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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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future of the oakland a's could hinge on a meeting that is going on right now. the vote by the oakland city council that will determine the team's future. too one the best day ever. and with that history is made jeff bezoza, becoming the second billionaire to write his own rocket into space. how his trip was different and what it means for the future of space, tourism and exploration. there's an uptick in cases in virtually all the states in the united states, plus with just weeks before the start of the new school year, there is a debate on how to protect children in the classroom, especially those who can't get the vaccine. yet the confusion when it comes to mass recommendations. the news at noon starts. now this is ktvu fox two news at new and good afternoon to you. i'm claudine wang and hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. mike and garcia are off today. well, the
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future of the oakland a's is being decided right now. will they stay with a new stadium in oakland? or will they leave for another city? oakland city council, the ace appear to be at odds over how to move forward with plans for a new ballpark it howard terminal, ktvu sally rasmus says. been listening into the meeting underway right now brings us an update here live in oakland. well, frank, that meeting started at nine o'clock this morning. there were two hours of public comment and then a presentation from city staff. and just in the last half hour, we've heard some of the first comments from oakland city council members about this term sheet. that's the basic framework that they would be voting on today on how and how to fund and finance a ballpark and development here at the howard terminal. in oakland, based on some of the comments from oakland city council members and some of the comments from aids president dave cavill. it appears that the city and the team are at an impasse. it's very uncertain whether they will vote on and approve this term sheet today, but this follows again two
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hours of public comment when people in oakland weighed in. in nearly two hours of public comment. oakland ear's had strong feelings about the plan, both for the current term sheet. if the is leave, hundreds of workers will lose their jobs, losing three professional sports teams within a span of five years. is nothing to be proud of. don't make a generation of kids relegate. they raised jerseys to the closet two and against it, the ultimate costs are going to be at least three times greater call their bluff and keep the a's at the coliseum. the a's are like an abusive boyfriend, and you need to stand up them. how much are you going to just like? do what they want the 35,000 seat ballpark itself would be privately financed by the a'sllt pick up the costs for site and infrastructure surrounding the development and a report to the city council at their meeting this morning, city administrators say the
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cost for off site infrastructure is about 352 million. the a's won't pay for it. still city administrators recommend the city approved the term sheet to at least move the deal forward and continue negotiating with the a's. it really represents a once in a generation opportunity to transform and enhance part of the city's downtown while providing significant benefits to our communities. oakland city council president rebecca kaplan offered an amended a term sheet with some provisions that would allow the city and the a's to seek state and federal funding to pay for some of those infrastructure costs. but as president dave cavil said that that was the first time that he and the a's had seen some of those amendments and they couldn't agree to it there on the spot. so again, it appears the oakland city council and the a's are at an impasse here on how to move forward with the howard terminal ballpark idea. and framework. we'll be continuing to cover this story and monitor
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the meaning that is still going on. right now. we'll have updates online and in our later newscasts reporting live in oakland, ali rasmus ktvu fox two news. alright thanks, ali. well today, jeff bezos and three others became the latest civilians to embark in a private commercial space travel. ktvu is james stores followed that flight and tells us the future plans for bezos and his company, blue origin. boarding onto the new shepard rocket named after astronaut alan shepard, jeff bezoza and its fellow crew members become the first astronauts for blue origin. space expeditions extra, not demo, who control this is astronaut demo. i have you loud and clear with bezos, his brother, mark, 18 year old oliver damon from the netherlands now. the youngest person to ever fly into space and 82 year old wally funk, now the oldest, a total flight lasted a little more than 10 minutes. the capsule entering
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about six kilometers or about four miles into space. yeah well, he was a bit more emotional than i would have told, like. everyone in ground was very more emotional than we were. we were just having fun. when we came down. it was sort of time to let those emotions out a little bit. so it was. it was great to see everybody. and, yeah, it was a little more emotional than i had anticipated as well inside the capsule that's in. we can see the crew members in space floating with the world behind them. and then everything you thought it would be easy. it might have meant most to funk, who says her trip with 60 years overdue. i can't tell you she was part of the mercury 13 project in the sixties training women for space travel. she didn't get to go when i went up this morning, the noise wasn't quite as bad and we went right on up and i saw darkness. i thought i was going to see the world but we were quite high enough, and i felt great moving forward blue origin. says it's
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planning to more manned space flights before the end of the year. we're going to build a road to space, so that our kids and their kids can build the future and we need to do that. we need to do that to solve the problems here on earth, beso says. this is all just a start for now his company and others will continue practicing flights until they've created and accessible. commercial. space flight industry. oh, welcome back to earth first step congratulations to all of you. i'm james torres, ktvu fox. two news. what july. 20th is already a landmark date in the history of space exploration. 52 years ago, apollo 11 landed on the moon, the chabot space and science center in oakland is celebrating that anniversary with a sneak peek of the nasa experience. it's an oncoming series of exhibits in partnership with nasa ames research center in maui. view. some prototypes were unveiled this morning as part of the countdown to the centers reopening in november. szabo is
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planning science education across oakland as part of the collaboration with nasa. imagine bringing nasa content nasa people science learning throughout oakland in locations, uh, such as community based organizations, rec centers, libraries, schools, until the center is opening in november, shabo will host a series of summer stargazing events on its observation deck starting this saturday night, dr anthony fauci, another federal health officials taking questions from congress today is coronavirus cases are on the rise across the. nation. this also comes as different organizations issue conflicting recommendations from mask wearing reporter madeline rivera has the very latest on the debate over the guidelines. with just weeks to go before children return to school. a debate is brewing on how that should look. the american academy of pediatrics says all students older than two in all
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school staff should wear masks, even if they are vaccinated. there's an uptick in cases in virtually all the states in the united states, and for that reason they want to go the extra mile to make sure that the children are protected in school. but the recommendation is a departure from the cdc's guidelines, the agency saying that masks only need to be worn indoors. by anyone to win over not fully vaccinated, working together, school administrators and public health workers can carefully consider community transmission rates. local vaccine coverage and occurrence of outbreaks when deciding what strategies are needed. the confusion over mask wearing comes as mask orders return in some places, bay area health officers are recommending that people wear mask indoors regardless of their vaccination status, and los angeles county has reinstated mask mandates. yeah, it's definitely a better idea. i mean, there's no reason to not use it. it's not like it hurts anybody. it's not. all it does is protect the people around you and with the delta
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stuff might as well be safe, health officials point to the infectious delta variant as the reason for rising covid-19 cases. the white house continuing its push to get people vaccinated. we're going to continue to supply information to encourage people to get the vaccine as health officials debate over the recommendations for mask wearing a white house official and a staff member for house speaker nancy pelosi reportedly tested positive for covid 19 after attending the same event last week in washington. martha rivera ktvu fox two news. for more pay area counties napa, santa cruz, monterey and san benito counties are all recommending that people wear face masks indoors even if they are vaccinated. every barry county except for solano county, is now recommending that residents do wear a mask if you're indoors, and a study by the perry, a news group found that 29 counties, including san francisco, will be in the most restrictive purple tier of the state's original color code, a tier system. were still in place
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close to 52% of california's eligible residents are fully vaccinated against covid, however, like much of the country, the state has seen a rapid search of the delta vary among people who are not vaccinated. well apple is postponing its return to the office by at least one month. that means most employees won't be required to work in the office until at least october. the company says the rising cases across the line country and here in the bay area is guiding its decision and new at noon. firefighters are on the scene of a grass fire on pleasant valley road near gibson canyon road at one point mandatory evacuations were ordered because structures were threatened, but those orders have since been lifted. the fire has burned about 10 acres so far, and it appears that firefighters are getting a handle on the flames, but firefighters remain on high alert as more fires begin to appear across the state up next, the dixie fire burning near paradise explodes overnight still to come. on the challenges the crews are facing on that fire, the others burning across the west, a kind
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person, a family man, a jokester, a family demanding justice after a bay area man was critically injured in a hit and run in the city of richmond. the search now underway for the driver of that car. and a cooler day for much of the bay area. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo will have your full forecast coming up
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condition after he struck by a hit and run driver in richmond. it happened a week ago near san pablo and solano avenues. the man's family is pleading with the driver to surrender to police. family members say. 42 year old courtney bell is in the intensive care unit fighting for his life surveillance video showed what happened around 4 45 last tuesday morning as bell was hit by that hit and run driver as he was walking to the bus stop on san pablo avenue. or someone to hit someone in leave the scene and leave them there to dead is just very heartbreaking. bell's family says he is suffering from injuries that include a concussion, broken ribs and a collapsed long doctors are trying to save his right leg. police say they are still trying to find the suspect and the car that was involved in that crash. a preliminary hearing underway a martinez this morning in the case of a
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danville police officer charged with voluntary manslaughter. the shooting of an unarmed man officer andrew hall, has pleaded not guilty in the deadly shooting. vladimir are valetta back in 2018. investigators say hull shot of oleta nine times as he drove away from police are valetta reportedly tried to run down police officers with his car officers were responding reports of a man ringing door bills and acting strangely, family's attorney says he expects video of the shooting will be part of the evidence. the officer is not going to testify. all right, so the evidence has to be the video and those who can authenticate the video and tell us, uh, there will be some officers who will and tough defy, and it might be eyewitness testimony. mr burris also represents the family of touro wilson wilson is a homeless man who was shot and killed by the same officer in march after refusing to drop
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a knife new at noon, a 22 year old former nursing student has pled guilty to all murder and attempted murder charges in connection with the poet's synagogue shooting. that shooting happened on the last day of passover. back in 2019 in san diego county, john ernest appeared in san diego superior court today he avoided the death penalty with his plea, the sand diego county district attorney's office said ernest agreed to serve the rest of his life in state prison without the possibility of parole. all right time now to check our weather with meteorologist rosemary oroczo and on a personal note say someone's going to go golfing in moroccan about an hour. should i bring a coat? mm after four friends initial start with an f. are you have some great weather in miranda this afternoon? it's going to be warm, though, frank, make sure you have the sun block. we've got some pretty weather over the bay area. temperatures are cooler as a mentioned a little while ago in most spots. how about a live look at sfo, where along the coast and around the bay? we are still with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies.
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at a marine layer will be deepening in the coming days and our temperatures are expected to cool off a little bit more outsider doors at this hour 57 degrees in the city of san francisco low sixties along the east bay shore, where we're seeing some sunshine at this noon hour and then as we get to the inland east bay more sunshine to start the day and as a result, 84 degrees right now, brent webb. 77 in livermore in the southwest 75 san jose north bay, 75 nevado in nevado. seven degrees cooler at this time the 24 hours ago around the bay anywhere from five degrees cooler sfo to nine in hayward, and then you go inland. livermore, you are 13 degrees cooler this afternoon. you're definitely feeling the change. the onshore breezes. with us fairfield reporting. 22 mph oakland 13 napa, a southerly wind at 15, so a little bit of a deeper marine layer the onshore breezes back and strengthening and with that we again have a bit of a cooling trend as we roll through the next few days.
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here's a look at what's happening a view from up above at the cloud cover there along the coastline. we do have some clearing over our south facing beaches in the north bay, as well as areas over santa cruz. so some sunshine for you there. this is the weather element that is providing us with the changes the system right off the coastline there of canada. so for us a into the afternoon will call for mostly sunny away from the coastline at the shore will go. partly sunny. partly cloudy and then into the evening hours sunset. so just about 8 30, we've got that low cloud cover back across san francisco back inside the bay and moving into the east based short as well. here's a view of the yesterday's highs compared to what we expect for today, so still warm inland, but not quite as hot as yesterday. both conquered and livermore warmed into the upper nineties yesterday. today will go low nineties for you there. san jose 80 degrees expected. look here at the afternoon highs around the region in the north bay looking at 85 in santa rosa for the space shore, 74 in
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fremont and along the peninsula, we've got 77 for san mateo temperatures will continue to drop off just a little bit. i'll have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week and including the weekend coming up in just a little bit. a debate of apartments in the east space city of pleasanton coming out what restaurant owners are saying if the city says they could soon be i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens
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point reyes national seashore over the weekend 58 year old metro rosti at a san jose it was last seen leaving the bear valley visitors center sunday evening. well, she didn't returned later that night, a family member reported her missing. her body was found on the beach early yesterday morning in the area of arch rock. an autopsy will be conducted later this week to determine how she died. well, things are back to normal and apartment complex in san jose, where tenants were without water for three days, residents at foxtail village tell us the water stopped running did a broken pipes and it took a while to get it fixed. they say they coped as best they could. residents used porta potties over the past few days, neighbors also passed out bottled water haven't been ever shower, but like, not that the water's back on i finally got the showering like i've been having to wash dishes outside and. and just like how to like, be wiser, how i use my water and use it wisely, residents say the water started running once again around 6 30 last
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night, and a vote by the pleasanton city council could settle the debate over the city's street closures and park. let's program ktvu is azenith smith spoke with business owners on both sides of the issue. restaurant owner maurice diesels enlisted the help of a berkeley designer to construct this urban chic wooden pallet park lit that nearly doubled his seating. the price tag north of $18,000. you know, we're 49th seed restaurant and, you know, having this park lit during covid was really a huge lifeline, he says. down the street beer baron used the same designer and spent $10,000 for its park lit that was approved three weeks. go now all park. let's may have to be removed. come labor day, september 6th. that's when the city is looking at ending its park lit program. i'm a little bit disappointed. i'm upset. let's be honest, a lot of people they don't want to walk. city council member kathy muir, um says staff is recommending its original plan
12:24 pm
to do away with closing main street on the weekends and park. let's parking the viewpoint. it is a public right of way and aesthetics are all factors. the aesthetics are not maybe what we want for our main street, narim estimates. park. let's are taking up 25 spaces. parking is coveted in downtown with no parking structure and construction, limiting parking even more. the wine stewart owner is not okay with park let's long term park lit, consumes what four or five or six spaces and you know that's not in the best interests of every business in a downtown todd you tickle is with the tri valley restaurant group that group along with the downtown association and chamber of commerce, sent a letter to the council pushing to extend the park. click program until the end of the year with covid right now is an uncertainty with this variant. um the worst thing would be as these restaurants are forced to break down their park. let's and they have to reset them up. come october. if things get worse, the restaurant group says many restaurant owners except that
12:25 pm
main street will be back open to traffic, but they want additional tables. the owner of oia says that even though many people are vaccinated, many customers still want to sit outside. i'm azenith smith ktv. you, fox. two news, all students at public schools will have free meals starting this school year. the initiative will allow every student california's public schools to have the option of receiving free school meals regardless of their family's income. money will come from the state budget at an estimated cost of some $650 million. angela and a record breaking number of admissions offers have been sent out by the university of california. the nine campuses public university system received more than 203,000 freshman applications this year. this year, you see admitted more than 132,000 freshman applicants and nearly 31,000 transfer applicants both by the way, are all time records. the record number comes after s a t and a c act. test scores were
12:26 pm
banned for being used and it. mission decisions, and the chancellor, california community college system will join the biden administration chancellor eloy ortiz oakley will give advice on higher education policy and be a special adviser to education secretary miguel cardona. he's expected to help push the president's plan to make two years of community college free nationwide. oakley will start the job next monday. still to come at noon from north bay wineries are still dealing with past years. last year's devastating wildfire seasons and now they're facing new challenges. this year. we'll talk about the struggle when it comes to getting insurance. plus covid was the worst experience of my life. i'll call for action what one lawmaker from the south bay is calling for in the city of san jose, as covid cases began to rise due to that delta variant
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. miles, and it nearly doubled in size overnight. meantime more reaction is coming in after we've learned that faulty pg any equipment may have sparked it. ktvu is tom baker reports. pg and e is filing says on july 13th repair crewman looking for the cause of an outage in the
12:30 pm
crested dam area of highway 70 near khan cow observed blown fuses on a power pole and a tree was leaning into the power line with fire at the tree's base. attorney patrick mcnicholas represents many, many victims of other pg any wildfires and says this is potential evidence of pg and e is liability to victims and its own stockholders. encouraging at this point, um, that pg and e is stepping up and seems to be taking affirmative action. it's important for pg and illegally because if they don't. they could expose themselves to liability from shareholders from stockholders. for not reporting material fact. consumer watchdog mark tony director. turn the utility reform network p genie is doing what they're supposed to do in reporting. the potential equipment. the ominous fact is climate change has made pg and his vast territory far more
12:31 pm
fire prone than in past decades. compounding that growing problem p genie is far behind in making the entire system safer. to get done what they need to get done for purposes of public safety. it's going to take years and years they have been behind so probably about 40 years, so it's now a dangerous game of trying to catch up with mother nature. unfortunately it does not look like pg any has been doing the tree trimming and the vegetation management. that they are required to do. it seems like no matter how many billions of dollars we give pj any, they still can't get it right. the california public utilities commission simply has far too few inspectors checking the utilities work. pg and e is not being held accountable. spending the money the way they're supposed to mr tony goes so far as to suggest that cpu see higher all the new
12:32 pm
inspectors, but they should be paid for by pg and e shareholders. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the tamarack fire burning in alpi county, south of lake tahoe, has grown to more than 61 square miles. new evacuation orders were issued yesterday as the fire keeps burning out of control. hundreds of homes have been evacuated in rural areas, including mark louisville and alpine village. the flames are chewing through rugged terrain that is hard for cruz to reach. property owners admit they are always worried about fires. we've been this close. we're always nervous, and, uh, and fire season and all of our big trees have fire marks on him from years gone by, so it's a reality here. the fire started during the fourth of july holiday weekend. the cause of the tamarack fire is still under investigation, and firefighters are making some progress on the beckworth complex fire burning in plumas county. the first fire in the complex was started by lightning on july 2nd and two
12:33 pm
large fires burned into each other. so now they're being battle is won. the fire has destroyed more than 20 homes crews expected to have to be fully contained by the end of the month, and crews continue to fight the bootleg fire burning in southern oregon. 70 homes have been destroyed in 2000. and others were in the path of the fire. so they were evacuated. huge clouds of smoke are mixing with moisture in the air and creating thunderstorms, which could spark new fires and firefighters on the scene of a grass fire unpleasant valley road near gibson canyon road in vacaville at one point mandatory evacuations were ordered because structures were threatened, but those orders have since been lifted. the fires burned about 10 acres. so far, it appears that firefighters. are getting a handle on those flames. wineries in the north bay are facing the wildfire season with rising insurance costs or having no coverage at all. schramsberg vineyards in calistoga was close to burn it down and the glass fire last year. they say they used to pay around $200,000 each year to ensure all their property and
12:34 pm
their equipment. well now they're paying about $800,000 for just 20% of the coverage. you start to get very nervous. a lot of sleepless nights, one of the other things that um, incumbent in those discussions is talking with lenders. you know wineries. it's such a capital intensive business that a lot of the wineries all have very significant levels of debt. the napa county farm bureau says that 80% of its members have been denied insurance coverage for fires this year. cdc director michel woman ski along with dr anthony and other health officials, testified before congress this morning as coronavirus cases rise earlier found, she advised that parents should follow guidance from the american academy of pediatrics, which recommends that all children over the age of two wear face masks at school, no matter their vaccination status. it is more stringent than the cdc guidance. the director confirmed today that their guidelines call for masks only for the unvaccinated. for those
12:35 pm
children who are not able to be vaccinated. they can and should wear a mask in those school settings, and we have said that in our guidance i totally resent the lie, dr. fauci clashed with kentucky republican rand paul after paul suggested that the nih funding may have some link to the covid pandemic, fauci told senator paul quote if anybody is lying here, senator it is you won south bay lawmaker demanding that san jose be more aggressive in the fight against the surge in covid cases, it tells us our ed rubin. he wants to reopen a mass vaccination site to help protect the largely latino population from that delta variant. rolando bernie is a san jose planning commissioner and did covid survivor. tobin was the worst experience of my life. and now he's afraid that covid cases are on the rise and that his community in the san jose is fo. we can't say we care about
12:36 pm
vaccination and yet close the large just vaccination site in the san jose that is completely mixed message. the mexican heritage plaza. it was the mass vaccination sites serving east san jose, and it closed when demand dwindled, as did many other large sites in santa clara county. in the beginning, we were vaccinating almost 600 people a day and towards the end we were. fortunately if we could vaccinate him and 50 a day, and so gardner health, which ran the site for the county pivoted. their clinics are just down the street so through emails and signage, they began directing the community there. the main thing is messaging, constant messaging. county officials agree that reaching the primarily latin next community here is imperative. their vaccination rate is about 61.9% as compared to 76% in the community as a whole, though the older the population, the more that gap narrows real challenge now is to get to the
12:37 pm
population. who's unwilling or uninterested or a little hesitant, um and having mass vaccination sites really doesn't do that you have to reach into the community, and so they are. they're doing outreach door to door using social media and community influencers, pushing pop up clinics, even setting up outside bars on weekends. they say this is more likely to have an impact than a big site that sits empty. still they say, reopening the mexican heritage plaza location isn't out of the question. possibility is always on the table will do whatever it takes to get more vaccine into arms, they say. vaccination is especially important given the arrival of the delta variant here in santa clara county. they've seen the number of cases triple over the last few weeks, and ruben ktvu fox two news, federal inmates who were released to home confinement because it covid-19 will have to return to prison once the pandemic is over. palm released last year. the justice
12:38 pm
department planned for the 4000 non violent inmates to go back behind bars once the pandemic improve. well, now, some advocates are calling on president president biden to reverse that decision made under then president trump new york times reports that the biden administration will stick with the plan to return those inmates back to prison. a woman who says she was sexually assaulted and held against her will at a home in oakland is pleading with the alameda county d a to take action against her alleged attacker. the 25 year old woman did not want her identity revealed, she says. last week, she went to the home of a man she had met, and for three days he repeatedly raped her, threatened her and would not let her leave. he was going to kill me or he was going to hurt me, so i just try to keep quiet and cooperate. whatever he told me to do, and i did it. she says. one day when he left the house. she did. she was able to run out onto the street and scream for help. oakland police did arrest the 37 year old suspect, but he's since been
12:39 pm
released because the d a has not filed charges. ktvu contacted the da's office, but we are told they cannot discuss an ongoing investigation. this week. the city of south san francisco is teeming with a car repair shop to combat the increasingly common theft of catalytic converters. this is a free program, and it etches a car's license plate number into the catalytic converter. so if it stolen to recover it. it can be traced back south san francisco has seen a 250% increase in the theft of catalytic converters in the past year. it's a way to let thieves no into deterred him from continuing to steal and affect our residents here in south san francisco, go to ktvu web links for more information or to make an appointment, the city added a second car repair shop that's booking appointments for etchings through next month, and san francisco police are looking for those who are responsible for a side show that blocked a major road to and from the bay bridge. you're looking at video from the citizen app showing the car doing doughnuts at the intersection of fremont and
12:40 pm
harrison streets. this was all on sunday night. the car did come close to hitting onlookers in the middle of the street. but police say there were no reports of any injuries and they did not make any arrests. still to come here at new time common household items being sold for nearly half the price it beery a flea markets why officials believe they are likely stolen products and what police are doing and risk once had a cooler day for much of the bay area on this tuesday, ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo have your full forecast coming up right after the break. stay right there.
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looting cities across the bay area. well investigators say some of those thieves are all part of organized crime groups that then go out and sell the merchandise. ktvu s evan sernoffsky went to an east faith flea market, where authorities say stolen items are sold. okay? piles of an open medication. how about the pods to fight? those are five cosmetics, laundry detergent and razors. how much for the razor? thank the deals are astonishing, but authorities say it's at flea markets like this one in oakland, where much of the bay area's shoplifted merchandise is resold. they know they can turn it around quickly. recent high profile cases of organized retail theft. have cast an ugly paul on cities like san francisco.
12:44 pm
oh, my god! i more than a dozen walgreens stores have shuddered. target has limited its hours, blaming rampant shoplifting, authorities say 85% of these cases are perpetrated by organized criminals, even if the items they're stealing seem relatively mundane. no stores like your. your cbs your walgreens have large displays of cosmetics, toiletries and items like that. they're going after the lieutenant scott ryan heads a team of investigators with the sfpd is burglary division. he said smaller ticket items are easier to swipe and collect on. they know that there's a demand for those items. they know the defenses will commonly by their form regularly, according to the california retailers association, organized retail criminals mostly go after everyday items. laundry detergent makes up 21% of all boosted merch razors make up 20% other popular targets. deodorant allergy medicine, an infant formula after their
12:45 pm
swiped the stolen goods exchanged hands several times and are sold on the street or online, a scheme known as a fencing operation. i recently went shopping at one of these flea markets in stores. this toothpaste sells for $6. these tide pods in this body wash sell for $10. each and this razor sells for $15 in stores. i spent $17 on everything, and i didn't even have to haggle on the price. to be clear. none of these sellers has been accused of peddling stolen items, but this razor has a sticker on it, saying it's only sold at safeway. i called the store. an employee told me it was probably shoplifted. this is a multi million dollar industry. san francisco supervisor asha safi has called on the city to do more to address the problem. we need a coordinated strategy if it means inviting in the u. s attorney and the fbi. let's do that. the sfpd works with
12:46 pm
law enforcement around the state to combat this type of organized theft. they've recovered more than $10 million in stolen items in the past year and a half. the reality is our our retail thefts are down this year, but that doesn't matter. we need to take care of business chief bill scott cities recently increased foot patrols in union square from two officers to six following the high profile theft of designer handbags at neiman marcus. at the end of the day, you know, we see these things happening is unfortunate. they're going viral and what have you but we will continue to go after the people who are perpetrating these crimes in our city now. unfortunately, retail theft. not a new phenomenon in san francisco. for years, the number of thefts has been around three times the state average. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, all right now, let's check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo looking behind us, rosemary a little bit of sun, but kind of gray too out there, i think
12:47 pm
heading inland, though it might be a different story. yes definitely a summer like pattern shaping up around the bay area for the afternoon. log in and frank hello to all of you. we have low clouds along the coastline just inside the bay as claudia mentioned there at jack london square, a little bit of sunshine and i look here at sfo a little bit of sunshine as well. a little bit of blue there at the top of that cloud cover, so the marine layer is continuing to deepen in the onshore breeze is going to be strengthening in with that temperatures will continue to cool off most of our inland cities, filling at least a little bit of cooling this afternoon storm tracker to here showing you over the last few hours. the fog has just kind of retreated and move even off coast for some of our beachside communities, including areas referenced in some beach, perhaps said the database and then if you look to the south santa cruz capital and joined some sunshine this afternoon if i pull it way back, i showed you this weather element in the last half hour. this is the system. that is bringing us the difference in our weather pattern and the onshore breeze
12:48 pm
and the marine layer expected to last for the next few days, with only slight warming for the weekend, and i'll show you that here in just a moment, but this as we know, especially this time of year helps to keep things very comfortable along the coast and around the base. so along the coastline for today, even a little bit cool. perhaps over areas of pacifica half moon bay ocean beach will will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy temperatures in the low sixties for you there a lot of seventies around the base, a very mild weather and for our inland cities, the hotter spots expected to warm into the low nineties. brentwood you're one of those spots 89 degrees right now for you 77 for the inner east bay of livermore. we have 4 75 and walnut creek. head to the north bay very mild in napa at the airport reporting 67 degrees a cool 57 in san francisco and for our south based 75 over san jose, will shift to the inner east bay where we have a maragos sitting at 72 right now. 76 in lafayette and closer to the water 61 degrees right now reported in alameda, with partly sunny, mostly cloudy conditions. the afternoon high
12:49 pm
as you can see, most of us are very close to where we should be for this time of year sum up by a smidge some just a tad cooler. but all in all, it's just a beautiful forecast out there for the afternoon upper seventies along the peninsula upper sixties to low seventies for the space shore are inland east bay, 92. livermore for today and in the north bay, 82 over san rafel for the south bay 86. morgan hill. there's a look at your extended forecast. temperatures will cool off just a little bit as we get into your bay area wednesday, a tad more on thursday. that looks kind be where we bought him out before things start to rebound in time for the weekend and by the weekend, mid upper sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay and low nineties expected inland back to you, all right, thanks, rosemary. well more than 100 animals in need of homes arrived in the east bay. they came from an overcrowded shelter in tulsa, oklahoma, 13 shelters around northern california are taking in the cats and dogs that arrived at the hayward executive airport. they came on a private charter jet and were met with open arms by staff and volunteers from the participating shelters. i was
12:50 pm
there stewardess on the flight. they got a nice movie. no, they were actually great. i was surprised at how quiet they were. i think just the flight. calm them down. all of them have cups without have ice filled with ice. so they have water. um and they were they were great. the animal shelters here in the bay area are experienced with transporting animals because they are often called upon to rescue pets during wildfires coming up warning from the u. s state department still to come here at new time, the pop international destination. it's now advising americans not to travel to this summer, and we also have an update on the a's ballpark
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
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are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. start your day with crest 3d white and from mochaccinos to merlot, your smile will always be brilliant. crest 3d white brilliance. 100% stain removal, 24 hour stain resistance to lock in your whitest smile. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. 6 to 0 in favor of keeping the a's in oakland. the oakland city council passed an amended
12:54 pm
resolution on a term sheet for the a's ballpark project. but right now it's unclear whether the a's will agree to the terms since council made changes to the term sheet this morning, we'll have much more on this story, including reaction coming up for you today on the four do a new governor. newsom says. the state is working to reduce the digital divide in california's glass. rooms and elsewhere, the governor announced $6 billion in new funding to improve high speed internet service and underserved areas. he signed the bill with little help from students at an elementary school in the small town of trevor in to larry county, lawmakers said the pandemic has only highlighted the need for broadband accents. we will deliver broadband infrastructure to california's most vulnerable and opening the door for all of you for local governments and tribal governments to provide connectivity in your own communities. the money includes funding to build high capacity
12:55 pm
fibre lines and $2 billion to connect homes and businesses with local networks in rural and urban communities. the state department recommends that americans do not travel to the united kingdom because of widespread cases of covid 19 in that country, and only people who are fully vaccinated should consider traveling there right now. this comes as the uk dropped its face mask requirements for most indoor settings and a member of the u. s paralympic team has decided that she is not going to compete in the international event in tokyo next month. that's because she isn't being allowed to bring her personal care assistant becca meyers has won six paralympic swimming medals, including three golds from the 2016 games. she is the only one of the 34 us some team members who is both deaf and blind, the u. s olympic paralympic committee says the delegation is restricted to athletes, coaches and other essential personnel because of the pandemic. it also said that there is a personal care assistant for the swim. team paralympic organizers say they
12:56 pm
did not make the decision that prevents myers assistant from coming to tokyo college athletes are gearing up not just for the field or the court, but the new potential business opportunities. marianne rafferty has more on how businesses and players are negotiating future endorsements. businesses especially ones in college towns are biting at the bit as they explore the new, uncharted territory of student athlete partnerships. it's the aftermath of the national collegiate athletic associations decision to alter their policies earlier this month, allowing players to profit from their name, image and likeness. i would say it's a beautiful mess. you know, it truly is within cd players now eligible, it means companies can pay them to endorse a product or slept there. name on a menu item t shirt and more. there's going to be a mix between massive brands throwing a lot of money in the beginning, and small mom and pop shops trying to compete. this shift is also opening doors, not just for new business ventures for
12:57 pm
athletes, but for new businesses to form like valiant management group started by two former university of michigan players. the company helps represent student athletes as they prepare to enter these new deals. taking everything off their plate. experts say. there's still a lot that needs to be ironed out as small businesses decide how much to offer players and if they will make a return on their investment, but one thing is clear. athletes are now the ones in control of their financial opportunities. it's free for all right now. and so i think, uh, the student athletes couldn't ask for, you know, whatever they want and football players from the university of michigan are taking advantage of the policy change, becoming one of the first in. athletes to make money from the sales of their team jerseys. marianne rafferty, fox news tonight, giants go for two straight against the l. a dodgers, the giants kicking off their important four game road trip in l. a. with a big 72 victory, and they got off to a great start with back to back
12:58 pm
home runs in the first inning. buster posey returning for the injured list with a two run shot in the first they will have to make do though without all star shortstop brandon crawford. he will be sidelined with a strained oblique muscle. he'll be out for at least a week. and if you watch tonight's game, you will see fans with mass on there a mass mandate in place whether or not you're vaccinated dodger stadium all fans two years and older are now required to wear a mask or face covering while at concession stands or in the cover concourses of the ballpark. the only time fans who are vaccinated do not have to mask up is when they're sitting in their seats. the a's are hosting the los angeles angels right now they are in the bottom of the first. no score last night, the eighties had one of their bigger crowds at the game with 15,000 fans. many came to watch, angels hitting and pitching star shohei otani. he pitched six shutout innings. but once he left those aids bats came alive and they had a three run homer and a solo blast to win 4 to 1
12:59 pm
and former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick iswriting a children's book based on his life. the book is going to be called eye color myself different and focuses on being a black child adopted by white family. kaepernick says the story will be deeply personal. it comes out next april, and it's all part of a multi book deal that he signed and super bowl champion and bay area native tom brady was at the white house today. president biden celebrated this year's super bowl champs. the tip of a buccaneers. brady was questionable for the event, but showed up. he last visited the white house in 2000 and five he often had a visits during the obama and trump presidency's. this is also the first time in super bowl championship team. has visited the white house since 28 17. i feeling tom might go back there again, two thing. i don't think he's done just yet. i want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at new for the very latest news weather, be sure to download the ktvu news app. so you get at four o'clock, the very latest on the oakland a's in the city council, voting six to
1:00 pm
nothing. keep the a's right here and build that ballpark more on that coming up, but dr oz starts right now. -- the king of rock 'n' roll.- the elvis presley. his death at 42 devastated millions. his girlfriend found him lying facedown on the floor in his bathroom. could modern medicine have saved him. plus -- a shocking coverup that may have been the real reason behind his death. then -- youtube's funniest family getting serious about your health questions. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: some of the biggest stars, gone too soon. but did they have to die? our experts pored over medical files, news reports and autopsy reports to find out


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