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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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recommendations come as cases of covid 19 continue to climb, especially among the unvaccinated. welcome to the four i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes and i'm alex savage health officials in seven bay area counties are now recommending indoor masking. they include alameda, contra costa marin, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties. napa and solano counties did not join in this order. ktvu san reuben is joining us now live in, and doctors say the delta variant is behind all of this. yeah that's right. and as a result, they're saying if you're going to the grocery store, the theater really anywhere indoors, you should be wearing a mask. the idea is that it's going to offer an extra layer of protection for everyone. vaccinated or not, everyone should go back to wearing a mask indoors. that's the new recommendation from eight bay area health officers as soon as we see signals that
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things are worsening, it's important to act quickly if we've got the evidence to do so, and they say the evidence is mounting in san francisco, they've seen an eight fold increase in covid 19 cases in recent weeks in santa clara county numbers have tripled in our county public health lab just in the last two weeks about 43. of the cases we could sequence or that more transmissible delta variant, and that worries us that we need this added layer of protection for everyone. and so the counties of alameda contra costa marin, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara sonoma and the city of berkley joined forces to put out the mask recommendation. and at this point, it is just a recommendation. it is not a mandate, and we do recognize that we are asking people to make a sacrifice, they say masking will help protect the most vulnerable in the pot. population it will also by officials more time to see whether a spike in cases will be followed by a spike in hospitalizations and it is very possible that they will not
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increase as we're worried they might. we're doing this out of an abundance of caution because to wait to act would not be the wise thing to do, and lives could be lost unnecessarily. in los angeles county, they took a more drastic step this week, reinstating a mask mandate. infectious disease experts say that might not be needed here, thanks to a much higher vaccination rate, so when you think about the potential strain on hospital resources, it's much higher probability and southern california than the north and so health officials will wait. hopeful the hospitals don't fill up and hopeful that residents even vaccinated ones will wear their masks again in santa clara county, marisa mew knees says she will we just want to get back to our regular lives so bad we just you know, forget how important it is to stay safe. health officials say that numbers and then decide later whether theecommendation needs to become a mandate. in the meantime, that they are
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recommending that anyone who can get their vaccine alex yeah, good recommendation there. ktvu san ruben. live for us. thank you. anne and ucsf has re implemented its mask mandate. ucsf officials say that new mandate takes effect immediately, and it does apply to all staff and students. 89. scent of students and staff members are vaccinated. however, officials say they still do expect some breakthrough cases. because of that delta variant. the recommendations here in the bay area come just one day after l. a county announced that it's bringing back mask requirements indoors. reporter hailey windslowe has reaction to this new mandate. i understand like that. we have to follow the line everything, but it's kind of unreasonable. this is only in la right now. not in our surrounding counties. that's because covid transmission has spread nearly 85% in the past week, with new cases topping 1000 over the past seven days. yesterday's new caseload of more than 1500 new infections.
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is the most sense. early march, more than 450 people are currently hospitalized with coronavirus an l, a county a steady increase over the past few weeks with close to 100 in the icu here right now, currently a little more than 60% of residents here are fully vaccinated. now the possibility of getting covid while fully vaccinated is minuscule. still the mask mandate indoors as an all hands on deck moment that everyone has to follow, regardless of hvac status. and it will be in effect until things improve. sorry to hear that i was hoping that everyone will get vaccinated so that we wouldn't have to go back to indoor masking. but it is what it is. you've already had as vaccinated. you've already had a state put again. it's so uncertain because we're trying to get our life back to normal for one reason, and you can smell your own breath. and um, it's pretty bad sometimes, right? yeah. now, when it comes to restaurants, you can still dine indoors. but you have to wear your mask when you're not eating or drinking. as for
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other restrictions, like capacity limits right now, the county health officer says nothing is off the table reporting in culver city. i'm hailey winslow fox 11 news. the number of new coronavirus cases statewide continues to rise more than 4600. new cases were reported just today. the positive test rate is at 3.7% which is almost 1.5% points higher than last week. 65 new deaths were reported today. and the number of hospitalizations rose 2.3% in one day, bringing the number of californians in the hospital with covid-19 to more than 2000. health officials say those hospitalized are largely unvaccinated and the director of the cdc continues to stress that people who are fully vaccinated are protected. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country to have low vaccination coverage because
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unvaccinated people are at risk and communities that are fully vaccinated are generally faring well. dr rochelle walensky says those who are fully vaccinated are protected against severe covid hospitalizations and death there even protected against the known variants, including the delta variant, which is spreading quickly among unvaccinated groups here in the bay area, and for the latest on the coronavirus, including details on those new mask recommendations here in the bay area that we're just issued today. you can log onto our website ktvu dot com or you can check out our ktvu mobile app. three people were killed when a small plane crashed and caught fire today in a vineyard in napa county. it happened just south of the angwin airport. this is northeast napa, just west of lake berryessa. ktvu is christian captain joins us now from napa county live with the details on that very tragic crash. yeah. jenna the
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wreckage from that plane is actually here in the vineyard, just behind me. the cause of that crash still under investigation. investigators say the small plane crashed on approach to angwin airfield. a small airport in the napa valley from the air. you can see the aftermath of the crash and fire investigators say they reported to the scene shortly after that crash at around 8 40 friday morning arrived to find a, uh. small airplane. it's a ah beechcraft 35 bonanza fully engulfed, so ah cal fire firefighters put the fire out once that fire was out, investigators were able to determine that no one on board had survived at this time. i can confirm tragically and sadly that. all three on board are deceased, investigators say vineyard workers were nearby and watch the plane go down. no one on the ground was injured. federal investigators, the faa and ntsb arrived on scene afternoon and began looking
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into possible causes of the crash and trying to determine who was the pilot of the craft and who was on board. the plane crashed on approach to parrot field. the airfield is part of the campus of nearby pacific union college, the college confirming that none on board the aircraft were associated with the campus. one of the first things that are assistant director of the flight center did was work with everyone and make sure all of our, uh employees and students and planets training at aircraft and everything were accounted for. and i can officially say that everyone on our campuses accounted working with federal authorities, turning that information over trying to narrow the list of possible victims were live in napa county. christian captain ktvu fox two news. okay i'm sure there's going to be a lot in the investigation there. thank you so much. christian amanda in santa clara shot another man who was allegedly trying to break into his home, police say early sunday morning. they got a call about a man prowling in someone's backyard. when they arrived, they learned someone
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in the home shot the suspected prowler. the resident says the man broke a window and then kicked open their backdoor, which prompted him to shoot. police say the suspect is 26 year old spencer olson. he was taken to the hospital and. was later arrested for burglary. two men from the north bay have been charged with conspiracy to blow up several buildings following president biden's election victory, according to documents, ian rogers of napa shown here and another man, jared copeland, valeo began planning attacks back in november. the men allegedly planned to attack the john l. burton democratic headquarters in sacramento, along with the twitter and facebook headquarters. in january, authorities seized dozens of guns, including automatic weapons, ammunition and five pipe bombs from rogers home. copeland was arrested on wednesday. both men are facing several years in prison. and this just into our newsroom, a federal judge in texas has ruled that the government must
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stop processing new applications for daca. obama era policy protects people brought into the united states as children from being deported texas and eight other states sued to halt the program, saying it violates the constitution. however the ruling this afternoon will not end protections for the estimated 650,000 people who are already enrolled. still ahead at four the oakland coliseum authority met today up next. the decision about a new stadium for the a's as well as women's basketball, potentially coming to the oakland arena. rescue operations are underway as historic flooding swamps parts of europe. i'm amy kellogg in florence, and i'll have the story coming up. slightly warmer around the bay area this afternoon and temperatures climbing in time for the weekend. by the end of the weekend. the heightened fire danger i'll explain
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and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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today released a tentative financial plan for developing a waterfront stadium at the howard terminal location. but the plan clashes with the a's vision for the property. the city and the baseball team have different views on two key points. one is the infrastructure tax financing district and affordable housing earlier today, the oakland coliseum authority held a meeting and asked the aids president dave cavil if the team has made plans to fund a different site, restate. you know, we're prepared to work with whoever the other owner is even or visit us or the city as the entitlement agency to come up with a plan that makes the most sense for the community. cavil went on to say that howard terminal is the only side in oakland that will work for the ball club. the plan is scheduled to go to the oakland city council for a non binding vote on tuesday. oakland is one step closer to having a w. n b,
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a team playing at the oakland arena this morning. the board of the authority, which oversees the oakland arena, voted unanimously to move forward with the process of a lease with the african american sports and entertainment group. it wants to buy the city of oakland's 50. percent interest in the coliseum in order to bring in the team to the town. city leaders are praising the idea. at least 125 people have died and hundreds more remain missing in germany and belgium in europe's worst flooding in years. it's fueled by days of rain, the floodwaters also wiping out homes and causing significant damage. foxes amy kellogg has the details. residents are picking up the pieces after heavy flooding inundates parts of western europe. several inches of rain fell in under 24 hours, resulting in flash flooding in belgium, western germany and neighboring countries. it was the catastrophic weather event of a generation, if not a lifetime. some residents are thankful
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just to be alive. a big advantage is that our family is doing well, that is the important thing. we are all healthy. and yes, we have to rebuild a slow moving air. area of low pressure earlier this week fueled thunderstorms leading to the intense rainfall, the heaviest in that part of the world and more than a century u. n officials are also deeply troubled, calling on nations to increase efforts to combat the effects of climate change when you get extreme events such as you know, such as what we've seen two months worth of rainfall in two days, it's. it's very, very difficult to cope. we need to step up the level of ambition. we're not doing nearly enough. meanwhile, first responders are working to save people from their flooded homes. crews from italy arrived in the region to assist in search and rescue operations. authorities in belgium and germany have confirmed more than 1000. people are missing. some may be unreachable due to crashed cellular phone networks, but still anxiety mounts as debris from mudslides. creates%s
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to access heavily affected areas. the victims are the priority rescue operations and taken in people are the priority. we're doing everything by all means possible the death toll from this catastrophic flooding is at least 125 people in florence, amy kellogg fox news. now to the latest on the wildfires burning in california and oregon. the dixie fire in butte county has grown to nearly 8000 acres. it's only 7% contained. cal fire says the steep terrain is making containment very difficult as the winds pushed the fire to the north. they say the good news is containment lines are holding on the west and south sides of the fire to protect the communities of mongolia and paradise to the east. in plumas county crews are gaining control on the huge backwards, complex fire that is made up of two fires that have since burned nearly 105,008 since they were sparked by lightning on july 3rd. it is 68% contained. the fire
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destroyed a number of homes in the small town of doyle earlier this week, that area remains under an evacuation order this afternoon and in southern oregon officials say the massive bootleg fire destroyed 67 homes overnight. it is threatening 5000 more homes and structures. they say strong winds are pushing the flames for miles every day in drought stricken forests. bay area firefighters are among those who are trying to control that fire. how around the bay area this afternoon. we have fair fairly nicely with the weather temperatures even running a little bit below average temperatures came up a little bit today and will continue as we get into your bay area weekend a live look here at what's happening outside our doors. sfo yesterday socked in by fog the entire day. not the case. today we had an earlier clearing and most areas came up by a few degrees as a result. see just a little bit of fog there on the back side, and i think by sunset that low cloud cover will be working its way back across the east bay.
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here's a view of some of the numbers outside right now we have 63 degrees in san francisco mid sixties in oakland for the inner east bay 84 in livermore in in the north based 72 over napa, gorgeous stay out there and numbers again. a little warmer. sfo reporting a few degrees warmer at the inner east bay up by four conquered livermore. and fair filled up by seven at this time. the winds are onshore, um, becoming a little bit lighter than than in days past a fairfield now reporting 13 mph conquered, reporting 14 and again getting into the weekend. the warm up will continue the low clouds there you can see banked up against the coastline and we will start out tomorrow morning with the fog as well as the little bit of patchy drizzle along with it. 53 degrees to start your morning in san francisco mid fifties expected to start your day in areas over conquered and low fifties over areas of the north bay. tomorrow will be slightly warmer. it becomes a little bit more interesting on sunday, we're going to have some monsoonal moisture pull into the bay area and that is going
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to lead to the possibility of thunderstorms. and with that will come. some heightened fire danger. better details in the extended forecasts coming up, rosemary. thank you. today is the last day for candidates to enter the race for california's governor up next we'll hear from one radio host who just threw his hat in the ring.
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announcement, elder sat down with alex michaelson for our political show. the issue is alex joins us now and alex. thanks for joining us. you know, we've been hearing rumors that larry elder was considering this but when you talk to him. what did he say? or did he give specifics about what he could bring to the job if he actually gets the start, well, he says that a lot of the republicans have a lot of good traits. the problem, he says, is that a lot of them are not that well known with the exception of caitlyn, jenner, and just today. news that caitlyn jenner has left california for australia for a few weeks to go tape celebrity big brother in the middle of the recall campaign, so that's probably not going to help her campaign all that much here in california. so larry elder's point, she's been on the radio all across the state for years. a lot of people know him and he can communicate these ideas in a way that others can. here's some of what he said when i asked him why are you running?
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i've got common sense. i've got good judgment, something sadly lacking in sacramento. i've been on radio for 30 years. i've been writing columns for 30 years. i'm on radio, or it was until he get pulled off after i announced in every major market from sacramento down to san diego. people know me. i've been talking about solutions to these problems of crime and homelessness and the rising cost of living in california. and i think i can make the case. so joe and jones, six back who've left california and brought their democrat vote with them realize why they're leaving to connect. simply clean the crime and the left wing policies. connection between the rising cost of homes and left wing policies. and i think i can make that case better than almost anybody else can. so janet, you know, right now, if we look at polling that first question that you talked about should gavin newsom be recalled. it looks like most people say no, he should not. but the big question is, are those people going to show up? and if you get to question number two, you know, this field could be really split between a lot of
4:24 pm
those people and. you know george skelton this week in the l a times wrote, larry elder has got a lot of fans on the right. he could win that race and the more candidates in there, the more it split up, the better. it is potentially for larry elder. certainly that name recognition. it's going to help him. did he mention whether he's actually going to be doing any kind of traditional boots on the ground campaigning going to different communities, and if that's part. of his plan, and all of this, yet, and he's already started that he went to sacramento this week. he did some stuff here in los angeles when he was filing officially in norwalk. he's off the radio now because of this, and it's going to be working at this full time. so we will be seeing some of that traditional campaigning from larry elder in the weeks ahead. also want to point out on the issue is we also talked this week one on one with us secretary of education miguel cardona about education issues. we talk about mass in schools, vaccines, the
4:25 pm
future of what the classroom is going to look like. so that's also part of our show this week as well, and that has been one of the main talking points from a lot of the critics who started this recall effort, so a lot of good content there that we'll look forward to the scene. thank you so much. alex and from war on alex's conversation with larry elder and the u. s secretary of education you can tune into the issue is this weekend it airs at 5 30 sunday morning, right here on ktvu still ahead this afternoon on the four former 49 richard sherman goes before a judge today. the. plea that he entered after his arrest for allegedly trying to break down his in laws door. we're also getting a look now at video from that night, new reaction from the white house about fighting disinformation about covid-19. i'm mala rovera in washington with more on how the white house is resp
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facing charges after a wild night in which he allegedly trying to break into his in law's home. are you feeling today, richard for you? i'm glad i'm sherman entered the court today hand in hand with his wife, ashley, before making an appearance in king county near seattle this afternoon. he pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges, including the u. y criminal trespass and resisting arrest. the judge ordered him not to drink alcohol or take prescription drugs as part of the condition of his release. we shall have no hostile contact with the victim should not harassing piece of respect communicator
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towards saving us any verification needed with respective. sports conditions. no, his next court hearing is coming up on august 13th this morning. sherman also issued an apology tweeting out in part that he is deeply remorseful for his actions and that he's been dealing with personal challenges over the past several months. in the meantime, we're now seeing new surveillance video of what led up to the nfl stars arrest this week on domestic violence charges reporter frankie thompson from our sister station in seattle has the story. jumped over. come down surveillance video captures the moment richard sherman tries to bust open the door of his in law's home in redmond. he's outside the house kind of breaking the house started breaking of his wife, ashley, called 911 telling operators. the situation started at their home in maple valley after he drank two bottles of hard liquor. police reports say sherman threatened suicide by cop. and he would hang himself,
4:30 pm
court documents say sherman even tried to grab an officer's gun going through a really bad person. you don't anger the presidency drink, he was threatening to kill himself despite his wife's efforts, police say, sherman drove away from home to his in laws house while on the way, washington state patrol says he crashed his car into a construction zone on highway 5 20 when he made it to redmond. he shouted for his father in law, raymond must to come out. and from people with the work actually also drove to her parents' house with their children. sherman continuing to bang on the door outside while waiting for redmond police to arrive, she tells the 911 operator that mosque fired bear mace and sherman's face. my god has a pistol. does he have it on him? yes, redmond police arrested sherman wednesday at king county judge released him from jail on personal recognizance. but ordered chairman not to have any contact with moss.
4:31 pm
please let mr sherman know that he needs assigned this and this is my order, sir. it's not his, and it's not mr moss is where i'm going to prevent mr sherman from having any contact directly indirectly, sherman's attorney says this is the first time the beloved former seahawk had any encounter with law enforcement and the judicial system. we're investigating the circumstances related these allegations by the state. richard is thankful to have the support of his family. million friends and we look forward to vigorously defending this kid's case in court. frankie thompson to 13 news. there are concerns that not enough nfl players have been fully vaccinated for covid-19 with the start of training camps just around the corner. washington indianapolis, arizona and the los angeles chargers have the four lowest covid-19 vaccination rates in the league, pittsburgh, miami, carolina and denver have the highest vaccination rates. 49 years were not included on the report. but hedge head coach kyle shanahan said last month
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52 of the teams 77 players were fully vaccinated. the u. s surgeon general is denouncing misinformation about covid-19 and calling it a serious threat to public health. the biden administration says it's now working with tech companies to flag what they've deemed problematic content. foxes madeline rivera has the details on their initiative and reaction from republicans. just like cigarettes and some food and drinks come with a health advisory now. so does misinformation. the surgeon general warns that has caused people's lives during the coronavirus pandemic to combat the spread of disinformation. the white house says it's working with tech companies like facebook to flag content on their platforms. it shouldn't come as any surprise that were in regular touch with social media platforms, just like we're in regular touch with all of you and your media outlets, but the administration says it's not surveilling social media posts. instead it's alerting social media companies to broader trending narratives around vaccine
4:33 pm
misinformation. the effort comes as vaccination rates in the country continued to lag hindered and parts, some say by disinformation. the only pandemics we have is among unvaccinated and that they're killing people. critics however, argued tech companies shouldn't be entirely to blame for the drop in vaccinations. the answer is if there's something on the internet that is working against the idea of getting people vaccinated and protected against this terrible disease, then the government ought to be thinking about how it can be emphasizing a message about the utility of getting vaccinated, and many republicans believe the coordination with big tech will do. more harm than good private for profit corporation can make its own decisions. but when it's doing that, in collusion with government, it starts to look to me an awful lot like. first amendment violation. facebook and youtube say they do bannon remove content that break their rules on covid-19 misinformation in washington. mala rivera fox news. all right for more. we're
4:34 pm
joined now by dr monica gandhi, infectious disease expert at u. c. s f. dr gandhi. always good to have you on appreciate your your time here. let's start with the issue that the biden administration is trying to address criticizing social media platforms like facebook for spreading vaccine misinformation online. the president went as far as to say that they're killing people. those were his words. how much do you think misinformation about vaccines in particular place into the slowing vaccination? what we're seeing across the country. actually i think it's playing a huge role. um, because when you look at some of these facebook information ads, they will literally say you're kind of become infertile. you will have side of toxicity. what cited called side of toxicity from this bike protein. it will hurt your heart. your brain. this is actually allowed to be put on there. and sometimes doctors will post this very unfortunately and i do think it
4:35 pm
is the role of facebook just like you aren't supposed to post things. so the clue clicks plan can get together in charlottesville. honestly i think it's the role of technology to shut things down that are that people are dying of covid only if they run back in this country 99.8% of our death. yes, dr. gandhi what is your advice to people? as obviously all of us are spending time on social media. what's your advice to navigate our way through that world and through those posts and understand what should be taken seriously and what we should ignore, you know, i mean, we have to ignore things like words like side of toxicity and infertility, and there's been no evidence of this. but the other thing is that i think what dr murthy from the surgeon general is saying is it is the role in a way of the drug company. sorry of the of the technology come the knees to please shut down anything with these words in them. let's shift gears here and talk about the other big news today. here in the bay area. most counties
4:36 pm
here in the bay area, issuing new recommendations when it comes to wearing masks indoors, urging everyone whether the vaccinated or not to wear masks inside, indoor public settings here does does this guidance makes sense to you? based on the case numbers we're seeing here in the bay area. um not really. it doesn't make sense in the sense that i think there's a very clear strategy that's been outlined by the cdc doctor fauci and president biden. just as of this morning during that same press conference that you just showed with the surgeon general, and it really is about going after hospitalizations working on people who are unvaccinated, putting masks back on the vaccinated is unlikely to change this equation. which is why the cdc's is not recommending this. in spite of increasing cases around the country. what they are focusing on is pay attention to what matters 99.4% of the people in the hospital with covid-19 are unvaccinated work on misinformation and work on what
4:37 pm
we can do to get people vaccinated, so i don't think it's actually gonna make a difference, and it isn't certainly in line with how the administration is managing the pandemic. let me get your sense on how we got to this point here because the idea is seems, was that since california fully reopened its economy exactly a month ago that unvaccinated people should be wearing masks when they go endorse. you see the signs that say if you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. everyone else should wear them. it seems to me that that didn't happen in most cases did the honor system if you want to call it that fail on us. it eaten? certainly on our systems are difficult, and that's why it did put businesses in a difficult position. on the other hand, i don't actually think the majority of transmission is occurring in indoor public spaces like stores. what happens is unvaccinated. people are like minded there together. vaccine people like minded there together, and it's really likely happening in gatherings between unvaccinated people,
4:38 pm
which cannot be regulated anyway, because their private it really is about every. nothing else that we were just saying about figuring out how to get higher rates of vaccination, especially in l. a county. we have very good baits here. dr gandhi before i let you go. and speaking of l, a county, where they of course yesterday issued a mask mandate for everyone to wear masks when they're indoors. do you think that's where we might be headed here in the bay area? what's your what's your sense? i. i don't think so, actually really think it's a recommendation and it's really to talk to the tell the unvaccinated something which is to get vaccinated. i'm worried that it could also tell the unvaccinated that these vaccines don't work that you have to mask up evaporated. so there's going to be a psychology that plays out and i think i'm gonna have to watch what the cbc does. yeah. all right. we'll keep an eye on it. of course. thank you. as always, for your perspective, dr monica gandhi ucsf. take care. thank you. still ahead, an extraordinary study how san francisco researchers were able
4:39 pm
to help a severely paralyzed man by restoring his voice. so we have a warm up coming our way in time for your bay area weekend, also tracking the risk of thunderstorms better details after the break.
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4:41 pm
said ucsf hao give a voice to a man who spent severely paralyzed and can't speak on his own. this all involves an implant that reads brain activity and then translates those signals into words on a computer screen. earlier i had a chance to talk with ucsf neurosurgeon dr edward chang, who's been working on this study for decades. what we have done is that we demonstrated that it's possible to decode from brain activity. uh forwards from the brain of a patient who has been paralyzed and suffered a stroke over 15 years ago. and allowed
4:42 pm
him to restore a small set of words and a small vocabulary to help restore communication. so this involves a device an electrode that's implanted over a certain part of the patient's brain that can then read those brain signals. and then and then what happens with with those signals? how is that? put into words. yeah sure. so all of us have this part of the brain that controls the muscles of the vocal tract every time we speak the lips jaw tom lawrence are controlled by this one part of the brain called the sensory motor cortex. and some people who are paralyzed, especially in parts of the brain, like the brain stem those signals can't get out to the muscles of the body or face. and in this particular situation to speak, and so we developed a device technology that can recthbrain directly from the surface. from many
4:43 pm
spots in particular 128 channels or 128 particular spots over that part of the brain. and try to read out those signals from that part of the brain. um to try to decode what someone is trying to say, even though they were a pair once i know that the patient you worked with was actually able to respond to a question that you put up on a screen. um i imagine that moment must have been, uh, something something for you. you know what? what were what was going through your mind in that moment, when you when you saw that happened, you saw that patient response. onto an actual question. well, of course, that's really special. that was a special moment. but the reality is that every time that that happens, it's not just the first time. um the second time third time and in fact, um algorithm appro, improved, you know, essentially had to learn how the brain activities snapped. two words,
4:44 pm
and it's not something that is. um. not even good. at first, it takes a lot of time to basically trained that algorithm to be able to do that. and so once we started seeing that it was not just like one time. or to what could happen in succession. that was when we really got excited because it needs to be reliable. and you know, for the student to really help folks. and so, um, this was just the first start. we're just getting started in this area. this is the first time we've ever done this and. um, you know, we're learning a lot, and there's a lot of room for improvement. and that was dr edward chang, neurosurgeon at u. c. s. f dr chang says he and his team have only been working with one patient for this study so far, but they are hoping to include more patients with severe paralysis and communication. deficits. around the bay area this afternoon. another beautiful day temperatures are coming in a
4:45 pm
little bit warmer than yesterday, and we're going to carry this trend as we roll into your bay area weekend. live like here over sfo yesterday. sfo socked in the entire day. not the case. today we had earlier clearing around the bay and as a result, temperatures came up. you see a little bit of fog there on the back side, and i do think that the cloud cover will work its way back across the bay as we get closer to sunset right around 8 38 35 should have mostly cloudy skies a right up against the east space shore outside of that the winds have been generally light. we still have the onshore breeze not quite as strong as it has been. sfr reporting 22 mile per hour wind coming in from the northwest and heyward reporting 15 that, in addition to the marine layer being compressed just a little bit from yesterday were still got what decent humidity over areas. oakland north reporting relative humidity, 57. rock ridge reporting 37% so this time of year and with the heat that we could be seeing out there could be a lot worse. we could be a lot drier. we're going to see changes, though. come our way. it's going to
4:46 pm
come in the way of thunderstorms and the possibility of dry lightning. unfortunately here's not much cl go a slightly warmer temperatures, and that's really about it going to be a nice day, but by sunday morning notice what's happening over southern california got some cloud cover their little bit of blue on the screen. it continues to work its way north, and by sunday afternoon that moisture is moving into areas over the central coast, as well as parts of the bay area. i'll roll you all the way into monday and then you begin to see even blew out there on occasion, so that risk of thunderstorms right now looks to be late sunday into monday. that could change, of course, but that's what we're seeing at the moment, and with that the national weather service has decided to issue a fire weather watch for that time frame for our hills, north bay hills, east bay hills. down through the santa cruz mountains again for the possibility of maybe some dry lightning that comes along with that, unfortunately, so we'll be watching that between now and then we do have
4:47 pm
some nice weather in the meanwhile right now, 63 degrees in san francisco mid sixties in oakland, we have mid eighties right now in brentwood, one to the hotter spots a fairfield 89 right now. tomorrow morning, a low fifties to low sixties to start the day we'll go 54 for sandra fell in oakland 55 for you there in the inner east space 60 degrees to start your morning and anya the morning. clouds a little bit of fog, a little bit of drizzle, possibility as well butice the afternoon highs coming up and right on target for this time of year. so after a few days of being below average will actually be right where we should be 76 expected for san mateo for the inner east bay, one of the warmer locations for you tomorrow conquered going to 90 if you're going to taco for the weekend should be nice. here upper seventies low eighties right now, in and around blue canyon, truckee tahoe. go low eighties on saturday, mid to upper eighties expected on sunday. for us, we are going to see a nice little warm up not too bad, and we will continue that into the extended forecast, which includes monday into tuesday,
4:48 pm
again that slight chance for thunderstorms is what will be watching for in the near future. back to you. all right. thanks. so much for rosemary, some people dining out at bay area restaurants are seeing a new fee on their bills. the owner of three peninsula restaurants, is among those charging customers. what's being called a wellness fee. the restaurant owners say the new 2% charge is needed in order to hire and retain workers as they try to get their businesses back on track. following the pandemic, you kind of have to be a partner with the restaurants that you love, you know and understand the way they operate if it helps the workers and helps to retain them and gives them a better like wage, i would be okay with it. many other bay area restaurants are also increasing prices to pay for the rising costs of labor and food coming up here on the floor, a deadly accident involving a duck boat in 2018 that killed 17 people more on that killed 17 people more on the three men
4:49 pm
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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18. people died after that duck boat, which usually takes tourists on tours on land and in the water sank during bad weather three years ago in missouri, now, the county prosecutor's office is charging the boat's captain, company, general manager and the on duty manager with involuntary manslaughter. the boat's captain faces the most serious charges for his role in taking the amphibious vehicle onto the lake in the middle of a thunderstorm. hayward power plant, where there was a huge explosion and fire back in may now has permission to resume operations. once again, it happened at the russell city energy center and chunks of hot metal flew 1200 ft. away during that explosionwe cause of the explosion. but hayward city leaders are angry that calpine, the owner of the power plant, asked for and received
4:52 pm
permission from the state energy commission to resume operations without knowing exactly what caused the explosion. frankly we are astonished and appalled at this application and your staff's recommendation of approval. this application. what's profit and feeding the grid ahead of the safety of our residents. the safety of our employees, neighbors and the community are very much our highest priority, and we were really committed to safe and reliable operations, vasily. calpine aims to generate half the power it normally does for the grid with this modified plan, the national renewable energy laboratory just launched a new tool to help speed up solar permit approvals. it's called the solar app plus and several bay area cities are already on board, the mayor of berkeley, said he plans to use it in the community and the city of san jose already has an online system set up the solar app streamlines the application process and helps with automatic approvals, getting a process that can take weeks. or
4:53 pm
even months done in just minutes during the pilot program. pleasant hill was one of three municipalities to use the system here in pleasant hill, our city council and mayor, very interested in people using these renewable energy sources where paper plans coming in that would take days to process and then get back out the system. here was a paper system that was all manual. president biden has a goal of decarbonization the nation's electric grid by the year 2035. the department of energy is holding webinar so local governments can learn more about the solar app, an 18 year old physics students will be making history as the youngest to fly into space when he takes off next week with jeff bezoza mystery bidder who paid $28 million for a spot on the blue origin flight cancelled because of scheduling conflicts. so 18 year old oliver damon got the seat instead. blue origin, says his father placed an undisclosed bid for his son last month.
4:54 pm
that launch is scheduled for this tuesday. after protests in the streets of cuba sparked demonstrations in the us and beyond. some u. s lawmakers now want president biden to make some bold new moves. i'm
4:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. joyce beatty was arrested today while protesting inside the senate hart office building. the ohio democratic representative was part of a small group of demonstrators who linked arms and sang inside the atrium of the building, hoping their protests could bring more attention to what they say is an attack on voting rights in this country after her arrest by capitol police, representative betty said, quote i stand in solidarity with black women and ally across the country in defense of our constitutional right to vote. we've come too far and
4:57 pm
fought too hard to see everything systematically dismantled and restricted by those who wish to silence us. protests in cuba have now gotten the world's attention. and now some liberals and conservatives are putting pressure on the biden caroline shadley reports now from washington. opening up, please get off the road, anti cuban government protesters hit the streets in and around miami for 1/5 day on thursday, following historic protests in havana earlier this week, the biggest anti government demonstrations in three decades. cubans say they are running out of medicine and food in the midst of an economic crisis thursday night, president biden criticized the regime. cuba is a unfortunately a failed state and repressing, uh, their citizens and sanctions against the cuban government remain in place. but some democratic
4:58 pm
lawmakers say those sanctions are part of the problem. the u. s embargo is. absurdly cruel and like other u. s policies, particularly other u. s policies targeting latin americans, latinos, the cruelty is the point conservatives but the blame on an ill equipped to communist government that can't handle a pandemic, and they say liberals need to accept reality. there doesn't seem to be, uh. way to convince them that that the regime in cuba is even a dictatorship. the streets of havana were much quieter on friday, but activists in florida are calling on the people of cuba to take action. now is the time to resign from the communist party from the communist youth from the communist, uh, labor unions that represent no one the cuban government blocked internet access for its people from sunday to wednesday, florida's governor now says the u. s should consider giant high altitude balloons to provide wifi hotspots in washington.
4:59 pm
caroline shively, fox news ktvu, fox two news at five starts now a small plane goes down in napa county. it crashed in a vineyard this morning and burst into flames. the three people on board all died. good evening. i'm janet. toyama infer cristina rendon and i'm andre senior. it happened just south of the angwin airport. this is northeast napa just west of lake berryessa. ktvu christian captain was at the scene most of the day. the wreckage of that plane is here in the vineyard right here behind me. the cause of that crash still under investigation. now investigators say the small plane crashed on approach to angwin airfield, a small airport in the napa valley from the air. you can see the aftermath of the crash, man. fire investigators say they reported to the scene. shortly after that crash at around 8 40 friday morning arrived to find a small airplane. it's a beechcraft 35 bonanza fully engulfed. so ah! cal fire!
5:00 pm
firefighters put the fire out once that fire was out, investigators were able to determine that no one on board had survived at this time, i can confirmed tragically and sadly that. all three on board are deceased. investigators say vineyard workers were nearby and watch the plane go down. no one on the ground was injured. federal investigators, the faa and ntsb arrived on scene afternoon and began looking into possible causes of the crash and trying to determine who was the pilot of the craft and who was on board. the plane crashed on approach to parrot field. the airfield is part of the campus of nearby pacific union college, the college confirming that none on board the aircraft were associated with the campus. one of the first things that are assistant director of the flight center did was work with everyone and make sure all of our, uh employees and students and pilots training and aircraft and everything were accounted for. and i can officially say that everyone on our campuses


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