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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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saturday, butte county sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call reporting possible gunfire at the bidwell canyon marina campground at lake orville. they found dixon dead in a tent he'd been kept in with another family. sheriff's investigators have not said how he was killed, but are investigating his death as a homicide. right now, we were in the early stages of the investigation, and one of those things we are investigating the cause and manner of death would like to investigators to do their job and. and bring whoever to justice. will bryant is athletic director of the richmond steelers youth football and cheer program. he's known dixon since he was nine years old. great kid ended up being like family. stayed with them followed him through his high school career onto college. dixon played football at elstree too high and was set to do the same at contra costa college. this year. some people have passed or some kids got some issues. he's that kid that didn't have none loved by everyone, many friends the coach, remember the day dixon came up to him and whispered that he wanted to be quarterback instead of an
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offensive lineman. coach thought otherwise. because dixon was six, ft three and £210, and i was like, man, you can't. play quarterback, but you need we need you to black, but dixon proved him wrong when we put them in the game. he threw the ball so pretty like i mean, all the way and the rest was history. the investigation is ongoing. anyone with information is asked to call the bue county sheriff's office. henry lee ktvu fox students. well today, former president donald trump announced his filing class action lawsuits against facebook, twitter and google. trump argues the sites are censoring conservative voices. ktvu is tom baker spoke to legal experts about this lawsuit. our case will prove this censorship is unlawful after trump encouraged his supporters to invade the us capital on january the sixth his social media accounts were suspended to this day. the internet company said they feared that trump would incite further violence and continue
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to falsely state that the election was rigged, were demanding an end to the shadow banning a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that, you know so well. david greene is civil liberties director for the american civil liberties union. please bring your case that has a really, really long shot of any success. the arguments are not persuasive at all. professor eric goldman of santa clara university school of law in silicon valley. he uses lawsuits to achieve many goals have nothing to do with the outcome in court. that often includes bullying, gaining unfair advantage and not paying contractors rallying political supporter fighting against internet giants and big tech but federal law specifically allows social media platforms to remove postings that violate their platform standards, including obscenity, promoting violence and making clear falsehoods. it's unconstitutional and it's
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completely un american. none of these legal arguments are new. there have been many, many cases brought by people less. famous in all those cases have lost these legal arguments have all been rejected. it will be a pivotal battle in the defensive. the first amendment, but unlike government, these private companies are not accountable to the first amendment when private internet companies exercise their editorial discretion, they're actually take advantage of their own. first amendment protected rights to decide what content they want on their sites and to have rules. for their sites about what's acceptable content and not acceptable content. he has no chance of great new law, he had no chance of winning, professor goldman says what trump could not accomplish as president will not succeed here, but it may not matter to him as this suit seems to be all about fundraising moments after his announcements, supporters received a text asking for donations. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. former president
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trump allegedly praised adolf hitler to his chief of staff during a trip to europe to commemorate the 1/100 anniversary of the end of world war one. mr trump allegedly said quote well, hitler did a lot of good things. that's according to wall street journal reporter michael benders book. frankly we did win this election. the story was first reported by the guardian. bender interviewed mr trump after he left office and claims the former president denied the comments. you and six state assembly members are being given authority to help clear the state's unemployment backlog, the mercury news reports all 80 state assembly members can hire two staff members to help the e d. d with requests for assistance, the assembly speaker told the paper. the staffers will be paid out of existing operating funds more than one million californians who have filed for unemployment are still waiting for those benefits. governor newsom spoke publicly today for the first time since the date for the recall election was announced. he says he is confident the effort to remove him from as will fall short. i
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look forward to doing everything in our power. we're going to defeat this effort votes start next month, and we'll continue to focus on that. but i'm not taking my eye off the ball focusing on the top priorities the people the state of california if you ask me what the priorities are, it's a to get rid of this pandemic once and for all. put in the rear view mirror, get our kids safely back and in person instruction get our small businesses back on their feet more vibrant than ever clean up the streets. i'll be driving in the central by the lieutenant governor announced last week. the recall election is now set for tuesday. september 14th. none of the latest in tropical storm else of the national weather service says a tornado touched down this evening in southeast georgia near naval submarine base. kings bay about 10 people are reported injured earlier today, another tornado hit in columbia county, florida. fortunately there's no word of any injuries there, but you can see the damage that's been left behind. one person was killed by a falling tree in jacksonville and further south
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and cedar key also toppled trees, including one that crashed into a bed and breakfast. she heard a crack, and that's when the big limb came down and took the power lines and the power source main power source from the house off. tore it off the building and then another crack and then the other side of the cedar tree went and landed on the honeymoon cottage bathroom. the search continues for at least nine people who went missing from a boat from cuba near key west, the coast guard pulled 13 people from the water in surfside, florida today, officials made the heart wrenching decision to move from search and rescue to recovery at the sight of that collapse. condo building a held tonight as rescuers paused to reflect on the losses amid the nonstop search efforts, cruz said. there's virtually no chance that someone will be found alive. on the 14th day of the search, and late today, authorities said the remains of eight more people were found
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bringing the death toll now to 54 33 of those victims have been identified. 86 people are still unaccounted for. fox news. phil keating has the latest now from surfside. the search for victims of the surfside condominium tower collapsed now in its 14th day, with weather conditions improving after outer bands from storm elsa brought heavy winds and range of the area, slowing down the efforts of search crews earlier this week. crews are now able to search new areas of the debris after the remaining portion of the building was demolished sunday night. afterwards workers had hoped to find new voids or pockets where survivors could potentially be found, but officials say they have not detected any signs of life. our primary goal right now is to bring closure to the families, the search and rescue operation transitioned into recovery mode, our community and the world are grieving with all of the families who are living through this unthinkable tragedy. crews now have removed
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100 tons of debris from the side concrete steel rebar. are and they put it in dump trucks that haul it off where it is being searched and sorted and stored in a couple of warehouses. surfside, florida phil keating fox news well will the a's be building a stadium at oakland's howard terminal? coming up the case, the teammate today to the city council and a day of fun turns tragic when a marin county teeny you're drowns in like tahoe, the factors that played a role in the boy's death and i'm keeping an eye on the weather. we have excessive heat watches and warnings going up around the bay. i'll tell you how long this heat snap. relax well, it's cleaning up california details and governor newsom's ambitious new billion dollar initiative aimed at revitalizing public spaces. and here's a live look right now on the wednesday at the wednesday evening commute, this is interstate 80 in emeryville, looking toward berkeley. you can see it's a little slow going there in both directions. we'll be back with more in just a moment. today about the spike e
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and what the department plans to do about it. earlier today, on mornings on two, we spoke with police chief laurent armstrong about the rising crime and violence sweeping the city, including 69 homicides already this year. that's 20 more than at this time last year. the rising crime comes as the city council recently pulled $18 million from the police department's budget. now chief armstrong is calling on the community to come together to help turn the tide. well, what i'm doing is trying to say that we can't arrest our way out of this problem that this is going to take community members reaching out to family members and friends and really saying to them, please put the guns down that we want to see. no more people lose their lives in our city. a community gathering is planned for noon on saturday at the lake merritt
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amphitheater. the chief will speak along with community leaders, armstrong says he wants oakland ear's to get to know each other and build stronger relationships with police officers in an effort to keep the city safe and staying in oakland city leaders are taking an in depth look at the terms of proposed waterfront ballpark for the a's, a committee of city council members reviewed a report today about negotiations with the a's and financial burdens for oakland. they say the state them would be built with private financing, but city officials are concerned about infrastructure funding and the need for alameda county to help pay for the $12 billion price tag. the council listen to public comment for and against the project earlier today, and the presentation from aids president dave cavill on the benefits of the waterfront ballpark. as folks know we've spent the last five years, um, really working as hard as we can to make oakland work to ensure the a's can stay here for many generations to come. we've held hundreds of
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community meetings. we've gotten input. we've gotten an understanding of what people want. now oakland wants the team to commit to staying in the city for at least 45 years. friends and family are mourning the loss of a 17 year old boy from marin county who drowned in lake tahoe. ktvu use an rubin tells us it happened monday when the team was on the lake boating with friends. those that knew 17 year old miles kawashima say he was two things. a standout athlete and a great friend, genuinely a good guy who wanted to see people happy and successful. nick nadine coached him in jv football for two years at redwood high school in clarksburg. he says he'll remember kawashima is heart and his integrity and you stand for the right side of things. you try to be good to people kind of people. you know and help people in any way as you can, and that was that was miles. miles is that kid? but monday night his life was cut short while boating on lake tahoe with friends, apparently all he
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was trying to do was moved to another seat on the boat while it was under way. and they hit a wave and he was ejected from the boat. authorities say they're investigating what happened next, whether the impact or the shock of cold water were factors, but they say kawashima was not wearing a life vest, but he apparently started to struggle pretty quickly because his friends turned around and by the time they got back to where he was, he had already gone under the water. his friends got him out, and authorities performed cpr, but it was too late. kawashima died on the way to the hospital, the medical examiner's office says the official cause of death is drowning. it couldn't be more simple. and now you know, here we are with families destroyed and friends. like that. that's really a tragic story. kawashima also played baseball for the california warriors, his coach released a statement saying miles was a team first kid, humble and hardworking. he never complained, and whenever he stepped out on the mound, he gave it his all coach. no, dane says he couldn't agree more
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news. a stand up, kid, man, that was a stand up guy. nevada officials say the law does not require those over age 12 to wear a life vest just to keep them on the boat. however in cases like this, they say, wearing one can mean the difference between life and death. and ruben ktvu, fox two news. new billion dollar statewide initiative kicked off today with the goal of keeping california clean while adding thousands of new jobs. governor newsom launched the new clean california program at caltrans site along interstate 80 in richmond. the program is a $1.1 billion effort to clean up trash on california streets, highways and public spaces, and that includes homeless encampment on public property. it will also create 11,000 jobs for homeless people at risk. youth veterans, former inmates, local artists and students. we mean business time to clean up the streets in the state of california. we see what you see. it's unacceptable. we can do more. we have to do better, and
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now we have the resources to make all of that happen. governor newsom says a third of the money from the program will go to cities and counties to help pay for cleaning up more local roads and public spaces. a visual reminder tonight of the impact of california's drought. the dry conditions are causing the shoreline of the salton sea in southern california to evaporate significantly, experts say this is creating an ecological crisis with exposed silt carried into surrounding areas, also affecting nearby farmland. california's drought is now considered one of the work. since 1977 crews broke ground in santa clara county today on a major renovation project at the anderson to make this happen, they had to drain the reservoir in the midst of this serious drought. ktvu elissa harrington explains why they decided to do the project now. anderson. the santa clara county valley water district, along with the state and federal officials broke ground
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on the anderson tunnel project in morgan hill. just phase one of a major renovation project that will keep the anderson reservoir drained for 10 years. it's a public project that's going to keep the community safer. that's going to protect our water supply that's going to create jobs. valley water was already planning to improve the dam, but the federal energy regulatory commission issued a safety directive speeding up the process, they found the dam is more vulnerable than originally thought. during an earthquake any dam failure could cause catastrophic flooding impacting tens of thousands of people that's catastrophic. at my request, the district did a little mock up what would happen and there would be a wall of water in morgan hill in 14 minutes, no one would be able to escape. there are two phases the first. deals with flood prevention engineers will build a 1700 ft tunnel that will allow the release of more water during a storm or other emergency. the
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anderson reservoir spilled over back in 2017. the second phase is a seismic retrofit project to strengthen the dam in case of a major earthquake. valley water is relying on more imported water over the next 10 years. officials say it makes up about half the supply. but then the drought came. so we're trying to do everything that we can. we're working very hard investing in recycling and otherwise so that we can prepare and provide water supply to silicon valley, so it's been pretty difficult, but i think we're up to the task water is being stored in groundwater basins, the san luis reservoir, inmarsat county and lake devil in alameda county. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. and turning attention towards the weather. big headline is that we've got some heat heading towards the bay. if you are inland, you're likely to see temperatures in the nineties, even possible, low triple digit heat as well. so that is why the national weather service has put up
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these excessive heat warnings and watches and you can see the aryan read that excessive each morning not just california, but a good portion of the west, expecting temperatures between 101 115 degrees. now closer in you can see, you know up in lake county that they're under that excessive heat warning and also in skeletal and yellow counties. but if you were closer in it's an excessive heat watch, which eventually will turn to a warning and we are looking at that one for saturday and sunday and again because of these temperatures are going to get a little out of hand. so let's start where we are right now taking a live look at the oakland estuary. we have the marine layer rolling back in. so we're seeing that in the back of that of that picture, you can have to see it's actually just piling up getting ready to roll right into the bait. early 56 degrees in san francisco or at 63 in oakland still seventies in santa rosa, where they've been in full sunshine, livermore as well in the mid seventies and 69 in san jose, the wind not so bad little breezier yesterday, so we're not too bad we do still have that onshore flow. that's light onshore flow, but all of that is kind of courtesy of low pressure. that's off the
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coast. that's relenting a little bit, although you can see sfo gusting right now. 32 mph. that's going to change things up for us, and that is why we're going to see the heat build up because as the low pressure relent, high pressure builds in so tomorrow morning going to wake up and we'll still have the marine layer presence. and frankly, if you're along the coast, you'll still be influenced by it a little bit, but notice these temperatures. going up. you see the oranges, even the pinks and the reds moving a little bit closer, right little moving into the concord and livermore areas. san jose up in santa rosa, and then we get into friday, saturday and sunday and it looks like the heat will peak on saturday and sunday. basically, a friday saturday sunday curve. it's all gonna be pretty high up there, so i'll talk exact numbers for where you live when i come back in a bit, your extended forecast for nelson it back to the death. a presidential assassination in haiti could throw the country into chaos. 100 bolt on london that's my story coming up, and president biden hits the road to drum up support for some of the items not in the democrats
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infrastructure plan.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs,
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with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. president juvenal moist police in haiti, said four suspects killers of the president had been fatally shot by police and two others were arrested. as greg palkot reports the president's killing is inflicting chaos on the already on stable country. the attack came in the early morning. on wednesday, a group of gunmen hitting the private home of haitian president juvenal
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mozzie, assassinating the president and seriously injuring his wife. the white house strongly condemning the attack and offering assistance to the haitian government a lot more information, but that's just. it's very worrisome about the state of haiti's interim prime minister, claude joseph, immediately taking control, apparently with the backing of the haitian military, the streets of port of prince remaining largely deserted on wednesday as national police and the armed forces deployed to keep the peace. there's now a state of emergency in effect throughout the country, and the main airport is closed as the investigation ramps up. it's not clear what this means for the future of haitian democracy. under the constitution, the national assembly picks a new leader, but at the moment there is no national assembly, the general election is scheduled for september. some regional powers are now calling for an international mission, possibly with the military component to help stabilize the government. a local officials appealed for calm, saying the situation is under control to 16 to be the society. we want the country we want to build, we will get it
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by respecting the principles and the rules of democracy. not by assassinating someone who happens to have a different ideology than yours. i'm asking all the driving forces of our nation to stand with us. control the united nations security council is expected to meet on thursday to discuss the situation in london. greg palkot fox news. president biden traveled to illinois today to drum up support for his human infrastructure plan. the $1.8 trillion plan includes funding for improving roads, bridges and wifi, but also provides money for issues such as climate change, childcare and promoting women in the workforce. republicans are calling for a plan with a lower price tag that only focuses on standard infrastructure projects. truly build an economy from the bottom up in the middle out to truly deal everybody in this time we need to invest in our people. some democrats say they won't vote for it without a promise that the bill will be passed through reconciliation, a process that doesn't require any republicans.
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gop members object to that method and say the bipartisan bills shouldn't be linked to anything. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. chances are changes are coming to how officers officer involved shootings rather will be investigated in california details on the announcement today by california attorney general rob bonta and later in sports. carl shanahan opens up about how the 49ers weren't actually his first choice when becoming a head coach, sports director market bon is we'll have what ultimately drew him to the bay area and the search for the shooter who opened fire on immune e bus, leaving a teenager w
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to all 2021 volvo models. tyler dickerson of san pablo was found dead at a campground like orville. it happened over the fourth of july weekend. sheriff's investigators have not said how he was killed, but are investigating his death as a homicide. former president donald trump says he plans to sue facebook, twitter and google along with the company's ceos. he made that announcement today along with other plaintiffs. the former president was suspended from the social media platforms after his followers stormed the capital on january. sixth the company cited concerns he would incite further by alliance today. officials in surfside, florida, made the decision to shift from search and rescue to recovery at the side of that collapsed condo building cruise. remember the victims in a moment of silence? the remains of eight more people were found today, bringing the death toll down to 54 86. people are still
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unaccounted for. you were watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. state attorney general's office started investigating this month all killings of unarmed people by california law enforcement officers, hiv investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has details all the new policy announced today by attorney general rob bonta. we must have accountability and we must have transparency. the state attorney general's office launched a new policies this month to investigate and make charging decisions and fatal police killings of unarmed citizens. the new program comes after governor gavin newsom signed a b 15 oh six last year. this effort is personal for me. i've heard firsthand the hurt and the pain that. so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents. bonta was a co sponsor of the legislation while in the assembly before being appointed to his new post earlier this year, he anticipates his office will be involved in 40 to 50 police shooting investigations a year
6:31 pm
he's created two teams of 27 agents who will fan out around the state to do the work. these critical incidents are never going to be easy, but the new tools and procedures we are announcing today are a chance to insert more transparency and more accountability into these investigations. the attorney general's office has already taken on high profile deadly force cases show in may, bonta announced his office would take the lead on the police killing of sean monterroso in valeo. in that case, an officer opened fire through a windshield and said he mistook a hammer in monterroso is pocket for a gun. today's announcement was welcomed by state criminal justice reform advocates. californians deserve to have. these cases looked at exceptionally carefully, and i think that this will be part of adding to that. these are not the first police reforms. the attorney general's office has been involved in back in 2018, the office began overseeing sweeping reforms at the san francisco police department. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two
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news, a 17 year old is under arrest. accused of shooting and killing a man in vallejo police responded to a report of a shooting and say they found the 29 year old victim. around 10 30 last night on porter street. that's about two miles from downtown fillet ho. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. a motive for the shooting has not been released. and so far no word on the identities of the victims or the suspect. well, the teenager was riding immunity bus in san francisco last night when someone fired a gun at the bus, striking the teen in the leg. as ktvu. christian captain tells us for shooting happened when the bus was at a stop. on treasure island. for the most part, treasure island is relatively quiet community, but that quiet was shattered overnight by gunfire, san francisco police say shortly after 11 tuesday night, a number 25 mew knee stopped at the intersection of north point and gave you and at least one shot was fired. the round piercing the side of the bus and hitting a 16 year old boy on board in the leg. it
6:33 pm
appears as if the shot came from outside and penetrated one of the bus walls and struck the victim. emergency responders transport the 16 year old to the hospital. he is expected to survive. the bus remained at the scene as numerous calls for help went out. officers say the 16 year old was not the only person on the bus but was the only one struck the number of shots that were fired, is still under investigation. at this time. we've only found evidence that one shot was fired and that shot struck the victim. while on the bus. san francisco police say they're looking at whether the teen was the intended target or if this was a random shooting, but say at this time, there's no reason to believe that someone is targeting people riding the bus. this appears to be random. and if we receive information that the victim was targeted, we may reach out and provide that information to the public again that 16 year old expected
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to recover from his injuries, police say they're looking for any one who may have witnessed the shooting or anyone who has video. at this point, there's no word on any suspect description on treasure island in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. rohnert park city council member says he wonders if a fiery incident of vandalism at his home was payback for his support of a ban on fireworks sales. someone put a firework put fireworks rather in a trash can and set it on fire. it happened outside the home of willy lin aries on the fourth of july. he posted photos on facebook generous was among the council members who voted to ban fireworks sales earlier this year. and that caused an uproar and the city decided to put it to a vote in september. new york city honored all of its essential workers today with a ticker tape parade down the canyon of heroes, the city's hometown heroes parade had cloaks dedicated to various groups, and they include healthcare workers. grocery store subway workers and others who helped the city get through
6:35 pm
the hardest days of the pandemic. some parade marchers carried signs paying tribute to essential workers who died of covid-19. former police officer has won the democratic primary for new york city mayor eric adams promised to strike a balance between fighting crime and ending racial injustice in policing if elected in the general election, the 60 year old would be the city's second black mayor. it took weeks to count the ballots after the democratic primary was held back on june 22nd. i knew if it was my stuff, i would want somebody to bring it to me as quick as possible, and that's what he did. coming up the length. one homeless man went to return the wallet he found to its rightful owner and the new report predicting when we could see a rebound in business and global travel.
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would never get it back. but it turns out he did, thanks to a homeless man who went to great lengths to find him. ktvu is rob ross spoke with both men about what it means to do the right thing. they are two men from two different worlds brought together by one act of kindness. richard y. school of walnut creek. i just didn't think there were people out there that would do something like that. and frank sierra, who was homeless. i was just trying to do the right thing. the story begins here last friday at richard weitz school's gym in walnut creek. why school had just finished his work out and then went back
6:39 pm
to his locker. the lock was broken and opened up the locker and my shorts, which had every. thing in it. my wallet. my keys. my iphone, uh, had the shorts have disappeared a few hours later. frank who's been homeless, on and off for the past, 10 years was going through garbage cans in pittsburgh, looking for recyclables. in one, kenny saw a wallet sitting on top. the money and credit cards were gone. but keys in a watch were there and the wallet held y schools driver's license, and i knew if it was my stuff, i would want somebody to bring it to me. as quick as possible, and that's just what i did. the next day. sierra hopped on bart for walnut creek, then walked two miles to white schools home. that son was beaten on my head and my knees are bad, but i just i just made my way. but when he got there, no one was home. he left this note on the door mat. i sure didn't want to leave it there for some other
6:40 pm
idiot to come by and steal it again. made me nervous made me think they were connected with the people who had. hit me off. they arranged to meet in a public place in sierra gave him the wallet and other items. he could have kept him. but he didn't. i was like blown away. you know, it really restored my faith in in people that there really are folks out there who are going to, um, do whatever it takes to make things right. you know if it was your stuff, how you would feel so i mean, i was i just did what was normal and what my conscience told me to do, and now each of them has a new friend in pittsburgh, rob ross ktvu, fox two news. well, the new report predicts business and international travel will rebound in 2022, a survey by bank of america finds 46% of those questions plan to take their next business trip in 2022 or later and that is up 6% over the last survey. the report also funds europe remains the top choice for
6:41 pm
international travel. once borders reopen at least a quarter of the respondents said europe will be their first international travel to destination. well ready or not, we have some inland heat. heading our way. we'll talk about where the triple digit temperatures will be on an update on elsa ktvu is heather holmes joins us now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus. well julie coming up new tonight mask requirements are returning to the state capital following a covid outbreak there in sacramento. the other changes coming for those who work in the capital building and bill cosby planning to jump back into showbiz we hear from tmz on what cosby has in the works, including a possible tour led those stories and a lot more coming up. live at seven over on ktvu. plus i'll see in just a few minutes or another. thank you. but first after the break, why there could be changes soon. the bill and melinda gates gates to continue working
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together on their foundation. despite their divorce, it was announced today after they committed $15 billion to the charity endowment. well linda has an option to leave the foundation in two years. if she decides she cannot work with her former husband of 2070 years if that's the case, she'll receive extra money from the microsoft founder for her own charitable works. two houses that have been empty for more than a decade in oakland will soon house families in need, thanks to the help of volunteers, a group of about 10. five people from the global real estate brokerage. the agency joined habitat for humanity today. they're helping to renovate two homes on manila avenue that were donated by kaiser to the nonprofit. you guys are doing we're doing from
6:45 pm
digging ditches to installing flooring to putting baseboard to sanding painting kind of little bit of everything. habitat for humanity, says the two houses will provide long term affordable housing for local families, they say deed restrictions on those homes will protect their affordability for many years to come. former president jimmy carter and his wife, roslyn, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary today, mr carter says. most important decision he is ever made in his life was to marry roslyn. they married in 1946, and now hold the record for the longest married presidential couple in american history. former president carter is now 96. the former first lady is 93. they live in plains, georgia, where they were both born and raised. good for them and their nine days doing good doing good for other people to i wanted to start off tonight to talk about else a little bit because you know, it's just kind of a lesson in what's happening here. there's been some extreme flooding
6:46 pm
happening in gainesville, florida, there's been a tornado that touched down in southeast georgia doesn't have to be a major hurricane to cause major problems else, and now you can see it came ashore this morning now at 45 mph sustained wind and it is basically centered right over. you know, right over south georgia, and it's throwing an awful lot. of rain right now towards brunswick and savannah. now this system is going to keep moving over land that will slow it down a bit, but then we'll pick up a little speed as it goes off the coast. yet again, it looks like it could potentially clip the cape up in new england. so you know a pretty powerful storm. anyone who's lived near tropical weather can tell you doesn't have to be a major category, you know, large, high number to be a very devastating storm. thankfully we're not dealing with that. today you're taking a live look at the oakland estuary. we got some good sunshine out there. the clouds rolling in now highs, too. okay, well, if you were out of the coast 57 59 at san francisco 70 in oakland some nice sixties around the bay but go inland. there's some heat out there already. 92 at antioch 86 conquered. santa
6:47 pm
rosa got up into the eighties as well. live look at storm tracker. two shows you that we do have that marine layer influence still going on tonight, so we'll have little fox, who are a boarding. these are the current temperature, so it's cooling us down a bit. nice sixties around the bay right now, 56. in san francisco a little bit warmer as you head inland. so tonight partly cloudy can have some coastal fog out there. this will kind of the last night of our marine layer being quite as robust as it's been because we're going to see it start to compress a bit because of the high pressure that's going to be rolling our way. so low pressure is what kind of kept us in this temperate pattern. right we've had the marine layer rolling in pretty robust in the morning and evening and then rolling out and give his sunshine in the afternoon. starting tomorrow, high pressures when it started to dominate the forecast, so that means we're going to be heating up and it goes right through the weekend, so tomorrow's highs. notice that the coast we're still staying relatively cool. they're 65 in pacifica 69 in san francisco, but 79 in oakland micro climates on full display 97 conquered in 100
6:48 pm
antioch. so here we go. it's gonna be a very warm weekend and as you can see, some spots are set to hit some triple digit. he looks like the heat's going to peak. friday and saturday, but frankly, sunday is going to be awfully warm, too. so here's saturday out of the coast for talking sixties inland eighties and nineties around the bay and then further inland. that's when we're getting into the upper nineties and the low 100 so we do have excessive heat warnings that are up across the state and certainly here in the bay. we also have an excessive heat watch for the north bay and east based so. that's not for the peninsula that's not for areas around the water, but certainly if you are inland in the north and east bay, you're gonna be getting into some of that heat. you can see that those temperatures really ramp up as you get into friday, saturday and sunday and then they will start to pull back as we move into monday and tuesday, julie back to you, kyla. thank you. yoga lovers can now take classes at the immersive van gogh exhibit in san francisco, a certified yoga instructor leads classes wednesday through sunday, the first classes began
6:49 pm
more than two weeks ago. tickets are $55 a class and people of all fitness levels are invited to take part in the colorful surroundings think that essential, sensible experience of this exhibit combined with with taking that time in your life to do the yoga at that moment really helps broaden what you can experience out of your your session. the immersive van gogh exhibit includes 40 projectors that show animated versions of the dutch artist's masterpieces. it's at s v n west and runs through september 6th up next in sports, england's men's soccer team accomplishes something they have not done since 1966 sports director mark albania is up next with the details, and here's a look right now at the ktvu primetime lineup aided his master chef, followed by crime scene kitchen at nine. then stay with us for the 10 and 11 o'clock news.
6:50 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. olympics. the 21 year old u. s olympic trials winner was suspended for a month after testing positive for marijuana, many thoughts she still might
6:53 pm
land a spot on the women's relay team after the suspension ended, but her name was not included on the list released by the usa track and field federation. the 21 year old admitted to using marijuana to cope with the news of her mother's death, usa track and field, says the world anti doping agency needs to review its ban on. marijuana and we're learning the olympics could now be a tv only event. japanese news reports say the opening ceremonies will likely be limited to vip guests. only other large venues will most likely not allow fans either, but smaller venues are expected to allow some spectators. only about 14% of japan's population is fully vaccinated, and officials worry that large crowds could lead to a covid surge. the games open july 23rd. how did it go out? everybody have marquis baniyas tonight in the vinyl room. how we welcome you and of course here in the united states. we have the stanley cup final going on tonight. montreal and tampa down in florida locally
6:54 pm
got the giants and aisin action, but globally, no doubt about it. the number one sport story right now today who will take on italy sunday in the final. the euro cup 2020. well we know who wanted to pull it off denmark looking to upset the favored english team and their star harry kane, and in the 30th minute nil nil looked like they might pull it up. free kick. miquel sky top shelf, pastor jordan pickford, the english goalie, and if you look at the replay just inches away from his outstretched fingertips, one nil 39th minute who keough's sokka crossed the regime sterling the goal and they have to review it. basically it's an own goal. denmark's keeper simon kjaer had the ball ricochet off his leg 11 and in the 104th minute england's penalty kick. there's harry kane. he has denied that
6:55 pm
the quick recovery and the game winning goal. england prevails 2 to 1, their first major tournament final for england. since 1966 when they beat west germany in the world cup so they will face italy on sunday for the cup championship. alright as we mentioned the giants and aisin action, but there's a major story developing in baseball regarding the los angeles dodgers, and here's a little clue as to how serious things are with their ace pitcher trevor bauer. few clues there a picture is in huge trouble, and he won't be back. any time soon. i can guarantee you that the dodgers are obviously tried to distance themselves quickly from the one time ace of their staff. they canceled bowers bobblehead night, which was set for august. they also removed all bauer related merchandise on the team. online stores and
6:56 pm
the one in personnel to dodger stadium. bauer is accused of several incidents of sexual assault and the investigation by major league baseball and the pasadena police department continues. you can bet by these actions today, they know a lot more than is being reported publicly. on a much happier note. what does july mean for football fans? it means training camp is definitely opening and for the san francisco 49 ers. that means july 27th big red letter day on the calendar as they get ready to go. it's almost hard to believe that kyle shanahan will be starting his. if seasons as the head coach of the 40. niners took him to one super bowl, of course, looking to rebound this year with what looks to be an absolutely loaded roster, and i can tell you what going into his fifth season. he's not leaving any time soon. he's very highly thought of, although on a
6:57 pm
recent podcast, he said, come into the san francisco 49 ers. was not his first choice. san francisco wasn't my first choice on paper like before it. my goal in life is was to be a head coach and stay ahead, coach or it wasn't just to become one and say i got there. so when i looked at san francisco, i was nervous when they had changed coaches three years in a row, and we do the interview. it was so real, um my wife asked me which one i like the most of my. actually the niners the only one i've really feel good about in a shocked because you know how i talked the more even before, but i believe in the people i believed in jail. i said everything that i believe in, and it almost looked like it inspired him and turn them off. alright assuming the 49ers can stay healthy this year, they figured to be a top super bowl contender. got a lot of interesting stuff going on with their new quarterback, and as i mentioned july 27th is the first step training camp down in santa clara. all right, as we get ready to close things at
6:58 pm
little fun stuff for you. you know what cattiness probably goes on on the catwalk with all these supermodels. well, here's one you've never seen before. check this cat out in the middle of a fashion show. somehow somebody's kitty managed to get out there and this runway model, right? yeah, she's wearing. maybe that's a full fashion for all we know. think your cat. perfect, right, julie. whatever got frisky with the others. they're uptown girl. there. check this out. we've got to give equal time for the dogs. you know what they say about athletes? it's all about determination. this dog wants no part of that little travel bag, so to speak right? here is a dog, and he is not given up on the idea of getting out of that. he's like, take me with you, mark. thank you. that's good stuff. all right. thanks for joining us, everybody. the for joining us, everybody. the seven o'clock.
6:59 pm
it's an outrage. i know. the university-- they think they can do whatever they want. we just have to sit there and take it. you need to let it go, sheldon. you work tirelessly for someone, and this is what you get. oh, my god! they're just making you use your vacation days! but i don't want a vacation. okay, listen, i don't mean to diminish what you're going through, but i'm a little distracted right now. oh, this again? so, penny proposed, you didn't say yes, and now you think you may have lost her love forever. how does this compare to me being forced to relax for a few days? it doesn't! thank you! i'm gonna go talk to penny. i'm going to go inside, put on my coziest pajamas, curl up with a good book and wait for this nightmare to be over. (sighs) penny. sorry.
7:00 pm
hi. hey. look, i'm sorry i didn't text you back. i just needed some time to think. okay. here. come in. look, if you want to break up, just say it. leonard... no, no, no, no. i take it back. don't say it. just-just hate me, but stay with me. it worked for my parents. listen, i don't want to break up with you. oh. o-okay. good, good. (laughs) so, it's cool if i cry a little? yeah, i probably wouldn't. yeah. (clearing throat) look, you did the right thing last night. i was a mess. i was just frustrated because my career is going nowhere. look, i get it, and i want you to know that i support whatever you want to do. great, because i've been thinking, if i really want this acting thing to work, i need to focus all my energy on it. and to do that, i should quit waitressing at the cheesecake factory. wow! that-that's a big step. i know. so, you know, before making any rash...


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