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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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hopeful that we're going to have a large blow out of crowds for july for it in the bay area, gearing up for the holiday weekend from firework shows two parades, fourth of july festivities are making a comeback this year. now that the state is fully reopened the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. an independence day festivities are back in some places. this joke fourth of july while others are still playing it safe. hello again, everyone and heather holmes in tonight for christina. i'm andre senior can be a little confusing this year, trying to figure out which fourth of july celebrations are actually happening, and it's sad to say there will be no professional fireworks. the show at san jose's discovery meadow and albert and lake park. have been canceled, morgan hill and at california's great america in santm not being here for a year, and this is something that we haven't done
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in a long time. we're actually making a larger firework show that we've ever done in the past. well in the east bay. venetia city leaders say public safety concerns led them to cancel the usual independent state fireworks show and parade and danville rescheduled their fourth of july parade for labor day weekend instead, and authorities, of course, are concerned about illegal fireworks this weekend fire departments all across the bay area, getting ready with. increased staff to these amber lee joins us now live from the oakland hills with more on the steps that officials there are taking to try to prevent fires as well as injuries. amper heather fire officials tell me they are keeping a close eye on the oakland hills tonight. now e department says there will be parking and traffic restrictions. to improve safety this holiday weekend. oh hey, idea, but my parents, illegal
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fireworks can be seen and heard before and during july 4th. it's a holiday that put some people who live in high fire danger areas on edge. we get very nervous and not just the fourth of july a couple of weeks before the fourth of july since may, oakland police say it has seized nearly £500 of fireworks and 40,000. dollars in cash from illegal sales. the department says tips from the community led to the arrest of one person wednesday who had more than £100 of illegal fireworks. oh oakland fire tells me there will be stepped up patrols in high fire danger areas such as the hills this weekend. we've had a really windy spring. what should. reheats everything dries out everything. we've staff to additional type three engines, which are our big wild land engines in response to concerns about emergency vehicle access, grizzly peak boulevard between skyline boulevard and
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centennial drive will be closed from five a.m. sunday to five a.m. monday. lookouts that are popular gathering spots will also be closed. it's to prevent people from hanging out up there and drinking like not fireworks. that's a high fire threat zone, right? it's all. grasses brush some question whether closing, the lookouts will work. i think people who still find all the way to like comes next, sneaking and, like, do fireworks here at lake merritt. no parking signs are up and no vehicle traffic will be allowed. except for residents. these restrictions will start saturday at four a.m. this happens to be lava rock. this oakland hills homeowner is using lava rocks to replace wood chips around her house because she says, they don't burn. she lost her home in the 1991 firestorm and rebuilt on the same site. wait choose to live here because it's beautiful, but we have to recognize that we live in harm's way. earlier tonight.
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this is the view from the oakland hills. you can't see the illegal fireworks because of the fog. the homeowner has a message for people playing with illegal fireworks. think twice the consequences can be devastating and. deadly. heather yeah, amber. obviously we know officials taking extra steps this year. is this the first year, though, that they're actually implementing those road closures where you are, i think last year they had similar closures. i knew the lookouts were closed last year, they said. in fact, the fire battalion chief told me it worked so well last year. that's why they're doing it again this year, all right, amber lee reporting live for us there in the oakland hills. amber. thank you. in contra costa county, a reminder about how fast fires from illegal fireworks can get out of control. today, authorities they're demonstrating how dangerous pyrotechnics can be even the so called safe and sane ones, which are illegal in nearly every bay area, city and county. even though you think
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that just one small firework. it would be okay to light it and throw it in the grass or throw it in an area that maybe it's mostly gravel. it can still as you see with sparklers, you know, it doesn't take much to quickly get out of control. last year on july 4th contra costa county fire responded to almost 100 fires, and that was just over the span of three hours. well, we're following some developing news in the east bay tonight. that's where firefighters right now responding to a wildfire, it's parting on clubhouse drive and pleasant id near the caliper preserve golf course. and this is what it looks like from the pg and e alert wildfire cameras. it's a night vision, but you can see the glow of the flames burning there in the distance count. fire says this fire has burned about 25 acres so far. no word on containment and no word yet on the cause, all right, so you'll see higher prices at the gas pump this holiday weekend. in fact, fuel prices are the highest we have seen in the bay area in seven
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years. statewide unleaded gasoline averages $4.29 a gallon. it was just $3.7 since this time last year in oakland and san jose, people are paying an average of four dollars 35 cents a gallon in san francisco. it's $4.45 a gallon. the fourth of july is the first holiday since the state's covid restrictions were lifted, and many people say they are eager to hit the road. no matter the cost, but some people we talked with say they're having to make some adjustments. traded by foreign exploring for this car for a better gas mileage. that's what i had to do. it is what it is. you got to have it, so i'm okay with it. well the bay area often has the highest prices in the central coast, where regular a gallon boy. it is so expensive right now. all right. the july 4th hoday is expected to be the busiest travel weekend since the start of the pandemic. it's
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also projected to be the second highest travel volume on record for any independence day. weekend foxes william watch and s has more now on the congestion that you'll face if you're taking off for the holiday. whether it's hitting the road or flying the skies. this holiday weekend is expected to be the busiest travel period in 16 months as covid restrictions loosen across the country are granddaughter is in a national volleyball tournament. it's my birthday. um i just turned 30. well, i'm just about to enjoy my time with my mom. my parents, my grandparents, triple a predicts more than 47 million americans will travel that's 5% more than 2019 airports expected to be very busy in line with pre pandemic levels, but the vast majority will drive even as gas prices continue to rise as demand picks up with more traveling and commuting. they're the most expensive prices we've seen in seven years. that's that's not good news for work for consumer,
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but it's you know, really not impacting how we're going to travel because we're just excited to get out there, triple a, says. orlando miami, anaheim in las vegas are the top travel destinations for the holiday weekend. the caribbean in mexico, the most popular international spots. i'm looking forward to big vacation because i haven't had the opportunity for in a while. everyone's kind of affected by the pandemic, so few restrictions are up. everyone's gonna leave. psa is reminding travelers. you must still wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status in los angeles. we muchness fox news. we go down to florida for more victims were found today in the ruins of that collapsed for is now down to 126. authorities say they were able to eliminate some duplicate names and some residents reported missing turned up safe. the death toll has now risen to 22. sadly one of the victims recovered was a seven year old girl, the daughter of a miami firefighter who was on the scene. every night since
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this last wednesday has been immensely difficult for everybody in particularly the families that have been impacted, but last night was uniquely different. it was truly different, different and more difficult for our first responders. hmm well, about five miles away, residents were told to evacuate a 10 storey complex in north miami beach. an audit found that the nearly 50 year old crest few towers is structurally and electronic electric. please unsafe, oakland city council devoted to divert millions of dollars from the police budget, but one council member says the department has not been defunded her explanation. and hellmer libby schaa is responding coming up next
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with the mayor and police chief over the police department's budget in an open letter council president nikki bass and others accused mayor libby chef and chief laurent armstrong of sharing quote false information about police budget cuts, the mayor and chief say the police department has seen big budget cuts over the years, and that further loss will mean less officers and impact emergency response. that council member best disagrees, saion and since mill,
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in response, mayor shaftar quoto imply an increase. oakland police department budget did not defund the police is misleading. we know that every year we must spend more money to deliver the same service as our cost per service must adjust to inflation and the rapidly increased cost of living in this expensive bay area. oakland has continued to maintain the lowest officer per crime staffing level. of any police department in america of the city of san jose, is now under pressure from the federal government to clear out a homeless encampment at the edge of the runways at san jose man at an airport. as a result, hundreds of people living in tents, boxes and vehicles are facing an uncertain future between 3 to 400. people live on this 40 acre plot of federal land. i think this is the largest camp i've ever seen, and it may be even bigger than the jungle was. and i remember vividlyn they swept the jungle. that's the
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beginning of what we see. now. the faa says the area is not fit for living and has set a hard deadline of april 2022 for the homeless to be out and for fencing to go up. u s track star sicari richardson has been suspended after testing positive for th e and this could be the end of her olympic dreams. as ktvu s and ruben tells us fans and athletes alike her frustrated with this decision. seven track superstar should carry richardson style and her speed captured the attention of a nation now her downfall has as well. she tested positive for thc, a compound in marijuana following the death of her mother and has accepted a one month suspension from the sport. that will disqualify her from the 100 m in the olympics on twitter, she said. i am human. it's just so heartbreaking. olympic cyclist juli furtado says marijuana was added as a banned substance when she was competing. she doesn't think it belongs there.
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i'm just so torn. i hate for her to miss the olympics. uh, i think the rules should be. i think it should be taken off of the banned substances. um and if they did some kind of appeal, and she got to compete, i'd be thrilled. in fact, other sports have loosened tools around marijuana use the nfl and major league baseball, for example, but not the world anti doping agency. sport has a long history. of having antiquated rules and dragging their feet and changing them and all the while they're slow to move, athletes become collateral damage, medical experts say. while marijuana may be legal in some states and may not be considered traditionally, performance enhancing rules are rules. there's a lot of. you know, legal substances for everyone else, but we hold our athletes to different standards. the bay area women's sports initiative says. if there's one bright spot, it should carry
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richardson's handling of her mistake. it's something they say, can be an example for young athletes owned it publicly and apologize. publicly um, accepted the consequences. and is already talking about how she's moving forward, i think is a great moment of grace. there is still a chance that richardson can compete in the olympics as part of a relay team. by that time, her suspension will be over and the coaches have some discretion in choosing who competes and ruben ktvu, fox two news. and our coverage of independent state continues after the break. the dozens of people sworn in as u. s citizens in the bay area just in time for the holiday and seven hours and 40 cans of chalk spray paint later. venetia has a new patriotic display why one couple was inspired to decorate their front yard. at a barrier whether it looks like we'll be starting off the holiday weekend and even some drizzle. what about
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vo: whether it be sports, music, or art, you know, whether it's a fraction we're all good at different things.
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but when it comes to texting and driving, no one's good at that. couple celebrated the fourth by painting their line like the american flag escapees, deborah villalon tells us the idea came from an army veteran who wanted to do something special for the holiday. from sky fox over la cruz avenue in venetia, an american flag 20 by 30 ft. in size created by aaron mckay, schnell and husband jonathan, with the help of two friends. it took a little while, um in about four of us to do a seven hour project. one hot, windy day in june. it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be or cheap. they ended up needing about 40 cans of marking paint, hitting three different stores
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to buy. all they had. we definitely underestimated the paint the amount needed, but the final result worth it. erin is 1/5 generation venetian who enlisted in the army after high school and served five years, including deployments in iraq. she wants people to remember the meaning of independence day. definitely stop and take a pause and appreciate honoring the flag is important to her. i just wanted to show a little bit of patriotism since we haven't been able to during the last couple of years due to covid. the lawn is getting touch ups now ahead of the fourth because as word has spread, it's become a local attraction. we have a lot of people driving by and stopping and getting out and taking pictures, and it makes us very happy to see people enjoying it, and they say, wow, that's amazing. or we've had people hunk say good job. great job, they'll clap their hands giving thumbs up, and although it's entered in a spirit of venetia decoration contest. that wasn't
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the main motivation with so many festivities toned down. the couple just wanted to step up, even though we can't celebrate right now, with fireworks and parades, go ahead and decorate your front yards and, you know, show some patriotism and bring a smile to people's faces. i think that it looks awesome. i didn't expect it to look this good to be honest, so we're super happy with how it came out in venetia deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. well to celebrate independent state. dozens of people became u s citizens today here in the bay area, and freely. without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion. so help me god, congratulations, new citizens. well a naturalization ceremony took place this morning on the flight deck of the uss hornet in alameda 50. people from. 30.
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different countries were sworn in as new citizens, us citizenship and immigration services says this is just one of the 170 naturalization ceremonies being held across the country between yesterday and july. 7th congrats to that. how well the man into the holiday weekend no major heat at all. in fact, maybe the warmest locations could be flirting with 90 degrees. but that's just about it here in the bay area as you take a look at the highest from this afternoon, we'll show you some of the numbers out there, and they've kind of been stuck in the same old pattern, keeping the temperatures cool for the coast sixties, some seventies around the bay and the warmest locations eighties, similar over nineties out toward antioch. so the warmest locations in the nineties for today. this weekend. not much change. in fact, sunday for the fourth of july. we might cool things off a bit, and it looks like a lot to low clouds and fog and even some drizzle to start off tomorrow morning. satellite the radar showing you once again another round of
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thunderstorms out toward the sierra. there is the possibility once again as we head into your saturday as we come back closer to home, we have the low clouds and fog offshore and already pushing back into the bay. lots of overcast out toward oakland, hayward, even san francisco and even up in the north bay as well closer to santa rosa, so more low clouds for tonight. her numbers in the fifties and the sixties, and here's a live camera checking out the bay bridge already clouded up before this evening, and we're gonna add some drizzle to the mixed first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and right around the bay shoreline overnight lows starting out saturday will be in the fifties. so somewhat of a cool start to start out the weekend. you can see the expected cloud pattern tomorrow morning. this is saturday morning, seven o'clock, and then the clouds will slowly cleared back to near the coastline. probably partly cloudy skies around the bay morrison sunshine inland, and the warm spots will be the upper eighties close to 90 degrees. as you can't see this the big picture in the satellite here, an area of high pressure is out in the desert
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southwest and a couple cooler systems offshored a couple areas, areas of low pressure. and with that, this weekend, we'll we'll stick with the same old pattern. cool for the coast, warm inland and temperatures mainly in the sixties seventies and the eighties. here's a look ahead as you can see for your sunday forecast. temperature is not moving around too much, and then a little bit warmer. into monday, mostly sunny skies on a tuesday and then on wednesday, pretty much the same story into next week, but places like santa rosa 81 san jose tomorrow. 79 conquered. 85 center fell 79 napa in the upper seventies. the temperatures we had today kind of pushing into your saturday forecast as well, which should be pretty pleasant around here. all right, mark. thanks so much. that's good news. all right, coming up in sports. the giants snap their season long losing streak tonight in arizona. how a new face for san francisco came through with the loudest hit sports director marc boney is up next, but first another look at the fireworks show following
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to make sure you call 811 before you dig. we're made for. t and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. francisco giants back to the business of winning and the return of the long ball. they lead everybody in home runs hit this year, and they were doing it tonight. thank goodness for arizona pitching if you're a giant fan and the t shirt of the night down in arizona. yeah at least it's not a dodgers prissy. dad fans probably ordering that thing online as we speak. alex dickerson, the first to go deep, he'd been in
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a one for 16 funk and takes zach gallon the distance. three. not the eighth inning. keep it rolling. lamonte wade jr ticket to ride, two run shot and the giants cruising at seven to at this point that the story of the night. just up from the minor leagues. tiro estrada, his first started second base, he had a single a double and this shot to left about 435 ft. actually a grand slam the fifth the giants have hit this year they blow it open 11 4 and so much for that four game losing streak. it is history a lot more energy in the yard tonight in oakland, the fireworks display had a little something to do with it. the red sox on hand. something to do with it as well. but the a's trying to make it happen in the ninth inning, they were trailing 21, elvis leaves the building with that shot the tying home run his first as in oakland. a but we go to the tip.
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the sox took the lead in the top half. kiki hernandez with an r b, i single and here, the little baluch to center field with runners at 1sty, not deep h to fed. seth brown's the plate., and it is kiki hernandez with the perfect throw tag. applied roll credits. end of story and suddenly, the a's really cooled up. they've lost five out of their last seven. you don't think of tampa bay is your big hockey town, but they are now one victory away from taking the stanley cup. montreal is the place where you think hockey right? they haven't had a stanley cup final there since 93 lightning struck quick. they scored one goal. 1 52 in then 3 27 into the first period power play victor's edmund winds up scores. it kind of trickles into the net. gonna get this. he's the first nhl player ever
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to score in all 12 calendar month that made it 263 is the final 30 series lead for tampa at montreal will be the home. of james four on monday night, in all my years of sportscasting, one of the nicest guys i've ever met is steven vogt, former a's catcher, former giants catcher now with the d backs, but he had one of those moments tonight. friday night at the videos will bring it to you. you check this out a little pop up right here had steven steven can't quite corral it. yeah yeah, several chances to make that play and didn't quite do it. he's a great catcher, good hitter, but that is the very essence of. the agony of defeat. it was a tough one. yeah it'll be a blooper reels all over the place. that's the sporty life.
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you guys have a great holiday. you too. thank you so much for look for us tonight. thank you. everyone for joining us, have yourself is safe and happy fourth of july weekend. no beg. stella, you're breaking my heart here. what's breaking your heart is that sausage and bacon. can you just pick one? don't worry. i'm gonna burn it off on the golf course. [ chuckles ] how, jay? by riding the little cart or by kicking the ball back into play? here. i'm gonna take joe fulgencio to the park. can you please stop by the grocery store? why doesn't the nanny do this? gloria has fired five nannies. i don't like another woman in my house. i want to be the star. stars have nannies. you know that some of this is manny's fault. gloria: manny! so, marie, what do you feel like doing for dinner tonight? you're eating dino-bites because you are a little boy. mom! press conference in that kid's future. we're getting married in seven months. or eight months.


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