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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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blaze was started by a murder suspect he was trying to cover his tracks. way have three people that perished in this in this fire and people lost homes, people off property. people loved animals, people off the life. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four yes. so much lost in that massive fire. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes malik savage, a man already charged with murdering a woman he met on a date is now accused of starting that wildfire in solano county to cover it up. the markley fire killed two other people are crime reporter henry lee. joining us now live with more on this investigation. well, it's this man is indeed facing special circumstances. murder charges in the deaths of three people beginning with a woman he met online for a date. no you got to go now. let's go now. right behind your house.
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you don't have time to carry your stuff. let's go harrowing. vacaville police body cam video shows officers evacuating residents from a fast moving fire. authorities say the deadly markley fire near lake berryessa in august was no accident. nor was mother nature to plain. investigators say this man, victor, sarah tino started the fire to cover up his killing of priscilla castro. a woman he met on a date. we believe sarah tino, deliberately set the mark lee fire in attempt to conceal his crime. castro's burned body was found at the origin of the fire. authorities have not said how she was killed. the fire which was part of the ellen, you complex killed two people. 82 year old douglas, my and 64 year old beyond bone, who went by james. the two resulting deaths from that far are now considered homicides could now e murder charges as well. it's arson. the fire hadpacts on so n our community. we have three people that perished in this in this fire. and people lost
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homes, people as property. he beloved animals. people lost livestock. this was unprecedented fire and scale shares. lieutenant jackson harris said. fire victims claims won't be affected by the criminal investigation solano county suffered. i believe 30 to 40,000 acres burned on din the hundreds of homes destroyed and residences my proper like that. wring his neck more than anything else can. albert and his wife lost their home in the fire. they live two doors down from one of the men who died, lost everything we had announced for 30 years now we have to start from zero. and we're both in our seventies is not quite the time. do you want to start from scratch? now, the d a, says the defendant expected to be charged with a special circumstances of arson, murder and multiple murder, which makes this a potential capital case reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. okay, henry. thank you person trying to evade the chp and the hayward area died after a crash. authding in tracy. they say
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that mercedes was going 120 mi an hour. chp officers pursued the car to 5 80 near the tooth. 38 split. authorities say that's where the driver ended up crashing into a wall on the east 14th street off ramp. police have now found one of the cars involved in two deadly shootings on tuesday in richmond. they haven't said where the black charger was found. but this discovery comes his new details are now emerging about the victims. 31 year old james lankford of san pablo was found dead at south second street at ohio avenue. according to authorities. he was a former professional foot. ballplayer in europe. police say it appears he had just parked his car to go to a gym when two men got out of a silver infiniti and started shooting at him. the black charger was also at that scene, then about 20 minutes later, what's believed to be that same charger was spotted at the second shooting scene on pullman avenue or 21 year old
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tyree wilson was shot and killed. police have not found any information that indicates lankford and wilson knew each other. yeah, president biden is kicking off his back on track tour and georgia today on his 1/100 day in office. just about an hour ago, the president and first lady held a drive in rally outside of atlanta. first lady jill biden introduced her husband, saying he has surpassed his promises for the 1st 100 days. the president touted progress on the coronavirus vaccinations and relief for americans. so much of we got done, like getting checks to people probably would not have happened. so if you ever wonder if elections make a difference, just remember what you did here georgia when you elected us off and war knock, you began to change the environment. as fox is, madeleine rivera tells us the rally is part of a bigger push toe outline. president violence plans on infrastructure and
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american families to the public. president biden and landing in georgia thursday with a goal to get the american people on board with his agenda while generally split on the issues, many democrats and republicans agree on one thing. presidents two proposals, which cover infrastructure, education and child care are big totaling roughly $4 trillion. this is an ambitious, transformative vision. we're seizing a once in a century opportunity to build back better just saying we're going to spend a trillion dollars on this doesn't mean you care more. it means you're going to spend more of other people's money, taxpayer money and run up the debt. however the president says with the u. s can't afford is falling behind china and other countries. by not making these investments we have to compete. were strenuously that we have. the white house says the president is looking to work with republicans and try and win them over. but they're skeptical, but even on subjects has historically bipartisan as
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pandemic relief, voting rights and infrastructure. our democratic friends have become addicted to divide and conquer with a 50 50 split in the senate, all eyes are turning to moderate senator joe manchin of west virginia, who has expressed concerns over the price tag senator mansion has been and will be an important partner to the president and to the agenda of the administration, while in georgia president biden met with former president jimmy carter, who wasn't able to attend the inauguration. the president has to philadelphia tomorrow for the second day off his back on track tour. and washington madman of era fox news. five people, including two sheriff's deputies, and the suspected gunman, or dead following an ambush and hours long standoff in north carolina. this all began yesterday morning when two deputies conducted a wellness check it home after a homeowner and his family didn't show up for work and weren't answering calls. investigators say the gunman
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shot the deputies as they entered the home officers from several law enforcement agencies responded, and that led to a standoff with the gunman. one of the deputies was taken. from the home and rushed to a hospital where he died. the other deputy died at the scene. they put their life on the line for us, and they don't get to go home. investigators say during the standoff, the suspect periodically shot at the officers outside it finally ended after about 13 hours. investigators say the suspected gunman, his mother and stepfather were all found dead inside the home. $20 billion plan to end homelessness in california the expensive and bold request from
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corrine rank in california gop member and vice chair of the central valley. karan always a pleasure to see you. first of all, i want to get your reaction. to the president's speech last night. oh my reaction is, you know it was, of course, you know i'm a republican. it was not as exciting as that. the 1st 100 days from president trump. the audience was sparse and the reaction was very low and as our speaker, mccarthy said, it seemed like something that president biden pinto could have probably done via email is very, um eventful and exciting. i think that senator tim scott, uh, reba was far more interesting as far more exciting, and i think the american public seems to agree., whereas a current president
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biden was not someone argue, though, that corin that the senator was trending for the wrong reasons, but we'll get to that a little bit later. i want to talk to you about president biden and whatut there pushing that american families plan and just want to kind of run down some of the big headlines from that proposal, it would direct hundreds of billions of dollars for universal priest. full paid family and medical leave tuition, free community, college and other initiatives. it is a $1.8 billion proposal, and the white house says that tax increases for high end excuse me. it's a $1.8 trillion proposal. the white house says that tax increases for high income americans would raise about 1.5 trillion over a decade. so karen what is the main objection from republicans to this proposal? um, the main injections from republicans is her before must have at 1.8 trillion and a tax on the
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wealthy. i think that as californians, you know, it's gonna taxi that you're gonna be taxed. if your family earning more than $500,000 californians, there are a lot of families and. you know in the baby, uh in los angeles, and just throughout california, cost of living is higher, are earning and potential is higher and so we're going to be taxed higher. what $500,000 income can do for a family of four in california versus a family for in ohio is incredibly different, and it's just not the same. so i think that that's something that californians should be looking at very carefully. this plan also does not expand to medicare and the drug and the prescr drugs, and that's something that democrats have pushed for, and they wanted in this bill, and a lot of the democrats were hearing from having a problem behind this built be it that everything's like that. now, if the bell's
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going to continue the to extend the tax cuts for families with children in american word that is one element i can see republicans getting behind, okay, so there are some components of the proposal that you believe would infect garner republican support. right the tax cuts republicans can get behind tax cuts any any day of the week, okay, let's let's talk about something else that president biden mentioned last night. he's calling on senators to act when it comes to police reform, and today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers actually started talks on a bill they met with some relatives of those who have been lost to police violence, including the brother of one of the brothers of george floyd. is there some common ground here? corin when it comes to police reform, well, absolutely, senator tim scott after the murder of even before
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the murder of joint george floyd introduced police reform bill that would expand the use of body cameras. and then after the murder of george floyd, he added, more meat to the bill, and it was something that at the time the democrats filibustered so that republicans couldn't even have the conversation on the floor about senator tim scott's bill, so that's why you see the floor the floyd family meeting with particularly senator tim scott, because he introduced this bill years ago. so this is something that president trump was very strongly. for it's something that i worked on hit the trump campaign and pushed for it. we got a lot of prison reform done, and police reform is the next step. so i okay, i know that republicans will be behind this, ok? you mentioned former president trump and today he's teasing again about this potential run in 2020 fours. that's something that excites you republicans. i think that
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there's a there's a significant portion of the republican party that will be excited about president trump entertaining the idea for a possible run for president again. i think that as a party, we're gonna have to have a conversation about that, but ultimately, republicans will be the one to make ones to make that decision. okay, interim before i let you go. he also throughout the name again today, florida governor ron de santis. but what do you make of that potential ticket, rhonda santis is incredibly popular right now amongst the republicans. it's his his handling of covid the economy in florida. just you know, he's dead. i'm such a tremendous job in florida with the handling of covid that republicans are very excited about ron de santis at this time. i'm all right. karen
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rincon really appreciate coming on the show this afternoon. thank you for having me. begging the state for relief. the mayors of california's biggest cities are asking the state legislature for an incredible $20 billion to combat homelessness. ktvu christian captain joining us now live and this is a five year commitment. christian what? specifically with this money be used for? yeah, supporters. hope that that money is spent on long term solutions to homelessness that the mayor of san francisco and other major cities say they're simply too many people sleeping on the streets, and they say right now presents a once in a generation opportunity to do something about homelessness, mayors throughout the state say homelessness consistently tops their list of concerns. now the mayors of california's biggest cities are commending lawmakers and the governor. we're considering committing $20 billion over the next five long term statewidewing proble.
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this commitment would be bold prior to this pandemic, the state of california had never spent more than a billion dollars to address homeless and in fact, never even close to that, but we stand together to say that we need to treat homelessness. like the crisis that it is mayors from 13 of the state's biggest cities banded together on the request, saying with a large budget surplus and $26 billion from the federal american rescue plan. this is a once in a generation opportunity to address homelessness. the mayor is saying each city knows what works for them. the funding would allow for long term planning for housing and supportive services that would increase the probability of any program aimed at ending homelessness. the reality is that not one city can do this alone. not once that he can fully address this problem because it's clearly a state . oakland's mayor, sayingus
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$20 billion is an appropriate. large investment in california's largest problem. it is something that we know. our residents want to see that we are actually going to bend the curve. state assembly and senate have each produced budget plans that include $20 billion to combat homelessness. now lawmakers need to reach an agreement on the details on how those plans would work. the governor will have final sign off when the budget is approved, possibly in mid june, reporting live christien kafton ktvu, fox two minutes, all right, we will look to see if that money is, in fact, allocated here to address homelessness, christian. thank you. tax cuts l businesses. the governor spoke at a restaurant in the city of san fernando in los angeles county. this bill is aimed at business owners who took ppe p loans from the federal
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government. now those businesses won't have to pay state taxes on the cash if they had a 25% reduction, or maurin profits for at least one quarter. people that put everything on the line and take risks should be recognized on should have the opportunity to be rewarded. it is part of what makes not just the state. great but this country great that entrepreneurial spirit, the state assembly and senate passed the bill unanimously. it's expected to save businesses about $6 billion. well, burial, whether you probably noticed the cool down today, especially if you were coast side and right around the bay, but inland spots still another warm to hot day with the lots of eighties so we're starting to see those microclimates pop up. it's that time of year springtime and that'll be the case. in fact, over the next few days, still some warm temperatures and lynn but we are trending down here is the satellite and you can see some of the fog making a comeback here. the coastline
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and some higher clouds out here in the pacific, if you if you could drift in as we head into your friday forecast right now. the fall come earlier today. kind of melting away. we still have some left over patches south of san francisco and closer to a monterey bay as we come in closer where it's foggy, it is chilly. it is 56 degrees in san francisco, but where you have more sunshine in his warm right now it is. 89 fairfield livermore. 85 degrees san jose in the lower seventies and boy, look at this a camera right here looking out towards san francisco, where you see the fog trying to work its way back into this picture. there's tam on the left portion of your screen, so its movement into the bay. now as we head into your friday morning, we'll probably have some patchy fog to start out the day coast side and the right around the bay and then into your friday afternoon. it's warm inland. but just not as warm as today. so mid fifties coast side lots of sixties and seventies and the warm spots will be in the lower eighties for your friday so we'll start out the day with
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some patchy cloud cover, becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours and temperatures will continue to cool off as we head into the week. and also wins will be a factor as well, especially as we head into your saturday stronger winds. we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. yeah. well coming up a child dies from covid during a family vacation in hawaii. we'll talk to a doctor about what family should keep in mind as
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so you just scored amazing savings at ross? ... with the best bargains ever... at ross. no time. hi. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere... ross. yes for less! covid-19. the child reportedly had an underlying medical condition and was traveling with his parents who are both fully vaccinated. while it is rare for children to die from covid. this case certainly is raising some concerns among parents firm or on how to protect our children. at this time. we're
4:24 pm
john schwartzberg, infectious disease specialist at the uc berkeley school of public health, doctor source for good to have you on here today when you look in this case out of hawaii. obviously a lot of families making summer travel plans may be planning to fly somewhere if you have parents who are vaccinated and young children who have not yet been vaccinated, obviously, what sort of precautions should they be taking? well, the first precaution is to heed the cdc is advice, and the advice right now is no unnecessary travel. so i think that you know things have loosened up so much because california is doing so well, but i still think we need to be really careful, particularly when we're talking about travel and especially about air travel on lee do travl that is absolutely necessary right now, until things get better. i'd like to see the whole country doing as well as california. the other advice would be that it's risky out there for kids because they're not vaccinated. fortunately, kids don't usually get. very
4:25 pm
sick, but we've had around 300 deaths from from covid in children, so it does occur and we also have that multi system, inflammatory disease and children that with over 1000 cases with, i think, 30 something death so problems do occur, so i think you have to br in the same way we would be doing it ourselves if we weren't vaccinated, and that is careful hand hygiene, but even more importantly, trying to keep that mask on when you're ever around. other people and trying to avoid crowds, all right, so beyond the travel situation here, and sort of just, you know, regular normal life here is we try to get back to normal. you do have a lot of families. mine included here where you have parents who are vaccinated, and obviously the kids are unvaccinated. what what? what does that mean? in terms of what we can do, can we. you know where we okay to go hang out with friends, you know, do a playdate at the park
4:26 pm
and should masks be worn when we're doing that. well the cdc gave pretty good guidance in march about this. if let's say that you and your wife were vaccinated in. you're visiting your parents who were both vaccinated or let's say it's the other way around. you and your wife have children who aren't vaccinated, but you're vaccinated and your parents want to visit you and they're vaccinated. so that's an easy one. they can. come over to your home and be with your children, even though you're not vaccinated, they're not vaccinated, but if you're talking about being with a group of people for your kids thing with a group of people, they're still risk there if they're not vaccinated, so that's that's a more hazardous situation. so i think masks stay on when you're when the kids were around other kids right now. absolutely yeah, that's a tricky one, because obviously the guidance from the cdc that came out this week. as you know, that those who are vaccinated don't need to
4:27 pm
wear masks outdoors, but, you know, obviously, children have not been vaccinated. so it does get does get a little tricky. they're finally here is we wrap up doctors, forsberg, you know, obviously, we know that trials have already begun testing the vaccine in children give of whe. do we have any better sort of might be getting the vaccine. yeah we got to get this vaccine for the kids. because the problems you've just illustrated. it's just too confusing. well we are in good shape, i think for having a vaccine for kids between the ages of 12 and 16 right around the time school starts by my wish would be that it would be a month before that, so they could be fully vaccinated are nearly fully vaccinated by the time school starts, but it's gonna be right around there. i think the data that's been coming out look. very encouraging for kids under the age of 12. it's going to probably be sometime in the first quarter of the next year. okay? i have to be pat in
4:28 pm
that regard. of course. all right, public health. always appreciate your time and your insight. take care. thank you. thank you. replacing police officers with mental health counselors. we'll talk about a new state law and the works as a result of the shooting death of a mentally ill van in walnut creek, also nerve racking day for niner nation, no doubt about it who the 49ers could about it who the 49ers could take in the nfl check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪ ♪ just ♪ ♪ gimme one ♪ ♪ more bite. ♪ woah. ♪ cuz i can't wait forever. ♪ my $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box.
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mental health emergencies or contemplating suicide assembly bill 988 would set up a new hotline to connect those in crisis with trained counselors as opposed to having police officers respond to those calls the miles hall lifeline act is named for a young man who was shot to death by walnut creek police in 2019 while he was dealing with a schizophrenic crisis. for more on this legislation. we're joined now by st assembly member rebecca bauer came hand who introduced this bill, assembly member bauer. kayhan good to have you on appreciate you. you're doing this so this legislation would create a 988 hotline here in california to help people who are facing ah mental health crisis. how would this work and who would come to help? yes. so instead of calling 911 is people in mental health crisis do now they would dial 90 dates
4:32 pm
and they would get a suicide, french and mental of crisis line serviced by people trained to deal with those in crisis. and then if you need a response on the ground to some people do, you would get the mental health crisis response team with mental health professionals who can treat you with the health care needs? you have instead of the public safety way in which we're handling today? how often are we relying on police officers to respond to people who are facing ah mental health crisis? why do you believe we need to shift away from that approach, so law enforcement spends about 20% of their time dealing with those in mental health crisis and they're not trained to do it. and it's not increasing our public safety. and so we really need to shift that to the professionals that can best handle it. and i would add that you know you're mentioning miles fall that the incredible young gentleman who died in the community i represent 25% of officer involved. shootings involve people who are in mental health crisis and so we need to be treating those people with mental health professionals who know how to deescalate know how to treat
4:33 pm
the world are in crisis and who will save their lives. i always go to say, do you believe that this legislation if it becomes law, this hotline is established. this will prevent similar tragedies to the one we saw with miles hole. yeah, i mean, nobody can go back and say what would have happened the day miles all died. but i know that those that are in crisis to serve a healthcare response and i do believe this will save that. i think that we need a true mental health wraparound system that gives crisis response and provides the supporter. those suffering from mental illness deserve so that we can help prevent the suicides that are happeningpresg on h health crisis 30% of our homeless population is suffering from mental illness, and so there's a lot of our community that we conserve by providing these full services. all right, so establishing the hotline here in california that's one thing, but he also need toe set up the call centers. you need to have these. these crisis response teams as well. where will the funding come from? to pay for all of that? yes. so 89. 88 sets up
4:34 pm
the entire system to respond to the calls, and it does through a fee that mirrors that of the 911 fee that we pay onto his phone bills. how will someone know whether you know once this hotline is established? let let let's say how will someone be able to distinguish you know what sort of emergency they should call 9114. and when they should call this 988 hotline. well, the beauty of the way we're setting this up through california's office of emergency services. if someone calls 911 and they'd be 988, they will be able to transfer them and vice versa. they call 988. and it turns out they need nine norman services, 988 will be able to transfer them tonight on one. so we're linking the two systems so that they were work interchangeably together, and you will never be calling the wrong line. you never have to make that call on the fly. obviously a tough, tough decision to have to make all right. finally here, assemblywoman as well as we wrap up how much support does your legislation have? and what's the likelihood that this does become law? they're very
4:35 pm
optimistic the underlying legislation in congress passed unanimously and was signed into law by president trump, and we believe that it will continue to garner incredible by the person support here in sacramento, and that we will see a new system for mental health response in 2022. there you go. the effort to establish a 988 mental crisis hotline in california it is underway on lawmakers will take up this legislation soon. appreciate your time assembly member rebecca bauer. hand from the east bay. thank you so much for coming. on. thank you. now the state department has now issued a travel advisory urging americans to leave india due to a growing surge in the number of. the advisory is also against all travel to india. the department says. it's due to the greater likelihood of life threatening risks. india has recorded one million covid-19 cases over the last three days and more than 3600 deaths. in just the last 24 hours. the u. s is flying
4:36 pm
planes loaded with medical supplies to india and some of those flights air coming from travis air force base in fairfield here in the u battling an increasing number of new covid-19 infections and hospitalizations, but rising vaccination rates are driving re openings across the country, new york and michigan announced plans today to rio. open and increased capacity limits for indoor activities as more people get vaccinated, public health officials say, increase vaccinations or helping curb cases nationwide, but they're still concerned that more people not coming back for second doth, er, so concerns that people may not be coming back for those second doses of visor and madonna. just a few percent that are not coming back. we do so what we call silence scheduling. reschedule your second appointment at the time. the receiving your first. the cdc estimates that five million people have now missed second dose. well the nfl draft
4:37 pm
starts in just about a half hour and the 49ers you might have heard they have the third overall pick and the niners say they will be selecting their quarterback of the future. but as joe fonzi shows us nobody other than the 49ers knows who that person will be, not even the experts. at number three overall after that blockbuster trade the sample cisco 49ers, we have them taking ohio state quarterback justin fields with the third overall pick and the nfl draft will be mac jones. i doubt that they would be moving up to number three to get mac johnson. i think that cerebral approach the incredible accuracy is the reason why mac jones makes sense that the 49ers so no, it's trending to either mac jones or trey lancer 49ers, but justin feels to me would be an ideal fit. even the draft experts contradict themselves unless you just had a personal conversation with 49ers head coach kyle shanahan or general manager john lynch. you're making a guess about who they'll pick to be their
4:38 pm
quarterback of the future. one thing lynch and shanahan know is no matter who they choose. some people will be thrilled, others upset and it will take at least a year to decide if the decision they made is a good one. i hope the fans are happy with it, but the key is ultimately they're gonna be happy based off how we doing there? future, not how they feel that night, nor charges to go when you know, not worry about the anxiety of our fans, you know, and hopefully, you know that there's some trust there. he can't blame the fans. if there are little apprehensive the last first round quarterback the 49ers took was. alex smith in 2005, and the only one they've ever taken number one overall, but the lasting memory of draft day 2005 is the fact that the 49ers past that day on future hall of famer aaron rodgers. 97 the 49ers took jim druckenmiller in the first round. he lasted two seasons. you have to go all the way back to 1967 to find another 49ers quarterback taken in round one. that year was
4:39 pm
heisman trophy winner steve spurrier, who backed up another first round choice. john brody, and what will be their 75th year of existence. the 49ers have taken a first round quarterback on lee seven times the remaining three y a. tittle and the all american conference dispersal draft earl moral. and billy kilmer with the first pick in the one that quarterback has chosen early in the draft first round. it usually means he's going to a bad team. you know, i do think we're somewhat uniquely. um, set up for a rookie quarterback to come in with a team that we think is going to be pretty good. no one's ever a slam dunk when we look at the history of this league, but you see, five guys keep will be a starting quarterback, and i do the uncertainty of the whole thing as what makes it either fun or nerve wracking, depending on your point of view. ah further illustration. two quarterbacks stand alone as the best in 49ers franchise. joe montana was taken in the third
4:40 pm
round. steve young was acquired in a trade. fox to. helping bay area firefighters get some rest during what's expected to be a busy fire season up. next we'll talk about the fundraising effort that's underway to get new beds into fire stations and a very weather. fog is back to the immediate coastline and cooler temperatures for the inland neighborhoods tomorrow, and we could be talking about some stronger winds will have more on your forecast coming up. babe. are for a severe fire
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
season once again this year, and the need for resource is critical. right now. a fund raising effort is underway to help the napa fire department join me live this afternoon is
4:43 pm
joe alley, odo baron az. he is the executive director of the national first responders spawn and joe. always a pleasure to see you. you're leading the effort to buy 28 new mattresses for the napa fire department. talk about how critical these new beds are. i'll have that. thank you for having me we're seeing that this is actually just a very common need throughout fire departments in this country. we replaced all of the beds in the central marin fire district and recently did an outreach nationally to figure out what departments needed in bed seem to be rising to the top. and so when napa city fire contacted us and said that they needed beds, we absolutely jumped at the opportunity to help them. we saw that a lot of the beds that they have. been napa our, um are in very bad need of replacement. and you know these air beds were these firefighters rushed their heads at night, right? these air. the beds where they re grain. this regain the strength to respond to the calls on a daily basis.
4:44 pm
the 911 calls our worst days they respond to and we need to make sure that there were they are well rested. and so we jumped at this opportunity, and we're very pleased to be doing this and we will get there. we just need the public to uh, uh, to support this effort on day we're going to take it one step further and replace their their workout equipment as well because, along with their mental help their physical well being is very important to their ability to respond. yeah, both of those aspects very important. but, joe, i mean, bed seem seems so basic. it's hard for me to understand that that is something that they need right now. well, you know, one of the best kept secrets in the fire services is that ah lot of the things within a fire station or actually, the responsibility of the firefighters to replace. we see it in fire stations all over the country. the cities in the county's they'll pay for, you know the refrigerators in the major furniture, but the sum of
4:45 pm
the personal items even like the kitchen where i need to be paid for by the members of the department. in fact, we had station 16 in san francisco when it was newly rebuilt. we reached out to william sonoma, and they replaced all of the new big put on the kitchen. where in that fire station, so s that the men and women in the department who you know have to pay for this themselves. yeah, but you make a really important point here, joe, and that is that there's one thing to be safe while you're out there on the fire lines, but these firefighters, they need to be healthy, too, and rest is so important. that's right. what happens to them when they come back to the station is just as important as you know them taking care of themselves while they're out in the field, and we see cancer is a huge. is surfacing white spread throughout the fire services s o the way that they come back to the station clean themselves, but it's not just clean
4:46 pm
themselves. you know it. xuemei king sure that they're removing the toxins not only from their outer system, but from within. and of course, you know, mental health is really important and making sure that they can get their rest is important to both their mental health and their physical health. and so we want to be there for a napa city fire. yeah, that that mental health component is something that you and the thunder are really working towards us. well joe elliott over here in a sea really appreciate you coming on and let's barea let's get those napa city firefighters. those 28 mattresses. in fact, we've got some information for you on our website of how you could help if you want to donate to the national first responders fund. you can do so again. the information on our website just log onto ktvu calm and look under the web links section. and this is the time of year to prepare for the fire season, because, as you know when a fire starts he basically or trying to play catch up, it almost seems like an impossible task to do so. it's a great
4:47 pm
great project and at least of course, the fire season related to our dry winter and the drought conditions we are experiencing. so right now, as you can see. on the drought monitor gets updated once a week, and the map gets released today, and we're basically showing you a colorful map of california showing you the drought conditions severe or extreme and that extreme category has a kind of blossomed over the bay area just over the past week or so, with with the lack of rainfall, of course. we're so excited with the system last sunday that just kind of really fizzled out now. the change tomorrow will not be rainfall. we're talking about a cooler forecast inland. we weren't experienced the cooling coast side now the inland spots to get their chance to cool off is we head into your friday satellite. the key change today. some fog making a comeback near the immediate coastline and some higher clouds out here in the pacific, so something's high clouds could approach the region for tomorrow. so we called a partly sunny as we head into your friday forecast. we'll go ahead and check in on some of the current numbers out there. it's a chilly 56 in san francisco ever yesterday, this city was the right around 70,
4:48 pm
some 80 still out toward conquered fairfield and san jose 71. here's a live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge, and there's some areas of fogs and patches trying to work their way back into the babe. but this part of the fog bank has kind of been been the mixed out over the past few hours, so we could have some patches of fog in the short term and then probably getting getting its act together. first thing tomorrow morning overnight. we're starting out friday morning in the forties, too, right around here. 50 degrees. partly cloudy skies and some patchy coastal fog and forecast models kind of picking up in that idea for tomorrow temperatures. tomorrow's we. oh we're kind of highlighting the inlet spots notice the biggest change for tomorrow. instead of upper eighties. the warm spots right around 80 degrees as this area five pressure. it's kind of been over the bay area that'll kind of scoot out of town, and you could see that system out in the pacific and this will move in friday and saturday. so cooler temperatures and some gusty winds increasing onshore winds, especially coast side could be a bit blustery as we
4:49 pm
head into your friday. in fact, the forecast model is kind of picking up on that the theme with an increase in the wind speeds could be gusting over 25/30 miles an hour as we head into your friday so bit breezy around the bay, but wendy cho side tomorrow and cooler temperatures for places like concord, antioch and livermore. so there's your friday forecast if we headed your weekend will continue to cool things off into your saturday that could have some stronger winds as well clearing skies into monday and then we'll go back into a familiar weather pattern warming back up into next week by monday, and it's a tuesday. of course we start may over the next few days with this five day forecast, and usually at least there's a chance of some right fall in may, but the first week it looks dry here in the bay area, smarng to ban menl cigarettes why the agency is taking action and why it could be an uphill battle, and he was a football star in the east bay before heading to college and tonight, cash in paris could be
4:50 pm
picked in the first round of the nfl draft. quite an accomplishment, but paris is road hasn't been easy what he did today to help those who helped him and his mother when they had nowhere else to go. that story's coming up in just a few minutes. five also efforts to find and save a baby whale. it's entangled in fishing here and has been spotted off the coast swimming with its mother. well then update on the search and cal cruise planned for it's
4:51 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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took place in san francisco to kick it off. mayor london breed officially started the city's celebration during an event at the asian art museum located their own larkin street, asian pacific american heritage month is a time to recognize the history, traditions, culture and contributions of the a p i community. this year's theme is celebrate resilience and uplift
4:53 pm
voices. we all know the tremendous challenges that a p i community has been facing this past year where they this is with covid-19 and all with the entire asian hate, however, it is the consensus off the community that we want the celebration of this month to be positive. we want to show the world that we are proud off proud asian pacific americans. and we are proud being americans. activities to celebrate the month include live arts and music events in chinatown and japan town. there will also be a march on saturday to raise awareness about the rise in anti asian hate crimes. the fda is pledging to once again try and ban mental cigarettes. today's announcement comes in response to a petition by public health advocates eight years ago, the african american tobacco control leadership council was one of the groups behind that petition and a lawsuit that was
4:54 pm
filed last year. supporters say the cigarettes have h in aggressive marketing campaigns. and research has shown menthols numbing effect makes it harder to quit. the f d. a has been and would also include mass produced flavored cigars. leaders in the tobacco industry say they do plan to take the matter to court. well. the average gas price in california is now more than $4 for a gallon of unleaded. that's more than a dime higher than just last month. now, the bay area has we all know, paying even more at current average for unleaded and san francisco is $4.11. it's four or five in oakland and a penny less in san jose. all are at least a dollar higher than they were this time last year. economists predict that fuel prices will keep going up as we head into the summer road trips season. gilroy garlic festival is making a comeback that changes organizer's are making because of the pandemic and the 2019
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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announced that the event will return this year but in a completely new format this summer will mark the first festival since the deadly shooting at the event back in 2019, followed by a cancelation the following year because of the pandemic. it was maureen naylor with a look now on what this new format will look like. tha sign entering. gilroy calls it a community with a spice for life. now the region's signature event, the gilroy garlic festival, is returning after last year's cancelation due to the pandemic right through here, have a great time and i bet that it will also mark the first garlic festival since the 2019 shooting at the
4:58 pm
event where three people were killed and 17 others injured when a teenage gunman opened fire on the crowd before authorities say he turned the gun on himself. the mayor says this memorial will permanently remain a christmas hill park, but this year's festival will be held at a new location. i don't think it is going to ever be the same as it used to be in again. i pray i want to preface that with i don't think that's because of the shooting. i think that's just because of the times and where the where the festival was headed anyway, instead of one weekend, the adapted garlic festival will take place during the last two weekends of july and include a farm to table dinner in golf tournament. this is what skilles and lots of garlic. but this year that main attraction will be a drive thru event at the gilroy presbyterian church, where people with prepaid tickets for garlic themed food will simply pick it up. it won't be what we're used to, you know, of course. but, um,
4:59 pm
you know, i think the possibilities people want their garlic festival food. we know that organizer said the pandemic forced them to pivot to a scaled down event because of restrictions on large events. details are still being worked out. but one thing is clear. the festival will host a fraction of the guests compared to the past. we're looking forward to going for the first time after covid and plan on doing the drive thru and whatever it takes. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, incredibly tragic and unacceptable for it to happen twice in the same location within this month alone, deadly hit and run involving a disabled person. incredibly it's the second deadly hitn at that same intersection in just the past month. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. that crash happened at the intersection of monterey road
5:00 pm
and curtain avenue in san jose. ktvu is cristina rendon joins us now live with reaction. kristina julie. two women have now died at this intersection in hit and run crash is highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety, and so far no one has been arrested. monory highway and curtner avenue, a busy intersection in san jose. don't get quite enough time walk. i gotta walk. i won't get across pedestrians like this man named jack. try to move fast. the intersection was shut down wednesday night after a woman using a walker was killed in a hit and run. police say she was several 100 ft. outside of the closest crosswalk. there's no description of the car that hit her, and her identity hasn't been released. it's the second fatal hit and run this month that the sitter section involving a disabled person on april 1st 37 year old vanessa arce was in a crosswalk using a wheelchair when she was hit and killed by a car. police are
5:01 pm
still searching for the driver of an early 2000 mercedes


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