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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 3, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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-(shivers) fur hat weather, no? manny: no! -(beep) -manny: "i'm so cold." "i'm so cold." "i'm so cold!" and action. (shivers) um...brr, am i right? manny: you've got to be kidding me. weekend in full swing as people plan for fireworks, parades and barbecues. health officials are warning about the delta variant. it appears that it can spread very quickly. so you go to a bar uh, and your unvaccinated and there are other people who are unvaccinated. it'll be easily spread. doctors say
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unvaccinated people should be careful about attending large indoor gatherings as a delta variant spreads across the country. even though 70% of the berries residents are vaccinated, doctors are still concerned. good evening. i'm andre senior. christina is off. we get live coverage now from ktvu emma goes live in oakland with how healthcare workers are trying to get more people protected. emma. saying something at least fourth of july weekend in the bay area, unvaccinated people are most at risk of catching and spreading the delta variant of covid-19 muslim alito. these college students trained by ucsf doctors are community vaccine ambassadors, engaging their unvaccinated peers in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood where the vaccination rate is just 60% and many of the unvaccinated are younger than 40. i think people who are gathering and are unvaccinated. really risk getting infected with the delta variant or with another variant of the
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coronavirus, and i would really urge people, um, to think twice about that. love to stay masked if they're if they're gathering, and they're unvaccinated, but above all to go and get vaccinated new vaccination sites popped up at churches in san francisco and oakland in recent weeks where health tech company colour has partnered with the state to reach under vaccinated communities of color. pastor gerald aging is leading outreach to bring people to the churches, which so far haven't been too busy with vaccinations number one. they will come to the sites number two. uh it will take some time because and it will take some effort. a tourists enjoying her first trip to san francisco saturday, is happy to sightseeing and travel in groups but says she'd rather wear a mask indoors. then get the vaccine. they are kind of on the fence about it to be very honest, we somehow crazy, trusted mary immunities.
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i'm just like, you know, it's been a year. we've been fine so far. i think that's a misjudgment. because i think we don't know what the delta various is much more infectious than the variants we've seen previously. i understand that people have wanted to wait and see. but we've all waited. we've seen now it's time to get vaccination. delta varian also poses a health risk for people who are only partially vaccinated and doctors saying if people skipped out on their second dose, even if it was months ago, they can still go back and get it to boost their protection. andre had a little issue with your lash off the top of glad you're back. thank you, emma, the state's positivity rate continues to rise tonight. the latest data shows that 1.5% of people who are getting tested for covid 19 are testing positive while that's low back on june 6th it was 190.7% over the last few days. the state is averaging over 1300 new cases a day. that's roughly a 17% increase in the last 14 days, down in l.
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a, where cases are rising. health officials are urging people to get vaccinated. the county recorded nearly 644 cases in a single day yesterday. that's the most since mid april. the county's positivity rate has also quadrupled since june. 1st. remember los angeles county was once the epicenter of the pandemic. now for many people around the bay area, the fourth of july weekend means getting out of town. the t s a is already reporting millions traveling by plane. ktvu james torres shows us two numbers and how they compare to before the shelter in place orders. there's action points. san francisco's airport is one of many packed full of holiday weekend travelers feels good to be here early, so i don't have to rush and stress. um so i would much prefer that have to wake up early and be here early then and fret and run and worry. i'm going to miss my flight. the numbers are resembling that of travel before the covid 19 pandemic about 47 million people are expected to travel this weekend, 5% higher than in 2019 more than. three million
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of those by air on friday alone, tisa reported more than two million people passing through security checkpoints, the most since the start of the pandemic. it's a lot of noses and mouths together. in a group of mixed, vaccinated and unvaccinated folks from areas of the country that have different levels of circulating virus. health experts like dr peter chin hong are keeping close eyes on the covid-19 delta, vary it, he says the disease likely wouldn't spread on the plane, but perhaps at checkpoints on the way to your flight. like standing in the t s a lion and you're feeling hot and you just take your mask off a little bit are going to the food court with the kids that are hungry and you're just running around getting you know the sacks for them before the flight, according to cdc guidance, and federal law masks are required on all forms of public transportation, including planes, regardless of your vaccine status. after chin hong
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says the best defense and a good one against the delta variant is a covid-19 vaccine. you know, you're not going to get sick. you're not going to go to the hospital and you're certainly not going to die. if you get vaccinated. i'm james cordes, ktvu, fox two news. nationally triple a does not expect high gas prices will keep people off the roads this holiday weekend, the motor club expects nearly 44 million people will travel by car to their destinations. it also reports travelers managing high gas prices will work to save money in other ways. high gas prices don't typically deter someone from taking their trip, but they'll cut corners during their trip. maybe they'll stand a more budget friendly hotel eat out less. according to triple a the bay area and san luis obispo areas are tied for having the highest average gas prices in the country. the average price for a gallon of regular in our area is about $4.47 that is up more than $1 compared to a year ago. few of the big fireworks shows are
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coming back this year. they include the show at great america in santa clara, san francisco and morgan hill are also resuming their pyrotechnic displays and the fireworks show and pleasant hill in college park high school will also take place this year. and fire officials are reminding people that all fireworks are illegal in nearly every bay area city, just three cities in alameda county permits so called safe and sane fireworks. that's compared to two in san mateo county and one in santa clara county. many cities are imposing strict fines for people caught using explosives. for instance, in oakland, anyone found in possession of fireworks will face at least $1000 fied. well experts are weighing in on how to keep pets com and safe over the holiday. that part of our coverage comes your way at 10 30, also in the news tonight, the latest on the condo collapse in sunrise, florida rescuers have suspended their search for victims in the debris. they're also preparing to demolish what's left of the condo and say the work could put the structure at risk of
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collapsing without warning. officials are also concerned that a storm heading toward the region could create hazards for cruz tropical storm elsa has been lingering in the caribbean. this is video today from the dominican republic, and you can see just how rough the waters were else is expected to move toward florida in the coming days. meantime, officials today discovered two more bodies in the rubble of champlain towers, bringing the death toll now to 24 124. people are still unaccounted for. matt finn has the latest from surfside. search and rescue does does have to pause temporarily. while the demolition preparation is underway the remaining portion of the collapse condo building and surfside, florida will be demolished as soon as possible. officials made the announcement saturday as a precaution ahead of storm elsa, which is expected to bring powerful winds and heavy rain to south florida. well, we're still very hopeful that we can do the demolition before the storm. of course, we're also hopeful that the storm is going in another direction, but we are
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proceeding as quickly as we possibly can. demolition could start as soon as sunday and last about 36 hours. the building is taken down. this will protect our search and rescue teams because we don't know when it could fall over and of course, with these gusts, potentially, that would create a really severe hazard and we are continuing to receive updates. about the condition of the standing structure, and we will begin the search and rescue once again on any sections of the pile that are safe to access. as soon as we're cleared, no survivors have been found since the first few hours after the tower, partially k did on itself, the number of confirmed victims now stands at 24. that's 188 accounted for, and 124 unaccounted for, and the brownish colored building over my shoulder is. the remnants of the champlain towers. it is already a very fragile and precarious site, and governor de santis has now declared a state of emergency as that
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storm gets closer here to southern florida in surfside, matt finn fox news. well, some family members of the missing are disappointed. search efforts are on pause. others who live in surf sites say it's the right thing to do right. this mother nature is going to come in and do it without us, and that would be a disaster because now you have no control on where it goes, and you have damaged further damage to property further damage to the town. and most importantly, um, taken more lives and you have to, you know, i think this whole process. it had to be a methodical process. now once the structure is demolished, rescuers will get access to parts of the garage for the first time tonight. the united nations is trying to draw public attention to humanitarian crisis that, if not addressed, could lead to hundreds of thousands of people to die. now the u. n reports that more than 400,000 people in northern ethiopia are facing the worst global famine in decades. the number of people impact it could soon grow to 1.8 million people. ethiopia
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has dealt with ongoing civil conflict, the ethiopian government announced a unilateral ceasefire, but the intense fighting has already devastated that region. the u. n says people there need food, medicine and other supplies, they may not survive. another week. pg proposes billions of dollars in rate increases why some of the costs could be passed on to people who use solar panels to generate electricity. at a barrier weather tracking another round of low clouds and fog for tonight looks like the fog could be a factor as we head into the fourth of july fireworks shows. we'll have more on that with your forecast coming up and heads up for some of you in one particular area for mountain lion sightings in just one week. the warning from petaluma. city officials
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all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. mountain line, citing early this morning, the latest signing happened north of
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mcdowell boulevard round walk, circle area and south point boulevard area. authorities are advising people in the area to stay inside and call police if they see a mountain line now. this is the fourth signing this week. on wednesday, police received three other reports of a big cat in west petaluma. authorities say it's not clear if it's the same. the reported sightings involved the same actual cat here. big cat. alright earlier this week we told you about pg and e s proposal to increased rates to pay for wild fire safety ktvu tom vacar tells us how the increases could even impact people with solar panels. if pg and his hopes to get a record $3.6 billion in rate increases come true and e gas and electric bill will rise $36 a month climbing to $59 a month in the fourth year. this is a request that they're making of the public utilities commission professor jim bushnell i uc davis has energy economist says p. genie
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must prove it needs every diamond wants. the puc will review whether it's reason noble and decide how much of that if any, they are going to allow. uh and so this is sort of the first stage in that call it negotiation process. there is no way that they're going to get 3.6 billion, but the audacity. of asking for such a large increase, but the electric grid a huge piece of essential infrastructure needs lots of crucial upgrades. federal greenhouse gases reduction goals are expensive. and much of the money will go to reducing wildfire risks going forward when you combine that with the worse, worsening drought conditions, increased heat waves. the just risk of fires are so much higher now than they were, you know, even a decade ago, a big part of those eye popping rate increases are because more than
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a half million californians have become more energy, self sufficient households like those with rooftop solar generally do not pay very much. for those infrastructure costs. um and that's just because of the way our rates are designed in california, so some experts say solar rooftop owners may lose some savings advantages to make things more fair for the many non solar folks out there, whether, for example, households with solar power on the roofs. should be paying their share of these wildfire mitigation expenses. this is an opportunity for the puc to reconsider aspects of a monthly fixed charge that would distribute those kinds of costs across all households, and that say the experts could mean adding a monthly surcharge on solar users bills. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. firefighters don't think the 500 firefighters who are working to put out the salt fire will be enough. us forced
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service workers say more resources are on the way to the shasta lake area to join the effort. so far, the fire has burned more than 7000 acres. it's only 5% contained dozens of homes and other structures have been destroyed. firefighters working farther north to put out the lava fire. have it 36% contained tonight that is up from the 26% containment. firefighters head around six this evening. cooler temperatures are helping slow down the spread of these flames in siskiyou county. so far, the lava fire has burned more than 24,000 acres. and barrier weather for the holiday weekend. looks like we're not talking about any extreme heat for us. in fact, temperatures have been trending down a little bit. looks like that the trend will continue as we head into your fourth of july. take a look at some of the highs from this afternoon out there. you can see some sixties for san francisco seventies up in the north bay for santa rosa and napa eighties for conquer, deliver more antioch, one of the more response at 90 and san jose at the airport, 77 degrees
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will jump right into your fourth of july forecast. we are expecting some clouds and possibly some drizzle tomorrow morning and then clearing skies back to near the coast. so the beach is not warmed up too much, and we could still have partly cloudy skies right around the bay. cool coast low sixties around the vegas we'll call it mild, lower seventies, the inland neighborhoods approaching the mid eighties satellite the radar just like the past a few days, tracking more thunderstorms out toward the sierra earlier today, and then for us, we have this low clouds and fog redeveloping near the coast and already trying spread back into the bay for tonight. current number of san francisco checking in 57 we have oakland 59 san jose 62. lots of sixties. well, england here is our live camera looking out toward the ocean estuary. look at that. all the cloud cover working its way back into the region for tonight that camera shaking around a bit as well. i'm just taking a look at some of the current wind speeds winds on average around 7 to 15 miles an hour, but we could have some stronger winds kind
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of pulsing through the bay this evening, so overcast for this evening, and what again overcast for tomorrow morning with the possibilities and drizzle lower fifties to the lower sixties. clouds clear back to when near the shoreline, but still some leftover patches near the near the bay shoreline. more sunshine in linden temperatures tomorrow ranging from the sixties, the seventies and the eighties. what about the fog as we head into your fourth of july for the evening hours, we'll track that with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes, andre alright, mark. thank you so much will. the team from the bay area has set a new record rolling. 2400 miles across the pacific from san francisco to hawaii in 30 days now, 39 year old captain jason caldwell of danville and his three teammates duncan roy, agnes collins and jordan shuttleworth spent 30 days seven hours and 30 minutes in that vessel right there, the previous record was 39 days in nearly 10 hours, beating that record by the way by nine days, they competed as part of the
10:20 pm
great pacific race and arriving like a key on wednesday. we wanted to break the world record. that was a big, big gold bars, and then when it looked like it was going to happen, we wanted to make sure that we we've broken away that never got broken again. so for 30 straight days, i rode every two hours for two hours and we never checked, so i never really got more than about an hour and a half of sleep. i'm out of time. wow well, this isn't calls first ocean crossing. he also was part of a team that rowed across the atlantic twice. alright still to come tonight, another barrier of transportation project behind schedule and over budget when cal trains new station will finally open and the rally beer snake really works, how it helps the a's beat the best team in baseball later in sports with jason appelbaum and anger and frustration in los angeles after illegal fireworks. detonated in a neighborhood and left over a dozen people hurt the answers they want from l a over the years, mercedes-benz has patented
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answers after that. fireworks explosion hurt 17 people, people are still unable to enter their own homes as authorities investigate what went wrong here. as reporter gina silva tells us neighbors say the explosion should never have happened. we need answers, but more than answers we need
10:24 pm
reparations. south residents unleashed their anger at the lapd. i'm shocked, shocked man shut, disgusted, but all these actions we just had enough lapd officers from the newton division watch as one community member after another demands to know why the police department detonated a few £1000 of illegal fireworks right in the middle of their neighborhood what they have make that call. if we're gonna monica, the lapd is saying they're experts felt it would be easier to detonate the fireworks in a special container because some of the devices were not safe to be transported. it is no accident because that that those viral should not have been set off new unit. the massive explosion on east 27th street in south la on wednesday night, injured 17 people and caused major damage to vehicles and properties. this after the container designed to safely detonate explosives failed
10:25 pm
catastrophically. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is investigating the blast and collecting debris. atf's national response team is trying to shrink the perimeter so that we can get all the evidence that's out on the streets in and process that evidence first so that we can get the community back out here. the £500 containment lid was found right here in someone's yard, two blocks away. from where. blew off. i just don't understand how they do this. in a residential area full of people that live here, that's something the atf is looking into. these residents, one much more will rinse and monica the fbi would we call for the district attorney, mr gascon, if you do not want to be recalled, we want criminal charges. again, that was gina. silver reporting for us residents want to know who made the decision to detonate the fireworks, and they say they want criminal recklessness charges against the person well
10:26 pm
standoff between police and a group of people armed with long guns in massachusetts ended with near literally a dozen arrest today. now the self professed leader of the group insists they are not anti government. massachusetts state police troopers say 11 men carrying rifles and handguns ran into woods about 15 miles north of boston earlier today. they say they approached the group when they noticed two cars pulled over on interstate 95 with hazard lights on, troopers called in tactical teams to track down the men who have identified themselves as part of a group called rise of the moors. the group claims members were headed to maine for training. state police say the investigation will provide more insight into the group's motivation. we're conducting an article search in that area to see if there are additional firearms that have been dumped dropped out there. so at the end of the day, we still have a significant amount of investigation to do. investigators booked the suspects with firearms and other charges. the suspects will be in court on tuesday.
10:27 pm
she hates it. she can't stand the fireworks, illegal fireworks have been going off for weeks. now many of us have heard them. but tomorrow the problem will hit its peak. how experts say you can keep your pets safe and carnival restarts cruises from the us with new pandemic rules for passengers will break down what each guest must do before boarding. an emotional reunion later tonight. how a heart transplant is leading to friendship between
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get more out of summer. with savings on appliances for every function... style... and finish... during the home depot's fourth of july savings. save on appliances, like this lg kitchen suite. the home depot. how doers get more done.
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save on appliances, like this lg kitchen suite. causing them to get scared or even run away. ktvu greg ligon spoke with some experts about how pet owners can ease their fears. for some pants, the
10:30 pm
booms and bangs of fireworks and still fear because they don't mix well with their sensitive hearing. some frightened pets run from home in a state of panic and end up at animal shelters like this one in oakland after fourth of july in any big holidays, in which we see in a lot of fireworks, there is an uptick on, um strange animals coming into shelters, and that is because fireworks do speak out, especially dogs on the fourth of july, professional pet sitter jessica sullivan will be caring for a dog that hits peak anxiety during fireworks, an extreme case where the owners have had to provide a prescription tranquilizer. he gets panty. he's absolutely inconsolably upset. you know, he cries, he pants, he. he paces. he just won't settle down. sullivan has a soothing strategy that includes important tips from experts. bringing them indoors is one of the biggest recommendations that we have to secure that they will not try to escape. we're actually going to try to settle in the quietest room of the house, which is the one
10:31 pm
that has, like the most carpet and the most, um. like drapery on the walls, so that's very sound absorbs observing. i'm going to put on some tv or some music. whatever i think is best at the time, sullivan says. it's also important to have dogs do their dirty business before coming indoors to avoid accidents and get them tired with a long walk in the afternoon. for others, the strategy could mean a trip to the dog park. anything to get the pooch tuckered out, so they'll have less energy to freak out. she hates it. she can't stand the fireworks. francesco rocca 40, like other pet owners, has tried medications, vest, even leaving town. the fourth maybe a holiday meant for celebration. but for some pet owners, it comes with a lot of trepidation. i think fireworks beautiful. i wish they were. they didn't have, like, sound to them. if it's possible, yeah, they grabbed digit the fireworks will be great. yeah, and let's not forget about cats. experts say they get freaked out too,
10:32 pm
and that owner shoot employ similar soothing techniques that are used for dogs. greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. well residents who live in the sacramento area are also concerned about the fireworks when you have adults normalizing the illegal fireworks, and of course the kids are going to think that's the way it should be. one man says just yesterday, a fire flared up on their block. he says it was a kid setting off fireworks near some brushes, officials say emergency calls are already spiking this weekend. significant amount of fires. and if you have that have likely been started by fireworks. already it's the illegal fireworks that were really concerned with. it's very dry. we have not had a lot of rain this year. now there is a social host ordinance in the city of sacramento, which allows authorities to ticket of property elder four fireworks instead of identifying exactly which person. set them off. we have much more in some safe ways you can celebrate independence day. our website
10:33 pm
there you can find a list of parades, festivals and fireworks right on our homepage. well, president joe biden says the u. s intelligence community is working to confirm whether russia is behind the ransomware tech that has businesses across the group globe scrambling to protect computer networks, he commented on the situation today during a trip to michigan farm, according to cybersecurity firm huntress lab, yesterday's. attack has impacted more than 200 companies. the fact is that director the intelligence community give me a deep dive on what's happened and i'll know better. uh tomorrow and if it is, uh, either with the knowledge of and or a consequence of russia, then told putin we will respond. so the president says he did address cyber attacks when he met with russian president vladimir putin last month. he insists the outlined during that discussion, critical infrastructure should be off limits. well the white house is
10:34 pm
optimistic after the latest jobs report, it shows employers added around hundreds of thousands of jobs last month, but as mark meredith explains, republicans are still concerned about rising inflation rates. president biden says the latest jobs report shows the u. s economy is on the rebound. but critics say those extended unemployment benefits as well as fears of inflation may be hurting long term economic recovery. we got the jobs report on friday it showed that the unemployment rate ticked up ever so slightly to 5.9% some 850,000 jobs were added last month. most of those in leisure and hospitality, no surprise there some new jobs in education, a few job losses in construction, and things stayed relatively calm. in the health and financial services sector. the president cyst, though the jobs report and the country's vaccine rollout is something to celebrate. he spent saturday in michigan showcasing how the country's reopening, but on friday he also champion the latest jobs report claiming that workers have a better now
10:35 pm
than they ever did just a few months ago. our economy is continuing to grow our economy and the strength of the recovery is helping us flipped the script. instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce. employers are competing with each other to attract workers. but critics say this latest jobs report is nothing to be proud of republicans warning that inflation is out of control and that more government spending will only hurt not help any chance of future economic growth. as for president biden, he is spending his saturday night in wilmington. but back at the white house on sunday for the fourth of july. will be hosting thousands of military service members and their families at the white house. marc meredith fox than a year, a carnival cruise ship loaded with passengers is headed from the us to vacation destinations. the carnival fiesta left galveston today, all guests on the cruise to the caribbean were required to show proof of vaccination and complete a health questionnaire. galveston's tourism industry took an estimated $44 million
10:36 pm
hit last year because the pandemic forced to shut down. of cruises. i thank you today is a celebration. so celebration indeed, a short signed the pandemic is winding down. san francisco has closed its covid command center. how near london breed marked that occasion and barry weather i'm tracking another round of low clouds and fog for tonight any big changes for the fourth of july. we'll have the updated forecast coming up, but also. have this how an oakland firefighter will be among hundreds of first responders honored at
10:37 pm
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center at san francisco chase cardholders have early access starting at 10 30. that's tomorrow and access to the chase lounge as well. there's live music, food and beer gardens, along with family friendly fun, including a pet costume contest. we got super girl. we got a bad woman, robyn green lantern and hardly queen. well if you are not a chase card holder, you'll be loud into the two day event. starting at 11 o'clock, and the event runs until four o'clock on both days and starting next
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friday and saturday night. the warriors and chase will host live music, local food and more as part of a summer series. well, san francisco's covid command center is now closed. we had to expand our operations. we had to do things he never thought we were going to have to do. and so you massively call you set up and he deserved in city so all of you okay? working talking, olmeyer, london breed and other city workers celebrated the closure earlier this week, she says it marks a turning point in the pandemic. the command center. put it in february of 2020. after breed declared a state of emergency back then. well you'll notice new easing of code of restrictions at city of san francisco facilities next week starting tuesday, people entering city hall and most other city buildings will not need to wear a mask as long as
10:41 pm
they're fully vaccinated signs in multiple languages will be placed throughout city facilities to call attention to the new policy. san francisco health officials say 74% of the city's residents have been fully vaccinated. well, cal trains news station in south san francisco will not open until november. that means the project is 2.5 years late. it's also 50% over budget. in addition to the covid 19 pandemic, caltrain blamed the latest delays on. unforeseen conditions. that's the quote there under cal trains, tracks and low productivity by the contractor. caltrain originally said the project would cost $61 million and be completed by summer of 2019, the transit agency now says it will cost close to $96 million. it's not a fool. there's drop offs. um you know it things happen here. well tens of thousands of people will be at lake berryessa for the holiday weekend, but two drownings in
10:42 pm
two weeks. have authorities concerned. they show us the hazards at the lake next and it's been cloudy and drizzly, but will it last for tomorrow's fireworks shows. meteorologist right now, she's not thinking about her work or her schedule. hi baby. -hey ma, how are you doing? i'm doing good, how are you?
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fire department, is headed to the white house for celebration honoring front workers. firefighter paramedic the stuff gonzalez as part of a delegation that was selected to represent the national association of hispanic firefighters. at this event, tomorrow's gathering on the white house south lawn will include more than 1001st responders, essential workers. military service members and their families. well two drownings in two weeks have napa authorities worried about crowds flocking to lake berryessa this holiday weekend,
10:45 pm
ktvu deborah villalon talked with the marine patrol about the different hazards some may not have considered. okay. napa counties, lake berryessa, big and beautiful and especially crowded now, as other lakes become more shallow from the drought, this group from sacramento won't be voting here on the fourth too hectic. it's going to be a madhouse here trying to get your boat in and out all day long. it's going to be a madhouse, so i'd rather not napa county's water cops will be on patrol expecting some 30,000 visitors to the lake over the holiday. they are concerned about boat and swimmer. safety. we had six drownings last year, plus two more drownings in june last weekend, a 25 year old man from guatemala tried to swim from one side of this cove to the other and went under distance and depth can be deceiving. it's not a pool, there's drop offs. um you know it's things happen here the weekend before a 22 year old man from san jose drowned in this cove.


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