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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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oakland police officers shut down what investigators call an illegal gambling operation involving casino games, drugs and a cache of weapons. the police and said they had a search warrant and then took everybody that was in the car wash. well. police say such operations are tied to violence, drug trade and human
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trafficking. good evening to you. i'm andre senior. christina is off. now the big bus happened on the 1400 block of 14th avenue at a site that neighbors pointed out, also operates as a car wash. no attend. ktvu s amberleigh is live in oakland police headquarters. look she's learned so far. amber andre police. tell me yesterday's bus with was the fourth so far this year and that they're largely driven by complaints from the community. guns, drugs and cash. oakland police say these are photos of items they seized during what is being described as an illegal casino bust. they say it took place thursday afternoon on the 1400 block of 14th avenue in east oakland and shut down at least three illegal gambling operations in and around the same area. we do know that they've been tied to the recent violence to include murders, kidnappings again narcotics trafficking and human trafficking. neighbors say they saw police raped this. car wash.
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one man spoke with me on the condition that i not identify him. they had guns out and they ordered everybody to come out one by one, and then probably 20 people in there, he says people would park their cars in this nearby lot after business hours and walk over to the car, wash whatever helps to take some of that, uh, you know illegal activities off the street is helpful for the neighborhood. the car wash was open from. the afternoon when i approached a man who appeared to be in charge of the business, want to make sure we get your side of it. do you want to talk to us? all right. i have to do the car wash. i'm not the same. i'm going to start watching the police say they confiscated eight firearms, including two assault rifles, 30 high capacity magazines, a large amount of drugs with a street value of $76,000 21,000 dollars in cash and 18 illegal casino gaming machines. one person.
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was arrested. it's not ending here. we're going to continue and we're gonna continue looking. i hope they don't they do more, actually, because you know, like for me, it doesn't like i don't feel unsafe or anything, but you know my kids walk out. i always felt unsafe for them. this man works and lives nearby. he fears for his family's safety. but questions how effective this one raid will be. i don't know if that's gonna change. i mean, they may do again on 11 in place. police say more arrests, maybe coming. they're part of a larger organized crime ring. i do know that there's multiple groups that operate these throughout the bay area. police say they're working with other law enforcement, including the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. they say illegal casinos are being run from businesses, homes and abandoned buildings and some or even mobile operated from u haul trucks to avoid detection. andre that bus made possible by members of the community given police those leads, amber, thank you. we go now to fremont
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and a tragic case here, a 14 year old boy arrested for stabbing his mother to death. it happened at the family home on sylvester drive just off paseo padre parkway in the north gate area of fremont. we get more now from katie views deborah villalon live tonight in fremont, deborah andre. both parents were attacked about 12 30 this morning and only the father survived. the call didn't come from the residents, 911 dialed from this home on sylvester drive, summoned fremont police just before one a.m. it's obviously very big and tragic incident for that area. officers arrived to find a man and woman with multiple stab wounds. the woman was already dead. the father was conscious at that time, the man. able to speak and we're able to get enough information to determine it was the it was their son. that was a suspect in this case, a 14 year old boy already gone. police set up a perimeter getting help from
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newark and union city pds and a half hour later, approximately a mile away at a resident. uh we got the call about the juvenile being found covered in blood. he was taken into custody, family members outside the home friday afternoon were comforted by. friends and neighbors all declined to talk about the couple and their son. police are mom on motive as they tackle many questions why this occurred how this occurred and what actually took place. if anyone in the area has security video related to the incident or aftermath, investigators want to see it. fremont with its low crime rate, certainly does not expect a homicide in this family oriented area. the suspect is the child of the victims. um, i think that is highly unusual. um, and it's a very tragic ah, sad event. all names are withheld because the suspect is a juvenile and the victims
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still have family being notified. the father's condition is stable and andre detectives will be interviewing him is a troubling story. to be sure, deborah villalon reporting for us live in fremont. deborah thank you. we go down to los angeles county and a mask mandate taking effect tomorrow at midnight. already the county sheriff is saying the quote, underfunded department will not enforce it and will ask for voluntary compliance. some restaurant owner said they are not happy about the new rule. awesome two blocks away from orange county. enjoy a cocktail without a mask on but here we actually have to put it on. you know, this is the final outcome. it's just not fair after you know, beach clubs closed down for over a year. i just think we had a little spike and the l. a county overreacted. l. a county health officials say indoor dining will remain open, but customers will have to remain mass when they're not eating or drinking. everyone in the county must wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. the county recorded more than 1500 new cases yesterday, the most since early march. and here in the bay area, seven counties and the
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city of berkley, recommending that people wear masks indoors. in public places, only solano county and napa counties are holding out for now, as ktvu s and rubin explains, health officials say they want to take action before case rates get worse. vaccinated or not, everyone should go back to wearing a mask indoors. that's the new recommendation from eight bay area health officers as soon as we see signals that things are worsening, it's important to act quickly if we've got the evidence to do so, and they say the evidence is mounting in san francisco, they've seen an eight fold increase in covid 19 cases in recent weeks in santa clara county numbers have tripled in our county public health lab just in the last two weeks about 43. of the cases we could sequence or that more transmissible delta variant, and that worries us that we need this added layer of protection for everyone. and so the counties of alameda contra costa marin, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara sonoma and the city of berkley joined forces to put
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out the mask recommendation. and at this point, it is just a recommendation. it is not a mandate, and we do recognize that we are asking people you know, to make a sacrifice. they say masking will help protect the most vulnerable in the. population it will also by officials more time to see whether a spike in cases will be followed by a spike in hospitalizations and it is very possible that they will not increase as we're worried they might. we're doing this out of an abundance of caution because to wait to act would not be the wise thing to do, and lives could be lost unnecessarily. in los angeles county, they took a more drastic step this week, reinstating a mask mandate. but infectious disease experts say that might not be needed here, thanks to a much higher than vaccination rate. so when you think about the potential strain on hospital resources, it's much higher probability in southern california than the north and so health officials will wait, hopeful the hospitals don't fill up and hopeful that residents even vaccinated ones will wear their
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masks again in santa clara county, marisa muniz says she will we just want to get back to our regular lives so bad we just you know, forget how important it is to stay safe. health officials say they'll keep an eye on the nose. members and decide later whether the recommendation needs to become a mandate. in the meantime, they advise anyone who can to get the vaccine and ruben ktvu fox two news. facebook's handling of information about the best way to protect people from covid-19 puts the white house and the social media platform at odds tonight. what's your message? the platforms like facebook, they're killing people. well, the white house has a plan to challenge information about the virus that sees spreading online later in this newscast, facebook lays out why thinks it's doing a good job of fighting disinformation on its own. well, governor gavin newsom today declared a state of emergency because of large wildfires burning in northern california, the beckworth complex started as
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two fires in plumas county that merged into one. it is not burned more than 105,000 acres. tonight some evacuation orders have been lifted near the town of doyle. lava fire in cisco county has charged more than 25,000 acres. both fires have destroyed homes and other structures in southern oregon officials say the bootleg fire is threatening 5000 homes and structures. the fire near the california state line destroyed 67 homes overnight crew say strong winds are pushing the flames for miles every day in drought stricken forest fires, creating its own weather, including producing lightning and raining down embers. bay area firefighters are among those on the front lines tonight. investigators in napa county, working to identify the three victims of a small plane crashed this morning, the beechcraft bonanza went down in a vineyard and burst into flames around 8 45. it happened just south of the angwin airport west of lake berryessa. investigators say the vineyard workers there nearby watched the plane crash. no. one on the ground injured, though the faa
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and ntsb arrived on the scene this afternoon and began looking into the possible causes of this crash. or in a food fight between doordash grubhub and the city of san francisco. the legal maneuver by the company over delivery commissions that supervisors approved and a burial weather tracking warmer temperatures as we head into your weekend forecast, also the possibility at least a slight chance of a few thunderstorms. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. we also have this ace pushback on the city of oakland's financial plan to develop waterfront stadium for the team.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and it's permanent cap on third party delivery fees. in june, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to cap food delivery commissions at 15% per order, according to the chronicle, doordash grubhub rather argue that the city's ordinance is unlawful and could actually harm restaurants. grubhub says the services it provides are similar to what google does to promote small businesses on the internet. there's evidence that the red hot pace of the bay area's soaring housing price is it starting to cool off new figures from the real estate company redfin show that medium prices were up just over 20% in
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oakland in june. that's down from a 30% increase in may year over year. redford reports across the country that the share of homes sold over list price the share of homes sold within a week and median days on market are all easing. inflation has not slow consumer spending across the country. new numbers out today from the commerce department show retail sales jumped 300.6. june. that's despite consumers being met with the fastest inflation rates since 2000 and eight. many financial analysts agree. this is a sign the economy is making a robust come back from that pandemic slump. the news wasn't enough to get investors buying on wall street. the dow, in fact dropped 299 points today, the nasdaq off by 115, the s and p lost 32 points, energy and tech stocks led the sectors. on the downside, economists think investors are worried about the long term effect. two inflation and the potential for resurgence of the coronavirus. well federal judge in texas issued a ruling today
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declaring the daca program illegal. the decision applies nationwide. ktvu john cox alma here now with what this means for young immigrants waiting for daca protection. jenna andre. this ruling does not affect doctor recipients who already obtained a work permit. but it does put a stop to any new applications. i talked with an oakland daca recipient who says his sister is devastated. her application was just weeks away, he said from being approved. the ruling by the federal judge in texas now puts hundreds of thousands of young immigrants on uncertain ground. us district judge andrew hanen declared the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program was illegally created and did not follow proper procedure. the lawsuit was filed by texas in a coalition with eight other states that said daca forced them to bear costs of health care, education and social services. i think more than anything with this with this new ruling highlights is the need for there to be permanent soldier. it's not just for daca recipients and
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those quote unquote dreamers but also for tps holders right. also for farm workers for essential workers, juan prieto of oakland is one of some $650,000 recipients who have received protection. the program was set up in 2012 to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation and allow them to work if they were brought to the u. s. s children have pursued an education or military service and have no criminal record. hundreds of thousands more have applied include in prieto's brother and sister. my two siblings. actually, we're waiting for their biometric appointments, which was supposed to happen in two weeks. a lot of us who have received our doc. i know that once you do your biometrics, that's only three weeks after that, that you actually receive your work permit creator says his sister just graduated from u. c. riverside her whole life is on cause now her whole trajectory of all the things she had worked for is not having to be put on on on halt f
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is whether you try and appeal through a hostile waters because the fifth circuit has indicated that this is not their favorite program. before this, and then, of course, you'd have to face the supreme court. you see, hastings law professor david levine says the judge instead pointed to a legislative fix the better road and partially what the judge was taking into account is of for perhaps homeland security to make some changes, but in particular for congress to finally do something in this area. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement today calling on republicans to join democrats in passing bipartisan immigration reform. the house passed legislation back in march to give daca youth a path to citizenship, but it's currently stalled in the senate, where democrats hold a slimmer majority. reporting live jana katsuyama ktvu, fox. two news. former sacramento eric congressman doug o. c, officially filed paperwork today to run in the gubernatorial recall election. he joins more than 70 other candidates, including san diego
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mayor the former san diego mayor, kevin falconer, businessman john cox and reality tv star and olympian caitlyn jenner. however general will be off the campaign trail for several weeks. she is heading to australia to film celebrity big brother. two questions will be on the september 14th ballot. should the governor be recalled. and if so, who should be the new governor? the deadline to file by the way was today. how well barrier weather temperature is not moving around too much over the past few days kind of the same old pattern. but into the weekend. we're tracking some changes first, with warmer temperatures, and then possibly some thunderstorms, which would be a big concern, at least with respect to fire danger. take a look, though first, the highest from this afternoon sixties out toward the coast for pacifica in san francisco, out toward the bay sixties and seventies, warmest locations in the mid to upper eighties and no extreme heat today, no extreme heat throughout the period, although temperatures begin to a trend up a little bit over the weekend, but look what happens
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into sunday. we do bring in the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms, and those chances actually could be going up. so we're gonna try to figure out like least try try to bring in some more detail to the forecast, but there's enough of a threat here. the national weather service issue in a fire weather watch for the north bay hills, the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains from five p.m. sunday until 11 a.m. on monday. all because we had the chance of some lightning, possibly some dry lightning that could lead to new fire starts. not only here in the bay area but across other portions of the state. so this is a situation we have to watch closely a serious someone as we head toward the back half of the weekend. right now, low clouds and fog back in the picture this evening and current numbers. we have some fifties and some sixties, so the fog primarily their parts of the coast, right around portions of the bay. here's our law. camera looking out toward the ocean estuary, where you can see some of the overcast here. we'll start out tomorrow morning with temperatures in the fifties, the possibility of some drizzle and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds clear back to near the
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coastline temperatures most areas a little bit warmer than today. coming up, we'll talk more about those forecast highs. we also talk about that thunderstorm chance their full forecast in a few minutes. certainly not welcome with this particular point, mark. thank you. well still, no deal between the city of oakland and the athletics on a new ballpark coming up after the break, the latest sticking point in the ongoing negotiations and a palo alto father who does not want his son to wear a mask to school takes this case back to school takes this case back to court. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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appear to be far apart on a deal on the waterfront ballpark today, oakland officials released a tentative financial plan for developing the stadium at howard terminal, but the a say it's way off base and pointed differences in how the pay for infrastructure improvements as well as affordable housing requirements. different earlier today, the oakland coliseum authority asked president dave cavil if the team has made plans to fund a different site.
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you know, we're prepared to work with whoever the other owner is even after or visas or the city as the entitlement agency to come up with a plan that makes the most sense for the community. gavel went on to say that howard terminal is the only side in oakland that will work for the ball club as both sides negotiate. oakland mayor libby schaaf says this in a statement quote the term sheet put forth by the city staff moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class ballpark a reality. we appreciate the working with us to reach consensus on nearly all financial terms. well many doctors hope the food and drug administration's decision to move forward with a priority review of the pfizer copan vaccine will convince more people to get the shot. the review will determine whether the vaccine should be fully approved. now, at the moment, the vaccine is only emergency use authorization to get full approval. vaccines must go through a much more stringent approval process. the food and drug administration set of
10:24 pm
january deadline to complete the review, but a decision could come sooner than that. well, people can start climbing the eiffel tower once again. the forests. it's, uh, a sign that the foreigners are coming back at the fl tower, and we in our forecast, we think that we will have more visitors compared to last year could be so the tower reopened today for the first time since october. the reopening comes just four days after french president manuel macron announced new coronavirus restrictions because of a surge in cases people visiting the eiffel tower must prove they are fully. vaccinated or have a negative coronavirus test. the reopening was extra special for one couple. who as you see there got engaged at the top, an 18 year old physicist. students from the netherlands will soon be the youngest person to fly into space. hi i'm all of you, damon and i'll be joining jeff bezos, mark vicious and why do you think on the first five new shepard? i am super excited to go to space and joining them on
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flight. i've been dreaming about this all my life. i am super excited to experience zero g and city rules from above. lucky guy. if you really want to go to space mystery bidder who paid $28 million for a spot on the blue origin flight cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. so the young man you saw there? oliver damon got the seat instead, lord and says his father placed an undisclosed bid for his son last march. the launch is scheduled for tuesday. white house wants facebook to change its ways coming up while the president thinks the social media website allows bad information about covid to go on checked, and the palo alto dad's fight to let his son go massless at school, goes back to court later in sports giants continue their winning ways in the second half of the season, but a scary sight tonight when brandon crawford left the game with an injury, we'll check in with jason appelbaum later. then we'll break down why some beauty salon workers refused to give up their mass. they say it give up their mass. they say it has nothing. to do
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calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. start masking up indoors. debate intensifies tonight over some of the information you see about covid online. the white house thinks social media flat platforms need to do more to fight disinformation, as caroline shively shows us tonight, the president is calling out menlo park based facebook over the issue. the biden administration is taking on facebook and its fight against the coronavirus. the white house, says the social media giant isn't doing enough to stop covid misinformation by users, so it's flagging what officials call problematic posts. the president was blunt. what's your methods of platforms like facebook? they're killing people. i mean it really well, look, the only
10:29 pm
pandemics we have is among unvaccinated and that they're killing people. a facebook company spokesperson responded. the fact is that more than two billion people have viewed authoritative information about covid-19 and vaccines on facebook, which is more than any other place on the internet. meanwhile masks are back in la starting saturday night, one minute before midnight. los angeles county will require indoor. masks even for those who are vaccinated some of the county's 10 million residents reacted with a shrug by all those people that get him out of it. just being asked to wear masks like it's just the minister nationwide. the seven day case averages up 70% in l. a county more than 1000. new cases have been recorded each day for the last week, but the debate over indoor masks continues. the decision made by the l. a county in terms of reinstituting and masking indoors. um, even among vaccinated individuals is appropriate because of the
10:30 pm
data, there's no scientific reason whatsoever. they have to have a mask mandate they can recommended for indoor use. recommend not mandate here in d. c a group of house republicans introduced a bill on friday that would ban federal mask mandates on buses, airplanes and trains in washington. caroline shibley fox news, canada hopes to welcome visitors back very soon, prime minister justin trudeau says he hopes to allow fully that. fascinated travelers back by early september. the nation also tentatively plans to allow us citizens and permanent residents in by mid august. this decision comes as our neighbor to the north continues on a positive path with vaccinations up and covid cases down so far, 78% of canadian residents aged 12 and older have received at least one dose of a coronavirus. black sea. well, continuous battle over school districts mask policies heading back to court, now the parent who filed the suit says his son's disability means he shouldn't have to wear a mask.
10:31 pm
but as ktvu jesse gary reports, the school district is standing firm on its policy. a j go check son is entering his senior year at palo alto high, but a lawsuit filed earlier this month could overshadow progress toward graduation. why did you file this suit? well, i have to protect my son's right to an education. and also his safety. go check filed suit in santa clara county superior court, july 6th this after his son was removed from a summer school history class at gunn high school because he wasn't wearing a mask. he claims his son, whom we'll call t g to protect his identity, has a speech and communication disability. that's worsened when forced to wear a mask. the ppa usd barred the 17 year old from completing the 2.5 week class. his father declined to let a school nurse evaluate g before they send me off or my son off to go see a nurse or some other kind of evaluation
10:32 pm
or doctor's note or whatever. i would love to see the policy for some strange reason. they will not provide that tool. the school district's website says it follows state health department guidelines go checks lawsuit asked for a temporary restraining order so that his son could go back to class. however the court ruled it moot since by the time it reached the judge class had already ended. so go check is going to re filed his lawsuit and as for another temporary restraining order for the coming school year, p a usd offices were closed friday, but superintendent dr don austin sent a statement to fox to saying in part this suit is the first of many challenges school districts across the state should expect regarding masking and vaccinations. dr austin continues. students without medical exemptions will be required to wear a mask until those rules are changed. i'd like him to have an education in the classroom, just like the other children for now, t g could view his senior year.
10:33 pm
from the outside, looking in as his father and district settle differences fueled by a pandemic restriction in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. two men from the north bay have been charged with conspiracy to blow up several buildings following president biden's election victory, according to court documents in rogers of napa and another man, jared copeland of vallejo, began planning attacks in november. the men allegedly planned to attack the john l. burden democratic headquarters in sacramento, along with the twitter and facebook headquarters. in january, authorities seized dozens of guns, including automatic weapons, ammunition and five pipe bombs from rogers home. copeland was. arrested on wednesday. police say a man in santa clara shot another man who was trying to break into his home early sunday. police got a call about a man prowling in someone's backyard, and when they arrived, they learned someone in the home shot the suspected prowler, the resident says. the man baroque a window and then kicked open the back door, which prompted the
10:34 pm
homeowner to shoot. police say the suspect is spencer olson. the 26 year old was taken to the hospital and was arrested. for burglary crimes in chinatown. have some neighbors on edge tonight. coming up, a move is being made to help ease some violence in the a p i community. and a very weather warmer temperatures as we head to the weekend, but the big concern the chance of some thunderstorms and fire danger, we'll have more on your forecast coming up and find out why some beauty salon workers plan to keep wearing mass long after the pandemic. if you smell gas, you're too close.
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[cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out occurred in oakland, chinatown in broad daylight. this time, the victims were two asian women who were walking when two
10:37 pm
men jumped out of a car overpowered them making off with her purse is the incident is similar to an attack of a man yesterday and almost the identical spot ktb is rob ross spoke with police who say the incidents do not appear to be hate crimes. two women, one elderly moments after they were mugged in oakland, chinatown friday afternoon video at the top of the screen shows the two were walking on ninth street near harrison when two men got out of a car grabbed each of the women's purses, knocking them to the pavement, then driving off with the third person behind the wheel. the younger woman suffered a cut to her finger in the attack. this happened in almost the identical spot as an attack thursday afternoon when two men got out of a car and at gunpoint, jumped a man with a cane pistol, whipping him, forcing him to the ground and robbing him a second video of the same incident shows a man coming up toward the attack, attempting to help the victim before one of the attackers, pistol whips him. the man with the king went to the hospital. his condition is unknown, only
10:38 pm
disturbing. it's kind of horrible. karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, and himself, a mugging victim, says what's happening in china town is having an effect on those who live and work here. this normal daily. will chen stay shadow? you know when, when this type of incidents keep happening, less people coming out every time where they where they hear some incidents happening, uh, in in the community. police are investigating both cases. but do not believe thursday's mugging was a hate crime, but rather a crime of opportunity that is happening more often. it has been mostly the same people are the same descriptions in the same cars. so yes, there's definitely been an increase. the attacks come as leaders of the asian american pacific islander community celebrated receiving 156 million in state funds over three years. to combat a p i hate more than 2000. incidents were reported in california this past year because might not end the violence. but
10:39 pm
there's definitely a set forward to really stand against together for to find the ap headline. the money will go toward helping victims and their families, more data collection and for school programs that increase awareness and understanding. we're trying to ensure. that this does not continue to happen to our community. rob wrath, ktvu fox two news. pioneering hip hop artist biz markie has died. do you got what i need, but you say he's just a friend. and you say, well, he is best known for that recording. just a friend was a huge platinum selling hit. his manager confirmed that the rapper passed away this evening at the age of 57, his wife with my side cause of death has not been released. he had been dealing with complications from diabetes for many years, like diabetes for many years, like agnes, agatha germaine and if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. mass, despite relaxed rules on face coverings. the reason why may surprise you as reporter jessica for most so tells us tonight it has nothing to do with covid-19. face masks have become a a staple in the past year and a half, but his restrictions are lifting, including mask wearing for those fully vaccinated. there's some people who say they will continue to mask up well after
10:43 pm
the pandemic is over. i want to keep this on because i want to protect my skin hair stylist madeline vinaigrette they have terrible beauty in washington heights says, since she's been wearing a mask due to covid, she has noticed her skin is not as irritated as it used to be a lot of the times a lot of the products that we use, you can actually feel the difference now that we're wearing this, i don't feel the same as before. you know, my eyes don't get irritated and my skin doesn't get irritated. madeleine has been in the beauty industry for 25 years and has developed eczema on her cheeks. she blames it on the harsh chemicals she uses on her clients with carrots in like we were speaking about carrot in and also, um, the flatiron fly iron. sometimes when you fly iron someone's hair. it gets really a lot of the fumes. come out of the flat iron and it hits your face. so that's like heat constantly, and she's not the only one holding onto her mask over to lord day. spine
10:44 pm
here designed they have no plans to get rid of their ppe skin irritation after the chemical treatment and breathing problems so while wearing masks, it helps them not to have this problem. dr janine downey is a dermatologist. a lot of my. nail manicurist and my salon. um women that that work with hair all the time. a lot of them get nosebleeds because the constant irritation of the chemicals, downey says, protecting the face and eyes is essential for salon workers wearing a mask can prevent respiratory problems in the long run. wicked rose atia for some of my patients, which is the redness in the face. the rotation for many people can later then lead to molasses, mma, which is the dark patches on the face. i'm jessica for moscow, fox news. we'll bury a weather temperatures will be trending up a little bit this weekend, not to worry about any major heat, but we do have to worry about this. the possibility of some lightning
10:45 pm
around here a fire weather watch begins five p.m. sunday as he can see for the north bay hills, the east bay hills, the santa cruz mountains. this runs from five p.m. sunday until 11 a.m. on monday with the possibility of some thunderstorms that could lead to with some lightning and some of those thunderstorms may not produce any rainfall at all. so with that, that could lead to new fire starts, i'm sure fire crew are being briefed up and down the state, including here in the bay area as the fire danger will be increasing. here's the satellite and the radar. as you can see, right now we're watching the thunderstorms in arizona, and some of that moisture will be working its way closer to the region as we head into later the day saturday, but especially, i should say sunday, sunday night and into monday here is the satellite right now where we do have this low clouds and fog near the coast in your portions of the bay. not completely over the bay like it was last night. this time but still approaching portions of the east bay shoreline tonight. current numbers. here's a live camera looking out toward the oecd estuary, and we'll drop in
10:46 pm
those readings. most areas right now in the fifties and the sixties livermore actually fairly mild 65 degrees for tonight. overnight we'll start out tomorrow morning with, uh, some areas of fog, coast side and right around the bay. most areas for you saturdaour weekent models kind of capturing that idea for tomorrow morning showing you some of the overcast out there and then into the afternoon hours, the clouds will clear back to a near the coastline, some more sunshine around the bay beach is not warmed up too much, and the inland neighborhoods actually warming up back up into the lower nineties for tomorrow afternoon, so here's the setup. there's actually a lot happening about to happen over the next couple days. this area of low pressure has been keeping our temperatures on the cool side. it begins to lose its grip. not well, cool, not just not talking about any extreme heat here. it begins to lose its grip for this weekend. so saturday temperatures warming up, especially england, lower nineties and then here's the setup. this area of high pressure is building in from
10:47 pm
the south, and it's that circulation that draws in that moisture. so with that we could have some unstable air approaching the central california and the bay area. so by sunday afternoon sunday night into monday a possibly some thunderstorms around here, and that leads to that the fire danger threat here now here's the forecast models. you can see. this is a saturday and then we'll put this into motion into your sunday sunday morning. still okay, just some typical. the typical low clouds and fog. look what sneaks into the picture later in the afternoon. this is one o'clock and then later in the day now, this is one particular forecast model. it's kind of a keeping the shower activity at least the most unstable air to the east, but other four accounts models bringing in that moisture and this will probably update quite a bit over the next day or so. so there's enough moisture out there enough instability that we are tracking those thunderstorm chances later in the day, sunday and into monday forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the sixties we could see for the coast and then right around the bay in the
10:48 pm
seventies, warmest locations will be approaching the lower nineties out toward fairfield and antioch, so warmer inland. temperatures will be training up a little bit as we head into sunday and then into monday, probably one of the warmest day of the week, possibly but humid a bit. but mcgee around here and then in a tuesday and wednesday, well cool things off by just a little bit. but that thunderstorm threats that is something off to watch closely. you know, andre, you've lived in florida with those all those thunderstorms that that could develop and you just know how erratic it could be. and how may be a storm might produce a couple lightning strikes. or maybe it seems like dozens and that is the big concern as we head into the week. get especially later in the day on sunday again, just driving up and down, would watch looking at all the dry conditions along the mountain size. it's just a little bit really scary, and we're going to be on alert the sudden in case something happens, but hopefully hopefully nothing does. mark. thank you. hopefully. well, a donut shop that's been a favorite in san francisco's mission district for decades is finally back open the jelly
10:49 pm
doughnut on 24th street in south van ness first opened its doors way back in 1987, and over the years with its jelly and cream filled treats. the shop developed a following, but the store closed in august. 2000 and 19 for innovations. it was supposed to be closed for just six months, but then the pandemic it the owners were finally able to reopen last month to the surprise and delight of its customers. we had some people cry with my sister when they came in here because they were just like they probably had sold a donut shop. they thought we had turned over and covid just messed everything up. but no, we're still here, and we're just glad to see everybody. so get this when the store first reopened, some upset people in the neighborhood thought it was sold to new owners, so they sprayed it with graffiti, but they actually came back and apologize when they realize the same owners are still actually running that shop. fairfield native jason jason garrett put smiles on a lot of young faces this afternoon, the 49ers cornerback hosted a summer
10:50 pm
carnival for families in the community today, the event at mount calvary baptist church offered lots of games and snacks with plenty of one on one time with he said his family's fever foundation was set up to give let kids enjoy sports and just being together. just the community where i come from, you know, i mean, i'm a guy that made it out of out of city out of the city, and you know, it's always good to get back and bless the people behind you. and that's just what i'm looking forward to do for. it also provided a lot of things for these kids to do. families also got to enjoy premier showing of the new space jam movie as part of the celebrate. coming up in sports reason to celebrate tonight at the coliseum. jason appelbaum is up next on the a's exciting finish, then on the 11 o'clock news why visitors to golden gate park no longer need to worry about one aggressive coyote seen in the area.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
10:53 pm
jason appelbaum with you, uh, second half of the baseball season is now underway and the giants picked up right where they left off with yet another victory, young giants fan pumped up in st louis, and it's all about home runs and pitching for the giants and mike, your shrimp ski gets the giants on the board the fourth with this solo shot off adam wainwright. one, nothing san francisco after the cardinals tie it up, while my wade jr unties it with a blast to right that just clears the feds three run homer, his eighth of the season. 41 giant still 41 in the seventh when young yaz does it again, this time with two men on home runs number 13 and
10:54 pm
14 for yastrzemski giants up 72. now there was one, hopefully minor setback on the night, brandon crawford comes up limping after fouling one off in the eighth. he reaches for his hamstring. but croft. i stayed in the game he actually singled before getting pulled for a pinch runner. the giants are calling it a hamstring cramp. giants win it, 72. it's their fifth when in a row and they are 26 games over 500 plus at the coliseum tonight, and they saw a thriller. hopefully none of those fans left early. they stayed for the final pitch because it was well worth it. i know this little girl didn't when you're feeling it. you just got to get loose school. listen the third and it stays that way. thanks to this diving catch by elvis andrus takes a hit away from cesar hernandez, alphas. andrews then throws to second to double off bradley zimmer. great play, sean minaya is loving it is up to nothing
10:55 pm
in the fourth, mitch moreland will extend the lead rips one to right field and that is gone. home run number seven for moreland, a's up three to nothing but cleveland comes back to tie it up, and then the seventh, zimmer picks a good time to hit his first home run of the year. cleveland up 4 to 3, but the ayes have a flair for the dramatic down or run in the ninth man on for lowry. right field, dead baby gone, laurie has walked it off. yeah jed lowry walks it off for the a's with the two run homer. it's their league leading eight walk off the season. and what a way to start the second half of the season a's take it final score there 5 to 4 as they party at home base, okay in the long and storied history of the british open, nobody has ever had a lower score in the first
10:56 pm
two rounds of the tournament, then louis oosthuizen did over the past couple of days. great weather for round two at royal st george and sandwich, england shot of the day. jonathan thompson. nice, easy swing on the part. 3/16 and watch the ball. it's going to take a big hop and then it rolls in for the hole in one as cat he says. yeah i picked that club. give me some love. i picked the club thompson to under nine strokes back. cal alum collin morikawa making his open debut and it was a good 17 birdies on the day, including this one on number eight. he is alone in second place to back at minus nine. but everybody is chasing us days and this is his approach from 80 yards out on 12 near he goes in for eagle he would tap in for birdie and then the eagle putt on the par 5/14 reads it beautifully, and it drops. the south african follows up yesterday 64 with a 65 today us to sin is 11 under
10:57 pm
part that is the lowest 36 hole score in the 149 year history of the open championship. okay if you were on social media today on twitter, it was kind of blown. up over this trade rumor actually report out about damian lillard, requesting out of portland, and you'll see how lillard responds to it. lillard of course, he's from oakland. he's one of the best players in the nba. and according to true hoop, he was done with the blazers because they weren't winning enough and he would ask for a trade in the near future, now, another report said lillard had a list of four teams he wanted to be traded to so kind of specific there, and the warriors were one of those four teams. as for lillard, now he's gearing up for the olympics with team usa. he addressed today's report head on, it's not true, you know, i started off off the rib and say it's not true. i said the last time i spoke to you guys that.
10:58 pm
a lot of things are being said, and you know, it hasn't come for me. i also say that i haven't made any firm decision on you know what my future will be so no truth to it, but maybe down the road, we'll see lillard kind of leaving it open. he's going to keep people talking after comments like that. all right, tony hawk is the all time king of skateboarding. so what happened today? just a few miles from his house in southern california is pretty dark. cool. you got to check this out. this is from the x games 12 year old g curry. he's building up speed and more speed in order to become the first person ever to land a 10 80 on a vert ramp. that's three complete rotations. tony hawk was the first to land a 900 back in 1999 hawk is now 53. there he is, he's on hand to congratulate curry, who became the youngest gold medalist in x. game history that is pretty
10:59 pm
cool. and are we seeing a future w nba star? check this out? this is zhang's you of eastern china. she's seven ft four and get this andre. she is only 14 years old. in her most recent games, she notched 42 points. 15 rebounds, six blocks. reminds me of the old will chamberlain footage when he's playing against people have foot shorter than him, but she's already drawing comparisons to the form. nba nba great yao ming, and he was an eight time all stars, so we'll look out for zoo, possibly in the near future. andre i'll be back for more in about 25 minutes, but now it is time for the 11 o'clock news. she's right up there on the basket. almost jason. thank you so much next at 11. yeah, we do know that they've been tied to the recent violence to include murders, kidnappings. police in oakland say the busts of illegal casinos go way beyond gambling season weapon. and
11:00 pm
drugs along with gaming machines, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. hello again. i'm andre senior. christina is off the latest big casino bus happened at a site that neighbors tell us also operates as a carwash. ktvu zambelli live in oakland police headquarters will police found when they served a search warrant. amber andre police say the bust is a win for the community that it is largely driven by neighbors. points. guns, drugs and cash. oakland police say these are photos of items they seized during what is being described as an illegal casino bust. they say it took place thursday afternoon on the 1400 block of 14th avenue in east oakland and shut down at least three illegal gambling operations in around the same area. we do know that they've been tied to the recent violence to include murders, kidnappings again narcotics


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