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was damaged, cutting the power hello again. i'm andre senior in for frank. and i'm julie julie haener. thousands of dollars have been raised, but it is not nearly enough new tonight. ktvu demagogues joins us now live from richmond to explain emma julie, paying for and installing a new cable is a million dollar project. so tomorrow the light station board is meaning to consider an off grid solar solution for much less money to help pay for that local rest. restaurants bars and cafes have started their own fundraising efforts, and they shorted out and it fried the cable. this is a piece of the 30 year old underwater cable that broke off the east brother light station in april, killing its main power source. we've been scrambling ever since to figure out what to do. richmond mayor tom but leads the board of directors of the nonprofit that supports the lighthouse. in the last couple days, he says, an electrician spliced what's left of the broken cable and restored power for now, since for two tenuous. uh you know
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whether it's gonna last or not, we don't know. but for the time being, we actually do have power back a relief for the lighthouse keeper who has been living there during the pandemic, keeping the generators and navigation light up every night. no matter what. was killing barca eucalyptus trees for kindling. she started a go fund me that's raised more than $80,000 to help restore power to the lighthouse, but they're nowhere close to the roughly 200,000 they need they seem insurmountable. but i just. i don't believe that that this community is going to let. anything happens, community businesses are stepping up. catahoula coffee is selling a special white house blend of coffee beans, tokens for free tacos at the restaurant down the street and merchandise with proceeds going to the lighthouse. it's not that we're gonna set the world on fire between some small businesses in the air, but it's nice to create the awareness. the
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factory bar is doing the same and created a custom lighthouse cocktail for the fundraiser. one way or another. i think we're going to open up one way or another. we're gonna get some power one way or another. there's a future for each brother light station. we don't quite know what it is, but i think that's where we're headed it at tomorrow's special board, meaning the board will decide if the temporary power solution they have right now is enough to reopen the bed and breakfast by the end of this summer. if so they'll want to start rehiring innkeepers later this month, julie magus reporting live for us tonight in richmond, emma. thank you. a man from marin county who is attempting to become the first person to travel from california to hawaii alone in a kayak has now abandoned his trip because of equipment failure. the sea anchor prevents the vote from being parallel to their waves. and that's when they hit you sideways and they make you tumble and capsizing. you could
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hurt yourself and eventually, you know, have a big issue with the boat. cyril darom. oh, called off the journey 70 miles west of santa cruz early this morning, a u. s. coast guard helicopter, then hoisted him to safety. he had to abandon his kayak and is now trying to figure out how to recover it today. the san francisco police department released new numbers showing a spike in hate crimes. the numbers come the same day, a popular cafe in the mission district was vandalized with anti semitic messages. ktvu disaster. smith joins us live from sfpd and azenith smith many hate crimes have there been so far this year. well andre 28 reported hate crimes this year, and that's just what's been reported. we know oftentimes people don't call police. thdenonymous tip line to nine languages. outside manny's in san francisco's mission district sunday, those walking by and dining out had an unsavory view words spearing heat and big blue letters,
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racist pigs and free palestine on this jewish owned venue promised me out and it's right next to my yoga studio love story, and that's how it should be. it's not comfortable to see. yes see these messages. um, at the same time, i guess i'm also kind of used to seeing a lot of graffiti in the mission, according to the latest crime data from san francisco police the city has seen, 28 reported hate crimes this year, the police chief acknowledges there's been other violent acts toward communities of color that may not meet the legal definition of a hate crime of the 28 crimes. the majority are anti asian, 39% anti black of last year. san francisco saw 48 reported heat crimes, one report every 7.5 days. we are introducing a malt. bilingual hate crime tip line, a tip line expanded to accept callers speaking nine languages, blasting on yet see
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putin watch our but it is cantonese, mandarin, spanish to golic. russian japanese, korean, vietnamese and thai asian american community leaders rallied for it. we all recognize. that he does not discriminate. it affects all of us. we hope that this will help us solve some of the hate that's going on in our community, and almost deserted chinatown sunday. i think there are a lot of people that are afraid to report either that you know english isn't their first language, or they're afraid of the police as well. this minneapolis transplant sees the tip line as a starting point to push out, hate, try and build stronger communities and helping with infrastructure, i think is a major thing, too, and like information, public information, i think a lot of these hate crimes are coming out of. ignorance and fear and again, colours can remain anonymous and this tip line is for non emergencies. if anyone sees a hate crime or any crime in progress, call 911 andre
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azenith smith reporting for us live tonight as a thank you. meantime, police in berkeley say two men were found dead in a downtown park today. berkeley side reports, the first man was found unresponsive near a tent at civic center park shortly after noon. he was later pronounced dead by firefighters. now authorities were still on the scene about three hours later, when another man was found on responsive and pronounced dead. a third man was taken to a hospital for medical treatment after he was found unconscious in a tent. police do not suspect foul play, but have not given a reason for the deaths. alameda county has changed its methodology and how it records coronavirus deaths% and that has caused its fatality figures to drop by 25% the official covid-19 death count in alameda county felt from 1634 to 1223 after officials changed the criteria for deaths to match state and national definitions. previously the county had included any person who died
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while infected with the virus, the alameda county public health department says its methodology change does not disproportionately impact reported deaths for any specific race, ethnic code or zip code. statewide more than 62,000 people have died from the coronavirus. first lady jill biden and dr anthony fauci visited a landmark church in harlem today that also doubles as a coronavirus vaccination site, because this is how we get the word out what everyone 12 and over to come get vaccinated. we're really working hard because we have to get back to life as normal. 300 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the u. s and now the cdc is encouraging teens to get the shot as a small but concerning increase in hospitalization rates among unvaccinated teens is being seen. we're gonna end this outbreak. absolutely certain death and the vehicle
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to ending it is vaccination. it's pretty. the visit was a homecoming of sorts for a doctor fauci, the country's top infectious disease expert, was raised in brooklyn. well, the u. s. has launched an effort to send millions of vaccine doses overseas as part of an international sharing plan, as charles watson reports. this includes 750,000 doses for taiwan, which reports china is hindering their efforts to secure vaccine doses more than 168 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, and as the country gets closer to herd immunity, the body of the administration is making global vaccinations a top priority. the president announcing an initial shipment of 25 million surplus doses will be sent overseas distributed through the united nations kovacs program. the united states is leading. international relief efforts in an open and
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cooperative spirit, 750,000 of those doses going to taiwan three u s senators traveling there this weekend after taiwan accused china of hindering their after to secure vaccines as the outbreak there continues. it was critical to the united states that taiwan be included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need. meanwhile, the cdc director in is urging parents to get their teens vaccinated after the hospitalization rate for those between the ages of 12 and 17 rose in april with one in three who were hospitalized, needing to be admitted to the intensive care unit. it's almost as if things have normalized and the pandemic just one away. the sad truth is, the virus is still around. and atlanta charles watson fox news. new information tonight on that civil lawsuit filed by east bay congressman eric swalwell over the capital riot back in
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january. the suit was filed in march against former president trump and rudy giuliani as well as alabama republican congressman mo brooks. but no one could locate brooks today. brooks tweeted that the complaint was served on his wife and that swallowtails team committed a crime by unlawfully sneaking into my house and a costing my wife swell. wells attorney told cnn that a private investor gator had left the papers with brooks wife at their home in alabama. the cars are one thing, but it's been a long time since we have seen 15,000 people in one place in the bay area coming up on the sonoma race. we handled the crowd today and we've got some big changes in our weather coming. we've got some temperatures that are about to drop and also a wind advisory kicking in tomorrow. i'll have details. your weather's next. and going to the movies is no longer a thing of the past. coming up next
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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you at 11 tonight, conjuring three tops a quiet place to as movie going picks up again. the conjuring the devil made me do it earned an estimated $24 million, making it the biggest r rated opening of the pandemic. this chapter is based on the true story of a murder suspect who used his demonic possession as a defense in court. meantime paramount's a quiet place
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sequel took in $19 million, bringing its domestic total to more than 80. eight million. experts say this is a hopeful sign for the box office just in time for the summer movie season. well today, the bay area had its largest gathering since the beginning of the pandemic. sonoma raceway hosted a nascar cup series event that brought in thousands of spectators. ktvu greg liggins tells us about the benefits of having this type of event. sonoma raceway has reawakened with the sounds and smells of race cars after covid brought it to a screeching halt in march of 2020, definitely surreal to be here. it is definitely really cool. just because you know people are back stated it's outdoors and it's strange to think about a year ago. it didn't happen at all. after a year of near hibernation, the sounds of an f 15 fly by and the roaring of engines following the drop of the green flag signaled the start of the nascar race. and
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the beginning of the bay area, hosting big events again, drawing in crowds to help refuel the local economy. they filled up the hotels. they're filling up the restaurants. they're buying their groceries here. they're signing up for those wine clubs and bringing home that good. great from sonoma valley. for some, this is their first major outing in more than a year. yes it is. yeah first time stepping everything with more than 20 people, but it was a bit different this year. all tickets were digital vending was cashless and there were socially distant seating pods in the stands so crowd size was capped at 33% bringing the capacity size of 47,000 down to 15,600 there's more room to move around, actually like it a lot. many told us they've been vaccinated and this outing, although not quite normal, is helping to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. we love people watching. we love watching everybody have a good time and we're having a blast. right, amelia? yeah it's great to be back. the next big event lined up for sonoma raceway is drag racing the n h
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r a sonoma series starting on july 23rd track officials say they are still waiting to see if revised covid safety guidelines after june. 15th will allow them to operate at full capacity. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. bart is adding more trains to its schedule starting tomorrow. bart says it is adding 26 more weekday trips to its schedule on the yellow, green and red lines. the edit trains are on the edges of the morning and evening commute periods. bart is also adding 16 more trips on saturdays service currently runs until nine o'clock every night, bart says service until midnight won't return until the end of august because it still needs to hire more train operators. and station agents. san francisco city hall will reopen to the public tomorrow for the first time in 15 months, most city hall offices will reopen their doors for in person services, such as obtaining birth certificates applying for marriage licenses and paying property and
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business taxes. the building will be open weekdays between eight am and five pm all city hall. visitors must wear masks. and stay six ft. apart from others tomorrow, the fda is expected to announce whether it will approve a new drug for alzheimer's disease for the first time in nearly 20 years, the agency will decide the fate of a drug which aims to slow progression of memory problems early in the disease. it would also be the first treatment on the market that attacks the progress of the disease instead of just easing the symptoms. however critics say the benefits of this alzheimer's drugs drug rather does not outweigh its safety risks, which includes bleeding and swell. in the brain, all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. now we have had some warm temperatures yet again today inland getting up to the upper eighties and spots we're about to see all of that change as a front moves through and those temperatures head down, and we also have some wind to go along with it. let's start where we are with the temperatures tonight, which is oakland about 56 degrees 52 in san francisco. so fifties
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around the bay, but a few sixties out there, too, in places like santa rosa and san jose. they got a little bit warmer today. so what we have going on is a front that's delivering some rain up to the pacific northwest. no rain for us, as is the usual but this frontal passage is going to bring us a little bit of wind ahead of it. and then cooler temperatures after it passes us by so the wind is already starting to show up a little bit in sfo. you can see we had gusts upwards of 40 mph earlier now it's about 29 so not too bad. we're about 31 miles. row gusto and fairfield and you can see conquered 28 mph. so there's some of that wind out there. so a couple of systems out in the pacific so this one that's first going to roll through here is that we're going to deal with tomorrow and unfortunately, the wind is going to be at the level of a wind advisory so that northwest wind that advisor is going to kick in about noon tomorrow. it looks like the heaviest winds going to show up kind of later in the afternoon is for the north bay mountains, also the coast of sonoma, marin and san mateo counties, also including the city of san francisco, and then the east bay man.
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mountains and hills, and we could see gusts upwards. you know 35 45 mph. so let me show you how this works out in the wind forecast going to future cast year look through and you can see as we get into tomorrow. and you know, a little windy at the coast within it really pushes inland as we head into the late afternoon early evening tomorrow, so there's seven o'clock and you see, you know, now at at the coast and sandra father looking at 43 mile per hour wind, and it just kind of continues until we get into tuesday, and then it does ramp down at that point, so tonight we're to call it breezy, relatively clear out there a few little clouds around the bay but not bad temperatures in the upper forties and low fifties and tomorrow this is where the big difference is going to be felt inland. you're gonna see temperatures in santa rosa that we're at 87 today are going to get into the upper set. twenties tomorrow. san francisco not quite as dramatic right cause you weren't as warm today, but you can see conquer, dropping about six degrees in san jose, about nine degrees. this is a wider look at the highest tomorrow and, you know, notice even inland where we normally see the heat. we're not going to get out of the seventies, so a little bit of a difference. the coolest day of the week looks to be wednesday when we'll be looking at
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inland, not even getting out of the sixties. and then we'll warm up again as we head towards next weekend, and julie andre, we do have a slight chance next weekend of a few, maybe north based sprinkles. i wish it was going to be widespread rain event, but i don't think it's going to hold together. but i'll certainly keep an eye on it goes back to you. all right, kyla. thank you, the east space city of fremont tops the list of worst cities in the country for staycations. that's, according to a new study from the financial advice site. wallet hub decided an average rating on swimming pools per capita and not enough frozen yogurt and ice cream shops as a reason for the low ranking. honolulu took first place san francisco ranked third in years past while it have his ranked fremont as the happiest city in the nation, and the least stressed. coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap joe fonzi jason appelbaum will have more from the olympic club in san francisco as the elpida's biggest major, the u. s. open wraps up first after the break, san francisco's castro district
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is known for its cultural culture, vibrant nightlife and political activism. why some are concerned, the lgbtq neighborhood is losing its identity. i'm also looking around and even my own friends and who are also gay, and that's like i'm seeing that they're getting another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses, and you can get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a great offer, and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time,ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. hiv medicine is one part of it. honoring and celebrating the lgbtq community. but in san francisco, some say they're
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worried that the castro district is losing its prominence as the city's cultural center for gays and lesbians. ktvu kristen captain tells us about the effort to maintain the castros cultural identity, san francisco's castro district is a thriving neighborhood with clear cultural ties to the lgbtq community. but long time residents say the area is losing some of its lgbtq members. making way for straight families. i like playing with the kids, you know? and darling talk darlings on the sidewalks. it's just but it's just, you know, i'm also looking around and even my own friends and who are also gay, and it's like i'm seeing they they're going to, you know, live in the neighborhood. what do we was castro's roots with the gay rights movement began after world war two when working class families moved out and gay men moved in the lgbtq population continued to grow through the 19 seventies and into the 19 eighties, when the aids crisis hit. historian terry bestwick from the glbt historical society says as gay men died, non gays began moving
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in that displacement continued and accelerated over the decades as housing prices in the area increased. we've been seeing gaber hoods, uh, being lost in major cities all across the country for some time, and so. so yes, the castro as a gay identified neighborhood is definitely under threat. best book is worried that the castro could diminish as a destination for lgbtq youth as it was when he came to the city in the early 19 eighties. other young people like me were able to find a cheap place to stay. we were able to go to school become activists all on. salary of bussing tables or what have you, you know, and no it is. you know, that's not really a possibility. lyric is a nonprofit serving nearly 1000 lgbtq youth, and only about 2% come from the castro district. the organization says. that means the castro needs to be preserved as a safe place for lgbtq youth. i think it's
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important that young people still come to the castro. and see role models for what they could be as as adults as positive, healthy adults. the castro lgbtq cultural district is dedicated to preserving the cultural identity of the neighborhood. part of that means studying demographic trends, especially now, as the pandemic draws to an end to get an idea of who is moving out, and who's moving in the data. it needs to get updated. um i what i'm aware of is there were many evictions and many vacancies in the castro in terms of businesses and residents, supporters of keeping the castro gay say bringing people together in one area is empowering, economically and politically. supervisor raphael man, delman says it's important to strike a balance between maintaining the castros cultural identity while welcoming non gays and straight families, but i do believe that it is important to remember the
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history of the place. um, to be there for people who still need. gaber hood, uh, to meet people to gathered, organized politically nicastro lgbt q cultural district is working on conducting a study trying to assess the neighborhoods needs around everything from arts and culture to land use and housing. that's an important first step, they say in trying to preserve the neighborhoods culture in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news, and this is one in a series of reports in conversations will have throughout the month of june celebrating pride. you can see those reports anytime by visiting our website ktvu .com slash pride. julie so many great things to see as we celebrate the lgbtq community, andre, thanks and thanks all of you for joining us tonight. stay tuned because sports wrap with joe fonzi and jason appelbaum is coming up next. have a great night, everybody. good night.
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club does not disappoint. makes
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it and sasa is the u. s. women's open champion how a stunning collapse opened the door for a teenager to win her first major to all my friends and fans back in philippines sent japan i'm really thankful. starve your in jan's nascar returns to sonoma and the dominance continues for one northern california driver and his team. giants miss out on a rare four game sweep of the cubs, but still have the best record in the majors. while the a's head home after a loss in colorado, that doesn't diminish a successful road trip, luca brings his a game once again, but it's cool. why in the clippers, who are moving on after game seven, plus a thriller as u. s a battles mexico in the nation's league final sport trap


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