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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . months since santa rosa police detective mary lou armor died of covid 19 and tomorrow, family, friends and colleagues will finally hold a service in her honor. it just feels like it's bringing everything back. um, it feels like the first day we heard that she had passed. i haven't felt a sense of
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closure, but i think this is going to do it. armor was the first peace officer in the state to die of covid-19 injustice. second coronavirus death in sonoma county. good evening. i'm andre senior and for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. now loved ones are looking to finally say goodbye. ktvu is deborah be alone joins us live after speaking with armors sister about the service happening tomorrow. deb julie, this was a line of duty death detective armor contracted covid while working sexual assault cases out in the field. it was when the pandemic was new, and precautions were few. it kills me every time because the what ifs tesla. how like so many during covid never got to say goodbye. before her sister died, she said she was having the hardest time breathing, and she's never felt that sick before. it was march 2020 when
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mary lou armor became california's first police officer, taken by a pandemic that was still new relatives in southern california worried as armor worsened at home, they will always wonder if she'd be alive. had kaiser agreed to test her. earlier she asked 34 times and was denied. until that fourth time, and by then it was too late at the time, santa rosa police held a procession from. the hospital to the mortuary, but it was impossible to honor armor properly. you never want to lose anybody, and, uh, it happened on my watch. thursday morning, santa rosa's chief and armors, many colleagues will gather with her friends and family for a service finally sharing their stories about a woman who worked her way up from evidence. technician two sworn officer to detective she had a goal and when she reached that goal. she wanted to reach
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a higher goal when she died working domestic violence and sex crimes. some of the most vile cases that we often see on law enforcement she was on the front lines, always caring and able to connect with people armors death hit her department hard. this was a silent killer that came through that. i don't think anybody was prepared for and it was devastating. armors loved ones say she had three goals, a family a rewarding career and to travel the world and she accomplished each. her sister has her last text from the emergency room. they're going to knock me out and put a breathing tube down my throat. i won't be awake again until tomorrow. she died a week later. i haven't felt a sense of closure, but. i think this is going to do it. the police department asked people who want to honor mary lou armor to line up on mendocino avenue for
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the procession at 8 30 tomorrow morning, but the service itself is not open to the public. julie last year, covid killed 145 law enforcement officers across the country and our hearts go out to armors family, deborah. thank you. at least nine people who work at the california state capitol have now tested positive for the coronavirus and that has triggered a return of mask mandates for lawmakers and staff. masks were already required in common areas of the capital. but now those who are vaccinated and working in their private offices must mask up once again over the past 10 days, state officials say nine people have been infected, including four who are fully vaccinated. still, lawmakers stressed the importance of getting the vaccine. you know the vaccinations work. we also know the vaccinations when there are those quote unquote breakthrough cases. we know the vaccinations reduce the impact of covid. state lawmakers say about 84% of assembly staff are
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vaccinated. anyone working in the capital who isn't will now have to test for covid twice a week. the family is hoping for justice tonight after a bay area college student is found dead while on a camping trip. authorities say he was found dead inside of a tent at a campground at lake or travel over the fourth of july holiday weekend crime reporter henry lee tells us authorities say it's being considered homicide. is a tragic. blow to everybody, friends and family of 20 year old tyler dixon of san pablo are in shock after the football stand that was found dead at a buchanan campground. the victim of a homicide i can imagine. someone doing this to him at five a.m. saturday, buche county sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call reporting possible gunfire at the bidwell canyon marina campground at lake orville. they found dixon dead in a tent he'd been kept in with another family. sheriff's investigators have not said how he was killed, but are investigating his death as a homicide. right now, we
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were in the early stages of the investigation and one of those things we are investigating, as the cause and manner of death would like to investigators to do their job and. and bring whoever to justice. will. brian is athletic director of the richmond steelers youth football and cheer program. he's known dixon since he was nine years old. great kid ended up being like family. stayed with them followed him through his high school career onto college. dixon played football at elstree too high and was set to do the same at contra costa college. this year. some people have passed or some kids got some issues. he's that kid that didn't have none loved by everyone, many friends the coach, remember the day dixon came up to him and whispered that he wanted to be quarterback instead of an offensive lineman. coach thought otherwise. because dixon was six, ft three and £210, and i was like, man, you can't. play quarterback, but you need we need you to block but dixon proved him wrong when we put them in the game. he threw the ball so pretty like i mean all the way and the rest
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was history. the investigation is ongoing. anyone with information is asked to call the buche county sheriff's office. henry lee ktvu fox two needles. 16 year old boy is recovering tonight after being shot while riding, um uni bus on treasure island. san francisco police say the team was on board and number 25 bus on gate view avenue and north point drive at about 11 o'clock last night when he was struck, investigators say at least one shot was fired from outside while that bus was stopped at this bus stop. the round pierced the side of the bus, hitting the 16 year old boy in the leg. officers say the teen was not the only person on the bus but was the only only one hit. first responders took him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. so far. police say it appears the boy was not targeted. this appears to be random. and if we received information that the victim was targeted, we may reach out and provide that information to the public. police say they're
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looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting or has video of this area on treasure island at the time of the shooting, 10 of pittsburgh family struggling to get back on their feet after fire destroyed their home and then thieves burglarized it. ktvu zambelli is live in pittsburgh and amber. the couple says they are grateful they escape with them. injuries but they say they lost items they cannot replace. that's right, andre, the family home is now boarded up a fence surrounds it. the couple tells me they've suffered a double blow after the fire thieves broken twice and stole in valuable items. this is what happened. this is video from daniel jones as he surveyed the devastating damage inside his home, a place his grandmother has owned for decades. there's no house and we lost, you know, pictures and you know, but we have memories. the house has been. house has been everything to my family
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around 6 30 on the evening of june. 28th jones says he was fixing the kickstand on his new electric scooter in his garage when the battery exploded, causing a fire that spread quickly. it's like the worst nightmare you can imagine. thinking about my pregnant wife, my grandmother and my auntie being in the house, he says he managed to get everyone out of the house, including his wife, linda. the next day she gave birth to their first child, a boy two weeks early in the days following the couple tells me thieves broke into their home twice and stole items, including electronics and linda's engagement and wedding rings. that can't be replaced. the couple says the new nursery they created and all the gifts for their baby from family and friends were either damaged or stolen. overall i'm just trying to be positive. stay positive, and not just not to stress out.
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try not to think about what's flaws and be thankful that he's healthy. jones says he's owned electric scooters before and has no idea why the battery exploded. he says he bought it to commute to work. the fire also destroyed his car and damaged another vehicle in the driveway. still, he's grateful he and his family survived, and it could have been. devastate and thankfully it worked out, jones says his home and car are insured, but that there is a lot insurance won't cover. he estimates. it'll take a year to rebuild. he has started a go fund me to move forward live in pittsburgh, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news tonight in surfside, florida there were hugs. there were tears as crews move from a search and rescue to a recovery mission. family members joined rescue workers this evening for a moment of silence near the collapsed condo building today, officials said they made the difficult decision to move into the
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recovery mode. they say they assured the families they will continue to work to get to their loved ones. you know, we reassured them. the only thing that changes is just the term resources are still there. the men and women are still there. you know the you know, support is still there since the demolition of the remaining structure, the pace of the recovery has quickened. the remains of eight more people were found today, bringing the death toll to 54 86. people are still. unaccounted for now to the latest on tropical storm elsa, where one person has died in a number of others have been injured in strong winds from that storm, a funnel cloud was spotted in jacksonville, florida, where one person died after a tree fell onto two cars and 10 people were hurt when a tornado hit an rv park near a navy base in southeast georgia. the storm made landfall this morning as a hurricane. well florida escaped a lot of damage, officials say. it is just the start of hurricane season. i
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just hope that if this is your first rodeo, just please heed the warnings about handling power outages and handling some of the issues with your yard or with your debris because you know that's the last thing we want to see is any type of injuries or fatalities. forecasters expect elsa will remain a tropical storm into friday they have issued a tropical storm watch for from north carolina into massachusetts. are mild weather is about to change. we've got some heat on the way. i'll have details coming up. i've heard firsthand the hurt and the pain that so many families and communities field in the moments after these incidents to know the state will investigate some deadly police shootings at 10 30 what it means for local authorities and a new effort to deal with more wastewater into drinking water. had the idea is winning support from lawmakers. driest on record.
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the state saw 49% of its normal . the bay area, however, only recorded 39% of normal rainfall that landed the region in the exceptional category, which is the worst u.
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s drought category. the lack of water is impacting the state's massive agricultural interests, which account for 80% of water use now, with california's worsening drought, there is a new reporter. new effort to recycle more wastewater announced members of congress are backing it. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live with what that could mean for the bay area, jenna andre with year after year of drought, some water districts say this could be the future of supplies recycling wastewater into drinking water by purifying it and one bay area congressman is co sponsoring a bill that would have the federal government investing money in these efforts. fresh clean water. many people take it for granted until they face drought rationing and other restrictions and with declining sierra snowfall and low awkward for levels, some see recycling wastewater as a stable source of supplies in the future. many bay area districts are already tapping into lower quality recycled water for outdoor use. santa clara valley water says
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it's about 5% of their supply. most of our recycled water today is used for outdoor irrigation and some a slight amount is used for cooling towers. now there's a new house bill four oh 99, co sponsored by congressman jared huffman of sandra fell, it proposes $750 million in federal grant funds for recycled water projects. water recycling is going to be part of that future. um uh, if we're going to survive in the western united states, michael keep our ski director of uc berkeley law schools, wheeler water institute says right now many consumers accept recycled water for irrigation or flushing toilets. but there's still a problem with the factor when it comes to recycling water for drinking, which either as good as or in many cases, higher quality than what you can take from the river directly. the direct potable water re use has the advantage
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that you don't need to go. oh, and retrofit houses that already exists. i'd rather drink the water out of the hetch hetchy here. the mccollum the river, you know, wherever it comes from currently, um, ideally first and use the recycled water for, uh, for you know, irrigation, i think for gardening, it might have no problem with it. i don't know if i'd want to drink it. i wouldn't mind flushing my toilet with it. if the bill passes, experts say it would be a drop in the bucket in terms of funding needed to build recycled water infrastructure, but it could have a bigger impact on the industry. this bill not only funds projects, but it also could act as a catalyst for accelerating the kind of innovation that we need to see and water management in the west. and andre. this bill has already been introduced into congress and is currently in the natural resources subcommittee. alright jana katsuyama reporting for us live, janet. thank you. meantime, crews broke ground today in santa clara county on a major renovation project at
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the anderson dam, and to make this happen, they had to drain the anderson reservoir in the midst of a serious drought crews are starting on phase one of the major renovation project that will keep the reservoir drained for 10 years. valley water had already planned to improve the dam, but the federal government issued a safety directive speeding up the project after finding the is more vulnerable than originally thought. it's a public project that's going to keep the community safer. that's going to protect our water supply that's going to create jobs. now. the project includes 1700 ft tunnel that will allow the release of more water during a storm or other emergency. a seismic retrofit will strengthen the dam in case of a major earthquake. all right. well raise your hand if you've been enjoying this kind of cooler mornings and nights i know i have. we're about to see a big change in our weather of the next few days, which is to say we're going to be heating up now. today it was pretty nice out there right? 70 degrees in oakland was our high,
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beautiful. it was about 86 conquered is that 82 in santa rosa 72 in san jose and 59 in san francisco. right now you can see would you have a little bit of marine layer, see just a little bit of haze out there, but frankly, it's not as pervasive as it was. was last night, so clouds are showing up in san francisco and oakland, but we're all sitting comfortably in the mid to upper fifties right now, however, things are about to change and it starts tomorrow and it rolls through the weekend. he kind of peeking and that friday saturday into sunday time frame and then we start to cool down as we get into monday and tuesday. this is for the most part inland heat that i'm talking about. if you are out at the coast, you are likely going to be a little bit warmer, but nothing to the extent of the six. you know the degrees that we're going to be 100 degrees 101 degrees we might see inland. so tomorrow about 65 degrees out of the coast going to begin tomorrow at eighties around the bay, and then we'll see a mid to upper nineties. even potentially. a triple digit heat or two, probably in places like antioch
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tomorrow as we get into friday, saturday and sunday, this is where we're going to kind of be living in this space of mild at the coast, warm bayside and very hot inland, so that is why the national weather service has started to put out excessive heat warnings. you can see it's in a good portion of california and it is certainly going to be going into effect for places like where we are looking at now. the areas in gold where there's an excessive, he watched that will be turned into a warning for the north bay hills and the east bay hills as we get a little bit closer to it now, it doesn't look like we're going to get up into the 1 10, right? we're gonna be more like low one hundred's. but it is all courtesy of high pressure, so i'll talk a little bit more about what our extended forecast holds. and i come back in a bit. nelson it back to june. alright kyla, we'll see you in a little bit. thank you. the recent heat wave in the pacific northwest is now being blamed for at least 116 deaths in oregon alone. today. oregon health officials identified nine more heat related deaths following last month's record breaking heat. when temperatures soared to 116 degrees, a new scientific study
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finds the heat wave was a direct impact of climate change. researchers say it was 150 times more likely because of fossil fuel emissions and coming up governor newsom addresses the recall election for the first time since the date was announced, plus a massive pot bust in southern california how authorities seize thousands of plants worth more than a billion dollars. also head tonight new research that suggests the exodus from cali. formula is a myth. it's the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing
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report of people itching to leave california are backed up by the data, researchers say. california lost a congressional seat for the first time in history due to slower population growth, not a declining population. they say the study did find a slight increase in people leaving san francisco. but they say most state in the greater bay area and 80% remained in california.
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a new billion dollar statewide initiative kicked off today with the goal of keeping california clean while thousands of new jobs. governor newsom launched the new clean california program at a caltrans site along interstate 80 in richmond. the program is a $1.1 billion effort to clean up trash on california streets, highways and public spaces that includes homeless encampments on public property. it will also create 11,000 jobs for homeless people at risk. youth veterans, former inmates, local artists and students. we mean business time to clean up the streets in the state of california. we see what you see. it's unacceptable. we can do more. we have to do better, and now we have the resources to make all of that happened. governor newsom also says a third of the money from the program will go to cities and counties to help pay for cleaning up more local roads and public spaces. also today, governor newsom spoke about the recall for the first time since the date for the election was announced. he says he is
10:25 pm
confident the effort to remove him from office will fall short. i look forward to doing everything in our power. we're going to defeat this effort votes start next month and will continue to focus on that, but i'm not taking my eye off the ball focusing on the top priorities the people of the state of california if you ask me what the priorities are, it's a to get rid of this pandemic once and for all. put in the rear view mirror, get our kids safely back and in person instruction. get our small businesses back on their feet more vibrant than ever clean up the streets. i'll be driving to the lieutenant governor announced last week. the recall election is scheduled for tuesday. september 14th state assembly members are being given authority to help clear the state's unemployment backlog. the mercury news reports all 80 state assembly members can hire two staff members to help the e d with requests for assistance. the staffers will reportedly be paid out of existing funds more than one million californians who have filed for unemployment are still waiting for benefits.
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well coming up a state of emergency in haiti after the country's president is assassinated, how leaders are trying to keep the country come also ahead. former president trump taking legal action against facebook, twitter and google coming up legal analysts weigh in on his claims that the sites are censoring conservative voices. then things got a little testy at oracle park between the cardinals and giants later in sports sports director market baniyas will have why the cardinals picture had works to share with tanks mike pence trips up first changes to help police shootings will be investigated in california. the state's new role in addition delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs,
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with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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largest a legal marijuana bust in county history. today they seized 373,000 plants from
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grows around antelope valley officials say that much pot would have been worth around $1.2 billion out on the street, l a county sheriff alex villanueva says while the operation was successful, it only demolished 205 illegal grows out of 500. they estimate are in the antelope valley area. what we want to do is send it clear and loud message to cartels. anyone doing illegal operation? the high desert your days are over and we're coming for you hope that the d a will prosecute because beyond a wagon mall. this is an issue that is plaguing and will continue to plague if we do not make it very uncomfortable, and one way to make it uncomfortable is to prosecute. authorities say they also made 131 arrests, seized several weapons and thousands of dollars in cash during the operation last year, the department sees just over a ton of marijuana. this operation alone netted 16 tons. the
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california attorney general's office is now investigating any case or a law enforcement officer shoots and kills someone who is on armed as ktvu is, evan sernoffsky explains. the office is expected to take on dozens of more cases each year. we must have accountability and we must have transparency, the state attorney general's office launched a new policies this month to investigate and make charging decisions and fatal police killings of unarmed citizens. the new program comes after governor gavin newsom signed a b 15 oh, six last year. this effort is personal for me. heard firsthand the hurt and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents. bonta was a co sponsor of the legislation while in the assembly before being appointed to his new post earlier this year. he anticipates his office will be involved in 40 to 50 police shooting investigations a year he's created two teams of 27 agents who will fan out around the state to do the work. these critical incidents are never going to be easy, but the new
10:31 pm
tools and procedures we are announcing today are a chance to insert more transparency and more accountability into these investigations. the attorney general's office has already taken on high profile deadly force cases show in may, bonta announced his office would take the lead on the police killing of sean monterroso in valeo. in that case, an officer opened fire through a windshield and said he mistook a hammer in monterroso is pocket for a gun. today's announcement was welcomed by state criminal justice reform advocates. californians deserve to have. these cases looked at exceptionally carefully, and i think that this will be part of adding to that. these are not the first police reforms. the attorney general's office has been involved in back in 2018, the office began overseeing francisco police department. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news, the city of alameda plans to limit its police department's response to mental health emergencies. the city council voted last night to launch a pilot program for non
10:32 pm
criminal and non violent calls say. armed officers in uniform uniform rather are not always needed for those calls instead, a unit from the alameda fire department will respond with a non uniformed firefighter, paramedic and emt in an unmarked vehicle and a mental health or social worker will offer follow up services. this trial program is expected to launch at the end of the year, the chp says california's highways were deadly and dangerous over the fourth of july weekend, the chp conducted a statewide maximum enforcement period with the goal of keeping road way safe between last friday evening and shortly before midnight on monday, officers say they arrested 997 people for dy. the agency says. that translates to an average of roughly one arrest every five minutes during that same time period. 43 people were killed in crashes statewide. well for president donald trump is taking legal action against the social media sites that have banned him as ktvu tom vacar tells us, trump says,
10:33 pm
facebook, twitter and google are trying to censor him and other conservatives as well. our case will prove this censorship is unlawful after trump encouraged his supporters to invade the us capital on january the sixth his social media accounts were suspended to this day. the internet company said they feared that trump would incite further violence and continue to falsely state that the election was rigged, were demanding an end to the shadow banning a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that, you know so well. david greene is civil liberties director for the american civil liberties union. he's bringing a case that has a really, really long shot of any success. the arguments are not persuasive at all. professor eric goldman of santa clara university school of law in silicon valley. he uses lawsuits to achieve many
10:34 pm
goals have nothing to do with the outcome in court. that often includes bullying, gaining unfair advantage and not paying contractors rallying political supporter fighting against internet giants and big tech but federal law specifically allows social media platforms to remove postings that violate their platform standards, including obscenity, promoting violence and making clear falsehoods. it's unconstitutional and it's completely un american. none of these legal arguments are new. there have been many, many cases brought by people less. famous in all those cases have lost these legal arguments have all been rejected. it will be a pivotal battle in the defensive. the first amendment, but unlike government, these private companies are not accountable to the first amendment when private internet companies exercise their editorial discretion, they're actually take advantage of their own. first amendment protected rights to decide what content they want on their sites and to have rules. for their sites about what's acceptable content
10:35 pm
and not acceptable content. he has no chance of creating new law. he has no chance of winning, professor goldman says what trump could not accomplish as president will not succeed here, but it may not matter to him as this suit seems to be all about fundraising moments after his announcements, supporters received a text asking for donations. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. well google is once again facing a major antitrust lawsuit, 36 states and the district of columbia sued the company today in federal court. the lawsuit claims that google sets up barriers to developers to ensure that it distributes most of the apps used on android devices, not the developers themselves. now google calls those claims meritless. the complaint filed late today is the fourth major antitrust lawsuit filed against google across the u. s. since last october. rudy giuliani, who served as former president trump's personal attorney has now been banned from practicing law in washington, d. c the
10:36 pm
suspension was automatically triggered after a judge in new york barred him from practicing in that state. the judge ruled that giuliani made demonstrably false and misleading statements about election fraud related to mr trump's failed presidential bid. the court found. the lies were a threat to public interest. the suspension will remain in place pending the outcome of a disciplinary. very hearing. a very different situation from one year ago. the new numbers that show layoffs are at an all time low, and i'm keeping an eye on the weather. we've got some heat on the way we'll talk about that, and also when it will wrap up and we can get back to these lovely cool mornings and night and right after the break, gunmen assassinate the president of haiti now a scramble to stabilize the scramble to stabilize the country's government. yeah. if you smell gas, you're too close.
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assassination of the country's president. several police officers held hostage have been released and president jovel moyes was killed in an overnight raid at his home. his wife was also critically wounded here. haiti's interim prime minister is in command of the country now in police and armed forces are deployed to keep the peace but a state of emergency is in effect throughout the country, and the main airport is closed as the investigation ramps up. second the yeah, the society. we want the country we want to build. we will get it by respecting the principles and the rules of democracy. not by assassinating someone who happens to have a different ideology than yours. i'm asking all the driving forces of our nation to stand with us. the country's constitution says the general assembly picks a new leader. but at the moment there is no national assembly. a general election is scheduled for september. president biden traveled to illinois today to drum up support for his human infrastructure plan. the $1.8
10:40 pm
trillion plan includes funding for improving roads, bridges and wifi but also provides money for fighting climate change, supporting childcare and promoting women in the workforce. republicans are calling for a plan with a lower price tag that only focuses on trade. national infrastructure projects. truly build an economy from the bottom up in the middle out to truly deal everybody in this time we need to invest in our people. some democrats say they won't vote for it without a promise that the bill will be passed through reconciliation process that doesn't require any republicans. gop members object to that method and say the bipartisan bill shouldn't be linked to anything. new jobs report shows that fewer workers are getting laid off. the labor department says the layoff rate hit a record low during the month of may, falling 2.9% the report found that the number of layoffs decreased noticeably in educational services and transportation. job postings
10:41 pm
reached a record high for the second straight month, the number of open jobs in may rose slightly to 9.2 million on wall street socks. i did hire for more records today, the dow was up 104 points. the nasdaq picked up one point, and that was enough for a new high and the s and p also reached a record close with a gain of 14 points. tech industrial and healthcare companies helped move the markets. higher heartwarming active kindness in the east bay how a homeless man went to great lengths to return a man's wallet. you know if it was your stuff, how you would feel so. i mean, i was i just did what was normal and what my conscience told me to do. also after the break, another heat wave is heading our way. meteorologist colleague robin tells us
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never see it again. but as ktvu is rob roth reports, he got it back all thanks to a homeless man. they are two men from two different worlds brought together by one act of kindness. richard white school of walnut creek. i just didn't think there were people out there that would do something like that. and frank sierra, who was homeless, and i was just trying to do the right thing. this story begins here last friday at richard white schools gym in walnut creek. why school? just
10:45 pm
finished his work out and then went back to his locker. the lock was broken and opened up the locker and my shorts, which had every thing in it, my wallet, my keys. my iphone, uh, had the shorts. it disappeared if you hours later, frank, who's been homeless, on and off for the past, 10 years was going through garbage cans in pittsburgh, looking for recyclables. in one, kenny saw a wallet sitting on top. the money and credit cards were gone. but keys in a watch were there and the wallet held way schools driver's license and i knew if it was my stuff, i would want somebody to bring it to me as quick as possible, and that's just what i did. the next day, sierra hopped on bart for walnut creek, then walk two miles to white schools home. that son was beaten on my head and my knees are bad, but i just i just made my way. but when he got there, no one was home. he left this note on the door mat. i sure didn't want to leave it there for some.
10:46 pm
another idiot to come by and steal it again. made me nervous made me think they were connected with the people who had ripped me off. they arranged to meet in a public place since sierra gave him the wallet and other items. he could have kept them. but he didn't. i was like blown away. you know, it really restored my faith in people that there really are folks out there who are going to, um, do whatever it takes to make things right. you know if it was your stuff, how you would feel. so i mean, i was i just did what was normal and what my conscience told me to do, and now each of them has a new friend in pittsburgh, rob rock ktvu. farc's two news two houses that have been empty for over a decade in oakland will soon house families in need, thanks to help volunteers now a group of about 25 people from the global real estate brokerage the agency helped out habitat for humanity. today they're helping to renovate two homes on manila average. do that were
10:47 pm
donated by kaiser to the nonprofit where you guys are doing were done from digging ditches to installing flooring to putting baseboards to sanding to painting kind of little bit of everything well, habitat for humanity, says the two houses will provide long term affordable housing for local families, they say deed restrictions on the homes will protect the affordability of those houses for many years to come. all right, let's start off with our weather tonight. i wanted to kind of let you in on what's been happening in the tropics, of course, because we had tropical storm elsa now it was a hurricane came came ashore this morning, and it has caused all kinds of problems. even though it's just a tropical storm. you know, you think it's tropical storm. that won't be that bad. well it depends, right right now it is sitting over and has caused a lot of problems since it came ashore, so 45 mph right now moving to the north northeast. you can see. it just rolled through savannah now going through charleston. but these are the storm reports
10:48 pm
from today. check this out. gainesville florida in to rescue people from their homes there in waist high water. you can see if seven inches of rain came down. 7.2 up the southeast georgia. we had a tornado that took out, you know, part of. an rv park, and it's just a few of the reports of what's gone on. many funnel clouds have been spotted with this, so you know this kind of weather, it can spur tornadoes. they can bring incredibly heavy range of places that already have saturated ground. it gets really rough. as you can see, this is going to continue to go on, go over the water again and then perhaps clip new england. maybe long island. maybe the cape up in massachusetts, so. obviously much calmer here in the bay, taking a live look out at oakland, where we do have the marine layer president, but it's not quite as robust as it was last few nights, which means it'll probably clear out a little earlier tomorrow. certainly, if you're out of the coast, you're getting that coastal fog, no doubt about it, but our pattern change that's happening is because there's been this dance between low and high pressure and low pressure has kind of been winning. that's what we've been cooling down in the mornings and the evenings. to have large degree
10:49 pm
because that marine layer comes in, but now we're going to see high pressure start to win the battle tomorrow. so inland we're really going to see those temperatures start to move up and the heat kind of peaks. as we get into the weekend. so friday, saturday sunday, so here's tomorrow. not bad. if you're pacifica 65 degrees 79 in oakland, so we're getting into the eighties around the bay and then check out fairfield checkout antioch were floating with triple digit heat 94 in santa rosa 87 in san jose morgan hill. you should be in the mid nineties. saturday looks to be the peak of the heat. so this will be the story where we'll see upper sixties at the coast will see eighties and maybe low nineties around the bay and then upper nineties and triple digit heat as we head inland, you know again, we're not seeing 181 10 like we saw in the last snap of heat, but still, you know, you're going to feel this. you can see the excessive heat warnings starting on thursday and friday, all throughout the state and as i zoom in here around the bay, where the area that is in gold right now, starting saturday into sunday, we have an excessive heat. watch that. will be probably
10:50 pm
turned over to a warning as we get a little bit closer, but that's just to indicate that we've got some excessive heat coming our way not normal, the kind of heat that can cause problems if someone has respiratory problems if someone is elderly or the young, so you want to make sure you make plans to stay cool and stay inside this weekend. if you can hopefully get through this one, and then we'll start to cool down as we get into monday and tuesday, so. i don't like going to gets quite this hot. i have to say i've been enjoying these kind of cool mornings and evenings, but i don't get to order the weather you just reported. we have to blame the weather. right mother nature. thanks kyla. well, former president jimmy carter and his wife, rosalynn, today celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. mr carter says the most important decision he has ever made was to marry rosalind. they married way back in 1946, and now hold the record for the longest married presidential couple in american history. the former president is now 96 in the former first lady. is 93. they live in plains, georgia, where they were both born and raised in new york city,
10:51 pm
honored all of its essential workers today with a ticker tape parade down the canyon of heroes, the city's hometown heroes parade had floats to floats dedicated to various groups. they include healthcare workers grocery store subway workers and others who helped the city get through the hardest days of the pandemic. the parade was led by grand marshal sandra lynn. she was the first person in the u. s to get a covid-19 vaccine after it was cleared for public use. coming up after the break sports director mark ibanez will have stanley cup final highlights where lightning did strike twice then on the 11 o'clock news. a camping trip turns deadly what we're learning about the woman from northern california who was attacked by a bear inside her tent.
10:52 pm
this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+
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to all 2021 volvo models.
10:54 pm
room tonight. i'll tell you what over the years doesn't matter who's wearing the uniform. er what this place is they are in the standings. the giants cardinals. they don't really mesh. they just seem super intense and like they just don't like each other as the same goes out of the ballpark tonight. giants needed to salvage one of these games school's out. baseball's in giant, some cardinal fans getting along totally. 11 in the second two out, mike is strength ski deep center. he's got himself a clutch r b i double curtain and sally we lead off with the devil is storing but absolutely part of the story. watch the picture right here. cardinals rookie johan oviedo. he's annoyed. you strips keep for some reason. tells him to shut up your strip seems like yeah, just get back here, huh? he could read lips. you know, uh, those worked pleasant exchanges. the two were having, and that was
10:55 pm
pretty much the end of that. nothing else came up to one in the fifth. donovan for a no. it's been struggling with the bat of late broke his bat there, and it's down the left field line. he's got himself a broken bat. i'll take it r b i double alex. what is scoring now in the 832 giants, darren rough. ticket to ride deep center and the two run shot put the cushion on it. 52 final giants win one of three alex wood with seven strong gave up the run run for his eighth victory. jake mcgee. saves his 17th. i'll tell you the problem with the oakland a's and every team early. somebody's going to have your number. the big problem for the a's is the team that's got their number is the team that's just ahead of them in the standings, and that would be the houston astros in first place and stretching that lead out. bob melvin, the manager, asking matt olsen you're the all star man. how do we beat these guys? well, it goes a little something like this.
10:56 pm
crush it to write solo homer. he continues to do his part number 21 1. nothing lead that won't hold up because jose, i'll prove it. he was a thorn in the side of the a's three runs. jack i'm sean minaya, his 19, the smallest guy in the majors. got 19 homers 31 houston now into the sixth inning, keep play here. raise runners at 2nd and 3rd. shawn murphy, the fly ball, but as it turns out, pitch, the ayes have a runner thrown out at the plate again, michael brantley sensational throw and that will nail ramon larry on. oh the a is been thrown out at home. 11 times, second worst in major league baseball and a huge play because still 33 big fly. off the bat of kyle tucker that wins it, basically, for houston. it holds up, man. i, uh, the loss. he's now six and 68 5.5
10:57 pm
back in the a l west now, and the astros have beat me a n95 masks. yet another record down in anaheim. the next two to home. oh he's going to get to jog around the bases. he did it again. he's a beast. sure otani 32 home runs already that breaks the deck e. matsui's record for most home runs in a single season by a japanese born player in the american major leagues. it's only july's got 32. he's doing it all pitching and hitting at an all star level to say the very least another home run for him. all right, you know, back in the seventies, the a's won three world series titles, the warriors won a title raiders won a super bowl they used to call oakland the city of chance. i guess we've got to change
10:58 pm
that the tampa now they are for the second consecutive year. winners of the stanley cup, although a class act here in tampa, montreal, captain shea weber hey, kid, knock on glass. you get yourself, uh, puck now beat it. second scoreless in this one. david savard finding rust colton, who will bury the net, just manages to get a stick on it. they get it into the back of the net. one nothing and guess what that will hold up to win it in game 5 22 saves in net for tampa goalie andrei vasilevskiy, and he's got the shut out the coveted stanley cup stays in tampa, two consecutive years. they win it. i guess we're gonna have to start calling that hockey town usa. right now. we've got the stanley kept decided. how about the euro cup? 2020 we don't have a decision yet, but we do have the two
10:59 pm
finalists. denmark tries to upset harry kane and the favored team england 11 extra time. 104th minute england penalty kick. there's harry kane, one of the best in the world denied, but he sticks with it as simunek a r. is the goalie there? it actually deflected of him go in england prevails to one. it'll be italy against england sunday in the final first time since 1966 that england has made it to a major final. so that is the sporting life little hockey history, little soccer history will have more at about 25 minutes. get back to you guys. congrats to england. all right. thank you so much, mark. next at 11. we take health and safety extremely seriously. so for us, we're strengthening our our mask mandate. covid-19 outbreak at the california state capitol has lawmakers requiring face mask to be worn
11:00 pm
at all times. once again, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. california legislature is now tightening up its mask rules at the capitol after at least nine people tested positive for the coronavirus. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior. frank is off mass were already required in common areas of the capital. but now those who are fully vaccinated and working in their private offices must mask up once again over the past 10 days, state officials say nine people have been infected, including four who are fully vaccinated. still, lawmakers are stressing the importance of getting the vaccine. you know the vaccinations work. we also know the vaccinations when there are those quote unquote breakthrough cases. we know the vaccinations reduce the impact of covid. state lawmakers say about 84% of assembly staff are vaccinated. anyone working in the capital who is not will now have to test for covid twice a week and earlier


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