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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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all over the bay area brace for more fires on this fourth of july holiday. we definitely missed it last year, so happy to be back and an independent state tradition is back in some bay area communities will have the sights and sounds of verandas. fourth of july parade. this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre seniorank somerville. let's go straight to ktvu meteorologist kyle grab it for fireworks shows. kyla now always a little pressure on the meteorologists on the fourth of july, but i will do the best i can. we are kind of locked where
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do have that marine layer deepening in tonight. in fact, you can take a live. look here at sfo and is already moving on is those clouds have showed up in san francisco at an oakland certainly they have been out of the coast all day, but we're still holds full sunshine up in santa rosa 68 degrees. for you. low sixties in san francisco mid sixties in oakland and see low seventies there in livermore in san jose. so this has been the story today we've had those clouds kind of piling up along the coastline and as we zoom in here, you can see there right as we speak, starting to stream into the base. so what does that mean for fireworks? well it means if you're inland, you should be fine. but if you were by the coast or certainly if you were in san francisco. we're looking out for those low clouds and a little bit of fog and a little bit of wind as youo bring those clouds in nothing too gusty, so we're talking around the bay temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties inland 7s
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as we get those firework shows going tonight, san francisco's getting kicking off around nine o'clock, 9, 30 time frame, and unfortunately they were gonna have a low clouds with us a little bit there, so it will be a typical. san francisco kind of fourth of july. i'll have more when i come back and just a bit. we're going to talk about a pretty major warm up. that's on the way as we work our way into the latter part of this week heading into next weekend for now, send it back to julian. alright kyla. thank you. in san jose, one mobile home was destroyed and two others were heavily damaged in a fire today. the fire was reported shortly before noon at the mobile home park on south jackson avenue in east san jose. no injuries were reported. firefighters had that fire under control in about nine 90 minutes. no word yet on the cause of that fire in contra costa county fire crews on the scene of a wildfire near pittsburgh off kirker pass road in norton ville road. the flames broke out just after one o'clock this afternoon. firefighters around the bay area are preparing for our worst case scenario tonight.
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ktvu is greg liggins joins us now live with what some departments are doing to prepare. for possible fires. greg? yeah julie, even those so called safe and sane fire. works can still cause of fire if they're not handled correctly. so, for that reason, many communities around the bay area have completely banned all types of fireworks. still, that doesn't discourage some people from using them. so firefighters have to prepare. sunday afternoon, cal fire and contra costa fire joined forces to knock down flames burning in the hills off kirker pass road between pittsburgh and clayton. officials say a burning vehicle started this place that quickly spread to 40 acres before being contained. firefighters are hoping they don't have to contend with more of these sunday night, as they did last year, when scores of fires many started by fireworks stretched resources. then we had so many fires in a three hour period last fourth of july and here at county fire that we had to
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reduce our response levels from the normal three or four or five engines or trucks down to one per fire because we had so many fires about 103 hour period. con fire has again beefed up staffing and equipment for the fourth and is making a final plea to the public about fireworks. whether legal or not across the different jurisdictions usingn t with these conditions with these winds is nothing short of totally you. responsible in the north bay, the scene of so many devastating in recent years, cal fire says it will have full staffing of engine stations and dozers and then throughout the evening will be out patrolling the areas. uh, just in to help you inform people of the banning of fireworks and just making sure everybody staying fired safe. this sign in the oakland hills displaying high fire danger is emblematic of conditions throughout most of the bay. despite the danger being addressed ad nauseam on news outlets on the fourth of july.
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some people persist in ignoring the advice of those who risk their lives, putting fires out.e don't want any, you know, no matches. nothing just stay away from the f not allowed along much of oakland's lake merritt until five a.m. monday to make it easier for emergency vehicles to make their way through and in the hills grizzly peak boulevard has been closed through monday morning, a strategy the department says proved successful last year, it's to prevent people from hanging out up there and drinking lighting off fireworks. that's a high fire threat zone, right? it's all. grasses brush and it's also like i said, it's all drought. now in addition to discouraging the use of fireworks departments are also urging people to call 911 immediately if they think they see a fire. don't assume someone else will because getting limited resources to these fires as quickly as possible. will be cfighters as t
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through this night with no big incidents, greg. thank you. well fourth of july parades return to some very communities today. ktvu james torres shows us how the city of aranda brought back an old tradition post pandemic. set up for the arrendel. fourth of july parade. we definitely missed it last year, so happy to be back the first in person, large event in the city in more than a year, we were judged some years ago as the best hometown parade notice steve harwood's voice and here come the girls scouts. he's one of the announcers of the parade. it is a day to celebrate our freedoms. it is a day to celebrate all of the wonderful people in our community that do service projects last year, oma. music house rock band, this virtual parade, a slide show of photos and pictures was the safest option for the city of brenda. the return to normalcy is great,
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and this is one of those traditions that makes us feel like everything's back to normal. this year, all the big, flashy parts of the small town parade are back. we're asking everyone who is not vaccinated to be masked. we've got volunteers walking up and down. on the whole, pre wrote handing out wonderful red, white and blue mask, the only real noticeable change no vendors this year to reduce that person to person contact, but still a whole lot of celebration and a whole lot of patriotism. okay? in orinda. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox. two news. it's so great to see a few of the big firework shows that were put on hold last year will return tonight. they include the show at great america in santa clara, san francisco and morgan hill are also resuming their pyrotechnic technic displays
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and the fireworks show in pleasant hill at college park high school will also take place this year. and if you're looking for a location to watch, fourth of july fireworks, treasure island is not the place. that's the message, the treasure island development authority is trying to get out this holiday weekend. officials cite ongoing construction related to the treasure island development project as the reason for asking people to stay away. they say viewing areas will be extremely limited and roadways into parking areas will be inaccessible. nothing but construction at that location. all right, the thousands of people heading to tonight's big firework shows along san francisco's waterfront will have several laps. when it comes to public transportation communion will have extra service before the show. caltrain is adding more southbound trains once it's over, and bart, we'll have special trains, leaving the embarcadero station in san francisco 30 minutes after the fireworks show ends until 10 40, mass transit agencies in marine and sonoma counties are offering free rides this holiday weekend. there is no charge to take golden and
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marine transit buses or and gias fans can get a free ride on the golden gate. feyerick tomorrow's afternoon's game at oracle park in san francisco. it's all part of an effort to promote mass transit in the bay area, the nation's capital was buzzing with excitement today as visitors from all around the country came to enjoy the holiday and watch the big fireworks display. fox news david spun has more now from washington, d. c. lot of excitement here in our nation's capital. on the fourth of july. i'm standing on the national mall right now in between the capital and the lincoln memorial, of course, the washington monument is behind me that iconic scene officials with the national park service here in washington, d. c are expecting large crowds. now there are multiple roads closed in the nation's capital. so if you plan to come see the fireworks tonight, pay attention to those road closures. some statistics from the national park service they have already put up 18. 1000 linear feet of chain link fencing and 14,000 ft of bike
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racks. we stopped by the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial for a taste of what things look like when crews set up fireworks. 65,000 fireworks shells will be used to set them up. it takes hours and hours. it's not easy work. things have to be precise, but in the end, it's worth it. for those who put on the show and of course, those who will be watching the show a year ago we were out here. we did a fireworks show last year, but we were. actively encouraging people to stay home enjoyed virtually not come out because of the pandemic. so to be here a year later, no masks on big crowd expected. it's really a good sign that the nation's capital is open for business again. in washington, david spun, fox news president joe biden hosted a special fourth of july event at the white house for about 1000 people today. the invited guests include military families and essential workers who helped in the covid-19 response. months after enjoying a traditional fourth of july barbecue. those in attendance were treated to
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an elaborate fireworks display set off from both sides of the lincoln memorial, reflecting pool and a member of the oakland fire department was invited to the white house for the fourth of july. celebration firefighter paramedic gustavo gonzalez as part of a delegation selected to represent the national association of hispanic firefighters at that event, vice president harris spent part of the fourth of july holiday in southern california. she along with her, huh? em hopo a fire station in los angeles near their home in brentwood here has talked to the fire crews about wildfire season and she thanked them, saying she admired their bravery. well, the u. s fails to meet the july 4th target for vaccination set by president biden coming up. how many americans are not vaccinated and what's behind the failure to meet that goal plus explosives are being installed in preparation for demolishing all that's left of the surfside condo tower that
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least one shot. that's roughly 172 million people. the failure is likely due to a drop in daily vaccination rates when the white house by the way, announced the gold back in may roughly 820,000 people a day were getting shots, but that average has followed to about 300,000 day. the delta variant has now become the dominant strain of the coronavirus in california. the highly infectious very it was first identified in india but now data from the states variant tracker shows that the delta vary. it accounted for nearly 36% of cases in june. that's up from about 6% in may. the delta vary, it is estimated to be 75% more contagious than the original virus. they're currently nine variants of concern in california. but last week, the director of the cdc said that fully vaccinated people are pretty. directed against the delta variant and the other strains as well. doctor anthony fauci today said he said even though he is fully vaccinated, he would consider wearing mass under certain circumstances. in an interview
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on meet the press today, dr fauci sayscoronavirus caseloadst wear a mask for an added level of protection. dr fauci says more than 99% of covid desk now are unvaccinated people in florida cruise today prepared for the demolition of what is left of that collapsed condo in the city of surfside. they're also bracing for tropical storm elsa, which is heading towards south florida with heavy rain and high winds. the death toll remains at 24 with more than 120 people still missing. fox news, phil keating has more now from surfside, florida. this is not an independence day like any we have ever experienced before. a planned demolition is in the works for what remains of the 12 storey condominium building. crumbled. no survivors have been found since caved in on itself. officials suspended rescue operations on saturday
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to allow demo crews to prepare for the job. our top priority is that the building come down as soon as possible, no matter what time that occurs and as safely as possible this as first responders brace for a possible storm. there's concern strong winds and heavy rainfall from the. tropical storm elsa could kn down by itself uncontrollably and search and rescue teams sift through the rubble looking for the missing, florida governor, rhonda sanders says the state will be prepared to deal with the impact of this tropical storm. we're going to be continuing to monitor the storm, i think in terms of the impacts for surfside, which are obviously very concerned about could see some gusts, but it has tracked west over the last day and a half the state of florida will pay for all demolition costs. and likely be reimbursed by the feds, officials say search and rescue operations will resume immediately after the demolition just as soon as the site is determined to be safe.
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your surfside, florida phil keating, fox news, the san mateo county sheriff's office as a body washed ashore and, thd to havteror some time. so far, the person has not been identified. meantime a body found washed up on san gregorio state beach friday has been identified by the cemetery county coroner's office. now officials say, 36 year old florentino pasco junior stockton was reported missing from tunisia's creek beach, about 2.5 miles north of san gregorio. on june 24th. authorities say he became separated from his friends after going for a walk. his body was discovered just before noon on friday about 450 yards north of segre goryeo state beach. an official cause of death, by the way, has not been a are reminding people to drive safely tonight. extra chp officers will be on patrol watching out for people who are speeding or driving under the influence. san francisco police will be conducting dy patrols
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beginning at seven o'clock tonight, officers say. a recent study found 30% of drivers in deadly crashes had at least one substance in their system. officers will also be on alert for distracted or aggressive driving and road rage incident. more firefighters are on their way to help battle the destructive salt fired shasta county. they will join the 500 firefighters already on the fire lines north of reading. the u. s force service says the assault fire has now destroyed more than two dozen homes. it has grown to 9100 acres and is only 15% contained. investigators believe a spark from a car traveling on i five started the fire, and that happened on wednesday in siskiyou county. fire crews are gaining ground on the huge lava fire, which broke out the foot of mount shasta. one week ago. cal fire says it's 39% contained after burning more than 24,000 acres. the fires forced yeah those c not going
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to be with us for a whole lot longer. it looks so we're going to start off this week. pretty nice, but as we head towards next weekend could see some of our inland spots hit those upper nineties and even triple digit temperatures. so let's start off, though, where we are tonight on our fourth of july. kind of interesting is you take a wide look here at what's happening. stormy weather over in nevada, especially if you look near this nevada california border, you can see susanville lots of stars that kicked off with lightning associated with him. of course, that's always a concern as we do have some wildfires burning and further portions of northern california. not anything near the bay area, though thankfully and part of that it has to everything to do with our marine layer. the fact that our relative humidity levels because these clouds roll in are much higher than say, if you're further inland, where things are dry, and the relative humidity levels are low, and then you get lightning that could kick off a storm. like make could kick off a fire. so tonight we're talking low clouds and again, we're going to have some of that patchy drizzle, particularly along the
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coast. that doesn't bode well for fireworks tonight, but it should be a pretty pretty typical night as we go throughout our evening, and as you can see here is to take a live look at sfo a little bit of wind blowing the trees around there at the bottom of your screen, and certainly those low clouds kind of making their way into the bay. temperatures right now. 61 in san francisco or in the seventies in napa and walnut creek, 73 in san jose. it's been a pretty lovely day out there, and that's really this pattern. as i mentioned, it's typical or high pressure is very far inland, and low pressure is off the coast kind of helping to drive our marine layer, and now things are going to change up a little bit. so as we go into tomorrow and tuesday may be pretty much a repeat of what we've had today where we start off with that coastal fog, and we have pleasant temperatures throughout the day. as we work our way towards next weekend. we're going to see high pressure build up, and that means that we're going to see temperatures start to bring into the nineties and even triple digit heat as we get into the weekend. so tomorrow a nice day we start off the little fog temperatures as you
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can see about 65 in san francisco etienne sandra fell 75 in hayward about 85 in morgan hill. and then this is the difference between temperatures tomorrow and saturday and notice. if you're in santa rosa going from low eighties to almost mid nineties, going to triple digit heat and conquered by saturday about 70 degrees in san francisco, 85 in san jose, so that means that next weekend we could be looking at temperatures if you are inland between you know, mid to upper eighties, up to the low one hundreds, and, of course, that does bring with it an increase in fire danger. now around the bay. it'll be pretty nice, you know, low seventies below eighties and at the coast, where they'll still be under that influence of the marine layer looking. for some low to mid sixties. so this is your extended forecast next two days really going to be very similar to what we've had the past few days where we start off foggy, the little sunshine and they're pretty nice temperatures. we start the warming on wednesday. we really start to feel it inlandeties pop up on thursday and friday and. is where we're
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going. but tonight a safe fourth of july. and of course, just keep in mind. we do have a lot of dry ground out there from our lackluster range season. so do your part to keep everybody's safe tonight. guys back to you. all right, kyla. thank you. well, two men from the east bay are trying to break a 50 year old record for the time spent rocking back and forth on a teeter totter in 1971 and 18 year old chuck walker read about two hamburgers shop workers in southern california who would set a teeter totter world record by spending 168 consecutive hours on a teeter totter. a month later, he and his buddy beat the record spending 216 hours on a teeter totter in a sacramento parking lotater, walker is trying to break his own record. he and his friend mike hart, shorn are now three days into their venture at toto santos park in concord. but this time, they say, the teeter totter experience is a little different. the last. do exercisd
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now when i get off the daughter, i can hardly stand and walked. well, in case you're wondering the only time they get off that teeter totter is to go to the bathroom restaurants in the area have been bringing them food, and the guys say it's really hard to get a little shut eye on that teeter totter. luckily they have kind of seats there. they can lean back on. i wasn't thinking that i was like there'd be no way to sleep on that thing. but you can see they can maybe get a little bit. walker and hearts torn are planning to stay on this teeter totter through july. 10th wish they had those little chairs when that was a kid on the teeter totter. alright coming up, a couple of local players make the mlb all star team for the first time. jason appelbaum has that story and more next in sports and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, much more fourth of july coverage from illegal fireworks to the first fireworks show in san francisco fireworks show in san francisco since 2019
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about starting pitching. he's starter james kaprielian. he would have a career day in the fifth appear. lien gets bobby dow back out swinging and then michael chavez struck out swinging career high 10 strikeouts for brilliant. he went seven. five hits and one earned run. boston's nick bavetta match kaprielian strikeout for strikeout. seth brown goes down at the bottom of the fifth. he had 10 strikeouts as well over seven innings, no runs allowed only run of the game comes on the top of the sixth, and it's not sexy rafael devers grounds into a double play that scores alex verdugo from third and that one run would hold up for boston. though the a's had a chance in the bottom of the ninth runners on the brown swings at a pitch well out of re two out of three in the series. all three games decided by a single run. the all star in thee
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a's got very little respect. first base matt olsen. he will be there. lone representative for the game, which is a week from this tuesday in colorado. this will be the first all star appearance for olson, who leads the a's in just about every offensive category, including 20 home runs and 53 r b. i's while playing stellar defense now for the giants shortstop brandon crawford. he will be joining buster posey on the all star team. posey was selected as a starter last week. crawford as a reserve today, this will be the third all star game for crawford, who leads the giants with 17 home runs and 52 r b. i's and pitcher kevin gausman makes it three giants all stars this year. no surprise here on dodman has been the giants one of their best pitchers this year. eight two game at 1 68 e r. a the all star game is that cooler sphere field in colorado, and that's what gossman is from, though, is unlikely to pitch in the game since he is scheduled to start for the giants next
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sunday. so julian andre all stars announce the a's too bad they lost two out of three to boston. yeah it's too bad, jason. thank you, and we will be back here tonight. at 10 and be back here tonight. at 10 and 11 have a i'm just gonna run to the store and get a few things. i'll pick you up when you're done. okay. i like it a little better when you stay, but all right. hey, sheldon. hello. i'm here for my haircut with mr. d'onofrio. i'm sorry, uncle tony's in the hospital. he's pretty sick. oh, dear. mr. d'onofrio's in the hospital. why do these things always happen to me? i can cut it for you. you're not mr. d'onofrio. i get my hair cut by mr. d'onofrio. you believe this guy? excuse us for a second. sheldon, it's okay. he can do it. he's a barber. he's not a barber. he's the nephew. he's an example of the kind of nepotism that runs rampant in the barbering industry. besides, mr. d'onofrio knows
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