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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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many time after time after time. we're just around the corner or six months away. a year ago on the czeslaw website, confident ceo elon musk said this i'm extremely confident that's level five worked essentially complete autonomy will be with, uh what will happen and i think will happen very quickly last december, must said he will be delivering fully autonomous cars to test for customers in 2021. i think there are no fundamental challenges remaining for level five autonomy, the society of automotive engineers says level five autonomous vehicle. bulls need no human attention without steering wheels without accelerator pedals without breaking pedals and can do anything experience drivers can do. are we there yet? no, we're not even close. duke university engineering professormary cummings of former fighter pilot is a renowned autonomous vehicle expert who says autopilot and self driving has proven dangerous when you hear
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full self driving, you think indeed your car can drive itself. and then you let it do that. so how soon until truly self driving cars decades. the federal government says not including giovanni 10. other people have been killed, an autopilot involved investigations. tesla has dissolved its media relations department. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, a san leandro police officer was hit by a getaway car today we're trying to stop suspected catalytic converter thieves. police responded to a report of the theft in progress this morning and about the suspects trapped inside an apartment building garage on carpentier air street. at least tried to detain those suspects. but they struck one of the officers with their car, then rammed the garage gate to get away. police chased the suspects into oakland ktvu photo george gusteau's caught the chase as it was happening. this is his dashcam video. the driver was captured and arrested the officer who was
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hit by the car suffered a minor leg injury, jaw dropping video of a brazen crime thieves storm uneven marcus store in san francisco, smashing displays snatching. spence of merchandise there, and in a matter of seconds they are gone. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on the lightning quick crime and the search for the suspects. cellphone videos share with ktvu shows about 10 men and women escaping with designer handbags and purses from the neiman marcus store in san francisco's union square. you can see the sign on the door reading curbside pick up here. clearly this is not what the store had in mind is just really unacceptable and we can't this is the first class city rodney fong heads san francisco's chamber of commerce. we can't continue to live like this in san francisco and we ask all of you all of our elected and everybody to really focus on this. it happened about 10 minutes before the store closed at six monday evening. the next thing you know you heard glass breaking the group smashed display cases and grab expensive purses and bags from the wrecks and knocked over, man. begins. we know that
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there's several tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from the store. the thieves ran into a white infinity and a gray mercedes. alexis follows not far behind. you can see security guards recording and watching, but not stopping them, which is standard procedure. there are no consequences. for committing crimes in san francisco. a lot of times he's low level crimes lead to more serious crimes. a lot of them are intertwined. organized retail crime has caused some stores in san francisco to reduce their hours or close all together. we want to do everything we can to stop this action. we want people to feel safe to come to san francisco. we want these stores to remain open. the incident has similarities to several snatch and grabs in palo alto, including the neiman marcus store, the real real and louisville time. in a statement, neiman marcus said the safety and welfare of our associates and customers is our top priority and were relieved to report that no one was harmed in the incident were cooperating with the san francisco police department in their investigation. san francisco and palo alto. please
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tell me they're comparing notes with other law enforcement looking for any connections. henry lee ktvu fox studios oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting at a homeless encampment. it happened at about 5 30 this morning at the camp at east 12th street and 17th avenue. when officers arrived, they found 35 year old leonardo rainey jr dead at the scene. investigators say it is unclear if he was living at the camp or visiting someone there. the motive for the shooting is under investigation, and no arrests have been made. this is oakland 67th homicide of the year. a year ago. at this time, the city had 39 homicides, people living at a homeless and kevin and sandra fell, were forced to pack up their belongings and leave today. this is video of crews clearing the area on state land under the highway 11 overpass. it's at the intersection of fourth and heatherton downtown. workers dressed in protective gear gathered what was left behind and put it into dumpsters, city officials say the encampment has been there for years and has exploded in size over the course of the
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pandemic. a bill that would give opioid users a safe place in oakland, san francisco and la to inject drugs has been delayed until next year. state senator scott wiener, a democrat from san francisco, said the assembly health committee will delay a hearing on his bill until january. under that bill, trained staff would be on site to help if the drug user suffers an accidental overdose. currently the sites are illegal in the united states. the proposal is opposed by some law enforcement groups. the legislation would require workers at the center is to try to get users into drug treatment programs or refer them to medical or mental health care or social services programs. back at the scene of the condo collapse and surfside the round the clock search, resulting in a rise in the death told by eight a total of 36 victims recovered with more than 100. people still unaccounted for. officials hope that the demolition of the remaining structure would help them access pockets where people might have been able to survive. but so far there is no sign of life. the miami dade fire
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department says workers have removed £5.5 million of debris from that pile. the area is being spared a direct hit from what is now hurricane elsa. but as charles watson tells us, the crews had to pause for a couple of hours this morning due to lightning search efforts in south flor being briefly put on pause due to lightning and rain bands from tropical storm elsa, these teams continue through extremely adverse and challenging conditions through the rain and through the wind. they have continued searching the situation now a bit. safer for crews working in the rubble after what remained of the building was demolished over the weekend with an unstable structure no longer towering above them. workers can now access areas that were previously unreachable, but we have been searching those areas bprimary grids and impartial into b two indy to an official answer to what caused the building to come down may still
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be months away, but at least five lawsuits have already been filed on behalf of residue. including some who are still missing. the miami dade state attorney also says her office will present its own case to a grand jury. the tragedy has sparked concerns about many of south florida's beachfront high rises, especially champlain. tower north, the condos sister building built by the same developer, given we do not know why the first building fell down, we have significant concerns about that building and the residents in their fema has said it would pay relocation costs for anyone who wanted out of that north. tower a few residents have taken them up on that offer, but most have decided to stay put. . everybods so happy to be up here in the mountains. it's great summer camp is back coming up how it's changed and what camp organisers are doing to keep it safe for the campers and staff and the new option for california students who may have fallen behind during more
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than a year of distance learning, and i'm keeping an eye on our gorgeous weather had a nice day out there today, but some high pressure is building which means heat is on the way. i'll have details coming up. also ahead tonight, details on the new plan to protect wildlife along highway 17. in santa cruz county, and it's back to reality for so many of us after a long holiday weekend. here is your evening commute as people get back to work. this is highway 24 lafayette, and things seemed to be flowing smoothly. ktvu news six. we'll be right back.
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majestic mountains... ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. including the return of sleepaway camps for kids, ktvu is maureen naylor spoke with several camp directors about what's new this year because of covid protocols. that welcome to camp to work longer right outside yosemite national park, where scenes like this weren't possible last year. here's what campers did to get here.
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families quarantined before their kids came to camp. everybody took a pcr tests before coming, and then every bunk was a pod for the first five days, and then they took another round of pcr tests. and then when those were all negative, we were able to pod the whole camp 360 kids between the ages of seven and 17 are spending three weeks together, playing soccer, swimming and just strolling all in the age of covid, the almost century old camp also adopting a new outdoor dining pavilions because of pandemic. precautions. it's summer scenes like this one, the camp director says she'll never forget when the whole camp was able to unite after multiple covid tests, which is so powerful to see these kids with big smiles on their faces in a beautiful place in community after so long, having been isolated and alone, it was a really special moment.
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everybody is so happy to be up here in the mountains. it's great. at camp high sierra, also near yosemite, the boy scouts silicon valley monterey bay council is hosting about 300 scouts per week where they can hike, play chess or simply float the summer away. anyone 18 and older needs a vaccine. those younger need a vaccine or a negative covid test. probably 80% of our youth up here. they're coming up between 11 and 17 have been vaccinated. which is an amazing number of the counselors are all vaccinated and sleep in these cabins, while campers are limited to two per tent to different camps, one memorable summer. i think, after a year of covid of isolation, uh, addiction to technology, that camp is really the antidote. it's everything that covid and sheltering in place wasn't both camp directors say they have had zero cases of covid public health officials advise it's not too late for incoming campers who are eligible to get vaccinated before they go.
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marine naylor, ktvu, fox two news, california students who failed distance learning classes during the pandemic can now repeat the grade. the legislation by san diego assembly member lorena gonzalez was signed into law. but governor gavin newsom last week. it allows students who failed at least half their classes to retake a whole grade level. the law also allows high school students to select pass or no pass marks instead of a letter grade. that is to keep bad grades from affecting their grade point average, and seniors can enroll in 1/5 year of high school if needed to graduate, the state of california plans to step up its campaign to encourage people to buy electric cars. a new state budget provides $525 million in funds for a new rebate program, it would offer electric car buyers incentives of about $2000 to buy an electric car. supporters say this program will help pave the way for governor newsome's order to ban the sale of new gas powered cars in cannes. california by the year 2035. well, airbnb
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says it blocked 20,000 suspicious bookings in seven cities over the past year because of a ban on party houses. an executive with the short term rental sites has a quarter of the bookings were for phoenix. other popular cities were las vegas, seattle and portland. airbnb says it will not allow anyone to book an entire home listing near where they live if they are under the age of 25 do not have a history of positive reviews. it was six tonight a new path for hikers and wildlife. is coming to the santa cruz mountains. state lawmakers included $2 million in their budget proposal to help fund the highway 17 wildlife, a trail crossings project. that project will connect 30,000 acres in the santa cruz mountains. it will connect over 50 miles of existing regional trails and build crossings to give wildlife access to more food mates and habitat. i think we've all gotten very well acquainted with all the trails are at our house this last year. i know i have. i've been very thankful for it today was another beautiful day out
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there. maybe you had a chance to get out and walk around. certainly we did have the fog hang on a little bit. this morning. the marine layer was very present and we did stay kind of cloudy at the coast. but other than that, a lot of sunshine out there. we do have some heat coming our way. and that is why is you take a look at this graphic? you can see an excessive heat watch for good portion of interior california kicking in friday morning. through monday afternoon. now you might be looking at this and saying, well, what about the rest of the bay? this is from the sacramento office, so it includes yellow and solano counties in our viewing area, but it is likely that the san francisco office will be taking a look at this as well and perhaps putting up some watches as we get a little bit closer to the heat, but right now it's just another nice days. you can see the marine layer is on the move. and certainly clowning at the coast and climbing up san francisco a little bit temperatures, though, as we zoom out here, i wanted to take a look at kind of the wider picture of temperatures because this dome of heat that's over the southwest is going to be rolling on over to california, so you can see some of that heat obviously present in places like las vegas and palm springs, where you usually see it. but notice you know, even
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interior california right now up in the nineties and spots that's not the case here. obviously we have the yes, it's back. marine layer as you take a live look at sfo. you can see san francisco already down to 58 degrees at this hour 65 in oakland, but we still have seventies and santa rosa and livermore. they've been kind of sitting in full sunshine san jose about the mix mix there of clouds there about 69 degrees, and we're breezy. in fact, a little breezier than we were this time yet. gusting 21 mph fairfield 33. sfo has been very gusty today as well. 35 miles per hours. that's kind of part and parcel of that marine layer rolling in so temperatures tonight pretty same as last night, right between about 50 and 61 degrees, but noticed the reds and the oranges in the map for tomorrow, moving a little bit further inland, so that's gonna be the case. tomorrow. we have one more day of relief and then that high pressure is really going to kick in. we're going to heat up, so i'll have more details on that. and i'm going to update you on now. hurricane elsa want to come back as well for announcement it back to entree. all right.
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thank you so much column. bay area middle schooler will be back as a finalist at the scripps national spelling bee this weekend. tetra tamala from san ramon one the bay area regional spelling bee. the 12 year old goes to gail ranch middle school in san ramon. she also competed in the 2019 b as 1/4. grader the finals for the scripts. national spelling bee earth set to begin on friday, coming up the suspected home intruder is fatally shot in solano county. what investigators say happened moments before shots were fired and six weeks after the deadly beat a shooting light rail service remains suspended. coming up what needs to be done coming up what needs to be done before it resumes? attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price.
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finding a large cache of illegal guns, including at least eight ghost guns. this is the arsenal found at a home in alcohol last week more than 100 guns and several 1000 rounds of ammunition. we had trace around ammunition. we had armor piercing ammunition. we had a believe a smoke grenade. those types of things aren't typically possessed by the average citizen who you know what either likes to collect guns or lawfully and legally buys his guns. the 60 year old man who is on probation at the time, was arrested june 28 that is home. police say they found several ghost guns and tools to manufacture guns. the suspect
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is facing numerous felony weapons charges and is now being held on a $50,000 bond. now two new numbers from chicago police say more than 100. people were shot over the holiday weekend 11 of them children and one police commander 18 people were killed. the new numbers released today include shootings that started friday night through monday. officials say some of the shooting victims were as young as five and six years old. chicago is among several cities in the country that had a violent fourth of july weekend. back here at home, and in solano county, a homeowner shot and killed a man he says was breaking into his house. it happened on vintage valley drive and cordelia at about 8 30 this morning, fairfield police say the intruder knock at the door of the home and when there was no answer, he kicked the door off its hinges. the homeowner had spotted the suspect on this surveillance camera, he opened fire hitting the intruder. in the chest. authorities say the suspect died near the scene and the gun was found next to his body. whatever the motive was, it
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does not look like it was peaceful or legal. we do know that the suspect was armed with a handgun and semi automatic that was loaded with an extended magazines. as far as i know, there is no known relationship between the homeowners who are true victims here and the suspect. well police say that suspect was a 27 year old man from suisun city, and that he was on parole for home invasion in alameda county. vita a light rail service remains suspended six weeks after the deadly shooting in the maintenance yard that left 10 men dead, including the gunman. ktvu is jesse gary has a look now what needs to happen before vita resumes routes and when. i iose rival. lara i'm depending on the area all the time because i have to go to work. eliminate tasking used to ride vestas light rail line up north first street to get to work at a san jose casino. but without that service, she says she now walks an hour in the wee hours of the morning to make it in on time because the
6:23 pm
bus doesn't run that room. this kind of an inky means for you, then pretty much yes, pretty much depended on public transportation. tas light rail service has been shut down since may 26th that day, sam cassidy entered the guadalupe light rail yard and killed nine co workers before taking his own life. and it's been a few weeks now where we have had employees given time off to grieve and attend funeral services. and many of those have concluded, and now it's time to work the plan to bring back light rail service. peta spokeswoman brandy children says the authority is using a five phase plan and hopes of resuming service by the end of july, the first phased finished last week had some of the 300 yard employees returned to collect personal items. phase two is identifying and repairing damage done to two buildings within the yard and hiring new employees to fill roles vacant. following the murders. the third phase will
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see employees returning to work and engineers inspecting equipment and lines. the fourth phase is running trains to complete testing without passengers and service would resume in full in the fifth fees. we still have a team that can rise and will rise to the occasion. we have, you know a number of employees that just want to help and get back to providing the public service that we do our communities because after all, that is. that is why vita is here once veta light rail service presumes, officials say they're going to look at the frequency of the trains and adjust accordingly. also vita officials are working on plans for a private memorial for the victims that will be held july 18th at the s a p center, but it will be private by invite only dared on station in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. by the end of this week, nearly 160 million americans could be vaccinated against the
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coronavirus for the white house says that is not enough. i'm caroline shively in washington. i'll have details straight ahead and later italy and spain battle for a spot in the euro 2020 finals sports director market bonuses on deck with the exciting finish and a stanford lecturer throws his hat into the ring to run for state controller. coming up what his biggest challenge may be, as he campaigns for statewide office
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after the company's vehicle on autopilot at the time, a rammed the family's suv and killed the teen. the family suit is one of several such autopilot lawsuits in the nation. last december, tesla ceo elon musk said he will be delivering fully autonomous cars to tesla customers this year thieves target and neiman marcus store in san francisco smashing display snatching merchandise and then in a matter of seconds, they're gone. cell phone video shared with ktvu shows about 10 men and women escaping with designer handbags and purses from the store there and union square. organized retail crime has caused some stores in san francisco to reduce their hours or even close altogether. the remains of eight more people were found in the rubble of the collapsed condo building at surfside, florida 36. people are now confirmed dead while more than 100 residents are still unaccounted for, as the search continues, some of those who died or be laid to reing a fami,
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whose funeral was held just three blocks from that disaster site. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 today. president biden doubled down on his effort to get more americans vaccinated after missing his goal of getting 70% of americans at least one shot and this comes as new variants are trying to take hold here in the u. s. fox news. caroline shively has more now from washington. covid-19 cases and deaths are down by 90% since january, so please get vaccinated now it works. it's free. it's never been easier. president biden gave a covid progress report on tuesday detailing how far the country has come with vaccinations and how far it still has to go by the end of the week. the white house estimates that nearly 160 million people will be fully vaccinated. but as delta and other variants progress. president and medical community are pushing for more. these vaccines again have proven extremely safe and efficacious
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in adults, especially the vulnerable, which is why we have continued to see the drastic drop in hospitalizations and deaths. the president came up about four points shy of his goal for 70% of american adults to have at least one shot of the covid vaccine by july, 4th. but the nation's birthday could be a different kind of factor in the pandemic. medical officials are now on the lookout for a jump in cases. after large fourth of july gatherings across the country, including in states with high vaccine hesitancy rates. several studies have suggested that despite their so called breakthrough infections, these mrna vaccines are still incredibly protective. the administration is also sending more vaccines to pediatrician's offices. so kids 12 and up to get their shots of those back to school physicals this summer. in washington, carolina shively fox news, new israeli study suggesting the pfizer vaccine may not be as protective against those infected with the covid-19 delta variant. researchers say the fighter doses 64% effective
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against the delta very now prior to the very comparing in israel. the pfizer vaccine was 94% effective in protecting against all strains of covid-19. researchers say that despite those numbers, they're confident the pfizer vaccine is still highly protective against preventing severe illness. in an effort to get a grip on covid-19 variance during the summer travel surge. sfo is providing free covid test for international travelers. international passengers who volunteer for the program will be given to at home test kits and one pcr test. if the traveler test positive with the first two tests. they'll then take the pcr test and send it to a state lab that is monitoring covid-19 variants. the program will run for five weeks. well, six months after the insurrection at the u. s. capitol. the fbi is stepping up its efforts to catch more people involved in the january 6th attack, and more than 500 of the riders have been arrested and more than a dozen have already pleaded guilty. but many more still unidentified and among them who
6:32 pm
still haven't been caught is the person who planned the pipe bombs are planted those pipe bombs outside the republican and democratic national committee offices as well as many people accused of attacking law enforcement officers. the fbi has posted more than 900 pictures of riders on its website about 300 of them are labeled as unidentified. alright till the remaining fencing put up around the capital after the attack are coming down. what's left of the fencing is likely to be removed early as next week or as early as next week, and some of the fencing and razor wire was removed in march after the acting house sergeant at arms said there was no longer a credible threat against congress. the pentagon is canceling a controversial multi billion dollar cloud computing contract with microsoft. the pentagon now says we'll pursue a contract with both microsoft and zahn for the so called jedi cloud contract, it could eventually be worth $10 billion. in a statement today, the pentagon said with the shifting technology environment, the microsoft jet icloud contract
6:33 pm
no longer meets. the department of defense's requirements in 2019. amazon sued the government over the contract, saying then president trump unfairly meddled in its bid due to his dislike of amazon and its ceo jeff bastos. it's been 15 years now since the republican has won statewide office here in california, the bay area is lonnie chad, hopes to break that trend. our political reporter greg lee, spoke to the stanford professor about why he believes the state is ready for someone like him. i don't see it as a particularly partisan or ideological job. i see it as a job where we need to value competence. lonnie chan wants to do what no republican has done in california since 2000 and six when a statewide office, the hoover institution, fellow stanford lecturer and gop policy expert announced his run for state controller say here are the ways in which your tax dollars are being spent to address. the many challenges our state has. and how's it working out? current controller
6:34 pm
betty yee, a democrat, turns out in 2022. in short, the controller is the state's chief fiscal officer who has the power to audit different agencies. chan immediately wants to tackle the beleaguered unemployment office. he wants to be a check to what he calls one party monopoly, but it's his party affiliation. that could be his biggest challenge. it is a big hill in this sense, you need to break into those what we call declined to state. no party preference those middle of the road, california voters registered democrats. outnumber republicans nearly 2 to 1 in california. but political experts point to the 24% no party preference voters as an opening. chen has deep gop routes, including policy advisor to senator mitt romney's presidential run. he won't say if he voted for former president trump. my candidacy is not going to be defined through the lens of any single politician, whether that's the former president or anybody i've helped in my career, lonnie serves as an important barometer for where the republican party finds itself moving forward. and that is going to be a place that is
6:35 pm
going to engage populations that haven't been engaged in politics to the certain degrees that are beyond the populism of trump. we're still 16 months away from people voting for controller, but 10 steps into a growing field of democrats, including former san francisco supervisor malia cohen. he says he's not focused on partisan politics rather just getting his message out. i want to help them understand. how can the controller make things better for you? how can we make it better for the lives of ordinary california's greg lee ktvu, fox two news? new at 6 30, triple a says today, gas prices are expected to rise another 10 to 20 cents through the end of august. the average price of a gallon of regular in the united states is now 3 13. that is almost a dollar more than it was a year ago when the pandemic kept people at home. statewide average for a gallon of regular gas here in california, $4.31 gas prices are up because of a breakdown in talks among opec and its allies. they're trying to
6:36 pm
decide whether to expand oil production as we emerge from the pandemic, san francisco based neighborhood social networking app next door is going public. the 10 year old company announced plans today to go public through a reverse merger with a special purpose acquisition company or s pack next door says the deal is valued at 4.3 bill. dollars and it will generate proceeds of about $686 million for it and the venture acquisition company that it will partner with the merger is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year, and the company will be listed under the ticker symbol kind on wall street stocks pulled back a bit from their record highs. dad was down 208 points. the nasdaq gained 24 points and the s and p slipped eight points. investors way to report that showed growth in the services sector slowed in june after record expansion. may, but price increases also slowed last month suspected russian based hackers continue to wreak havoc on companies around the world. coming up the
6:37 pm
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? based hackers linked to thousands of ransomware attacks around the world. they are demanding $70 million to release a decryption code to unlock the computer networks
6:40 pm
for thousands of small businesses they have hacked. those companies are in more than a dozen different countries. now we've been reporting on these types of attacks now for weeks back in may, there was the colonial pipeline attack that led to a gasoline shortage and as caroline child, lee tells us a russian based hackers have already made millions of dollars off of us company. is $70 million. that's how much russian linked criminals say it will take for them to release a decryption code to unlock the computer networks for thousands of small businesses. they've hacked. it's the single largest ransom wherever conducted carried out by the network are evil in 17 countries on friday, it's a worldwide. um, hacker, affiliate or hacker associate? if you will, that has people all around the world. um, and that's whom they are extremely confident is behind this are evil breached software by the it from kasai a designed to protect against malware that asked for $5 million from individual service providers
6:41 pm
and 45,000 from their customers to be released. then on sunday are evil asked for the 70 million to provide a decryption code that would unlock everyone affected now the fbi and other u. s agencies are helping hunt down the hackers that i've directed the full resources. himself on the government to assist in a response are evil is the same russian linked organization that it may attacked jbs, the meat processing company paid the hackers $11 million after its plants were shut down. before that, the group also attacked the colonial pipeline. colonial paid out more than four million. those were single companies attacked friday's hack affected thousands. i think that we've demonstrated. the nuclear scenario just happened. several bills are being written to address these crippling cyber attacks, but no action this week congress is out of town in washington, carolina, shibley fox news. coming up. i'm keeping an eye on the heat that is headed our way later this
6:42 pm
week and also update you on now. hurricane elsa ktvu is clouding. wang joins us now she's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus, well, julie disneyland is still in the middle of a phased reopening, but the park is trying to get visitors back sooner than later coming up. we'll have details on the new deal just announced that could make a trip to the happiest place on earth a little more affordable. and as the push to ramp up travel continues, the new delta variant is making things more complicated. we'll tell you how it's impacting the efforts to get travel from europe back up and running those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu, plus cloudy. we'll see. then coming up next, though details on the new numbers today on just how many people died in the record breaking heat wave in the breaking heat wave in the pacific northwest last month. all of this started when we discovered
6:43 pm
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west coast of florida earlier today, the system pounded the florida keys with heavy rain and strong winds. the national hurricane center is forecasting elsa will make landfall in the tampa bay area tomorrow morning. the system is expected to weaken as it moves inland, but officials say flooding wind damage even tornadoes remain a threat. of course, storms have cost millions of dollars of damage in the past, so it's just as important to take this storm is serious as you would any other storm. tampa international airport shut down its operations at five pm ahead of the storm. the airport is expected to resume operations tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, alright, so firefighters in canada continue to battle ist series of massive fires burning across the western part of the country. there are more than 200 active fires in british columbia, about two thirds of
6:46 pm
the wildfires are considered out of control in the fires have caused two deaths. the areas still recovering from that record breaking heat last week. meantime, the death toll from. that heat wave and the pacific northwest any canada as well, that's not up to 107, oregon alone, the state's medical examiner released those numbers today. following the unprecedented heatwave across oregon that began on june 25th. now it broke oregon's all time temperature records for three straight days topping out at 106 degrees of the 107 deaths recorded so far. the youngest victim was 37, the oldest 97. the common thread, as many of them did not have fans or air conditioners. authorities in washington state have linked at least 30 deaths to last month's extreme heat, and that really just underscores how dangerous heat can be, and unfortunately, we have another bit of a heat snap heading our way as we head towards the weekend. this could be thursday. friday, saturday and sunday. inland is going to see some triple digit heat him
6:47 pm
and talk about the moment in a moment. talk about that in a moment, but first i want to take you as far away from that, as you possibly can go, which is to take you to florida, where they are dealing with. now. hurricane elsa. i just want to do a quick update here and show you this has regained strength, and as you can see, it is throwing some pretty nasty showers there. fort myers up to sarasota right now, that right front quadrant of a hurricane is generally where you see kind of the worst of conditions. right the worst of storm surge. you can see right now. it's at 75 mph. so it's just into a category one right, like one mile above it. moving north at 14 mph. remember last night it was over 1000 millibars now down to 9 96. where is this expected to make landfall still on track really? to make landfall in and around cedar key, but again, you know, it's not just where it makes landfall that you will see impacts from this and certainly they're feeling that right now in places like fort myers in tampa bay, so you can see that hurricane warning is basically tampa bay and points north. but this storm, it's going to be a little bit difficult to give you a rough ride for florida. even those who are a little bit
6:48 pm
inland when this thing starts to track across and then head up to george j and the carolinas before finally heading out to see a little bit, so we'll keep an eye on it for you different kind of a day in the bay guess well, it's back the marine layer everybody is you take a live look at sfo. you can see you know, the coast again was kind of socked in with a lot of clouds. today. these were the high so out of pacifica just 59 degrees 60 in san francisco. but if you went inland to concord, 86 degrees up in santa rosa 80 down in san jose about 74, so what's happening here is low pressure has been in control, and that's going to be the case over the next 24 hours, and then that high pressure sure that you see kind of the desert southwest. get a nudge over and really warm things up for us. so tomorrow another day like today kind of a rinse, repeat. and then, as we get into thursday, we're going to see those temperatures inland start to get higher and that england heat returns and that is why we do now have an excessive heat watch that is up for parts of solano and yellow counties in our viewing area and a good portion of interior california because we are expecting temperatures above 100 degrees in some spots close to
6:49 pm
sacramento. even you know, above 110 degrees. it looks like we won't see anything quite that high in the bay, but we'll see as we get closer. we could see if you were those watches or warnings. go up. here's a live look at storm tracker to or you see that marine layer again rolling in tonight. current temperatures now 57 in san francisco, where some nice sixties around the bay and some seventies as we head inland, but notice you go to bread would 89 degrees so that heat is going to start kind of rolling in slowly but surely pushing its way in further inland, but tonight, low clouds and fog a little coastal drizzle out there. temperatures similar to last night between about 50 and six 31 degrees tomorrow, another nice day on top, if you like. today you're going to like tomorrow could take a little wire for those clouds to clear. certainly, if you are san francisco out of the coast, but inland we're going to see some next seventies and eighties yet again and then everything changes when that high pressure really becomes robust. you can see inland going into the mid nineties on thursday. and even higher than that on friday, saturday and sunday. there are a few spots like antioch likely to see triple digit heat, but
6:50 pm
most like concord, probably going to hover right around that 98 99 degree marks not quite as bad as the last heat snap that we had, but again, you know it's going to be three or four days we'll start to pull off on monday. let's get more significant cooling as we get into tuesday of next week, so just be prepared julie back to you. alright kyla. thank you. the vatican says pope francis was up and eating this morning as he recovers from intestinal surgery. pope francis had surgery sunday for a fairly common issue narrowing of the colon. he is expected to be in the hospital in rome for the rest of the week. pope francis is 84 years old. the vatican says his recovery is going as expected. he read newspapers this morning and took a walk. coming up. giants pitcher kevin gausman talks about making the all star team in his hometown plus in oakland, a's slugger will compete in the home run derby. mark is next with the rest of sports, and here's a look at the primetime lineup tonight. right here on channel two at eight. it's lego masters,
6:51 pm
followed by mental samurai nine and then stay with us for the 10 o'clock and 1
6:52 pm
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bottle. roma hope you had a good holiday back to business and baseball. both the giants anais in action this evening, one week from tonight, it's going to be the all star game, of course up in colorado, and it was announced today the day before that, of course, will be the home run derby that matt olsen will be taking part of that he's the a's home run leader, so that's cool. lots of local representation on the other side of the bay as well. you may have heard by now. the giants ace pitcher kevin gausman will be on the team having a great year despite yesterday's loss, he had a no hitter against the cardinals into the seventh inning was eight and three with 1.74 e r. a and it's going to be especially nice for him to be up in colorado. you get some shots of him when he played his high school ball up there, he went to centennial, colorado and grand view high school there so returning to denver as an all star with the giant. and well, he may pitch decided if he pitches whether it'll be saturday or sunday. if he
6:55 pm
pitches sunday, he won't be eligible to pitch in the all star game, but excited about the opportunity nonetheless. my family. we haven't had a normal game of them being able to just come see me pitch at coors. and so you know, that would probably be the first normal time. but it's just probably not going to line up. and so, uh, but, yeah, obviously, i'm super excited and had a lot of text yesterday and was a really exciting time. and you know, it was pretty cool moment for sure. alright we're getting closer to the summer games in japan and the sidelights story there, of course, despite the ridiculousness of the situation, the united states track and field team is sticking with their old a rule is a rule is a rule and should carry richardson will not, after all be allowed to participate in the olympics. of course, you are probably familiar with this story as she easily qualified for the team and the trials up in oregon. but afterwards it
6:56 pm
was revealed that she tested positive for marijuana and was immediately suspended even though her suspension would lift in time for her to participate in the relays, the track and field commission decides she's still not going to be on the team, the antiquated rule with regard to marijuana, they say, will be re evaluated at the proper time, which will be not in time for shakeri richardson. alright we're getting down to the nitty gritty in the euro cup 2020 about his classic a match as you could possibly ask. for today. spain versus italy at wembley in england in the semifinals, spain on the move here second half 80th minute they're down one nothing. alvaro morata to danny almost gets it right back to morocco, who will score the equaliser and it is a 11 match that goes. to overtime and extra time the
6:57 pm
penalty kicks for the wind. it's italy's georgina with what the announcer called a cheeky go right there. it is the goalie, of course, overcommitted. he takes advantage of that and italy on the strength of the penalty kicks wins 42, and it'll be denmark vs england tomorrow in the other semi, but italy is moving on to the final and pretty. happy about it as you gathered there. all right? are you familiar with this golf idea? they've got going up in montana. right now. it's called the match. couple of great football players. a couple great golfer is going at it and who other than charles barkley to comment on things. he was out at the range prior to the match, which is in progress, and he just can't help himself, but to talk it up. drscoot up. e
6:58 pm
fella. you said he's trying to hit the poor guy out there and it's aaron rodgers versus price. they shall bow against tom brady and phil mickelson. as i say. it's in progress. we'll get to that if there's anything interesting come the 10 o'clock news, all right, in case you missed it over the weekend, a sensational play by the mayor. and who has really become the face of major league baseball. he's a padre. case you missed it. mhm lined and caught by. no, you cannot do it any better than that so fast for human fernando. that is fernando tatty is getting up the ladder for the padres. now this next replay is the one that you can really see how high he gets. he's doing it with the bad he's doing it with with the bad he's doing it with the glove. fernando tatty east
6:59 pm
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