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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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ktv. you fox two starts now. one man has been taken to the hospital after he was shot while driving on highway four. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie hainer that chp says that shooting happened around nine o'clock tonight on eastbound highway four in pittsburgh, and the victim's car crashed on the off ramp to railroad avenue. the victim is identified as a man in his twenties. initial reports from the scene suggests that he was shot in the neck. but officers say he was alert when paramedics arrived. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. another driver says the victim's car hit his trailer when it came to a stop after the shooting. i'm still put all their life for her. i'm waiting for green lights, but i don't know i'm inside what happened on that mike taylor and car. the chp says the railroad avenue off ramp may be closed for several
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more hours as officers work to collect evidence at this point, no word on any suspects or what led up to tonight shooting. now to berkeley, where woman was caught on camera shouting racial slurs at a black delivery driver. she even called the police on the man, but officers ended up arresting her instead. live coverage now from kate's views. amberleigh amber. that woman is now facing a possible hate crime and battery charge. that's right, frank. we reached out to the woman, but she has not responded now the delivery driver did speak to us. he tells us. he's relief that a neighbor shot cell phone video of the incident. thing cell phone video shows a white woman yelling expletives and racial slurs at the black package delivery driver kendall macintosh in berkeley, a neighbor videotaping the incident. reacted off camera. got it on film lady, so i just
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thought, you know, honestly loses somebody else is having a bad day or something. i thought me and mourn her with no let that was. just go their way. i went my way during the 51 2nd long video. we hear the woman yell racial slurs twice over there. it happened on april 18th shortly before eight pm macintosh tells me he had just ended his shift and was going to help another driver on delaware street when the woman pulled up next to his van and started yelling at him after you think you are. oh, who do you think you are driving down my street like this? the woman called police saying that she and her boyfriend have followed macintosh after they saw him speeding. i was scared. i didn't know what was gonna turn out, so i just know the best thing for me to do. leader situation, mackintosh says he left to continue making deliveries and returned when he learned officers had arrived at the scene. police arrested the woman and identified her as 35 year old julie wall rand of berkeley. she faces possible charges that include false
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imprisonment, battery and using offensive words and willfully threatening a person based on their perceived characteristics. i never wanted this to happen. i didn't want it to get to this point. bye. there's too many incidents. i feel like i'm out here in america, mackintosh says. he's speaking out about the incident and hopes that people won't judge others by their skin color is similar stories like this. where. not. it wasn't a video that wasn't a recording or anything, so people were able to get away with that type of stuff. it's just not right. he's grateful to the neighbors who witnessed the incident that without them, it becomes that he say, she say about him. i just think she needs to learn her lesson and justice needs to be sorry. district attorney nasa nancy o'malley tells me while ren was released from jail that day after her arrest, o'malley says there's no charging decisions yet, frank. you have to admire how calm that young man was ever i'm
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curious. just what is the deal with the false imprisonment? potential charge? what does that stem from? that stems from, according to the driver, he said he went to the back of the van to pull out packages and she slammed the door behind him. so she keeps she tried to keep him from getting out of the van. as for the speeding that she accused him of speeding while he says that there's a tracking device on his vehicle, and there's no indication he was speeding, so he's denying that he sped. all right, amber lee and berkeley tonight, ember. thank you. prosecutors have charged the mother from petaluma, who accused a couple of trying to kidnap her two children. katie sorenson has been charged with giving false information to police or allegations gained attention after she posted them on instagram. in the video. she claimed that the couple shown in surveillance footage tried to kidnap her kids outside of michael store and petaluma last december. sorenson is now facing six months in jail if convicted. now to oakland were
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thieves stole two puppies from a car yesterday morning, the owner tells katie view. his girlfriend's car was parked at the springhill suites hotel on helgenberger road. with the puppies inside. she was just getting ready to return home to sacramento when the break in happened just before seven. a.m. the puppies are german shepherd rottweiler mixes. we were broken without him. i'm saying the house is so empty. they're like so much for us and. um, we've had him a cup for a couple weeks and they don't have other shots. we're gonna get us in the shots and get him chip this weekend. say hotel surveillance video shows the suspected thieves both men in their twenties, the couple says the men were driving a silver 2002 nissan maxima and a black 2020, audi q five. new tonight. federal wildlife officials are examining evidence of a possible drone that may have crashed right into the nest of
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two bald eagles and whether one or more chicks in the nest. were injured. kate views janet katsuyama is here now tonight with what she's learned, jenna. frank, the east bay regional parts district, says they are examining new photo evidence. they are still investigating this, but they say regardless band there is a total ban on drones in anywhere. across the barks. high up in a eucalyptus tree. we noticed that this beautiful nest they've been working on it since last year. every day they came back to build it and make it better and stronger. residents near art in would farm in fremont took note of their new neighbors. photographer dan sarka captured the pair of majestic eagles with his camera there, so devoted. to each other. they're working almost continuously building their home and trying
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to, uh over to the lake and capture food and. s o the their their survival. is at stake. the eagles were nesting. but on april 20th that suddenly changed. we noticed on the 20th that the eagles were very agitated more than usual. and they were like just flying all over the place. it was a shock. sarka looked over his photos of the nest and then noticed one showing something strange. what appeared to be a possible part from a drone. sarka immediately contacted the east bay regional parks district. you know, it was just shocking. it's just like that's something that should not happen. doug bell is wildlife program manager. he alerted the federal and state departments of fish and wildlife, he says up until april 19th. the eagles had appeared to be caring for young. two adults were attending the nest. they were switching out either incubating aids at that point or brooding, perhaps a small chick if there were young
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chicks in the nest, and that drone was preventing the adults from either grouping them or feeding them are taking care of them. then they could they could be close to starvation. bell says that drones are banned from all of their parks. and although bald eagles are no longer on the federal endangered species list, are still on california's endangered list and have other federal protections still falls under the bald and golden eagle protection act, bell says right now they don't know what happened to the eagle's eggs or chicks, but it is devastating to have their breeding disrupted. they basically have one shot a year ago, this my husband and i have been outside and noticed several times drones flying around when we've been outside in our neighborhood right here. i'm devastated that this has happened. parks district tells me they actually used a professional drone operator toe. look inside the nest. initial images show it is empty, so there's still a big mystery as to what happened to the young. the eagles are still in the area, but the parks district
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says it's a drone operator is found to blame they could be facing up to $100,000 in fines or one year in jail, frank. jenna katsuyama life force tonight, janet. thank you. the drought is once again forcing california officials to truck millions of young salmon raised at fish hatcheries in the central valley. take them to the pacific ocean. young salmon raised in hatcheries in the central valley would normally be released into rivers, and then they'd swim to the pacific ocean, but because river water levels are so low right now because of the drought. department of fish and wildlife plans to use trucks to transport the salmon. today san francisco's public utilities commission joined other water district's asking residents to conserve water. they're asking customers to cut back 10% on their water. use voluntarily. they're also asking the same of other city agencies. the city is offering incentives as well, including rebates for some appliances and free replacement of old toilets. they say
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reservoirs used for city water are just under 77% of average. may is asian pacific american heritage month coming up today's events in celebration, also ahead, excitement and disappointment from 40. niners fans up next tonight reaction to this evening's nfl draft. the mother of all residential real estate banquets, so they've asked me to fill in modern family tonight at 11 30 midnight on fox to the wait is finally over tomorrow. join mornings on to live with a special book inside disneyland. see what's new is they welcome back guest to the park, plus mouthwatering pastries for a satisfying call tomorrow i hear for world class bay area baker is about how you can indulge in delicious treats while supporting the local asian community mornings on to 4 to 10 a.m. now's the perfect time to buy a mattress during manzini sleep world's tax free
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dakota state. 40 niners bet the farm to move up to number three in the nfl draft, and today they ended all the speculation picking quarterback trey lands from north dakota state. there's a lot of speculation about who the 40 niners were gonna pick. a lot of people thought it would be mack jones from alabama. but in the end they went with lance. instead katie views as a smith talked with 40 niner fans today about what they think of trey lance. san francisco 40. niners select. really? kieser pub in san francisco fans erupted in cheers when nfl commissioner roger goodell named train lance as the niners pick, the third overall in this year's nfl draft. welcome to the bay. trey. lance thank you. yes very
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nice. very nice. diehard niners fans rooting for lands right now. i'm just focused on getting their learning as much as i possibly can. no getting to know jimmy and the guys in the room. they see his potential. not yet. quite a starter. he's a little young. yeah, he didn't really go to a big powerhouse school, so let's let him stay on the sidelines. let him watch like aaron rodgers watch red heart. he'll be good. 20 year old from north dakota state played 17 games during his college career before the pandemic hit. we've been very high entree since beginning since day one coach calls, shanahan said he was impressed with lance on and off the field. what made him stand out his natural ability to play quarterback, his skill set and intellect. and it's a hell of a quarterback. and this is someone that i believe in and i want to go to work with you. i'm a little disappointed. i was hoping that they would pick justin fields. i get the pick. i know that the land has a higher upside the draft marking the start of the season. fans
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filled with optimism. the niners came within a quarter of winning the super bowl back in 2019 before losing to the kansas city chiefs. we've been hungry. we've been which been 20 years since we've had a super bowl. it's exciting. it's you know, it's a new regime. hopefully i don't know what they're gonna do with jimmy. as for jimmy garoppolo fans don't want to see him go. i think we need garoppolo, the state or two tickets to the super bowl. in case he gets hurt way. have a good athletic quarterback to keep us in it. i trust if organized brain trust. and hopefully, you know, in the long run they they're proven that they made the right choice as it smith. katy view, fox two news on our sports director marco baniyas will have much more on tonight's draft, including where the bear is not she, harris went that's coming up in just about 12 minutes. to asian american friends in hayward, or cooking and baking at vietnamese and chinese american delicacies and hopes of uniting people through food,
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the efforts of land win and trixie leo, come a time when discrimination and hate crimes against people in the asian american community have surged. friends hope that providing food to friends and neighbors will allow people who might misunderstand asian americans to know more about them. bay is asian pacific american heritage month and today an event took place in san francisco to kick it off. mayor london breed officially started the city's celebration during an event at the asian art museum on larkin street. asian pacific american heritage month is a time to recognize the history, traditions and culture of the a p i community. this year's theme is celebrate resilience and uplift voices. we all know the tremendous challenges that a p i community has been facing this past year. where there this is a covert 19 and all with the entire asian hate. however it is the consensus off
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the community that we want the celebration of this month to be positive. we want to show the world that we are proud off. proud asian pacific americans and we are proud being americans. activities to celebrate the month include live art and music events in chinatown and japantown. go ahead. a man allegedly sets fire in an attempt to cover up a murder the charges that suspect is now facing coming up. and i'm keeping an eye on your forecast could get you into the weekend with your extended forecast. little cool down coming our way. far inland communities. and tickets for the outside land's music festival went on sale today. and if you got one, you're pretty lucky. along the three fox bet super six happened. pick six race outcomes for a chance to win my money. do you
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never pass this way again. customer service is all about helping people. to bring people and things together that are meant to be together if we never charged to meet again, genesis kiss customer characters like me and almost superhuman ability to do just that. this'll is a no nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages short on coverage. that's why three was treated that covers your entire business in just one policy because small business owners have enough on their hands, so with three and leave those old policies. in the best sawdust technically, don't interrupt. the spokesperson for this commercial is now over logo three. no nonsense, just common sense. a man from vacca
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bill charged with murdering a woman that he met on a date is now accused of starting a wildfire last summer to cover up her killing. the markley fire killed two other people are crime reporter henry lee tells us about the new charges that the suspect is now facing. no you got to go now. let's go now. right behind your house. you don't have time to carry your stuff. let's go harrowing. vacaville police body cam video shows officers evacuating residents from a fast moving fire. authorities say the deadly markley fire near lake berryessa in august was no accident. nor was mother nature to plain investigators say this man, victor sarah tino started the fire to cover up his killing of priscilla castro. a woman he met on a date. we believe, sir tino. deliberately set the mark lee fire in attempt to conceal his crime. castro's burned body was found at the origin of the fire. authorities have not said how she was killed. the fire, which was part of the ellen, you complex killed two people. 82
11:20 pm
year old douglas, my and 64 year old beyond bone, who went by james. the two resulting deaths from that far are now considered homicides. solano county d a. crystal abrams says sarah tino could now face three murder charges as well. it's arson. the fire had devastating impacts on so many people in our community. we have three people that perished in this in this fire. and people lost homes, people as property, he beloved animals, people lost livestock. this was unprecedented fire and scale shares. lieutenant jackson harris said. fire victims claims won't be affected by the criminal investigation solano county suffered. i believe 30 to 40,000 acres burned on din the hundreds of homes destroyed and residences my proper like the ring his neck. more than anything else can. albert and his wife lost their home in the fire. they live two doors down from one of the men who died. we lost everything we had denounced for 30 years. now we have to start from zero and we're both in our seventies is not quite the time. do you want to start from. crash, the d
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says the defendant is expected to be charged with three counts of murder, along with special circumstances of arson, murder and multiple murder, making this a potential of capital case. henry lee ktv you fox two news. okay, let's talk about the weather today, so was below average at the coast and well above average inland. it was one of those days when our micro climates were on full display, and you can see it here with the highest today so san francisco 57 degrees 55 pacific of a checkout conquered it was 88 there, 90 and fairfield's 82 up in santa rosa about 75 in san jose. here's where we are right now, so certainly we've come way off those ties, although you gotta look out the bread would there and see that it's 70 degrees, right? now, which is kind of wacky 52, though, in berkeley, 51 in san francisco, so we're certainly cooling down as we have a little bit of marine layer rolling on in. certainly some of those clouds and that's going to bring a little coastal fog tomorrow, but also i think it'll be inland slightly as
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well. kind of like this morning. so all of that warmth inland that's been courtesy of high pressure that was sitting off the coast that's now tracking towards the south and east. and to be replaced by low pressure, which is to our north and west. this is a very similar pattern that we see time and time again and as that low pressure moves in, it's going to help to knock some of those inland temperatures down, and it's also going to bring us a little bit of wind as we start to get a little wind, radiant set up between those pressure systems. so tonight we'll call it partly cloudy as we see some of that fog roll and 50 degrees there overnight low in san francisco, 49 down pacific of 43 up in santa rosa is the lowest number on the map about 50 for you down in the south bay in san jose, and then tomorrow we'll start off in san francisco. could be cloudy, little foggy in the morning. that's for sure. but we should get a little bit of a break in to work our way into the afternoon up to a high of about 60 degrees in san francisco, we're gonna call that partly sunny here, the highest tomorrow notice inland temperatures still above average. but not upper eighties. we're talking lower eighties and spots like concord and fairfield, but 80 degrees in santa rosa 69,
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oakland's and nice seventies around the bay, so it should be a pretty nice day. little wind coming our way tomorrow afternoon notice. this is seven o'clock. so you see, you know, san francisco 32 mile per hour wind and it ramps up again as we get into the weekend, so just something to keep an eye on notice that we do cool down a little bit inland. next couple of days, but then we do start to warm back up as we head into monday and tuesday, and you sure don't see any rain in the forecast guys back. no, not a drop. all right, carla. thank you. tickets for san francisco's outside land's music and arts festival sold out in less than two hours today. outside lands is planning to return to golden gate park from october 29th to the 31st. you'll recall. the festival was canceled last year due to the pandemic more than 75 acts or planned over the three days, including headliners, two strokes. liz. oh tame impala and vampire weekend. voters haven't said. yet whether people will have to provide proof of the vaccination or negative test results to get in. next in
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before you dig, calling 811 to get your lines mark. it's it's easy. we come out mark your lines. whe information so you will dig safely. this is a sport of the people. they decided to be remembered. so make him remember saturday at four on mtvu, fox. two how's it going? everybody mark your body is with me in the final room again tonight. jimmy garoppolo is still here with the san francisco 40 niners. unfortunately for him, so is the future. announced today by the commissioner, nfl draft 2021. san francisco 40. niners select. trade lance quarterback north dakota state trey lands very emotional when he heard the news and got a phone call from the 40 niners that he would be coming to the bay trade by the bay six. ft. 4 £227. very athletic. he's got
11:27 pm
all the skills might be a little bit rob. but man, he's got the sides. he's got the arm strength, and most of all, he has got the willingness to learn and he's coming to the barre tomorrow for his first press conference here, so we will get to know more about the young man in the very near future. we've got a bearing a story to tell you about that doesn't involve the 40 niners. but now jean harris celebrating in emeryville tonight, the running back originally out of antioch, and he made it to alabama, where he leapt over the competition, quite literally led the nation and touchdown sees the number 24 pick in the draft by the pittsburgh steelers. great story. google it if you're not familiar with that we also got a mention. elijah vera tucker out of bishop o'dowd high school in oakland. offensive lineman goes to the jets at number 14 in the first round of the raiders picked alex
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leatherwood, another offensive lineman. he goes number 17 to vegas, the golden state warriors. what are you gonna do? they just really don't look like a playoff team going to minnesota tonight to start their road trip. it didn't work out well, despite the great efforts of steph curry. as usual, karl anthony towns for the t wolves takes it to the bucket. he's valid. county had 22 points, 11 rebounds to set the tone against the warriors, although step did heat it up in the third quarter was 16 points in the last three minutes 15 seconds of the quarter hits the three wound up with 37 on the night as usual, doing his best to keep a minute but the t wolves close it out on a 17 7 run. as one show him and gomez. it's three to cap it out. 1 26 1 14 warriors are under 531 and 32 on the air. and as a matter of fact, they've lost a couple in a row now. all right. the
11:29 pm
oakland a's apparently they are early morning, guys. they get the wake up call started about 10 in the morning. our time in tampa speak copy was rolling for bob melvin and company to finish out a nice road trip at four wins, three losses. the razor a tough team, but waiting for this guy to wake up. battles maybe it happened today. get stroke together. there it disappears down the runway. their home run number four for him is to two in the top of the ninth inning. chap, but again will deliver shot deep right watch brett phillips school around with it out there off the boards. bad relay, throw jed lowry all the way from first. scoring what was to be the game deciding run 32 final neutral. vito saves it in the bottom of the night for the a's were coming home to face the orioles tomorrow night. looking forward to that. press conference tomorrow with trey lance. see what else he's all
11:30 pm
about? that's the sporting life for now, julie did frank. see you later ruined tonight. thank you. goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining us. oh my god. there's no freedom, buddy. all right. what was just another classic boy, heller. oh classic way. go if you're looking for a two story house, i'm your man. i'll tell you one story before you buy it. and then another story after i know you did tonight. is this carb, southern california annual realtor's banquet? i think they know what it is. it's the mother of all residential real estate banquets. now for the last five years, gil thorpe has hosted. but as luck would have it, he's having a sketchy looking polyp removed, so they've asked me to fill in.


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