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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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underway, plus as the delta variant continues to spread. there are new concerns as more people return to the office. the new recommendations from health officers in three bay area counties when it comes to workplace safety and paying more to go to college. the decision today surrounding a possible tuition hike at u. c campuses and the reason the u. c region say they need more money. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at new good afternoon. i'm ali rasmus in for garcia. i'm andre senior. now new at noon, health officials in three bay area counties are calling on businesses to require their employees to get vaccinated against covid 19 as soon as possible. health officials in san francisco, santa clara and contra costa county said in a news conference last hour there strongly encouraging the requirement there would be limited exceptions for medical reasons or religious beliefs. they also say workers who are not fully vaccinated should be required to wear a mask and to
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undergo frequent testing for the coronavirus. one of the reasons that this recommendation is occurring at this time is that all the varia counties have been seeing a dramatic increase in cases in the last several weeks, and we are watching hospitalizations very closely. we actually had the opportunity now to prevent covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths and because delta has arrived in his the dominant strain, it is urgent. that unvaccinated people get vaccine. san francisco, for example, is seeing a roughly 8 to 10 fold increase in case rates, health officials say the surge is being driven by people of working age between the ages of 20 to 50, who are less likely to be vaccinated than older people. they also say workplace vaccine requirements have stood up to legal challenge. his health officials are warning about a potential new wave of the pandemic. as jonathan syria reports the delta variant is blamed for the increase, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. we have a
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pandemic for those who haven't gotten the vaccination. president biden once again urging americans to get vaccinated as the delta variants of covid-19 has led to a new spike and infections cases, nearly tripling nationwide in just two weeks. health data show. the surge is almost entirely among the unvaccinated if you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized. you're not going to be and i see you, you it and you're not gonna die. delta is now responsible for 80. 3% of all cases in the united states and doctors say, unlike the original strain, many of the patients they're seeing this time around, are younger in their twenties, thirties and forties, the dramatic increase in cases has some cities and states considering a return to mask mandates. we're strongly encouraging all citizens of our region. you returned to or to continue wearing masks in public places. i think it's easier to understand that we're going to need to do this because it's traveling around
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the world, and it's not just us. schools are also weighing their own protocols for the fall semester. most are opting to return in person, but with masks and social distancing right now, kids younger than 12 are not eligible for any of the vaccine's safety of our students and staff is number one, so getting the masks on, although they're not always the most comfortable thing that what's going to keep us safe, according to the cdc, just over 56% of americans have received at least one dose of covid vaccine. less than half are fully vaccinated in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news, solano county is the only bay area county to not recommend wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status, the county's health officer told ktvu that that decision is based on the fact that vaccinated people are well protected against the delta variant, even without a map. ask, it is pretty clear that the delta virus has not changed over the last several months that it is not more effective at defeating the vaccine. the vaccine is still very effective
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against this variant and so vaccinated people with immunity are not acquiring the illness and they're not transmitting the illness. the state has invested $40 million to partner with small physician networks, hoping local doctors can help inform and ultimately convince people to get vaccinated. the u. c board of regions will vote on a multi year tuition increase known as the forever height. a meeting is underway right now, while outside the office of the president. students protested the plan. as ktvu elissa harrington reports this afternoon. they're urging the regions to reject the hike. it's no way we will. hey, wait! university of california students gathered on the front steps of the use the office of the president in oakland, slamming a proposed tuition hike known as the forever hike. we're fighting back and showing that the students will not allow for these increases, and it's just another way that the university is trying to squeeze us the 2% tuition increase would be applied to incoming undergraduate classes. this
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comes out to about $434 per undergraduate. next year. the changes would take effect in the 2022 23 school year than stay locked in for six years. students like me, like other low income students, working class students, students of color can no longer afford to be able to pay tuition. you see, officials say the increase is necessary to keep its 10 campuses competitive and to provide more aid for low income students. this plan will also significantly expand our robust financial aid program. sets aside a substantial portion of the revenue generated by the proposed increases for need based financial aid, enabling, you see to provide more support to our most vulnerable students. critics point out the uc system was given 11 billion more dollars in this year's state budget. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news applications for jobless benefits rose both nationwide and here in california. the latest report by the u. s labor department shows 419,000 american has
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filed for unemployment claims last week. that's up 51,000 claims from the week before here in california. claims also rose with more than 58,000 people seeking benefits. meantime americans are shopping traveling and eating out more as pandemic restrictions are lifted, but that has also left many businesses scrambling to find workers. companies have posted the highest number of available jobs in the two decades that that data has been tracked a service disruption affecting a number of major websites all morning. is being resolved. akamai technologies, which is based in massachusetts, said it had a problem with its edge dns service. the outage took down sites, including delta airlines capital one in chase bank bay areas. oracle says the outage also affected some of its internet resources. optimize says the problem was not caused by a cyber attack, they say after a fix their dns service is back to normal. well, none of the south bay where a woman has been arrested for running over a man with her car. san jose police say it
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happened one o'clock this morning on covid court in a neighborhood near raging waters. water park. the man was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. investigators say the woman might have hit the man intentionally as part of a domestic dispute. the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe, has now burned from alpine county into douglas county in nevada. it started on the fourth of july and has been burning out of control ever since. highways 88 89 in california are closed along with highway 3 95 in nevada because the wind is pushing the flames and embers throughout the area more than 78 square miles have burned and those strong winds and high temperatures have made the firefight extremely difficult. the dixie fire that's burning in butte and plumas counties continues to grow in size. this wildfire group 20 square miles overnight. it's now 162 square miles. that's more than three times the size of san francisco. containment did go up overnight from 15 to 17% people who live in evacuation
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zones say they're stunned. and how quickly the fire has grown, and they're grateful for the firefighters on the front lines. thank you to all the firefighters. very emotional. there are evacuation orders in both butte and plumas county that includes the entire west shore of lake al manar and the plumas national forest. most people have been packing up and heading to safety as soon as they received those initial warnings, but people who aren't in mandatory evacuation zones say they are getting ready just in case they get the call. it's time to leave. i'll just trying to stay calm, not panic and just, you know, fill up your car with gas and take care of the good business so and watch out for neighbors and check in with people and, you know, let them know we're okay. more than 1500 buildings are threatened. many of them are homes. fire crews say they hope the winds die down so that they can keep
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air tankers and helicopters flying and dropping water and retardant on those flames. a warning from pg and e about possible plan power outages this fire season for residents in sonoma county. the utility is focusing on trees near power lines that could be a threat during severe weather. overall p genie estimates there are more than five million hazardous tree risks throughout northern california, raising the average number of outages. from two per year to four. company officials say the average size of the blackouts might also be slightly hired around 6000 affected customers, which is up from 5700 last year, as major wildfires burn across the west to bay area. lawmakers want to address the health impact of all that smoke in the air south made congresswoman any issue, and north bay congressman mike thompson introduced the bill today to help communities protect the residents. the measure directs the epa to study the public health impacts of wildfire smoke. it would also provide resources such as air filtration systems for schools and shelters for people at risk still to come at noon, a racist
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rant caught on video the troubling trend when it comes to hate crimes in san francisco and what investigators are doing to address the issue. plus um, it's here that nothing should happen to the things it will be only ship under the rug. a woman knocked to the ground by a shoplifting suspect her family now speaking out there. concern after that man was released from custody and we're seeing warmer temperatures today across the bay area. ktvu meteorologist kylie grogan will have your full forecast at chewy, we know walks are made better with our furry friends. and we're here to make those walks easy. from tasty treats on the go, to toys that keep them moving.
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shop america's #1 pet pharmacy. followed them and yelled racial slurs for your innocent pieces. you get out of here. your mother's trashed our names. the proper hotel. sure, mothers trash. the couple is white and asian american. they were walking in downtown last sunday, when witnesses say a man in a hat and shorts started berating them. they called police and sought refuge in a nearby hotel. we talked to a witness who recorded this confrontation. things escalated pretty quickly and pretty surprised. no one got like physically hurt. but there are a lot of crazy things that were said. san francisco police investigating this confrontation now and since june there have been about 28 hate crimes in san francisco.
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but since many of these incidents go unreported or under reported, officers say the actual numbers in san francisco much higher starting today, when you drive along highway 505 in vacaville, you may see a special tribute to a fallen california highway patrol officer ktvu xem agus shows us what you'll find. he's remembered as the kind stranger on the highway who stopped to help a woman with her flat tire. the dad who never missed his kids. sports games who bought his wife flowers just because kirk is the man that lost his life wearing the badge, protecting and serving the state of california. i know in my heart that my husband died, doing what he loved officer kirk anthony, greece died in august 2018 officers have made an enforcement stop on interstate 80 and was struck by a motorist. at the time and lost his life due to the collision. on thursday. the california highway patrol held a freeway memorial dedication for officer greece. his wife,
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kerry said she hoped the two memorial signs on 55 north bong and southbound will bring smiles to people's faces as they drive by everything kirk did in all aspects of life he did from his heart officer. gris was really into serving his community, he began his community service through the marine corps and after finishing his time in the marine corps, he became a chp officer and served his community and was very proud of serving his community. emma goes ktvu fox. two news, the department of justice has announced plans to crack down on firearms trafficking nationwide, including here in the bay area, the department of justice announced it will be sending out strike forces into five cities. it comes due to an increase in violent crime across the u. s. the effort will include increased enforcement and so called supply areas, cities and states where it's normally easier to obtain firearms that are later trafficked to cities with more restrictive gun laws. now besides san francisco, there will be new strike teams and.
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chicago, new york, los angeles and washington. d c for turning out your weather and let's check in with ktvu meteorologist colleague robin without chipping up to be so far on this thursday, kyla yeah, it's kind of an interesting day so far because of marine layer compressed a little bit andre, which meant that things got off to a slow start with the fog. but then they kind of kicked in. and even at this hour, we're certainly seeing around the bay and along the coast as you can see years we take a look over from emeryville towards san francisco. plenty of that fog bank that's still making its presence known. in fact, as we take a look here at storm tracker to and i zoom in, it's kind of interesting this time of day. we usually see things pulling back and right now we're still seeing some of this that is pushing its way into the bay. so that means those of you are certainly out of the coast and in san francisco right now, part of the peninsula you're going to be socked in for a little while so certainly big difference in temperatures, right 56 degrees right now. san francisco. 82 conquered 77 up in santa rosa. we've got some nice seventies and fremont about 75 in san jose right now, about 73
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degrees wind also little bit breezy out of the coast about 20 mph. that's that onshore flow, which right now is still helping to bring in that marine layer elsewhere around the bay. it's pretty light, as far as wind is concerned, everything kind of under that 15 mph range so. today is that typical july i pattern right where we've got kind of cool. cloudy at the coast. we've got kind of moderate around the bay and then we start to get a lot of sunshine and some heat even as we head inland, where temperatures in some spots like antioch will get up into that low 90 range but at the coast today, we'll be lucky to get up to about 60 61 degrees and again as i mentioned seventies around the day, it's really going to be more inland where we cease the sunshine and the eighties. but that is to say that those inland have gotten plenty of sunshine right at the get go today because the marine layer just didn't make it in that far. so we are under the influence of two pressure systems high pressure over the desert southwest low pressure up in the pacific northwest. they're kind of keeping each other in check. right now. that's why spots like antioch further inland are getting into the nineties but not up into the mid to upper nineties. now, that will change a little bit
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as we get into tomorrow, we'll start to see that high pressure, build a little bit and influence some of our inland temperatures not too badly. then it is as we get into sunday, monday and tuesday that we start to see that low weakened and potentially bring a little tropical moisture our way now what that's probably going to mean for us is mostly clouds and higher relative humidity levels what it will likely not mean it's thunderstorms. it looks like those are now going to stay over in this era, but certainly this time of year when we got that month when the moisture out there definitely keeping an eye on it just in case so tomorrow we'll start to see temperatures push a little bit higher as we get inland and that will remain on saturday by sunday, some of those clouds spilling over from them. monsoonal moisture that, by the way, has spots in nevada and arizona under flood watches at this hour because they've been getting quite a bit of rain, and then we'll start to see that clear out as we get into the mid frame of next week, but the good news is i don't see an extreme heat coming our way, at least for the next 5 to 7 days, guys back to you, carl. carl. thank you so much push to keep a walgreens store in oakland open for business up next see calls from to oakland city
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council members and why they say the closure would have an impact on the community.
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these photos were posted by a florida state senator, you can see the area where hundreds of people used to live is now an empty pit £22 million of debris have already been removed. it's being stored in a warehouse and vacant lots to be preserved for use in lawsuits
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and for further investigation into the cause of the collapse. yesterday a florida judge said that the victims and families of the condo collapse would receive $150 million to start 97 bodies have been recovered. vallejo tow truck operator says someone set fire to his tow yard to push them out of business about four o'clock sunday morning, someone broke into the tow truck yard owned by clarence martin. a fire was set to his recently purchased the truck, heavily equipment or heavy equipment. there are several of his vehicles. this happened less than two weeks after he began a new service to make it easier for people to get rid of old cars been here 14 years. self employed mechanic. as soon as i get try to get official and open up a tow company. i'm out of business 10 days later, i'm about running a racket. i'm running this for the community to have a tow yard that has their best interests at heart. martin says the insurance on his tow truck was still pending, so his loss likely won't be covered. he's hoping the community will step in with a
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go fund me that he set up there was a link on the ktvu app. if you're interesting. the end of this month is the federal government's deadline for san jose to lay out a plan to remove a homeless encampment at campus outside the airport gates near the southeast edge of the airport, where runways 30 left and 30 right start, the faa says allowing people to live their creates a safety risk for airport and the noise level is hazardous to the health of the people who live under the flight path advocates for the homeless want the city to release details and how it plans to move 400 people and where it plans to relocate them would become rooted. so to say they, you know they've made their camps more into home, you know, homesites itself and they're comfortable hood. they feel safe here. there's community here, city and airport officials say the deadline is july 31st, and they hope to meet that, but they say they want a permanent solution. not just move people from one location to another, and for that reason they have asked the
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f a to extend the time they have to carry out their plan until next spring. in the u. s last year, a record 93,000 people died of a drug overdose. with the majority of those deaths blamed on fentanyl. fentanyl is an opioid used for pain treatment. that is 100 times more potent than morphine. the dea says 90% of fentanyl laced drugs can be traced to the southern border lethal amounts of fentanyl are being mixed into all major drugs, including pills, meth, heroin and cocaine. it's coming in in very large volume, and so instead of just being mixed in with heroin now it's being pre pressed into pills that look just like pharmaceutical pills that you might buy from a manufacturer. last month more than £1000 of fentanyl were seized at the border by customs and border protection. well this morning, oakland city council members and residents called on walgreens to delay or cancel the planned closure of a store in east oakland council members lauren taylor and
12:25 pm
trivia reads say they oppose walgreens plan to close the store a week from today. that store located at 82nd avenue in international boulevard. they're hoping the store will at least stay open until their lease ends in january. the council members say. it's the only pharmacy in that district serving members of the hard hit community during a pandemic, who have been experiencing the greatest disparities of diagnosis of hospitalization and death that we would remove a critical key of access to them having pharmacy related services. walgreens told the council members that the reasons for leaving include concerns about theft and the reimbursement rate for medicare and medicaid services. the company said it was also unable to negotiate a lower rent san francisco's border supervisors looking to replace its green trash because it canisters and the ones under consideration here cost as much as $20,000, each supervisors told the san
12:26 pm
francisco chronicle that the old trash cans are part of the reason so much trash ends up on city streets. three years ago, the city decided to start looking for possible replacements. well, now the board is looking at three candidates and is scheduled to choose one next week. the city is expected to buy 15 of the winning version and start testing them starting in november. the delta variant continues to spread across the country, but that's not keeping people from traveling this summer. the trend travel experts are noticing despite a rising cases. plus, i mean, i've been quite a few olympics and the rules are completely different. the olympics a lot different than ever before. or why many athletes and their families are still on edge, despite measures in place to keep everyone
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. require their employees to get vaccinated against covid-19 as new cases search health officials in san francisco, santa clara and contra costa counties also say workers who are not fully vaccinated should be required to wear a mask and to undergo frequent testing for coronavirus. there would be limited exceptions for medical reasons or religious beliefs. also say workplace vaccination requirements have generally stood up to legal challenges. san francisco's chamber of commerce is considering a
12:30 pm
vaccine mandate at city businesses, according to the san francisco chronicle. the chamber is asking members to support a mandate it would force people to show vaccine cards at more than 1000 restaurants and retailers. san francisco's bar alliance is considering a similar mandate at its 500 bars around the city today, san mateo county announced that county employees and the public must where a face covering despite their vaccination status. when they visit county buildings. it will go into effect on monday. it comes as covid hospitalizations continue to rise. the opening ceremony for the olympics is tomorrow and right now tokyo is reporting its highest count of new coronavirus cases since january, organizers of the games say strict protocols are in place to keep people safe. but as ktvu azenith smith tells us, the families and coaches a very athletes in japan hope the games won't be cancelled. the olympic games are slated to officially start friday as tokyo's covid-19 cases rise, the highest since january. more than 1800 new cases in the last
12:31 pm
week. there is the anxiousness of what is there but then at the same time, you know i feel good. he's taken vaccine and he's you know, we feel more protected their son, 18 year old nick hill kumar of san jose, part of us as table tennis team. we think about it from his point of view and what he's gone through and all of that. the first time kamar texting photos from the olympic village, including one with this team wearing masks. i mean, i've been to quite a few olympics and the rules are completely different. three time olympian and us fencing coach greg massialas is staying at a tokyo hotel. he says their limited where they can go downloading an app to track their whereabouts. u s. a beach volleyball olympian taylor crab, the latest athlete to test positive for covid massialas isn't worried. what i've done with our team is that you know, once we got here, they've pretty much exclusively stayed within. their sport niche, dr. steve asano from stanford is an
12:32 pm
orthopedic surgeon for team usa. he says the olympic committee has done its job isolating the olympic village from tokyo residents if you take 12,000 athletes, uh, you know there. i think there are six athletes, uh, that have been tested positive. oakland resident barbara hangings, arana competed in fencing and the 1984 olympics for panama. she says athletes are resilient. the risk is not something that is new to athletes. they all seem to think the games will likely continue the safest way possible and won't be cancelled. they would lose so much political face. i think that there's no way it's going to happen. azenith smith ktvu fox two news. the alarming rise in covid-19 infections isn't slowing down many people's summer travel plans, kevin corke explains the number of new covid-19 cases has tripled in the last two weeks, but it's not causing air travel numbers to dwindle as summer vacations
12:33 pm
are heating up, every seat was packed hands and some of the nation's major airlines say so far, the highly transmissible delta variant hasn't impacted ticket sales with united airlines ceo saying bookings are only getting stronger and stronger every week. airlines airports in the ece. i think we're all surprised by how quickly travel has rebounded, although many airlines aren't struggling to fill seats, travel experts say the industry is facing challenges, especially when it comes to keeping up with the surgeon customers. with flight cancellations becoming more and more common due to a shortage of workers. the recovery of air travelers happened so fast airlines are scrambling because many flights in the air without the labor force often to back that up. you throw in some storms and those backup crews aren't there. meanwhile the situation out on the roads is getting a little bumpy for folks looking to travel by rental car. most of the rental car fleets are still experiencing problems with their fleet size. they sold a
12:34 pm
lot of these fleets off demand came back. they need to re buy their cars and they can't do that. fast enough. we know that rental car prices generally were twice where they were last year. auto industry experts blame the pandemic for a major rise in the cost of used cars up by some. 40% for much of last year, although they say thankfully, the trend is going back to normal in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news. well, officials at the arena tahoe international airport say they are facing a jet fuel shortage. the high demand for your travel runway construction project and a shortage of fuel truck drivers as well or among some of the problems impacting the fuel supply, airport officials expect some flights out of reno to be impacted as soon as tomorrow. travelers are encouraged to check their flight status before leaving for the airport over the next couple of weeks. this just into our newsroom, the university of california board of regions has approved a multi year tuition fee increase. the 2% tuition increase would be applied to
12:35 pm
incoming undergraduate classes. this comes out to about $534 per undergraduate next year. the changes would take effect for the 2022 2023 school year, then stay locked in for up to six years. you see official say the increase is needed to keep its 10 campuses competitive and to provide more aid for low income students. the university says enrollment has increased while state funding has not kept up pace, an elderly woman is in the hospital nearly three weeks after she was knocked over by a man who allegedly shoplifted and was in the middle of trying to get away as ktvu s. amberleigh explains. the suspect was arrested, but he has already been released from jail. he is very scored dry, peanut 78 year old poh poi tells me he feels lost in his own home. he misses his wife, mimi of more than five decades. she is in the hospital, struggling to recover from injuries she suffered after being knocked to the ground by a shoplifting suspect watching tv but i don't know what i am
12:36 pm
watching i couldn't understand what i liked it because that's our that's what we do, he says he's robbed of his wife's company on july 2nd around 2 30 in the afternoon. the couple was shopping at the supermarket in the outer mission neighborhood. pope boy says he was getting a shopping cart in the parking lot. he turned around and saw a crowd gathered at the front entrance on the ground was his 75 year old wife unconscious. i was holding her like this and mom, mama, he says. it seemed like an eternity before paramedics arrived. the family tells me me, me suffers from injuries, including a fractured skull, severe bruises to her neck and other parts of her body during a court hearing on monday, the family learned that suspect joseph tardio had been released from jail and was sitting behind them. they said that he he is incarcerated in the jail in jail. and then suddenly he's behind us. district attorney chase a. boudin tells me quote
12:37 pm
we sought his detention, but the judge disagreed and ordered him released. tardio faces charges of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury. aggravated battery, elder abuse and resisting arrest. this was a tragic accident. and so although someone was injured if it's an accident, that is the defense, tar deals, attorney says evidence, including surveillance video will support this defense, she says, because he was released on his own recognizance with supervision. there is no bail. i'm scared that nothing's going to happen to the keys. it will be only ship under the round. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, a neighborhood in antioch is cleaning up after a brush fire damaged several cars and an apartment building. the fire started about four o'clock yesterday afternoon. i'm james donlan boulevard near tabora drive. people evacuated the apartment building before it caught fire. contra costa fire
12:38 pm
says four apartment units and several cars were damaged. luckily, no one was hurt. next week. the senate is expected to take up the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill again yesterday. the bill failed the procedural vote that would have allowed it to move forward madeline rivera's in washington with the latest on the bill, and where negotiations stand now, the motion is not agreed to, although a procedural vote to advance the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill failed wednesday. the bipartisan group of senators working on the package say they're pushing ahead anyway and may have the bill up for a vote as early as monday. the people who are in the room negotiating, i think are getting closer to a product that they can sent out president joe biden also optimistic that the bill will ultimately move forward, but he's a little less optimistic about the future of restaurants in the short term. several of whom say they are still struggling to find workers. i think your business and the tourist business is really
12:39 pm
going to be in a bind for a little while, while the president points to higher wages, luring people to look for other opportunities. many republicans blame federal unemployment benefits slated to end in september, a labor department report thursday shows initial jobless claims rose to 419,000 last week, up 51,000 from the week before, they warned government dependency will get worse if the democrats passed a $3.5 trillion package. includes funding for childcare and family service programs. it's a huge expansion of the welfare state, its massive tax increases and they add trillions of dollars in new spending will make inflation worse because they're spending money like crazy even as the president downplayed the concerns, it's on highly unlikely that's gonna be long term inflation is going to get out of hand, even as the president house public support for his infrastructure plans, an ap norc poll shows americans are split on his handling of the issue. 55 percent of americans approve of his
12:40 pm
performance while 42% disapprove in washington, mala rivera ktvu fox two news, a judge ruled that larry elder, the radio talk show host, can be a candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election in our state, california officials say elder failed to release tax returns for the last five years, which is a requirement to be a gubernatorial candidate here. but in two court decisions, a judge said the law does not apply to recall elections can. and falconer will not be listed on the ballot as retired san diego mayor at a separate court hearing, the secretary of state's office rejected that title because falconer now works as a consultant and guest lecturer, and a judge agreed that he should instead be listed as a businessman, educator and vice president kamala harris is supporting governor gavin newsom and intends to campaign for the governor ahead of the recall election. we don't know how she intends to support him. the recall election, though, is on september 14th. helping food
12:41 pm
stamp users double their money while also benefiting farmers. the program that could now be in jeopardy and the push now underway to keep it going, plus warmer temperatures today across the bay area ktvu meteorologist colleague wrote. good we'll have your full good we'll have your full forecast coming up. after my car accident, wondnder whahatmy c cas. good we'll have your full forecast coming up. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris call the barnes firm now tafter my car accident,
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victims of crime. just going to enable us to provide more help and support to victims of domestic violence, sexual
12:44 pm
assault, child abuse trafficking and other crimes all across america. the law fixes the way the existing victims of crime act is funded. it gets most of its money from criminal fines, which fluctuate year by year and are currently historically low. lawmakers say the bill will direct other criminal settlements to that fund, which could add several billion. dollars over the next few years. many bay area families are finding new ways to make their money last longer when they go shopping and if they depend on the states, cal fresh program they're getting even more value. ktvu jana katsuyama tells us how farmers markets are helping the program and while they may be troubles ahead for them at the downtown san leandro farmers market, the stands feature fresh fruits and vegetables in season. but when alexa villard visited, she was surprised. i did not know that. you can use the food stamps at the farmer's market. the market is one of many that accept food stamps known as calle, fresh, as well as wic checks for low income
12:45 pm
families. shoppers can take their mbt cards to the information tent and cash in, but they also get a bonus through market match which can double their money, so they come to us first, and they get their money out and we match up to $10 that they take off their card, so they get an extra 10 that can be spent on fruits and veggies anywhere in the market. i felt like i went to the casino, and i won. it was a little win a little victory. this is the first time and i think it's awesome because it gets twice as much $28 from the week store and right now they just gave me another $28 market match is a statewide program run by the ecology centre in berkeley started. maybe a dozen farmers markets. now it's at nearly 300 sites all across california. carly brinkmann, the programs, food and farming director, says about 100 bay area farmers markets participate, she says during the pandemic, they've seen a 40% increase in people on food
12:46 pm
stamps. but funding is uncertain. the organizers say they're asking the state to include $20 million in the next budget to support the program. there's about 250 million on a national level for programs like this all across the country. they require a match either from state or local or private. they say the dollars are worth it to help people and the farmers tomatoes, bikinis, cauliflower potatoes, you can mix and match like all day three for five. so if you get a cabbage, uh, b and a carrot, that's $5. we always think organic is going to be more expensive, not worth it. but the older i've gotten, i know. does that food makes a huge difference in health jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. it's time to check in with ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan. it looks pretty nice outside, and i think we're expecting more of that into the weekend, right? yeah absolutely. will have some clouds kind of
12:47 pm
heading the end of the weekend into next week, but we've got a pretty nice week on tap. have an interesting start to today, but i wanted to actually start with the drought monitor that came out today. it comes out every week, and there's no big change for us here in northern california, but i just wanted to show you what a difference a year ago, right check this out. northern california was in severe drought and also, um you know, we had some parts that were considered moderate drought. but look at where we are now and notice. a good portion of the west now and in fact, today increased the area of extreme and exceptional drought and the increased area wasn't here. we're still the same. but if you're in the northwest or in the northern rocky mountains, there's been a pretty big increase. so a big difference. it's just to say that things are very dry out there, and that's why you know, going into this fire season. we are very mindful of that. now i want to start off where we are today, which is to say that the marine layer certainly decided to wake up a little late this morning but finally made it to the party and you can see it as we take a live look at san francisco where you know, kind
12:48 pm
of socked in and only at 59 degrees right now. 64 in oakland, getting that sunshine going, though up in santa rosa 77 80 already in livermore in 73 in san jose. if you are inland, the sun is full. full force right now, but if you were out of the coast, the clouds are certainly still kind of winning the day but we should say a little improvement as we get later into the afternoon. you know, you can see usually this time of day. things are kind of clearing out instead. not so much we do have onshore flow, bringing that marine layer in a little bit right now with those low clouds and you can see about 20 mph at sfo a little bit lower than that, if you look around the rest of the day, oakland about 14 mph. so today is going to be that very typical bay area day where we stay cool and little cloudy at the coast. we have some nice seventies around the bait. when we get into the upper eighties, even a few low nineties inland, i think will be really far on this spots like antioch, where you're going to get into those nineties. um, and just to take an example here, what's gonna be happening over the next few days conquered one of our endless spots looking out for 88 today but nineties on friday and saturday, and they're starting to cool down again on. sunday so this is the setup.
12:49 pm
we've got high pressure of the desert southwest low pressure up in the pacific northwest, and that balances kind of keeping us in that typical day area pattern. we don't get too hot and lead then we stayed cool at the coast. but things are going to change as we had. towards the end of this week. so sunday into monday and tuesday, where that high pressure is actually gonna allow little months in a moisture, which is currently bringing rain and thunderstorms to places like arizona and nevada. and for us, we'll probably get there some clouds from that it's going to kind of, you know each over a little bit to california, so we'll get some clouds and likely higher relative humidities. it looks like right now. any thunderstorm activity would stay in this year. that's some good news for us, because, of course, lightning from those storms can touch off fire, so that's i mean, we keep a very close science, so as you can see, we warm up. little bit as we had to friday and saturday. we're gonna cool it down a little bit more as we head into sunday monday, no extreme heat on horizon, just keeping an eye on that monsoonal moisture pattern as we start to see a little of that influence as we truck into next week, but a pretty nice day on tap today, guys back to you. all right.
12:50 pm
thank you. kyler. a big announcement by the nfl up next. what could happen if there's a covid outbreak among i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable.
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to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. trips by celebrating all the great people and places in the east bay and ahead of our special show tomorrow. we're highlighting a new spot in uptown oakland that is now open. all three owners were born and raised here and say the town was the only place they wanted to be. it's called veridian and the owners say the dessert bar is a tribute to home and friendship flooding, wang reports. tucked into the spot in uptown oakland, the blue green window of veridian beckons you closer, people see radio honestly, like, what the #### is going on in this building? i have to be here. once inside, you are met with a unique pairing, craft, drinks and pastries inspired by the
12:54 pm
asian american experience. it looks like fried tofu, which is great because we want people to feel a little confused. little offended. welcome to veridian, a place rooted in home heritage and friendship. we. you grew up around here we love going to chinatown as children. um my mom actually worked in chinatown for the longest time. we were friends in middle school. i met him in algebra. he was bad at it, and that was good at it. i think that's when he knew. i need this guy on my team when opened up a bar in the future. all three owners are oakland natives, and we'll tell you they are loyal to the town. oh yeah, definitely haven't helping tattoo on me. and opening a dessert bar here just seemed to make sense. the concept is popular overseas, but hard to find here in the us exactly. it makes so much sense. it makes it even nobody does it. and so they did, but with their own twist, so the artist from oakland and the neon a nod to china, hong kong really get inspired by a lot of hong kong
12:55 pm
films, and i think it's a mix of hong kong but also oakland are definitely the asian kid in me is like, oh, my god like we're doing that. ah the drink menu is about farm to glass. it's hyper seasonal, and it celebrates local produce during side say, the tomato beef. it's excellent. uh it it doesn't look like what it sounds like and doesn't taste what you think it's going to taste like the desserts are asian, inspired like tyranny sue, but with tight and the popular chili garlic milk bread. now that we've learned and like refined it, we can. present something that has artistic value but still resonates with us inside, like my inner fat kid every time i see like little rump oh, tides like yeah. all three laughed a lot as we chatted. they do have extensive experience, but they want this to be fun, which means they can't take themselves too seriously. i am the operations manager. is that right? yeah, i
12:56 pm
think i'm the operations manager. so while it starts with this blue green window in uptown oakland, this spot is about much more brilliant is so much much of a representation of who we me. will raymond and all the other team members that make up of radiant staff, and it appears these three oakland natives are onto something. i think the lately we've been getting a lot of people from san francisco, which i think is hilarious because the whole point of us opening is so people didn't have to leave and go to san francisco. now, people from san francisco are coming here. i'm like, yeah. neighbors yeah. claudine wong ktvu, fox two news. since opening back up, the dessert bar has grown into a pan asian restaurant, and they credit an outpouring of community support that brought the two chefs to the team. both have trained and worked at michelin starred restaurants and we want to remind you that our summer zip trips kick off tomorrow on the nine when we rediscover all the great things about the east bay. the nfl says teams could
12:57 pm
potentially forfeit games if there is a covid outbreak among non vaccinated players, the leak said in a memo this morning that if a game cannot be rescheduled during the normal 18 weeks season due to coronavirus cancellation, the team with the outbreak will forfeit the game and the forfeiting team would get the loss and players on both teams would not get paid that week. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan said last month that 52 of the teams 77 players work. vaccinated today. oakland a's management wrap up its latest trip to las vegas to scout potential ballpark sites. team officials are looking at several areas, including the festival grounds that is their circus circus on the north end of the strip is president dave campbell, speaking from his hotel room in las vegas, says they plan to return to southern nevada once or twice next month, but that they haven't given up hope on a new ballpark here in oakland. things out in oakland. see what can happen there. you know, we're kind of in the bottom of the ninth in that situation, build momentum in
12:58 pm
southern nevada, which has you know such a great recent track record with professional sports, campbell says the team is still reviewing the new proposal approved by the oakland city council on tuesday for the teams $12 billion commercial development project instead of having the a's on the hook for $350 million in infrastructure costs, the city will now seek the money from state and federal funding and in return. oakland wants the ace to build more affordable housing and contribute to community fund. well tonight, the giants look to win three out of four games against the dodgers after turning the tables on them last night after losing on tuesday by surrendering a heartbreaking ninth inning home. run the giants come back wednesday and one with their own dramatic homer. they were down to one in the ninth with a runner on first. and third baseman wilmer flores went deep, the giants added insurance run to win 42 to the giants are in first place, two games ahead of their arch rival dodgers, and
12:59 pm
hundreds of thousands of fans lined up in downtown milwaukee to catch a glimpse of their beloved milwaukee bucks in a parade to celebrate the city's first nba championship in half a century. open your buses and flatbed trucks carried bucks stars, including m v p pile of m v p. wow, including m v p. the finals mvp, janice editor combo and drool holiday as well as a trophy that capture tuesday night with the game six victory over phoenix. nasa's perseverance rovers sharing some of its first scientific results as it searches for signs of ancient life on mars now since landing on mars back in february, the river has been testing its array of instruments analyzing rocks using x rays and ultraviolet light and taking pictures of sediment. it's now preparing to collect samples of martian soil and dust. paving the way for human exploration of the red planet, but no little green men yet that's important, too. that's one of the things they said they want to temper any expectations of finding alien life. they're not expecting that. all right. thank you. so
1:00 pm
much for joining us for ktvu music noon. the latest news and music noon. the latest news and dr. oz: coming up next -- >> having your grown son back at home with mom and dad is the plot of a really bad sitcom. dr. oz: rob lowe opens up about family life during the pandemic. >> my wife is asking if they've made their beds in the morning. dr. oz: reviewing his dream role. >> i want to be joe exotic. dr. oz: we're getting lots of help celebrating a big milestone ♪ >> dr. oz, 2,000 shows. i know what that's like. i know what that takes. it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of caring. it takes a lot of support from a team that cares about the work that you're doing every day


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