example, those are quite often the one that led people to get scammed because if it's your bank calling or the i r s, you're going to be prone to give out financial information. that's exactly the problem. the fcc now requires major phone companies to use stir shaken technology while it sounds like james bond's martini, it actually confirms the collar i d is legitimate, and the phone company must enter those callers into the robocall mitigation database. calls not in the database are to be blocked. starting september 28. so while you should start getting fewer robocalls now you won't see a big reduction until this fall. yeah i think people won't necessarily see an immediate reduction in the amount of robocalls that they get. but we should be more accurate about the phone calls
10:26 pm
that were getting you'll still get legitimate robocalls like your pharmacy, saying your prescription is ready and you may still get some illegitimate calls. smaller phone companies will have a two year grace period and scammers can establish real phone numbers. so you still should never answer calls from numbers. you don't know. all services are suspended on your computer in general, if you weren't expecting that phone call, do not confirm or give out any of your personal information, regardless of how trustworthy that source. maybe i'm heather sullivan, fox news. a surge of covid cases appears to be bringing vaccines that we saw earlier in the pandemic coming up where people are forming long lines for tests and vaccines. also santa cruz police officers go after people suspected of vandalizing a black lives matter mural and major cities across the us continue to see a spike in violent crime. how leaders
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♪ requiring mask wearing tomorrow in certain places, even for those who have been vaccinated. ktvu is greg liggins breaks down where the masking issue appears to be headed. human services office in daly city is one of more than 20 san mateo county buildings that will require face coverings for everyone, even the vaccinated beginning monday, with more than 5000 employees. the move is meant to protect workers and the public as delta variant cases rise. we're seeing cases just continually climates, a concern nearly doubled in the last two weeks, the county boast one of the highest vaccination rates in the country with 89% of those eligible vaccinated. still supervisor david cannabis says there are holes in those numbers leading to the potential for more cases. we
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have that 89% number but amongst latinos in particular, that number is about 50 to 52% and that's where a lot of concern is. there's also concern about breakthrough cases. which is why this already vaccinated man says he always wears a mask in public. i'm worried about the other people were not vaccinated. you know, they're not vaccinated. you know, i don't like took the chance of me getting it right. i mean, the case, it might happen across the street from the county building where masked will be obligatory. there's a state building the dmv anywhere. no mask is required. if you are vaccinated that falls in line with california and national cdc guidelines that only recommend indoor use for the vaccinated, but dr anthony fauci says a change in that policy is under active consideration. confusion maybe all around us because you're dealing with the c. d c. with the federal government. you're dealing with the state government. you're dealing with the local government. and so as policymakers, we have to acknowledge that that does exist, but some are cutting through the confusion, not
10:31 pm
waiting for official recommendations, saying the rise of delta cases is all the proof they need to wear the mask my mask on in general, but yea. you know, everybody should probably keep their masks on in public. release around other people. at least it's unknown when or if the cdc will change as mass guidelines locally, sam matteo is the only known county in the bay area that will require masks for everyone inside county buildings, but it certainly may not be the last. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. florida has seen long lines at coronavirus testing sites, health officials say. people are also rushing to get their covid vaccinations as well as a number of covid-19 cases in the sunshine state is skyrocketing. once again this week, more than 73,000 new cases were reported in florida, according to new data from the florida department of health. that's up by more than 17,000 compared to
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last week, and frances now mandating vaccinations for health care workers under the new law, employees in the healthcare sector must start getting vaccinated by september, 15. or risk being suspended. france's also requiring a health pass to enter all restaurants, trains, planes and other public venues. to get the past people must show proof that they are fully vaccinated. or they must have a recent negative test or proved that they recently recovered from the virus. president emmanuel macron says the new measures are needed to protect vulnerable populations and to avoid new lockdowns more than 1700. new covid-19 cases were reported in tokyo today with 13 athletes now among those infected. this all comes on the second day of the summer olympic games so far, 137 people directly tied to the olympics have been infected with the coronavirus. two golfers are among the latest athletes added to the list this weekend, including american bryson, d. shambo homicide investigation is underway in oakland tonight after a man was shot and killed yesterday. this
10:33 pm
happened around 9 30 saturday morning on 23rd avenue at foothill boulevard near garfield park. there's no word tonight on the victim's identity or whether any arrests were made. in that case, many americans are expressing concern about the spike in violent crime in major cities across the country. prosecutors are trying to come up with ways to get the problem under control before it gets even worse. foxes david spun with the latest tonight from washington. authorities here in washington, d. c. want people to feel safe, but no question. it's been difficult with this recent stream of continued violence thursday night, patrons were just enjoying dinner about a mile from the white house when shots were fired outside of a popular restaurant. many innocent people were caught in the middle of the gunfire. d. c. police chief robert conte says he needs more boots on the ground and the court system needs to work more in the favor of law enforcement. chicago another large city with a crime problem, the court today are backed up by at least 35,000
10:34 pm
felony cases right now the state's attorney for cook county handles both the county and city of chicago. i was in chicago thursday and friday, and i sat down with kim foxx. she's the top prosecutor or state's attorney for the five plus million people in cook county. it's the second largest county in the country. there is a proposal by local leaders in chicago to move some of the non violent crimes to a city court. the fact of the matter is we have an unrelenting gun problem in chicago, and i cannot look to the people that i serve and tell them that we're spending more of our resources going after petty offenses that can still be dealt with then we are going after gun violence, and that's where my priority is. meanwhile lawmakers from both sides of the aisle continued to work on police reform while it's currently stalled, one of the lead negotiators says it's still in the works when you demonize police officers when you defund the police, and you. started talking about this war
10:35 pm
on police and prosecution and not on crime. you're going to have a reduction of forces. and if you tell officers that their personal liability is on the line, it is a bad decision. senator scott hopes to get police reform done before the august recess in washington, david spun fox news. police in santa cruz arrested two men for defacing a black lives matter mural in the city's downtown area 20 year old brandon bow shot of santa cruz and 19 year old hagen warner of boulder creek were arrested yesterday on suspicion of felony vandalism. police say the two took turns driving over the mural on friday night, leaving behind tire skid marks, santa cruz police chiefs at his department is also investigating the case as a hate crime in the oakland asian cultural center held a soft reopening today, the in person event was titled food line mapping ideas for a from culture to conversation. the program included a screening of the food documentary bloodline,
10:36 pm
followed by a discussion with bay area chefs. the center was founded in 1984 and works to build communities through asian and pacific islander arts and cultural programs. civil rights activists robert moses has died. moses was raised in harlem and later moved to mississippi, where he worked to dismantle segregation. 19 sixties, he endured beatings and jail while leading black voter registration drives in the south. he later started a national organization devoted to teaching math to try and create a more equal society. moses died at his home in hollywood, florida he was 86 years old. some senators have renewed hope tonight that they will region infrastructure deal coming up what is stalling plans to get money flowing into those projects and a new week stretching out in front of us all have that five day forecast. it does include an increase in some humidity. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. plus it's not just california wildfires raging out of control overseas tonight as well, we'll
10:37 pm
tell you about
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increasing production here in the u. s $250 billion technology investment bill has passed in the senate and is expected to also clear the house. a white house source says more than $52 billion will be invested in the construction of eight semiconductor factories in the u. s. no decisions have been made yet on which companies would receive that money. chip makers say they expect the semiconductor shortage to last at least another two years. tomorrow, the senate is expected to take up a bike. paterson spending bill that calls for more than a trillion dollars to be spent on the nation's infrastructure, but there are still a few roadblocks. fox news is marc meredith takes a look. senators from both parties say they are very close to a final deal on
10:40 pm
infrastructure. this $1.2 trillion proposal would do a lot besides just repairing roads and bridges, it would expand broadband access and add electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the country, key lawmakers say after a lot of back and forth, the end is in sight. we continue to work hard. worked all day yesterday, all through the weekend. there's some thorny issues, but we can get it done down to the last couple of items, and i think you're going to see a bill monday afternoon. infrastructure has already been a top priority for the president. really? ever since taking office. he tweeted a lot about it over the weekend, perhaps trying to nudge lawmakers and the public one last time on sunday, he tweeted. bipartisan infrastructure framework is a great deal for the american people from blue collar people. the folks being left behind now. and while the senate maybe close on infrastructure, how quickly a bill would actually get to the president's desk remains unclear. house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't pass infrastructure in her chamber. that is until after the senate also passes a separate, much
10:41 pm
larger spending bill tied to human infrastructure. the speaker doubling down on her demands on sunday, president has said that he wants to have bipartisan bill, and we all do, but that is not the limitation of the vision of the president. he wants to build that better if congress were able to deliver an infrastructure package to the president's desk, it would certainly be a legislative victory for the white house and the biden administration may want that to happen sooner rather than later, a new gallup survey shows the president's approval rating slipping now down to 50% a six point drop in the last month, the lowest of his presidency so far. in wilmington, delaware. marc meredith fox news. house speaker nancy pelosi has appointed republican adam kinzinger to the special committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol the illinois congressman has been a harsh critic of former president trump and will join wyoming. congress will middle east cheney as the two republicans on that panel, house minority leader kevin mccarthy criticized speaker pelosi's
10:42 pm
decision, saying it was further proof the select committee is designed to attack mr trump and his supporters ahead of the midterm elections. widespread flooding and takes a toll on winemaking in europe. coming up the scramble to save bottles and chief meteorologist bill martin will be along to have a breakdown of what we can expect from the weather this i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious
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fourth grade students and their families. governance um, signed a bill last week establishing the california state park adventure past program. new cement, his wife both championed the program, saying quality time in nature is good for our hearts, minds and bodies. the federal government has the every kid outdoors program, which allows family with fourth graders free access to federal parks, the new state park program begins on september 21st historic german
10:45 pm
winemaker is trying to salvage bottles and barrels. after flooding in western europe submerged it's sellers and facilities. the massage i tina wine cooperative has been making wine for 150 years, but the water and mud from those floods is so bad it had to stop selling wine. the wine maker is now planning to outsource sales to other local wine growers, who didn't suffer as much damage. the village of may. sasha itself was cut off by the floodwaters and only reachable by air, at least 180 people in germany and 31 in belgium died as a result of floods. fires have been tearing through the island of sardinia in italy, nearly 400 people were evacuated overnight. no deaths or injuries have been reported. several homes were damaged in the island's western interior region, authorities say about 10,000 acres have been scorched and the fires are still raging, officials say some 7500 emergency workers, including members of italy's forced police, and the red cross, have helped out with evacuations.
10:46 pm
already here are the highs from today 95 in antioch 93 in livermore. those are the hot spots as well as conquered highs in these places tomorrow, maybe more like 90 91 little bit cooler, um, and a little bit stick here. we got humidities increasing to the high clouds up here. that's some tropical moisture. that's the north american monsoon kicking in yet again. this is the coastal fog. i know it. it is cloud cover is just not high clouds just lower clouds, stratus and fog and low clouds pushing in across emeryville. it will get a little bit pretty pretty extensive across the bay tonight, but i don't suspect we're gonna see a bunch of really big inland. push tomorrow. um you know, maybe the usual spice you can see the green. that's kind of the extent of the cool marine air right and you can see where it's still pretty pretty warm. still in brentwood, almost 80 degrees out there right now. so you get away from the sea breeze and lo and behold, it's much warmer. look at that 92 degrees cooler in fairfield right now than it was last night. live more about the same. so we're splitting here is
10:47 pm
basically the same as it was last night. at this time tomorrow i'll be slightly cooler. this cloud cover coming up from the subtropics, right? you can kind of see it here. it's pretty volatile, popping thunderstorms out in the san diego area northern baja areas around that area, and then i'll towards phoenix. we've seen a lot of rain. we've seen albuquerque in salt lake city in denver, just getting deluged with the tropical moisture and heavy heavy rain flooding looking all that and it's been going. it's nighttime. right? so the sun's down and you still have green. usually these things die down. but no, this seems just there's so much moisture in that four corners area and it's been hammered. we talked about last week we're talking about, i think late thursday all through this weekend. it's going to last another couple days, few thunderstorms and showers of friends like tahoe area fog back along the coast. it's pushing inland as it has last month or so, but it's been foggy. i talked to some friends out in, um, mill valley yesterday, and they were saying, yeah, this is tomorrow. morning by the way, forecast how it's been really one of the foggiest periods they can
10:48 pm
remember. and they moved out there a long time just saying especially out there by tennessee valley has been really foggy. okay so there are the forecast highs from i'll see that bite of cool air. that's us and everybody else is hot will still be pretty warm in the inland spots like antioch and liver more but still upper eighties low nineties. pretty darn nice. here comes the five day forecast and you can see we've got plenty of warmth. not crazy out of control. want a little warmer on tuesday. but then the hotspots are all low nineties and that's kind of where we hover. it's not the bestest forecast in terms of be nice to have a cooler pattern for fire, danger and such, but well, it'll suffice. no red flag warnings. no. spare the air days anticipated. um so that's at alex. i'll see you all back here at 11 with updates. all right. that sounds good, bill. we'll see you. then the entertainment world is mourning legendary comedian jackie mason mason was a former rabbi who became one of the most popular standup comics of the 19 sixties, he made a name for himself in the bush. built in new york's catskills mountain resorts. he was a frequent guest on the ed sullivan show,
10:49 pm
and all of the late night talk shows in the sixties and seventies, he appeared in the classic 1979 steve martin movie the jerk and was the star of a popular one man show on broadway basin, died yesterday at a hospital in new york city following a long illness. he was 93 years old, new research suggests skipping one mammogram can increase the risk of breast cancer sharply a study out of queen mary university. in london and fallon central hospital in sweden looked at more than 550,000 women. some women didn't miss any exams, and some missed one of two previous screenings. the risk for fatal cancer 10 years later was 50% lower for those who didn't miss any exams. this study was published in the journal radiology. well warning for anyone with an iphone ipad or mac laptop. cyber experts have discovered that those devices are vulnerable to hack attacks when you are using a public wifi spot reporter heather sullivan has more on how to protect your device.
10:50 pm
pegasus spyware has evolved from what's called spear. phishing attacks where you might click on a malicious link in an email to now, what's called zero click attacks, which means they get access to your phone without you're doing a thing. they found that if someone changed the name of a wifi. hotspots so any kind of, uh, wifi hot spot to include a bunch of percent signs and letters that it would completely disable the wifi on that phone. it's called a zero click attack, and then in the last few days, they've discovered that this affects not only iphones but are also facts affects ipads and mac laptops. big concern for anyone working remotely or traveling because hackers can create wifi hotspots to look like a restaurants or hotels. wifi hiding the malicious code in a second line that you don't see so an attacker could. like put
10:51 pm
the name than to a ton of spaces until they get to the second line and then put the malicious code in there and you never see it. it would look like a perfectly normal life by then they can start stealing your personal and financial information right off your phone. they can browse get you to open programs. they get you to browse websites they could get you to. they can see as you said, your emails and messages. they can do pretty much anything they want. apple is expected to come out with a fix in the ios 14.7 update. so be sure to update your devices and back up the data on your phone. avoid connecting to what i find networks with percent signs in their names or to public wifi networks. then make sure that you talk to the employees and or check around for signs or things like that. you know exactly what is the correct wifi to be connecting to here is the best way to avoid accidentally joining a hacker's hot spot. you basically need to disable the auto join feature
10:52 pm
on your device. you're going to go to settings. wifi auto, join hot spot and click. never heather sullivan fox news. coming up later tonight in sports. the giant smash four home runs but was it enough to ? joe fonzi will be here with all the highlights after the break, then on the 11 o'clock news, a citywide crackdown fails to put an end to displays of dangerous s
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10:54 pm
happening tonight in sports a 162 game baseball season always has its ups and downs, and the giants rebounded today from one of those little downs against the pirates speaking pirates. there was deciding today in mccovey cove. pirates got on the board of their half of the first, but so did the giants.
10:55 pm
lamonte wade ties into a jt brubaker pitch and puts it in the center field bullpens. it was 11 wade was just getting started. he came up again in the third and this. i'm stroke to into the deepest part of the ballpark and what a find he's been for the giants. that's 12 homers on the season, weighed three for five on the day, the giants lead 2 to 1. they got three runs in the sixth and then capped the scoring in the eighth. cairo estrada with the drive to center brian reynolds tracks the ball makes a leap at the wall, but can't get it. that was the fourth home run of the game for the giants and third of the year for astrada. giants win 6 to 1 in state two games in front of second place la, which comes to san francisco. for the first of three on tuesday. well it has not been a good weekend for the a's in seattle is their deficit in the a f c west grew by two games, oakland trying not to make it three straight losses to the mariners the age we're leading one in the third and then doubled that lead when matt olsen 10.81 crushed marco
10:56 pm
gonzalez pitch. that's homer number 27 on the year for olson, the a's in front two to nothing, that's but it all fell apart for the asian, the bottom half of the inning coal urban trying to work out of a bases loaded two outs jam, but kyle seager rips one through the shift to drive in a pair of runs. they were all tied at two r b. i single made it 3 to 2 and then tom murphy continued the beginning. ramon laureano is playing very deep, and he can't come in fast enough to get to this ball. seeger comes home to cap the four run inning. seattle then hung on for 4 to 3 win the age do lose their third straight and three out of four to the mariners. they fall 5.5 games behind division leading houston in the warm up games. the u. s men's basketball team was struggling for chemistry, and that is still the case after the first game today in the olympics, the u. s lost to france, 83 to 76. it was easy to see why the us shot 36% from the field 31% from three point range from beyond the arc.
10:57 pm
kevin durant was one for six. jason tatum one for five and damian lillard, three for nine. france was led by the celtics. evan fournier, who had 28 points and utah's rudy go bear. with 14. the us plays again on wednesday against iran, the us against jamaica and the quarterfinals. the concacaf gold cup tonight's game in arlington, texas, had fans representing a number of american cities. the game stayed scoreless until the 83rd minute. that's when the u. s got a nice little run going. it's christian rolled on from the corner centering to matthew hoppy, who jumps up for the header that finds the jamaican net. take another look as hoppy threads the needle between the jamaican defender and the goalie. the u. s wins against qatar on thursday in austin, n h. r a drag this weekend. it's sonoma. you don't want to be in a funny car when this happens, tim wilkerson was driving in the first round. one is engine absolutely blew up.
10:58 pm
it's a testament to the safety of these cars that wilkinson was not hurt. funny car finals couldn't be closer. they needed a photo finish. it was robert hight in the far lane, edging out matt hagen in the near lane by two thousands of a second top fuel final. almost as close steve torrance in the near lane lee prewitt in the far once again a photo finish needed to see that torrents was the winner. this is the sixth win this year for torrance, who was the top fuel points leader and final round of golf three m championship today in minnesota. cameron champ came to the 18th hold, not needing to do anything. spectacular but spectacular might be just a word for this recovery shots. that was to set up a putt for par. the look is part of a champ shot a bogey free round of 500 par 66 for his third career win, and that was good enough to beat louis oosthuizen, jonathan vegas and charles schwartzel, who all tied for second by two strokes. all joe appreciate it and good good
10:59 pm
showing for the giants today. the bats were hot out there. oracle that was fun. yes, it was a great game. yeah, sunshine perfect. looking ahead to another series with the dodgers, right? yeah. big three game series starting on tuesday. they just saw plenty of the dodgers in la just last week, won three out of four there, so let's see what they can do it here at home and jason appelbaum, and i'll be back at 11 30 for sport strap. okay, that sounds good. alright joy. thank you coming up tonight next to the 11 or service. sometimes they coming back with us crying about all these constant really bad with mass guys. lines, changing higher prices and more have people are having an impact on people in the middle of the pandemic. tonight business owners are asking customers please don't take it down on them. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now and hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage and i'm quoting wang. frank and julie are off. we begin this hour with new masking rules, which take effect tomorrow for everyone in san mateo county, all county
11:00 pm
employees and members of the public who are visiting county building. will be required to wear masks vaccinated or not. the mass requirement comes in response to the rising number of new covid infections and hospitalizations in san mateo county, tied to the delta variant president biden's chief medical adviser, admits the cdc is considering whether to ask everyone across the country to start wearing masks again. this is under active consideration. if you're asking that part in my part of the discussion, yes, i am part of the discussion, but i think what you were seeing even though as of our conversation at this moment, the cdc still says, and recommends that if you are vaccinated fully that you do not need to wear a mask indoors, however, if you look at what's going on locally in the trenches in places like la county, the local officials have the discretion and the cdc agrees with that ability and discretion capability to say, you know.


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