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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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apparently killing himself. los angeles county sheriff's deputies got the call just before 11 o'clock this morning about. gunshots at a small l. a county fire department station number 81 that's in agua dulce say that's about 45 miles north of los angeles, when deputies got to the station they say they found one man dead. they say he was a 44 year old firefighter engineer at that station, a second man of 54 year old captain was injured. he was taken to the hospital. investigators say the shooter was an off duty co worker, also a firefighter at the very same state. 81 about the time of the shooting. ah big fire broke out at a house about 10 miles east of the station. deputies say they found a body that they believe to be the suspect. it was outside the home in a pool with a gunshot wound. the fire chief spoke about the tragedy at a press conference late this afternoon. this morning when. i
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received the news. it was some of the worst news that i've heard in my career and is the fire chief. i've dealt with a lot of death and a lot of follow members of my department. you know, i've always prayed that we would never have a line of duty death. i never thought that if it occurred that it would occur in this fashion. you can see the emotion there by the fire. you can see the emotion they're being felt by the fire chief as he talks about to the two firefighters who were shot one dead, fire officials say they have not been able to go into the house or approach the body because of the fire and the danger so they are right now at the scene, an active investigation the fire captain
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who was injured went through surgery and we were told in the last update that he is in critical condition, but. doctors say that he is expected to survive the firefighter who was killed, they say had been a veteran of the department for some 20 years, and just a sad, sad situation. all right, jana katsuyama reporting for us tonight, jonathan q. for more now on the situation unfolding in southern california, fox news gina silva joins us now live in the town of acting outside the gunman's home. so gina what is the. latest on the investigation? well, me tell you were an acting. and this is the neighborhood where the suspected shooter lived and did the property that is behind those trees. you cannot see it, but i know that we have footage of it, and this is located about 12 miles from the fire station where the deadly shooting took place. the first call for help came out around 10 53 in the morning. there were four firefighters at station 81 inaug, little say that is about an hour and 20
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minutes from los angeles. there were four firefighters working at the station when an off duty firefighter. from that same location. same station came into the firehouse and opened fire. ah, 44 year old fires. firefighter specialist was shot and killed a 54 year old captain was also shot. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. he underwent surgery and we have been told that he is listed in critical but stable condition. now, investigators say the gunman then went home after shooting his co workers. and set his house on fire. investigators say they found the suspected gunmen dead inside the pool with a self inflicted gunshot won't of course, the big question is why why would this man shoot his co workers? and that is something that investigators are looking into their interviewing other firefighters and, of course, family members of both of all people involved, and i could tell you that firefighters here are expressing extreme sorrow and just heartache over everything that they've fixed.
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syrians. they say they see death all the time, but never in their own home. and it is just a tragedy that they never, ever expected in their own house. yes oh, no word yet about two guys in the studio. so gina, no word yet on a possible motive. he was off duty wasn't supposed to work today. have you talked to neighbors, people who live in the area. and if so, what are they telling you? you know, we haven't talked. we haven't spoken with the neighbors because we. where a new crew that we just arrived at this location. there is a lot of speculation on social media, and it's taking a life on its own. but it's something that we have not been able to confirm. all we know is that it was an obvious dispute between co workers, firefighters and it led to a deadly shooting and now two firefighters are dead and another one is listed in critical condition fighting for his life critical but stable condition. that is the latest a soon as we get more details, we will definitely let you know, but at the time. the motive.
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that's the big question. why did he do this? just briefly. can you walk us through what's happening behind you now at the gunman's how's it happened earlier today? around 11 o'clock? is it still a very active crime scene? are there a lot of law enforcement. officials on scene where you are? yes you can see that there is law enforcement here behind us. they're not allowing us anywhere near the property, but that property burned down to the ground and, of course, now we learned that day it was burned down to the ground by the suspect himself, and it's a property that it was massive. it was beautiful, beautiful location and firefighters at the time. i opted not to fight that fire and let it burn down to the ground. there's also a lot of concern that there would be explosives there. they don't know what they were dealing with. i mean, after all, this is a person who had just killed a firefighter at a station so they didn't know what they were dealing with at the time and they let the house. sprint
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down, and unfortunately, that's you know, that's the end of that. but again, the big question there's so many questions honestly as to what led to the shooting. what was the involvement of the firefighter who lost his life and also the other the captain who was also shot on is now in the hospital, so as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you. identities have not been revealed. and you know that's something that they have to wait until they notify all family members. yeah and sadly, strangely similar to a situation we just had in the bay area last week in san jose, were an employee went to his workplace, opened fire and set his own home on fire. gina silver reporting live for us tonight in the town of acting near that scene of that fire station shooting today. thanks for the update. we appreciate it. here in the bay area. deadly police shooting is under investigation in san jose, the
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man who investigators say was armed with a gun was shot during a confrontation with officers last night in the berryessa neighborhood. this was the second san jose police involved shooting so far this year. officials say that last night around 9 45 2 officers were called out as part of a follow up investigation to the in that neighborhood, and there was some sort of confrontation between two officers and the 31 year old man. one of those officers fired and killed him. that we're faced with the deadly situation. i'm just gonna put it that, frank. it was a very deadly situation that occurred here last night, which caused them to react in the way that they did. many of these incidents are driven. now the suspect's family members who were also inside the house of the time were ordered out and detained for short time. they say they have questions about the shooting. late today, we learned that there is surveillance video of the encounter and our jessie gary ourself. a reporter is with police right now working to get that video or at least find out what it shows and we'll have that for you coming up tonight at six, prosecutors confirmed
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today they will no longer seek the death penalty against scott peterson if he is granted a retrial. peterson was convicted in 2002 in the murder of his pregnant wife, lacey. a superior court judge is now considering whether peterson should get a new trial on the penalty phase, as well as a separate legal action over juror misconduct, prosecutors say after consulting with lacey's family, they decided to take the death sentence off the table. the next hearing is now set for june 18th several bay area cities, they're kicking off pride month by raising the pride flag in san mateo county ceremonies were held today and. both the cities of redwood city and belmont, the county's flying a different flag this year from the traditional one. the progress pride flag now includes black and brown strives to represent marginalized lgbt q communities of color. sam leon san leandro also held an event at city hall were it to raise the progress pride flag during the event, the city council announced a community race and equity task force. and sam leandro. police
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also promoted a new lgbt q liaison program, and san francisco is celebrating the starter pride month with a wide range of opportunities to honor and support the lgbtq community. davis. christian captain joins us now live in the city were volunteers have installed the 26th annual pink triangle there on twin peaks and christian is said to be illuminated in just a few hours. yeah if you're lucky, you'll get a chance to see it. but as you can probably tell, we are pretty well in here on twin peaks, just the neighborhood here immediately to the east of twin peaks. they'll have a good view of but you can look down from our vantage point here and see the triangle and the lights that they're going to be illuminating. this year as pride 2021 returns with some limited in person events, organizers kicked off this year's pride celebration gathering and marching in oakland. pride will be returning after moving to a virtual celebration in 2020.
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there'll be some live events, including a ceremony to illuminate the pink triangle adorning twin peaks in 2020. most things were canceled. 2021 brings the renewal and all the community energy will be back. there won't be a parade with you will still be play. mta community energy triangle, a powerful symbol first used as a way to target gay men and women by the, now, a token of pride, but the pink triangle is one of history's reminders of hate and brutality. so that's why we do it every year. we try and remember the gays who were forced to wear a pink triangle in the holocaust, so we wear our pink triangles that of camaraderie for those who are forced to wear them in the in the holocaust. while the pride parade that traditionally draws tens of thousands of participants and fans is off this year, dykes on bikes who traditionally kickoff that parade were on hand to say, even without the parade. pride will go long. they will be roaring up twin peaks with the pink torch kicking off the pink triangle lighting ceremony. we're all excited to be here.
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we're all looking forward to pride this year. it's not like a normal year, but it zobelle er i think than last year. this year will include a mix of in person and virtual events. pride movie nights are scheduled at oracle park, june 11th and 12th, the 45th annual lgbt q film festival will have online and in person showings and pride will be partnering with the african american arts and culture complex midmonth community members in san francisco say they're happy that pride has returned. it's an important time and i'm happy that is coming back. um i know it's gonna be watered down a little bit, but you know, it's a time for people to be out and having a good time trans opera singer briana sinclair says she's preparing for performance june 20th, she says pride is a time for celebration, but also a time for the lgbtq community and allies to work hard to ensure visibility and equality for all from being a homeless trans women, too. you living my
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truth and doing what i love to do is powerful because what we all do is to uplift one another. you we're expecting the ceremony to light the pink triangle to get under way in around eight o'clock tonight, indifference to social distancing guidelines that pink triangle is just an outline this year with 2700 led lights filling it in making it visible for 20. miles that is 20 miles. once the fog lifts, reporting live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. all right, christian. thank you. still ahead tonight, the santa clara county sheriff shows us new body camera video from last week's mass shooting in san jose. we will get an update on what we heard and saw coming up. plus, it is deadline day. excuse me for businesses in the south bay. the requirement to track workplace vaccine a significant cool down today 10 to 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. you can feel it out there. what's
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit people vaccinated in our state were than 37, a half million doses of the vaccines have now been administered here in california, and, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 151,000 shots a day being given in our state. that's down, though, from this same time last week, but more than 51% of californians are now fully vaccinated and nearly 13% have received at least one dose. marin county is now the fourth bay area county to move from the orange team. or to the least restrictive yellow tier of the state's covid reopening plan, and solano county is
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finally moving from the red tear to the orange tear. this means starting tomorrow that churches, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters will be able to increase indoor capacity. the state, though, is expected to do away with the tear based system altogether on june 15th that's in just two weeks. today is the deadline for businesses in the south bay to start tracking their employees. vaccination status. ktvu is marine naylor. tells us even the county, which is enforcing, it admits it will take time to gather all that new medical information. do you want me to check the email? read first cupcake factory in san jose. the owner isn't just tracking incoming cupcake orders. she's also now required to keep tabs on her employees. vaccination status. we're such a small business here that i've known about everybody's vaccinations anyway. tuesday marks the deadline for businesses and nonprofits to start tracking which employees have gotten the covid-19 shot and which ones haven't in a groundbreaking new health mandate in santa clara county. the county provided
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this form employees can opt out of disclosing the information and the data will not be submitted to the county. we think this is pivotal to being able to actually implement the guidance and safety recommendations from the cdc and from the state while this cupcake shop only has six employees, the county knows gathering data will be more challenging for larger companies. even santa clara county itself one of the largest employers in the bay area. i need more time to gather all the info but has met tuesday's requirement to at least ask employees. we're not gonna have 100% response rate today, but we have asked and we have followed up and we have followed up again. they are allowed to ask these kinds of questions. this law professor at stanford university calls it a creative approach. it does allow this 70 plus percent of senator clara county residents who've gotten vaccinated to return to normalcy, and it allows considerable choice. i love the part of people about whether to get vaccinated
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companies face up to a $5000 a day. fine if they don't comply. that county says there will be a grace period with warnings and they will only be responding to complaints. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. memorial day weekend boy, it was busy airports all across the u. s. the transportation security administration says 1.96 million people pass through security checkpoints on friday with another 1.9 million yesterday. the t s a says those two days make up the busiest for u. s air travel since march of last year, and alex analysts expect air travel toe continues rising slowly now that many americans are vaccinated against covid-19 and airlines are adding more flights today. san francisco mayor london breed announced her proposed budget for the next two years, which includes a large surplus city and community leaders joined the mayor willie wu wong, playground on sacramento street for that announcement, she is proposing more than a billion
5:19 pm
dollars in new funding to address homelessness over the next two years. that is on top of about $300 million that the city already spends on homeless programs each year. focus on what really matters. that's what this budget is about. it's about fulfilling the many promises we made delivering on fundamental change and lifting up our entire city. now. the mayor is also proposing funding for additional police academy class is expanding crisis response teams and continuing the city's sr. s core program. boy it was hot yesterday. i hope you had a nice holiday weekend temperatures. they were up there. a couple of 100 dates up in the north central valley red bluff and reading. which is this the records for the day sacramento tied a record 106 much cooler around here yesterday, even though we did crest 100 degrees, we had a couple one who was one of there is no record set. but just a very, very warm day with that heat advisory to spare the air
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day that's done. temperatures today have cooled as much as 15 to 20 degrees over yesterday. that is the story right much cooler today, plus that he. not away if he day was kind of a one and done which is really good concerning concerns for fire. danger. take a little bit of a break there, and obviously air quality. so you see this. he's coming in threes, right? we should get three days of heat or 2.5 days of heat in the fog comes back. so this was sort of a different kind of a deal. and it was early too, for sure. i mean, 100, i can remember 108 degrees in the valley. in the north valley anyway, this early in the season, even though it is june now, but still so what's happening? why did cool fog got deeper? the marine layer expanded the high pressure weakened enough it fall, got up and pushing in pushing lin tonight the next couple of days, and i think that's kind of the good news is work. of course, we're not looking for rain anytime soon, because it's summer almost. but we are looking at temperatures this week that are going to kind of. mimic what i'm showing you here, which means kind of cool around the bay that envelopes us and a
5:21 pm
higher humidity. higher fuel moisture helps the soil moisture to just kind of keeps things a little bit moisture. so the fire danger. never goes away. it's not over till the big brains in october november, but it helps. so this week coming up is going to be less of. ah stressor. i think then some weeks we're going to be experiencing as we go forward with the summer, right? we get 3456 days and rose from heat. right so that's not that's not this week. so as you look at the departures from yesterday, 16 degrees cooler in fairfield. 16 degrees cooler. hey we're right now. tomorrow's gonna be a nice day. it's just not gonna be as hot as it was yesterday. fog is back on the coast. i'll be back here with the details in the five day forecast in just a minute. all right, bill. thank you, the best golfers in the world here in san francisco coming up. next we go live to the olympic club for a preview of the u. s. women's open, including michelle wie, who's looking to regain past glory on her hometown course.
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s open. the opening round is coming up on thursday are joe fonzi, though, has been out there on the course today and joins us now live, joe. yeah heather, this is one of those typical summer ish days here in san francisco near the coast, which means it's been socked in all day. that's a condition that the players here will have to deal with it. you know someone who will have a lot of eyeballs on her this week is someone who knows all about playing golf in the bay area. michelle, we've we've. played her collegiate golf at stanford, and now she's a resident of san francisco lives very near by here, a professional golfer for 16 years now michelle wie has written her share of ups and downs. the 2014 open winner went from young fema nam to someone who decided to take a hiatus from the game because of a lingering wrist injury. during that hiatus, she got married, gave birth to her first child. and now as a. san
5:25 pm
francisco resident is reviving her game. it's a really cool feeling being here e mean, i guess just staying in my house is these two weeks is pretty nice. i've never had that happen before stepping away from the game for that long it felt like with my swing. it was really natural. it came back being an elite athlete in this part of the world has given we a chance to meet other bay area athletes like a certain well known warrior who. loves golf and has played a few rounds with we. yes such an elite athlete. he is justin alameda his own. you know, his athleticism. his golf game. you just really tell him we just had a fun round getting used to life under a microscope is a condition some athletes handle better than others. we can identify with the decision made just this week by tennis star naomi osaka to withdraw from the french open. my lows have definitely been well documented throughout the. years, and i
5:26 pm
thought, what? no, i only did. um this past week was incredibly brave, really appreciate the media covering woman sports in general, but, um, definitely has a player. it gets tough, especially after having a bad round. wie's last tournament win was three years ago. but since then her life has evolved into a lot more than success or failures on the golf course. so michelle wie launching a new chapter in her life. we're giving you a shot here now of one of the great finishing holes in golf. this is number 18 herod olympic club. it's a par four. very small green. as you can see. now imagine all around that green people, and that's where they'll be sitting all around that green once play begins on, there's some very high rough there as well. but you can watch it from the balcony to my right or you can watch it around the green, and as i said, one of the great finishing holes and all of golf. they'll do a practice. on
5:27 pm
thursday. i'm joe fonzi reporting live at olympic club. yes, sure is pretty. they're looking forward to the next few days. joe frank. you will hold a different kind of birdie on a golf course in georgia. take a look at this. ah golfer had just thank yous. but when a wild and apparently very angry swan took a swipe at him, the swan went on the attack, and the golfer had to run for safety. his friends are standing by watching the whole thing happen. they couldn't help but laugh. oh, my goodness. look at that thing. it's big. he demonstrated to bravery sacrificing himself for his co workers and myself, a bay area family says their son and brother died a hero by protecting people from that mass shooter at the v t, h e r. also ahead tonight linking pregnancy increased risk of depression and the covid-19 pandemic will talk with a stanford. after who conducted the research
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getting our first look at the law enforcement response to last week's mass shooting at the bt a light rail yard in san jose, the santa clara county sheriff's office released this body camera video today. it shows deputies making their way through the office is looking for the shooter. they eventually found 57 year old sam cassidy dead. with two self
5:31 pm
inflicted gunshot wounds. cassidy shot and killed nine fellow vita workers during a shooting spree last week. the sheriff says that she decided to release this video now because she believes her deputies training for mass shooting situations saved lives that day. the family one of the victims killed in that vita, mass. shooting is speaking out our crime reporter henry lee spoke with relatives, relatives of the longtime employee who says he saved lives, and henry joins us now. with their story, henry. yeah, julie. they say adrian baez, a should be remembered for his heroism. despite their pain, they find some comfort, knowing that in his last moments he helped save lives. he will always be my guardian angel. one by is a says his younger brother, adrian died a hero. his phone call saved my life. his bravery. saved his friends and i will
5:32 pm
forever be grateful to my brother. on the morning a gunman opened fire the guadalupe, vt. a light rail yard in san jose won says he got a call from adrian. both siblings worked there, he says, don't come to the yard. don't come to the yard. i asked him why, he says there's somebody shooting guns outside the building. co workers say they saw adrian and another worker running into a hallway. had they not run into that hallway. the gunman would have. gone into that room and possibly killed everybody else with them. during the phone call one then heard gunshots. when i hear it was a painful. grown it was him. he was hit. i heard him take his last breaths. the brothers have worked for vita for about eight years, adrian
5:33 pm
leaves behind his wife and their two year old son. he was a very, very genuine human being, he demonstrated to bravery. sacrificing himself for his co workers and myself. marius aviano told me she believes her son saved at least six lives. my son took them pull to save others. he did not know he was not going to see his child. i want him to be remembered as someone that is a hero as someone that cared about life, cared about people. come on now one tells me neither he nor his brother knew or had dealt with the gunman who shot and killed adrian and eight other vita coworkers before taking his own life. julie adrian baez was 29 years old, the youngest of the victim's reporting live henry lee ktvu fox studios. it's just a heartbreaking story, and we.
5:34 pm
think his family for sharing his story with us, henry. thank you, san francisco today began holding high school graduation ceremonies after more than a year of distance learning students at philips allah phillip and sala burton, academic, high school and low high school received their diplomas in person. the graduates at six ft apart during two outdoor ceremonies, that keys are stadium and family members were also allowed to attend. these are among. about 4000 seniors graduating from san francisco public high schools this week went out to a new study, looking at the effects of the pandemic on pregnant women. researchers at stanford found that from the moment the lockdown orders took effect here in california, depression surged with expectant mothers, nearly doubling their risk. a joining us tonight live his lead author, dr lucy kim, from stanford, doctor. thank you so much for being here. were you surprised at the elevated.
5:35 pm
rates of depression? we didn't start because of the fact that the covid-19 pandemics led to adversity and stress for many people that women they experienced, elevated to process and symptoms. we were surprised by the size of the fire. so, for example, it was almost twice as likely that women were pregnant during the pandemic had possible depression compared to women pregnant prior to the pandemic, and this isn't a big effect size in the context of psychology yet explain a little bit about how you went about conducting this survey. so we recruited women through online advertisements around the bay area, and specifically, we were interested in women who were pregnant on we ended up recruiting over 1000 women, 725 of whom completed all of our questions. you're an online survey. and so they answered questions about their
5:36 pm
experiences of it first need you the pandemic, like whether they have lost their job or whether they're prenatal. cara changed. as well as how stressed they felt about the pandemic. like how worried they were that they wouldn't receive social support when they had to get first, and they responded to questions about their mental health difficulties. and so we really appreciate all the women were able to participate in the study. yeah, because it really does shed a really important line here on the pantomime again pregnant women. how does all of this effect the pregnancy? so we know, of course, that this has direct effects on women, so depression increases the suffering of women and can have tracks on how they function in their life. like. um, their ability to engage with their work and caregiving for their other children. depression also has biological effects. s o, for example, it may be linked to changes and stress hormones and inflammation levels during pregnancy. that could end up
5:37 pm
affecting the fetus. and so while we're continuing to do research in psychology on those questions of how depression during pregnancy affects children, pre nearly. we do know that children who were exposed to stress prenatally are and did you end up in elevated risk for developing mental health problems themselves? okay so now that you show this link to changes in mental health due to the coronavirus response measures, what do you think we should be doing with this data? so first and foremost, i think this shows us that we need to be screening pregnant women and new mothers for depression when they see their doctors, this'll is a really important thing to find out, including things like. your blood pressure and your way we want to know about your mental health so that we can connect women with appropriate resource is. s o, for example, therapy or interventions to help them provide better care
5:38 pm
for their children. if there's depression is having a sex on that. further. we also really need national policies surrounding k family leave and child care so that all parents have the time and energy to recover from this pandemic and provide their children with positive environments. so the good news is that recovery is on its way. and it's possible that many of these women are now feeling a lot better, but it's still important to make sure that we have policies that allow them to thrive. indeed it is obviously this again shining a light on the issue and also showing just how important it is for us to provide help and support. thank you so much, doctor really appreciate your time today. thank you. ah local leader wants to make sure a critical lifeline of diapers to low income parents remain. stocked up during the pandemic, diapers and wipes were available to low income families in our state is part of an emergency supplies program. but that is ending this year today. e space emily member buffy wicks called on
5:39 pm
lawmakers to support her $10 million budget proposal to extend the diaper bank program, which says families have had to make some unhealthy choices of leaving soiled diapers on babies because they cannot afford to buy more. it's resulting in bladder infections, ut eyes, if untreated, can lead to meningitis, staph infections, it can impact the whole family. it's also terrible for the mental health of the parents. the proposed legislation would expand the diaper bank program to families in need across 50 counties coming up what will cities do with vacant land left behind of shopping centers closed the new pus rep. for blacr
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
newsome, attorney general broad bonta and secretary of state shirley weber spoke today at
5:42 pm
the task force and inaugural meeting. the group is looking at the institution of slavery and its present day effects. the task force was created as a result of an assembly bill, authored by webber when she was in the assembly. california is the first state in the nation to pass a law to create this type of task force. we came to understand very clearly that california has the ability and the power to do it. and it's not us. then who we have waited for almost 40 years for the congress to basically passed hr 40, and we're still waiting for them to take seriously the development of a national task force. you know, as our country reckons with our painful legacy of racial injustice, california again is poised to lead the way lead the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all right hand on the nine person task force will make recommendations to the state legislature. look at how operations should be awarded and who would be eligible? ah proposal was introduced today to change oakland's housing
5:43 pm
codes to make housing more affordable. oakland mayor libby schaaf announced the proposal and says the changes would address the soaring cost of building and increase housing options and affordability. one of the reasons housing is so expensive in the area is because it is so expensive to build it. housing construction costs have more than doubled in the past decade. under the proposal. the changes would include allowing rvs and tiny homes on private property and mobile homes in manufactured homes would be allowed in all residential zoning district's state lawmakers are also taking a closer look. now it empty malls for new housing as a way to address the housing shortage on a larger scale, one bill that cleared the state senate last week would remove the need to change local zoning and would allow developers to build houses in clothes, shopping malls and big box retail stores anywhere in the state that bill is now headed to the state assembly on the san jose fire department is trying to
5:44 pm
determine what set off an explosion and fire at an apartment building the list seven adults and seven children without home. flames and smoke were first reported around nine o'clock last night at the via monte, near the al majid expressway. tenants say they heard the blast and then ran to try to save each other. as i understand it, people heard explosions saw fire knocked on doors, and that's what alerted people to get out. that fire destroyed four apartments. three of them were occupied. everyone though, made it out safely. firefighters say the proximity of buildings and narrow alleyways made it very difficult for crews to put out that fire while the pandemic slowly comes to an end here in the u. s. where it began, is at the center of a lot of controversy coming up next. how determining the origin may go a long way to preventing the next mass outbreak. okay, so your dog's run after a bear in your backyard? what's your next move? southern. california team took bravery to a whole new level by going after the bear
5:45 pm
herself or this wild video coming up, i'm taking this and there is the fog said not sure that is really cool things off all over the area all over the bay anyway. temperatures down a good 10 to 15 degrees. what's good 10 to 15 degrees. what's gonna ha if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
5:46 pm
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last night for the first time, new york city bars and restaurants were allowed to stay open past midnight. business owners call this the home stretch for the hospitality industry, which in new york as in other big cities, was one of the hardest hit by the covid restrictions, especially for us in this neighborhood that we have a lot of industry people that come in. we were all finished at the same time. now they actually get to come out and relax, celebrate, you know, have their downtime to which all of us were kind of didn't have that. outlet before. i just feel like it's coming back to normal. it's amazing feeling the mandate for outdoor dining was
5:48 pm
lifted back on may 17th. but the city now says the outdoor structures that were put up by restaurants can stay up well as the u. s. starts to bounce back from the pandemic. some lawmakers want to know how the coronavirus outbreak started in an effort to stop it from happening again. as fox's lauren blanchard tells us tonight, china is pushing back on theories that it began in a lab in wuhan. on tuesday. china's foreign affairs folks person accused american politicians of politicizing virus tracing, calling it a moral and unpopular it comes is there are growing calls in the u. s to figure out where covid-19 originated and whether it leaked out of a chinese laboratory. maybe on the huge uncle. why are these people pestering on the theory of a chinese lab league without any evidence? to put it bluntly? they're just shirking responsibility for the u. s is failure to fight the pandemic and making an excuse to suppress and contain. china's development, the world health organization dismissed the idea that the virus began in a lab, but their study has been
5:49 pm
criticized internationally because of a lack of access. last week, president biden ordered intelligence agencies to ramp up their investigation into the pandemics. origins the administration says they want to know in order to stop another outbreak from happening. nearly 600,000 americans have died due to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. many republicans have pushed back on the theory that the virus originated in bats. republicans were told last year when they when they floated the lab leak idea that they were conspiracy theorists. ah growing number of gop lawmakers say they want to congressional investigation into the pandemic and any funding the national institutes of health sent to the wuhan institute of neurology. if a leak from the lab did china no and cover that up these air incredibly important questions that we absolutely have to understand. president biden gave us agencies 90 days to pull together their findings on covid-19 origins. he says he will release the report publicly in washington. lauren
5:50 pm
blanchard, fox news, drugmaker, moderna is now following fizer and asking the fda for full approval of its covid-19 vaccine in adults more than 124 million doses of the modern a vaccine have been administered in the united states approval. the vaccine will be based on six months of trial data. last week, moderna announced its vaccine appears safe and effective in children as young as 12. the company plans to seek emergency authorization for team. use. this month. already as we look at the pattern, there's that little pressure that cooled us off today, it's going to set us up with a cool week ahead as it sort of intensifies a little bit. i mean, not cool, just not hot, not sweltering, not red flag warning. no. oh spare the air days. it's just gonna be a more gentle climate as we go through this week as we go through wednesday through friday, so that's good news. i think the current temperatures, it's still pretty hot in the valley. if you look hard look past fairfield. there you'll see you have purple that those
5:51 pm
were hundreds that you're showing up up around red bluff and reading again, but see the sea breeze. yep, that's us. that's what that's what the fallout will do. it'll cool things down by this much from yesterday. 17 or 16 degrees cooler in fairfield, and then we've got that. you see the fog offshore, which i kind of like on ben, i think that we're going to see fog a little bit each day really right through the next at least through the next week or so. a zip at earn continues to just be favorable to a cooler weather regime, which is great compared to what we could have so typically will get. um we'll get numerous days of heat right? we'll get two or three. this was a one and done deal. so that's pretty great. you see the fog kind of slipping through. the golden gate bridge. there you see that finger of farm property that sea level gap at the gate. the fog will get a little further inland each night that facilitate cooling a little bit each day as we go forward, it's not gonna be cold. it's just not going to be off the charts hot. we had 108 up in red bluff
5:52 pm
and reading yesterday. 106 in sacramento 100 degrees around the bay area in the inland spots. not as hot tomorrow, so san francisco lunchtime. you're 61 degrees oakland or 65 at lunch. you end up in oakland in the lows, upper sixties low seventies. look at the fog footprint for tomorrow morning, right? yeah that's good stuff, still pretty warm in the inland valleys, but the fog footprint for us keeps us on the cool side, so you're going to see fog burned back, but slowly and then you're going to see temperatures. in the valley still look, the reds, even some purples down towards fresno, right? so we're in this little bubble of happiness where it's just the fog gets good gets going to get a nice onshore flow and we get temperatures that are bearable. and i have to say, um, the best thing about this is as you look at the five day forecast is the whole idea that this is going to be one of the worst fire seasons we've seen in a while, is certainly well founded. so when you have a five day that looks like this, where it's not off the charts crazy hot, you've you've got to be
5:53 pm
somewhat enthuse. so fired is always high, but this isn't gonna get your red flag warning. we will have those. but this isn't the week there's a five day forecast. i'll see you back here at six. thanks, bill. all right. it was a face off between a mama bear and a dog owner and this time when the dog owner came out on top that brown bear and its cubs were walking along the top of the wall in a yard in bradbury, california, you see it there that's just east of pasadena. well then, a bunch of dogs come running out to defend their home. and you could see the bomb a bear than starting to go into protection mode, taking swabs with this pause and dipping of the dogs below is out of nowhere, though their coast the dog's owner, sprinting into the backyard, pushing the bear off the wall before the bear can get back on top of the wall. this teenager yes, a teenager shoot the dogs inside and picked us the other. unbelievable yeah, really is crazy. president biden remembers the victims of tulsa essentially after one of the country's deadliest massacres.
5:54 pm
a mother rivera in tulsa, and i've got the details coming up and coming up with six new information on a fire that destroyed eight apartments in the east bay. the arrest today and what authorities say started a doll also knew it six and oakland high school unveils its newly renovated jim in. um h,
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
president biden is honoring the survivors and remembering the victims of two deadly days in tulsa, oklahoma, when a white mob killed hundreds of black residents and destroy their livelihoods. fox's madeline rivera is in tulsa with what the president is doing to try to help combat racial inequality and equity. excuse me here in america. president
5:57 pm
biden is the first president to travel here to tulsa to commemorate the tulsa race massacre, one of the nation's darkest and largely most forgotten moments of racial violence, and it comes during a nationwide push for racial justice for much too long. the history of what took place here was told in silence. cloaked in darkness. just because history is silent. it doesn't mean that it did not take place. it's a day of solemn remembrance for the hundreds of black lives lost in the tulsa race massacre 100 years ago between may 31st and june 1st 1921, a white mob looted and burned homes and businesses in tulsa's greenwood district, known as black wall street, roughly 300 black community members were killed and thousands more were forced into internment camps. hear the screams have lived through the massacre every day. country may
5:58 pm
forget this history, but i cannot. president biden has long pledged to combat systemic racism. he's using today's events as a catalyst for change in underserved communities with two new measures to help reduce the racial wealth gap, one of them would address in equity and home appraisals. the other would increase federal contracts with small disadvantaged businesses by 50% by 2026 investing $100 billion in minority businesses back think it needs to be. acknowledged that we have to do better in what we're doing far as supporting a group of people president biden and also met with three remaining survivors of the massacre. a just 101 to 107 to hear their stories and tell some other rivera fox news. this'll is ktvu fox. two news at six. did you handle the senate? clair county sheriff's
5:59 pm
office is releasing new body camera video of the moments that deputies entered that vt. a building buildings rather during the mass shooting last week. before sheriff's office. sheriff's office yourself matthis. you frightening moments inside those vita buildings in san jose as santa clara county sheriff's deputies close in on the gunman. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight from frank. that video was released late today. ktvu evan sernoffsky joins us now with more on evan, this video is truly gripping. that's right. sheriff laurie smith released this never before seen body worn camera footage of the deputies who first responded to the scene, and we're gonna play that for you now, but a warning. it's obviously disturbing. house tonight, okay? e got somebody down and find out what he does. the
6:00 pm
sheriff's office released this footage to highlight their departments active shooter protocol, they said deputies and officers arrived at that vita art in just over two minutes and immediately formed into a tactical team. the shooter sam cassidy, had already fatally shot nine coworkers and killed himself. his law enforcement closed in. one bullet even went through a window just feet from the officers. here's the sheriff from moments ago. will never forget those innocent victims whose lives were taken by a crazed coward. there were over 100, vt. employees on site that morning, and i believe the bravery of all of law enforcement personnel really prevented the loss of additional life. now this has been the worst mass shooting ever in the bay area, but is the sheriff laurie smith said, without that acti


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