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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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said, a flex alert is in effect. we are all being asked to conserve what we can let's get straight over to meteorologist rosemary rusko, so lots of spots seeing oppressive heat, and it's going to be here for a bit. ah yes, baking today, even a little hotter for tomorrow on j jelly hello to both you and happy friday to everybody, especially inland is where we are going to see the brunt of this heat. once again with advisories that started at noontime today and go through the weekend. here's a look at the heat advisory notice. it is for our north bay valley locations as well as the santa clara valley. this going until sunday night at 11 o'clock areas in the north bay, as well as the south be expected to hover ride around low one hundred's. meanwhile you get into areas like the inner east bay as well as the east bay hills, the north bay hills, the santa cruz mountains. some of these areas are expected to hit 105 maybe even close to 110 for tomorrow. so this is why this area has the excessive heat warning goes until sunday. 11
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pm when i comeback, i'll have a look at the current temperatures what we can expect for tomorrow and how long does heat is expected to last coming up? all right, rosemary. thank you. it's not just people withering under this type of heat. ktvu tom vacar joins us now live with how our aging infrastructure can buckle under the oppressive temperatures. tom. well, you really have to consider it this way, whether it's old infrastructure that we have to maintain and take care of and repair or whether it's brand new. you have to consider extreme heat with whatever action you take. urban areas due to high concentrations of buildings, parking lots and roadways become so called heat islands places that retain heat even overnight, potentially making the next day's heat up quicker and hotter. that results in increased energy use impaired water quality, higher air pollutants and greenhouse gases. consider reservoirs on a typical summer day, lake shasta, california's largest reservoir, loses 200 million gallons of
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water every day to evaporation enough to fill 22,004 sized gasoline trucks made even bigger by extreme heat. what about san pablo? reservoir we s to me about four million gallons. the day evaporates at san pablo reservoir. that's 444 tanker trucks full every day, smaller lafayette reservoir, an emergency water supply loses 50 trucks full every day. we are seeing some increase over time of evaporation app. our reservoirs, residential swimming pools see the loss of 2 to 4 inches of water per week. normal sized pools lose 25 to 50,000 gallons of water per year to evac. duration plus an equal amount lost from a typical yard. big picture. smaller snowpacks. it means less water for reservoirs and wildlife and far less cheap hydro electricity. now consider highways. typical extreme heat.
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impax paved surfaces, including expansion of pavement and bridge joints. as well as softening of older asphalt and other materials, sometimes resulting in disruptive and costly buckling extreme heat, especially prolonged extreme heat can have an effect on our roadways and infrastructure. biggest problem. old asphalt not made to stronger modern formulas. they can buckle or crash, especially if you go through a heating event, and then it cools off very quickly, then you can have cracking happened and extreme heat can often soften and warped rail systems, causing trains to slow down by half an hour over a 70 mile runs. so just for interest. i took this professional digital thermometer out into the backyard and the pool water, which is under a plastic cover is 97 degrees. the barbecue cover, which is a metal cover was 109 degrees, and the papers
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were 135 degrees, and it's only about 96 degrees outside so you can see how infrastructure big infrastructure retains heat well into the night. maybe into the next day. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. yeah, it's going to be a warm weekend all weekend, tom. thank you very much. well yosemite national park could see temperatures as high as 111 degrees in the coming days. park officials are warning visitors to be prepared and stay hydrated. they say it's a good idea to avoid strenuous hiking, especially after 10 in the morning as temperatures increase. the warm weather in yosemite is not expected to break any records, but it could come close in 1915, the national park. market 115 degrees bay area firefighters in oregon tonight to help find a raging wildfire there to strike teams from local fire agencies, including fremont, oakland, hayward and san mateo, are in claim of county about 30 miles north of the oregon state line there battling the bootleg fire, which has burned more than 60
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square miles, doubling its size from yesterday and more than 900 firefighters are on the lines of the beckworth complex fire in plumas county. both fires have not burned more than 37. square miles northeast of portola. they are 11% contained now those fires doubling in size over 24 hours. fire officials say they have been fueled by the heat and bone dry conditions. campgrounds and cabins have been evacuated as he fires travel up the eastern ridge of the forest near the nevada state line. officials are expecting even hotter conditions this weekend with extremely low humidity and you're gonna want to stay up to date this weekend with a dangerous heat, and you can do that just by downloading the ktvu weather app to find out where it's going to be brutally hot and where you might find a cool spot. it's free. california is seeing an uptick in the number of coronavirus cases just over three weeks since reopening the economy, the test positivity rate is now up to 2.3% new cases were over 2400 yesterday, health officials say all but a tiny fraction are among the
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unvaccinated. today, the cdc announced new mask guidelines for schools, saying vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear a mask inside school buildings. but as ktvu is. marine naylor shows us, the state of california says it is adding an extra layer of protection with summer camps in full swing. this here's theater, jordan thompson is looking ahead to fall and ready for her kids to go back to school. and i think that's the worrying part is they don't really want to go back. i don't think i think that they don't remember what it's like to be back and to be back with their friends. and so they they're comfortable now at home. the cdc friday issued new guidance for kindergarten through 12th graders. stressing the importance of getting them back into classrooms. students who are vaccinated don't need masks, those not eligible for a vaccination should wear masks and maintain three ft distance. but the cdc added, even if that distance is not possible classes should still resume with other precautions such as ventilation and cleaning, and
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even if cases are rising, the sadc says schools should stay open all of those new recommendations makes sense, dr. sunita kaiser with ucsf said that new guidance aligns with her research, observing learning hubs in san francisco for several months earlier this year, she found among 2000 students, only one covid case was transmitted in a hub since then, covid vaccinations have risen and cases have dropped two reasons. the cdc is stressing in person learning this fall. we know now that really the benefits of in person learning for them far far outweigh the risks of covid transmission. we're really happy to see the emphasis on getting kids back in person has the number one priority, while california applauded the cdcs move, health officials here are sticking with masks for all saying california will continue to require that masks be worn indoors in school settings, which also will ensure that all kids are treated the same. and
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the cdc acknowledges administrators might do it. california is doing, which is keeping a masking policy in place for everyone to avoid the burden of sorting through those who are vaccinated and those who are not. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. sonoma county health officials are urging the public to get vaccinated as they see a rise in covid 19 cases. the growing infection rate comes as the county deals with an outbreak at the sam jones hall shelter in santa rosa 47. people have tested positive and 20 people are waiting for results. it accounts for about three quarters of the recent spike in covid cases among sonoma county's homeless population. the numbers are trending in the wrong direction. i would really, um, encourage everyone to do their part at this time so that we can get back on trapped and continue. have our businesses open to be able to enjoy the activities that we've been able to do, um, over the
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past several weeks. in addition, county officials said today, five people died from covid in the past week. the majority were unvaccinated. coming up hundreds of aftershocks following that six point. oh quake near tahoe that rattled people all the way to the bay area. what the experts say about the swarm and she wants to be the governor of california. caitlyn jenner makes a campaign stop in northern california, her pitch to voters and her complaints against governor newsom and another worry at the side of that deadly condo collapse in florida. why many are now concerned about the first responders? who have spent more than two weeks digging through majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. been hit by a car and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. now this happened at about 5 10 this evening at camden avenue and kusa road, southbound camden avenue is closed in that area. police say the driver is at the
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scene and is cooperating. we're working to gather more information, and we'll bring it to you as we learn more, the remains of 15 more people were removed from the ruins of that collapse. condo building in surfside, florida today. the death toll now stands at 79 62 people are still unaccounted for. fox news, anna iliopoulos tells us officials are also working to make sure that other high rise buildings in the area are safe. emergency crews in surfside, florida have been working around the clock at this pile for more than two weeks. now, many taking to their hands and knees to remove debris, officials say 60 trucks per day have removed more than £13 million of concrete. the pile that originally was approximately four or five stories is now almost at ground level. so the progress that our search and rescue teams are making is really incredible. efforts are now in recovery mode, but officials vowed to stay until all remains are
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found in order to bring closure to victims. families we know that the hard work of beginning to rebuild is just beginning for so many of these families and we are committed to staying with them every step of the process, every step, we will not leaving these families. search teams are also working to retrieve personal items like photos or documents. in hopes of returning them to survivors or families of the deceased that were being bring a little bit of hope and kind of a, uh, something for them to remember and something for them to hold on to. meanwhile the town of surfside taking steps to ensure this tragedy never happens again. an engineering consultant is recommending all multistory buildings, hire engineers. to study their foundations and use ground penetrating radar to analyze concrete and steel that make up the building. surfside mayor charles burkett says the recommendations should be followed, regardless of the buildings age, anna iliopoulos fox news and two weeks into
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that search and recovery effort there, the physical and mental toll is being felt among first responders. today, the miami dade county fire chief said. it's important that first responders share their experiences with one another and use each other to lean on. during their difficult task. yes um are mental health is critical, you know, obviously, the stress that we're encounter and the hours the efforts, you know that all the firefighters first responders are put it in. you know, it's essential and part of that is communicating talk. you're dealing with this. the death toll climbed today. 78 people after more than a dozen more victims were discovered in the rubble. we are not the only ones dealing with dangerous weather. two tornadoes touched down in new jersey today is elsa moved up the east coast. the tornado snapped trees and damaged some homes and elsa moves off the coast of maine. as it does, it was downgraded to a post tropical storm. still rain continues to pound the region in new york city. heavy rainfall submerged subway
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stations, forcing some commuters to wade through waist deep water all around the bay area this afternoon, a lot warmer in some spots. in fact, some of our hotter spots topped out in the low one hundreds, and we do expect temperatures to rise a little bit more. come saturday, before we begin to see a turnaround. here's a live look over areas of san francisco towards alcatraz. beautiful day in the city of san francisco. temperatures in the sixties and low seventies in and around the bay a lot of seventies and eighties you had to go inland to really feel the heat in our inner east bay getting again most of that heat now through the weekend, we do have a little bit of haste out there, as you can see, and tomorrow is a spare the air day. let's check in on the current temperatures right now. 63 degrees in san francisco, so beginning to cool off. the east bay shore there we've got 69 reported in oakland into the north bay upper seventies napa into the south bay low eighties san jose. you go inland east bay and we're still baking 100
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degrees and conquered one of four over areas of brentwood, 99 reported. walnut creek. let's take a bit of a tour, checking on some of these numbers and low eighties right now and rhona park as well as sebastian reporting 84. and then as we go east we've got 94. danville, 95 dublin, 99. clayton. so a warm summer night is shaping up there as we get into areas of the south bay. we've got 95 over areas near san jose. get closer to the water 65 capitola and in the santa cruz mountains, upper eighties right now over areas of boulder creek. so into the rest of the weekend again. temperature is expected to spike tomorrow or i should say peak tomorrow and then, as we get into wednesday, only slight cooling expected as we get into the week ahead, temperatures will continue to fall indefinitely feel more comfortable tomorrow morning out the door a little bit of fog along the coastline and just inside the bay. that's it. the sixties in oakland, 58 to start your morning in san francisco, the inner east big going to be a mild 1 72 for
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you, antioch in your afternoon highs, a comparison of where we typically offered this time of year and where we expect to go for tomorrow. 12 in santa rosa 16 in livermore, 5 15 even 20 degrees above the seasonal average. i'll have a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow. the minor cooled down on sunday and the more comfortable weather in the extended forecast coming up. all right, rosemary. thank you. huge oak tree fell onto a home in redwood city. the street where it happened, okay avenue near davis sky. foxx flew over the scene. as you can see, it was a pretty big tree. no word on what caused it to fall, but it looks like the trunk split right in half. fortunately no word of any injuries, but there will be extensive cleanup for that homeowner. still ahead tonight at six point, oh quake and hundreds of aftershocks. it's coming up how people are dealing with all the shaking and a man shot and killed last year in oakland, and police say the person who pulled the trigger was a mentally ill men with a grudge coming up. the victim's family says the shooting could have been
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avoided. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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6.2 magnitude earthquake near the california nevada border, and so far there have been more than 360 aftershocks. ktvu suzanne rubin tells us some people are now worried more shaking will mean more boulders and debris will come tumbling down. when the shaking started houses rattled, boulders fell
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and the bluff crumbled behind the colville walker k o a campground. it was all cool until i look at it. and when all that start start coming down, that's when i was like, okay, no, no, no. this is not good. the rockslide a terrifying sight for native californians and tourists alike were actually in the pool. all the kids were hanging out and all of sudden it comes crashing. down get out of the pool. there's you know, we got to be a dramatic because the pool let's go. the earthquake a six point oh, near the california nevada border, followed by dozens and dozens of aftershocks, and it does have a fair amount of aftershocks that things continue to shake and. are scientists who specialize in that say this is lost slightly above average amount of aftershock activity. they felt the shaking at the alpine county chamber of commerce and visitor center. it's sort of a mixture between feeling like you're swaying on the water on top of a boat or and there's a jet plane going over and they're concerned their biggest event of the year. the death
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ride tour of the california alps is about to get underway. aftershocks and rocks on the road aren't good for bikes we have about 2100 cyclists that are going to be biking. all of these mountain passes where the earthquake took place. so the conversation is are the roads in good shape are you know what do we have to be concerned about next weekend? local officials are still checking out all the roadways and there were no reports of injuries. the usgs is anticipating more aftershocks over the course of the next week. they say there have been upwards of 360 of them so far. are and ruben ktvu, fox two news investigation continues into what went wrong when a truck filled with fireworks exploded last month in los angeles. the lapd was trying to safely detonate illegal fireworks. when that happened, the blast overturned at least one car, knocked people to the ground and blew out windows on the surrounding blocks. several people were injured, including nine police officers. families are now returning to their
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homes to assess the damage. one woman, her husband and children are among the 75 fans. lisa came back to see what remains and what was destroyed by the blast. what has been the most difficult tonight for you? honestly just being out of her house? you know our comforts. god you know, like most people, everybody is already the first we all pay bills. we paid our rent, so we had no money. you know what i'm saying? so it was. it's just difficult. well the city which has led efforts to help the families has now taken over the area from federal investigators. inspectors are now going through the homes, deciding which are safe enough to return to and which are not. a family is suing police after a husband and father was shot and killed allegedly allegedly by a man. he was squatting at a home next door coming up why the family says it could have been avoided. and later in sports. the golf tournament up in tahoe featuring some bay area goats like jerry rice and steph curry, sports director market baniyas will have their first round scores later and caitlyn jenner
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hits the campaign trail in her run for governor, her first stop at the state capitol and what she told supporters. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air.
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we're made for. heatwave was settling into much of california, particularly inland. temperatures soared past 100 degrees in many parts of the bay area today and are expected to linger through the weekend of flex alert is in effect until nine o'clock tonight. california's are being asked to conserve electricity
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to ease strain on the power grid. new guidelines from the cdc say that vaccinated students and teachers do not need to wear a mask at inside buildings at school. that recommendation comes as many districts are finalizing their baptist. school plans. the cdc is encouraging everyone age 12 and older to get a covid-19 vaccine. however it is advising schools to allow in person learning for everyone, no matter their status, and sonoma county health officials are pleading with everyone to get vaccinated as that county sees a rise in covid-19 cases, they're growing infection rate comes as the county deals with an outbreak at the sam jones hall shelter in santa rosa 47. people have tested positive and 20. others are awaiting results. now, county officials today. five people died from covid in the last week. the majority were unvaccinated. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, a private banker, was shot and killed last year in east oakland and police say the person who pulled the trigger and mentally ill man with a grudge as ktvu crime
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reporter henry lee shows us the victim's family is suing, saying officials did not do enough to protect him. miles arm said it was a private banker and father of three whose second wife, molina was pregnant with their first child together, but in may 2020 arm said was shot and killed outside his house at 76, a in east oakland. police say by this man, jamal thomas, a mentally ill convicted felon who had been squatting next door. this is an american dream. that was turned into a nightmare. authorities say thomas had a grudge against the family, terrorizing them and repeatedly breaking their windows. in the months before armstead was killed, the system was silent observer sat on its hands and ultimately allowed. this tragedy to take place adande a pointer the family's attorney, is now suing oakland and alameda county, saying police and probation officers did nothing to stop the attacks. thomas the suspect had been evicted from the house next door but came back essentially squatting on the land and using it as a base if you will to launch attacks on the armstead
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family pointers to that included using rocks and bricks to shadow their windows and threatening to burn their house down, he said. police were called each time but that officers didn't consider them high priority crimes. a neighbor who witnessed the killing told ktvu about this pattern of intimidation, and he kept calling the police calling the police and then jamal is low. and then he comes back as soon as you let your guard down the attacks again. oakland police department alameda county. sheriff's departments are overworked. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the family faces an uphill legal battle because governments are usually protected from liability from the actions of its officials. they can't cure all ills. and they can't look into the future to see which mentally ill people will commit crimes, especially hurting people. the oakland city attorney's office declined to comment have yet to hear back from the alameda county council, henry lee ktvu fox two news. safety concerns in santa rosa this evening as police struggled to respond to a rise in gang violence on the
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fourth of july, men shouting the name of a local street gang drove past fireworks party in the roseland neighborhood and began shooting someone in the crowd, and some of the crowd actually returned fire. one man was killed. two teenagers wounded and a woman who was at a friend's house down the street was also hit by gunfire. hit her large and small intestines 12 times, and they had to remove a foot and a half of intestine. we've seen well over 30 shootings believe, uh, 12 shootings since, early may, and, uh, you know, five homicides this year. we can't arrest our way out of every problem, but it definitely it definitely is a part of it. the police, she says, with the increase in violence, he wishes he still had a gang unit. it was disbanded two years ago to save money, six law enforcement officers are on the other side of the law. the former chp officers are accused of billing for $23,000 in overtime hours. they never worked. the state attorney general says the
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officers worked in east los angeles and typically worked 3 to 4 hours of overtime. giving protection for highway workers during road construction projects. but prosecutors say they build the state for eight hours of overtime. the union representing the officers has not responded to requests for comment. a judge will make a decision monday and whether or not governor gavin newsom will have democratic party next to his name on the recall ballot after admitting they made a mistake and failing to file for party preference sums. lawyers sued secretary of state shirley weber during oral arguments today, the governor's lawyers said the deadline they missed serves no administrative purpose and argued they should be able to make the change. weber team said in court filings. they gladly make the change if the judge agreed, also argue against newsome, lawyers for recall organizers and candidate caitlyn jenner genders lawyer claimed newsome was looking for a do over the recall election. by the way, is set for september. 14th speaking of caitlyn jenner, she's a former olympian, and
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now more than 100, people running to replace governor newsom in the recall election on september 14th. today, gender made her first official campaign stop at the state capitol, jenner held a news conference with the capitol press corps as she tries to drum up support for her campaign. she's running as a republican and told reporters she does not want president trump's endorsement. berkeley igs poll in may found just 6% of californians were inclined to support her. and today she claims she is leading the field. too many people are leaving companies are leaving. i decided to stand up like all citizens of this state. we need to stand up and we need to fight because california is worth fighting for. i am, jenner said she will be launching a campaign bus tour of the state beginning on august 14th no details yet on where jenner will stop president biden wants to rein in big business, including big tech companies with a sweeping executive order, he says it's aimed at fostering more competition across our economy
6:33 pm
as foxes, caroline sharply shows us this evening, he hopes to level the playing field for workers and consumers. president biden is taking aim at big tech manufacturing, health and other industries where he believes too few companies have too much power. the president signed an executive order friday ordering more than a dozen federal agencies to fostercompetition in the sectors. they regulate heart of american capitalism is a simple idea. open and fair competition. that means that if your companies want to win your business, they have to go out and they have to up their game. the white house says the lack of competition means companies can charge higher prices and pay their employees less money will higher prices and lower wages caused by lack of competition are now estimated to cost the median american household $5000 per year. silicon valley is singled out in the order asking federal agencies to make new rules on data collection and surveillance and to restore net neutrality. the order. also has
6:34 pm
some specific ways consumers could feel the benefits, including supporting states' efforts to import cheaper drugs from canada. limiting cellphone manufacturers ability to block third party repairs and making it easier to switch banks by letting you take your data with you. critics are warning the feds need to proceed with caution. anytime government intervenes in any aspect of the economy. it tends to work the market and have unintended consequences. the agencies will also have to craft the new rules in a way that will withstand any legal challenges from industry in washington, carolina shibley fox news. we have some breaking news to bring you right now in oakland, firefighters are on the scene of a fire at a homeless encampment. you can see the smoke there in the distance. oakland fire officials are telling us this fire began at about 6 10 tonight. it's burning at an encampment at east 12th street and 16th avenue. we're going to keep our eye on it from our roof camera here at our studios in jack
6:35 pm
london square. you can see just in the distance there that smoke kind of billowing into the air again. a homeless encampment of fire caught the cut fire there, and fire crews are on the scene working. there have been no reports of any injuries and the other breaking story we are monitoring for your juvenile has been hit by a car and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. this happened and about five 5 10 this evening at camden avenue in coosa road, southbound canton avenue is closed in that area. police say the driver is at the scene and is cooperating. coming up. it was an important place for a chinese community in san francisco. it's been closed since the start of covid. and today it finally reopened and sharks are being spotted more often along the california coast. and it has some beach. we're always keeping the eye on the water, but experts say sharks are not something to fear. coming up the important lessons about these often misunderstood animals.
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time since the start of the pandemic. banquet halls are once again hosting events today. it was where san francisco swore in a new chinese chamber of commerce. ktvu christien kafton tells us why this reopening is so important. to the far east cafe in san francisco, is one of chinatown's oldest and most respected banquet halls closed for more than a year for large gatherings by the pandemic. the hall held its first major event
6:39 pm
since covid-19 the swearing in of the chinese chamber of commerce. more than a half dozen banquet halls used to operate in china town now far east is just one of two remaining owner bill lee says after a challenging year where the far east cafe was in danger of closing down for good. the banquets are returning an important part of the chinese american culture. every year we have a spring bangkok and we need to, you know all the relative of fan get together and she each other, maybe one or twice. oh, yeah. that's a really important for the community in chinatown, while the banquet halls play an important role socially, they also play a very important role in chinatowns economy and san francisco's economy. the banquet hall is such an important part of the chinese culture because this is where a lot of family association a lot of the organizations held the meaning the gallery and that's where everybody get together and socialize and network
6:40 pm
members of chinatown's communities say the banquet halls are where friends in family meet and often where deals are struck. san francisco's mayor on hand for the swearing in, said the return of the banquets to chinatown are hopeful sign for a critical piece of the city's economic puzzle. it plays a significant role because of all these shops and all these restaurants and all these beautiful buildings and places and it holds a special place in san francisco that we hope people will continue to come back. chinatown businesses, residents and visitors say they hope this first banquet is a sign of many more to come. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. heat advisory for some excessive heat, warning for others and expected to last through the weekend. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for your bay area saturday, sunday coming up, ktvu is clouding. wang joins us now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus julie new tonight, president
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biden is urging vladimir putin to crack down on cyber criminals believed to be responsible. the recent surge in hacking attacks that have led to companies paying millions of dollars in ransom, money and 62 people do remain unaccounted for in surfside, florida what we're learning tonight about recovery efforts as officials work to make sure other buildings are safe. those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu. plus alright, claudie. we'll see you then. but first after the break, which state do you think has the rudest drivers? you have a couple of minutes to think about it? the top five or the rudest five? northern californian
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wildlife experts wearing night vision goggles shot and killed the grizzly. just after midnight. it had approached a trap near chicken coop, the bear twice wandered into a camp early this week and the second time it snatched a woman from her tent and malt her to death. leela can was a retired nurse who worked in santa rosa and chico. the 65 year old was in montana for long distance cycling trip. shark sightings are becoming more common in california waters. so now more than ever before. group is working to educate the public about sharks. fox news john commentary has the story from santa barbara. this one is a juvenile about two years ago, and that was a tiger church. yeah, we're learning so much about sharks in our coastal waters these days and educational outreach pop ups% like the cal state long beach shark shack on this visit to santa barbara. it's part of the shark lab program. and also these videos showing just how close sharks are two out. recreational areas. the numbers
6:45 pm
are up, but the fear factor is going down. somebody who's not at the beach very often is going to have a little bit different perspective in comparison to the guy who's been surfing at the same beach for 30 years, so we kind of get a little bit of mixed, but i feel like there's been a great open reception to learning for the last few years, mostly young sharks are now being seen and captured on video around the carpenter ria coastline. we have the juveniles here, so we're not getting the big big mama's that you get. north or off the coast. it's awesome, and this is the makeup. yeah i the show and tell at the shark shock table was an eye opener for kids and their parents. that shark i was, oh, that's so cool. it was and i didn't know that their eyes were blue. that was pretty cool. educating the young and teaching them about and safety to. i think it's really awesome. yeah, everybody likes teeth. the teeth are always a big hit. um, so we have white shark jaws and then i take tiger. shark draw and
6:46 pm
you can just see the rows and rows of teeth. they have. the shark shack team also brings out the jaws mythbuster board where they have questions about sharks, dolphins and sting rays and then right underneath them, they have the answers. it's all part of the outreach and education. shark. and here you can lie down inside yourself up with different sharks for one of the big ones. it took three of these kids head to toe scary shark lab team will be back several times this summary along the way. they're also out there on the water. doing a research. is she juveniles here every every year, starting late spring early summer, we think that is mostly due to either abundance of food, water temperature or safety or a mixture of all three or two. yeah all right. so a billionaire heads to space this weekend. richard branson, the founder of virgin atlantic, says he'll be looking forward to heading to space or he has
6:47 pm
been looking forward to heading to space for at least 17 years now branson and five others will board a test flight to the edge of space on sunday, the launch of his v s s unity rocket will be the first to carry space travelers beyond earth's atmosphere. the space player talked about his upcoming flight and his competition with amazon founder jeff bezoza, who's hoping to launch a space tourism business. we've spent 17 years he spent nearly 20 years building these two different space signs, and it's honestly not a race, and it's a race to it was to race. it's a race to produced. wonderful wonderful spaceships, and they can, uh, make many more people built to access space. and i think that both of our own. unity will be launched from a virgin galactic carrier plane, then sore on its own rocket power to the boundary of space. the cruel experience about four minutes of weightlessness before beginning a descent back to earth. very cool. so if you had
6:48 pm
to guess what state do you think has the rudest driver? well, personal finances. company bank rate analyzed five different data sources to create a rude driving score, based on general rudeness, poor driving pattern. and bad habits, and california is at the top of the list or the bottom of the list. depending on how you look at it. california took the baddest spot, one of the main reasons higher than average alcohol involvement in driving california is followed by nevada, which ranked high and rude drivers, general rudeness and bad driving. florida is next with high auto insurance premiums. rounding out the top five oregon and new mexico. oh hot conditions impacting parts of the bay area this weekend, starting with today, temperatures went above 100 degrees, especially over areas of our inland east paypal senators at this hour temperatures are beginning to drop off in most spots, and we'll take a look at those in just a moment. let's take a look. the afternoon highs for
6:49 pm
today, again, starting the inner east bay, one of six for antioch into the north bay. a warm one, but not as bad. 93 reported in santa rosa into the south bay, 86 san jose and around the bay upper seventies in oakland, upper sixties san francisco close to the coast 64 degrees over areas of pacifica. so a 35 40 degree difference or so. from one span from one area of the bay to the other. yes it's definitely summer. here's a look at some of the temperatures outside while we are beginning to see numbers drop off a little bit still very, very hot in brentwood reporting 1 to 100 in concord in the north bay, feeling comfortable in nevada 82 for you there around the bay. very mild 68 in hayward 67. sfo. low seventies right now reported in palo alto, the onshore breeze helping us out just a little bit. fairfield reporting. 22 mph, oakland 18 and napa 15. so thankfully, we haven't seen the onshore breeze cut off completely and i don't expect it to it will be localized at
6:50 pm
times and our inland cities. not going to get a whole lot of benefit from it tomorrow. here's a look at the patchy fog out there along the coastline redeveloping a near half moon bay. do you expect it to be along the coastline and just inside the bay as we get going tomorrow morning, and then it'll burn off a fairly quickly and we will have warm temperatures even hotter than today for your bay area saturday. so with that said the excessive heat warning will continue not only through tomorrow but into sunday, the excessive heat warning that shade of orange there is our north bay hills, east bay hills and our santa cruz mountains as well as the inland east bay, where temperatures are expected to hit 105 even above that, for some of those communities around the bay. we've got the north bay and the santa clara valley shaded in yellow. that's a heat advisory. what temperatures expected to hover in the upper nineties to low one hundreds. some of our hotter spots, so there's a look at the future cast model. there's tomorrow morning, a little bit of fog a inside the bay. but again, it doesn't last. temperatures are expected to range from mid fifties at the coast to mid sixties in and
6:51 pm
around conquer to low seventies in antioch saw miles start for some of us and then into the afternoon. another scorcher can have to build some strategy around those temperatures, areas like concord and livermore at 10618. make sure you get out early and then try to take cover in an area during the afternoon. meanwhile the beautiful 79 in san francisco tahoe going to be a warm one upper eighties, right now, low nineties in the forecast for saturday, as well as sunday under mostly sunny skies and the extended forecast for us here at home shows you only minor cooling on sunday, followed by a better drop in temperatures for next week. back to you, rosemary. thank you after the break pretty amazing moment for a young man from el cerrito in the toward france today.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. there's been so many heavy duty stories in sports these days, going to lighten the mood, and even though the holiday is coming, god, it seems like a holiday. every time you show video of tahoe, right, they did have an earthquake up there last night, but this golf tournament, the celebrity event, the absolute epitome of tahoe up at edgewood and plenty athletes and, of course, celebrities like the great
6:55 pm
jerry rise birdie at 12 for the great one. he's tied for 16th after one round looking good as he always does. and if you watch the show the office you know, kevin, he's actually the actor hub. brian surprise bomb. gartner tee shot at 17 meets the green, and he will s a lug,a lug in full view of the gallery. all right, and then there's sir charles. obviously he's been really working on his golf game in the offseason tee shot will go into the sand. and for a double bogey. charles's 82nd out of 88 golf present steph curry, quite the opposite. always up there. his passion project of course, golf par 4 15 the birdie. nice first round for him, 21 points and an eighth place showing so far shot of the day, though hockey hall of famer mike madonna at 18 205 yards out par five, his
6:56 pm
second shot will go for a double ego. well and fast. it's the first double eagle in the history of this event. he's tied for the lead with 25 points with another hall of famer but in a different sport, john small, so the hall of famers in the early lead, alright, we showed you just a little clip of what steph curry's up to these days. of course, he opted and probably rightly so the guy could use a little break not to represent team usa in the summer olympics for team usa, however. in search of the gold, his teammate draymond green will be in japan and a couple of weeks, man, what a lineup they have put together, he'll be joined. will draymond by some, uh big superstars damian lillard, representing oakland as well. bradley beal, josh tatum and, of course, kevin durant. it's a huge commitment, though, and draymond talks about his decision decided to play for team usa. when you have an
6:57 pm
opportunity to play for usa basketball. uh, you do that? don't want to let what's been a hectic 14 or 16 months. make me decide against an opportunity that i may never have again in my life, you know, so was a no brainer for me. there is an american in paris these days at the tour de france, and he happens to be from el sereno. as a matter of fact, cycling his way into, basically notoriety. it happens to be else or itos 25 year old sean bennett. he spent all day in the breakaway 168 kilometers to go. bennett made a strong move aggressively on the uphill climb briefly led later was overtaken but overall great day finish stage 1309th 39th in 151 riders and the finnish four different riders battling for
6:58 pm
it to this stage win. mark cavendish winds up winning the sprint finish his 34th career stage win and that ties a tour record, and it's to shape forgot to retaining the yellow jersey. through this stage as we head into the latter stages of this race we've got friday night of the videos and a little time to check this out. back to golf. it's the john deere classic par 3/16 137 yards out, maverick. mcnealy stanford man, you can't do it better than that. the 87 under 64. he is six back of the lead after one and you know about some of the heavy weather. that they have had in the midwest. this youngster decides to go lazy river, of course, start block. yeah, bud stuff that's making the life find out of a making the life find out of a bad situation. mark
6:59 pm
item 28: your pet name for me. time's running out on this. you need to make a decision. i submitted you a notarized list. i'm sorry, but "gollum" and "flakey" are not acceptable. well, you don't like "princess corncob," you don't like "fester"-- you're just impossible to please. we'll come back to that one. this brings us to the final item in our annual state of the relationship summit. item 29: valentine's day. ah, the worst for last. hmm. classic flakey. before you get upset, i believe i've come up with a way for us to celebrate the occasion that we both can enjoy. people usually start a meeting with a joke, but you go ahead-- end with one. i propose we spend a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in napa valley. i hate every word in that sentence. including "in," "at," "we" and "a." come on, sheldon. why not?
7:00 pm
for starters, a bed-and-breakfast forces you to eat with strangers at your table. one step ahead of you-- bernadette and wolowitz are going with us. oh, very well. what are the sleeping arrangements? we've only been dating for three years. if we were to share a room, people might talk. i got you your own room. what if my room has a claw-foot bathtub? it doesn't. i know it makes you feel like you're bathing inside a monster. look, i appreciate the effort, but i'm still unclear how this trip is supposed to be enjoyable for me. we're going to have valentine's day dinner on a fully functioning vintage train. vintage? be specific. an alcoa fa-4 diesel locomotive leading a train of meticulously restored 1915 pullman first-class coaches. (gasps) wow. i'm feeling the urge to hug you. and one... and two... all right, gollum, we're good.


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