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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 30, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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area asian american community was attached. we'll hear from carl chan for the first time about how police were able to track down the suspect. plus scary moments for a family in san jose. what we're learning up there, someone crashed into a home and took off. we'll show you the major damage left behind. also it's a big day for disney fans after the park reopens for the first time in more than a year, we'll tell you what to expect. if you're planning on heading down to the park in the coming months. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu. fox. two news that new. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach for the first time. we're now hearing from a prominent member of the bay area's asian american community who says he was the victim of an unprovoked attack. carl chan is the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he spoke about his experience just moments ago. ktvu allie rasmus joins us live with more on this story, aly good afternoon. good afternoon. my carl chan, the president of the
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oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, says he was walking around eighth and broadway in oakland yesterday afternoon on his way to check on a friend who'd been a victim of a recent crime when he says he himself became the victim of an unprovoked attack. it was the middle of the afternoon around four o'clock when this happened, chan says he heard a man come up behind him yelling racial slurs, who then punched him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. chan skinned his knee in the fall, but says he was able to quit. get up and take a photo of his attacker. he called oakland police and police were able to find and arrest the man they suspect was behind the attack. the man has only been identified as an oakland resident, but police say that they have they were able to arrest him on charges of felony battery was some making couple decision yet and chase a guy or what? also i take a picture, but i've been telling everybody that i said let's take a picture first. so i took a picture. he won't play far away. soro clea, call the police. but to me at the moment
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i was telling myself i have the scent of strong and i want to making sure that i will be again. continue my fight against this kind of a crazy attacks. chan and the oakland chamber of commerce have been very visible in the community and in the media in recent months, joining with merchants and community members calling for more security and safety after a spate of attacks on asian seniors in oakland and in the greater bay area this morning, chan was speaking about what happened at a news conference alongside other community and political leaders. those the group was there to condemn a bill in the state legislature that would reduce the penalties for some petty crimes and robberies. under certain circumstances, the group having. this news conference says that the bill sp 82 would harm the asian community because of the recent rise in robberies and attacks impacting that group. ah senate committee in sacramento has scheduled a hearing on the future of that bill for may 20th reporting live allie
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rasmus ktvu. box two news, despite the trauma still able to take that photo, which led to an arrest, ali thank you. now to southern california, where disneyland is back open now for the first time in 13 months as attractions in our state begin to reopen and welcome guests back, super excited, nervous, ancient? yes we're so excited, already bright little well, disney fans waited for the gates to open chairman bob iger, another top executives. welcome back the cast members and thank them for their commitment. once guest made their way inside. we caught up with the san francisco family, bringing back 19 fifties disney vibes with their matching outfits. they say they were so excited for this first trip back to the park. oh, it's so magical. they had a great set up along main street. all the cast members were giving us such a warm welcome. it's so good to be back. with both disneyland and disney, california adventure now reopened reporter mario
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ramirez his details on some of the changes visitors will notice. disneyland we know has been busy updating some of its classic rides and attractions haunted mansion pirates of the caribbean. snow white's enchanted wish, and a lot of them have new themes and new landscaping to add to the experience. disney's reopening was postponed several times during the pandemic, but it's finally here and definitely some major changes. his guests have to use an online reservation system. the parks are only open a 25% capacity, and right now they're only open to california residents with groups no larger than three households. and that was mario ramirez reporting as vaccinations continue across the country, more cities and states are loosening up those restrictions. but as jonathan serrie reports, health officials are very concerned that new outdoor mass guidance could contribute to vaccine hesitancy. some americans are facing new covid-19 shutdowns today. oregon will ban indoor
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dining in parts of the state as hospitalizations rise. new restrictions are also expected in washington state next week, but it's a different situation on the east coast, where new york city is making plans to fully reopen on july 1st. i'm ready. i'm oxygenated. everyone i know is vaccinated. it's so easy to get vaccinations now. we would like the city to thrive again. mayor bill de blasio's cited increased vaccinations. is a reason for the reopening. more than half of us adults have gotten at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, and roughly 40% are fully vaccinated. what we've seen in the last weeks has been stunning progress in terms of reducing the levels of covid, greatly increasing the numbers of vaccinations, but there are concerns the cdc is new outdoor mass guidance could contribute to a vaccine hesitancy, the changes announced this week allow for fully vaccinated people to go. without masks outdoors and less in a crowd. but some health experts are you
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the guidelines don't offer a strong enough incentive for people hesitant to get a shot today, president biden explained why he'll continue to wear a mask in public. it's making sure that your wife, your children your if, in fact they have been vaccinated, making sure that they're not going to get sick. the cdc recommends people who are fully vaccinated. continue wearing masks in endure public gatherings. in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox. two news, course at travis air force base, are sending more medical and emergency supplies to india as the country is dealing with a spike in covid-19 cases and deaths. it's minutes from now on aircraft loaded with supplies is set to take off yesterday morning to c five galaxy planes took off with more than 200 tons of equipment, including oxygen cylinders, and n95 masks and hospital gowns again. these are live pictures as the next plane is about to depart. travis air force base really any second. now again, there's already a
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lot of help there, and more is on the way. i'm wednesday we sent over $100 million of aid to india on gwil do about the same today. just yesterday, india reported more than 380,000 new coronavirus infections and almost 3700 people died in one day. that's the highest number of deaths in a single day since the beginning of the covid pandemic. and just a short time ago, the white house announced the united states will restrict travel from india. starting may 4th. the white house cited the devastating rise and covid-19 cases in the country and the emergence of potentially dangerous variants of the virus. president binds administration made the determination on the advice of the cdc. san jose family was jolted right out of bed after a car crashed in their house early this morning. the driver fled the scene and neighbors around the house temporarily lost power. ktvu sonoma gus as the story. we were sleeping and
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we're woken about a quarter to one with a loud bang and lisa swenson said she got up and saw a car had crashed through the front room of her recently remodeled home, severely damaging her garage as well. we are not showing her face out of respect for her privacy. it's just devastating. san jose. police are investigating this as a hit and run. fortunately no one inside the house was injured that i was pretty surprised that there was nobody in the vehicle but doesn't look like it has air bags or anything. so you know, it's pretty nasty accident to walk away from the house has exterior cameras and a doorbell camera. a neighbor said he's hopeful about the accident and the driver were caught on camera. my gosh, ktvu, fox tw jr tenant of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland was back in court. derek l meant a face to judge. discuss how much he'll have to pay in
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restitution to the victims. families ktvu brooks jarocz was there he is live now to bring us what happened and specifically how elmina responded brooks. you can see. there was lots of back and forth between the judge and the attorneys and debate over costs and how to make each and every family hole in terms of restitution. the judge right now leaning toward a ruling of making derek elmina pay more than $10 million in restitution, and that includes at least four million in financial support to families. nearly five million for attorney's fees and more than a million to cover things like the victim's funeral costs, counseling and other bills it all. follows. oh men is plea deal where he pleaded guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter after the deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people, and his attorney says, l meant is indignant. he can't afford to pay millions of dollars just hours ago we spoke with elmina outside the courthouse, and he told us he's going to do whatever he can to pay what he
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owes. i'm not p jeannie. i'm not the city and i'm i'm just me right now. and i'm gonna do everything i can so the rest of my life to pay back what i can, and i'm incredibly sorry for what happened and i'll live my life with this. yep. l'm in his plea deal also called for him to serve 12 years in prison, but the judge agreed to allow lamented to serve 1.5 years in home detention with an ankle monitor based on good behavior and time already served. now there were questions about attorney's fees of the restitution costs of the families. the judge is ordering everyone come back. they're going to continue this over too late july, but the judge did say the victimsfamilies are entitled to all of their out of pocket loss. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, brooks. i don't know if you were able to speak or if you in fact, so any of
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the victims families in today's court session? i can imagine this development is, you know, just further upset for them. well, one of the things with covid-19 pandemic no. one other than the attorneys and mr al men were allowed inside the courthouse. i actually had to listen to audio of the court proceedings, which can be a little a bit difficult, but the families are still wanting to ask for more money for losses that they've incurred the travel costs coming to and from the courthouse during the original trial and things like that, so now they're given more time to file those things if they have any additional cost they which to ask the court to consider before the judge makes her final ruling. so while this amount may please some families that may not. please other families. there's still time before the judge comes out with that final amount that's expected in late july. gasia mikaelian. still to come
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this noontime, a terrifying turn at a religious festival in israel. what we're learning about a stampede that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. plus with this 1st 100 days behind him, president biden is kicking off the next chapter of his administration with a trip to pennsylvania amount of air in washington with more on what the president wants to get done next, coming up back here in the bay area's we take a peek outside. it's like cool down compared to yesterday, but it's still a pretty warm day for those. of you living in land. we're gonna check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo. oh man... let's get you to this moment.
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trampled to death and hundreds of others were injured during what was the first religious festival since the country reopened from the pandemic benjamin hall as the story. it's one of the deadliest days in israeli history. dozens of people killed and hundreds more injured after a stampede broke out at an ultra orthodox religious festival. it happened at mount miran in northern israel at the first legal mass gathering since the country lifted covid restrictions. witnesses say people began falling on top of each other as they try to squeeze through a narrow tunnel at the event site, causing others to panic and push forward. very lean on a
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human can fema cardassian we saw people pushing each other over and slowly we saw people being trampled, absolutely difficult sites. i've been a paramedic for 10 years, and i've never seen anything like this. it's still not clear how many people were at the event or if it was over capacity. but last year, the crowd size was estimated to be around a lot. 100,000 on early reports alleged police had installed barricades that stopped people from getting out of the tunnel quickly, possibly causing the stampede. well assured level way will conduct a thorough, serious and in depth investigation to ensure that such a disaster does not re occur. the festival is now under way, once again with music and dancing, resuming even his efforts continue to reunite victims with their families. israeli officials asking for cooperation as they move forward with the rescue and recovery operation. so you shall have been get the mission before this is the time to embrace the families to help all those looking for their loved ones to take those injured into our hearts to weep together. prime minister netanyahu has declared a
12:17 pm
national day of mourning on sunday in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox two news. your home. it was a busy day for firefighters across california crews are starting to get a handle on wildfires burning in cal avarice county, this one's burning in the hills of campus seko. it's northeast of lodi. the fire burned about 160 acres in yesterday's hot, dry weather. cal fire says it's 15% contained. the cause of this fire has not been determined. brush fires burning in los angeles county is now 75% contained. this one's burned about 550 acres near castaic. the national weather service says that elevated fire danger will continue across los angeles and ventura counties do to warm, dry, windy conditions. great to hear that one is 75% contained, but still rosemary. little worrisome here as we say goodbye to april and hello to mei tomorrow, you're right. we haven't even reach t g i f t o u out there. we do have a cool
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down in store for our bay area. weekend temperature is already dropping off this afternoon. first a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary. and the backdrop there reaching towards a san francisco notice the marine layer there banked up ride against the coastline. if we use salesforce tower as our measurement there, salesforce tower just above 1000 ft. or so you could see the marine layer. no, just short of about 1000 ft, deep, at least from this vantage point. here's a look at the storm tracker to where we are quiet out there when it comes to rainfall, but you can see we've got some fog still banked up along the coastline looks like ride around half moon bay point, reyes seen some fog. low clouds, the fog, the onshore breeze strengthening today and we'll keep going into the weekend right now. oakland reporting 12 mph we have a fair field reporting 13 and napa reporting it onshore breeze at seven temperature wise, notable cooler day around the bay and even inland even though for some is going to remain above average for this time of year, brentwood. well, you are one of
12:19 pm
those 77 at this lunch hour, 70 degrees over walnut creek and as we get closer to the water, upper fifties to low sixties 62 in berkeley, 55 right now. san francisco a cool 54 half moon bay. just a tad cooler at half moon bay today around the bay anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees from palo alto tours oakland five degrees cooler this afternoon and hayward and our inland cities down by eight and livermore in the north bay, down by four over santa rosa pulling back here and showing you that we do have the ridge that is weakening some a trough approaching and that is what is going to bring us the cool down. here's a comparison from yesterday into today. you're right. 91 degrees yesterday today into the low eighties conquer doing the same. we've got 79 degrees expected and napa and low eighties and livermore so once again, ah little bit above average a viewe afternoon highs expected along the peninsula 75 for redwood city for the east bay, 68 hayward and in the north bay
12:20 pm
upper seventies expected for sandra film as well as napa. temperatures will continue to fall into your bay area weekend. it doesn't last, though i see a warm up in the extended forecast. better details on this. coming up in just a little bit was very thank you still to come here at new concerns surrounding the nest of two bald eagles in three months, the investigation into a possible drone
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vandals who smashed the car windows of several vehicles early this morning. more than a dozen cars had their windows broken out on montana avenue and santa rey and carlson streets in piedmont in oakland. please haven't yet said if anything was taken from the cars. it happened around three a.m. when most people were sleeping, some woke up to the sound of breaking glass and car alarms. i came outside and my neighbor came outside. i called 911 because this car had been vandalized and has a look down the street. three other cars on that side had their lights and alarms going off. all of our car windows have been broken. my driver's side window was broken. they rifled through the center console, found a bag of quarters and left it. i guess quarters weren't enough for them. so there's a lot of mean spiritedness here, piedmont police reminding people to remove items from vehicles and call police. they noticed any
12:24 pm
suspicious vehicles or if they hear car alarms. federal wildlife officials are examining evidence to see if a drone crashed right into the nest of two bald eagles and whether or not one or more of their chicks were injured. interviews jana katsuyama as the story. high up in a eucalyptus tree. we noticed that this beautiful nest they've been working on it since last year. every day they came back to build it and make it better and stronger. residents near art in would farm in fremont took note of their new neighbors, photographer dan sarka captured the pair of majestic eagles with his camera. so devoted to each other. they're working almost continuously. building her home and trying to, uh over to the lake and capture food and esos their their survival is at stake. the eagles were nesting. but on april 20th that
12:25 pm
suddenly changed. we noticed on the 20th that the eagles were very agitated more than usual. and they were like just flying all over the place. it was a ah shock. sarka looked over his photos of the nest and then noticed one showing something strange. what appeared to be a possible part from a drone, sarka immediately contacted the east bay regional parks district. you know, it was just shocking. it's just like that's something that should not happen. doug bell is wildlife program manager. he alerted the federal and state departments of fish and wildlife, he says up until april 19th. the eagles had appeared to be caring for young. two adults were attending the nest. they were switching out either incubating aids at that point or brooding, perhaps a small chick if there were young chicks in the nest, and that drone was protecting the adults from either grouping them or feeding them are taking care of them. then they could they could be close to starvation. bell says that drones are banned from all of their parks. and although bald
12:26 pm
eagles are no longer on the federal endangered species list, they are still on california's endangered list and. have other federal protections still falls under the bald and golden eagle protection act, bill says right now, they don't know what happened to the eagle's eggs or chicks, but it is devastating to have their breeding disrupted the best have one shot a year ago. this, my husband and i have been outside and noticed several times drones flying around when we've been outside in our neighborhood right here. i am devastated that this has happened. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news so becoming new marking 100 days on the job for california's newest senator, what alex padilla says about the job he's done so far, and the work still ahead plus, with the third pick in the nfl draft, the san francisco 49ers have a new quarterback.
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now to trick out these lights. discuss the death of mario gonzales, who died while in police custody, alameda police and city officials, including the mayor, maryland as the ashcraft are speaking with members of the group, youth activists of alameda. gonzalez died after being restrained by police, body camera video shows
12:30 pm
officers putting him in handcuffs while kneeling on his back. some of the questions were about racial injustice and police reforms. we want to see immediate training for dispatchers for officers on how to handle. 911 calls that involved substance abuse, mental health issues, homelessness, a combination thereof. what are things that could be done right now? alameda, as police chief said the cause of mario gonzalez is death hasn't yet been determined. the three officers involved are on paid administrative leave while this case is being investigated. the chp is looking for the person responsible for the latest highway shooting here in the bay area. the victim was shot in the neck last night while driving railroad avenue off ramp on highway four in pittsburgh and then crashed into the back of a trailer that was stopped at a red light. he was alert when taken to the hospital that all frank was closed for several hours as
12:31 pm
investigators did their work, a berkeley woman is facing hate crime charges after she called police on an african american delivery driver, a neighbor captured video of the incident and in the video, the one one can be heard yelling racial slurs at the driver, the woman called police, saying that she and her boyfriend had followed the driver after they saw him speeding. then they confronted the driver and tried to prevent him from leaving. now the driver says he was just trying to avoid the situation from escalating. just thought, you know. initially it was just somebody that's just having a bad day or something. i thought me and mourn her with no let that would just go their way. i went my way. it's similar stories like this. where. you know, there wasn't a video that wasn't no recording or anything, so people wherever you get away with that type of stuff, it's just not right. police arrested and identify the woman has 35 year old julie waldron of berkeley. she now faces possible charges that include false imprisonment, battery and using offensive words and willfully threatening a person
12:32 pm
based on their perceived characteristics. santa clara county health officials are now urging young people to get out there and get the coronavirus vaccine. the county says it wants to get everyone 16. older who are eligible, vaccinated as soon as possible. the county's covid-19 testing and vaccine officer, dr marty finster, ripe, says the county is still seen nearly 100 new cases every day, and infections are hiring younger people, and, he says it's now a race against the virus variants. let me say to our young adults and our teams. it's your turn. now it's your turn to help us get to the finish line. sanchez ability was extended a couple of weeks ago to everyone 16 and up only one out of three teams, 16 and 17 years old in santa clara county have received coronavirus vaccines. president biden is in pennsylvania today, where he continues to push his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. madeline rivera has the story from washington.
12:33 pm
president biden closed out the first chapter of his presidency on the road. speaking to the public directly on his back on track tour with stops in georgia yesterday and pennsylvania today, the president is hoping his plans for the country gained some steam. we're not only have to invest in america we need to invest in our families, the president had laid out an ambitious agenda for his 1st 100 days, promising to take action and issues like the pandemic and climate change. he signed into law at $1.9 trillion. coronavirus bill and surpassed his goal of delivering 200 million vaccines. now he's calling for an additional $4. trillion in new spending for infrastructure, child care and education, which republicans have criticized in just 100 days. the biden harris administration has launched an avalanche of liberal policies that threatened to derail all the progress that we made. we're safer, more prosperous, more secure america. the
12:34 pm
president is celebrating amtrak's 50th anniversary in philadelphia today. his $2 trillion infrastructure package includes $80 billion for rail improvements while he says he wants to work with republicans in a deal, he signaled he might again be willing to move forward without them. like last time they came in with 1/4 of 1/6 of what i'm asking and say that's the final offer. there's no no goat. vice president kamila harris is heading to cincinnati today, and cabinet members are expected to travel in the coming days, as well as part of the back on track tour and washington mountain. rivera ktvu fox two news. california senator alex pd is also marking 100 days on the job this week, the senator spoke with our political reporter greg li, about what he's done what he wants to do and what he calls the past 100 days. a whirlwind. understand as president biden marked his 1st 100 days in office with a congressional address. california senator alex padilla sat in the chamber,
12:35 pm
one of the few people invited to attend in person. hey, up the path ahead. american jobs plan. the american families plan really sort of redefining what our country can be. i spoke with senator padilla's he marks 100 days in his new job today has been busy co sponsoring bills addressing climate change, electrical grids and safety of farm workers. i think we have a good foundation on the issues and, more importantly, the posts of what is important to california and the need to act urgently. let's and are exhausting war immigration, biden implored congress to pass his immigration reform plan a major focus for senator padilla. his first bill offers a path to citizenship for immigrant essential workers. my god through their service and their sacrifice. they've earned the opportunity to live without fear of deportation and a pathway to citizenship. republicans air calling for democrats to shift their focus
12:36 pm
to enforcement, blaming a surge of migrants on biden's proposed policies. republicans also accused democrats of failing to work in a bipartisan way. for three months in. the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart late, it's up to republicans to decide whether we're gonna broke on a bipartisan basis or not, but we know full well what you know families, both democrat and republican across the country need senator padilla also responded to senator scott's comments about race and policing in america. hear me clearly. america is not. racist country. i think senator scott was missing that just the boat, but the evidence if we see so much systemic inequity in the criminal justice system in educational opportunity, economic opportunity access to health care, greg lee ktv organl
12:37 pm
effort. mentor of move windsor's mayor dominic for poli from office have re filed paperwork with the town clerk and it has been accepted as valid this, according to the press, democrat the paperwork the group turned in on monday was not properly prepared, so the group had to resubmit it yesterday. recall effort started after six women accused for poli of sexual assault after months of speculation the san francisco 49ers drafted their quarterback of the future. san francisco 49ers select trade lance quarterback north dakota state, north dakota state's trey lance landed in the bay area late this morning and right now is that 49ers headquarters and santa clara there he is getting off the plane, the san francisco 49ers added lands to their roster with their first round draft pick. think the biggest thing for me is just, you know, learning that mutual little respect on that's earned, you know, especially as a quarterback obviously have to
12:38 pm
make sacrifices in the this is what i signed up for. this is what i love to do, and i can't wait to do it, but but just for me, it's about treating people the right way, leaving impact on people. that's that's bigger than football when you watch the film, and he's a quarter you see a such a true quarterback and every aspect of how he plays. and then you meet him like man. this guy doesn't have to be a quarterback. you go be a ceo of some company, then that's a huge compliment. it's a very impressive thing to watch his skill set. he has just how intelligent is how he handles himself. um and then to know how he really saw his teammates. 49ers head coach there. kyle shanahan and the niners gm john lynch say they had a very strong inclination they wanted trade lands back in january. ktvu sports anger joe fonzi takes a look at the new quarterback and what this election means for the future of the team. the three quarterbacks the 49ers were considering it was their turn to pick north dakota state's trey lance is probably the most exciting but also may be the
12:39 pm
most intriguing and unpredictable of the people who were still on the board of that time. he's on lee 20 years old number one, he's from north dakota state and as a redshirt freshman in 2019. he was the 2019 player of the year in the fcs. that's the college football's old one, double a division. he led his team to 16 straight wins. and the f c s title without throwing a single interception that year. bison only played one game and 20 twenties covid delayed season so he's undefeated as a collegiate. and i think there are two things that make him a zay said unpredictable, young, yet intriguing as a selection for the 49ers number one rookies who get thrown into the fire immediately have a very checkered history of development in the nfl. and the fact that jimmy garoppolo is still here and that lance will be able to under study under garoppolo that is the proven best way for a quarterback to develop. the other thing is, if you look in the 49ers division,
12:40 pm
where there's collar murray in arizona and russell wilson in seattle, the new trend to them or mobile quarterback guy who can hurt you with his legs and his arms. that's the type of quarterback that the 49ers have had. nothing but trouble with in their last couple of years, and now, if you look in their division, there'll be three of those type of quarterbacks of the four teams in that division. so all in all, a roll of the dice, which any draft selection of a quarterback is, but i like this election. he's young he's in its in experience, but he's very intriguing, and the 49ers aren't going to have to throw him into the fire. right away. joe fonzi there now to a couple of bay area football success stories. offensive lineman elijah vera tucker, who played that bishop o'dowd in oakland, was drafted by the new york jets and alkali schools alone nausea harris, drafted by the pittsburgh steelers before the draft, started yesterday, nausea harris spent his day giving back to a shelter that
12:41 pm
once helped his own family, harris in his family stayed at the greater richmond interfaith program for about a month when he was in middle school. it was a time for me that i needed a helping hand. um, they gave us the opportunity. oh get back on our feet. so it's my feel like you know, it's my job to get back. there is graduated from antioch high school in 2017 ran for the most yards and bay area high school history played college football at the university of alabama, and we'll have a chance to earn a starting job with the steelers still become his new time preparing for increased ground conditions across the state with lawmakers and now asking for and the cuts, many customers are preparing for headed their way. also as we give you a live look outside, it is a clear day across many parts of the bay area, but also cool along the coast. we're gonna check back in with gonna check back in with rosemary for that forecast.
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someone with a disability was killed by a hit and run driver at the same intersection, ktvu cristina rendon shows us with the city is doing to try to make that intersection safer. monory highway and curtner avenue, a busy intersection in san jose was quite enough time walk. i gotta walk won't get across pedestrians like this man named jack. try to move fast. the intersection was shut down wednesday night after a woman using a walker was killed in a hit and run. police
12:45 pm
e was several 100 ft. outside of the closest crosswalk. there's no description of the car that hit her and her identity hasn't been released. it's the second fatal hit and run this month that the center section involving a disabled person on april 1st 37 year old vanessa arce was in a crosswalk using a wheelchair when she was hit and killed by a car. police are still searching for the driver of an early 2000 mercedes benz cls. nikita's in her with walk, san jose calls it unacceptable. i think that's one of the most shocking things about this incident is seeing that two people using a system of mobility devices have been killed in the same intersection on that. that's indicative of. off dot intersection and our streets at large, just not being safe for people who have disabilities, sinha says. san jose is working on road design projects aiming to reduce and eliminate traffic fatalities through its vision zero program. she says it demands the attention of city leaders. that means funding and in time and resource is to go into.
12:46 pm
redesigning streets to make sure that they're safe for all road users, not just people driving, but safe for people to walk in by, especially for people with disabilities, sinha says. speed is the most common factor and crashes that result in deaths. yeah really busy intersection and a lot of people drive way too fast on tell them. they don't even break when they get the intersection they used turn walk. sanders a. says 2019 was a record high year with 29 pedestrians killed. police say the woman who died wednesday is the 16th victim of a traffic crash this year and the third case involving a pedestrian cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. 23 year old man was arrested in san jose, accused of up to 30 smash and grab robberies where all of the victims were asian women. hasani burleson ramsey of oakland is facing multiple counts of robbery and vandalism. according to investigators, he and another suspect track most of the victims in parking lots, then
12:47 pm
blocked their cars in and smashed the windows to steal valuables. please, we're still looking for the second suspect, who has not yet been identified. the latest u. s. drought monitor map shows most of the bay area is in extreme drought last week, most of the south and the east bay were in the yellow still considered severe this week only parts of san mateo and santa clara county are in the yellow. the u. s drought monitor defines extreme drought conditions is having the potential to come. was widespread water shortages or water restrictions. california state senators have proposed $3.4 billion in spending for drought related operations. this proposal does not include money for new big projects. instead the money would bolster projects and programs of state is already doing including delivering drinking water, too small communities building world storage tanks and connecting smaller water systems. the bigger once san francisco's public utility commission is joining other water district's and asking residents to save water. they want customers to cut back water use. 10% city is offering incentives, including rebates
12:48 pm
for some appliances and free replacement of old toilets. they said. reservoirs used for city water are just under 77% of average, heading into this weekend, expecting completely different weather than we had last weekend, which at this point feels like a distant memory, rosemary and he has. garcia, hello to you and mike and to all of you, unfortunately, our weekend forecast doesn't include rain. we are going to cool it down, though. in fact, emails already noticed. we do have temperatures falling off this afternoon. ah, live. look here at some pretty blue sky. in addition to mid and high level clouds, a sweeping across the bay area got a little bit of low cloud cover out there and some fog bank up just along the coastline. this is going to continue to deepen and will become more widespread for your bay area saturday. here's a look. a storm tracker to at the moment. no again rain to speak of, but we do have some funk. they're still thinks up against the coastline expected to remain partly cloudy for the coast the entire day will see an increase in the onshore
12:49 pm
breeze and the deepening marine layer for saturday, which will bring our temperatures down a little bit more. and then we see a turnaround and temperatures will begin to warm once again. so nothing to speak of in the way of rain. let's take a look at what we can expect it into your evening hours. notice perhaps even a little bit of drizzle out there tonight and through tomorrow morning along the coastline, we wake up tomorrow morning with the clouds up against the coast and inside the bay, and then it's beginning to the afternoon. partly cloudy day. i want to stop it here tomorrow night, though, because you'll notice the clouds begin to erode and sunday looks to be a sonnier day. sunday is expected to be a warmer day. temperatures outside right now we have a low fifties to mid fifties from half moon bay into san francisco around the base, 60 degrees reported in hayward, low sixties and berkeley and for the inner e space, some of the warmer spots 74 conquered. we've got 79 in brentwood. take a bit of a tour here into the north paper. we have low seventies and petaluma mid seventies this afternoon of four areas over a hill zberg along the peninsula, a mild one
12:50 pm
for belmont 65. for you. there is well osama te'o low seventies in areas near us, stanford and palo alto inland we've got in lanie space 73 walnut creek 67 right now in dublin, 72 a beautiful 72 lafayette. there's a view of the forecast for today, compared to where we typically are. so we're ride about average along the coast in around the bay, but our inland cities even though cooler today, still a little bit above the seasonal norm livermore by a few degrees there, 82 expected for you and 78 for santa rosa. a better look at those afternoon highs now 72 expect for sama to this afternoon 72 3 months. and for the inner east bay 85 expected for annie on if you're thinking about heading up to the sierra for your weekend, lake tahoe in the sixties at this hour, truckee, mostly 70 and 72, mostly sunny and 72, i should say and then into the weekend, going to be a cooler one low sixties, expected tomorrow afternoon upper fifties to about 60 degrees expected on sunday under dry conditions.
12:51 pm
was a look at the extended forecast for us here at home, though, to say a drop off in temps for tomorrow, a tad warmer on sunday and then we're off again, with temperature is back above average upper seventies to about 80 degrees for bayside communities monday into tuesday. low to mid eighties expected inland in that extended forecast back to you, rosemary. thank you, a region in the caribbean that's recovering from a volcanic eruption is now dealing with another natural disaster. heavy rains at the island of st vincent and the grenadines, causing flooding and mudslides. so far, there are no reports of any injuries, but the storm did cave in rooftops and damaged bridges. mudslides follow a serious of volcanic eruptions that blanket the area with ash just three weeks ago. still to come at noon changes to the pink triangle on 20 weeks. why be installation on? they'll be lip
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
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that has fishing gear stuck in its mouth. ktvu tom vacar explains the challenge even experts will run into here once they found the calf, which is traveling with its mother. there's an all out bulow a be on the lookout alert for a whale calf fettered by fishing ropes. it was first noticed 10 days ago off orange county, according to national oceanographic and atmospheric administration primary will disentangle er, peter falcons, and it hasn't been seen since the last report, which is last week. and the expectation is because it's a great well moving north with its mom. it should show up in the bay area sometime soon, fokin says. the 5 to 6 month old calf appears to have a rope or line running through its mouth. and so this case, in particular is diff. i went, it's got something in this mouth that shouldn't be there, t the marine mammal centers code disentangle er,
12:56 pm
cathy george says. so far, this whale can be saved if spotted soon that looked be in okay. body condition as it was heading north. it was moving at a good speed and we have a lot of coastline getting close to a caf, accompanied by a massive mom is a very risky proposition. even for the most experienced experts. they are known to defend their babies, and these whales are unpredictable. they're huge. they're large. they could be up to 50 ft. they wait many tons so. you really need to be knowledgeable about the whale's behavior. if you do see an entanglement, we have trained teams throughout our coastline prepared and ready to respond. katherine killed off a lawyer for the center for biological diversity says since california leads the world in high technology, it's time for rope bliss fishing year, which is already under testing, fishing has to accept that kind of change. where they can retrieve pots without having a line that goes all the way to
12:57 pm
see four already leading the way. california's dungeon, this crab fishermen and women with current practices as well is testing an adoption of new technologies. that fishery is now not identified as a major threat. ah to the to the humpback whales. in fact, many technologies could make non rope remote recovery possible for a tiny increase in the price per pound at the market. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. google is now launching a program to provide job training to former inmates. the mountain view based company will work with five nonprofits across the country, including right here in the bay area, and plans to provide training to 10,000 people by the end of the year. training will focus on base. sick computer skills and job search and preparation. google says a lack of digital skills makes it very difficult for people who leave prison to successfully find a job or start a business. there's a new mural in san francisco aimed at
12:58 pm
uplifting the city's latin next community. this piece of artwork is located at clarion alley in the mission. the mural features a portrait of a latino poet and his grandmother, both wearing masks with a quote in spanish. you are my other me. the artist hopes the mural will inspire everyone to take care and respect, different generations and immigrant communities. your legislation signed by governor newsome will provide tax cuts to small businesses that are still recovering from the pandemic. bill is aimed at business owners who took paycheck protection program or ppe p loans from the federal government. those businesses won't have to pay state taxes on the cash if they had a 25% reduction or more in profits for at least one quarter. this move is expected to save businesses, some $6 billion. the organizers of the pink triangle on twin peaks and san francisco say the triangle will be lit up this year for the entire month of june longer than usual. last year, the triangle was lit up for three weeks using 2700 led lights. organizers used life for the
12:59 pm
first time last year is a way to continue the tradition while staying socially distant for the pandemic. volunteer scale twin peaks to construct the triangle using canvas. the pink triangle installation has been a part of pride weekend for more than 25 years now, multi billionaire jeff bezos and his space venture blue origin will start selling tickets next week to take rides into space. all right. here we go. that's how exciting is this. come on. baseball's promoted blue origin as he drove across the texas desert home to the new shepherd launch facility. new shepherd is designed to carry as many as six people at the time on a ride past the edge of space. so far gaseous no details on price or timeline. okay okay. i will be the first to go. not it. all right. thank you. so much for joining us. have a wonderful friday. meet us back here for our next newscast. which is it four o'clock this afternoon. right now, dr. oz is next. and don't forget you can always find our news. ktvu calm and,
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