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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  July 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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firefighters put the fire out once that fire was out, investigators were able to determine that no one on board had survived at this time, i can confirmed tragically and sadly that. all three on board are deceased. investigators say vineyard workers were nearby and watch the plane go down. no one on the ground was injured. federal investigators, the faa and ntsb arrived on scene afternoon and began looking into possible causes of the crash and trying to determine who was the pilot of the craft and who was on board. the plane crashed on approach to parrot field. the airfield is part of the campus of nearby pacific union college, the college confirming that none on board the aircraft were associated with the campus. one of the first things that are assistant director of the flight center did was work with everyone and make sure all of our, uh employees and students and pilots training and aircraft and everything were accounted for. and i can officially say that everyone on our campuses
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accounted for the college is working with federal officials, turning that information over trying to narrow the list of potential victims. in napa county, christian captain ktvu fox. two news. are breaking news now on the future of daca, a federal judge in texas ruled that the government must process new applications for the program. the obama era policy protects people brought to the u. s. as children from deportation, texas and eight other states sued to halt the program, saying it violates the constitution. this afternoon's ruling will not end protections for the estimated 650,000 people who are already enrolled in it, but it will likely put pressure on the administration in congress to pass legislation to protect so called dreamers. los angeles has now requiring everyone to mask up when they are inside, regardless of whether they've been vaccinated against covid or not here in the bay area, health officials met today they decided to recommend people wear masks when they are indoors. it is only a recommendation, at least
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for now. but as ktvu is an ruben shows us the delta variant is the main factor for the mask recommendation. vaccinated or not, everyone should go back to wearing a mask indoors. that's the new recommendation from eight bay area health officers as soon as we see signals that things are worsening, it's important to act quickly if we've got the evidence to do so, and they say the evidence is mounting in san francisco, they've seen an eight fold increase in covid 19 cases in recent weeks in santa clara county numbers have tripled in our county public health lab just in the last two weeks about 43. of the cases we could sequence or that more transmissible delta variant, and that worries us that we need this added layer of protection for everyone. and so the counties of alameda contra costa marin, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara sonoma and the city of berkleyjoined forces to put out the mask recommendation. and at this point, it is just a recommendation. it is not a mandate and we do recognize
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that we are asking people you know, to make a sacrifice, they say masking will help protect the most vulnerable in the pot. population it will also by officials more time to see whether a spike in cases will be followed by a spike in hospitalizations and it is very possiblehat they will not increase as we're worried they might. we're doing this out of an abundance of caution because to wait to act would not be the wise thing to do, and lives could be lost unnecessarily. in los angeles county, they took a more drastic step this week, reinstating a mask mandate. infectious disease experts say that might not be needed here, thanks to a much higher vaccination rate. so when you think about the potential strain on hospital resources, it's much higher probability and southern california than the north and so health officials will wait. hopeful the hospitals don't fill up and hopeful that residents even vaccinated ones will wear their masks again in santa clara county, marisa mew knees says she will. we just want to get back to our regular lives so
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bad we just you know, forget how. important it is to stay safe. health officials say they'll keep an eye on the numbers and decide later whether the recommendation needs to become a mandate. in the meantime, they advise anyone who can to get the vaccine and ruben ktvu fox two news and ucsf has re implemented its mask mandate. ucsf officials say the new mandate takes effect immediately. it applies to all staff and students. ucsf says 89% of their students and staff are the vaccinated, but officials say they still expect some breakthrough cases because of that delta variant, the number of coronavirus cases statewide continues to rise more than 4600 new cases reported today. the test positivity rate is at 3.7% which is almost 1.5% higher than last week. 65 new deaths were reported today and the number of californians in the hospital with covid-19 remains over 2000 nationwide covid cases rose 70% over the last
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week, deaths were up 26 per sent as a delta variant spreads quickly across the country, covid related hospitalizations were up 36% last week, and u. s health officials say virtually all new patients were on vaccinated. they say that underscores the effectiveness of the vaccines and the need for americans to roll up their sleeves. if you're fully vaccinated, you are protected against severe covid hospitalization and death and are even protected against the known variants, including the delta variant. 25 states with the highest two week increase in covid cases, all have the lowest vaccination numbers. they include our neighbor nevada, along with utah, arkansas, missouri and louisiana as well. the nation is not only fighting the corona virus, it's also fighting dangerous misinformation about covid-19, according to the u. s surgeon general, who says it's a serious threat to public health. the biden administration is now working with tech companies to flag what they've deemed problematic
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content foxes. madeline rivera has more on the initiative and why some say it's infringing on freedom of speech. just like cigarettes and some food and drinks come with a health advisory now. so does misinformation. the surgeon general warns that has caused people's lives during the coronavirus pandemic to combat the spread of disinformation. the white house says it's working with tech companies like facebook to flag content on their platforms. it shouldn't come as any surprise that were in regular touch with social media platforms, just like we're in regular touch with all of you and your media outlets, but the administration says it's not surveilling social media posts. instead it's alerting social media companies to broader trending narratives around vaccine. misinformation the effort comes as vaccination rates in the country continued to lag hindered, in part, some say by disinformation, the only pandemics we have is among unvaccinated. and that they're killing people. critics however, argue tech companies shouldn't
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be entirely to blame for the drop in vaccinations. the answer is if there's something on the internet that is working against the idea of getting people vaccinated and protected against this terrible disease than the government ought to be thinking about how it can be emphasizing a message about the utility of getting vaccinated, and many republicans believe the coordination with big tech will do more harm than good. private for profit corporation can make its own decisions. but when it's doing that, in collusion with government, it starts to look to me an awful lot like first amendment violation, facebook and youtube say they do bannon remove content that break their rules on covid-19 misinformation in washington. mala rivera, fox news and we have the latest data and updates for you on covid on our website at ktvu .com. you'll find recommendations on masks for where you live, plus vaccination. numbers and positivity rates, all on ktvu dot com this evening, a tragic
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story on a fremont police say a 14 year old is in custody for allegedly stabbing both of his parents, killing his mother. officers were called to sylvester drive near paseo padre parkway at 12 30 this morning, they found two people with stab wounds. a woman pronounced dead at the scene. the man taken to the hospital, where his condition is set to be stable about 30. minutes later, residents spotted the boy covered in blood about a mile away from the home officers took into custody, the names of the victims and the suspect have not been released. two men from the north may have been charged with conspiracy to blow up several buildings following president biden's election victory, according to court documents. ian rogers of napa pictured here and another man, jared copeland of vallejo, began planning attacks in november. the men allegedly planned to attack the john l. burton democratic headquarters in sacramento, along with the twitter and facebook headquarters in january, authorities dozens of guns, including automatic weapons, ammunition and five pipe bombs
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from rogers home. copeland was arrested on wednesday. they both are facing several years in prison. police say a man in santa clara shot another man who was trying to break into his home early sunday. police got a call about a man prowling in someone's backyard. when they arrived, they learned someone in the home shot the suspected prowler. the resident says the man broke a window and then kicked open the back door, which prompted the homeowner to shoot. police say the suspect is spencer olson. the 26 year old was taken to the hospital and was arrested for burglary. former niner. richard sherman faced a judge today. he's charged with several crimes after a confrontation at his in law's home. what he's saying about those charges. barrier family sues it's school district over mess they say their son cannot wear one, but the district stands firm saying no mask, no class. and trying to protect the asian american community even as another brutal attack is caught on camera. oh around the bay area this afternoon. we have warmer
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would you press it? oakland's chinatown in broad daylight. this time, the victims were two asian women who were just walking when two men jumped out of a car, overpowered them and made off with their purses. the incident is similar to an attack on a man with a cane in almost the identical spot. ktvu is rob ross spoke with police who see the incidents do not appear to be hate crimes. two women, one elderly moments after they were mugged in oakland, chinatown friday afternoon video at the top of the screen shows the two were walking on ninth street
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near harrison went to men got out of a car grabbed each of the women's purses, knocking them to the pavement than driving off with the third person behind the wheel. the younger woman suffered a cut to her finger in the attack. this happened in almost the identical spot as an attack thursday afternoon when two men got out of a car and at gunpoint, jumped a man with a cane pistol, whipping him, forcing him to the ground and robbing him a second video of the same incident shows a man coming up toward the attack, attempting to help the victim before one of the attackers, pistol whips him. the man with the cane went to the hospital. his condition is unknown, only disturbing. it's kind of horrible. karl chan, president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce, and himself, a mugging victim, says what's happening in china town is having an effect on those who live and work here. this normal daily will change a shadow. you know when, when this type of incidents keep on happening. less people coming out every time when they when they hear some incidents happening, uh,
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in in the community. police are investigating both cases. but do not believe thursday's mugging was a hate crime, but rather a crime of opportunity. that is happening more often. it has been mostly the same people are the same descriptions in the same cars. so yes, there's definitely been an increase. the attacks come as leaders of the asian american pacific islander community celebrated receiving 100. and $56 million in state funds over three years to combat a p i hate more than 2000 incidents were reported in california this past year. this might not end the violence, but there's definitely a step forward to really stand against together for to find the a p. i hate crime. the money will go toward helping victims and their families, more data collection and for school programs that increase awareness and understanding. we're trying to ensure that this does not continue to happen. to our community. rob roth, ktvu, fox two news in
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southern oregon, officials say the massive bootleg fire has destroyed 67 homes overnight. it is now threatening 5000 more homes and structures. fire officials say strong winds are pushing the flames for several miles every day in drought stricken forests. it's also creating dangerous fire clouds that are showering down embers on cruise below bay area. firefighters are among those trying to control. that fire and here in california, the dixie fire in butte county has grown to nearly 8000 acres. it's only 7% contained right now. cal fire says the steep terrain is making containment difficult as winds pushed the fire to the north. they say the good news is containment lines are holding on the west and south sides of the fire to protect the communities of mongolia and paradise. to the east and plumas county crews are gaining control on the huge backwards, complex fire. it's made up of two fires that have burned nearly 105,000 acres since they were sparked by lightning on july 3rd. it is
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68% contained, the fire destroyed a number of homes in the small town of doyle earlier this week. that area remains under an evacuation order this afternoon. t g. i have to all of you a little bit warmer outdoors today and the warming trend is going to continue into the weekend for several days. we have been a bit below average. so by tomorrow, right about where we should be for this time of year, and then we introduce the risk of thunderstorms more on this in just a little bit. here's a look at what is going on in and around the bay area. for starters, we had some earlier clearing in most areas today. yesterday this picture of sfo socked in with gray the entire day. but by noontime today, the blue skies for over sfl, you can see the clouds are beginning to reform and we'll work back across the bay with the east based shore expected to have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies by sunset. right now, temperature is a 62 degrees in san francisco low sixties in oakland, you get into the north bay a beautiful
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one for you there 78 in nevado. how about the inner east bay warmed not too hot. 83 livermore, 86 conquered and san jose right now. 75 5 degrees warmer than yesterday up by six degrees and conquered in the north bay. santa rosa, five degrees former. so everybody came up just a little bit, or at least most areas. onshore breeze that hasn't gone away, but we are again seeing a little bit more of a compressed marine layer onshore breeze not quite as strong fairfield reporting it entrevista 16 mph napa reporting 17 and the trend will be for of course, the onshore breeze to we can just a little bit more temperatures will come up just a little bit more for your bay area saturday. is a view of where the cloud cover is right now expected to re enter the bay later this evening. if you're going to see the ace game a little bit later today 62 degrees. partly cloudy skies and west priest about 10 mph, so pretty a pretty one out there if you're going to be heading out to see the a's at the call of sam getting into the future cast for you.
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there's a look at early tomorrow morning. we do have the fog in the north bay as well as the east based shore. not quite as extensive as we have seen it in recent days. and we'll see an earlier burn off. there's 10 a.m. where were partly cloudy to mostly clear away from the coastline. temperatures again expected to come up by a few degrees. not bad at all low nineties for some of her hotter spots, and then as we get into sunday, a new repeat with the temperatures, but what's going to change is monsoonal moisture that is expected to enter into california and bring with it the risk of thunderstorms. and with that we're looking at an increased risk of fire danger, so when i come back, i'll have a look at the afternoon highs for two tomorrow. we'll talk about the fire. weather watch expected with this coming sunday into monday as well and the extended forecast back to you, after protests in the streets of cuba sparked demonstrations in the us and beyond. some u. s lawmakers now want president biden to make some bold new moves. i'm caroline shevlin washington i'll have that story coming out. coming up at six. police
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shoot and kill a man with a replica gun in los angeles. the new move that takes the investigation out of the hands of the l. a police department plus a surprising turn around how retail sales increased last month and are returning to pre pandemic levels delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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call today. gubernatorial recall election more than 70 candidates have filed their paperwork, including former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, businessman john cox and reality tv star and olympian caitlyn jenner. two questions will be on the ballot. one is should the governor be recalled, and the second is, if so, who should be the new governor? supporters of governor gavin newsom have formed a new political action committee as the governor faces this recall. a group called the people for a brighter future, held a meeting in san francisco today. several local politicians were there, including state senator scott wiener. he praised the governor
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for his work in funding affordable childcare housing, wildfire prevention and more allows us. we're doing the hard work day in and day out under the leadership. uh very governor while these people are trying to tear him down, and we need to be clear they're trying to tear him down because he is doing a good job. earlier this week, a judge ruled that newsome cannot be listed as a democrat on the ballot because of a filing mistake. the recall election will take place on september 14th which is just 60 days from today, we'll pressure on the body administration of this evening. both liberals and conservatives or the conservatives rather want the white house to do something about what is happening right now. in cuba, caroline sharply shows us what both sides want the us to do. opening up. please get off the road, anti cuban government protesters hit the streets in and around miami.
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for 1/5 day on thursday, following historic protests in havana earlier this week. the biggest anti government demonstrations in three decades. cubans say they are running out of medicine and food in the midst of an economic crisis thursday night, president biden criticized the regime. cuba is a, uh unfortunately, a failed state and repressing, uh, their citizens and sanctions against the cuban government remain in place. but some democratic lawmakers say those sanctions are part of the problem. the u. s embargo is. absurdly cruel and like other u. s policies, particularly other u. s policies targeting latin americans have latinos. the cruelty is the point. conservatives put the blame on an ill equipped to communist government that can't handle a pandemic, and they say liberals need to accept reality. there doesn't seem to be, uh. way to convince them that that the
5:24 pm
regime in cuba is even a dictatorship. the streets of havana were much quieter on friday, but activists in florida are calling on the people of cuba to take action. now is the time to resign from the communist party from the communist youth from the communist. uh, labor unions that represent no. one the cuban government blocked internet access for its people. from sunday to wednesday. florida's governor now says the u. s should consider giant high altitude balloons to provide wifi hotspots in washington. caroline shively fox news time the u. s department of homeland security is warning organizers planning to launch a flotilla next week from south florida to waters near cuba that they risk breaking the law. voters intending to enter cuban territorial waters must get permission from the u. s. coast guard. do so violators risk facing fines of up to $25,000 a day and 10 years in prison organizers say they are planning to stay in international waters near the island to island residents know they have support. family
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continues their fight with a lawsuit. they say their son cannot wear a mask in the school district removed him from class for not wearing one. both sides of the argument a little later, former 49 richard sherman is in court here is what he had to say about his arrest earlier this week, we'll tell you about it coming up, and neighbors want to know why the man accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her hostage in his oakland home is free without any charges. what we've learned about the suspect.
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49 richard sherman entered court hand in hand with his wife, ashley, before making an appearance in king county near seattle this afternoon. he pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges, including dy, criminal, trespassing and resisting arrest after allegedly trying to break into his in law's home. the judge ordered him not to drink alcohol as part of the condition of his release. you shall have no hostile contact with the victim should not be harassing abusive, respectively became towards shaming us any verification needed with respect. conditions no sherman's next court hearing is set for august 13th. and we're getting a look at exactly what happened there. surveillance surveillance video of what led up to sherman's arrest reporter frankie thompson has the video. don't come down surveillance
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video captures the moment richard sherman tries to bust open the door of his in law's home in redmond. he's outside the house kind of breaking the house is in the front door. his wife, ashley, called 911 telling operators. the situation started at their home in maple valley after he drank two bottles of hard liquor. police reports say sherman threatened suicide by cop. and he would hang himself, court documents say sherman even tried to grab an officer's gun going through a really bad person. you don't enter the presidency drink. he was threatening to kill himself despite his wife's efforts, police say, sherman drove away from home to his in laws house while on the way, washington state patrol says he crashed his car into a construction zone on highway 5 20 when he made it to redmond. he shouted for his father in law, raymond must to come out. and take them with the work. ashley also drove to her parents' house
5:30 pm
with their children, sherman continuing to bang on the door outside while waiting for redmond police to arrive, she tells the 911 operator that moth fired bear mace and sherman's face my grandmother pistols. does he have an autumn? yes he does. redmond. police arrested sherman wednesday at king county judge released him from jail on personal recognizance but ordered chairman not to have any contact with moss. please let mr sherman know that he's assigned this and this is my order, sir. it's not his, and it's not mr moss is where i'm going to prevent mr sherman from having any contact directly indirectly, sherman's attorney says this is the first time the beloved former seahawk had any in counter with law enforcement and the judicial system. we're investigating the circumstances related these allegations by the state. richard is thankful to have the support of his family and friends, and we look forward to vigorously defending this case case in court. frankie thompson q 13 news. sherman released a
5:31 pm
statement on social media before his hearing in it, he says, quote i am deeply remorseful for my actions on tuesday night, i behaved in a manner i am not proud of. i've been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how i acted. the importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real. and i vow to get the help. i need an update for you this afternoon, a man accused of raping a woman he met on tinder and holding her hostage for three days at his oakland home. home is now free. that is because no charges have been filed against him. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the latest on this case, henry well, andre, there's concern and fear in oakland's maxwell park neighborhood now that the suspect is out of jail after the woman described a harrowing ordeal, a convicted felon is now a free man after he was arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping a woman he met on tinder and keeping her captive in his home in oakland's maxwell park neighborhood. i didn't know that he was he was out, jose. dorado is chair of the maxwell
5:32 pm
park neighborhood council. if, in fact, you know he's a rapist and a kidnapper. uh he he cannot be out on the street on monday, the woman escaped from the suspect's home on walnut street, telling oakland police she had been repeatedly raped, threatened with death and prevented from going to the bathroom or eating during a three day ordeal. the alameda county d. a did not file charges by a 72 hour deadline and the suspect was released from jail. ktvu is not naming the man because he has not been charged. there's something off here and only the district attorney can explain what their reticence says in filing this right from the get. go ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says he's surprised that the suspect isn't behind bars. why aren't you filing this? why don't you bring at least one charge? if you believe that she was kidnapped her falsely imprison. the da's office told me no decision has been made as to whether the suspect could face charges at a later date. a dea spokeswoman said. the case is still on review at this time pending further investigation.
5:33 pm
the suspect has prior arrests or convictions for drugs, sex with a minor pimping, human trafficking and stalking by not filing at this time you're putting the accused back in the community. and if he is, in fact a person that is guilty, you know that's of some concern. michael cardoza also says there's a chance the suspect could fleet and we reached out to the suspect. i have not heard back and today it appeared nobody was home. andre it's interesting that this guy has a pretty long rap sheet and he's still out. did he do we know if he served time for those previous charges that solicited against him? he spent some time in jail in prison and andre, you know as well. as i do, even working this case past couple of days, a lot of concern and fear in the neighborhood. and of course, we have to wait and see whether the d will charge at a later time. yes and we have people in the neighborhood that have known this man for years, saying that they know about his long rap sheet are henry lee. thank you for following up with that story, appreciate it
5:34 pm
tonight we're learning more about a deadly police standoff and shooting yesterday near lubbock, texas, investigators say sergeant josh bartlett was killed last night. after responding to a report of a man with a gun walking through a west texas neighborhood. the suspect was identified last night as 22 year old omar soto to vera. police surrounded his home and that's when they say the suspect opened fire. another police officer was critically injured in the shooting. at least two others were treated and released. sergeant bartlett, an army veteran, leaves behind a wife and three teenage sons. well three men will now face criminal charges for a deadly boating accident that happened back in 2018. you might remember this. 17 people died after a duck boat, which usually takes tourists on tours on land and in the water sick during bad weather three years ago in missouri. well now the county prosecutor's office is charging the boat's captain, company general manager and the on duty manager with involuntary manslaughter. what's captain faces the most
5:35 pm
charges for his role in taking the amphibious vehicle into the lake during a thunderstorm. the legal toe of war over one schools, mask policy and district there is now heading back to court will tell you about it. why did you file this suit? well i have to protect my son's right to an education and also his safety. why a barea father says his teenagers should not have to wear a mask in class. plus first, it was closed for renovations and then the pandemic it coming up. a mission district
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5:38 pm
administered in the us alone since december. many more doses have gone to other countries as well that have authorized emergency use of the vaccine during the pandemic. vaccines cleared for emergency use still must undergo the stringent full approval process. experts hope that this step might help persuade some people who aren't yet immunized, too. roll up their sleeves, the food and drug administration's deadline of january is a formality. the decision, though, could come sooner. the white house says it will remain cautious about lifting covid-19 international travel restrictions one day after president joe biden said he hoped to have an updated timeline for easing them. the white house's covid-19 coordinator, says vigilance is needed, particularly about the spread of variants and re opening will happen when the medical people and health experts believe it's safe to do so. the coordinator, adds any decision about international travel will be guided by a review of coronavirus cases, vaccination rates and virus variants. well, continuous battle over school districts mask policy is heading back to
5:39 pm
court. the parent who filed the suit, says his son's disability prevents compliance, but the school district is standing firm ktvu seth, the reporter, jesse gary has more. a j go check son is entering his senior year at palo alto high, but a lawsuit filed earlier this month could overshadow progress toward graduation. why did you file this suit? well, i have to protect my son's right to an education. and also his safety. go check filed suit in santa clara county superior court, july 6th this after his son was removed from a summer school history class at gunn high school because he wasn't wearing a mask. he claims his son, whom we'll call t g to protect his identity, has a speech and communication disability. that's worsened when forced to wear a mask. the ppa usd barred the 17 year old from completing the 2.5 week class his father declined to let a school nurse evaluate g
5:40 pm
before they send me off or my son off to go see a nurse or some other kind of evaluation or doctor's note or whatever. i would love to see the policy for some strange reason. they will not provide that tool. the school district's website says it follows state health department guidelines go checks lawsuit asked for a temporary restraining order so that his son could go back to class. however the court ruled it moot since by the time it reached the judge class had already ended. so go check is going to re filed his lawsuit and as for another temporary restraining order for the coming school year, p a usd officers were closed friday, but superintendent dr don austin sent a statement to fox to saying in part. this suit is the first of many challenges school districts across the state should expect regarding masking and vaccinations. dr austin continues. students without medical exemptions will be required to wear a mask until those rules are changed. i'd like him to have an
5:41 pm
education in the classroom, just like the other children for now, t g could view his senior year from the outside, looking in as his father and district. settle differences fueled by a pandemic restriction in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, a beloved business in san francisco's mission district, is reopening after closing down during the pandemic. a jelly doughnut on 24th street and south van ness first opened its doors in 1987, and over the years the shock with its jelly and cream filled treats developed a big following on the store closed in august of 2019 for renovations, and it was supposed to be closed for just six months. but then the pandemic hit, the owners were finally able to reopen last month to the surprise and delight of customers. we had all the old senior citizens that go for the morning walks. it's so funny, they came in. they looked like you guys are open. and i said, yeah, we're open and then they call their kids and then the kids brought their kids when the store first
5:42 pm
reopened. some people who were in the neighborhood were upset, thinking it was sold to new owners. they sprayed it with graffiti but actually came back and apologized when they realized the same neighborhood owners are still running the shop. glad they cleaned it up. the sfm to says it will not restore service to pre pandemic levels until 2023. that decision comes as city supervisors are calling on the agency to restore full service by the end of the year. munich has received more than $1 billion in federal funding, transit agency officials say that money must be spread out over time because the city's economic recovery will be gradual. or a paralyzed man who has been unable to speak can now communicate the implant. doctors are calling a true medical breakthrough. and if you've been thinking about putting up solar panels now might be the time how the state just made it easier to cut through the red tape, a beautiful day over the bay area, mostly sunny skies away from
5:43 pm
the coastline, warmer temps and warming as we get into your bay area weekend, we do have the risk of thunderstorms arriving. i'll have better details coming up. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere— all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next.
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. the city of oakland and the oakland alameda county coliseum authority met today to talk about the development of the coliseum complex, including working with an african american sports and entertainment group that wants to bring a w n b. a team to the east bay. the authority also talked about creating a sculpture or more likely a two dimensional artwork for the coliseum's contributions to fight covid-19. to commemorate the mass vaccination. um. activities that we spearheaded and hosted, uh, about 500,000 people were vaccinated at the site. and so it is something absolutely worthy of some kind of commemoration. the artwork
5:46 pm
will likely cost at least $50,000 and an indication of the coliseum authorities progressing past the pandemic. it's already booked at both the arena and the stadium as well. well there are concerns that not enough nfl players have been fully vaccinated for covid-19 as he start of training camp says just around the corner. washington indianapolis, arizona and the los angeles chargers have the four lowest covid vaccination rates in the league, pittsburgh, miami, carolina and denver had the highest vaccination rates. 49 years were not included on the report. but the head coach kyle shanahan, said last month that 52 of the teams 77 players were fully. vaccinated were on the plan to bring w. n b. a team to the bay area. the oakland is one step away or one step closer to having a w. n b a team play at the oakland arena this morning. the board of the authority, which oversees the oakland, marino voted unanimously to move forward with the process of a lease with the african american sports and entertainment group.
5:47 pm
it wants to buy the city of oakland's 50% interest in the coliseum side in order to bring that team the town. as we said earlier, city leaders are praising the idea. well, getting solar panels for your home just got easier. the national renewable energy laboratory just launched a new tool to help speed up solar permit approvals. it's called the solar app plus and several bay area cities are already on board. the mayor of berkeley, said he plans to use it in the community and the city of san jose already has an online system set up. solar app streamlines the application process, and it helps with automatic approvals. it can get a process done in minutes that usually might take weeks or months during the pilot program. pleasant hill was one of three municipalities to use the system. here in pleasant hill, our city council and mayor. very interested in people using these renewable energy sources where paper plans coming in, um, that would take days to process and then get back out. the system. here was a paper system that was all manual. president
5:48 pm
biden has a goal of #### carbonized the nation's electric grid by 2035. the department of energy is holding webinars so that local governments can learn more about the solar app. well doctors at ucsf have given a voice to a man who has been really paralyzed and cannot speak in his own. the procedure is truly a medical marvel. it involves an implant that reads brain activity and translate those signals into words on a computer screen earlier on the four k tvs, alex savage. spoke with a neurosurgeon at u. s c. s f, who's been working on the study for decades. what we have done is that we demonstrated that it's possible to decode from brain activities. uh full words from the brain of a patient who's been paralyzed and suffered a stroke over 15 years ago. and allowed him to restore a small set of words and a small vocabulary to help her start communication.
5:49 pm
incredible there. dr edward chang says he and his team have only been working with one patient for the study, but they hope to include more patients with severe paralysis and communication deficiencies. one company's innovative devices are creating new opportunities for people who are disabled. fox news reporter ashley strummer has more on how a collaboration with a paralyzed racecar driver is creating hope that others like him will soon regain their mobility. a dramatic accident is giving rise to new technology that could help improve the quality of life for the disabled. star driver sam schmidt never thought he'd get behind the wheel of a car ever again. it was after an accident 20 years ago that left him paralyzed from the neck down. but in time, schmidt regained his need for speed working with the company, aero electronics to build a car that would let him or any other paralyzed person drive without the use of their arms or legs. literally to that point in my life, there was really not a lot, but i control.
5:50 pm
now using special motion sensing cameras connected to a headset schmidt can steer this specially designed vehicle in any direction by simply tilting his head. he's able to control the speed and breaks by blowing into a straw like device, letting him reach speeds of more than 200 mph. i needed help for everything. so the fact that i'm staring it. i'm using the brake and the gas and. always as fast as i want is, you know exhilarating, but aero electronics technology isn't just helping schmidt drive. the company also created an exoskeleton suit helping paralyzed people like schmidt walk or in this case dance. you will church and you can like this moment where he takes the floor with his daughter at her wedding by far the best day in 21 years, schmidt also believes these tools will help paralyzed people all around the world regained their freedom. were storing their mobility and letting them get back to the hobbies and work that makes
5:51 pm
them happy. ashley strohmeyer fox news, fauci of commerce kind of day around the bay area this afternoon, mostly sunny away from the coastline. temperatures running mild to warm but no extreme one way or the other. we will get into some changes as we get into, especially the back end of the weekend. here's a look at sfo. earlier today we had just blue sky and a little bit of fog creeping up over the hill. you can see now we have a little bit more in this picture as it again develops and moves a little bit closer to the bay inside the bay and i'm thinking back across the east bay in time for sunset san francisco right now. 62 degrees we have oakland reporting 64. upper 70, santa rosa, low eighties in livermore, san jose is 75 most areas a few degrees warmer than yesterday. you may notice we had some earlier clearing in many areas. storm tracker to they're showing you where that cloud cover is banked up against the coastline and beginning to redevelop inside the bay as well. the onshore
5:52 pm
winds fcf reporting in northwest breeze at 23 heyward, reporting it on forbes at 14 and livermore 15 so that helping us out temperatures. even though warmer today fell just a tad below average. that will change tomorrow as temperatures continue to climb and a relative humidity has been up, at least for this time of year. and that's been good news, of course, due to our fire concerns and the drought, relative humidity oakland north right now, 53% you know, here we are in late afternoon. future castor model will show you that possibility of thunderstorms coming our way right now. it looks like late sunday into monday. i'll show you what i mean. so tomorrow we'll start out with the morning clouds. the afternoon sun temperatures coming up slightly from today. there is sunday morning noticed that cloud cover over southern california and how it works its way north into the late afternoon early evening for us there will have so there will have that possibility of some moisture as well as some unstable air and the risk of thunderstorms. and then it moves into as into the area when monday into monday
5:53 pm
afternoon, the sierra will also have a possibility, but it looks very late in the evening on sunday. so for us the fire weather watches for our hills, north bay hills, east bay hill santa cruz mountain starts sunday at five o'clock, is expected to expire monday morning at 11 o'clock, so that's something we'll be watching at the end of the weekend. meanwhile temperatures right now looking quite nice one of our hotter spots right now. 87 degrees in brent webb. tomorrow morning, low fifties to low sixties the morning fog, perhaps a little bit of patchy drizzle. and then as we get into the afternoon temperatures right on track. take a look at that 85 in santa rosa 72 expected in oakland upper seventies for san jose along the peninsula, 81 in redwood city, and some of our hot response now reaching into the low nineties 92 for antioch 90 degrees expected and conquer. the sierra beautiful this afternoon upper seventies to low eighties we'll see a near repeat for tomorrow. temperatures slightly warmer on sunday with increasing clouds on sunday. right now, it looks like the risk of thunderstorms
5:54 pm
for the sierra will come late in the evening. so unless you're staying overnight, you are in pretty good shape. temperature is getting into the weekend again. we're going to see some nice weather with that possibility of thunderstorms on sunday back to you. rescue operations are underway as historic flooding swamps parts of europe. i'm amy kellogg in florence, and i'll have the story coming up and coming up at six more on a federal judge's decision to end daca legal expert joins us to weigh in on what dell means for immigrants, plus how a small protests inside the u. s. capitol led to more than half a dozen arrests, including that dozen arrests, including that of a congresswoman ♪ ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
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floodwaters. in arizona, the family drove into a normally dry area in tucson when they encountered russian floodwaters and they became stranded. this drone video shows, uh swift water rescue taking place there at the submerged vehicle. using secured rope lines. the two climbed on top to avoid being carried away by the waters. they were all saved. seasonal monsoon storms have swept through parts of arizona this week. some areas will remain under the threat of flash flooding through next week. similar issues are sweeping parts of the globe this evening across western europe, at least 115 people are dead from flooding, officials say another 1500 people could be missing foxes. amy kellogg shows us the devastating floods that are hitting parts of europe. you know, at least 100 people are dead and dozens more missing after devastating floods triggered by days of heavy rain
5:58 pm
hit parts of europe, western germany and belgium were the worst hit, where several inches of rain fell in just about 12 hours. major highways are closed and rail services have been suspended in the most heavily impacted areas. rounds of heavy rainfall also caused rivers to burst their banks as roadways and into. higher homes were swept away in the deadly flooding. many people have lost what they have built up all their lives, their belongings, their homes, the roofs over their heads. it is important that we show solidarity with those who have been deprived of everything by the flood. evacuations are also underway in the netherlands, switzerland and luxembourg. more than 200 troops have been deployed in parts of germany to assist in search and rescue operations. military personnel are also using a number of reinforcements, including helicopter. and boats to rescue stranded people from their homes. german chancellor angela merkel, expressing sympathy to those affected during her trip to washington, thursday. i am
5:59 pm
grieving for those who lost their lives in this catastrophe. these are terrible days for the people in the flooded areas, and my thoughts are with you, and you can trust that all forces of our government are doing everything we can to help german officials are describing the recent weather as a quote once in a generation event and the worst flooding in more than a century. florence italy, amy kellogg, ktvu, fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six bay area counties band together to once again urge everyone to wear masks indoors regardless, so vaccination status. what we're seeing here is still excellent protection from our very high rates of vaccination among those who are eligible, but those rising case rates prompt us to want to add an extra step of protection for everyone. the recommendation comes just one month after the state reopened. health officers say that delta variant is prompting new concerns. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm jana katsuyama in for
6:00 pm
christina. the new recommendation comes as coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations increase nationwide. the cdc director rochelle walensky said today that the seven day average of daily covid deaths has reached 211 an increase of 26% hospitalizations are also up 36% from last week. wilensky said today. fully vaccinated people are protected, and this is quote becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated and a similar trend across california more than 4600 new cases reported to take a statewide the positivity rate is 3.7% which is almost 1.5% points higher than last week, and 65 new deaths reported today that the number of hospitalizations rose 2.3% in one day, bringing the number of californians in the hospital with code. 19 to more than 2000, the bay area masked recommendation was issued today in seven bay area counties there on your screen in grey.
6:01 pm
all people are encouraged t


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