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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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mark. thank you. next at 11 spars up. he never. he never thought about himself. he always put everyone first. you know, i think that's why everything everybody gravitated towards him. a community in mourning after a 24 year old man was killed by a hit and run. driver the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now a driver still on the loose after running a red light and hitting the young man who was driving home hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville family and friends say jose as far as a was a youth counselor and was an inspiration to the entire community. new tonight ktvu is azenith smith joins us live from where the crash happened, azenith smith, well, sc of candles tonight. for jose esparza, who was killed three blocks from his home the young man's struggle throughout his life but persevered and gave back. family and friends
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gathered at mckee road in north 33rd street in san jose. to honor the life of jose esparza, a foster youth counselor who beat biard only for his life to be taken away. he aspired to have kids aspire to get married, and it sucks that you know it got taken away from him so easily at 2 30 saturday morning, the 24 year old was a few blocks from his home after a night with friends when he was broadsided by a driver and a black 2015 infinity police say the infinite he sped through a red light and crashed into as far as as honda as far as it was ejected and died. the infinity driver took off on foot. i'm having a good ending, no, no matter how hard it's gonna get as far as i've seen here on a segment on 49ers, cal, hi sports in 2015, ironically titled a happy ending, growing up as far as i had struggled with domestic violence at home, his father left him for mexico, his mother unable to take care of him as far as i was at one point homeless, his high school football coach took him in. to
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be honest, i haven't even been able to process it. it's devastating. i go back and forth from being in disbelief. um to being angry. the principal at over felt high school says the spars excelled in football and volleyball, but it was an academic scholarship that helped him get into you. la the challenges in his life. what have stopped so many of us after graduating use as far as it worked as a support, councillor for family service agency, seneca, help countless foster youth. he really was someone who live to serve and it's just an unthinkable tragedy a life eager to make a difference. cut tragically short. and a go fund me has raised more than $30,000. police have not announced any arrests, and they have not provided a description of the suspect. as far as his loved ones hope to keep his spirit alive, mike such a sad story
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there in the south bay azenith smith. thank you for that report. a man in a wheelchair was hit by a truck in santa rosa this morning and then dragged 60 ft. down the roadway. that crash happened on the west side of 11 right at dunton avenue and so basketball road, one of santa ros. as busiest intersection, santa rosa police say 68 year old juventino abarca had started to cross the street in the crosswalk when he was hit, the 29 year old truck driver told officers he never saw him. he was cooperative. he stayed on scene and didn't flee, which is good. sometimes we have this hit and run accidents, but no, he stayed. there was very, um, compassionate about what happened and cooperate with investigation. no signs of alcohol or drug use, either. police say the victims injuries are serious but not consider life threatening. now to the coronavirus pandemic. san francisco business owners are considering a new way to protect their businesses while keeping their employees and customers safe. ktvu is amber lee joins us now she's live in san francisco and amber.
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hundreds of bars could soon require people to show proof of vaccination now to get order matters. julie here akhisar pub. the owner tells me starting tomorrow, all workers will have to wear a mask. and patrons may soon have to show proof of vaccination. on this tuesday night sports fence packed into case our pub in san francisco to watch the nba finals, no proof of vaccinations required here, but the owner says that is likely to change by this weekend due to concerns about the surge in covid cases driven by the delta variant. we certainly don't want to go back to where we were in the past, we lost thousands of dollars months of business. our staff were out of work because his pop shows sports from around the world, including the olympic games this weekend zero, hackett says a high vaccination rate among san franciscans is not a guarantee of safety. san francisco just not about san francisco. we got a lot of people coming into
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town. hackett is among 500 members of the san francisco bar alliance, who are either leaning towards or have implemented requiring proof of vaccination from patrons before entry. i think it's a great idea. yeah. i don't feel comfortable walking into a place and not knowing who's vaccinated and he was not. if people are unvaccinated now it will find them. san francisco public health officer dr susan phillips spoke at manny's cafe about the delta variant. she calls it the pandemic of the unvaccinated. the delta variant is very concerning. it spreads very rapidly and what it looks like it at this rate people who are not vaccinated are likely to become infected with delta variant. it is just that effective at moving from person to person while masking indoors is recommended, phillips says. there is no substitute for getting vaccinated and that covid cases among the vaccinated are low and not deadly. still people tell us they're concerned, even though they're vaccinated. i have five family members that have passed
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in the covid and i could just tell people it's real. please get your shots back at keys are pub the owner says he cannot afford another shutdown. it may i am upset some people, but. our business is important on them, our livelihoods and my staff livelihoods very important to us. the pub owner tells me over the next few days he'll be working on the logistics and legality of requiring proof of vaccination. he and the bar lines say they want to get ahead of covid cases before the situation gets out of hand. julie amber lee reporting live tonight in san francisco. amber thank you, and we have an update now on a story we brought told you about last night. from pleasant, and that's where many restaurant owners were concerned they might have to remove their outdoor dining park lits if the program was not extended past labor day by a 4 to 1 vote tonight, the city council approved an extension through the end of the year. the head of the tri valley restaurant group also tells us the popular
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weekends on main street will continue through october small step forward for the city of oakland and the oakland a's today the city council voted to approve a non binding term sheet for the proposed ballpark out at howard. terminal but as ktvu jana katsuyama reports, the deal is far from done. the oakland city council approved a term sheet for the oakland a's $12 billion waterfront ballpark development at howard terminal, six council members voted yes, council member noel gayo voted no council member carol, five abstained. a 10 page term sheet included last minute concessions from the city council member rebecca kaplan added an amendment saying the city would take responsibility for getting funding for hundreds of millions of dollars for offsite transportation infrastructure improvements. that's a huge, huge concession and frankly, i don't see us conceiving anything more than we already have. at some point we'r is very, very soon, if not already here. aids
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president dave cavallo's reaction, though, was ambiguous, saying the council voted on a deal that the a's had not yet approved. this is the first time we've seen. those amendments. so, um, you know, we're still digesting some of those things, but you know, there has been progress in the negotiations. you know, we've moved and made concessions. the city's made concessions. cavil later said the six yes votes were a positive thing. but he maintained the aids had not agreed to the term sheet from our perspective. you know, this is not a term sheet that works. for the ace that did not sit well with some city council members who say the council has already bent over backwards to accommodate the aids while protecting oakland taxpayers. they accused the a's of playing games after doing some results after receiving insults after being disrespected. after all other things opened aids fans in oakland residents have gone through over this last little while i don't know where we go from here. oakland mayor libby schaaf says the aids did agree to follow the law and make 15%
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of the projects. housing affordable. kabel says he hopes to reach a deal by the end of baseball season, but the city council is scheduled to go on summer recess starting in august in oakland. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. the commissioner of major league baseball, rob manfred, released a statement expressing disappointment in today's vote, adding for the last four years in my request and urging the athletics have invested significant resources and have made a major commitment to their community in the hopes of remaining as oakland's only major professional sports franchise, we will immediately begin conversations with the a's to chart a path forward for the club. we've been telling you about the rise in coronavirus cases later tonight. what governor newsom says about the possibility of another mask mandate. also new developments in the manslaughter case east be officer. the ruling from a judge today about his trial. hely
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suspects there on your screen. authorities say they were recently caught on camera stealing from cars and taking packages at 15 51 southgate avenue. no investigators say they believe the two were traveling in a small white as you ve or station wagon. anyone with information about the case is asked to contact daly city police in oakland police have arrested two armed robbery suspects and seized two guns. authorities say officers were patrolling for illegal side shows on saturday night when they observed a car wanted
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connection with an armed robbery that happened earlier in the evening, right near bankrupt in 73rd officers arrested the suspects who are juvenile's. they say one of the two guns they seized at an illegal extended magazine. police have identified a man who they say shot and killed a teenager in vallejo. police say they are searching for 28 year old marc anthony bernstein of richmond. bernstein is currently adam parole after being convicted of attempted murder in contra costa county police say he shot and killed a 15 year. boy last wednesday on main street. it happened just before six o'clock in the evening when children were playing in the area, police say. if you see bernstein he is considered armed and dangerous. also in vallejo, the police department announced today it will receive nearly a million dollars in federal funding. the money will help the department launched a response program for people suffering from mental health issues. the community mobile mental health response unit would include an emergency medical technician and mental health clinician. officials say
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the two would provide trauma informed care during mental health calls for service. danville police officer who shot and killed the driver in 2018 will stand trial for voluntary manslaughter as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains, a contra costa county judge made the ruling just today, danville police officer andrew hall seen here with the black mask, arrived at martinez courthouse for his preliminary hearing. hours later, a judge ordered him to stand trial on the charge of voluntary manslaughter for fatally shooting lattimer are valetta in 2018 are valetta was mentally ill back in april when she charged the officer contra costa county, d, a. dyna beckton said the officer crossed the line officer whole use unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the end progress traffic pursuit. riboletta took off in the car after he was spotted acting suspiciously in a neighborhood as other officers chased arboleda into downtown danville. officer hall intercepted them running to our villages, car call opened fire
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is arboleda try to drive past two police cars? this is the view from hall of body camera. police say are valetta tried to run the officer over in march of this year, the same officer shot and killed tyrell wilson, who is homeless and mentally ill. police say wilson advanced at the officer with a knife. his family says he wasn't a threat. the d a is still investigating that case. i represent, uh, both families, and so i'm here as an observer for both of them. attorney john burris has filed lawsuits on behalf of the families of both men shot dead by the officer. burress said the videos in arbil lettuce killing are key pieces of evidence evaluated whether he should have shot you should have used deadly force. and not was he in a position to get out of the way, because what's clear? in a case of this kind, you cannot shoot into a moving car. unless your life is in danger. the judge did dismiss an assault with a firearm charge. it will eventually be up to a jury to decide the officers. fate on the manslaughter charge for killing lattimer are valetta. the officer will be rain on august night. henry lee ktvu
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fox two news today. the san mateo county board of supervisors approved a measure that legalizes home cooking businesses. the idea is to help small businesses get up and running or stimulate their current operation post pandemic. the measure allows home cooks to earn up to $50,000 a year from their own kitchens. the county has waived all application fees during this two year pilot program. it's also offering $2500 start up grants coming up more on the delta very in concerns of a coronavirus. resurgence are pushing bay area companies to change return to work plans and we are tracking in the forecast. the five day weather forecast is coming up after the break, plus a gender reveal party sparked a large and deadly wildfire last year. coming up the charges. a southern california couple is now california couple is now facing.
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are pushing ahead with plans to bring employees back to the office despite the quick spread of the delta variant businesses are carefully moving toward normalcy through different return to work scenarios in silicon valley. the tech giants are all handling the return to work situation a little bit differently. apple is delaying its return to work policy until at least october. google's three part approach begins in september was 60% of employees spending at least part of each week in the office. they do have more leverage about staying, uh, pretty much at home to work. as for the big investment banks, goldman sachs, jp morgan and morgan stanley have all announced no changes to their return to work plans, with some employees coming back as early as labor day, governor newsom address questions about whether he might consider a new mask mandate, and he answered
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those questions by calling on people to get vaccinated. we don't have to have masking if we all got vaccinated. you don't have to worry about being back this fall and in person instruction. if we all get vaccinated would have to ever worry about this disease again. in literally weeks quite literally weeks. if we resolve as californians to end this pandemic we could substantially do that, as it relates the impacts that it has on your lives. the governor said the state will make any decisions on a mask mandate. pending on the spread of the virus, senator rand paul and dr anthony fauci face staff again today over the origins of the coronavirus. the senator asked dr fauci if he was sure his previous testimony about the viruses origins was correct. senator paul you do not know what you are talking about. quite frankly. and i want to say that officially you do not know what you are talking about. it's a dance and you're dancing
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around this because you're trying to obscure responsibility for four million people dying around the world from a pandemic and let's let's send dr. us government investigations into the origins of the virus are still underway. president biden has set a deadline of late august for the intelligence community to report back. a southern california couple pleaded not guilty today to charges of involuntary manslaughter for a gender reveal party that sparked a wildfire last year. the san bernardino county fire killed a firefighter and destroyed five homes. prosecutors say the couple set off a smoke bomb and dry grass at a park. they face additional charges related to recklessly causing a fire and property destruction. the dixie fire burning and butte and plumas counties has now grown from 40,000 more than 60,008. hers. this is video from lake almond almond. or it shows a bright red sky from all of the smoke and flames. the lake is about a dozen miles north of the wildfires perimeter. that fire
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is burning north east of the town of paradise and is currently 15% contained. how and okay as we take a look at the fog is sitting out there in san francisco, and you see it covering the golden gate bridge at this hour, the fog and low clouds really helping things out in terms of keeping things in the bay area. somewhat fire friendly right temperatures on the mild side today temperatures tomorrow will be about the same good air quality because of that strong onshore push of wind or air. and this is the forecast for tomorrow. a really good one for tomorrow. as a matter of fact, we got good, strong onshore winds and higher humidity. so this pattern that we've had has been extremely advantageous. um for fire suppression to some extent or certainly stopping fires from occurring. it has to do with a low to the west of us, and then the marine layer being stretched out which we talk about all the time here. the opposite of that is. bad fire
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right? the high comes in the marine layer compresses and we are in in in in the fire zone. but this time this week and even last week have been really good for getting us away from that the winter blowing significantly up in fairfield, 29 30 miles an hour on the gust right now, so it's just motoring in there. that's how you know tomorrow. temperatures in the inland valleys are going to be. about where they were today. maybe maybe a little bit cooler in some spots, maybe a little bit warmer than others. look at the green. it is everywhere that green representing obviously the cool, moist air, so there it is. and if you look here. this is what's really impressed with how much of that that's look at all that some tropical moisture now that was what we were looking at, and with concerns for you know the thunderstorms that red flag warnings we saw a few days ago that's all moved east but that if that had developed over us, which it easily could have, we'd be in for it. but look at all that moisture that it's raining. it's thunder and lightning. it's the whole and it's continuing its really hovering in those areas that need the rain. so with that
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good news. i mean, the rain is needed and the rain is being gotten in those areas before. log at the coast tomorrow morning. just like today. you see the fog forecast burns off what kind of burns up and i think it's going to it doesn't go away. the model makes a good way. but i think the fog hangs out for a little bit longer. it suggests that low is going to get rid of it. but i think the fog will still be there. but the idea that temperatures will be just like today. these are the forecast highs. that's your tomorrow as we go down the rest of this week, you'll see in the five day forecast temperatures generally warm a little bit into the weekend. but there's nothing nothing extreme and so really, just thumbs up for the for the weather gods, because exactly the pattern we'd like to see cal fire. i'd like to see it. i like to see it. you like to see it? air quality is good fire danger. not so bad and no heat advisory. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. sounds good, bill. thank you. san francisco immunity has started testing trains in the central subway. the new line has been under construction now for nearly a decade and has faced criticism for being set to open next spring, the
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central subway will link to the t third line and then go through the south market union square in chinatown neighborhoods. sports director mark albania is up next with sports how the greek greek cemented his place in history and leading the milwaukee bucks to their first champions
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his career. seldom that we show you first sequence, but look at it. set the tone yannis the block on one end and just running the floor takes it all the way the bucks in the fourth quarter and let me tell you they were in control of this thing throughout, he finds a little room inside slammed it down. 50 points. 14 rebounds, five blocked shots. what else would you want from one guy chris paul 16 years in the league. not going to get it, devin booker and company they won the first two games. of this series, but they fall four games to 215 98 1st time in 50 years since lou al sindoor was the center with the milwaukee bucks have they won the nba championship? alright, as they say this. is going to leave a mark san francisco giant vance hurting tonight because a loss to anybody like this tonight would hurt but against the dodgers. it's a double mark, take a look at how this thing
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unfolded without brandon crawford in the lineup. the oblique problem, but the power surge was still on alex dickerson hit one out early and against the number one prospect in the dodger farm system. josiah great called up and they take him deep. lamont wait a solo shot in the third. getting and then cairo astrada just about dead center field. another solo homer giants build a 41 lead make it 61, mike is stransky two run shot is 15th ticket to ride, but the bullpen caves chris taylor and two homers in a double for the dodgers and then in the ninth inning, it's tyler rogers. he brought nothing to the mound, walked the first two guys, the third batter ends. it will smith off the bench for a three run, jack. back to give the dodgers a very emotional 86 come back going to be very interesting to see the giants respond to this devastating defeat. two more games left in
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the seriously lead the west by a game beautiful afternoon for baseball in oakland, about probably 74 degrees, who was 106 in vegas, dave cavil and the a's get out to victor matt olsen had a little something to do with it. he homered last night. he homers this afternoon. his 25th james kopp. brilliant good on the mountain with six scoreless, struck out seven. no tiny struck out three times. and here's the capper runners at the corners in the sixth with two out, clutch hitting ramon laureano off of the wall and a two run double olson first joe maddon gets ejected from the game for show of the aids state. both games. all right, we'll be closing out. hopefully with a smile. check this out. uh, this is a dog, who very badly wants his friend. the cat to be in the family picture. okay bring some rings them in
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and says please pose along with some other doggies. that's the sport. i love it as one march, sport. i love it as one march, so cam: look -- in the hallway! it's a bird! it's a plane! - [panting] - it's super-out-of-breath. - happy halloween to you, too. - i'm sorry. i'm just -- i'm really nervous about this closing argument today. is it because you've lost three cases in a row? whispering it doesn't make it any less painful. - sorry. - okay. no, it's just that this case -- it's so hard to hold the jury's attention. well, do you want to run your argument by me? - could i? - sure. um, okay. six years ago, alger equities took investments from municipal pension funds and private investors and funneled all of that into offshore -- and i've already lost you. no. i was just thinking -- because it's halloween, what if you wore these in the courtroom? show the jury "hey, i'm playful." [chuckles] cam, i'm an attorney, not bugs bunny trying to hide on a train. i'm ready. there's waldo! i think i'm gonna win the costume contest. hey, now, honey, it's not important if you win.


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