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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 30, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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for our community, especially our seniors from ktvu. fox two news. this is the. four carl chan is the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce chain says his attacker knocked into the ground and yelled racial slurs at him. afternoon everyone and welcome to the four i'm heather holmes. and i'm alex savage. this is just the latest unprovoked attack against the victim of asian descent. our crime reporter henry lee, joining a slot now with the details on exactly what happened here, henry. well, it's called chan has been very, very visible leader. no clues. chinatown fact, he was on his way to visit another asian attack when he himself was knocked to the ground. we must stand together and your nights with love against hates carl chan is a familiar face as president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, but no, she's putting up cameras not only inside in recent months, he's been a
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visible presence, denouncing recent attacks against asians in the bay area. but he became a victim himself. although we're resilient one. my body is hurt my feeling a strong even stronger than before, and my determination is gonna be diminished because of this attack. it happened thursday afternoon. chan was walking your eighth and broadway in downtown oakland while running errands and getting ready to visit the nation assault victim without warning, he said. a man came up from behind and yelled racial slurs. my website. you know something? you know that. what i've been a chinatown with china men. then he was knocked to the ground. it just put a dressing earlier. his knee and hands were hurt, but chance stood up. he had two choices. chase a guy or what? also i take a picture. he took this picture showing the man calmly walking away. he then called the police using his photo officers arrested the suspect. chan positively ided him. i've learned the suspect is 25 year old james lee ramsey on the oakd
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mayor libby schaaf said she considers chan a dear friend in the statement, shafted in part, an attack against carl feels like an attack on all of oakland. i'm grateful carl was not injured further and that our police department was able to make a quick arrest. the bruised and battered chan says he's not backing down. i have the senate song and i want to making sure that i will be again. continue my fights against this kind of a crazy attacks. yeah, that suspect cruelly. james lee ramsey has been arrested on suspicion of felony battery. has not yet been charged by the d a reporting live henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, henry. thank you for the update there. today we learned that two people who were killed by a fleeing driver in san jose earlier this week the red of my k
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what i can incredibly sorry for what happened on. i'll live my life with ellman's plane deal also called for him to serve 12 years in prison, but the judge agreed to allow lamented to serve 1.5 years in
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home detention with an ankle monitor based on good behavior and time already served. the families and lawyers will have a couple of months to file any repayment request or supporting documentation. then the judge which will make the final determination and ruling of the total amount of that restitution. heather holmes so more steps in this process to come. all right. brooks jarocz reporting live for us this afternoon brooks jarocz town hall meeting today in alameda to discuss the death of a man while in police custody on alameda. police and city officials, including the mayor spoke with members of the group youth activists of alameda, mario gonzales died after being restrained. my police body camera video shows officers pinning gonzales to the ground while trying to arrest him. some people at the town hall today raised questions about the use of force, racial injustice and police reform. we want to see immediate training
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for dispatchers for officers on how to handle. 911 calls that involved substance abuse, mental health issues, homelessness, a combination thereof. what are things that could be done right now? alameda as police chief says that the cause of gonzalez is death has not yet been determined. the three officers involved are on paid administrative leave while this case is under investigation, millions of americans have now been vaccinated against covid-19. but demand for the doses has slowed now in certain parts of the country, as fox's jonathan serrie tells us public health officials say they're now working to try to get vaccines to hard to reach communities. a major milestone in the nation's vaccine. roll out the white house announcing friday more than 100 million americans are now fully vaccinated against covid-19, nearly double the number of people a month ago, the biden administration says it's
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working to educate people who still have concerns over the vaccine. our efforts are focused on mobilizing trusted messengers, which include doctors and nurses, faith leaders and family members to get information out to people. demand for the vaccine is going down in parts. of the country, los angeles officials announced friday that dr stadiums vaccination site one of the largest in the u. s, will shut down by the end of may, but public health officials say they expect vaccination rates to fluctuate given that we've succeeded in getting vaccinations to the lion share of those most at risk. those most eager to get vaccinated. we are now increasingly focused on other groups that will take time to reach. meanwhile a new u. k study finds that one dose of fighters vaccine may not produce a strong enough immune response against new variants unless someone has already been infected with the virus. the imperial college london, finding that people who previously had mild or asymptomatic infection had
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greater protection against variants from the uk and south africa, the end. immune response was weaker in people who had not been infected, researchers say the study highlights the importance of getting a second dose of the vaccine in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. i just disney land is back open for the first time in 13 months as attractions of the state slowly start to welcome back guests. super excited or nervous, ancient already landed, we're so excited already little, you know, it's gonna be worked on while disney fans waited for those gates to open chairman bob eiger and other top executives welcomed back cast members and thank them for their commitment. one guest made. what once guests made their way inside when we caught up with the san francisco family, bringing back 19 fifties disney vibes with matching outfits boy they were
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excited for their first trip back to the park. oh, it's so magical. they had a great set up along main street. all the cast members were giving us such a warm welcome. it's so good to be back. there are safety measures in place. guests have to use an online reservation system. the park is only open a 25% capacity, and right now it's only open to california residents with groups no larger than three households. 400,000 new coping cases in just one day as covid surged. the covid search continues to devastate india coming up, we'll have more on the new travel restrictions that have just been issued by the us today and while fires are already burning across california, coming up next we hear from count fire about what we should expect this fire season and how everyone should prepare. around the bay area
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house is going to restrict travel from india here to the u. s says coronavirus cases continue to surge in that country, the white house says it's making this move on advice from the cdc. the travel ban takes effect on tuesday, may 4th it does not apply to us citizens who are returning home from india or humanitarian workers. yesterday the state department issued a travel advisory against travel to india and urged americans who are their toe leave india another. u s air force plane loaded with medical and emergency supplies is now headed for india. it left travis air force base in fairfield this afternoon. the u. s is sending india more than $100 million worth of supplies.
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the c 17 is loaded with oxygen cylinders, n95 masks and covid-19 test kits. the u. s government is donating it through the u. s aid for international development all of the money and supplies is coming from them to go to india today. planes carrying the first emergency u. s aid arrived in new delhi today there among some of the planes that took off from travis air force base yesterday, as well as on wednesday. india reported nearly 400,000 new covid cases just today. the surge there may be due to a double mutant variants that circulating in the country. well, here we are. it's only april and firefighters across the state are already busy putting out while fires. the one is in calvary's county in the hills. of campo saeko, which is just northeast of lodi. the fire has burned about 160 acres, and so far it's only 15% contained.
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cal fire says that it is still looking into the cause of the fire and a brush fire in los angeles county is now 75% contained. that fire has burned about 550 acres near homes and passaic. they're also fires burning and lake and sutter counties. let's bring in cal fire deputy chief jonathan cox and. jonathan crews out there already. they continue to make some ground which fire right now is of the biggest concern. your head of the largest one that has been burning is the one in l. a county and that one is pretty unceasingly large for this time of europe. luckily the containment is up and cruise down there making good progress on it. but it's really an indication that we start to see fires earlier this season. we did last year, and we just we know how bad last year was. so where we are concerned. yes so, jonathan, this does seem earlier than usual. so this is in fact unusual. yeah that's
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right. just to give you some perspective, you know, we usually respond on average to about 600 plus fires between january and this time in april. every year. we've already responded to 1300 across california this year in the same timeframe we're looking at double the number of fires thaaverage across califor. yeah. which for us is concerning and also is really the reason we're trying to get the message out. now that fire season is quickly approaching on the time to take defensive mechanism. measures around your home is now. yes so what else are you encouraging people to do? i mean, obviously get prepared, but it seems like the message really is get prepared. now that's right. yeah. you know, we're taking advantage of it ourselves as firefighters by doing prevention measures, such as clearing vegetation and. in clearing roadways. for homeowners. it's really three important pieces. it's defensible space around the home. it's ready set, go having a plan to leave when the time
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comes, and, thirdly, what we really encourages, just checking with your neighbors and those in the community who might need extra time to evacuate and really make sure that you have a plan for them because you know we've seen in the fires of the last few years. the neighbors helping neighbors on the community members helping each other is just as important as having that defensible space when the actual fires do occur. yeah and we know that this has been an unusually dry spring followed by a really dry winter. do you think that that's why we're seeing these fires pop up already? yeah, absolutely. so our fires really burned for three reasons. it's either from the weather, the topography or the fuels. and right now it's the weather and the fuelse thats because the company called energy released components the actual moisture in the vegetation. critically low for this time of year combined that with the fact that we haven't had much rain, and there's just not much moisture in the soils were concerned that that could
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be indicative of an early fire season. on the flip side are grasses are not as tall so our fuel density per acre is down. but as we've seen over the last few years were really at the whim of the weather, such as the offshore wind events of the lightning that might come through later in the earth. yeah and jonathan, as we know the season used only peaks between july and let's say, november. are you concerned that it may peek well before july? yeah, of course. it's always a concern of ours. we're constantly monitoring the current situations. t o get the appropriate staffing levels in place. i think i wouldn't be surprised if we have increased staffing earlier on this year to meet the threats that we're seeing, but we get concerned not only for july and thing fors this drought in these record dry conditions are extreme concern to us and it's really going to take everybody's effort to help prevent and
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suppress these fires and another. we've seen a lot of moving of people here in the state of california. some people leaving is that affecting at all your ability to retain firefighters and make sure that we have enough. resource is when it comes to this fire season. yeah, that's good. that's good question, either. so we have ah, pretty robust hiring system in california for cal fire one of things that were actually very lucky to have is we have ah, profession that we usually see many times more applicants than we have job position, so luckily you know there are people willing tol take the risks that we do in fighting these fires on day again. we couldn't do anything without a robust work for so. it's not not a top issue for us. re all you coming on and, you know, best wishes to all of the
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firefighters that are out there right now. and you know, hoping for the best this fire season. thank you again. thanks. oh well around the bay area we see changes. today a temperature is coming down the onshore breeze little bit stronger. the marine layer a little bit deeper and this is a trend we will see as we roll into our bay area saturday. how about a look outside our doors at this time of view there, the golden gate bridge where you can see the clouds overhead you could see on the right side of your screen. you got a little bit of a breeze. there is well. also a switch in the pattern with temperatures coming down anywhere from a few degrees around the bay to several degrees in limp. let's check in on the winds first, where we do have that onshore breeze and fairfield reporting. 20 mph oakland sustained us 17. and a bottle of southwest breeze at about 10 mph. the temperature is outside at this time 54 degrees half moon bay is well, a san francisco so a bit cool for you. meanwhile around the bay, we've got 60 degrees in oakland in the inner east bay 74 right now in livermore in in
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the north bay. a nice, mild 73 over santa rosa. how much cooler are we today? down by 13 in nevada, the inner east. they were down by 11. that looks to be those two. look to be the biggest numbers. at least we see here on the screen down by two over areas over oakland and san jose, you are four degrees. former clue a cooler this afternoon storm tracker to showing you in addition to some low cloud cover along the coastline, we have met in high level clouds streaming overhead. all this brought on by a trop that is moving through and you can see even a little bit of green there on the screen north of california over areas of. washington or again, so that cooler pattern going to remain at least through saturday. temperatures start to turn around as early as sunday. here's a view of the future cast for tomorrow morning, we wake up, perhaps even a little bit of drizzle out there, especially along the coastline, and then we'll break away toe. partly cloudy skies for most of us away from the coastline for your afternoon when i come back a look at the temperatures for tomorrow and in the extended forecast another warming trend more on this in just a bit.
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49ers select trade lands quarterback north dakota state. was quite a moment last night coming up today. here on the four meet the newest 49ers. we'll have more on the team's first round draft pick and what his new role will be with the niners. also here's a look at what's coming up tonight. right here on ktvu. it's w w e. friday night smackdown! it all starts at eight o'clock. and then be sure to stay with us for the 10 and 11
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. quarterback of the future. to san francisco 49ers select trade lance quarterback. north dakota state, north dakota
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state's trey lance landed in the bay area late this morning and is now at 49ers headquarters in santa clara. the 49ers added lance to their roster with their first round draft pick. think the biggest thing for me is just, you know, learning that mutual little respect on that's earned, you know, especially as a quarterback obviously have to make sacrifices in the this is what i signed up for. this is what i love to do, and i can't wait to do it. but just for me, it's about shooting people the right way, leaving impact on people. that's that's bigger than football when you watch the film, and he's a quarter you see a such a true quarterback and every aspect of how he plays. and then you meet him like man. this guy doesn't have to be a quarterback. you go be a ceo of some company, then that's a huge compliment. it's a very impressive thing to watch his skill set. he has just how intelligence how he handles himself. um and then to know how he really saw his teammates. the 49ers say they wanted trey lance way back in
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january, and that's why they made the move last month to trade up from the 12th pick to number three in the draft. ktvu joe fonzi looks a tray lance and what this decision means for the future of the team. of the three quarterbacks the 49ers were considering it was their turn to pick north dakota state's trey lance is probably the most exciting but also may be the most intriguing and unpredictable of the people who were still on the board of that time. he's only 20 years old. number one. he's from north dakota state and as a redshirt freshman in 2019. he was the 2019 player of the year in the fcs. that's the college football's old one double a division. he led his team to 16 straight win. and the f. c s title without throwing a single interception that year. bison only played one game in 2020 covid delayed season, so he's undefeated as a collegiate. and i think there are two things that make him a zay said unpredictable, young, yet intriguing as a selection for
4:26 pm
the 49ers number one rookies who get thrown into the fire immediately have a very checkered history of development in the nfl. and the fact that jimmy garoppolo is still here and that lance will be able to understudy under garoppolo. that is the proven best way for a quarterback to develop. the other thing is, if you look in the 49ers division, where there's collar murray and arizona and russell wilson in seattle, the new trend to them or boulder quarterback guy who can hurt you with his legs and his arms. that's the type of quarterback that the 49ers have had nothing but trouble with in their last couple of years, and now, if you look in their division, there'll be three of those type of quarterbacks of the four teams in that division. so all in all, ah, roll of the dice, which any draft selection of a quarterback is, but i like this election, whose young, he's in its inexperienced but he's very intriguing. and the 49ers are gonna have to throw him into the fire right away. yeah. all
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right, with more adults vaccinated well, now the attention turns to teenagers coming up next, the effort of the south way to get more young people signed up for their songs. also we're now learning maura about at least four americans who were among the dozens of people killed in a stampede during a religious festival in israel. we'll have details on how this happened.
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this california family is on the job helping our state's recovery. you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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and help our state get back to work. covid-19 vaccine has decreased over the last week, and that not enough young people are getting their shots get busy, and reuben is here now and officials and are waging and all out information campaign enlisting young people to help. that's right in santa clara county, out of any group, young people represent the lowest rate of vaccination and also the highest rate of covid infection, and local leaders say that needs. to change getting the covid vaccine. it wasn't a hard decision for over felt high school senior andrea hernandez. it was actually really straightforward for me. i didn't really have any second thoughts about whether or not i should get it. that's not always the case with her peers, she says. hernandez social media misinformation is part of the problemquestioning e necessity of the vaccine for teens. that's where we get our main information from someone people lie. we're believing those allies and i think it's
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really hard until local leaders in santa clara county or trying to combat that toe fight bad information with good. they've launched a youth ambassador program 250 strong so far. first the teens get educated about the safety, efficacy and necessity of the vaccines, then they're encouraged to post online so now we're challenging them to come up with their own tiktok's and other other communication methods, some of which i hadn't heard of yet. at a news conference officials explained that amongst 16 and 17 year olds on lee, one and three have been vaccinated so far, and in the latin x community. it's one in 10. and so the county is switching its strategy. more walk ups more pop ups more evening hours. more weekend hours. we were coming to you. if you can't come to us, we will come to you. let me say to our young adults in our teens. it's your turn. now it's your turn. that's the message andrea hernandez is sending to her friends think about your health and safety and your community
4:32 pm
to then get the shot. you know, it's not always about just you was a person. it's about those around you and those that you affect around you. the youth ambassador program officially launched a week ago in partnership with the office of education. their next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. heather holmes message from the youth actually starts getting too young people. thank you so much and, well, the mass vaccination side there a dodger stadium in los angeles is now set to close by the end of may. mayor eric garcetti says that the side will wind down operations over the next month and left overdoses will then be redistributed tow walk up in mobile clinics more than 420,000 doses have been administered at dodger stadium since it opened back in january, according to the latest numbers, nearly half of l a county residents, 16 and older have gotten at least one shot. the state health department is launching new statewide tv ads
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to try to urge more californians to get vaccinated against covid-19. let's get you to this moment. is that it? yeah, that's a relief protection has got vaccinated. i've just got back, so we just got back to. hope so that we can get all these ads are part of the health department's let's get two immunity public education, campaign officials say the ads are designed to inspire californians to get vaccinated, especially those who are most vulnerable and disproportionately affected by covid-19. the number of people in our state getting vaccinated has slowed, but it is still steady. california has now administered nearly 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data. there are now over 337,000 shots a day being given out in the state. that's about the same as it was on wednesday, 39% of california's population of around 40 million are fully vaccinated and about 20. our
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partially vaccinated across the bay area right now, though some vaccination sites have plenty of supply, but just not enough people showing up. i talked earlier today with doctor orlando harris at ucsf's department of community health systems about this challenging time in the vaccine rollout and the most effective ways of convincing people who are skeptical to get the shot. the goal for us in public health and also in in health care is to be able to provide those information. toe move people along, and so when i think about like, folks who you know my cia vaccine clinic and they're just not interested at all for various reasons, we need to find out. why they're not interested, and so we need to have targeted targeted targeted interventions to reach those people to get them an appointment and to get them vaccinated. this is at this stage in the game. this is not so much about getting people the right information, the fax
4:35 pm
the data about the effectiveness of these vaccines and the safety of the vaccines. the information. is out there. this is about reaching folks in a different way. who might have really firmly held beliefs and skepticism about the health care system. and so i would take a step back and say i totally agree with you. and i think we see that with, um african american communities. we see that with other communities of color, and i think what we have to do and. public health is to confront the issue. the issue that's causing the skepticism to begin with, and that's the decades of mistrust that has been rooted in historical and of discrimina, so we have to confront that first, you know, be able to identify why folks are skeptical and not dance around it. and so hence why i don't like using the term hesitancy because you put it. you're putting that back. on the individual versus looking at
4:36 pm
some of the systemic challenges on some of the you know, i'll give an example. so you have folks who are interested in the vaccine, so they're very curious, and they want the vaccine. but. they try to schedule an appointment through the my turn system, and it's just not possible. and so for those people, it creates another layer of mistrust. when you're seeing other people who might be why you're more affluent who were getting vaccinated, but you want the vaccine and can't get it. i know you talked to me about the idea that folks who have not gotten the vaccine up until this point, it's not necessarily that it is a is a blanket. no, i will absolutely not get this shot. you know there is there is an opening, you know, maybe than in others. but can you talk about some of the instances where you had somebody who what was reluctant to get the vaccine, but you were able to convince them in one way or another, what would have been the most effective ways to convince
4:37 pm
people this is the right way to go? well and thank you for that again, alex. i will say that i would like folks to know that, uh, hesitancy doesn't equal refusal, so their ways that we can intervene with people to get them move them along to get vaccinated. and so i mentioned to you earlier that working on a project where we had several folks across the bay area in another city outside of our state. who when we spoke with him last year, there were not interested in the vaccine. it all and these were older african american adults and to find out a year later after meeting with them and talk with him again, majority of them if not all have been vaccinated. and so when we look like teased out, what's what were the reasons why you guys were able to move to get vaccinated are toe be interested in taking the vaccine. and the one common theme i think, and i think for us and public health, we have to capitalize on that. and thatd
4:38 pm
to see my new grandson or what i'm doing this because i want to see my family again. i'm doing this because. we lost a family member to covid. we had a virtual funeral and we weren't able to meet each other and celebrate that person's life. so now we're planning on meeting up as a family, so we have all been vaccinated. yeah giving people a personal reason in motivating them to get that vaccine that was doctor orlando harris from ucsf's department of community health systems. many people have been turning to food banks during the pandemic coming up next we'll tell you about the big changes that one local facility is making. to try to meet the demand. felt around the bay area this afternoon. we'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for your bay area weekend coming up. lise. fo5
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people killed in a stampede at a religious gathering in israelr station in new york says that 20 year old donny morris of new jersey was one of the victims. the rabbi of his congregation said the community is praying for his family thoughts is, benjamin hall tells us witnesses said that an exit was blocked as people tried to leave a narrow tunnel. just hard, tonto, understand and comprehend. we're learning more about one of the deadliest days in israeli history, at least 45 people lost their lives in a massive stampeded a religious festival. hundreds of others were injured, many seriously during the ultra orthodox gathering at mount miran, near the lebanese border to the north eye. witnesses say hundreds of people were crammed into a narrow tunnel when the panic started. some claim it
4:42 pm
was prompted by police barricades at the exit, partially trapping people in. side, the sealed everything off the ba. the front front that enabled over here, and usually you have thousands of people that exit peacefully and nicely, but others say there was simply too many people on the site was over capacity. this was the biggest religious gathering since israel ended its covid lockdown on authorities were expecting a much thinner crowd. there were approximately 100,000 people who is their. expectation was that it was for let's be less the issue. that was it. wasn't a small corridor area, both solano wide day of mourning has been declared for sunday on the first funerals and now underway even as officials work to identify some of the victims. mourners say they're still trying to make sense of what happened. we can only pray that god should direct us to do what we need to do to rectify the
4:43 pm
situation. president biden cold israeli prime minister netanyahu on friday to offer conduct fences and also american assistance. with the recovery effort in london, benjamin whole fox news. so many people across the bay area continue to face food insecurity because of the pandemic and the downturn in the economy, and that's why one local food bank is now planning to expand, hoping to be able to continue to help everyone who needs it. for more on this, we're joined now by two niece cross be the executive director of the san francisco marine food bank. so good to have you want here today, so. you are planning to break ground here soon and add about 32,000 square feet to your facilities in san francisco. how much of a difference is that additional space going to make? and how many more people do you think you could help? well, thank you for having us. you know, it will make a huge difference and we are building for what we
4:44 pm
need today before the pandemic, one in five of our neighbors in san francisco marin, we're facing hunger, and we saw the need to surge seemingly overnight. that need has continued. so now more than ever before, we need to make sure that this warehouse has the capacity to meet our community meet, you know, before the pandemic, we were distributing £48 million a year. now it's 75 million in a warehouse designed for 30 million, so now more than ever before, it's important. we make this expansion of reality, so we conserve our community today. you started for this expansion several years ago. i understand obviously well before the pandemic hit, but but obviously this crisis has added another level of urgency to get this project done as quickly as possible. has his the pandemic, you know, sort of compelled you to try to push the time line along on this. to try to get this done,
4:45 pm
the sooner. we'll absolutely and the reason it's so critical is because we know there is no vaccine for hunger. so what we must not fail to do is ensure that we are delivering food for our neighbors facing hunger that we're building community partnerships, and there were making this change of reality. it's expanded facility will allow us to welcome upwards of 20,000 volunteers a year help us deliver even more food and help us make more change possible serving up to 500 community organizations, so it's absolutely critical that we make this change happen, and we're delighted to be breaking ground in just a few weeks. so obviously, you know. ah, lot of folks we feel like we're in a pretty good place here in the bay area. relatively speaking, of course, in this pandemic in the bay area and beyond, in california, the vaccine rollout is going pretty well. it seems
4:46 pm
like more businesses are reopening, and hopefully you know that that, in turn leads to more people getting back to work here, but but it sounds like your organization is still seeing the same level of need from the community. when we're talking about food in security. what why do you? why do you think that is? and how much longer do you think you're going to see that that heightened level of demand from the community for food. well is a shared one in five of our neighbors were facing hunger before the pandemic, and that information is two years old. so we know the need is great. and what we've seen is that the demand for the services persists. we are going to be on the front lines of working to end hunger long after perhaps we no longer feel we need to wear masks mean this pandemic has brought into sharp and clear focus. the urgent. need we're ensuring that our neighbors have healthy, nourishing food, so we're on a
4:47 pm
mission to make sure that we deliver on that imperative for our neighbors in need, and that's why this renovation and expansion is so critical now. and helping us serve 55,000 households each and every week. the other thing that this has done is made certain that the ty working together, so we're excited about that impact that we can make through this expansion of renovation. yeah, even even as we turn the corner on the pandemic thatcurity issue to persist. unfortunately appreciate you coming on today. two nieces. crosby executive director of the san francisco marine food bank. thank you. have noticed the increasing cloud cover that onshore breeze is back and temperatures fell off in most areas. today we're going to hold on to that as we
4:48 pm
get into your bay area saturday. temperatures may fall off even a little bit more. we could wake up with a little bit of patty drizzle tomorrow morning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we have that onshore breeze. i helping us out when it comes to cool pacific air, moving all the way into the bay and for some areas of the delta stomped wrecker to here showing you we've got a mid and high level clouds up against some of that low cloud and fog cover right up against the coastline, and if i pull it back just a little bit. it's a trop that's going to be moving through northern california and the pacific northwest. that is bringing us this cooler weather if you look up the coastline areas it looks like south of the bay area, but off the coastline of us, central and southern california, you can see that clockwise motion so that ridge of high pressure has weakened just some and again in its place. this trough is moving in and bringing us cooler air. we will continue to see this, at least for the start of the weekend and then his begin to the back into the weekend. it begins to move out and temperatures have a little bit of rain even
4:49 pm
reported. it looks like over areas of oregon. so the deeper marine layer going to bring us that cooler air and the onshore breeze going to push it all the way into the bay and our inland cities expected to cool off a bit more for tomorrow, right now. still a warm winter brentwood 84 degrees for you. they're low seventies in the north bay of santa rosa and around the bay. we have 55 san francisco. are south bay 67 in san jose. tomorrow morning temperatures ranging from the upper forties to upper fifties in the north bay 49ers napa along the mid peninsula below 52 to start your day and redwood city and for the inner east bay 51 expected for liver more afternoon highs for tomorrow, right about average for most so far, inland cities will be a little bit above the seasonal norm. areas like santa rosa fairfield, antioch, but for most of us seasonal temp's expected for your afternoon tomorrow low sixties in san francisco. along the peninsula 72 in san matteo and for the east based 69 expected in fremont. if you're going to tahoe for the weekend, dry conditions here. ah very mild
4:50 pm
71 degrees right now over areas of blue canyon temperature's gonna cool here is well into the afternoon low sixties for tomorrow, upper fifties to low back here at home noticeay temperatures into the weekend continue to fall off a bit more. upper fifties at the coast upper sixties around the bay upper seventies expected for inland cities doesn't last, though a nice little rebound on sunday with bigger numbers or temperatures coming our way monday into tuesday, nearing 80 degrees around the bay into the eighties, far inland cities no rain in that extended forecast back to you. yeah okay, rose brink. i certainly wish there was some rain, all right. a row of cars with windows smashed in piedmontt we'll hear from o who woke up to find
4:51 pm
you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. now available in free & clear. when it's hot outside your car is like a sauna steaming up lingering odors. febreze car vent clips stop hot car stench with up to 30 days of freshness. get relief with febreze.
4:52 pm
several cars early this morning, more than a dozen
4:53 pm
vehicles had their windows broken. on monday, anna avenue and santa rey and carlson streets in piedmont and oaklande cars. it happened around three this morning when most people were sleeping. some woke up to the sound of breaking glass and car alarms. i came outside and my neighbor came outside. i called 911 because this car had been vandalized and has a look down the street. three other cars on that side of the street had their lights and alarms going off. all of our car windows have been broken. my driver's side window was broken. they rifled through the center console, found a bag of quarters and left it. i guess quarters weren't enough for them. so there's a lot of mean spiritedness here, fema police reminding residents to remove items from vehicles and to call police if they noticed anything suspicious vehicles or if they hear car alarms. bay area tech
4:54 pm
executive is spending millions of dollars of his own money, hoping to help deter crime in san francisco. chris larson is paying f cameras that neighborhood groups can install. the chronicle reports that castro upper market district is the latest neighborhood to consider them. the harvey milk democratic club is among several groups opposing this idea, but backers say there is overwhelming community support. the high definition cameras are installed on private. property and monitored by community groups of the organizers of the pink triangle on twin peaks in san francisco, say that the triangle will be lit up this year for the entire month of june last year, the triangle was lit up for three weeks using 2700 led lights, organizer's used lights for the first time last year is a way to continue the tradition while staying socially distant well before the pandemic. volunteers scaled twin peaks to construct the triangle using canvas. big
4:55 pm
triangle installation has been a part of pride weekend for more than 25 years. president biden in philadelphia celebrating the 50th anniversary of amtrak on lauren blanchard in washington, where the president says the rail the president says the rail service is a this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
4:56 pm
welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity and help our state turns into the scent of home.y is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
4:57 pm
one of the most important things you can do calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. again today, two pitches infrastructure plan, and he stopped in philadelphia to mark the 50th anniversary of amtrak as fox is, lauren blanchard tells us, the president believes the service will be critical for the future of transit. president body and flying amtrak celebrate their 50th anniversary at 30th street station in amtrak done just carry us from one place to know that opens up enormous possibilities. he was known during his time as a senator and vice president as amtrak
4:58 pm
joe for being a regular rider between d c and his home in delaware. friday's event was also a chance for him to push his infrastructure bill. the $2.3 trillion american jobs plan, which would include money to strengthen the nation's rail system. impact says it will add dozens of new routes over the next decade plus and improve service on existing routes. we have a once in a generation opportunity position, abstract and rail and inner city rail as well in general, play a central role in our transformation of transportation, economic future to make investments that could help american get back on track. no pun intended. while republicans agree that things like trains, roads and airports need updating through an infrastructure bill. they say the president's plan goes off the rails by considering climate issues and part of infrastructure. the administration says the infrastructure bill would be paid for by the made in america tax plan over the next 15 years by raising the corporate tax rate and closing loopholes. the white house says they will not
4:59 pm
raise taxes on those making under $400,000 per year, they say on lee, the corporation is going to pay pay for this and the you know only the rich are going to pay for it. okay. if you believe that i got a bridge to sell you, president biden's toward to sell his proposed spending plans doesn't end in philly. he'll be in virginia on monday in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, 1500 fires and counting already this year in california, that reality all too close to home in the east bay yesterday when the wind whipped fire burned into the back yards of several homes. good evening, and thanks for joining us this friday night. i'm cristina rendon. i'm andre senior. if you think there have been a lot of thought, well, fires already this year you are spot on ktvu tom vacar joins us from the scene of a recent fire that nearly got out of control. and tom, you spoke to cal. fire today about what might lie ahead. we won't shake. look up
5:00 pm
the hill here. this is what happened yesterday, and it left a lot of people shaken because they've got very, very close to losing their homes. and that's the problem even as early as it is in the year for firesind themselves playing an increasingly dangerous game of whack a mole chasing fire to fire and it's on lee early in the season. thanks to great firefighting in some defensible space thursdayghborhood along hillview drive, but it was a close call with a few residents losing out buildings but not their homes. the game for the firefighters to get through and i just saw that there's like a big, huge ball of flames in the back, and luckily they were all able to control it, and luckily didn't spread further into the house. i just got the yard. nonetheless the hillside wasn't scrub vegetation free. part of the city to keep that lower. aziz resident


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