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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 24, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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i want -- that's my program. i love you. i love you, too, honey. oh -- okay. we're looking at there is emergency crews rushing to an area of a shooting on highway four and tonight a stretch of the freeway remains closed. good evening. i'm andre senior. christina is off and we begin with that breaking news happening along highway foreign conquered. we're told multiple people have been shot near the port chicago exit. ktvu zemgus
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is live near the scene. and emma, what can you tell us about what happened here? yeah andre contra costa. chp has closed a part of highlight for going westbound and are diverting traffic to willow pass road and they tell me that it will be closed for a while going into concord. as for what we know about the shooting, chp the investigation and says they will be posting an update on the condition of the people involved in the shooting later tonight, but as of right now, they haven't shared details with media yet. but we do have video that was taken about 20 minutes after the shooting on highway four. westbound you can see a black sedan. it's windows blown out by bullets. also other parts of the car had been hit to buy bullets. it's unclear if the maroon toyota prius parked behind it was involved. contra costa ian, us responded, and it's possible as many as three people were transported to a local hospital. radio traffic indicated there was a baby in the car seat that
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we can see is in the back and there's no work. and on the condition of anyone that was inside the vehicle. as of yet, it appears the window that was behind an above the car seat was blown out as well. fortunately there were witnesses and chp contra costa is investigating. we will look for that update and andre, i'll share our details with you once that's posted. alright, information still coming in m ago reporting for us live in concord along highway four. thank you so much. emma meantime, that shooting comes just hours after another shooting that killed two people and injured four others in sandra felt last night, too. gunfire broke out near the intersection of luton's place in third street as ktvu is james torres reports. only one of the surviving victims stayed at the scene. police say bullets riddled all through this parking garage, and there's plenty of evidence on that. you can see it here on the walls. and where glass windows used to be. and i was at home and i heard around 10 30. i heard this really loud noise that the first thought i
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had was with that gunfire nearby. business owners spent saturday morning picking up glass. they were too nervous to speak to me on camera after police say a car driving someone with a high powered automatic weapon drove in. firing shots, no indication at this point that it's a gang related crime. there's also no indication what led up to the shooting. there's no we have no information regarding an altercation prior to the first information we have about it is when the shooting happened. it then became a hunt to find the six victims. only one stayed at the scene. a man in his sixties likely caught in the crossfire. the crime scenes spread out over a large area. according to san rafel officers. the other five are in their twenties, a traffic stop led them to two victims. a car crash led marin county sheriff's office deputies to two more victims and a nearby hospital called police to say a person showed up shot after a car dropped them off and took off. well, it scared me event, dakota lives and works as a hairstylist
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nearby. she heard the shots late friday night and had no idea the killings happened behind a neighboring hair salon, seeing my friends. on back window shot out, and there are actually bullet holes in their break room, which is right. that's that's scary. that's very, very scary. yeah, i don't like that left behind is now shattered glass and bullet holes on doors, walls and the above beams of this parking garage. police say most of those involved we're going to a hip hop concert at a nearby nightclub coming into town from areas of the east bay. they're still piecing together. what exactly led to this violent crime? just call us. we need information. we need the help from the public. if you saw something, please say something in sandra fell. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. well tonight an examination of a new justice department plan to fight gun crimes gives us a better idea of how it should work. attorney general um eric garland announced thursday. the bay area is one of five regions
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across the country where strike forces will be created to crack down on gun trafficking corridors. each strike force region will be led by designated united states attorneys who will collaborate with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives. they will also work together with state and local law enforcement partners. people who lie in order to get illegal guns are feeding the gangs that are then using those guns to kill people. and in that, um, target cities, so we do not regard this as a minor matter that we regard this as a major matter. the justice department expects these truck forces will use data, evidence and intelligence from crime scenes to identify patterns, leads and potential suspects and violent gun crimes. the san mateo county sheriff's office has a shoplifter pulled a gun on the store employee who tried to intervene. it happened a little after 7 45 last night at the home depot on old county road. investigators say the suspect left the store without paying for $130 worth of merchandise and when confronted
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by an employee, authorities say the thief pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the person then took off in a black 19 nineties chevy tahoe with tinted windows called the san mateo county sheriff's office if he can help with the investigation. meantime, police are investigating a possible d. why after an suv slams into a store in downtown oakland, it happened and how to market its 17th and webster around 7 30 this evening. the store owner says there are no serious injuries despite the severity of that crash. investigators say the driver was speeding and lost control of the vehicle. alright none of this new time lapse video from pg and e gives you an idea of the challenge. the dixie fire poses to firefighters, intense flames and heavy smoke is billowing from the fire. it's only 19% contained tonight and has grown to more than 181 acres. that fire triggered new evacuation orders for butte and plumas county this afternoon. it is the largest wildfire in california right now, roughly 4000 firefighters, in fact, on the fire lines, cal fire asking
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residents living anywhere near the fire to self evacuate because it says crews may not be able to rescue those who decide to stay at home. the tamarack fire near south lake tahoe and alpine ca. and he is now more than 65,000 acres. containment stands at just 4% the huge flames have destroyed at least 10 buildings and forced thousands of people to leave their homes. the fire is also causing bad air quality in the area, including like tahoe. and bay area firefighters cover some of the front lines of these fires. san jose fire department along with all of the other agencies in the bay area, are part of a larger community of firefighters. and no. one agency can fight any big fire like this by themselves. that's why we have such a robust mutual aid system. well images coming to us from firefighters give you a glimpse of what's happening on the ground right now and later in this newscast, firefighters
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share some of what they're going through right now. fire investigators are trying to figure out whether a fire at an oakland warehouse overnight started at a nearby homeless encampment. it was first reported shortly after 12 30 am at the intersection of 45th and east 12th street. the fire quickly drew 23 alarms. there. there was major damage to the warehouse and several power lines actually collapsed. firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading to nearby buildings. there were no reports of any injuries. rana kala, the man dubbed the dating game killer. or died of natural causes at the san joaquin valley hospital this morning, alcala was sentenced to death in 2010 for five murders in california between 1977 1979. he was known as the dating game killer, because in 1978, he actually appeared as a contestant on the television show the dating game. investigators have either suspected alcala of or linked him to 130 other murders across
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the country from california. all the way to new york for the first time in weeks, someone in marin county has died from covid 19 coming up, the delta variant begins to change people's attitudes about the virus, then the california republican party is leading in hard on the upcoming new some recall election ahead their latest move to shore up a gop candidate. and we've got some high clouds moving in tonight. this is part of the monsoonal moisture that's in the southwest away from home tonightg
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much needed support to contain the fast growing, nick. see fire that's burning right now in plos debut, counties ktvu emma god spoke to some of the firefighters who are on the ground now. a close up. look at the fast growing dixie fire shared saturday by the cal fire sam mateo and santa cruz unit captain mitch matt low from the san jose fire department arrived friday night, he says
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more than 20. other firefighters from san jose are at the dixie fire among more than 4000. other crews working to contain the fire. san jose fire department has made a major commitment of personnel to this fair. so far it's 19% contained and has burned close to 180,000 acres that were getting very, very aggressive. uh dramatic fire behaviors in places, especially along the east side of this fire, where fuel moistures are low. relative humidity is really low temperatures are high. and that's why this fire is moving so rapidly, he said. a fire this size with fuels this dry is typical for october. the drought has made the bigger fires come sooner and stronger. it is a big fire, alameda county fire engineer carl daniel has been on the ground since tuesday. surprisingly for fire the size, there's only been eight buildings lost so far, and it's for a fire of this magnitude and size. it's
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actually a really good percentage that we've been able to save. the fire has burned, hilly area but is quickly approaching vacation homes and small businesses. emma got ktvu fox two news crews from piedmont, albany, fremont and hayward are also there. alameda county firefighters returned home yesterday from oregon after working to contain the bootleg fire there. well, if smoke from these wildfires reaches our area, you need to protect yourself with more than the type of mass most people have been using to get through the pandemic. you're looking at wildfire smoke. we're looking at really, really tiny particles and will easily pass through those cloth masks. well later in this newscast, doctors break down the best way to breathe easy while encountering wildfire smoke are to updating the boot like fire in southern oregon. now it's grown to more than 400,000 acres made hot, dry and windy conditions, but fire officials say crews are gaining some ground on this
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blaze, which has grown to be the largest wildfire in the u. s right now, more than 2200 firefighters are working the boot like fire, they managed to bring containment up slightly to 42% today from 40% yesterday. thousands of homes in the area remain under a wildfire threat. so right now we're on the hill of the fire and pretty much like the right flank on the fire. so um, head of the fires, basically, we're most of the heat is that. and the fire is making a big push is like during during that time of the day when it heats up, and right now we're trying to just securing the actually kind of think rallying the fire in a sense, and pretty much up front is where you get the live action. bigger flames, more more heat and a lot more adrenaline and all right right now. so the fire has destroyed 67 homes and almost 120. outbuildings so far, nobody has been hurt. the california republican party has a plan to potentially endorse a candidate in the upcoming recall election of governor gavin newsom 46
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candidates are running against newsome, 24, a republican, the state's republican party has decided to have delegates gather virtually on august 7th to determine whether the party should back a candidate. our candidate needs support from 60% of delegates to win the endorsement, and if that happens, they can and it would get support in the form of party money and other resources and the new polls suggesting governor gavin newsom now losing ground in the recall election inside california politics and emerson college conducted the poll earlier this month, questioning more than 1000 people and 43% of those who participated in the poll support removing the governor from office. now that is up from 38% in march. 48% who participated in the poll plan to vote to keep the governor in office, 9% undecided. the poll has a margin of error of 2.9% locally, san jose's mayor sam liccardo, is reportedly being accused of using private emails to get around public records
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laws. the news publication san jose spotlight says it obtained emails between liccardo and a community activists about police corruption, according to that report, the advocate feared his information would be made public, so liccardo gave him his private gmail account and allegedly promised to delete their emails from the public server, a constitution attorney criticized the cardo, saying any time of public official communicates with someone regarding official business. it's subject to the public records act in response to that report, the mayor's office says the city quote prematurely closed out the spotlights request for information about the case without asking the mayor to search his personal account. all right, turning our attention to the weather. we had a pretty nice day out there a little bit cooler in spots, but still some heat in linden. you can see it there and conquered and liver more. 95 degrees 96 in antioch 95 in fairfield, but in san francisco, just 64 69 in oakland, you can see some eighties up in the north bay and so nice seventies
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around the base san jose about 81 degrees. currently, as you can see, we do have a little marine layer presence out there. certainly seeing it in san francisco and oakland and down in san jose as well. a few clouds out there 53 degrees right now in santa rosa, we're in the fifties in san francisco and oakland. still little warm, though in livermore. what are the spots i got up into the mid nineties. there's 70 right now. san jose, the low sixties you got a little onshore breeze that is still happening. that's helped helping to usher in that marine layer tonight. so you know, we've got a little fog out there and we're certainly starting to see some high clouds are gonna be rolling in tonight as well. so it's going to be a little bit of a cloudy run over the next 24 to 48 hours. so tonight looking for temperatures to get about, you know, mild temperatures, really? as we get out to up into the north bay valleys about 49 degrees working away in the fifties around the bay and then sixties in our inland spots, so the bigger picture here is that we have monsoonal moisture that's starting to make its way into california and you can see some of the clouds that are starting to kind of roll in as well right now, basically in
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the center part of the state, but it is part of this big your pattern that is rolling around some high pressure. the sitting over the desert southwest and starting to roll into where we are earlier this evening, we did have some storms over and near mammoth lakes. you can see that's kind of died down now and again. we're not expecting storms for this area, but we will likely get some higher humidity levels and we will also get some clouds and as you can see here, just looking at future cast. you know, you see not just the clouds tomorrow morning, right? that will be along the coast but also in the afternoon. more clouds coming inland. we are going to start to cool down just a little bit as well. have more on that in your extended forecast when i come back in just a bit for nelson it back to andrei. alright color will look forward to that are coming up next drought concerns in california the drastic move that state regulators are planning that will affect the people who grow our food. later in sports, one of the best highlights of the night for the giants game didn't actually come from the diamond but from the broadcast booth jason appelbaum. we'll explain, and then the future is
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here, and it's here to serve you. i made a worker shortage of california restaurant turns to robots to fill the gap. the reaction from customers may not be what you'd expect, though.
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two weeks. the numbers show it's nearly entirely among the unvaccinated boxes. charles watson has more now from
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atlanta. we have a pandemic among non vast vaccinated mostly not taxi. if you are vaccinated, you are see cases of the covid-19 delta variant are on the rise across the united states. the centers for disease control and prevention say the seven day average of new infections is up 53% from the week before it now accounts for an estimated 83% of all covid-19. cases nationwide. please take the delta varian. seriously this virus has no incentive chill eta and it remains in search of the next vulnerable person to in fact, unvaccinated americans have reportedly driving up covid-19 hospitalizations for the first time since late last year. the seven day average of vaccine doses going into arms is below 300,000 day. health experts are continuing to urge americans to take the shot. even if the
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vaccine does not completely protect against infection, it usually if it's successful, protects against serious disease, as the delta varian continues to drive up coronavirus cases across the u. s concerns are growing over whether to revive mask mandates because of covid-19 resurgence, the biden administration says it's the cdc, which dictates policies unmask. some republicans say they worry about who gets the final say nobody elected to see. he say no. one elected tony fauci to make these decisions. advisors advise elected officials decide the white house says it's following the science on whether or not to tell americans even vaccinated ones to mask up again in atlanta. charles watson fox news, california regulators are planning to stop thousands of farmers from taking water out of the state's major rivers and streams. now the sacramento bee reports at the state water resources control board is considering the order because
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of a history. drought gripping the western part of the country. the board is scheduled to vote on the matter on august 3rd. and if approved, the order would take effect. about two weeks later, there would be some exceptions for drinking water and other needs. california farming operation is issuing a recall for carrots over possible bacterial contamination. greenway farms is recalling select brands of its baby and shredded carrots because of suspect suspected sal manila. bakersfield company says six recalled carrot products are sold under these following brand names here. bunny love cal organic, oh organics and grim way farms. customers with those brands should throw them out. company officials say. the recall came after a routine test and that no illnesses have been reported it well. president biden he hits the campaign trail supporting the democrat in the virginia gubernatorial race, as marc meredith reports from wilmington, delaware. this comes as his own approval ratings are starting to slump. president biden was back out on the campaign trail reaching out
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to undecided voters ahead of virginia's gubernatorial race will be happening a little bit later on this year, he's campaigning for the democrat in the race. former virginia governor terry mcauliffe and in his remarks on friday night he took a direct shot at his predecessor, terry and i am but share a lot in common. i ran against donald trump, and so is terry. okay? and i whipped donald trump in virginia. and so it, but this year's election is a lot different from 2024 instance in virginia, one of the most talked about issues is tied to education, with conservatives campaigning hard against efforts by some people to add critical race theory into the state's curriculum. this is the republican in the race businessman glenn junk in there is a revolt against the way our schools have been managed comprehensively. and critical race theory is a big
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part of it. as for president biden, he's now six months into his term, but still facing a lot of questions about his agenda and how he can address the pandemic. the economy, surging crime and global threats. and while the administration took somewhat of a victory lap this past week, new numbers from gallup show the president's approval rate is slipping with 50% of people now approving 45% disapproving and 5% offering no opinion, the president losing about six points in that approval since last month, however, gallup says he still continues to have strong support from democrats and fairly decent support from independents. republicans though standing firm against the biden white house, although the white house is still hopeful congress will get on board with this agenda, including those two massive spending packages, one tied to infrastructure, the other tied to expanding government social safety net programs traveling with the president in wilmington, delaware, marc meredith. fox news are still ahead on the 10 o'clock news. the covid-19 delta variant is
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bringing more death and hospitalization. we'll show you how it's also having a positive side effect, at least when it comes to vaccinations. then as we deal with wildfires and the possibility of prolonged smoke your coronavirus mask may not be the best line of defense and richard branson and jeff bezos recently went to space, but it's still pales in comparison to what happened to half century ago today. the ceremony. in the e (vo) try bush's sweet heat baked beans, with that pop of jalapeño heat, and boooom! your regular ol' thursday night is a jalabeaño night.
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even before it officially opened at nine a.m. vehicle steadily streamed into the lot on mission boulevard near highway to 38 for a clinic operated by the nonprofit la familia. many participants said they had a specific motivation and mostly the new variant coming out. we also want to make sure we're doing our part not to, you know, get other people sick, my mama, she asked me if i wanted to get in. i said sure. vaccines don't absolutely guarantee defense against covid. but survivability is what's most important to this woman. drove from tracy, knowing she could still catch the virus, like other vaccinated people have. they're not tired, but they survived. so that's why i'm here. this site is in hayward's cherry land district, an area with low vaccination rates compared with alameda county at large. organizers also use free food from a food bank to entice people and loaded up nearly 500 boxes so you can see today families are coming to get food. they're coming and picking up boxes of food. um and then in
10:31 pm
exchange, we also ask them if they've been back. needed so they'll get you know the vaccine if they haven't and they're open to it. organizers say they are seeing renewed interest in vaccinations due to the delta variant, something happening nationwide. the white house said that the vaccinations overall were up 14% this last week over last week, the week prior, which is a good number, ucsf infectious disease specialist, dr monica gandhi, says the bay area's relatively high vaccination rate is helping it. avoid the spike in hospitalizations and deaths happening in some other parts of the country, she says 83% of nationwide cases are now the delta variant, overwhelmingly hitting people who have avoided doing this getting a shot of protection. every. hospitalization right now, almost everyone is preventable, and it seems like a disaster that we're doing this in july of 2000 and 21. that clinic in hayward was capable of giving up to 150
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doses. they had 30 takers within the first couple of hours, which organizers say is definitely a recent improvement. greg legans ktvu. fox two news. well, a group of parents in california is suing the state over its plan to keep mess in schools for the fall semester. they're part of a group call, let them breathe. they say parents should decide whether their kids wear a mask at school, regardless of vaccination status. their lawsuit urges the state to drop the mandate, claiming the science does not support it. our group is pro science, pro safety and pro smiles. we are here to bring mask choice to every child. the science has shown that children have an incredibly low risk of contracting, let alone spreading the disease. i'm more concerned about the short term and long term effects of mask wearing. public health officials defend their policy stating the delta or the data and science are unequivocal. they say there is no substitute for impersonal instruction and
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california's covid-19 prevention strategies are the best way to fully open our schools while protecting students and staff. well do not expect cloth mass to offer much protection from wildfire smoke if smoke reaches our area, erin heft spoke to doctors about how those messed could make matters worse for your lungs. demolishing over 100,000 acres, displacing entire towns, filling our sky and lungs full of smoke. the cdc now advising those cloth masks, we've warned to protect ourselves from covid do nothing to protect us from wildfire smoke. when you're looking at wildfire smoke, we're looking at really, really tiny particles that will easily pass through those cloth masks specializing in both pulmonary and critical care, doctor vanessa walk her explains it's because of particulate size, whereas when you're looking at covid, the viral particles are very small, but they are suspended in a droplet, saying those viral droplets are caught
10:34 pm
by cloth masks but do nothing for smoke. no masks are really going to be very helpful against wildfire smoke unless you step up to an n 95 mask. got one for myself, and then i got a box for the whole crew with one of their own leading a task force fighting the blazing tamarack fire. captain nick lawler says many of his team opt to double down. we wear this. it's called a hot shield. it's what they wear to wild land fires and what some firefighters elect to do is we can actually line the inside of it with an n 95 myself. i find that if it's super smoky, and you have a mask on, it helps filter out that particular, uh, that's in the air and just help you feel better. websites like err now dot gov can give you a look at any town city or zip codes. aq i or air quality index, so always check uruguay and if it's in the unhealthy range, you need to stay indoors. cal fire telling k c r a n e y from 0 to 150 is usually okay
10:35 pm
for the average person, but 1, 51 or higher gets dangerous and they recommend masks to all of their staff, even providing respirators if it gets too extreme. we recommend everybody right now stay indoors. this is not the time to be outside saying bottom line. smoke is dangerous and cloth masks offer no protection from smoke when things take a turn for the worst in el dorado hills, erin heft. the cdc says. well, n95 masks offer some protection. they should be reserved for people who require them for work like firefighters and medical personnel. if smoke reaches this area, the cdc recommends staying inside as much as possible to protect yourself. what firefighters say they need most to help fight these fires as a shift in the weather fuels are at record or near record levels of dryness. the lack of moisture means everything is ready. everything is explosive. so sweltering
10:36 pm
heat is expected to blanket much of the country in the coming days, with record breaking temperatures in some areas. in addition to fighting wildfires here, firefighters are working to put out fires in nevada, montana and washington and take a look at this drone video shows devastation from wildfires in washington's down monitoring the red apple fire tore through the area, charring more than 12,000 acres, officials say the fire is now 90% contained the national weather service says high temperatures are expected through next week with smoke and haze also expected in parts of the state. and the boot like fire in oregon that we told you about and the other western states are pushing wildfire smoke all the way to the east coast, causing the full moon to have this orange glow here. this tint. this is what it looked like in washington, d c last night, but the looked the way and look that way rather in new york city and other east coast cities as well. you
10:37 pm
probably heard reports of businesses struggling to find workers still ahead tonight, one restaurant found a high tech solution to fill that void, and meteorologist collar. grogan will also have much more on a warm up coming for some of us in the bay area coming up in a few minutes, and with the delta varied cause it can serve the nfl getting tough on players who refused
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leak says players will be slapped with a fine of more than $14,000 every time they break covid protocol. on thursday, the league announced teams will be forced to forfeit games and cover financial losses if they are forced to cancel games due to an outbreak among on vaccinated players. so our special show voices for change returns with a new episode tomorrow morning, the host of the show in our political reporter greg lee. we'll take a closer look at the spread of the delta variant and its impact on on vaccinated people. the cdc says. 97% of those hospitalized with covid 19 right now are on vaccinated. we will hear from experts at community vacs, a coalition of public health experts focused on an equitable vaccine roll. the outline some of the reasons for the slowing vaccination
10:41 pm
rate reasons that go. oh, beyond hesitancy. we are well past the sort of factory military rollout stage that we were way back in march where people will be lining up and you can just go shot shot shot shot shot. now we're to the place where we really need to think, and we should have actually been thinking before about this, too. but we need to think about the relationship building. that goes into establishing and supporting trust in the public health service voices for change. it airs tomorrow morning, right here at 9 30 on channel two. well the uss hornet museum in alameda marked the 52nd anniversary of the recovery of the apollo 11 astronauts on this day in 1969, the uss hornet picked up the crew of apollo 11 after they splashed down in the pacific ocean. four days earlier. the crew made history by successfully completing the first human move. landing mission, retired air force colonel joey lazar, who was in mission control for the apollo 11 mission took part
10:42 pm
in today's celebration and remembers how the crew couldn't wait to celebrate the historic occasion. the mission was no where they landed on the ground. we have a lot of things to do to make sure they're going to be safe and they can continue to stay there, so we had some checks that had to be done and way to make sure that the lunar module was in good shape the astronauts in good shape, we really didn't have time to celebrate at that particular. time we did later on after things settle down a little bit, and the celebration continues along with the panel discussion today involving two apollo mission control members. there were also displays from nasa and other space program organizations with information about apollo and current space exploration activities. well, the u. s. postal service needs to boost revenue and you will end up paying the price next. the price increases take effect in a matter of weeks and a live look outside on this saturday night, a foggy look at the golden gate bridge meteorologist college, broken his next with the weather
10:43 pm
system to our east that could pose a problem for the bay area. that breaking news and conr
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10:45 pm
we told you about at the top of the newscast, the chp says one of the people injured in tonight's shooting on highway four, has died. another victim is recovering from injuries described as moderate. both victims were in a black toyota sedan. it's windows were blown out by bullets, if you know anything that can help investigators with this case, contact the chp. all of this happened by the way near the port chicago exit around 6:30 p.m. we will keep you posted ktvu. .com the united states postal service says it will begin raising prices on august 29th to try and boost revenue the priceor


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