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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  April 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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or even death. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, but experts say even if they find the calf and its mother, there will be a whole new challenge in trying to approach it and then free it from the fishing gear. ktvu is, tom vacar explains. there's an all out bulow ah, be on the lookout alert for a whale calf fettered by fishing ropes. it was first noticed 10 days ago off orange county, according to national oceanographic and atmospheric administration primary will disentangle er, peter falcons, and it hasn't been seen since the last report, which is last week. and the expectation is because it's a great well moving north with its mom. it should show up in the bay area sometime soon, fokin says. the 5 to 6 month old calf appears to have a rope or line running through its mouth. and so in this case, in particular is difficult to suckle on the mom.
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i want it's gotething in this mouth that shouldn't be there, but t far, this whale can be saved if spotted soon, but look be in okay. body condition as it was heading north. it was moving at a good speed and we have a lot of coastline getting close to a caf, accompanied by a massive mom is a very risky proposition. even for the most experienced experts. they are known to defend their babies, and these whales are unpredictable. they're huge. they're large. they could be up to 50 ft. they wait many tons, so you really need to be knowledgeable about the whale's behavior. if you do see an entanglement, we have train teams throughout our coastline prepared and ready to respond. katherine killed off a lawyer for the center for biological diversity says, since california leads the world in high technology, it's time for rope bliss fishing year, which is already under testing fishing has to accept that kind of change where they
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can. retrieve pots without having a line that goes all the way to see four already leading the way. california's dungeon, isse crab fishermen and women with current practices as well is testing an adoption of new technologies. that fishery is now not identified as a major threat. ah to the olympic whales. in fact, many technologies could make non rope remote recovery possible for a tiny increase in the price per pound at the market. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. the drought is once again, forcing california officials to truck millions of young salmon raised at fish hatcheries in the central valley to the pacific ocean. young salmon raised in hatcheries in the central valley would normally be released in the rivers. and then they'd swim in. the ocean, but because river water levels are so low right now, because of the drought, the department of fish and wildlife is
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planning to use trucks to transport the salmon and early season brush fire burned a hillside in pittsburgh late this afternoon off kirker pass road near buchanan. firefighters made quick work of the fire and kept it from spreading to any homes. but video from sky park shows one carport was damaged tonight. firefighters say forward progress has been stopped, but they are staying on the scene. put out any hot spots. they say today's fire serves as an important reminder of the importance of creating defensible space. cal fire crews are busy right now fighting a wildfire in lake county. the so called sky fire is burning southeast of clear lake off of morgan valley and sloan ranch roads. there's no word yet if any structures have been damaged, or if there are any that are threatened. cal fire says so far, 45 acres have burned and the fire is 20% contained the cause of this fire. not yet known. ah brushfire burning in los angeles county that forced evacuations is about 25%
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contained at this hour, according to cal fire, evacuation orders were lifted late yesterday in the town of cost aic. after that fire burned about 650 acres, the national weather service says elevated fire danger will continue across los angeles and ventura counties tonight due to warm, dry and windy conditions. today's u. s. drought monitor update shows nearly 98% of california. is in some stage of drought. a man from vacaville charged with murdering a woman he met on a date is now accused of starting a wildfire last summer to cover up her killing. the markley fire killed two other people as well. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us about the new charges that the suspect is now facing. no, you got to go now. let's go now. right behind your house. you don't have time to carry your stuff. let's go harrowing. vacaville police body cam video shows officers evacuating residents from a fast moving fire. authorities say the deadly markley fire near lake berryessa in august was no accident. nor was mother nature
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to plain. investigators say this man, victor, sarah tino started the fire to cover up his killing of priscilla castro. a woman he met on a date. we believe sarah tino deliberately set the mark lee fire in attempt to conceal it. crime castro's burned body was found at the origin of the fire. authorities have not said how she was killed. the fire which was part of the ellen, you complex killed two people. 82 year old douglas, my and 64 year old beyond bone, who went by james. the two resulting deaths from that far are now considered homicides. solano county d a crystal, abrams says. sarah tino could now face three murder charges as well. it's arson. the fire had devastating impacts on so many people in our community. we have three people that perished in this in this fire. and people lost homes, people as property. he beloved animals, people lost livestock. this was unprecedented fire and scale shares. lieutenant jackson harris said. fire victims claims won't be affected by the criminal investigation solano
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county suffered. i believe 30 to 40,000 acres burned on din the hundreds of homes destroyed and residences my proper like the ring his neck. more than anything else can. albert and his wife lost their home in the fire. they live two doors down from one of the men who died. we lost everything we had denounced for 30 years. now we have to start from zero and we're both in our seventies is not quite the time. do you want to start from. scratch the d says the defendant is expected to be charged with three counts of murder, along with special circumstances of arson, murder and multiple murder, making this a potential of capital case henry lee ktvu fox two news, police have found one of the cars involved in two deadly shootings tuesday in richmond. the discovery comes as new details emerge about the victims 31 year old james lankford of san pablo was found dead at south second street and ohio avenue. according to authorities. he was a former professional football player in europe. police say it appears
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he had just parked his car to go to a gym when two men got out of a silver infiniti and began shooting at him. the black charger was also at the scene about 20 minutes later, what is believed to be that same charger was spotted at the second shooting scene on pullman avenue. where 21 year old tyree wilson was shot and killed. police have not found any information that indicates langford and wilson knew each other. in san jose for the second time in a month. a disabled person has been killed in a hit and run and incredibly, it happened at the same intersection. the crash happened at monterey road and curtner avenue. ktvu is cristina rendon. now with what the city is trying to do to make the intersection safer. monory highway and curtner avenue, a busy intersection in san jose, was quite enough time. issues. it says what? i gotta walk, i won't get across pedestrians like this man named jack. try to move fast. the intersection was shut down wednesday night after a woman using a walker was killed in a
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hit and run. police say she was several 100 ft. outside of the closest crosswalk. there's no description of the car that hit her, and her identity hasn't been released. it's the second fatal hit and run this month at this intersection involving a disabled person on april 1st 37 year old vanessa arce was in a crosswalk using a wheelchair when she was hit and killed by a car. police are still searching for the driver of an early 2000. mercedes benz cls. nikita's in her with walk, san jose calls it unacceptable. i think that's one of the most shocking things about this incident is seeing that two people using a system of mobility devices have been killed in the same intersection on that. that's indicative of. off dot intersection in our streets at large, just not being safe for people who have disabilities, sinha says. san jose is working on road design projects aiming to reduce and eliminate traffic fatalities through its vision zero program, she says it demands the attention of city leaders. that means funding and in time and
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resource is to go into. redesigning streets to make sure that they're safe for all road users, not just people driving, but safe for people to walk in by, especially for people with disabilities, sinha says. speed is the most common factor and crashes that result in deaths. yeah really busy intersection and a lot of people drive way too fast on tell them they don't even break when they get the intersection they used. turns walk. sanders a says 2019 was a record high year with 29 pedestrians killed, police say the woman who died wednesday is the 16th victim of a traffic crash this year and the third case involving a pedestrian cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. centers a police have arrested a 23 year old man suspected in a string of smash and grab robberies with the victims, all being female and a p i dissent. hasani burleson ramsey of oakland, faces multiple counts
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of robbery and vandalism, investigators say in many of the cases, he and another suspect would track victims in parking lots black a block in their vehicle, smash its windows and then steal purses and other property. police are now looking for the other man who they say still has not been identified. the men are suspected in his many years. 30 additional robberies around the bay area, now the oakland were thieves stole two puppies from a car yesterday morning, the owner tells ktvu. her car was parked at the springhill suites hotel on helgenberger road when the break in happened just before seven a.m. the owner says it happened within seconds as she got ready to return home to sacramento. she says that she saw surveillance video of the suspected thieves, both men in their twenties. they were driving a silver 2000, nissan maxima and a black 2020, audi q five. coming up. governor newsome announces tax cuts for
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small businesses what you need to know if you took out a key ppe alone from the federal government. also ahead tonight a proposal to commit $20 billion to address homelessness across the state with that money would be used for and we have that warm day inland. cool day at the coast thing going on, going to cool down a little bit inland, those you head towards the weekend. i'll have details in your forecast. plus just hours before he's expected to be picked in the first round in the nfl draft nausea, harris went back to the homeless shelter where he and his family used to live before he became a start and the ark high school and then alabama and taking a live look at the east shore this thursday night, boy, i haven't seen it that bad a while, ktvu tell
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. businesses. the governor spoke at a restaurant in san fernando
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in los angeles county. the bill is aimed a business owners who took paycheck protection program or p ppe loans from the federal government. those businesses won't have to pay state taxes on the cash if they had a 25% reduction orm or in profits for at least one quarter. newsome also said he thinks the toughest times are now behind us. the state is coming back. this state is roaring back 41% of america's jobs came out of the state of california in february, 276 jobs have come out of this state in the last two months alone, this state is poised for a major comeback. stress the anxiety. the state assembly and senate passed the tax bill unanimously it is expected to save businesses about $6 billion. the mayors of california's largest cities are asking the state legislature for $20 billion to fight
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homelessness. ktvu is christien kafton tells us, they say that huge sum of money is needed to tackle the crisis. mayors throughout the state say homelessness consistently tops their list of concerns now the mayors of california's biggest city these are commending lawmakers and the governor or considering committing $20 billion over the next five years on long term statewide solutions to a growing problem. this commitment would be bold. prior to this pandemic, the state of california had never spent more than a billion dollars to address homeless and in fact, never even close to that, but we stand together to stay that we need treat homelessness. like the crisis that it is mayors from 13 of the state's biggest cities banded together on the request, saying with a large budget surplus and $26 billion from the federal american rescue plan. this is a once in a generation opportunity to address homelessness. the mayor is saying each city knows what works for them. the funding would allow for long term
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planning for housing and supportive services that would increase the probability of any program aimed at ending homelessness. the reality is that not one city can do this alone. not once that he can fully address this problem because it's clearly a state wide crisis. oakland's mayor, saying the state needs to battle homelessness with the same resolve as the coronavirus $20 billion is an appropriate. large investment in california's largest problem. it is something that we know. our residents want to see that we are actually going to bend the curve. the assembly and state senate have each produced budget plans that include $20 billion to combat homelessness. now lawmakers need to reach an agreement on the details on how those plans would work. the governor will have the final sign off when the budget is approved, possibly as early as mid june in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu box two,
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all right, we had some warm temperatures out there, too. day and we had some cool temperatures at the coast. right? so it made it depended on where you were. if you were in fairfield was like 90 degrees here in san francisco is in the fifties, but i want to start off tonight. actually talk about the drought monitor that came out today and that has shown that unfortunately, not surprisingly, we have slipped now into a deeper category of drought. now you could see practically the entire bay area, which was mostly in severe drought theory in tan is now in extreme drought, with the exception of points south of the. okay, so that is not great news. that is also not surprising news, considering that we, of course have had a deficit of rain since the beginning of this year. so as you could see, since july, 1st we're still sitting anywhere between 35 about 39% of what's considered normal. so that is where we are. we're not speaking any rain today or tonight, that's for sure. but we are expecting a little fog. as we see the marine layer will started to move in tonight. we have some
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onshore flow that's gonna be rolling our way. temperatures right now starting to cool down. san francisco has been cool all day. they're 50. four degrees, but 68 in santa rosa 61 in oakland, 76 still warm there, and livermore in 66 in san jose, have done little wind out there, too. i mentioned we have that onshore flow that's going to be increasing as we start to go throughout the night. two nights, you could see a little gusty out there at sfo about 23 mph, and that wind is set to pick up as we get into tomorrow. so tonight we will have some fog with us temperatures in the low forties to about 50. and then tomorrow we do have a little bit of a cooling system happening as a low pressure system approaches the coast that'll cool us down. we'll see low eighties instead of upper eighties and nineties as we head inland, so we'll talk a little bit more about that. when i come back in a bit with your extended forecast, for now, send it back to julian. alright kyla. we'll see in a little bit later. thank you. the family of george floyd and their attorney visited the white house today to discuss proposed legislation on police reform with lawmakers. they met with biden administration officials and with senators, including senate majority
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leader chuck schumer and republicans tim scott in lindsey graham. they also also in attendance were family. members of other black men who have been killed by police, including eric garner and bottom jeans, and the meat is with senator scott and senator graham. it became very emotional and they listened intently. and they. talking about it been a meaningful. historic opportunity. do something good. benjamin crump expressed optimism that police reform that police reform bill could be approved by may 25th the first anniversary of the george floyd killing. it was 29 years ago today that four l. a police officers were exonerated for the beating of rodney king. today community members gathered to pray and remember, king had been stopped for speeding in 1991 14. lapd
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officers hit him more than 50 times with their batons. they also kicked him and shot him with stun guns. the officer's acquittal by an all white jury in 1992 started the l. a riots that left 50 people dead and caused a billion dollars in damage. today. people also reflected on the shooting of a 15 year old girl. that happened less than two weeks after the rodney king beating in 1991 playground in south l. a was renamed after latasha harland's today. she was shot to death by the owner of a korean market. the store owner suspected the 15 year old of stealing a bottle of juice, but ally pally said latasha had the money in her hand. when she was killed. the owner was convicted of manslaughter but served no time in prison, and here in the bay area. mayor london breed kicked off asian pacific american heritage month a little early with an event at the asian art museum may is asian pacific american heritage month, and the mayor called it time to
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recognize the history, traditions, culture and contributions of the a p i community. this year's theme is celebrate resilience and uplift voices. we all know the tremendous challenges that the fbi community has been facing this past year. where there this is with covid-19 and all with the anti asian. hate however, it is the consensus off the community that we want the celebration of this month to be positive. we want to show the world that we are proud off proud asian pacific americans and we are proud being americans. activities to celebrate asian pacific american heritage month include live arts and music events in chinatown and japantown. there will also be a march on saturday to raise awareness for the rise and anti asian. hate crimes. after the break in incredible story of a local football star on the verge of being picked in the first round
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of the nfl draft. today he was giving back to the homeless shelter where he once lived with his family and didn't know where he was going to get his next meal. just give him back, tonto communities and i'm getting back to place that like this really means a lot to me because you know when i was when it was a time for me that i needed a helping hand. um, they gave us the
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bay high school football star from antioch. he is about to be selected in the nfl draft supposed to go in the first round, but football is only part of the story for nagy harris, his family was once homeless and ktvu is rob roth tells us that today on draft day now jean harris went back to the shelter that helped him in his family. get back on their feet. talk about a great comeback not long before the start of the national football league draft star running back now. gee, harris returned to the homeless shelter in richmond thursday, where he and his family stayed for about a month when they had nowhere else to go when it was a time for me that i needed a helping hand they gave us the opportunity. oh get back on our feet, so it's my i feel like you know, it's my job to get back well, the dozens of current residents of the greater richmond interfaith program or grip or holding a draft a watch party, harris is providing the food and saying hello. a lot of memories for me happened here. so you know,
6:26 pm
this is one that stood out to me the world. harris was in middle school when he stated grip before his family eventually moved to antioch. this is probably one of the most amazing return stories that it is. i've heard quip executive director kathleen sullivan says the shelter wanted to celebrate harris. but he insisted on picking up the tab, but just imagine being raised to have empathy and to give back on d. he's obviously been raised with that mind set the whole old time before harris became a top college running back at the university of alabama. he graduated from any other high school, having run for the most yards in bay area high school history. this is a photo of his 99th and final touchdown in antioch. we're very proud of nausea, any of high principle, louis wrote. you or harass is bama jersey to school today? whenever he's in town, it comes back to visit the school visit staff. talk with students, so he's someone
6:27 pm
who i think values of the people that have been there for him, and that's what i love about him, it's high school assistant football coach says no one worked harder than harass or was more humble. he was extremely shy when he got here, and it's really just the last couple years. you everybody's been able to see his personality, but its highest harris has climbed. he is not for gotten where he started. i feel like i would be giving back and there's more of the ways that i'm gonna be doing that though let's just start. harris is in the process of forming a nonprofit to help the community and he's already signed a deal with nike. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. yeah coming up in sports. the 49ers big draft pick quarterback trey lance force director marco baniyas will have more info on the choice. this new era for the team and reaction and after the break on ktvu fox two news at 6 30 president biden celebrating his 1/100 day in
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office by kicking off his so called back on track tour in georgia. there's also marks the 1/100 day on the job for california's newest senator, what hours? padilla says about his work so far, and what still needs to
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that same intersection in the past month, the crash happened on monterey road and curtner avenue. officials say san jose is working on road design projects aimed at reducing and eliminating traffic fatalities. a man from vacca ville charged with murdering a woman he met on a date is now accused of starting a wildfire last summer. solano county u. s officials say victor sarah 10 oh started the fire to cover up killing priscilla castro. the markley fire killed two other people. it was part of the massive l and u complex fire that destroyed hundreds of homes, right now the search is on for a gray whale calf that is entangled with a rope or a fishing line that calf is making its way north toward the bay area with its mom. marine mammal experts are hoping they can find the whale calf quickly enough to save it before the entanglement. create serious health problems or even death. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. president biden is kicking off his back on
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track tour in georgia today on his 101 100 day in office. and late this afternoon, the president and first lady held a drive in rally outside of it. atlanta first lady joe biden introduced her husband, saying he has surpassed his promises for the 1st 100 days. the president touted progress on the coronavirus vaccinate. nations and relief for americans. so much have we got done like getting checks to people probably would not have happened. so if you ever wonder if elections make a difference, just remember what you did here georgia when you elected us off and war knock, you began to change the environment. as fox news, madeline rivera tells us now the rally is part of a bigger pushed, outlined his plans on infrastructure and american families to the public. president biden and landing in georgia thursday with a goal to get the american people on board with his agenda while
6:33 pm
generally split on the issues, many democrats and republicans agree on one thing. presidents two proposals, which cover infrastructure, education and child care are big totaling roughly $4 trillion. this is an ambitious, transformative vision. we're seizing a once in a century opportunity to build back better just saying we're going to spend a trillion dollars on this doesn't mean you care more. it means you're going to spend more of other people's money, taxpayer money and run up the debt. however the president says with the u. s can't afford is falling behind china and other countries by not making these investments we have to compete. were strenuously that we have. the white house says the president is looking to work with republicans and try and win them over. but they're skeptical, but even on subjects has historically bipartisan as pandemic relief, voting rights and infrastructure. our democratic friends have become addicted to divide and conquer with a 50 50 split in the senate, all eyes are turning to
6:34 pm
moderate senator joe manchin of west virginia, who has expressed concerns over the price tag. senator mansion has been and will be an important partner to the president and to the agenda of the administration, while in georgia president biden met with former president jimmy carter, who wasn't able to attend the inauguration. the president has to philadelphia tomorrow for the second day off his back on track tour. and washington mountain rivera fox news. on wall street stocks ended the day broadly higher. the dow rose 239 points, nasdaq added 31, the s and p gained 28 points to set another record high. traders were encouraged by a sharp rise in u. s economic growth in the first quarter and a jump in home sales in march. quarterly corporate earnings are also generally exceeding expectations. the fda is plunging to once again try to ban menthol cigarettes. today's announcement is in response to a petition by public health advocates eight years ago, the african american tobacco
6:35 pm
control leadership council was one of the groups behind that petition and a lawsuit that was filed last year. supporters say the cigarettes have hurt black communities more than others because they were targeted in aggressive marketing campaigns and research has shown that menthols numbing effect makes it harder to quit. when you look at african american smokers, 85% of them are smoking menthol cigarettes to get the fda to ban mental would be an important step in the right direction. the fda is band would also include mass produced flavored cigars, leaders in the tobacco industry say they plan to take the matter to court. new california senator alex padilla is marking 100 days on the job. governor newsome appointed him to fill vice president kamala harris his seat. senator padilla spoke to our political reporter greg li about what he's done what he wants to do and why he calls the past 100 days. ah, world wind. chuckle understand? as
6:36 pm
president biden marked his 1st 100 days in office with a congressional address. california senator alex padilla sat in the chamber, one of the few people invited to attend in person julie haener half the head. american jobs plan. the american families plan really sort of redefining what our country can be. i spoke with senator padilla's he marks 100 days in his new job, but he has been busy co sponsoring bills addressing climate change, electrical grids and safety of farm workers said that we have a good foundation on the issues and, more importantly, the posts of what is important to california and the need to act urgently. let's and are exhausting. moreover immigration, biden implored congress to pass his immigration reform plan a major focus for senator padilla. his first bill offers a path to citizenship for immigrant essential workers. my god through their service and their sacrifice. they've earned the
6:37 pm
opportunity to live without fear of deportation and a pathway to citizenship. republicans air calling for democrats to shift their focus to enforcement, blaming a surge of migrants on biden's proposed policies. republicans also accused democrats of failing to work in a bipartisan way. for three months in the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart late, it's up to republicans to decide whether we're gonna work on a bipartisan basis or not, but we don't feel well what you know families both democrat and republican across the country needs senator padilla also responded to senator scott's comments about race and policing in america. hear me clearly. america is not racist country. i think senator scott was missing that just the boat, but the evidence if we see so much systemic inequity in the criminal justice system in
6:38 pm
educational opportunity, economic opportunity access to health care, greg lee ktvu fox two news. coming up. even more medical supplies are now on their way to india tonight to try to help fight the growing. coronavirus crisis there and here in the bay area. there's excitement over the availability of vaccines and appointments attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. san francisco right now, where police say three people have been shot. it happened just before five o'clock tonight near market and mason streets, officers say one person died at the scene and two others were taken to the hospital. people in that area report hearing as many as six gunshots, followed by the sound of a car speeding away so far, there is no information about suspects. we will continue to follow the story and keep you updated as we learn any new details. mattel county today reopened their mass vaccination site at the county event center after a disruption in supplies put a pause on the program last month, county officials say 500 people signed up to get their shot at the drive thru site today. the clinic has 3000 doses available every day, officials invited those 16 and older who live or work in 70 of county to take advantage and said that appointments are not necessary. it's been difficult because of the availability of vaccines to
6:42 pm
this. point today. we feel that we have enough vaccine to take care of anyone who wants to get that vaccine, so this is very unique. this is a unique day for us. we are excited about this on this is now the time to get the vaccine. so far about 70% of county residents have been vaccinated. the goal is 90% despite the disruption and supplies, the county has continued holding community clinics in their most vulnerable neighborhoods, two more u. s air force planes loaded with medical supplies are now flying to india, where they're facing a dire situation because of a second wave of the coronavirus, the c took off todm travis air force including oxygen cylinders, n95 masks and hospital gowns. the first shipment left travis yesterday headed for new delhi with more oxygen mass and rapid covid-19 testing kits. but we've got a little bit of a crew down as we head towards
6:43 pm
the weekend. it's a breezy conditions on the way i'll have all the details coming up on your extended forecast. let's go to ktvu is alex savage. now he joins us in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus, julie. thank you. coming up new tonight at seven. police have made arrest that they've arrested nearly half a dozen people all connected to that robbery of lady gaga as dogs in southern california. tmz's harvey levin will be along tonight to give us the inside scoop on this investigation. plus, we'll have an update on that brush fire that burned in the east bay this afternoon and the early concerns about fire danger here as we still are. in april plus, you'll meet a woman who says she saw the flames and was ready to leave this afternoon, those stories say. and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus first, though, after the break being environmentally friendly, even in death will tell you about the increasing trend when it comes
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to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. there is a growing trend for people looking to make their end of life more in harmony with nature. it's an idea called dust to dust. ktvu christien kafton has more on how some people are turning their death into the ultimate act of recycling. whenever clear. kaiser wants to visit her mother, she knows right where she can find her under a thriving oak tree amidst the natural beauty of fernwood cemetery in marin county, a beautiful living memorial. made possible by a green burial. my sister and i both live here in the valley, and we wanted to be able to visit her here, and she's buried under an oak tree.
6:47 pm
which she she really knew every single different type of oak tree. kaiser says her mother loved nature and would appreciate the smaller environmental impact of a green burial. nothing here is not natural that everything in the burials natural you have to have. ah, marker that's completely natural. fernwood is part of a small number of cemeteries in mortuaries across the nation specializing in green burials. it's the ultimate recycling. yeah, and nourishing of the earth. traditional burials can include formaldehyde, plastics and treated would even a concrete vault into which the casket is placed. instead fernwood offers ecological b wooden caskets, woven baskets or simple shrouds. there's. so many that are environmentally conscious and they want natural green burial. and that means no metals, plastics glass allowed
6:48 pm
in the earth, no pesticides, no herbicides and no embalming fern. what has been a cemetery from more than 100 years, and there's still plenty of traditional plots. but now 75% of the more than 32 acre cemetery is devoted to green burials, admits the sprawling natural landscape that abuts the golden gate national recreation area. nationwide most who make their final arrangements choose cremation. fernwood offers a service but says cremation isn't the greenest option for those looking to make their final choice with the environment as a major consideration. it uses a lot of natural gas, electricity emissions into the earth. it is less expensive way to go. it's very efficient. we will bury cremated remains and our green section, but they have to be in a biodegradable container. the current owner, fernwood is a committed environmental west, in fact, a founding member of the green burial council, he bought fernwood in 2004 with a commitment to those who are experiencing loss and a commitment to the environment.
6:49 pm
nick runco is here to visit a college friend who died. i think places like this is really epitomizes the words rest in peace, he says. the natural beauty of this location made possible through green burial practices is a living tribute to his friend and bring my lunch about once a week said up there. look at the hills and it's ah, it's about as peaceful as it gets. so, um, you know, i'm sure my buddy ryan feels the same way down there, and it's a little bit different vibe from the normal normal cemetery. that's for sure. christian captain ktvu, fox two news. all right, let's turn our attention to the weather. we had a very sunny day today if you were inland, but of course you're out of the coast. little cloudy out there and much cooler at it, because look at this split in temperature 66. that's what you called micro climates in action. we also get up in the eighties of sandra
6:50 pm
fell in santa rosa, but 75 in san jose. so pretty nice day out there. we've got the marine layer kind of dancing in and out a little bit. we're gonna the movement is we get into the night as we have onshore flow that's gonna be returning. that helps to bring our marine layer in. and that means that will certainly see some fog like we did this morning. we'll see it again tomorrow. and in fact, if you take a live look outside right now, you see a little bit of a haze there right is to take a look at the golden gate bridge and indication that that marine layer will be moving on in as we go throughout the evening. currently 55 in san francisco, still a little warm out there, though, and conquered 80 degrees 81 in walnut creek. right now, we're down the sixties up in santa rosa and nevada about 65 in. review. this is where we're going tonight. partly cloudy skies as i mentioned some of that coastal fog in particular and some patchy fog throughout as you wake up tomorrow morning. we're looking at forties to about 50 degrees. tonight's a pretty mild and then tomorrow because we have a low pressure system kind of rolling closer to us. cool it down a little bit, so partly sunny skies after that fog heads out, still
6:51 pm
warm inland, but we're talking low eighties instead of you know, upper eighties and 90 degrees tomorrow. san francisco about 60 out of the coast will be in those mid fifties. yet again, so high pressure has been keeping us warm. it's gonna get bumped out of the way by low pressure that's gonna roll in and that is why we're going to see things start to cool down a little bit tomorrow. heading into saturday. also we're going to see some of the wind pick up because of this. want to roll you through future casting. just show you that we do not have any rain in the forecast over in the next few days, unfortunately, and as you look at your extended forecast, you can see we pulled out a little bit for the weekend that we start to warm up again as we head into next week. guys back to you, kyle. thank you up next in sports. it's draft day. mark tells us about the quarterback tells us about the quarterback of at worksman cycles, we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card,
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we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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body is with the in the vinyl room tonight. it's kind of like the nfl's oscar night, right? all the pomp and circumstance that the waiting is over so over analyzed, but much anticipated a big 49ers fans have been like little kids on christmas morning. can't wait. all the speculation and finally. it is fact to san francisco 49ers select trade lance
6:55 pm
quarterback north dakota state for what it's worth. i love the pick course. all the early talk. have the niners going for obama's mack jones, but in the last 24 hours, five definitely changed even the odds in vegas flipped the switch with the tray, lance. from north dakota state. he's got all the physical tools, big arm speed, a passion for learning. and of course, some bit of a pause on lee played one game last year because of pandemic reasons. smaller school, of course, maybe less competitive competition level. but the niners see his huge upside. it's all there on tape. this kid could be a superstar. really emotional, just like i said this super thankful for everyone in the green room with me and everyone help me get to this point, just very blessed to be here. it was awesome. you know, coach shanahan a little bit. i didn't get to know him too much, but he's awesome, dude, obviously what he's done on the field speaks for itself.
6:56 pm
got a good feeling about this pig tray lance six ft. 4 £227 very athletic. he's a dual threat. he can throw it he could run does lack experience. and how about this for a summation stat. 30 touchdown passes in college, and only one interception in case you missed it. here's the top five picks all about the offense. jacksonville as expected, goes for trevor laurence the quarterback number two. the jets out of byu exact wilson. no surprises there, trey lan. with the niners. atlanta as expected, goes for the all world tight end kyle pits could be a superstar out of florida and jamaar chase a receiver at l s u will go to joe burrow to be thrown at him for the cincinnati bangles. early risers, the oakland a's about that wake up call from about six a.m. california time. 10 a.m. start for the aids ball
6:57 pm
game in tampa as they close out a long road trip victoriously bob melvin to fueled on coffee. ready to go. 43 road trip is a matter of fact forth any we gotta won one game versus the rays. mad chap had been waiting for him to break out of his slump. you sitting under 200, the crushed the left. the shame mack lahan an and it's his 4th 21, a's but brandon allow will get that right back. he likes chris passage offering hit that thing about 431 ft. it disappears. we got a two to tie ninth inning. and so it goes still, even two outs, one on chapman will hammer this one off the board. brent phillips can't get it. that goes for a double jet. lowry running with two outs will score all the way from first and the a's take a 32 leaders. chapman winds up on third and you can bottom of the ninth inning, tampa threatening lou trevino will get kevin cure
6:58 pm
meyer as a spectator icu get the tying run a third man, you can't be a tourist. torino's worth saved. backed open come the a's tomorrow night they will be taking on the baltimore orioles at the coliseum, frank. no, you're always worried about your workouts here submitted inspiration for you. this woman could have been an offensive lineman in another life. full 75 year old joan mcdonald from ontario, canada. that is a dead lift of 175 right there. hit in. that is her personal best, not to every big either so strong. i was expecting it will be bigger. she's but she's tough. it's her i'm scout will shape there. yeah, she's small but mighty, absolutely all right. i love the night. thank you. so good. yeah we find out what all right are the live what all right are the live news continues over
6:59 pm
so, bernadette, how goes the hunt for bridesmaid dresses? well, if you don't mind looking like an orange traffic cone, great. amy: girlfriends, i have the answer to our dress problems. bernadette: really? amy: 12 years ago, my cousin irene and her entire family died in a horrific carbon monoxide accident the night before her wedding. that's horrible. yes and no. all those bridesmaids dresses remain unused and available to us for free. so it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all. check it out, still in the bags. the gowns, not the bridesmaids. i don't know. dead people's dresses? yeah, and cap sleeves? eh... oh, i was hoping you wouldn't notice. irene was always a slave to a good bargain when it came to clothes, and sadly as it turned out, space heaters. ladies, please. these four walls once housed an intellectual salon
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where the mind received nourishment as well as the stomach. but through no one's fault, penny, the quality of dinner conversation in this apartment has declined. and again, i'm looking at no one in particular, penny. fine. what would you like to talk about, sheldon? "what would you like to talk about, sheldon?" why do you hate us? i've prepared a number of topics that should appeal to both the advanced and novice conversationalists. okay, that time you looked at me. who didn't? your skin is like alabaster. do you even have pores? sheldon: topic one: "faster-than-light particles at cern-- "paradigm-shifting discovery or another swiss export as full of holes as their cheese?" and converse. penny: all right, who wants to go to my apartment and look at bridal magazines? oh, me.


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