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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 16, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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learning about what led up to that crash, as well as the three people on board, plus putting the masks back on in los angeles county. it's about to be a requirement again, regardless of one's vaccination status. now, bay area counties are also recommending masks as cases rise and new funding to stop attacks against asian americans. how bay area officials plan to use the state resources to protect their communities. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm molly rasmus. infer gasia mikaelian and mike mibach. we are following some developing news out of napa county small plane crashed and caught fire and a vineyard just south of the angwin airport. if you're not familiar with angwin, this is just northeast of napa just west of lake berryessa. officials say three people were on board the plane at the time of the incident. their conditions are unknown at this time at the officials say it was around 8 40 this morning when the single engine beechcraft bonanza clipped some trees, while the
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pilot was trying to execute a missed approach. witnesses tell us they saw the plane crash on a brave you vineyards and that there was a small explosion again. the conditions of the pilot and the two passengers have not yet been released. the number of new coronavirus cases statewide continues to rise more than 4600 new cases were reported today. the positive test rate is at 3.7% which is almost one half a percent higher than last week. 65 new deaths were reported today and the number of hospital civilizations rose 2.3% in one day, bringing the number of californians in the hospital with covid-19 to more than 2000. but health officials continue to stress that people who are fully vaccinated have good protection against hospitalization from all covid variants, including the delta variant. just within the past hour. officials with eight bay area health departments issued a joint statement calling on people to wear masks indoors once again, even if they're fully vaccinated. that's alameda contra costa marin san
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francisco san mateo, santa clare in the city of berkley said they are recommending, but not mandating people wear masks. but they explained that this recommendation is out of a quote an abundance of caution because of the rising covid-19 cases. health officers also say the vast majority more than 95% of people hospitalized right now, with new covid cases have not been vaccinated. health officials stress that vaccines are still the best protection against the virus and happening this weekend. l. a county will once again enforce an indoor mask mandate. katie use. james torres reports. it's the first county in the state to make it a requirement. once again. airports like here in oakland still require you to wear a mask inside and on planes, just universal precautions. those fully vaccinated can live mask free anywhere else in the bay area, many now wondering if that will change now that our neighbors in la, the most populous county in the nation, are reimposing a mask mandate for anyone. vaccinated or not indoors. like i feel like
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everybody still really wears their mass and for the most part versus down there, i think more people have gotten acclimated to not having a mess. the number of covid-19 cases is growing in so cal in the bay area and nationwide recent numbers released by health officials this morning show covid cases have increased 70% across the country since last week. hospital emissions are up 36% and daily deaths over a seven day average. up 26% unvaccinated americans account for virtually all recent covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths in san francisco. health leaders report covid-19 cases have quadrupled since last month, all saying the delta variant and a percentage of unvaccinated people are the route the variant accounting for 43% of california cases last month, people flying from oakland to l. a this weekend say they hope the bay area doesn't fall. suit with l. a county. it's definitely a bummer, i think it s kind of a
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necessity because of the new strain needs decisions have to be made at the local level if you have areas of low vaccination and high case rates, then i would say local policymakers might consider whether masking at that point would be something that would be helpful for their community until they scale up their vaccination rates. bay area counties now recommend everyone vaccinated or not, where a mask indoors, though it is not required. they and federal health officials agree the best defense against covid and the delta variant is to get a vaccine. the vaccines work. it's safe. it's free. it's readily available and it's never been more important. that mask mandate in l. a will take effect starting this weekend sunday morning. those restrictions will stay in place until covid-19 numbers improve. in oakland. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox. two news, a new study suggests that vaccinated people
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have stronger anti bodies to coronavirus than people who have been infected with the virus. researchers from tele viv university studied people who were vaccinated. the people who were unvaccinated and those who had recovered from covid 19, the study says. vaccinated people have antibody levels that are three times higher than recovering patients. doctors say. the research means people who have already had the virus should still get vaccinated and a new budget. governor newsom is putting aside money to help fight racism and attacks against the asian community. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us live this afternoon and alyssa just how much money are we talking here? that's going to be dedicated to this cause. that's right. you know, we're talking about 156 million to combat anti asian hate assembly member phil ting joined advocacy groups to talk more about these resources this morning, and they also talked about how anti asian violence has always been a problem but really spiked during the pandemic. once covid hit, we saw people talking
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about boycotting chinese restaurants, people avoiding chinatown people avoiding anybody who looked asian or harassing anybody who looked looked asian. assembly members david chu and tilting our founding partners of the stop a p. i hate coalition this morning they talked about disturbing crimes here in the bay area, some that have resulted in injuries and death. money from the state budget will help nonprofit organizations that have been at the forefront of providing support services to victims of hate crimes. the money will also be used to address the causes of anti asian racism. now, some speakers today said that they feel the asian community is under attack. they say it's important to protect asian elders and provide support. victimsfamilies karl chan with the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, said he himself has been a victim of a hate crime. i know that the family's been telling me they are so afraid every single day and when they're when they're children when the elderly are on the street, they're also
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worried and hopefully hopefully that they will come home safe. people have been attacking again our seniors and that cuts really close to home. i mean, it's we all experience. sit vicariously when we see a grandmother attacked, we see our own mother or grandmother being attacked, and that's really mobilized the broad base of the asian american community. now speakers called this money really a model for the rest of the country. they say that this really should be important to fund the asian american community to promote racial change. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, right, alyssa. thank you for that. oakland police now searching for two people involved in a violent attack in the city's chinatown neighborhood yesterday afternoon, officers say the man you see on the ground here was robbed right near the chinese independent baptist church that's located on ninth street. the cell phone video shows, too. people beating and grabbing him. the witness who took the video told ktvu. he's the one who called for help. i
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heard screaming, so i ran out of my office and i looked down out of the window and saw a gentleman getting mugged and he was getting beaten pretty badly, so we media called the 911. also in the video can see good samaritan trying to help the victim. but then the good samaritan is also attacked. if you have any information about the case, you're asked to call oakland police the sfm to says it won't restore service to pre pandemic levels until 2023. that decision comes as city supervisors are calling on the agency to restore full service by the end of the year. munich has received more than $1 billion in federal funding, meaning officials say that money must be spread out over time because of the city's gradual economic recovery in the south bay vita rail service will not resume in the coming weeks. vita was set to start service at the end of this month, but newly released plans suggest the lines may not be up and running until sometime in august. now in a statement, the agency's new general manager,
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says, quote the timeline for restarting light rail service remains flexible to our writing public. we understand this can be frustrating, and we appreciate your continued patience happening now, a discussion on the future of major sports teams in the city of oakland, the oakland alami county coliseum. authorities currently talking about the development of the coliseum complex, including working with an african american sports and entertainment group that wants to bring a w n b a team to the east bay. meanwhile this morning, the authority talked about creating a sculpture or more likely a two dimensional artwork for the coliseum's contribution to fight covid-19. to commemorate the mass vaccination. um. activities that we spearheaded and hosted, uh, about 500,000 people were vaccinated at the site. and so it is something absolutely worthy of some kind of commemoration. the artwork will likely cost at least $50,000,
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an indication that the coliseum authority is progressing past the pandemic. it has booked concerts at both the arena and the stadium. new surveillance video coming up at 12 30. it's the moment former 49ers star richard sherman tried to break into is in law's home. also new details on the family's 911 calls and what richard sherman is saying this afternoon, plus a new way to streamline permits for solar panels up next area cities taking part in the federal push to make it easier and cheaper to get them installed. and on this friday afternoon, we give you a live picture outside across the bay area, a lot of blue sky but along the coast still have a little bit of fog out there. we're going to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo fle
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to help restore internet service in cuba. the cuban government shut off internet and social media access following large anti government protests. the government blames social media for allowing protesters to organize. the white house says the situation is still being assessed. we're looking closely at how we can help in a humanitarian way. how we can help support the voices of the cuban people, and there's an ongoing policy review in that regard. and they continue to be protests here in the u. s to pressure federal leaders here in the us to act. this was the scene in south florida during 1/5 straight day
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of demonstrations today, president biden is joining other world leaders in a virtual pacific rim summit. the prime minister of new zealand is hosting the meeting of 21 nations, the leaders of china, japan, russia and australia. among those attending. white house says president biden wants to use this summit to highlight the efforts from the united states to share vaccines with other countries. the president is also expected to encourage other countries across the asia pacific region to cooperate with one another to bolster the global economy. canada will soon open its border to fully vaccinated americans for non essential travel. prime minister justin trudeau says the change will come in the middle of next month. fully vaccinated visitors from other countries. besides the united states, will be allowed into canada by least september, the border has been closed a nonessential travel since the covid 19 pandemic began last year. there are concerns that not enough nfl players have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 as the start of training camps is just around the corner. washington indianapolis, arizona and the los angeles
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chargers have the four lowest covid-19 vaccination rates in the league, pittsburgh, miami, carolina and denver have the highest vaccination rates. the 49ers weren't included in that report. but head coach kyle shanahan said, like this month that 52 of the teams 77 players were fully vaccinated. all right, let's turn now to the bay area forecast in rosemary oroczo a big happy friday to you, rosemary t g. i f to you, mike alley to all of you, al farah. we've got some nice weather over our bay area friday and an increase in temperatures coming our way for the weekend. how about a look outside our doors? well, here's a different view yesterday, no matter what time of the day it was sfo socked in by fog, not the case this afternoon, blue sky reported there if you look on the back side of that hill over towards the left, you can see just a little bit of fog hanging on, but we saw some better clearing earlier today, and with that temperatures are up by a few degrees in most areas. right now. sfo reporting 66 degrees 62 in downtown san francisco for the inner east
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based some of the warm response right now, livermore at 75 in the north bay. hello napa at 62. let's go to the inner east bay where we've got some nice, mild weather 73 in danville, 76. clayton already 85 reported in one area of brentwood. temperatures are expected to range from the upper fifties to mid eighties from one side of the bay to the other. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change up by four in the votto up by four along the east bay shore of hayward and conquered one of the only spots that's just a tad cooler this afternoon, the onshore breezes out there its a little weaker fairfield reporting on 14 mph napa reporting a south freeze out about six and getting into that cloud cover along the coastline will remain partly sunny to partly cloudy for today, but again inside the bay, a little bit of an earlier burn off. you can see we've got some just lingering inside, but i think will be partly cloudy to mostly clear for the afternoon. is a look at the future casts where along the coastline, ocean beach pacific a half moon bay a mix of sun
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and clouds for you as we get a little bit closer to sunset 8 38 35 ish. you notice it's back across the base. so today a near repeat of yesterday we could see a minor, uh, jump in temperatures but still a little bit below average 81 for santa rosa today. low sixties expected for san francisco welcome mid to upper sixties for oakland. 84 in livermore and san jose, checking and right about 76. here's a better look at some of these afternoon highs for today, a beautiful day in redwood city at 78 into our south bay 84 expected in morgan hill. if you're going to the a's game a little bit later today, i'll have that forecast for you coming up as well as the warming trend in the extended forecast in just a bit. baseball is back. all right, rosemary to help speed up solar permit approvals. it's called the solar app and several bay area cities are already on board. the mayor of berkeley, said he plans to use it in the community and the city of san jose already has an online system set up the solar wrapped,
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streamlines the application process and helps with automatic approvals, getting a process that can take weeks or months done in just minutes during the pilot program, pleasant hill was one of three municipalities to use the system. here in pleasant hill, our city council and mayor. very interested in people using these renewable energy sources where paper plans coming in, um, that would take days to process and then get back out. the system. here was a paper system that was all manual. president biden has a goal of #### carbonized in the nation's electric grid by 2035. the department of energy is holding webinars so local governments can learn more about the solar app. we'll work resumes today on highway 2 42 in concord north beyond lanes will close at 10 o'clock tonight. only one north bound lane will be open during the daytime tomorrow and on sunday highway to 42. dortmund won't fully reopened until monday morning. drivers are being told to take interstate 6 80 to get to highway for instead still to come here at noon, bay area
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school districts facing a staffing shortage, the incentives one district is offering to hire more than 100 special education assistance
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the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. prepare, but some are facing staffing shortages. ktvu is rob roth spoke with officials from one east bay district trying to fill more than 100 openings and special education. crazy grace cannon says she's looking
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forward to starting in person learning next month at northgate high in woman creek timer seen my friends, grace has special needs, and there's concern in the mount diablo school district these days about a significant shortage of special education assistance to help students like grace in the classroom. break the things down for her and repeat them for her, and, um. just be there to support her through the day so she can get the most out of her school experience. i'm very concerned for all students, mainly who have special needs. who need those assistants? we are we're ready to hire and we're looking for a lot of people. the head of mount diablo school district human resources, john rubio says he's looking to fill 112 special education assistant openings. about 1/5 of the total number of assistance and the district is sweetening the pot offering a $1500 bonus to those who get fired $500 of it up front. the
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job pays up to $21 an hour and we're even exploring. uh a possible retention bonus to keep them for another year. we're pretty optimistic and positive about the idea that these types of incentives will help us. the district says the pandemic, which gave birth, the distance learning is larger. need to blame for this shortage, not just in special education. but across the board from school psychologist to custodians. we had the pause on our hiring last fall because we didn't need as many people last year we were able to have our current pair professionals and special education assistance work remotely from home. other districts are also hiring. san francisco has about 70 openings for regular teachers. oakland has about 50. it is getting pretty competitive for all the school districts. classes in the mount diablo unified school district start august 12th less than a month from now, rob rock ktvu fox two news and we have a
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link to the job openings at the mount diablo unified school district. just look under the web link section of our website ktvu .com people once again eating out at bay area restaurants are discovering they're being charged a new fee. the owner of three peninsula restaurants, is among those charging customers. what's being called a wellness fee. the restaurant owners say the new 2% charges needed to hire and retain workers as they try to get their businesses back on track. following the pandemic, you kind of have to be a partner with the restaurants that you love, you know, and understand the way they operate if it helps the workers and helps to retain them and gives them a better like wage, i would be okay with it. many other bay area restaurants are also raising prices in order to pay for the rising costs of labor and food. business owners in the lake tahoe area say they simply don't have enough workers to keep up with the usual summertime rush. this is always the busiest time of year for lake tahoe, restaurants, hotels and other businesses that cater to summertime tourists. but those businesses
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say they are seriously short staffed this year, dude in part to the pandemic, and also the soaring cost of housing in the tahoe area. twitter is looking at opening up an office in oakland. next year, according to the chronicle of the tech company is very close to an agreement on a lease for a 64,000 square foot building at broadway in 12. twitter was one of the first companies to react to the coronavirus by letting many employees go work from home. it's now giving them the option to work remotely on a permanent basis. walt disney company says it plans to move 2000 jobs from its headquarters in california to a new campus in florida, the chairman of disney parks says the company decided to make the move in part because of quote florida's business friendly climate end quote. most of the jobs are professional roles in disney parks and experiences and products division. the company is said to build a new campus in orlando near disney world, intelligent talks to buy a rival chipmaker. the wall street journal reports that intel is exploring a purchase of globalfoundries. which is
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also headquartered in santa clara. the deal could be worth as much as $30 billion. globalfoundries is also considering its own initial public offering. if that deal with intel doesn't come together, intel has been losing ground to other chip manufacturers in recent years, and the industry has been plagued with production issues. the san francisco museum of modern art is blaming the pandemic for the shutdown of some well known programs. museum told the san francisco chronicle that it's still trying to recover and deal with lagging attendance as well as growing expenses. administrators are ending the 84 year old film program and 75 year old artists gallery program at fort mason. governor newsom is expected to sign a bill that would increase the current tax breaks for movie and tv producers who keep those cameras rolling right here in california. the goal of the $330 million proposal is to really stop those hollywood producers from leaving california for other states and countries. where production costs are often less expensive. the money would also go toward finding new soundstage
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facilities for both movies and tv shows in california. coming up wildfires burning across the state details on the largest ongoing fire in the west coast, burning in butte county and working with facebook to limit the spread of disinformation about covid-19. how the biden administration is partnering with the social media giant and why critics say triple bacon chee... how's that song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box.
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and caught fire in a vineyard. this happened just south of the angwin airport north of napa, just west of lake berryessa. officials say three people were on board that plane, now a spokesman for the faa, says it was around 8 40 this morning when the single engine beechcraft bonanza clipped some trees while the pilot was trying to execute what's called a missed approach. witnesses tell us they saw the plane crash on the brave vineyard and that there was a small explosion of the conditions of the pilot and the two passengers have not yet been officially released happening this weekend. los angeles county will be the first in california to reinstate an indoor mask mandate, regardless of whether a person is vaccinated or not, just in the last hour, bay area counties issued their own recommendation for everyone to wear masks indoors again seven bay area counties as well as the city of berkley. issued a joint
12:31 pm
recommendation to wear masks indoors. napa and solano county did not join in that recommendation, but starting at midnight on saturday, it will be a requirement to wear masks inside in los angeles county coronavirus cases have been spiking their recently more than 400 people are hospitalized. the county has recorded more than 1000 new cases every day for the past week, health officials say the restrictions will stay in place until they see improvements. officials in sacramento county are also recommending that all people wear masks indoors instead, regardless of their vaccination status. yolo county made the same recommendation on wednesday. the county has seen 59 delta variant cases since mid april. that's about three quarters of all positive cases in the county. the state health department is emphasizing that state mass guidance has not changed, but says it support counties and local entities putting stricter policies in place based on covid-19 rates in the community. right now, the biden administration says it is working with facebook to flag post that spread disinformation about covid-19.
12:32 pm
critics say the act infringes on free speech. madeline rivera as the story from washington. in his first formal advisory surgeon general, dr vivek murthy denounces health misinformation, particularly about covid-19 as a serious threat to public health. two thirds of people who are not vaccinated either believe common myths about the kobe 19 vaccine or think some of those myths might be true. murthy now calling on tech companies like facebook, youtube and twitter to step up when it comes to monitoring misleading content the white house, adding that they've increased disinformation research and track. within the surgeon general's office. we're flogging problematic post for facebook that spread this information. many republicans are sounding the alarms, saying the coordination between the government and the private company like facebook, it's problematic and even teeters on censorship to have these monopoly companies acting in concert with the government to say you can say this. you can't say that we're going to decide
12:33 pm
that is just an aesthetic away to the first amendment of the united states, facebook says in response to the administration's this information campaign. we permanently banned pages, groups and accounts that repeatedly break our rules on covid miss info, and this includes more than a dozen pages, groups and accounts from some of the individuals reference in the press briefing, the surgeon general warning comes as vaccination rates continue to drop nationwide. some places like la county now reinstating mask mandates as covid-19 cases rise in washington mall, the rivera ktvu fox two news. coronavirus outbreak is growing at sonoma county's largest homeless shelter early this month. just two people at sam jones, holland, santa rosa tested positive for the virus. now there are 59 confirmed cases and of 26 pending tests also turned up positive. that means more than half the people living there have been infected. when the cdc started lifting them as mass mandate and stuff. the residents, um,
12:34 pm
became more complacent. you have a high rate of folks who were unvaccinated, mixing with some who were and they are vulnerable populations who are in congregate care settings around each other all the time. some people are isolated in a new annex, while others are staying at a motel in healdsburg. all students and staff must be vaccinated to enter university of california campuses this fall. it is the nation's largest pub. university system to have a vaccine mandate. you see, schools are shifting their policy from earlier in the year when administrators said that they would only require vaccinations once the fda granted the shots. full approval. unvaccinated students will be barred at all campus facilities, including housing late this morning, former san francisco 40. niners cornerback richard sherman issued an apology for his behavior early wednesday morning. he tweeted out, in part that he's deeply remorseful for his actions and that he's been dealing with personal challenges over the past several months. meantime we're now surveillance video of what led up to the nfl stars arrest this
12:35 pm
week on domestic violence charges reporter frankie thompson from her sister station has the story. jumped over. come down surveillance video captures the moment richard sherman tries to bust open the door of his in law's home in redmond. he's outside the house kind of breaking the house started breaking the front door. his wife, ashley, called 911 telling operators. the situation started at their home in maple valley after he drank two bottles of hard liquor. police reports say sherman threatened suicide by cop. and he would hang himself, court documents say sherman even tried to grab an officer's gun. you're going through a really bad depression, you don't answer the presidency drink, he was ready to kill himself, despite his wife's efforts, police say, sherman drove away from home to his in laws house while on the way. washington state patrol says he crashed his car into a construction zone on highway 5 20 when he made it to redmond. he shouted for his father in
12:36 pm
law, raymond must to come out once. you can take them with the work. ashley also drove to her parents' house with their children, sherman continuing to bang on the door outside while waiting for redmond police to arrive, she tells the 911 operator that mosque fired bear mace and sherman's face. my god has a pistol because you have it on him. yes, redmond police arrested sherman wednesday at king county judge released him from jail on personal recognizance but ordered chairman not to have any contact with moss. please let mr sherman know that he needs a scientists. and this is my order, sir. it's not his, and it's not mr monsters where i'm going to prevent mr sherman from having any contact directly indirectly. sherman's attorney says this is the first time the beloved former seahawk had any encounter with law enforcement and the judicial system. we're investigating the circumstances related these allegations by the state. richard is thankful to have the
12:37 pm
support of his family and friends, and we look forward to vigorously defending this kid. case in court. frankie thompson q 13 news. the search is on for the person who shot and killed a teenage boy at an apartment complex in the city of valeo. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with city leaders about the recent homicide. 15 year old boy was shot and killed in vallejo, the latest victim of violence in the city. it's disturbing. it's not only the search disturbing. it's this heartening to see, uh, i used. a young boy like this shot to death. vallejo police chief shawne williams says officers responded to reports of numerous shots fired at the marina vista apartments at main and sacramento just before six wednesday night. i know mel approached him and shop. the teenager died at the scene. two security guards of the complex heard the shots as they gave pursuit of two individuals that appear to be associated to um, the shooting. they were shot at, and they returned fire. the
12:38 pm
guards were not hit. it's unclear the possible shooters were hurt, but my heart really goes out to the family and friends of that person. vallejo mayor robert mcconnell says he's troubled by the violence, no matter what the circumstances are the loss of my life, particularly somebody who's important to you. last forever, and it's impactful, a woman who lives near the complex and did not want to go on camera told me she heard the rapid fire shots as she has many times in the past, but she told me being outdoors in broad daylight with nowhere to run was a new low for me. the mayor says. anyone with information should come forward. so if you don't share it. you may be just a special problem as the person who is pulling the trigger. the apartment complex is no stranger to violence. last month, a man was found shot to death in a car in front of the property. another man was killed there in september. the teenager is vallejo seventh homicide victims so far this year. please say any tip small o a big break in the case, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we're
12:39 pm
learning more about the man who police say held a woman captive for three days in oakland after meeting her on the dating app tinder the kidnapping allegedly happened earlier this week in oakland's maxwell park neighborhood. police say a man rushed to help the woman when he saw her running down the street screaming for help. really sorry for the lady, the young lady who had this situation happened to her, but i'm really happy that she was able to get away and i would like to know who that person isn't just so i can be safe, according to arrest documents obtained by ktvu, the suspect has several convictions for selling drugs having sex with a minor human trafficking, stalking and more. he also previously spent time in prison for false imprisonment and human trafficking. police and campbell are being credited with preventing a possible attack after finding an arsenal of guns in a man's car along with a racist manifesto. it was last friday when officers responded to reports of a burglary and found a vehicle filled with to our feet. teens a nine millimeter handgun, ammunition, body, armor and
12:40 pm
ingredients to make pipe bombs. they also found a handwritten journal detailing a plot to attack a sporting goods store and killed black people, latinos and jews. access to those kinds of weapons, given what this person had written. and what about what his intentions were could have easily led to horrible shooting. 32 year old wesley martins was arrested and now faces felony weapons charges. he's also now being held without bail. now check out some of the large wildfires here on the west coast. new numbers show that the dixie fire jumped in size by 60% overnight. it started tuesday in butte county, near the town of paradise. it is sent spread to plumas county. dixie fire now has burned more than 12 square miles. it's still only 7% contained and at least one first responder has been hurt. winds are pushing the fire north to a hilltop bridge in a rugged part of plumas county with recreational trails and campsites. bay area firefighters are now in
12:41 pm
southern oregon to battle the largest wildfire in the country. this year. the bootleg fire has now burned more than. 355 square miles. it is 7% contained, it's destroyed at least 20 homes and has impacted transmission lines used to import electricity to california. the san francisco fire department tweeted photos and video of their teams heading to that bootleg fire along with the beckworth complex fire near the nevada border. other crews deployed in oregon are from alameda county mountain view and napa, and we do have some good news about a wildfire here in california all mandatory evacuations and warnings have been lifted for the river fire. that's the one burning near you. 70 national park. there are also no more road closures in that area. cooler temperatures, more humidity, really slowing the fires movement there. so far it has burned 9500 acres and is 51% contained. u. c. davis suspended its entire baseball team as a university investigates misconduct allegations. officials say they expect that suspension will last for the first two months of the fall quarter, which
12:42 pm
starts in september. the coaching staff has also been placed on administrative leave. the nature of the allegations have not been disclosed. still to come. dozens of people killed in flooding in parts of europe will let you know about the rising waters that have also shut down major highways and suspended i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth.
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assassinating the president of haiti received military training from the united states. more than two dozen people have
12:45 pm
been arrested in connection with the killing of the haitian president. 11 of those suspects are retired members of the colombian military now for years, the u. s has paid for military training in colombia, as well as other countries, biden administration has sent investigators to haiti and also increased security there at the us embassy. three men will now face criminal charges for a deadly boating accident that happened in 2018. 17 people died after a so called duck boat, which usually takes tourists on tours on land and in the water sank during bad weather three years ago in missouri, now, the county prosecutor's office is charging the boat's captain, company general manager and the on duty manager with involuntary manslaughter. the boat's captain faces the most charges for his role in taking the amphibious vehicle into the lake during a thunderstorm. dozens of people gathered outside the memorial wall near the collapsed condo tower in south florida. last night. the multi for faith vigil in the city of surfside was to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives. longtime residents observed side say there is no
12:46 pm
doubt this deadly tragedy has changed their community forever. so pretty sad. it's kind of like a cloud hanging over surfside. so far, there are 97 confirmed deaths in the condo collapsed. 19 people are still unaccounted for, at least 115 people have died in the floods across western europe. governments say another 1500 people could be missing. amy kellogg. reports from florence, italy, at least 100 people are dead and dozens more missing after devastating floods triggered by days of heavy rain hit parts of europe, western germany and belgium were the worst hit, where several inches of rain fell in just about 12 hours. major highways are closed and rail services have been suspended in the most heavily impacted areas. rounds of heavy rain. all also caused rivers to burst their banks as roadways and entire homes deadly
12:47 pm
flooding. many people have lost what they have built up all their lives, their belongings, their homes, the roofs over their heads. it is important that we show solidarity with those who have been deprived of everything by the flood. evacuations are also underway in the netherlands, switzerland and luxembourg. more than 200 troops have been deployed in parts of germany to assist in search and rescue operations mill. military personnel are also using a number of reinforcements, including helicopters and boats to rescue stranded people from their homes. german chancellor angela merkel, expressing sympathy to those affected during her trip to washington thursday. i am grieving for those who lost their lives in this catastrophe. these are terrible days for the people in the flooded areas, and my thoughts are with you, and you can trust that all forces of our government are doing everything we can to help german officials are describing the recent weather as a quote. once in a generation event and the worst flooding in more than a century. in florence, italy, amy kellogg ktvu. fox two news,
12:48 pm
all right back here in the bay area. let's get back to our own meteorologist rosemary oroczo with that weekend forecast. hey, rosemary! yes maya? callie, we're going to warm things up as we get into the weekend and then on the back end of the weekend, there is a possibility that we may see a little bit of dry lightning come our way. more on that in just a moment. let's take a look at what's happening outside our doors at this hour. where we do have more sunshine to go around a little bit of an earlier burn off around the bay area and inland and temperatures are up by a few degrees this of you of sfo with blue skies quite a different story yesterday when sfo was pretty much covered in gray the entire day so for your bay area friday, slightly warmer as again we are seeing a bit of an earlier clearing out there and then as we get into the back end of the weekend, sunday, monday timeframe, we may have some monsoonal moisture. our direction and bring with it that possibility of thunderstorms. let me show you what i mean and then we'll get back to today's forecast and
12:49 pm
your weekend numbers. here's a look at the future cast as i roll you into the weekend. we get by saturday. saturday's a fabulous day sunday equally, it's nice, but take a look at this a little bit of cloud cover. you see, it has come up from the south. so there's our first indication there and then as we get into monday morning, even some blue over the state so right now calling for a very slight chance, and with that, said the national weather service is anticipating the possibility of a fire. weather watch. it will start late sunday or sunday afternoon. go until monday morning, and right now it's for our higher elevation, so we will be tracking that for you again. sunday. monday timeframe is what we're looking at between now and then. we've got nice weather out there. temperatures will be warming for your weekend. 62 degrees right now in san francisco. we have mid sixties in oakland to the inner east bay. we have 76 in walnut creek and in the north based 68 over santa rosa, your afternoon for today, upper fifties along the coast areas right around pacifica. low seventies san
12:50 pm
francisco to upper sixties in oakland, low to mid eighties conquered livermore in 86, the afternoon high for antioch in the north bay upper seventies too low eighties just beautiful weather as i showed you in the last half hour, still a little bit below average for this time of year. if you're going to the coliseum to watch the ace play later today, 65 degrees at game time with the west breezed about 10 mph so beautiful. late afternoon early evening for a ball game there and then as we get into the extended forecast noticed a little bit of warm up. come in our way saturday sunday. it's nothing too dramatic, upper seventies to about 80 degrees far basic communities upper eighties to near 90 degrees inland, but in that sunday afternoon monday morning time frame we will be tracking that possibility of maybe some higher elevation thunderstorm activity back to you, rosemary. thank you. we have not hit the peak of fire season but firefighting resources already stretched thin. the national inter agency fire center has declared a level five preparedness, which is the highest level of wildland fire. activity this is
12:51 pm
because the number of fires in the western states will potentially exhaust firefighting resources. and at this level, all fire qualified federal employees become available for wildfire response. the good thing about california is there's a lot of fire resources within california, and we have those those those agreements set in place, so if we need we can rely on our local government partners and our other federal partners to assist but i'm still not very hopeful for the next several months where we expect a real serious fire fight on our hands. there has been nearly 5000 fires here in california so far this season. today is the deadline for candidates to file to run in the gubernatorial recall election here in california. more than 70 candidates have filed their paperwork, including former san diego mayor kevin falconer, former illinois congressman john cox and reality tv start. caitlyn jenner. the recall election will take place on september 14th. that's. 60 days from now two questions will be on the ballot should the governor be recalled. and if so,
12:52 pm
who should be the new governor and supporters of governor newsome have formed a new political action committee as the governor faces that recall. the group called the people for a brighter future, held a meeting in san francisco today, several local politicians were there, including state senator scott wiener. he praised the governor for his work and funding. affordable childcare housing wildfire prevention and much more formula. we're doing the hard work day in and day out under the leadership of our governor, while these people are trying to tear him down, and we need to be clear they're trying to tear him down because he is doing a good job. earlier this week, a judge ruled that newsom can't be listed as a democrat on the ballot because of a filing mistake. the recall election is scheduled for september. 14th a sudden change in plans giving one young man a once in a lifetime experience up next, the person who is just
12:53 pm
added as a passenger on jeff bezoza blue origin rocket launch into space. here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on, and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change...
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the beach. it's 3.5 ft long and weighs £100. it's called an opah, fish or moon fish. it's the size or we should say the length of a small child. locals worry it's a sign that the oceans are heating up. marine biologists say these fish can swim long distances in response to changing conditions and temperatures in the ocean. the hayward power plant where there was a large explosion and fire back in may, now has permission to resume operations. this happened at the russell city energy center. in pieces of hot metal flew as far as 1200 ft. away during that explosion. at this point, we still do not know the exact cause of the explosion, and hayward city leaders say they are angry that calpine, the owner of the power
12:57 pm
plant, asked for and received permission from the state energy commission to resume operations without knowing what caused the explosion. frankly, we are astonished and appalled at this application and your staff's recommendation of approval. this application. what's profit and feeding the grid ahead of the safety of our residents? the safety of our employees. neighbors in the community are very much our highest priority, and we were really committed to safe and reliable operation of the facility. calpine aims to generate half the power it normally does for the grid with this new modified plan happening today, police in santa rosa are cracking down on drivers who violate california's new cell phone locked. it increases penalties for drivers who hold their cell phones while driving offenders of the new cell phone law face a possible one point penalty on their driving record. that's the equivalent of a speeding violation. they also will receive a fine. donut shop that's been a favorite in san francisco's mission district for decades is now back open
12:58 pm
the jelly doughnut on 24th street and south van ness first opened up the stores back in 1987, and over the years whether it's jelly and cream filled treats. the shop developed quite a following, but the store closed back in august of 2019 for renovations. it was supposed to be closed for just six months. but then the pandemic hits of the owners were finally able to reopen last month to the surprise and the delight of all their customers wanted. we had all the old senior citizens that go for the morning walks. it's so funny. they came in. they looked like you guys are open. and i said, yeah, we're open and then they call their kids and then the kids brought their kids. there's a little side note when the store first opened some upset people in the neighborhood actually thought it was sold to new owners. so they sprayed it with graffiti, but they actually came back and apologize when they did realize the same neighborhood owners are still running that doughnut shop happening today, a long awaited movie sequel is premiering. in theaters and online. i'm a cartoon me whatsapp gap. lebron james
12:59 pm
headlines, space jam a new legacy, and he teamed up with bugs bunny and the rest of the looney tunes crew for a high stakes basketball game and this live action animated sports comedy basketball fans have waited for 25 years since michael jordan starred in the first space jam film, an 18 year old physics student will make history as the youngest to fly to space when he takes off with jeff bezoza next week. a mystery bidder who paid $28 million for a spot on the blue origin flight decided to cancel due to scheduling conflicts. so 18 year old oliver damon got the seat instead. blue oregon says his father placed an undisclosed bid for his son last month. the launch is scheduled for tuesday. off he goes all of her demons, all because of a scheduling conflict, but who spends $28 million. does he get the refund? does he get refunded? the 28 million best of luck to him? i hope he enjoys it is once in a lifetime experience. we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest
1:00 pm
news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu app. we will see you again at four believing with lead pictures building a bridge sucked in the fog, doctor all starts right now. but when i'm done with you, i'm done with you. dr. oz: my no holds barred interview with weppedy williams, keeping it real about her brutal divorce. >> kevin was a serial cheel -- cheater. dr. oz: i was scared for you. >> i want to get back to dating, oz. honestly. dr. oz: plus her take on getting vaccinated. are you planning on getting your vaccine? coming up next. ♪ >> wendy williams is not going anywhere. i'm going to come in like a hurricane. so, whitney, are you still using drugs? >> he wants to give you a talk show. >> people calling on the radio


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