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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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over by a shoplifting suspect as he tried to get away now we're learning. that suspect was released after his arrest, even as the victim remains in the hospital. what's happening to justice assistant he is the guy who hurt my wife and he's sitting besides us. 75 year old
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victim suffered life threatening injuries, including a fractured skull. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the victim's family says they are angry and confused after a judge decided to release the suspect. new attend. amber lee joins us live tonight from the hall of justice. ever speaking to the victim's husband, amber, mike, the husband tells me who was here at the hall of justice for a court hearing monday when he was shocked to learn the suspect is out of jail. his wife is still in the hospital. as you said, and he's concerned that they won't get justice. fearing for their safety. he asked us to use only their nicknames. he is very strong, dry minute 78 year old poh poi tells me he feels lost in his own home. he misses his wife, mimi of more than five decades. she is in the hospitals struggling to recover from injuries she suffered after being knocked to the ground by a shoplifting suspect know whati
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couldn't understand what i liked it because that's our that's what we do. he says he's robbed of his wife's company on july 2nd around 2 30 in the afternoon, the couple was shopping at the supermarket in the outer mission neighborhood. pope boy says he was getting a shopping cart in the parking lot. he turned around and saw a cry. gathered at the front entrance on the ground was his 75 year old wife unconscious. i was holding her like this and mom mom month, he says. it seemed like an eternity before paramedics arrived. i thought she's already dead daughter. i don't know. the family tells me me me suffers from injuries, including a fractured skull, severe bruises to her neck and other parts of her body during a court hearing on monday, the family learned that suspect joseph tardy had been released from jail and was sitting behind them protects me off is that all right? uh they said that he he is incarcerated in
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the jail in jail. and then suddenly he's behind us. district attorney chase a. boudin tells me quote we sought his detention, but the judge disagreed and ordered him released. tardio faces charges of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury aggravated battery. elder abuse and resisting arrest. this was a tragic accident. and so although someone was injured if it's an accident that is the defense tar deals, attorney says evidence, including surveillance video will support this defense, she says, because he was released on his own recognizance with supervision. there is no bail. um here that nothing had happened to the case. it will be only ship under the rug. the family tells me mimi's road to recovery will be a long one. the da's office says. it takes these allegations seriously and is actively prosecuting the case.
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the suspect is scheduled to be back in court next wednesday. mike one week from today, we'll see if he shows up for that court date. all right, amber, thank you cracking down on retail theft, really a hot topic in san francisco and across the bay area. we're talking about groups of people shoplifting at the same time, costing california businesses millions. of dollars a year and just today, governor newsom joins san francisco police chief bill scott as he signed the bill into law targeting retail theft, ktvu christien kafton reports. by now, the videos are well known thieves bursting out of stores carrying armfuls of stolen merchandise. now governor newsom has signed assembly bill 3 31 into law aimed at cracking down on brazen retail thefts. you're seeing them all across the state of california, those organized efforts and they are organized disproportionately efforts and we want to go after those rings, the governor says the new legislation helps law enforcement throughout the state maintain various task forces targeting thieves through 2020. six since 2019
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when the retail task force was established, the chp has made more than 250 arrests and recovered more than $16 million in stolen merchandise. the chp saying organized groups often use the money from retail thefts to fund other criminal endeavors. some of the other crimes that those monies are used for our vehicle theft, identity theft, human trafficking and narcotics trafficking. san francisco police chief bill scott was at the signing, saying he's working with the city's prosecutors told thieves accountable. people fear crime when they see it the way we're seeing it go viral, so we have to not only deal with the actual people that are doing it and hold them to account, but we also have to balance the message that we are doing something about it. san francisco's mayor, also saying viral videos don't tell the whole story. what is not getting the attention is that in a lot of these cases are officers are making arrest, but we want to stop it from happening in the first place. san francisco announced that it is redeploying about 30 uniformed police officer around
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tourist destinations around the city in an effort to crack down on retail thefts and auto break ins in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. oakland police are asking for your help in identifying a brazen car burglar. police shared this video on twitter. you can see the suspect breaking the back windows of at least two cars one after the other. this happened around 12 30 this afternoon on lakeshore avenue near lake merritt. it's unclear if that blue lexus is associated with the car burglar or just a person passing by. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call oakland police and we have an update now on a deadly hit and run crash in san jose. police released this photo of a black 2015, infiniti q 50 similar to the one they're looking for. the crash killed 24 year old jose esparza at mckee road and north 33rd street, as far as a was driving home saturday when he was hit by a driver who ran
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a red light. police say the car had tinted windows and dark. grey aftermarket wheels. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police a brush fire burning in the east bay damaged several vehicles in a nearby apartment complex that started around four o'clock this afternoon on james donlan boulevard near to bar drive in antioch. the apartment complex was quickly evacuated just before flames reached that building. contra costa county fire says four apartments and all were damaged in a number of vehicles parked right there at the complex also burned. when i came out the top hood was on the fire and the tires were burning. so i just left it there by my car. got a fighter there. i lose it. probably i it's completely lost. bring up, but it's okay. i'm alive. firefighters say the exact cause is not yet known. no injuries were reported now to the latest on the coronavirus. today in california, there were 5200 new confirmed cases. a slight increase over yesterday.
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health officials say the vast majority of new cases are among the unvaccinated. so far, three million people in the state have been infected with the virus and more than 63,000 have died, the most concerning trend for health officials is the increase in hospitalizations. they say that number has more than doubled within a month. nearly 2700 people are now in the hospital with covid-19. that's 235 more patients from the day before. hospitalizations were just over 1200 a month ago, even though we are seeing a rise in numbers, they are still far below the peak of more than 20,000. back in january. tokyo is now reporting its highest count of new coronavirus cases since january, and this comes just two days before the opening ceremonies of the pandemic delayed olympic games ktvu azenith smith joins us live tonight from san jose. and as as i know, you spoke with families and coaches. the bay area athletes in japan hoping that these games just won't be cancelled. yes, mike everyone anxiously waiting for the
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summer games to officially begin tonight. i spoke with team usa is fencing coach and a stanford doctor in tokyo. and they say the mitigation methods and rigorous testing are in place. the olympic games are slated to officially start friday as tokyo's covid-19 cases rise the highest since january. more than 1800 new cases in the last week. there is the anxiousness of what is there but then at the same time, you know i feel good. good. he's taken vaccine and he's you know, we feel more protected their son, 18 year old nick hill kumar of san jose, part of us as table tennis team at times, you wonder about the safety of the whole thing and whether it really makes sense. um but we would think about it from his point of view and what he's gone through and all of that, at first time, kamar texting photos from the olympic village, including one with this team wearing masks. i mean, i've been to quite a few olympics and the rule was a completely different three time olympian. and u. s fencing coach greg massialas is staying
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at a tokyo hotel, he says their limited where they can go downloading an app to track their whereabouts. usa beach volleyball olympian taylor crab, the latest athlete to test positive for covid massialas isn't worried what i've done with our team is that you know, once we got here, they've pretty much exclusively stayed within. their sport niche, dr. steve asano from stanford is an orthopedic surgeon for team usa. he says the olympic committee has done its job isolating the olympic village from tokyo residents if you take 12,000 athletes, uh, you know there. i think there are six athletes, uh, that have been tested positive. oakland resident barbara hangings. arana competed in fencing in the 1984 olympics for panama, she says athletes are resilience risk is not something that is new to athletes. they all seem to think the games will likely
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continue the safest way possible and won't be cancelled. they would lose so much political face. i think that there's no way it's going to happen. and the doctor i spoke with says the olympic committee has learned from the nfl and the nba on how to prevent a super spreader. the us fencing coach tells me tonight he has mentally preparing his team heading into opening ceremonies, mike just less than 48 hours away. alright azenith smith queue for that restrictions on non essential travel across the u. s borders with mexico and canada have been extended once again, the borders will remain closed. is there at least august 21st previous border restrictions were set to end tomorrow. restrictions on non essential travel began back in march of last year in response to the pandemic and have been extended on a monthly basis ever since new york city mayor bill de blasio announced today that all health care workers must be vaccinated against covid-19. the new policy begins
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on august 2nd health care workers who choose to not get vaccinated will have to undergo weekly coronavirus tests right now, the city says about 40. scent of staff at city run health facilities are not vaccinated. the mayor says he has not ruled out a full on vaccine mandate if his new plan does not persuade employees to get the shot. wildfires burning in california still growing tonight and causing trouble for firefighters, the latest out there on the front lines, plus the new study that shows just how dangerous wildfire smoke is for our health. and some nice weather around here the last couple of days. it's going to continue that way. i've got the forecast that includes your weekend. we'll see you back here after the break. also ahead tonight, uh, vallejo tow truck driver operator starts a business to help clean up the city. but just 10 days later, his garage and business go up in flames. why he thinks someone is targeting him as i'm not out to break the community. i'm not to suppor he is the victy
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someone who wants him out of business. this past weekend, his yard went up in flames and as ktvu deborah villalon reports, his fritos may have rubbed someone the wrong way. don't do impound cars. i specialize in junk yard cars.
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clarence martin saved for years to buy this ram super duty tow truck now scorched. now all i have. is a $50,000 paperweight and a pink slip. it is totally worthless around four a.m. sunday, someone broke into his phileo business, leaving their bolt cutters behind. they cut a hole in the fence. right here, right at the point where you're able to see my tow truck. they skipped quite a few vehicles and store nothing. martin says his heavy equipment and tow truck were the targets. i've been here 14 years. self employed mechanic. as soon as i get try to get official and open up a tow company. i'm out of business 10. days later, martin's vision was to eliminate red tape and high fees while reading valeo streets of abandoned cars at the owner's request. he'd toe there juncker for free, then dispose of it or get it running and sell it. his profit conventional tow service might cost the owner hundreds.
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thousands when cars rack up storage bills. i'm about running iraq it i'm running. and this for the community to have a tow yard that has their best interests at heart. and now martin hopes the community will help him with a go fund me to get him back in business, this time with security. i'm a hardworking man. if i get me another truck they won't get to at this time, police took a report and made sure martin's dog made it home to him. queenie was at the yard during the fire. any suspicion? martin let this himself, he says, is ridiculous. insurance coverage was still pending. when it happened. there is an application process that takes anywhere from 30 to 60 days to approve you for insurance. among the losses a car he was saving to be his sun's first this is uncalled for, and i have a right to open a business and leave a legacy for my kids, just like the next man. martin still believes his community toe is a good idea and wants
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whoever did this to know he won't scare away so easily. i'm not folding my tent. i'm going to get a circus big top 10 in phileo deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. two large wildfires burning in northern california are still testing firefighters tonight. the dixie fire continues to grow with firefighters making little progress in containing it. cal fire says it is now at 91,000 acres burning more than 140 square miles in butte and plumas counties. it is 15% contained crusade. they expect the fire to keep moving northeast as they work to keep the fire away from homes and build fire lines. more evacuation orders were issued today. the entire west shore of lake almond or in plumas county, has been forced to evacuate because of the dixie fire. people in the area spent today getting their belongings together and buying supplies. put them in the cars and got the cats ready to go. so yeah, we're pretty prepared somewhere
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in some weren't but we were, officials say so far, eight structures have been destroyed in the dixie fire and 1500 more are threatened the tamarack fire burning in alpine county south of lake tahoe is cross now the state line into nevada. and officials say it is forced the closure of highway 3 95 in douglas county. the forest service says the fire has burned 43,000 acres and there is still no containment. they expect fire activity to pick up due to the hot, dry and windy weather more than 1200. firefighters are battling this fire. pg and e announced today. plans to move 10,000 miles of power lines underground, all in hopes of reducing the risk of wildfire company's ceo patty poppy, making that announcement in chico, she went to the site where the dixie fire appears to have stuff. also says p genie will be removing some 300,000 trees this year and also trim more than a million trees all part of its risk reduction plan. the ceo said the 70 ft tree that fell on
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equipment in butte county was green and very healthy and would not have been considered a red flag by inspectors. the utility described the under grounding project as one of the largest infrastructure programs in state history. hey we're looking at the weather around here, but also the weather that is providing or the smoke that is providing lesser air quality for the eastern seaboard. the smoke from west coast fires with this onshore flow, which has kept the bay area air quality pretty darn nice and temperatures pretty mild or. warm not out of control fire danger that these winds have taken this error and push it all the way. i put this out last night, too, but look at these air quality reports. the yellow is they're not. they're not in the red zone, but still that smoke is traveling a long way, and it'll get out into the pus out in the atlantic and work its way over towards europe as well. i mean, it's just a lot of smoke, and those fires continue to burn, especially that dixie fire has a lot to do with where the train where it appears, have been up in the feather river canyon up around lake almond. or there is, uh there's not a
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lot of access. none of that access here. these are the highest from today. so it was 91 in antioch. it was 88 livermore highs tomorrow we're going to be about the same. so these aren't unusual at all. they're not high. they're not low. they're kind of spot on for what you'd expect for this time of year late july early august. there's not much fog at the coast. there is some patchy fog forming that big fog bank has been chewed up by the low that has set us up with this better. air quality has pushed most of that smoke off out to the great basin in that also got rid of the fog, the fog. we back a little bit tomorrow morning, but it'll just be patchy at best, and then it should make a play for the coast more with the more earnest fog bank as we get down the road here next towards the weekend, so there is there is the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures will be just like today. onshore flow and mild in around the bay with seventies and low eighties. bill thank youst wildfire smoke is much worse for our thought researchers say the smoke can lead to lead poisoning a higher risk of
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getting covid-19 and asthma. study by the california air resources board took a look at the smoke from the 2000 and 18 camp fire in butte county, scientists found the particular matter in the smoke contained lead, zinc, calcium, iron and manganese. these fine particles are so small that they can enter deep into the human long and they cause all sorts of issues, not just for people with respiratory conditions, but. people who it may be susceptible to heart conditions. the study found that the most concerning medal was led. in fact, it was found to be at concentrations 50 times above normal at a monitoring site in chico, near the camp fire coming up cracking down on illegal vendors out at lake marriage, plus just one day after a vote on the a's proposed ballpark, the team's president packs up and heads to las vegas more on where negotiations stand and after the pandemic, many people are using food stamps for the first time. time at 10 30, the program that's helping them
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man incited another for illegally selling alcohol and marijuana around lake merritt officers were out this past weekend to find and site vendors who have no permits and when they approached a man selling marijuana, police say quickly throughout a loaded gun and then took off on foot. they eventually found him and arrested him. officers also found another man selling alcohol without a permit. he was issued a citation the president of the oakland a's was in las vegas today, touring possible locations for a new ballpark. trip comes just one day after oakland city council approved a non binding term sheet for the a's proposed waterfront stadium ktvu rob roth tells us the city is confident that a deal can be reached, but the a's are not so sure. this is where oakland a's fans deserve to seechaaf is talg
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about howard terminal. she stood at the terminals entrance today with city and labor leaders. they were promoting the plan the city council passed tuesday on a new $12 billion waterfront ballpark, a plan that also includes condos, office and retail space. we also set some terms to make sure this will be a good deal. for oakland's finances and a good deal for our taxpayers. the city added three main planks to its proposal. they're asking for a change in financing, and it wants an increase in affordable housing from 15% to 35% part on site part nearby. the city also proposed to more flexible community benefits fund be established that can go toward badly needed services in the community. the a's are mulling it over. we're taking time to analyze and really unpack. what amendments were made to the city proposal from last friday. that's going to take at least a couple of days. these president dave cavil traveled to las vegas wednesday to look at possible ballpark sites in the
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desert. he spoke to las vegas tv station ktvu shortly after arriving playthings out in oakland. see what can happen there? you know, we're kind of in the bottom of the ninth. in that situation, build momentum in southern nevada, which has you know such a great recent track record with professional sports, just saying las vegas is going to be 106 degrees this week, but even if the a's in city do come to an agreement, one major consideration in any deal at howard terminal will be the port of oakland, the second largest port in california. more than 300,000 trucks a year currently use howard terminal. the question here is where would they go there, either spilling out into the neighborhood trucks are spending more time on the freeway. um those are direct issues need to be addressed in the short term. if the city and the a's do come to an agreement, it's quite likely a lawsuit aimed at stopping it would follow rob rock, ktvu fox two news. people don't want to work
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for these wages anymore. they are tired of it. uber and lyft drivers protesting their wages and working conditions, the demands they are bringing to the two companies and another name will indeed be on the ballot in california's recall election, the candidate who won his legal battle against the secretary of state later in sports, another nail biter between the giants and the dodgers sports director marco van is up later with the giants ninth inning heroics first, helping food stamp users double their money will also benefiting farmers. the program and there you have it - wireless on the fastest, most reliable network. wow! big deal! we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. i get that too and mine has 5g included. impressive. impressive is saving four hundred bucks a year. four bucks? that's tough to beat.
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dollar when they go for groceries, but for some lower income shoppers, there is one way to double your money by shopping at farmers markets ktvu jana katsuyama is here now,
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with the program that could be in jeopardy. janna julie, some people may have just started receiving food stamps or cal fresh for the first time this past year, and they might not realize that some farmers markets will give you bonus cash to spend. at the downtown san leandro farmers market, the stands feature fresh fruits and vegetables in season, but when alexa velarde visited, she was surprised. i did not know that you can use the food stamps at the farmer's market. the market is one of many that accept food stamps known as calle, fresh, as well as wic checks for low income families. shoppers can take their mbt cards to the information tent and cash in, but they also get a bonus through market match which can double their money. so they come to us first, and they get their money out and we match up to $10 that they take off their card, so they get an extra 10 that can be spent on fruits and veggies anywhere in the market. i felt like i went to the casino, and i won. it was a
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little wind a little victory. this is the first time and i think it's awesome because you get twice as much $28 from the week store and right now they just gave me another $28. market match is a statewide program run by the ecology centre in berkeley started. maybe a dozen farmers markets. now it's at nearly 300 sites all across california. carly brinkmann, the programs, food and farming director, says about 100 bay area farmers markets participate, she says during the pandemic, they've seen a 40% increase in people on food stamps. but funding is uncertain. the organizers say they're asking the state to include $20 million in the next budget to support the program. there's about 250 million on a national level for programs like this all across the country. they require a match either from state or local or private. they say the dollars are worth it to help people and the farmers, tomatoes, zucchinis, cauliflower, potatoes look, mix and match
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like all day three for five. so if you get a cab, uh, b and a carrot that's by dollars. we always think organic is going to be more expensive, not worth it. but the older i've gotten, i know. food makes a huge difference in health. right now. barry assemblyman phil ting is leading efforts to keep state funding for this food stamp program. market match. organizers say the money would help them reach their goal to expand so eventually, all 650 farmers markets in california can accept food stamps julie jana katsuyama reporting live tonight, janet. thank you, the state is offering some help now to san francisco groups that feed the hungry today mission, food hub and meals on wheels celebrated the news that each non profit will receive a $1 million grant as part of the state budget. the money will allow the mission food hub to provide more groceries to people who lost their jobs in the pandemic.
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meals on wheels will buy a picker backup brother generator for its new building in the bay view, the deadline is approaching for the city of san jose to come up with a plan to move a large homeless encampment. that camp is located just beyond the runways. out at mineta. san jose international, federal aviation officials say people living at the site pose a safety risk, and advocates for the homeless are now calling on city officials to release more information about exactly how they plan to move some 400 people who live at that site, city and airport officials say they are working on a plan and hope to meet the f a's deadline at the end of this month. city officials say the goal is to find permanent housing and resources for these residents. would become rooted, so to say they, you know they've made their camps more into home homesites itself and they're comfortable where they feel safe here. there's community here. the city is asking the federal officials to extend the deadline until next spring, rideshare drivers staged
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protests in cities around the country today, including here in the bay area, the uber and lyft drivers say they want better pay working conditions and benefits, ktvu tom vacar tells us how congress could drivers get what they want. uber and lift drivers say that they've had it with low wages and tough working conditions, and they held a strike and protests nationwide in front of uber headquarters in san francisco. rideshare drivers united are demanding the right to unionize, making them again employees and pay cuts, give better benefits and working conditions. most drivers who qualify for the healthcare striping are unable to get it for reasons like. oh, because there are medical drivers also demand that congress passed through protecting the right to organize act, which would give them the right to unionize nationwide. rideshare company spent some $200 million to pass prop 22, which took away the driver's status as employees, but promising drivers would
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benefit nonetheless, uber claims drivers make more than $32 an hour. 42 an hour, including incentive, pay more hours for less pay. and, um. i was overworked and still wasn't meeting the needs that i needed financially to pay my bills. no retirement. at this rate, no home of my own, and it's 60 plus hours a week. we have very little time to spend with our family. one advantage the workers have is that in the post pandemic world, many drivers have already left the rideshare profession, causing unhappy customers to wait longer and pay more for their rides. p. well don't want to work for these wages anymore. they are tired of it. it was a long year for a lot of people. most people don't even make enough to cover their gas andea, right? we people have been able to go back to school to learn a new skill. um and to think about other alternatives. the
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protect rights to organize bill has already passed in the house, and now it goes to the senate where it could conceivably pass. the question is, will it. tom vacar ktvu fox two news jump on nasa's perseverance rover is hard at work on mars, looking for signs of ancient life, and today, nasa revealed what it's found so far. five months after it touched down on
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