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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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ktvu is cristina rendon joins us now live with reaction. kristina julie. two women have now died at this intersection in hit and run crash is highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety, and so far no one has been arrested. monory highway and curtner avenue, a busy intersection in san jose. don't get quite enough time walk. i gotta walk. i won't get across pedestrians like this man named jack. try to move fast. the intersection was shut down wednesday night after a woman using a walker was killed in a hit and run. police say she was several 100 ft. outside of the closest crosswalk. there's no description of the car that hit her, and her identity hasn't been released. it's the second fatal hit and run this month that the sitter section involving a disabled person on april 1st 37 year old vanessa arce was in a crosswalk using a wheelchair when she was hit and killed by a car. police are still searching for the driver
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of an early 2000 mercedes benz cls. nikita's in her with walk, san jose calls it unacceptable. i think that's one of the most shocking things about this incident is seeing that two people using a system of mobility devices have been killed in the same intersection on that. that's indicative of. off that intersection and our streets at large, just not being safe for people who have disabilities, sinha says. san jose is working on road design projects aiming to reduce and eliminate traffic fatalities through its vision zero program, she says it demands the attention of city leaders. that means funding and in time and resource is to go into. redesigning streets to make sure that they're safe for all road users, not just people driving, but safe for people to walk in by, especially for people with disabilities, sinha says. speed is the most common factor and crashes that result in deaths. yeah really busy intersection and a lot of people drive way too fast on tell them. they don't even break when they get the
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intersection they used turned walks in his aces. 2019 was a record high year with 29. pedestrians killed. police say the woman who died wednesday is the 16th victim of a traffic crash this year, and the third case involving a pedestrian. julie cristina rendon reporting live tonight. christina frank, you a driver who was fleeing from the highway patrol in the hayward area, died in a crash early this morning. authorities say officers were attempting to pull over the driver, her speeding in the city of tracy. they say that driver was going 120 miles an hour in a mercedes chp officers and the dublin area took over the chase on 5 80 heading toward the 2 38 split. authorities say the driver crashed into a wall on the east 14th street. france and died the east 14th street on ramp and off ramps were shut down during the investigation, but have since reopened. two more u. s air force planes loaded with medical supplies
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are now flying to india, where they are facing a dire situation because of a second wave of the coronavirus, the c five galaxy planes took off today from travis air force base near fairfield. carrying more than 200 tons of equipment, including oxygen cylinders, and n95 masks and hospital gowns. the first shipment left travis yesterday headed for new delhi with more oxygen masks and rapid coronavirus. 19 testing kits due to the growing number of coronavirus cases, the state department has issued a travel advisory urging americans to leave india. the advisory is also against all travel to india, the state department said. that's because of the quote greater likelihood of life threatening risks. india is averaging more than 300,000 new cases every day, and so many people have died that they have literally set up mass sites where they're cremating the bodies. california's
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coronavirus case numbers continue to trend in the positive direction just over 1400 new cases were reported yesterday. 89 people died of the virus in the past 24 hours, the cdc says the test positivity rate in california is the lowest in the us at 1.2% at the end of december, test positivity was up to 17% now to the latest numbers on vaccinations nationwide. the cdc says 237 million doses have been administered. more than 38% of americans, aged 18 and older are now fully vaccinated. that is more than 99 million people and 68% of those 65 up are fully vaccinated. beg in the state for relief. the mayors of california's largest cities are asking the state legislature for $20 billion to fight homelessness. ktvu is christian captain is here now. christian this would be a five year commitment. what specifically? would the money
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be used for? yeah it's a big ask frank and they're asking for long term solutions to homelessness. now the mayor of san francisco is among those 13 mayors that say that they're simply too many people sleeping on the streets, they say right now presents a once in a generation opportunity to do something about homelessness, and they're asking for a major major commitment from the state to address it. mayors throughout the state, say homelessness consistently tops their list of concerns. now the mayors of california's biggest cities are commending lawmakers and the governor or considering committing $20 billion over the next five years on long term statewide solutions to a growing problem. this commitment would be bold. prior to this pandemic, the state of california had never spent more than a billion dollars. to address homeless and in fact, never even close to that, but we stand together to say that we need to treat homelessness. like the crisis that it is mayors from 13 of the state's biggest cities banded together
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on the request, saying with a large budget surplus and $26 billion from the federal american rescue plan. this is a once in a generation opportunity to address homelessness. the mayor is saying each city knows what works for them. the funding would allow for long term planning for housing and supportive services that would increase the probability of any program aimed at ending homelessness. the reality is that not one city can do this alone, not one city can fully address this problem because it's clearly a state wide crisis. oakland's mayor, saying the state needs to battle homelessness with the same resolve as the coronavirus $20 billion is an appropriate. large investment in california's largest problem. it is something that we know. our residents want. to see that we are actually going to bend the curve, the assembly in the
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state senate of each produced budget plans that would include the $20 billion to combat homelessness. now lawmakers need to reach an agreement on the details on how those plans would work. the governor would then have the final sign off when the budget is approved, possibly as early as mid june, reporting live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu box to it. all right, christian. thank you. president biden headed to georgia today to promote his plans to rebuild american infrastructure and support families, he said, making big companies pay their fair share in taxes is one way to achieve those goals. so, folks. i'm not trying to punish anyone, but we got to make corporations making 40 billion pain zero is just not right. something's seriously wrong here. president biden said a 15% minimum tax on fortune 500 companies would raise $230 billion to pay for
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his proposals. the rally is part of a push this week to sell the president's plan to the public box news. madeline rivera tells us the president will also have to win over one key member of his own party. president biden and landing in georgia thursday with a goal to get the american people on board with his agenda while generally split on the issues, many democrats and republicans agree on one thing. the president's two proposals which cover infrastructure, education and child care are big. totaling roughly $4 trillion. this is an ambitious, transformative vision for seizing a once in a century opportunity to build back better just saying we're going to spend a trillion dollars on this doesn't mean you care more. it means you're going to spend more of other people's money, taxpayer money and run up the debt. however the president says, with the u. s can't afford is falling behind china and other countries by not making these investments we have to compete. were strenuously that we have. the white house says the president
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is looking to work with republicans and try and win them over. but they're skeptical, but even on subjects has historically bipartisan as pandemic relief, voting rights and infrastructure. our democratic friends have become addicted to divide and conquer with a 50 50 split in the senate, all eyes are turning to moderate senator joe manchin of west virginia, who has expressed concerns over the price tag senator mansion has been and will be an important partner to the president and to the agenda of the administration, while in georgia president biden met with former president jimmy carter, who wasn't able to attend the inauguration. the president has to philadelphia tomorrow for the second day off his back on track tour. and washington malvin of era fox news this afternoon, governor newsome signed new legislation to provide tax cuts to small businesses. the governor's spoken a restaurant in the city of san fernando in l. a county. the bill is aimed at business owners who took paycheck protection program or ppe p
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loans from the federal government. those businesses won't have to pay state taxes on the money if they had a 25% reduction orm or in profits for at least one quarter. the governor also said that the toughest times in this pandemic are now behind us. the state is coming back. this state is roaring back 41% of america's jobs came out of the state of california in february, 270 jobs have come out of this state in the asked two months alone. this state is poised for a major comeback. the state assembly and state senate passed the tax bill unanimously. it's expected to save businesses about $6 billion. we're following some breaking news right now in the east bay where firefighters are working to put out what is left of the vegetation fire in pittsburgh. this is a live picture looking
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at from sky fox. it looks like right now. most of the flames are out. you can't see really any anymore. also as you can see the fire burn near homes off of kirker pass road south of buchanan road, contra costa county fire officials say the fire's progress has been stopped there watching now for any hot spots and will continue to watch that area through the night. there's no word of any homes being damaged or evacuated, and it is too early to know what caused the fire. we're going to keep our eye on in this situation, though, and will bring you any updates. if needed. tonight his football dreams are expected to come true when his name may be called in the first round of the nfl draft, but before that, he spent his afternoon at the homeless shelter that he lived in for a short time when he was growing up. night at 5, 30 bay area native nausea, harris gives back to those who helped him along the way, plus an all out search to find and save a baby whale caught up in a fishing line still to come
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tonight, the plan to find the whale and free it plus he believes 30. oh deliberately set the mark lee fire in attempt to conceal his crime. that crime, police say was the murder of a woman he met online, but when he tried to conceive let police say he set a fire that burned tens of thousands of acres and killed two other people. well we had the micro climates on full display today. cool of the coast warm inland, but a little bit of a cool down for all of us coming as we head
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deadly wildfire in solano county last year. police now
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say that fire was no accident. ktvu is henry lee is here now, and henry police is saying that they think the suspect deliberately set the fire to cover up a horrible crime. yeah frank, thorny. say he killed first kill the woman he met online for a date and to cover his tracks set that wildfire that ended up killing two other people. no you got to go now. let's go now. right behind your house. you don't have time to carry your stuff. let's go harrowing. vacaville police body cam video shows officers evacuating residents from a fast moving fire. authorities say the deadly markley fire near lake berryessa in august was no accident. nor was mother nature to plain. investigators say this man, victor, sarah tino started the fire to cover up his killing of priscilla castro. a woman he met on a date. we believe, sir tino, deliberately set the mark lee fire in attempt to conceal his crime. castro's burned body was found at the origin of the fire. authorities have not said how she was killed. the fire, which
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was part of the ellen, you complex killed two people. 82 year old douglas, my and 64 year old beyond bone, who went by james. the two resulting deaths from that far are now considered homicides. solano county d a crystal abrams says. sarah tino could now face three murder charges as well. it's arson. the fire had devastating impacts on so many people in our community. we have three people that perished in this in this fire. and people lost homes. people lost property, he beloved animals. people lost livestock. this was unprecedented fire and scale shares. lieutenant jackson harris said. fire victims claims won't be affected by the criminal investigation solano county suffered. i believe 30 to 40,000 acres burned on din the hundreds of homes destroyed and residences my proper like the ring his neck. more than anything else can. albert and his wife lost their home in the fire. they live two doors down from one of the men who died. we lost everything we had denounced for 30 years. now we have to start from zero and we're both in our seventies is
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not quite the time. do you want to start from scratch. well, the d a says this defendant is expected to be formally charged with three counts of murder, along with a special circumstances of arson, murder and multiple murder, which makes this a potential capital case reporting live hand really ktvu fox two news man hearing that guy talk henry, who lost his house. just heartbreaking for him. the fact that three people were killed. do we know a potential motive for why this suspect killed the woman. we do not know that would we don't do know that the woman was reported missing to the oakland police department should listen, vallejo and then they put the pieces together and ended up linking her to this defendant. alright had really live for us tonight, henry. thank you. police have found one of the cars involved into deadly shootings tuesday in richmond. investigators have not said where the black charger was found. the discovery comes as new details
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emerge about the victims 31 year old james lankford of san pablo was found dead at south second street and ohio avenue. according to authorities. he was a former professional football player in europe. police say it appears that he had just parked his car to go to the gym when two men got out of a silver infiniti and began shooting at him. black charger was also at the scene and about 20 minutes later, what is believed to be the same charger was spotted the second shooting scene on pullman avenue, where 21 year old tyree wilson was shot and killed. family members say they have no idea why someone would want to hurt him. i don't know why they would do this and my breath there. you didn't bother nobody. he just liked to have fun. anybody have a memory with tyree is that son? memories of party is carefully it's a cheerfully. his smell was so break investigators have
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not said whether the two men were targeted and say they have not found any information that indicates wilson and lankford knew each other. a man on death row at san quentin for killing two people in fremont 25 years ago, has died. 46 year old charles edward crawford, the second was found unresponsive in his cell last night and taken to an outside hospital, where he died and autopsy will now determine how crawford died in 1996. he used a shotgun to murder 16 year old. evangeline rail and 20 year old mark williams on a rural road in the fremont foothills. right now, it's san quentin. there are nearly 750 inmates on death row and since the death penalty was reinstated in california, back in 1978 79 death row inmates have died from natural causes compared to 13 who have been executed. governor newsome has also stopped all executions while he's in office. all
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right, turning our attention to the weather. now we've had a pretty nice day out there today. cool it. the coast, though, is we did have some memory later moved in this morning. a little fog, but some really nice sunshine inland. it's a very warm above average temperatures, but i wanted to start off tonight with the drought monitor because that was released today. it's done periodically and as you can see, now we have slipped into extreme drought for pretty much the entire bay area, so that is a move. obviously in the wrong direction, not one that is. very surprising. i'm sure to anyone who lives here, as we, of course, have been running a deficit here all year long. in fact, as we take a look at our rain totals that we've had since july, 1st of last year were sitting anywhere between about 35 39% of what would be considered a normal amount of rainfall, so that is not great news and we don't have any rain in the forecast right now, but we do have a little fog in the forecast says you take a live look outside right now that the golden gate bridge and playing kind of cat and mouse with a little bit of marine layer, rolling in and then rolling
5:21 pm
back out again. look at the difference. the temperature's right san francisco 53 degrees right now, but 70 in santa rosa 61 in oakland, but 83 livermore right now and san is a sitting at about 71 degrees. we're also a little bit breezy out there so you could see that and open about 15 mph starting get that onshore flow, which is why we're seeing the marine layer make a move back in and it's also are gonna cool down a little bit. tomorrow s a photo right now. 32 mile per hour gust happening. so, yeah. breezy conditions for you're in that onshore flow as we zoom out here, you could see, of course, we do have some of that marine layer that's kind of hanging on. but as they do not even further, you'll notice that we have low pressure to our northwest high pressure that's starting to slide to the east across california, and that set up is what is ultimately going to cool it down a bit us. we head towards the weekend. so tonight we're going to see some of that fog movin lows in the low forties to about 50 degrees out the coast tonight, and then as we get into tomorrow, a little bit cooler because of that set up of that low pressure rolling towards us so. we'll be looking
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at fifties of the coast seventy's around the bay but low eighties instead of worry about today, which is, you know 90 degrees in spots inland, so we'll talk a little bit. we're at that in your extended forecast. when i come back for it a bit for now, send it back to the desk. if you do see an entanglement, we have trained teams throughout our coastline prepared and ready to respond. a baby whale tangled in a fishing line, and now boaters and fishing crews are on the lookout up and down the west coast and coming up on ktvu news at six. police say he targeted asian women and could be responsible for at least 30 per snatchings all across the bay area. now he is in custody, plus the search for two. poppy's stolen out of a car in the spay the plea from the the spay the plea from the owners to help find attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month.
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including here in the bay area
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to help them find a 20 ft. long gray whale calf and tangled in fishing gear. ktvu is tom vacar joins us now live on what is becoming an all too familiar problem along the west coast and other places around the world. that's whale and tangled entanglements. tom. sure as you know the well. rescuers here say they mean to save this baby, and they think there's still time. there's an all out bulow a be on the lookout alert for a whale calf fettered by fishing ropes. it was first noticed 10 days ago off orange county, according to national oceanographic and atmospheric administration primary will disentangle er, peter falcons, and it hasn't been seen since the last report, which is last week. and the expectation is because it's a great well moving north with its mom. it should show up in the bay area sometime soon, fokin says. the 5 to 6 month old calf appears to have a rope or line running through its mouth and so in this case, in particular is
5:26 pm
difficult to suckle on the mom. i went. it's got something in this mouth that shouldn't be there, but the marine mammal centers code disentangle er, cathy george says. so far, this whale can be saved. have spotted soon, but look to be in okay body condition as it was heading north. it was moving at a good speed and we have a lot of coastline getting close to a caf, accompanied by a massive mom is a very risky proposition. even for the most experienced experts. they are known to defend their babies, and these whales are unpredictable. they're huge. they're large. they could be up to 50 ft. they wait many tons so. you really need to be knowledgeable about the whale's behavior. if you do see an entanglement, we have trained teams throughout our coastline prepared and ready to respond. katherine killed off a lawyer for the center for biological diversity says, since california leads the world in high technology, it's time for rope bliss fishing year, which is already under
5:27 pm
testing, fishing has to accept that kind of change. where they can retrieve pots without having a line that goes all the way to see four already leading the way. california's dungeon, nous crab fishermen and women with current practices as well is testing an adoption of new technologies. that fishery is now not identified as a major threat. ah to the to the humpback whales. but there is a lot of pot fishing elsewhere for other kinds of species. many technologies could make non rope, none remote, wrote recovery for just a tiny increase in the price of that sea food at the market. but the reality is the technology is there should be developed. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. let's hope they can find that baby whale in time. tom bank you coming up next? the nfl draft. we're waiting for the niners to big. also look at
5:28 pm
this man right here. he is expected to be the first running back taken. that's not jean harris. he played for antioch high before going to alabama. but what makes his story even more remarkable is that at one time he and his family were homeless and didn't know where their next meal was going to come from. it was a time for me that i needed a helping hand. they gave us the opportunity to, um to get back on our feet. so it's my i feel like you know, it's my job to get back. and that's exactly what he's trying to do, including a catered meal tonight, so people at the shelter can have a good time watching the draft plus calling everyone who still needs to be vaccinated in san mateo county. the mass vaccination site is back up and running with 3000 doses every day. but today. only 500
5:29 pm
if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out worst kept secret in sports who's going number one in the nfl draft, and this year was no different. clemson quarterback trevor laurence went number one to the jacksonville jaguars, and now we're waiting to see who the 49ers will take. also tonight, dreams may come true for any act native nausea harris star running back from alabama is projected to be picked at the end of the first round, but his story starts years ago in a shelter in the east bay ktvu is rob roth joins us now and rob even on what is
5:32 pm
expected to be his biggest professional day or the day of his life. harris made time to support those who helped him along the way. yeah julie 90 harris is perhaps the epitome of perseverance. he this family once lived in a homeless shelter. now he's on the doorstep of an nfl career. talk about a great comeback. not long before the start of the national football league draft star running back nagy harris returned to the homeless shelter in richmond thursday, where he and his family stayed for about a month when they had nowhere else to go when it was a time for me that i needed a helping hand they gave us the opportunity. oh get back on our feet, so it's my i feel like you know, it's my job to get back well, the dozens of current residents of the greater richmond interfaith program or. rip or holding a draft a watch party. harris is providing the food and saying hello. a lot of memories for me happened. here s o, you know, this is one that stood out to
5:33 pm
me the world. harris was in middle school when he stated grip before his family eventually moved to antioch. this is probably one of the most amazing return stories that it is. i've heard grip executive director kathleen sullivan says the shelter wanted to celebrate harris. but he insisted on picking up the tab, but just imagine being raised to you, uh, have empathy and to give back on d he's obviously been raised with that mind set the whole time before harris became a top college running back at the university of alabama. he graduated from any other high school, having run for the most yards and barry ah high school history. this is a photo of his 99th and final touchdown in antioch. we're very proud of nausea, any of high principle, louis wrote. you or harass is bama jersey to school today? whenever he's in town, it comes back. to visit the school visit staff talk with students, so he's someone who i think values. uh the
5:34 pm
people that have been there for him, and that's what i love about him is high school assistant football coach says no one worked harder than harass or was more humble. he was extremely shy when he got here, and it's really just the last couple years. you everybody's been able to see his personality, but its highest harris is climb. he is not for gotten where he started. i feel like i would be given back in. there's a more other ways out. i'm going to be doing that, though. let's just start. well, harris is in the process of forming a nonprofit to help the community and is also signed a deal with nike. julie such a great story, all right, we will be watching to see where he goes tonight, rob. thank you. well the jets are on the clock getting ready to make the number two pick and we are also waiting for the 49ers. they have the third pick, and we are expecting it to be another quarterback as well. when that pick has made, our sports team will join us to
5:35 pm
talk about the friend. jai's changing selection, cemetery county today reopened their mass vaccination site at the county event center after a disruption in supplies put a pause on the program last month. county officials say 500 people signed up to get their shot at the drive thru site today. the clinic has 3000 doses available, daily officials invited those 16 and older who live or work in san matteo county to take advantage and said that appointments are not necessary. it's been difficult because of the availability of vaccines to this point today, we feel that we have enough vaccine to take care of anyone who wants to get that vaccine, so this is very unique. this is a unique day for us. we are except i did about this on. this is now the time to get the vaccine. so far about 70% of county residents have been vaccinated. the goal is 90% despite the disruption in supplies, the county has continued holding community
5:36 pm
clinics in their most vulnerable neighborhoods. statewide health officials say nearly 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered 12 million people are fully vaccinated that's out of a state population of about 40 million. more than six million people have had their first dose of the two dose of vaccine and there are now about 6.5 million doses on hand, which the state says is a 20 days supply. rising vaccination rates are driving re openings across the country. but it's fox news, david lee miller tells us some states are still battling an increased number of new infections and hospitalizations. this is going to be the summer of new york city, new york city mayor bill de blasio announced plans thursday to fully reopen the city on july 1st, citing increased vaccinations and a decline in hospitalization rates. governor andrew cuomo says a reopening date could come sooner. i am reluctant to make projections because i
5:37 pm
think they're irresponsible. i think if we do what we have to do, we could be reopened earlier. re openings look different across the rest of the u. s starting friday, oregon will again banned indoor dining in parts of the state as new infections and hospitalizations rise. michigan is tying the lifting of covid-19 restrictions to the states vaccination rate thursday. governor gretchen whitmer announced capacity limits on in we're dining and gatherings will be lifted as more people get their shots. maxine is safe, little protect you, your family and other people from getting covid vaccines. our best chance of putting this pandemic behind us and returning to normal public health officials say increase vaccinations air helping curb covid-19 cases nationwide. but there's still concern over people not coming back for another fizer or madonna shot, the cdc estimates five million people have missed a second dose. it's just a few percent that are not coming back. we do so what we call silent scheduling, reschedule your second appointment at the time. the receiving your first today,
5:38 pm
moderna announced plans to make up to one billion doses of its covid-19 vaccine. this year in new york. david lee miller fox news, 49ers and now on the clock for the next pick in the nfl draft, two quarterbacks have already been picked will keep you posted these are real people, not actors,
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when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. investigate a deadly shooting that they say started with a dispute between a landlord and a tenant. police say 52 year old man was killed yesterday morning on garrow drive the victim's daughter had recently reconnected with her father and identifies him as cosmo. valdas oh, police detained the 50 year old landlord who was armed with a gun. but as of today, no charges have been filed against him. i was just shocked because
5:41 pm
i mean, who knows that something like this would ever happen? haldol. so's daughter says she had been looking forward to rebuilding a relationship with her father, and now she's looking for answers as to what happened. police have not yet released a motive in the shooting other than other than to say it stemmed from a dispute. may is asian pacific american heritage month and today an event took place in san francisco to kick it off. mayor london breed officially started the city's celebration during an event at the asian art museum on larkin street. asian pacific american heritage month is a time to recognize the history, traditions, culture and contributions of the a p i community. this year's theme is celebrate resilience and uplift voices. we all know the tremendous challenges that a p i community has been facing this past year where they this
5:42 pm
is covid-19 and all with the entire asian hate, however, it is the consensus off the community that we want the celebration of this month to be positive. we want to show the world that we are proud off. proud asian pacific americans and we are proud being americans. activities to celebrate the month include live arts and music events in chinatown and japan town. there will also be a march on saturday to raise awareness for the rise in anti asian hate crimes. okay, coming up here. 49ers pick is in our waiting four years for the commissioner to announce who they have taken. two quarterbacks have already been picked. it's guaranteed virtually that the 49ers are also going to take a quarterback joe finds it will be up in a moment with his analysis of the niners pick, and i'm keeping an eye on your weather. pretty nice out there right now. the little cooler to little breezy as we head
5:43 pm
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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governor newsome appointed him to fill vice president kamila harris is seat. senator padilla spoke to our political reporter greg li about what he's done what he wants to do and why he calls the last 100 days. a whirlwind. understand as president biden marked his 1st 100 days in office with a congressional address. california senator alex padilla sat in the chamber, one of the few people invited to attend in person julie haener the path ahead. american jobs plan the american families plan really sort of redefining what our country can be. i spoke with senator padilla's he marks 100 days in his new job today has been busy co sponsoring bills addressing climate change, electrical grids and safety of farm workers. i think we have a good foundation on the issues. and, more importantly, the
5:46 pm
posts of what is important to california and the need to act urgently. let's and are exhausting war immigration, biden implored congress to pass his immigration reform plan a major focus for senator padilla. his first bill offers a path to citizenship for immigrant essential workers. my god through their service and their sacrifice. they've earned the opportunity to live without fear of deportation and a pathway to citizenship. republicans air calling for democrats to shift their focus to enforcement, blaming a surge of migrants on biden's proposed policies. republicans also accused democrats of failing to work in a bipartisan way. for three months in. the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart late, it's up to republicans to decide whether we're gonna broke on a bipartisan basis or not, but we don't feel well what you know families both democrat and republican across the country needs senator padilla also
5:47 pm
responded to senator scott's comments about race and policing in america. hear me clearly. america is not. racist country. i think senator scott was missing that just the boat, but the evidence if we see so much systemic inequity in the criminal justice system in educational opportunity, economic opportunity access to health care, greg lee ktvu fox two news, okay, back, we go to the nfl draft. the 49ers just made their selection with the third overall pick of the draft, and it was a quarterback just like we all lot. joe fonzi is here now. so, joe, who they take? yeah, that part we knew frank. but on march 26 the 49ers made that big deal where they gave up a couple of future first round draft picks to move up to number three. overall we'll let roger goodell handled the suspense. san francisco 49ers select trade lance
5:48 pm
quarterback north dakota state. north dakota state's train. lance is the youngest of the choices. the 49ers had number three. overall he's only 20 as a redshirt freshman in 2019. lance was the 2019 player of the year in the f. c s. that's college football's old one, double a division. he led his team to 16 straight wins and the fcs title without throwing a single interception that season. the bison played one game in 2000 twenties covid delayed season that was a win again. central arkansas, on which lance threw two touchdown passes and the on lee interception of his collegiate career. grand cone is a longtime 49ers beat writer who now writes for sports illustrated. i like this pig. he's a bit of an unknown. he didn't really play. last year, he went to north dakota state, which is a one double a school, but it's the same program that
5:49 pm
produced carson wentz. this guy's a better quarterback, a better athlete from all reports. he is the most athletic quarterback in the draft and the smartest quarterback in the draft. and maybe the one with the most mature decision making ability. he never turned the ball over his first year as a starter. i really like this guy under kyle shanahan, and in this offense, he could become a great in a few years the way maybe josh islands. well, it's well documented that any quarterback drafted is a roll of the dice the 49ers of taking a chance on the youngest and most in experienced of the three quarterbacks they targeted, but he's also the guy who might be the most exciting when it comes to ability, toe throw and run. and if you look around and their division, seattle's russell wilson, cuyler murray and arizona he's in that mold of the type of quarterback that the 49ers have had so much trouble with in recent years. young guy he can run. he can throw the other thing that makes it probably the best possible way to develop a quarterback jimmy
5:50 pm
garoppolo is going to be around and if you could understudy for one year, maybe a little more under a veteran quarterback. the 49ers are hoping this is the perfect way to get there and groom their quarterback of the future guys yet, joe, it seems like this guy's the exact opposite of garoppolo, who's one of those drop back passers, not exactly the fastest guy on the planet. what does this mean? long term, though, for jimmy garoppolo? it seems to me that shanahan i read a quote from him, saying we're looking for our future starting quarterback. period yeah, no question about that, frank and again, as i said, it's a pretty proven method that you don't want to throw a rookie right into the fire. if you could have him understudy look at pat mahomes in kansas city, who was under alex smith for year. but the 49ers were also very honest about the fact that they felt like of the three years that jimmy garoppolo has been a full time starter for the 49ers. he was not healthy for two of those three, so they felt like they had to look for somebody who is going to be the quarterback of their future.
5:51 pm
and this is the guy that they they think is the one. all right, joe. thank you. and now that the suspense is over for the niners, let's see who takes nausea harris from antioch, it's expected that he'll go late in the first round, possibly to the steelers. joe again. thank you. you're back, all right, let's talk whether we have a beautiful afternoon out there, particularly in lynn, where we've been hanging on to some of the heat some of the highest today. unbelievable as well. killing when you consider you should be like in the mid seventies in places like concord, where it was 88 today, 90 and fairfield 87 livermore 85 napa, however, check out san francisco just 57 degrees 55 in pacifica, so that's everything to do with the fact. they had some fog hanging out at the coast of those low clouds this morning that kept everything much much cooler. in fact, you could see just over the last few hours. certainly some clouds were pili up along the zoom out, you do see the marinee
5:52 pm
that kind of takeover is we get into the night tonight, so certainly expecting some fog? what? right now? beautiful is you take a live look out at the golden gate bridge. you can see just a little bit of hay is kind of an education of some of the marine layer that was rolling in a little bit earlier. right now. san francisco sitting at 57 degrees, so still rather cool out there. 70 and santa rosa, so we've cooled off a little bit 80 to those still in concord and 87 in fairfield, about 71 in san jose. so again, you know, well above average tonight, we're gonna see temperatures pretty mild as you do that patchy fog kind of work its way in, especially along the coast were talking upper forties and maybe some low fifties. carlos and then tomorrow we start off foggy in san francisco. it's going to keep you cool throughout the day tomorrow yet again, but you should get some partly sunny skies and their temperatures to get up to about that 60 degree mark highs elsewhere will still be impressive and above average, but w for conquered tomorrow. 80 for santa rosa 75 for san jose, so again still above average, but certainly a little bit more kind of in the
5:53 pm
season that we're in. so this is the set up. we've had high pressure in control, and that certainly brings thus, the sunshine the warmer temperatures, but low pressure is going to move in as it so often does, and this will cool us down a little bit. unfortunately no rain coming with this system, but it will cool us down to bring us some gusty winds as we head towards the weekend. so with friday and saturday. now we talk about, you know, drought and i showed you the drought monitor and how we kind of slid into a tough position. i'm gonna show you future cast over the next week and unfortunately, as you can imagine, you know, we don't get anything. it just kind of adds up to maybe some drizzle of the coast because of the fog, but that's about it as you roll through monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, i'm gonna take you right through as we head towards the following weekend. we get a whole lot of nothing. so unfortunately, that's where we said this far as any rain is concerned. so we will have some really nice temperatures as we head towards the weekend. we cool down a little bit, and then we get high pressure building in yet again. another ridge is going to set up off the coast and that will send us into those mid eighties yet again for our inland communities as we head
5:54 pm
into monday and tuesday, i wish i had some rain to tell you about, but that just is what it is for now, guys, i'll send it back to you. texas officials call in the reinforcements as the migrants surge here at the southern border drags on. i'm southern border drags on. i'm casey siegel in the r this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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this commercial is now over. logo. ambush and hours long standoff in north carolina. it all begano deputies conducted a wellness check at a home after hom his ft show up for work and weren't answering calls. investigators say the gunman shot the deputies as they entered the
5:57 pm
home. maura officers responded, and there was a standoff with the gunman. one of the deputies was taken from the home and rushed to the hospital where he died. the other deputy died at the scene. they put their life on the line for us, and they don't get to go home. the standoff finally ended after about 13 hours. investigators say the suspected gunman, his mom and his stepfather were all found dead inside the home. officials in texas are calling on the federal government for more resource is as they face a surgeon migrants at the southern border. this is president biden urged for action on his immigration reform proposal during his address last night before a joint session of congress box news. casey siegel has more now from texas as the surge of the southern border continues, smugglers are getting more creative when it comes to human trafficking into the u. s. there have been maura than 4700
5:58 pm
migrant related rescue calls so far this year, there were just under 5300 for all of 2020, a growing number of those calls are for water rescues, with migrants using rafts or simply swimming across the real grand river. no easy task, and officials tell fox news the cartels. and those smugglers will sometimes throw a small child into the river just to distract border agents. they know that the focus now is gonna be rescuing those individuals that are in the river. that leaves us open gaps now, and we're still seeing large numbers of those kids apprehended at the border. the a c l u is making a big push to close the detention overflow facilities where they're being held, pointing to newly released data showing some 57% of migrant children. were eventually granted the right to stay in the u. s most won their case is this vital fact underscores the dire conditions from which children are fleeing. but most republicans
5:59 pm
on capitol hill are calling on president biden to shift his focus to enforcement and not policy reform. these air, desperate people living in horrible conditions, we sympathize. with them. we really do, but we can't have an uncontrolled situation on the border officials here on the ground tell us they're bracing for an even bigger uptick of emergency calls, especially as the summer heat intensifies. that's the latest from the texas mexico border in laredo. casey steagall. fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. entangled with rope or a fishing line right now the search is on for a gray whale calf. swimming north with its mom toward the bay area. this animal appears to have a line that goes through the mouth. and show in this case, in particular is difficult to suckle on the m mammal experts are hoping they confined the whale calf quickly
6:00 pm
enough to save it before the fishing line or the rope creates serious health problems or even death. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, but experts say even if they find the calf and its mother, there will be a whole new challenge in trying to approach it and then free it from the fishing gear. ktvu is, tom vacar explains. there's an all out bulow ah, be on the lookout alert for a whale calf fettered by fishing ropes. it was first noticed 10 days ago off orange county, according to national oceanographic and atmospheric administration primary will disentangle er, peter falcons, and it hasn't been seen since the last report, which is last week. and the expectation is because it's a great well moving north with its mom. it should show up in the bay area sometime soon, fokin says. the 5 to 6 month old calf appears to have a rope or line running through its mouth. and so in


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