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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 30, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it's more dangerous for kids to play. outside roads are buckling under the heat. so far, the western states are outpacing last year in terms of the sheer size of wildfires at 1.47 million acres burn compared to 1.43 million acres at this time last year, governor newsom dialed into that meeting from system. county where the lava fire has now burned more than 17,000 acres. the governor said that climate change will require the state and federal government to radically change the way they deal with forest management with fire suppression as well as staffing now, during that meeting, governor newsom reminded everyone california was calling in firefighters from as far away as australia and israel because the western states were so stretched for personnel as the fire risk only grows here in the bay area, the president announcing that major federal funding is headed to sonoma county more than 300,000 acres burned there between 2017 and 2020. ktvu. greg early is
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live now in sonoma county, with details on how this federal funding will be used. greg hello, good evening. sonoma county will soon have $37 million from this. phoenix fema grant to help mitigate fire risk when the community of fountain grove in santa rosa, where you can see rebuilding is still underway at the 2017. hubs. fire wiped it out. the county hopes to use these funds to mitigate any future devastation. and today i'm announcing a $37 million federal grant sonoma county, california in support of fire mitigation efforts that are underway at a meeting with western state governors, including governor newsom, president biden announced federal funding to help sonoma county continue preparing to fight wildfires. we're going to actually try to ensure that 100% of the homes and our high fire severity zones have adequate, defensible space. lins says they were completely surprised by the announcement.
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they plan to use the money to create fire breaks and keep sending fire marshals out to high risk communities showing homeowners how to create defensible space. well, normally, all that green stuff is good, but we rode along with one inspector doing the important work. in some cases, the county will even help homeowners pay for the work because sonoma knows all too well. the devastation wrought by fires. they were the first to apply for the mitigation from we lost everything. uh it was hard, bob been being his wife know too well, what fire can do to sonoma county. they lost their home in the 2017 tubbs fire and are still in the rebuilding process. he's trimmed his trees and welcomes the county taking the initiative to prevent any more devastation. drive up cross creek the next street over and dead trees all the way up, and that's scary because if the another fire comes through all that dead fuel honestly, it just feels right to reinvest. some of that money and trying to make sure that never happens again and sonoma county. now
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these federal funds require a 25% local match. sonoma county is paying that with pg and e settlement money, president biden said. there's $1 billion in this program and other areas will start to receive their disaster preparedness money soon. reporting in sonoma county, gregory ktvu fox two news much needed money there. all right, greg lee, thank you so much. santa clara county fire officials are reminding people of the extreme fire danger this upcoming holiday weekend, especially in the foothills. county fire agencies are very concerned. that people are going to be setting off fireworks, even though the hills are so dry due to drought last year, there were 6600 reports in the county of the legal firework activity. fireworks did spark at least 30 fires in san jose alone last year, and with the drought we are living in cal fire says the fire. danger now is even greater. the number of fires. we've responded to so far this year is 53% higher than the five year average. typically independence day celebrations
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result in twice as many fires as any other day of the year. officials say. people hosting gatherings where illegal fireworks are being used, can be fined. they also encourage residents to report the use of illegal fireworks on the city of san jose's website or just pick up the phone and call 311, the only city in santa clara county, where fireworks are allowed is gilroy. a new analysis of hate crime data here in california reveals that the increase in attacks on asian americans has persisted. and today the state attorney general was here in oakland to talk about the epidemic of hate and what to do about it are crime reporter henry lee is live now in the newsroom with the rising numbers. particularly in the asian community, henry well, heather, the a g says there was a staggering jump in hate crimes against asians, and that overall hate crimes are at their highest level in california and more than a decade. but he also noted that hate crimes are under reported. were in a full on state of crisis state of emergency when it comes to hate crimes and hate violence. rob bonta, the
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state's top law enforcement official, spoke out on disturbing hate crime statistics in the heart of oakland's chinatown, where victims of asian descent have been attacked and robbed. it's important that i come here today as the california attorney general, right here in oakland, chinatown, my former assembly district and say hate crimes are a priority, bonta says. crimes against asians in california jumped 107% from 2019 to 2020, the highest number of hate crimes happened in march and april. of last year at the start of the shelter in place for the coronavirus 2020 wasn't just about a deadly virus. it was about an epidemic of hate as well. it was also about wondering whether you or someone you love would be attacked simply because of the way you look in 2020. alameda county reported 52 hate crimes of all types of which 19 were in oakland, san francisco, reported 54 while santa clara county reported the most with 120 incidents. monta urged police and prosecutors to better investigate hate crimes, saying more than 50% of hate
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crimes that occurred weren't initially identified or investigated as hate crimes. we realized that there are many, many victims of crime, including my myself, karl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, was himself attack back in april. chan took pictures of the suspect who was arrested. chan urged victims to come forward. don't be afraid. we are here together. we have to be united. we have to work together together. we can make change. yes, bonta is the first filipino and second asian american to serve as california attorney general, oakland city council member xiang tao is the first among american council member in the state representation does matter. representation means that not only will the aapi community feel safer, but it's in all communities. now many jurisdictions have dedicated hate crime tip lines to report incidents. the egg and local law enforcement are urging people to come forward to report hate crimes reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox to need as we all know, reporting is really
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important here, henry. thank you more asian owned businesses in san francisco were hit by vandals just today to markets and a t store in the tenderloin had windows smashed early this morning. it happened on larkin street around three o'clock this morning. as a pd says all of the businesses have locked metal gates so the perpetrators were not able to get inside the stores, one of the store owners told us that he believes it was a hate crime. just last weekend at least 10 businesses in san francisco's chinatown low more vandalized with a slingshot. some are also owned by asian people. so far, no arrests and any of these cases nevada prosecutors now say that as soon as a mother charged with killing her seven year old son strangled him to death before leaving his body in the desert right outside las vega. is 35 year old samantha rodriguez appeared by video in a nevada courtroom today, according to prosecutors, rodriguez told detectives that she had become frustrated with her son, liam homestead, who had autism. his body was found near a trail in
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mountain springs outside of las vegas last month. the defendant strangled her son. we have a seven year old autistic son. ultimately after traveling through california through las vegas, enough to colorado was apprehended our local homicide detectives fly up and interview her in custody there, and she confesses to her involvement into what she did. the judge denied bail for rodriguez. her next court date is scheduled for august. 3rd san jose is now the very first city in the nation to require gun owners to compensate taxpayers for firearm violence. the city council unanimously passed a series of draft gun violence reduction ordinances. last night. mayor sam liccardo says these ordinances are certain to be challenged in court by gun rights advocates. it comes to sensible gun regulation. no good deed goes on litigated and we expect there will be lawsuits and we've certainly been threatened with lawsuits. already lawsuits will imagine
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get fouled as soon as we approved an ordinance, which i would hope will happen this fall. now. gun rights advocates say that these measures punish law abiding gun owners san francisco international airport airport poised to help kick start the post pandemic economy, the massive project that's wrapping up a year early. coming up tonight at 5 30 coyote sightings have become more and more common in bay area neighborhoods. but there is concern that the animals are getting more comfortable around humans, including children in a san francisco far also bill cosby's conviction is thrown out. and tonight he's home and out of prison legal expert michael cardoza joins us live on why the pennsylvania supreme court ruled the way it did, and a very pleasant cool down today. temperatures drop between 5 to 10 degrees over yesterday. a lot of flaws and get the coast. what does that mean for the upcoming holiday weekend? all have that forecast when i see you next. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation.
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and bill cosby. he was released from prison today following a ruling by the pennsylvania supreme court. jennifer joyce tells us why justices there said that cosby was wrongly convicted. the 83 year old cosby was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault in april of 2018 and sentenced 3 to 10 years for the crimes. the victim, andrea constand, settled a civil suit against cosby, in which he admitted drugging and having consensual sex at his home. but his attorney successfully argued that cosby brokered an agreement with the former
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prosecutor, bruce castor, that he would not be tried in crime. little court, all of which eventually happened when cosby's testimony in his civil case became public, the pennsylvania supreme court decided to vacate cosby's conviction based on the agreement he apparently had with the prosecutor. the court also mentioned the fact that other victims were called to testify against cosby during his criminal trial upon hearing the stunning news. several people showed up at the prison, they offered different opinions on the high court decision. it is the best day somebody's getting released from something he didn't do you people been accusing people i left and right. so you did this? you're you're standing here. what are you doing here? and then all of a sudden nobody's doing nothing. nobody did nothing wrong. let's great that the rich people get to have nice sweetheart. deals like that where they don't get prosecuted where people like you and i would just be thrown in jail and forgotten about so i think it's ridiculous. to be honest with you. it's quite sad. tired of this. the supreme court decisions they've making recently. it's just definitely
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one of them. all right. joining me live right now to talk more about this is legal analyst michael cardoza. let's dive right into it. michael i want to clarify this one point here. so an old district attorney said he would give cosby immunity if he gave a deposition in a civil trial. cosby does it, but then the new prosecutor down the road uses that civil testimony in the most recent criminal case against cosby. that's why he's out of prison. are you surprised the state supreme court rolled with it? no, i'm not surprised at all. what the supreme court in pennsylvania did. they said it violated fundamental fairness. as you said, michael, what happened before castor the d a. then decided he could not prosecute constants case could not prosecuted so we don't have enough evidence. but i will help you in your civil case. if you want me to by telling the world and telling cosby i will not prosecute the government. will not prosecute. the government will not use
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anything you say at that deposition in the civil case against you, cosby went along with that he testified under oath at the discovery proceeding, and he gave him criminally in statements 15 years later changing of the guard new d a said, well, we have new evidence. we're going to go after cosby. we're going to use what he said at that deposition, and he did exactly that. he got a conviction, the pennsylvania supreme court said. you can't do that. that's fundamentally unfair. okay. but then why? why did the court throughout the convict? why not? why not just said, hey, let's have another trial or can cause be not be hit with the same charges and then try to get in this. you know, that's the question. i haven't answered. good question, michael, but what they're talking about is fundamental unfairness, and that's what they latched onto. i agree with you. i think there should be a new trial. take that evidence away and use what
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her testimony was. and the other witness this that said he did the same thing to me now. the court in this case didn't address whether the d a should or couldn't use those other five witnesses they didn't comment on. that so i have that same question, but i think it's important for everyone to know because i hear people say well, he's not guilty. he didn't do this. now the jury came back and said he was guilty right. the supreme court did not comment on that. so this is not an opinion about cosby's guilt or not guilt in this case, right? this is the state supreme court in pennsylvania. what about the u s supreme court? do you think prosecutors will appeal this to the u. s supreme court? you know, they made you that that's something that i'm sure they're going to explore. but my opinion will be that the supreme court will not take this case. they might, but i don't think so. this case will stand. cosby will live out his life unless other charges
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are brought in freedom. remember it is not a comment on whether he did this or not. it's a comment on what the prosecutor did in this case and how the prosecution used what they said. they wouldn't use. let me ask you about how we even got to this point. i'm curious about your take on the old d a. i mean lisa bloom today. lisa bloom being the attorney for three of bill cosby's accusers said that this is a slap in the face to all the victims out there and she emphasized, just as you said cosby is not innocent, right? she she still says that he did it. it's just an old prosecutor made this deal and made a mistake to get that civil deposition did the new prosecutor make a mistake and using that in the criminal case, i think the new pressure prosecutor did make a mistake. but and that's gloria allred's daughter you're talking about lisa bloom, at least, is correct. i mean, this is, uh, you know, doesn't talk to his guilt or not guilt in this particular case. it's got
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nothing to do with that keep in mind, the jury, said bill cosby, you are guilty. this was what some people would call a technicality. but when price prosecutors make a deal like that and publicly say if you testify at a deposition, we will not use what you say you do not get to assert the fifth in that deposition, and i assume constant. that's the victim agreed to this and if she agreed to it, you know what can he say? i think they both made a mistake constant and making that deal and in the new to violating that deal, so this is one of those technicalities that everybody will go crazy about but keep in mind. it doesn't speak. big ruling todayo doubt. i mean, he was in prison this morning. now he's he's at home. because be alright michael cardoza. always a pleasure. good to see you. thanks for the conversation. good to see you, too. bye bye. former president donald trump's
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company and his chief financial officer are expected to be charged tomorrow with tax related crimes. the charges reportedly involved top executives getting back benefits like apartments, cars in school tuition, but not paying taxes on those perks. mister trump himself is not expected to be charged. he says his company's actions were quote things that are standard practice throughout the u. s business community leader. okay we're checking on the forecast that definitely included some cooling today, and we'll. include more cooling tomorrow or about the same. so we're in this pattern that is really quite desirable, you know, in fire season to see a pattern where you got deep marine layer like this pushing fog and high humidities or higher humidity as well inland, increasing fuel moistures, which is huge this time of year, especially since we're getting the vibe that, um we're probably in terms of fire season maybe. six weeks early. you know the good fuels right now as dry as they would be in late july early august, and
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it's here to still you know, uh, into june so that low pressure the north's been helping the big blob of high or warm air has moved to the east, so they're getting a break in seattle and portland and we continue with the same pattern which has been quite quite nice. i mean, the hotspots tomorrow are going to be back into the mid eighties upper eighties maybe, maybe, you know, maybe. yeah, mostly mid eighties. yeah, i think it's mostly island. not many, uh, praise we're going to see so the pattern is really advantageous to us. you do see where the heat is. when you get this onshore flow, it's all online coastline. it's all along the california coast. you see the cooler temperatures or the lower temperatures represented by not bright colors, and then you see that that's that's the sea breeze being induced by this trough of heat. in the central valley. so what happens is i can do this right here. so see that trough i just that line. it is true. that air is really hot. right sacramento, modesto rebel off reading that air starts to rise. i'm just trying to make it look verticals. the air starts to rise vertically, right starts to go up, and as it goes up, it
5:21 pm
creates kind of a vacuum at the surface, a lower pressure and this cool air at the surface. the coastal error. sit slow to ground because it's cooler and it's heavier, so it's down on the ground. it gets sucked into that, so it continues its right. that's a land sea breeze. i'm just giving it to you on the large scale, but the entire california i think from yeah, from north to south has experienced some type of land sea breeze right now as that heat in the interior continues on, so this is a really an ideal pattern. certainly the bay area and for los angeles so that shallow marine layer has gone away. we're into a nice, mild pattern that's going to stick around. there's the fog at sfo, and you can see it's up over, you know, certainly up over at least the top of san bruno looks like it's about 1200 ft marine layer. it'll deepen up again tonight. you see the bush. you see the bush that bush is blowing? i mean, we've got some pretty good winds out there. we had winds sfo today about 32 miles now are on the gust. so you know just exactly what you want to see. like i can't complain. i really can't and you know it's we're not doing a lot of fire stories. we're not doing a lot of air quality stories were not
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right. yeah, that when this changes we will be, but right now we got a good one. i'll see you back here with the five day forecast. we do have a coyote approaching toddlers in the botanic garden. it is very worrisome. now. you heard that right? a coyote approaching toddlers in golden gate park coming up the warning for park goers and what you should do if you come across a coyote. is warg
5:23 pm
5:24 pm
golden gate park to not feed a coyote that frequents the area right there around the botanical gardens. probably never a good idea to feed a coyote, but especially this one ktvu christian captain live now in the city and christian. the concern here is that this coyote has actually started approaching humans, including at least two small children. yes that's exactly what the trouble is here. whether that people are concerned that this coyote has lost its fear of people and the worry here that concern here is that some
5:25 pm
either the coyote, somebody's pet or even a person could wind up getting hurt. coyotes in san francisco's golden gate park are common enough that videos and photos of the canines pop up regularly on social media. now one of those coyotes living near the botanical gardens has started acting in an unusual manner not aggressive, but certainly not afraid. we do have a coyote approaching toddlers in the botanic garden. it is very worrisome. the coyote has reportedly approached at least two children, one year old and a two year old likely because it's been taught to not fear humans. this coat is. behaving very unusually. he's been fed for since 2000 and 16 by people. um and so he has lost his fear of humans, and that is not a good thing. well, there are no reports at the coyote has attacked anyone having a wild animal interacting with people frequently leads to disaster with potentially fatal
5:26 pm
consequences for the wildlife. san francisco's animal care and control say they don't want anyone to harm the animal but say if it's safe to do so, the best thing for people to do it. is yell and scare the coyote away. you'll be doing the whole city and all the other coyotes of favor if you if you continue to help make sure that wildlife stays wary and afraid of people, visitors to the botanical gardens say they were surprised to hear about the coyote. yeah i was surprised. i mean, i know that, uh, sometimes coyotes are in urban settings, but say they know that wild animals should be allowed to remain wild animals. and that's something that we know because we have coyotes in the area that we're from in l a and we know you leave wildlife alone. i mean, i think people think that you're helping. but you're not. an animal care and control here in san francisco say they have reached out to the state and are trying to formulate a plan as to what to do with this coyote that's coming simply too
5:27 pm
close for comfort. we're live in golden gate park in san francisco christian captain ktvu box to know for sure. a little too close there in golden gate park. alright, christian. thank you know when you talk about essential infrastructure, it doesn't get more essential than where we're standing right now. sfo just about to wrap up the $160 million project on budget and ahead of schedule, and that's due in part to the pandemic. natural disaster terrorist attack if it happened during this last quarter century, it's likely this bay area fire chief was there to respond. today he said goodbye to the job and the uniform, but not before we talked to him about his toughest assignment well, us want to show you now. a big cat boy, really big cat in a small front yard there, the bay area neighborhood that have a pretty frightening morning all because of this mountain line
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and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. a surgeon travelers with a major infrastructure upgrade. ktvu tom vacar spending the day at the airport wearing massive runway project is now wrapping up ahead of schedule. since april. san francisco airport has been working on the complete re surfacing of the entirety of its longest runway 24 hours a day, six days a week. what we're standing on is really the lifeblood of an airport, and it really allows
5:31 pm
everything to flow in and out of this space. the $160 million project will soon be delivered on budget and a year ahead of the original schedule. we were planning on doing this in 2022. we decided to do it now to take advantage of the reduce flight schedule so that would have less of an impact on our travelers redoing the runway bed and covering it with the world's strongest asphalt is an enormous job. what we're doing here, it's equivalent to paving 75 football fields worth of this surface, quite literally every square inch of this two and a quarter mile runway has been examined with ground penetrating radar, and they will go down as deep as they have to even down to the virgin land in order to make sure that when this runway opens on labor day. what will happen is they won't have to do anything much more to it for another decade, and we've got about three ft. thick of this asphalt, and that's really what it takes to support aircraft like a 7 47.
5:32 pm
that can be as much as 450 tons. we need to be prepared to have over 700 aircraft landing per day at the busiest times a day an aircraft landing every single minute. the amount of economic power of the infrastructure known as as i thought, so that it delivers to the bay area is mind boggling by the numbers. 46,000 jobs on the airport itself. $150,000 jobs and $60 billion of economic impact for the bay area economy each year when you talk about essential infrastructure, it doesn't get more essential than where we're standing right now, and that's just one airport in a worldwide network of airports, experts say in the next five years alone, the u. s will have to spend 115.4. billion for necessary airport infrastructure projects. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. san francisco board of supervisors and mayor london
5:33 pm
breed say they have reached a deal on a two year $13 billion city budget. the mayor says the budget makes historic investments in homelessness and mental health. it also includes funds to help small businesses to get back on their feet after the pandemic. the deal also increases police spending, but not as much as mayor breed would have liked to have seen. there will be enough money to hire 135 additional police officers instead of 200. the search continues in surfside, florida for victims of the horrific condo building collapse. rescue workers are coming through the debris around the clock, in some cases by hand. crews have also installed a ramp to allow heavy equipment to get to that seen. the death toll has now climbed to 18 as the remains of six more victims have been pulled from the rubble. two of these were children aged four and 10, so any loss of life especially given the unexpected, unprecedented. take nature of this event is a tragedy, but
5:34 pm
the loss of our children is too great. spare saying what 147 people are still unaccounted for. crews are also preparing for a possible tropical storm system that's now moving in the area of florida. we go? well well known bay area fire chief is retiring today after 40 years of service over the years, menlo park fire chief harold chapel helmet has been called to conduct search and rescue missions all over the country, including following the 9 11 terror attacks. ktvu rob roth spoke with the chief about his career and the personal tragedy. that he has had to overcome. he has been to many of the worst disasters in the united states, rescuing victims or recovering bodies. but after 40 years of triumphs, tragedies and an accident that left him a paraplegic harold shepel hellman retired wednesday is chief of the menlo park fire protection district. he also
5:35 pm
leaves the highly regarded federal urban search and rescue unit he helped form i will miss the people, i'll miss being able to have the latitude. to make things happen, a chapel hamed's last official act was to preside over a promotion ceremony for firefighters, every deployment you go on, especially the federal respond, er it's going to change you, but equally when you come back, it was chappelle haman and his team who recalled to new york just after the terrorist attacks on 9 11 the dust and they were in the debris that even got stuck in your shoes. you know what i mean? so that was that was hard and it was hard for the country and his crew saved countless people from drowning in new orleans when hurricane katrina hit, but he says his worst experience was the aftermath of the oklahoma city bombing in 1995, that pressure to try and give them back their loved ones, even though we knew that's not what we were seeing the job
5:36 pm
also meant personal sacrifices for himself and his family. i never took a vacation with the family far away because i always felt like i needed to be around. many of those who word for him say he was a great boss. he's been a good guy who loves the district. it takes care of the men and the women that work here. and, uh, yeah, he's a he's a. he's a pretty unique guy chapel. haman overcame a fall from a ladder at home. eight years ago, he broke his neck and ended up in a wheelchair. but he kept going. chappelle hammond says he may write a book during his retirement. it's going to be weird not to wear a uniform in one way. that's great in another way, i'm gonna miss that. you know, because it's that, yeah. the badge. the patch working for the fire district. you know that means something. rob roth ktvu, fox two news. donald rumsfeld, the two time defense secretary and one time presidential candidate, has died. rumsfeld served under four u. s presidents in 2000 and one he began his second tour as pentagon chief under
5:37 pm
president george w. bush but his plan to transform the armed forces was overshadowed by the 9 11 terrorist attacks. he oversaw the u. s invasion of afghanistan and overthrowing saddam hussein in iraq in 2000 and three grunfeld died surrounded by his family in towns new mexico, according to a family statement. no word on the exact cause of death. donald rumsfeld was 88 years old. the house has voted to approve a special committee to investigate the january 6th capital riots. it was a party line vote with just two republicans joining democrats. house speaker nancy pelosi will chair the 13 member panel, made up of eight democrats and five republicans. the action came after republicans in the senate blocked the creation of an independent commission that would have been evenly split between the two parties. college athletes will be able to start making money tomorrow. the new move by the ncaa that allows them to monetize their name, image and likeness. she's sticking to her recommendation today. the cdc director reiterates the message to
5:38 pm
vaccinated people about whether mass are necessary
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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earn money off their name, their image and likeness university has raised billions of dollars every year from athletics and supporters of student athletes have long argued that their talents are being exploited. this decision comes just days after the u. s. supreme court ruled that student athletes could receive education related payments. california has already passed a law allowing student athletes to make money from endorsements and appearances. a turning now to the very latest on the coronavirus and the director of the cdc, rachelle lewin's he reaffirmed today that fully vaccinated people are safe from all variants of covid-19 and do not need to wear masks. the world health organization created some confusion last week when it recommended that
5:41 pm
vaccinated people continue to wear face coverings amid the spread of the delta variant. that strain is believed to be more transmissible than others. if you're vaccinated, you are safe from the back. the variants that are circulating here in the united states. the cbc says it has not changed its guidance on masks, reaffirming that the solution is the vaccine studies have shown both pfizer and moderna to be effective against the delta strain and with new data showing the delta variant is the third most common here in california. it's more important than ever to get vaccinated, and the state is making good progress on that, with 59% of those 12 and older, fully vaccinated another 10% of the state's residents over the age of 12 or partially vaccinated. california is administering an average of 81,000 doses robin hd has agreed to pay a $70 million fine to settle allegations that it caused customers widespread in significant harm over the
5:42 pm
past few years. this is the largest financial penalty ever ordered by the financial industrial regulatory authority. it oversees hundreds of thousands of brokers across the country and accused robyn hit of systemic supervisory failures and also hurting investors by giving them false or misleading. information robin hood has neither admitted nor denied the claims of the newest class of bus operators with the valley transit authority graduated today and they're all ready to hit the road. this is the first class since the start of the pandemic and since that deadly mass shooting at the vita rail yard back in may during the pandemic shelter in place order, vita ridership suffered an 80% drop at the agency has gradually been rebuilding service over the past few months. this class was very unique in the fact that we had to start off with the pandemic. we had to go through social distancing in the middle of it. we also had the tragedy over guadeloupe e r class. we lost it here to
5:43 pm
helping that situation out. the drivers were 100% cooperative, actually got even prayers and notes and whatnot. people saying thank you for picking me up. thanks for the masks. thanks for that sanitizer because people need to get places without us. they can get where the need to be like there's people. i got to go to dr people. i gotta make it to work. you know, people love it, and i loved it. those bus operators completed an eight week training program and we'll learn just under $19 an hour. about lying caught on camera in a front yard. that is no house cat coming up next. we're going to talk to a wildlife expert about this close. encounter in the north bed, and the temperatures dropped off a few degrees today as look at the cooling trend that is underway. i'll see you back here with the five day forecast.
5:44 pm
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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walking on city streets and through yards just like you see here. it was spotted on this nest camera video sent to us by a viewer. this is near petaluma high school. big cap was first seen early this morning, it was headed west on hill boulevard and was later spotted on the hillside just beyond hayes lane and people we spoke to say this makes them a little bit nervous. they had some sightings in helen putnam park a few years ago, but i know we never saw him. but this is as close as it's ever been, a little too close for a lot of people. petaluma police say emergency crews were monitoring the mountain lions movements. they're warning anyone who sees the animal to keep their distance and, of course, call 911 joining us now to talk more about this latest mountain lions, citing his arm mcdonald, biologist and director of the bay area puma project. thank you so much for being here. mountain lines we all know they're around, but it seems we're seeing them in more populated areas more often. why
5:47 pm
do you think that is? well it's all about habitat, so they've lost or their habitat has become way more fragmented. and so the lions are having a hard time actually moving from patch to patch. and so it's just become tricky for them, and it's never intended, uh for them to end up in a town and frankly, i'm i'm a little surprised. we haven't seen this more in north bay because we have really nice quality habitat, both sides of one and sonoma we know has a healthy small population of mountain lions. and marin has a very small population, so it's it makes sense they would try to connect. and this this cat looks like a pretty young cat, so it may be a dispersing cat. and that means he may be looking for new territory, so that might explain why he's trying to move through these
5:48 pm
these areas of human development. by mistake. really do you think that any of this has to do with the drought? because you're probably a bit. i mean, there's a lot of shift in wildlife movements with the drought, so the lions follow their prey, and they're also looking for habitat where there's shelter and water source. and so they're following the prey, so it. you know it could well be related. i think it might have something to do with it. but again, it's ultimately about the loss or fragmentation of habitat. ok, so given that do you think that we will see more of these close encounters throughout the summer? i don't know. i think they're they're really adept at avoiding human areas. we see a lot more of this in san mateo with our work down there and lions are removing quite often through those areas. um however, there's not really any
5:49 pm
incidents. i mean, i think you know they usually move through at night, and that's the most typical time for them to be traveling. and the advent of these cameras that we all have at our homes now really are showing us what's always been happening. um but we just weren't we weren't privy to that data. until now. so despite the sightings being attacked by a mountain lion is a rare occurrence. remind folks what they should do. if, in fact, they see one of these big cats in their front yard backyard yard. well the chances of seeing one actually in person are so incredibly small that it probably will never happen. they don't want to meet you and we are not on their menus, so i think their their goal is to stay out of sight. but if you do happen to see one, chances are the cat is moving away from you or will will. out of sight before you can actually verify that it was a lion. um but, you know, be aware and alert and make sure
5:50 pm
that the cat has a wide berth to move away. and i think everything you know tends to be fine. no cat is interested in pursuing a human normally. all right. good advice there and appreciate you coming on the show tonight. thanks so much. yeah mandatory water restrictions are now in effect in santa rosa. because of the drought, people are now being told to reduce their water use by 20% up until now, santa rosa was under a voluntary water conservation order. the new restrictions include no water served in restaurants unless requested irrigation only overnight and no hosing down of sidewalks, driveways and patios. jennifer burke, director of santa santa rosa, water explains why they were forced to take this step. a sonoma water who's our wholesale water supplier received an order from the state that required them to reduce their diversions from the russian river by 20% they supply water to us and let us
5:51 pm
know that they now have a shortage of water supply. violators will get warnings from the utility first by repeat offenders could have their water service shut off as punishment. hurry and i would make the suggestion. we should all be conserving water, even though it's mandatory in santa rosa. i think based on the rainfall and the situation we're in. i think we all got to get in the habit of. of and i think we are. i think barry does really well. i've looked at some of the numbers and bay area. i think it's like 50 gallons per day per person, which is back like in the central valley. they're using 100, gallons 100 and 50 gallons a day. los angeles 100 gallons a day, so we're pretty good, but we've got to get in the habit of doing it even more. okay, so, um. the onshore winds are good, right? that's what we got. good. strong flow. temperatures are on the mild side because of that, and it's exactly what you want to see. we got a nice deep marine layer as we talked about earlier and that's setting us up with this at the san francisco airport, which is low clouds, fog and a
5:52 pm
lot of push into the inland bay valleys, which again puts cal fire a little bit at ease, and you got the right winds blowing the right way, right? the winds you get wind. it's going the other way, right? these are west winds could see the arrow is pointing towards east so the wind blowing from west to east the west wind. but if those arrows are pointing straight down or northeast, coming from the north and going towards the south, that's bad. that's five high fired and that's red flag warnings. so when directions everything this time of year, and with this wind direction, the advantageous one. the low fire danger one. we've got a good, strong, onshore push of air. we've got greens, which represents to me the sea breeze to some extent with a higher humidities, obviously, and just a better atmosphere for her. prevention of fires 10 degrees cooler in fairfield right now, 11 degrees cooler and liver more than it was last night at this time. what do we got? we got some thunderstorms. bunch of showing up down around mammoth lakes north up to, uh, bear valley. you can kind of see him here. i'll pop in a little closer in the last few
5:53 pm
minutes. a lot of those showers they die down. there's not as many now, but they died down, obviously, as the sun angle gets lower, most them are dying out. but obviously concerns for fire up there. the lava fire started by a lightning strike and a lot of this fire. remember last here all the fires we had in the year before that from lightning strikes, so something to think about, but it's staying clear of our area. we're sort of in the middle of everything. you know. we've got big heat to the north. thunderstorms to the south fire danger to the south and east to heat in the east. and for us, we've got just this nice tongue of fog pushing into the bay valleys can be foggy tomorrow morning and temperatures are generally going to be about where they were today, which puts san francisco for a daytime high, probably about 64 degrees. something like that would be pretty nice in san francisco. go around the rest of the area. you're going to find temperatures like these with the fog burning off quickly, you're going to see the sea breeze represented by greens and yellows, and where the heat is inland. that's where it stays. 87 will be one of the hotspots for us are generally don't know hotter spots like anne ocher
5:54 pm
or conquered and then the five day forecast, which is getting you to your holiday weekend. the upshot to this is, you know, we're going to the fourth of july weekend, which i really dislike the firework component of it because of fires. it's just dangerous. thing to do in a state like ours, but we have a pattern that cal fire's excited about because you're looking at temperatures, at least in our general area and humidities that are not red flag warning concerns. so that's some good news, i guess. and so the rest of this week is going to end up like the first few days of the week, so i'll see you back here at six, and we'll update this stuff. all right, look forward to it, bill. thank you. police say a woman suspected of causing a massive crash during the torture fronts bike race has turned herself in and is now under arrest, the woman waved a sign in the path of writers right there on saturday, a clipped a german writer who fell to the ground and caused dozens of other cyclists to crash. this was one of the worst accidents to take place during the tour. the woman had her back to the writers and
5:55 pm
says she was showing the sign hoping to get on television. so her grandparents would see her right off. so i'm here. it was a decision that seemed inevitable, even though the opposition staged a hunger strike coming up next, the final outcome in a back and forth that pitted the south bay flea market against a major development. welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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shrink the size of a very popular flea market that has been in the area for 60 years. ktvu elissa harrington tells us what's next for those vendors. this is the site of the center of the dispute between vendors with the berryessa flea market
5:58 pm
in the city of san jose, the city council approved a huge urban development project called the berryessa urban village, but more than 400 flela market vendors set up their stands here and depend on the market to pay their bills. the project will shrink the market by 10 acres, leaving it one third of its original size. under the deal, landowners will put $5 million into a fund to help vendors relocate. this is the beginning. um not in. and that i'm hopeful that under the city's advisory group that we're able. to really incorporate the input from the various simply market association. flea market vendors have been fighting the project for months. they even went on a brief hunger strike last week to delay the vote. but now the project has the green light. the san jose city council voted unanimously to rezone the area for the berryessa bart urban village. a mixed use village will include thousands of homes, workspace and retail right next to the new bart station. i think in
5:59 pm
the spirit of obviously collaboration and negotiation, uh, not completely pleased with. i think the outcome attempted to get. what i felt were some important friendly amendments. but i do believe that we have likely gotten this as far as as it's going to go. and uh and again i appreciate how far we've come since just last week. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the san jose mother accused of killing her seven year old son and dumping his body near a trail outside las vegas has now reportedly confessed to strangling the boy, according to a prosecutor. she essentially said that she became frustrated with the child and strangled. samantha moreno rodriguez made her first virtual court appearance today
6:00 pm
in las vegas. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm mike mibach julian franker off tonight, and during that hearing, we didn't learn new details about the death of seven year old liam, who's dead. ktvu is andre senior will join us in just a bit with the latest on that case, san francisco police are asking for the public's help in a homicide investigation. investigators are trying to find a red dodge ram pickup truck. there it is on your screen. they say it's in connection with the deadly shooting. that happened yesterday. just about 4 30 in the afternoon, right near keith street and oakdale avenue in the bayview officers arrived to find 32 year old thomas o'bannon, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. anyone with information about the case is asked to contact san francisco police. san jose is now the very first city in the nation to require gun owners to compensate taxpayers for firearm violence. the city council unanimously passed a series of draft gun violence reduction or sentences last night. mayor sam liccardo says that these measures are certain to be challenged in court by
6:01 pm
gun rights advocates


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