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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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city how shoppers are reacting. also, more bodies have been pulled from the rubble of the surfside condo collapse. this comes as rescuers prepare for another potential obstacle on the horizon. from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex abbott and i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes, the long fourth of july holiday weekend is upon us and many people are using this opportunity to get out of town, triple a, says a near record number of travelers are expected for this fourth of july holiday weekend and today many people are packing up and heading out as covid restrictions. loosen take a look here. you can see what it looks like right now on interstate 80 in the spay real. alex s people are either getting out of cy are gog down the peninsula more than 47 million americans are expected to travel in the coming days.
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most are planning to take a trip by car triple a estimates more than 43 million americans will hit the road. airports across the country are seeing a big rebound in passengers with 3.5 million americans expected to fly this weekend at oakland international airport. they expect about 160,000 passengers throughout the holiday, and some say it is exciting to be traveling again. very excited if we haven't been out for a while, so it's good to get traffic and begin and moving again and the rv and get out him out. excited yes, finally, you know, finally able to move around. uh, travelers are finding, though, that it's more expensive to get to their destinations. gas prices are the highest they've been since 2014 and rental car prices are up by 140% compared to 19. as we enter into this fourth of july weekend will be a lot different than last year as a lot of traditions are returning. ktvu maury naylor joining us now live from almond in lake
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park, where things are not all back to normal just yet. maureen alex is a little more confusing this year, trying to figure out exactly which fourth of july events are actually happening here at al midan lake park for the second year in a row, the fireworks show is cancelled while some other professional pyrotechnic shows are actually resuming. independence day festivities are back in some places. this fourth of july. we've missed everybody from not being here for a year, and this is something that we haven't done in a long time. we're actually making a larger fireworks show that we've ever done in the past. at california's great america in santa clara. not only are the rides back, but so is the fourth of july fireworks show the pyrotechnics friday. we're already set and ready to go. at 8 55 precisely. we're going to start our fireworks show. it's much as i can. san francisco and morgan hill are also resuming their firework shows. after a one year break
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because of the pandemic, but the professional pyrotechnicsd . couple of years, so knowing that or prior but knowing that they're not doing it this year last year, we kind of campaign and doing something little different was no professional firework shows in san jose. what resident says he has a backup plan. there's a little killed not far from our house. you can walk up there and watch all the illegal fireworks, so that was probably what we're gonna do is gather on the hill and watched all the illegal fireworks in south san jose in the east bay beneath a city leaders say public safety concerns led them to cancel the usual fourth of july fireworks and parade. and danville rescheduled their fourth of july parade for labor day weekend instead, yes, it's been very hard to plan because we didn't know what we could do back in san jose, the rose white and blue parade on the alameda is canceled, but the rose white and blue festival in
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the area will go on. we were still under restrictions, 45 days out. from the event and further city policy. they just couldn't. prove that at that time still of what they can do, he says. fourth of july is still going to be a celebration marking a new beginning. organizers tell us they can't wait for next year, promising things will be bigger and better than alex. maureen. it sounds like the bottom line is before you head out to that fourth of july celebration, check ahead and make sure it's actually happening. that's right, and we're actually working. and what could it gather a list on our website so people can utilize that at ktvu .com because it is quite confusing this year with some things happening, and something's not right. we look forward to seeing that, maureen thank you happy fourth. well the contra costa county fire protection district is on full alert this july. 4th they're concerned about people setting off illegal fireworks with the drought conditions. firefighters gave a demonstration today near kirker
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pass road and conquered to show how quickly fires can burn out of control. they say all fireworks are extremely dangerous and in contra costa county, they are illegal. even the so called safe and sane fireworks. fire officials are expecting a busy weekend and so they have increased staffing. at fire stations throughout the district, even though you think that just one small firework it would be okay to light it and throw it in the grass or throw it in an area that maybe it's mostly gravel. it can still as you see with sparklers, you know, it doesn't take much to qu the fire district says last year on fourth of july, the department respondedalmost 100 fires in just a three hour period. we have some encouraging news on the economy, employers added 850,000 jobs in june, which was more than analysts expected, and pay was up more than 3% over a year ago. as foxes lauren blanchard tells us the
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biden administration is celebrating the news, but there are still some roadblocks on the way to recovery. our economy is on the move, and we have covid-19 on the run. the u. s economy, adding 850,000 jobs in june, marking another strong month of hiring a sign employers have been able to find more workers, but still not enough to fill open positions. there's still many americans that were working before the pandemic that is still not back to work. and you know we're not going to rest till we get people back. all people back to work. president biden says his administration's economic policies are making it easier for employees to demand better pay and working conditions. the market doesn't just give workers more ability to earn higher wages. it also gives them the power to demand to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace, more jobs, better wages. that's a good combination. republicans while encouraged by the news, 0.2 extended federal unemployment benefits. as the
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reason some are hesitant to rejoin the workforce, dozens of states have rolled back the extra $300 per week to prod people back into jobs. if you look at the states that had the biggest decline in unemployment in the last in the last jobs report, it's the states that have stopped paying these increase unemployment, the unemployment rate did risely toe economy remains almost million jobs short of where it was before covid-19 in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news investors reacted with a rally on wall street today, sending two of the indexes to record highs. the dow was up 152 points. the nasdaq was up 116 points, setting a new high of the clothes and the s and p also set another record with a gain of 32 points. target stores in san francisco are limiting their hours and the company says them move is in response to an increase and theft. ktvu is christian
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captain joins us live now from san francisco and christian did target. give any details on just how long this uptick and theft has been going on? yeah jenna target is saying that they have noticed this increase in thefts and security incidents as they're calling them over about the last month or so. and so they say, for now, at least, they're going to be restricting store hours in san francisco target shoppers in san francisco will have to limit their shopping excursion. between nine a.m. and six p.m. instead of seven a.m. to 10 p.m. target released a statement offering the reason for the move reading, in part quote for more than a month. we've been experiencing a significant an alarming rise in theft and security incidents at our san francisco stores. customers say they understand the move. well, there are business and for them to survive. they need to do what's necessary, so i have no problem with it. the move to limit hours comes amidst a series of high profile shoplifting incidents in the city and analysis of data from sandra cisco police shows that shoplifting rates actually dropped during the pandemic and
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appear to be creeping back toward pre pandemic levels. that drop in theft may have been attributed to many stores, closing their doors or limiting those allowed inside at t, polie sources say most of the thefts are committed by homeless in the area and a smaller percentage by organized shoplifting groups. some customers say targets moved to limit hours is symptomatic of a larger problem in the city with homelessness under stand that they do run a business and they do have to shut it down because they are losing money. but on the other hand, i believe that there should be more affordable food and there should be more affordable clothing for people who like need to shop because a lot of people are doing it out of necessity. you know, san francisco's mayor, saying the retailer should look to expand staffing rather than limit hours. it is sometimes disappointing to see you kno ony any employees working at the registers or even at the doors, and so i think part of it is a combination of us working together and them having the right security and the right
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staffing in order to make sure there's a better customer experience. in their statement, target said that these limited hours from nine am till six pm are temporary, but they didn't say exactly how long those restricted hours would remain in place. we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. okay, thanks so much christian. workers in san francisco, who earned minimum wage will now have a little bit of extra money in their pockets. yesterday the city's minimum wage rose 25 cents to $16.32 per hour. this comes after the latest annual increase tied to the consumer price index in 2014. san francisco, voters approved a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. it has risen annually since then, as part of the ordinance to ensure wages keep up with inflation. the federal minimum wage has stayed at seven. dollars and 25 cents per hour since 2009. coming up. more bodies have been pulled
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from the collapse. condo building in florida, including a young child of the miami firefighter who has been working at the site. how is now. 14th why? some say the timing of the election will work in the governor's favorite. another pleasant day around the bay area with little change moving into your holiday weekend. we'll check in on the current conditions. i'll show current conditions. i'll show you what you can expect i'm kalvin, and there's more to me than hiv. i'm a peer educator,... a fitness buff,... and a champion for my own health. i talked with my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with... dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed...
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ask your doctor about dovato - i did. at the collapse. condo building in surfside. the death toll there stands at 22. the number of people unaccounted for is down to 128. authorities say they were able to eliminate some duplicate names, and some residents who were reported missing have turned up safe this afternoon. officials are also preparing for the possible
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impact of hurricane elsa. in that area today, four more bodies were recovered from the rubble as foxes madeline rivera tells us one of the victims found today was the seven year old daughter of a miami firefighter who has reportedly been working on the search and recovery. surgeon rescue teams and surfside, florida recovering more victims thursday night, including the seven year old daughter of a miami firefighter, miami dade's mayor says the bodies were found after work stopped for 15 hours because of safety concerns. last night was uniquely different. it was truly different, different and more difficult for our first responders, officials say the number of people accounted for has jumped to more than 1 80 that number increasing after detectives remove duplicate names and some people reported missing were found safe, so this is very, very good news, but the humidity and heavy rain continue to make work difficult for first responders. officials
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are now monitoring the progress of hurricane elsa, which is expected to bring rain and high winds to south florida sunday night, governor rhonda santa says contingency plans are in place bar department of emergency management is assuming that that will happen and making the necessary preparations. to be able, obviously, to protect the a lot of the equipment. there are also concerns about the stability of the structure that is still standing. structural engineers are now making plans to tear down what's left of the building. and that building standing definitely has been a huge obstacle as a fire chief. that's my top priority. saving lives and protecting our personnel and that goes hand in hand. officials here say it could be weeks before a timeline is set for demolition. and surfside, florida mala rivera fox news and we are just word that the city of north miami beach has ordered the evacuation of a condominium building after an inspection showed it was unsafe. inspectors found structural and electrical problems at the 156
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unit. crestview towers, a number of cities in south florida have ordered inspections of high rise buildings following the collapse of the champlain towers south in surfside. all around the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies temperatures very seasonal. for this time of year. we're going to cool it down. just a smidge getting into your holiday weekend with the morning clouds in the evening clouds expected to be with us as well. how there at se we do have partly sunny skies reported at this time, the onshore breezes with us all in all, just a very pattern for this time of year, giving you a look there at storm tracker to where we do have a little bit of fox still banked up again. the coastline, and we showed you that live view from areas over sfo at this time as well. half moon bay. it looks like pacifica still socked him pretty good. meanwhile capital of santa cruz, enjoying some sunshine as well as some of our north beach out there, the onshore breeze through fairfield right now, 18 mph
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oakland reporting in northwest wind at 18, so we're not losing the onshore breeze. although it is fairly light, still allowing our inland cities to warm up 86 conquered 93 in brentwood for the north bay, a beautiful 74 in nevada and right now, 61 degrees over areas of san francisco half moon bay upper fifties right where you landed yesterday afternoon around the bay were a little bit cooler. but you go inland. we're a little warmer, conquered up by five in the south based san jose, you're down by just a degree or so. getting into later tonight and tomorrow morning notice. we do see the clouds moved back across the bay by sunset, very similar pattern to how we were set up last night and then into tomorrow morning. i do expect it to fill in pretty good. we will be again with very seasonal attempts throughout. i'll have better details on your weekend, including what you can expect for the big fourth of julys so much. it's official governoet
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for september 14th when voters will decide whether to replace the governor. ktvu is elissa harrington tells us that some of the candidates hoping to unseat governor newsom are already in campaign mode. changes coming for california and retirement is coming for gavin newsom former san diego mayor kevin faulconer is one of several candidates hoping to oust governor gavin newsom and take his spot as governor of california. a recall election is set for september. 14 republicans are wasting no time campaigning with only 10 weeks until election day. the polling shows republicans have an 80% interest rate, and i think meaning those who care about this race and i think the winner of this election as someone who actually comes forward with solutions. tom del beccaro, chair of rescue california, said republicans are motivated they plan to target independents and democrats, but democrats are confident the timing of the election will work in newsom's favor. his approval rating
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keeps going up as the state recovers from the covid 19 pandemic. sonoma state political science professor agra is ideal, he said. the resources and media messaging serve him best. you get a rallying event with all the democratic establishment one week and the countdown before the actual recall, newsom's campaign issued a statement calling the recall election quote a naked attempt by trump republicans to grab control in california. among those running our former congressman, doug oc, celebrity caitlyn jenner and businessman john cox. any candidate who still wants to get into this race must file papers at least 59 days before the election or run. fleet by two weeks from now, i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. a san francisco neighborhood is remembering a little boy who was shot and killed last year as he watched fireworks, the family and friends of six year old jase young have painted his name in
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the middle of yosemite avenue at third street in his honor. last fourth of july, he was watching fireworks with his family and the bay view when he was struck by gunfire. just yesterday, police announced a warrant for the arrest of one of the alleged shooters. 18 year old decision lumpkin, another suspect involved in the shooting is already under arrest and charged with murder. while they have an extremely tough job, but some say they don't get paid enough up next here from the california lawmaker who pushed for an increase in federal firefi
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, against the salt fire burning in shasta county, just south of lake head. it's now 5% contained and has burned more than 5000 acres, a local newspaper reports. the fire has destroyed more than one dozen homes, along with other buildings. authorities believe a passing car might have sparked the fire along i five
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on wednesday. this week, president biden boosted the minimum wage for federal firefighters to $15 an hour. california congressman josh harter, who represents tracy and modesto in the central valley, has been working to increase pay for federal firefighters harder, applauded president biden's move and spoke with alex michaelson for our political show. the issue is and alex joins us live now, alex. thanks so much for joining us, and, you know, we've seen firefighters out battling these massive fires. we've had recently and it might surprise people that they were getting paid under $15 an hour. what did the congressman's tell you about the pay and the new pay increase? yeah jan, i mean, it really is surprising reality. the fact that firefighters making less than mcdonald's workers, for example, $15 is the minimum wage in california. those firefighters right now making 13 45, the lowest paid federal firefighters, so that
4:24 pm
change this week, president biden said. until a couple weeks ago, he was not aware of that fact. congressman harder one of the congressman that let him know of that fact they made the big announcement this week when he was on this event with governor newsom and other western governors talking about wildfires and congressman harder is very grateful. take a listen. look this is a no brainer. we are heading into what could be the worst fire season in california history. and yet we have fire trucks literally sitting idle in parking lots that doesn't make any sense. and it's no mystery. why we have a huge firefighters shortage across the state. it's because, as you said, we're paying federal firefighters $28,000 a year. so we worked with the biden administration, with republicans and democrats alike. and this week we're able to announce a pay raise for our federal firefighters. there's still more work to be done, but this is a huge effort ford to make sure that we can keep our
4:25 pm
community safe, not just for this fire season, but for the future. so pay raise means that they're going to be making at least $15 an hour. plus they're all going to be getting bonuses as well. the hope is that going forward, they're going to be able to increase their pay a lot more than that. they're also hoping to hire a lot more firefighters because they're acknowledging janet the fact that. fire season is no longer a season in california. being a firefighter is a year round job, and so they've got to start thinking about their approach to it differently, so we'll have that on the issue, as we also have a very special interview with senator alex padilla, california's new senator were aboard the uss iowa big battleship as we swore in the newest american citizens a really emotional ceremony for senator badia who was at a ceremony like that with his parents years ago, now leading that ceremony. it's a really beautiful ceremony. for the fourth of july weekel sounds so touching. thank you so much, alex and you can tune into the
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issue is this weekend it airs at 5 30 on sunday morning, right here on ktvu. after 20 years, u. s troops are leaving afghanistan up next here on the four. we'll have more on this critical milestone and the void it potentially could leave and coming up a warning over concerns about water safety and drowning at lake berryessa. why people need to be careful. if they had to the location for the holiday at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles.
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turned over bagram airbase to the afghan military. it had served as the center of operations for u. s troops for nearly 20 years. foxes lucas tomlinson tells us, while many are glad to see the end of u. s military involvement, others say the taliban will fill the void it for almost 20 years. bagram airbase located an hour north of kabul has been a strategic headquarters for the u. s military in afghanistan that ends today is the u. s hands over control of the base to the f in military part of the rapid pullout of u. s forces that president biden announced earlier this spring is irr draw down with our allies, and it's making so there's not unusual about it hard. what is the u. s moves his troops out. the taliban is looking to move in. some estimates say the group controls a quarter of the country already, attacks are on the rise. the new york times says more than 700 afghan soldiers 200 civilians were killed in june, a record number dead a troubling trend to some
4:30 pm
in congress, but the taliban is on the offense. and no one is off limits. not everyone supports the us losing its largest air base in afghanistan, located in a strategic position between china and iran, first of all, bagram airbase, so our audience understand it's a real crown jewel of a military presence in south asia. i mean, this is why the russians, the chinese and the iranians are rejoicing and completely thrilled. override departure. because our strategic presence from that airfield is significant gives us huge operational. reach the u. s military withdraw from afghanistan could be complete by july 4th. some 650 u. s soldiers will remain to guard the embassy in kabul at the pentagon. lucas tomlinson fox news. for more on the implications of american troops departing bagram airbase. we're joined now by a car. thika shashi kumar, political science professor at san jose state university, so glad you could take the time today we appreciated obviously the withdrawal from bagram comes at
4:31 pm
a very perilous time in afghanistan with the taliban on the offensive, obviously gaining, gaining a foothold in that country. what was this? the right time for the us to leave, and do you think the president or the administration might be having any second thoughts about the decision? well i think this is a good time for us to pause and remember why the united states went into afghanistan in the first place, which was the goal was to guarantee american security and the february agreement that was signed actually by the previous administration with the taliban requires them to do two things. stop attacking u. s troops and cut ties with al qaeda. and i would say that if those two can be achieved by putting pressure on the top the band, then the withdrawal is probably coming exactly at the right time. obviously we've seen this disturbing rise in the number of attacks by the taliban that they've taliban forces have taken control of a number of di.
4:32 pm
do you do you have the sense that afghan security forces are going to be able to hold back the taliban once american forces pull out? and what what potentially could be the consequences of a of a full u. s withdrawal? once us forces pull out, it doesn't look very likely that the afghan forces will be able to hold on about a third of the districts in afghanistan are already under the control of the taliban, and some suggest that within six months the taliban could actually take over the capitol of kabul and become the legitimate government of afghanistan, so there's not going to be a void for much longer. from what i can see. how is the. us likely to respond if you if you do have the taliban take control once again, as you say, of kabul and other country as a whole, i think that before redeploying
4:33 pm
troops, the u. s government will and should try other opti can prevent a lot of damage by having good intel on the ground in afghanistan. we could try to get. neighbouring countries like india, um to do some of the security operations in afghanistan, so it's not a black and white situation where we either have a full military deployment in afghanistan, or we do nothing. uh it sounds as though several 100 u. s troops are going to remain in this interim period here. but before we get to the september 11th date for all troops to be withdrawn. what is going to be the role of those troops here in this final phase? i guess you could say of the withdrawal, right in the final stays troops and their job will be to provide security to the
4:34 pm
embassy, which is a very busy embassy, actually in kabul and also to guarantee security at the airport. because there's a lot of from traffic, including both americans and other internationals coming into afghanistan at this time, obviously this, you know, for all intents and purposes, signals the end of u. s operations in afghanistan and really the end of nearly a 20 year war in that country. as you look back on it, um. what is it? what what did we get out of the invasion of afghanistan? that's a great question. i think a lot of people are asking this question. um, i believe that the lessons of afghanistan will be debated for many years to come. but one thing that's very clear is that military might is not enough to guarantee the outcomes that the united states wanted. while it
4:35 pm
has been able to dislodge the taliban once we see that. without popular support for the government that was elected with us health. um these gains are hollow and insubstantial and very temporary. um and i think most americans would agree with me when i say that the price that was paid not just the. you know several trillions of dollars that were spent, but, um, they nearly 3000 deaths of military personnel were not worth what we achieved. yes certainly we paid. we paid a heavy price in so many different ways over the past two dec. appreciate you coming on to give us some context on what we're watching unfold in afghanistan. kartika shashi kumar, political science professor at san jose state. thank you for doing it. thank you. the united states has dozens of new citizens right here in the bay area just in time for independence day, and then i take this obligation
4:36 pm
freely without any mental reservation, or purpose of evasion. so help me god, congratulations. new citizens. with sunshine and a little marine layer in the background. a naturalization ceremony took place this morning on the flight deck of the uss hornet in alameda, 50. people from 30 different countries were sworn in as new citizens. this is absolutely exciting, you know, being the citizen of your largest democratic country in the world, the beacon of democracy. it's exciting to now know that i can participate in protecting that defending it. i can do my best to vote put people in electric power, who, like represent my views and represent wanting to make things better. at this year's ceremony was bigger than last year's, but smaller than other past ceremonies due to the pandemic. there are concerns at
4:37 pm
lake berryessa after two men drowned in just two weeks. authorities say they're worried the holiday weekend will lead to more danger. ktvu deborah villalon spent the day with the marine patrol and tells us about the different hazards that some may not have considered. okay napa counties lake bury us up big and beautiful and especially crowded now as other lakes become more shallow from the drought, this group from sacramento won't be voting here on the fourth too hectic. it's going to be a madhouse here trying to get your boat in and out all day long. it's going to be a madhouse, so i'd rather not napa county's water cops will be on patrol expecting some 30,000 visitors to the lake over the holiday. they are concerned about boat and swimmer. safety. we had six drownings last year, plus two more drownings in june last weekend, a 25 year old man from guatemala tried to swim from one side of this cove to the other and went under distance
4:38 pm
and depth can be deceiving. it's not a pool, there's drop offs. things happen here the weekend before a 22 year old man from san jose drowned in this cove. he fell off an inner tube. he didn't know how to swim. his friends tried to save him but couldn't find him in the dark water when our dive team comes out, um it's a blackwater dive. they can't see much further than, um, a foot or two. the department puts out training videos, warning how easy it is to drowned when exhausted, panicked or inebriated. and the victim usually disappears without shouting and flailing in the water. unfortunately it's a quiet death. i've seen it with the entire beach line packed and somebody's gone down and nobody noticed. and since everyone flocks to the lake for fun, you get that's the reality of someone not making it at home is a hard one. it's absolutely tragic for these families that come up here have a great day on the lake. and to
4:39 pm
lose a loved one. um and my team does everything they can to help. them through the process. their strongest advice always wear life vests in the water. keep tabs on your companions and have a rope or rescue ring handy. most of those who drowned were thought to be swimmers all were from outside the area most likely unaware of how lake berryessa as beauty has been fatal. in napa county, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. still ahead here on the floor, an effort to rebuild homes or build homes. i should say that can survive california's catastrophic wildfires. the material, some northern california scientists are experimenting with. very mild pattern in place as we head into your holiday weekend that includes the morning clouds a little bit of drizzle. the evening clouds as well
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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homes by using mud foxes. lani wong explains how this works. recent catastrophic wildfires have shown that not much that is banned made can survive a firestorm. so does rebuilding homes and structures and wildfire areas using tried and true wood frame construction. make any sense, professor of structural engineering mckell barbato thinks there might be a better way to build fire resistant structures that are mud and adobe bricks that don't have to be fired in ovens have been used to build stout structures for 10,000 years. but barbados says what's been missing is using scientific analysis and methods to create better bricks. what we are doing is really arrange in earing it so that we have a better properties lower cost to and the better safety, a wood block and this mud brick were
4:43 pm
torched at 3400 degrees hotter than any wildfire. it was no contest when it wasn't home burns. it also consumes and spreads toxic plastics, petroleum products and chemicals into the environment. the brooks insulate. well, termites don't like them and they can be made on the spot, eliminating transportation expenses to keep things real. researchers at u. c davis made his bad breaks from soil collected from paradise, the site of the notorious campfire previous attempts to commercially produced mud bricks have resulted in uneven quality and reliability. a longer goal is to build a prototype structure. what we engineered bricks that there is also some, um, prejudice against and house made of mud and the only way to convince people that you can actually have a beautiful, safe house, uh, made with this material is by building it, but they say necessity id for a different way of building. fire prone areas in davis, lani wong
4:44 pm
fox 40 news. the city of oakland now has 40 miles of newly paved streets, and it was done in record time. the 40th mile was paved today along 16th street. this is the first time the city has paved this many streets in a single year. it's also the second year in a row, oakland has broken its paving record. now this work was done with funding from measure kk, which was passed by voters in 2016 the city, says the paper. work was done on smaller streets and an underserved neighborhoods. great oakland pave has smoothed out those local roads. the ones we drive on the most in the past, it was only those main arterials that got repaved. thanks to oakland vote are local streets are getting a much needed face. lift oakland's great pave project kicked off in 2019 and on top of the 40 miles of streets repaved. this year, 32 miles were repaved in 2020 and
4:45 pm
mayor schaaf says even more will be worked on next year. four man crew that road from san francisco to honolulu is now spending this holiday weekend celebrating a world record. the crew made that 2400 mile trip across the pacific in just 30 days during the great pacific race, the team called latitude 35 road in shifts two hours on two hours off all day and all night, the skipper 39 year old jason caldwell from danville, says the trip was a challenge and things only got harder as they neared the finish lineu're sleep deprived. you're malnourished. dehydrated we've got sores everywhere. stress fractured ribs. everyone's got a li injuries and they're just getting worse and worse and worse. you're basically trying to hold on your body is trying to hold on until you get to the finish line and last week is really about pushing it. yeah that sounds tough latitude. 35 crushed the previous record for an all male rowing crew by nine
4:46 pm
days to other teams competed in this year's great pacific race, and both are still making their way to hawaii. i how? well the only thing tough about our forecast this weekend is whether or not you're gonna be able to see the fireworks outside of that we've got some amazing weather that will remain in place through the weekend temperatures very seasonal for this time of year alive look, and what is happening over jacqueline the square at this hour. we do have the onshore breeze with us. that isn't going away the marine layer. even a little bit of patchy drizzle is what we have seen over the last few mornings. even some managed to accumulate over and closer to the coast. santa rosa right now, 78 degrees we have low sixties reported in san francisco upper sixties in oakland, 84. livermore 76 over san ead to the coast. you like a warm head inland are bayside communities are right in between with very mild temps. is playing a little bit later today. 63 degrees. partly cloudy skies we do have
4:47 pm
a west wind about 15 mph or so take it on the boston red sox. there will be fireworks, so right after and if you are planning on staying, i think we can have the low clouds already hanging over at that time. here's a look at the storm tracker to not much to speak of over the state of california. we do have a little bit of moisture working its way into areas over the sierra more on that, in just a moment for us here at home, we have a little bit of fog right along the coastline. pacifica half moon bay. it looks like partly sunny for you there, but mostly sunny along our north hip bay beaches as well as areas over south and monterey. all right. sounds like we're having a little bit of trouble there with rosemary signal. we'll try to reconnect and get the rest of your bay area forecast up next here. in the meantime, we'll move along lions and tigers and bears now protected against the coronavirus. we'll
4:48 pm
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expect for your fourth of july holiday. i do expect those clouds to be with us throughout the evening hours. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy from the coast and around the bay. we will go mostly clear for inland cities. if you are thinking about heading out to san francisco for the fireworks show, be prepared, the clouds will be along for the ride, and it may be a little hard to see those fireworks. meanwhile, if you're going to tahoe a nice weekend here in the eighties, right now, tomorrow sunday, monday in the low eighties, there is a chance of thunderstorms, though for tomorrow, it's about 40% so please keep an eye towards the sky. always check the updates there. if you're headed to tahoe for us tomorrow morning, low fifties. to low sixties to start the day and then for the afternoon. a lot like today, low sixties at the coast seventy's around the bay upper eighties for our hotter spots, and the extended forecast those
4:51 pm
shows you temperatures will be slightly cooler for fourth of july, then back up on monday, slightly cooler tuesday back up again on wednesday, all in all, a very pleasant forecast back to you. yeah, looks like it, rosemary. thank you. humans are not the only ones getting protected against the coronavirus this week, animals at the oakland zoo started getting covid-19 vaccines. mallr alex herman, a veterinarian at the oakland zoo about this project. tell us about the vax program. i imagine it's welcome relief not only to the zoo but to the animals and the zoo goers as well. absolutely uh, you know, we've worked really hard during the whole pandemic to really carefully follow protocols to keep the animals here safe. so it's worked. we haven't had a single animal sick here at the oakland zoo from the covid 19 virus, but they're certainly at risk. so we're really grateful that we've received these vaccines. we've. already given the first vaccine to a number of animals
4:52 pm
the day after we got them and it's great. it feels really good. what is it like to vaccinate a mountain line? i'm sure these much like humans are oh, great, i'll take a vaccination. that must be tough. well the lucky thing here at the oakland zoo as we really have a long term ethos of a lot of positive training with our animals, so really teaching them to voluntarily cooperate. with a lot of different medical things that we need to do. so if you think about it, a mountain lion needs a rabies vaccine, so they're trained to get a food reward. come up to the fence and get a vaccine. so luckily, not a huge lift for our terrific animal care staff coordinating with the nurses from the hospital to give these vaccines so a huge lift over time, but not a huge lift this week, they're trained, so they get a food reward and they position and we give the vaccine so a lot of hard work over at the zoo is
4:53 pm
really paying off. and this is an instance. tell us how many animals have you vaccinated. how many more? do you have to go? right now? we have 110 at risk animals on my list and we have vaccinated 11 of them so far, so it takes time. uh we vaccinated tigers mountain lions, grizzly bears, black bears ferret. so we're just moving right along and we have a whole calendar of initial vaccines and boosters as we move through the zoo, and, uh, vaccinate chimps and you know everybody who is most at risk is at the top of the list, and then we'll just go down the list. it's the vaccination similar to what we as humans. scott it's a different vaccine formulated for animals by zoetis, so it has a few different things about it. that carrier called the age event is different. it's a little bit of a different substance. so far experimentally. a million
4:54 pm
animals have received it without any adverse effects. so we're optimistic that it's you know, proven to work well, but also to be very, very safe in our endangered animals that were the stewarts for once the animals are vaccinated. does that allow the public to maybe get a little bit closer? i hope so. we need data on it. you know, everything we do is driven by data. so if it looks like if they're fully vaccinated, we don't have to keep people so far. away from the chimps. of course, we'll go back to where we were before. right now. we're just being cautious because there's always new information coming in, so we want to make sure that we do the thing that's advocating for themhe most, and the company zoetis says donated 11,000 doses of its experimental covid vaccine to nearly 70 other zoos across the country. two billionaires battling it out to become the first to head to space. i'm kevin corke in washington with more on the man who just might beat amazon ceo
4:55 pm
jeff bezoza to the final frontier. and when you yourself may be able to land a ticket to the stars, that's just ahead. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:57 pm
edge of space in rockets developed by their own companies. richard branson and jeff bezoza have been rivals for years. foxes kevin corke tells us which mogul is about to make the first trip. the race to heating up as virgin galactic founder sir richard branson aims to bet amazon ceo jeff bezoza to space. bezoza was originally geared to be the first billionaire with a space company to head to the stars on board one of his rockets, previously announcing a launch date of july 20th. but branson making headlines thursday, scheduling his departure for the final frontier. for july 11th. this
4:58 pm
will mark the first time branson's craft will fly with a full crew consisting of two pilots and four mission specialists. astronaut there is there one richard branson, i'll be evaluating the customer spaceflight experience, branson says he's going along to test out the onboard amenities and what it will be like for his future customers to fly into space. the faa approved virgin galactic to official transport passengers into the galaxy last week, we're gonna fly you up into space on the very first flight. meanwhile jeff bezoza is taking some special guest of his own on his trip. besides his brother, bezoza is extending an invitation to wally funk, an 82 year old pilot who was one of 13 women to ever complete nasa's astronaut training program back in the 19 sixties. whoa! i can hardly wait. and if you two want to head to infinity and beyond. you may soon get your
4:59 pm
chance with virgin galactic announcing it will begin offering commercial trips to space sometime next year. that sounds awesome. in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news.startst in some locations from fireworks to festivals this weekend will be action packed with people ready to celebrate and good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina before the professionals, though, liedeir e final reminder from bay area fire agencies. they wanted to show just how fast fires can get out of the control when you use fireworks, the contra costa county fire protection district earlier today, demonstrating how dangerous fireworks can be even the so called safe and sane ones, which are illegal in nearly every bay area, city and county. even though you think
5:00 pm
that just one small firework. it would be okay to light it and throw it in the grass or throw it in an area that maybe it's mostly gravel. it can still as you see with sparklers, you know, it doesn't take much to quickly get out of control. last year on july 4th contra costa county fire responded to almost 100 fires in just a three hour period, and this year's holiday weekend is gonna be a lot different than last year. california officially reopened about two weeks ago, of course after a year of pandemic shutdowns, but even so, some traditions will not be back to normal. ktvu maureen naylor is live with ahmed in lake park with much more marine. andre depends on where you go here at al midan lake park. there will not be fireworks for the second year in a row. several organizers of events tell us the june 15th reopening simply didn't give them enough time to organize these large outdoor events. and yet at the same time, some other firework shows are back. independence day festivities are back


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