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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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beautiful stuff. bryce harper the best news. he had a ct scan. he's fine. that's the sporting life right now. back to you. all right, mark. thank you coming up next here at 11. it's approved. democracy still works that our government still works and we can deliver for our people. president biden lays out his vision for america to a joint session of congress tonight. the president's proposals to strengthen the middle class. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, president unveiled an ambitious agenda tonight that includes a $1.8 trillion spending plan. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm frank somerville president. biden wants more money for pre k community college family leave at other programs designed to help american families are political reporter greg lee here now, with the
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president's plan and the huge price tag. that comes along with it. yeah, frank. good evening. it is a hefty price tag. we're talking $4 trillion between his two most recent plans. president biden worked on selling the spending plan to members of congress and the american people. he also provided an optimistic outlook on the country moving past covid-19. madam speaker, the president of the united states, in his first address to a joint session of congress, president joe biden touted his administration's efforts in finding covid-19. america is on the move again. caroline. the possibility crisis. the opportunity setbacks in the strength, the traditional speech took place in a setting, unlike any before it a much smaller physical audience due to covid tight security and for the first time, two women vp kamila harris and house speaker nancy pelosi shared the stage.
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madam speaker, madame vice president, president biden used this speech to continue selling his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. and begin to lay out a $1.8 trillion so called american families plan to win that competition for the future. in my view, we also need to make a once in a generation investment and our families and our children to help pay for it. biden's proposing tax hikes on the wealthiest americans and corporations in the gop response, senator tim scott, rebuff the plan even more taxing. even more spending to put washington even more in the middle of your life from the cradle. to college. he also reinforced the sentiment from many republicans that bite in his failed to deliver on his promise of bipartisanship and unity. we need policies and progress that brings us closer together. for three months in. the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart,
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speaking directly to the american people bite and touched on a laundry list of agenda items, including climate change, immigration reform, gun control, and the need for federal police reform. we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement of the people they serve, hear me clearly. america is not racist country. president biden, vice president harris and other members of the cabinet will now hit the road traveling to a number of states to sell the infrastructure and families plan in studio greg lee ktvu box tuners, gregg thank you earlier on the 10 o'clock news. we talked to ktvu political analyst brian sobel about whether the president can get bipartisan support for his major ambitious plans to revitalize the country. i think what he's trying to do is put together a construct, where republicans and democrats can come together and find some semblance of cooperation. on
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some of these very, very detailed and ambitious plans and the president have, i thought overall could speak. so will also said that he thinks the president is moving in the right direction. toe hopefully build support republicans and a reminder you can download our ktvu news up for continued coverage on the president's address. it's free to download in your app store. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of san jose, where police are investigating a deadly hit and run. police say a vehicle hit a pedestrian and then drove off. this is a live picture from the scene. it happened just after 8 30 tonight at the intersection of moderate highway and curtner avenue that's near the santa clara county fairgrounds. police say this is the city's 15th traffic fatality of the year. they say part of that intersection will probably remain closed for a while, as the investigator. now to the coronavirus pandemic. sam matteo county will have to wait a little longer to enter the least restrictive yellow tear.
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county officials say the coronavirus case rate is just above what it needed needs to be to move out of the orange tear. they hope to get there by mid may. counties in the yellow tear can reopen bars for indoor service, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and other businesses are allowed to increase their indoor capacity. organizers of the gilroy garlic festival announced today. hey! that event will return this year but in a completely new format, the summer will mark the first festival since a deadly shooting there at that event it back in 2019, followed by a cancelation the following year because of the pandemic, ktvu is marine naylor joins us now with this new format will look like marine julie first it was tragedy, then a pandemic shut down. now organizers say, a reimagined gilroy garlic festival is coming back. the sign entering gilroy calls it a community with a spice for life. now the region's signature
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event, the gilroy garlic festival, is returning after last year's cancelation due to the pandemic. people you could ride through here, have a great time, and i bet that it will also mark the first garlic festival since the 2019 shooting at the event where three people were killed and 17 others injured when a teenage gunman opened fire on the crowd before authorities. say he turned the gun on himself. the mayor says this memorial will permanently remain a christmas hill park, but this year's festival will be held at a new location. i don't think it is going to ever be the same as it used to be in again, i want to preface that with i don't think that's because of the shooting. i think that's just because of the times and where the where the festival was headed anyway, instead of one weekend to the adapted garlic festival will take place during the last two weekends of july and include a farm to table dinner in golf tournament. this is what gourmet alley usually looks like with hot skillets, flames and lots of garlic. but this
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year that main attraction will be a drive thru event at the gilroy presbyterian church, where people with prepaid tickets for garlic themed food will simply pick it up. it won't be what we're used to, you know, of course. but, you know, i think the possibilities people want their garlic festival food. we know that organizer said the pandemic forced them to pivot to a scaled down event because of restrictions on large events. details are still being worked out. but one thing is clear. the festival will host a fraction of the guests compared to the past. we are looking forward to going for the first time after covid and plan on doing the drive thru and whatever it takes organizer's working with health department officials and do not anticipate that any testing will be required. reporting live. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. water parks in california are gearing up to reopen today, the state released guidelines that say that water parks can
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reopen as long as they're county is not in the most restrictive pulled here. attendance will be limited, based upon a county's coronavirus, risk level masks will be required indoors and outdoors unless you're on a ride or in a setting where the face covering could get wet or while you're eating or drinking. san francisco mayor london breed says the city is now nearing the end of the coronavirus pandemic in a tweet, the mayor said 70% of san francisco and san francisco residents over 16 years old have received at least one does. to the vaccine. that's 15% higher than the rest of the u. s mayor breed also said that only 150.7 of coronavirus tests are now coming back positive. a new study by the cdc is reaffirming how effective coronavirus vaccines are in older adults, new data released today shows fully vaccinated ols likely to be hospitalized with covid-19 older adults who
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received their first dose had a 64% less chance of covid-19. teen hospitalizations, the cdc says the results are real world confirmation of the clinical trials of the visor and moderna vaccines coming up with vita driver shot in the back with a bow and arrow. why there are now concerns that this might be a hate crime. plus a man killed in broad daylight in antioch, right in front of his home. how police say a housing disputes may
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that happened about 20 minutes apart, police say a silver infiniti in a black dodge charger were possibly involved in the first shooting. it happened at about 6 40 last night in the area of south second street and ohio avenue. that's where authorities say 31 year old james lankford was found dead. the same black charger responded at the second shooting scene 21 minutes later on pullman avenue, 21 year old tyree wilson was found fatally shot their investigators. say it appears that the two victims did not know each other now. wilson sister is heartbroken. why they would do this and mom bread there. he didn't bother nobody. he just liked to have fun. anybody have a memory, which i agree is that son memories of party is careful is
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a cheerfully. his smell was so brave. richmond police say it is too early to say whether the victims were targeted in antioch. dead after police say he got into a district okay? drive and mount aire, dr. ktvu is amberleigh talked with neighbors today about what. they saw and heard things quiet residential neighborhood and antioch became a crime scene shortly before 11 wednesday morning. neighbors spoke with me on the condition that i not identify them. they described hearing gunshots. my mom thought somebody was banging on the door was just like a bang, bang, bang like that mean short, rapid, police say a 52 year old man was killed in what they described as a landlord tenant dispute, and i seen a man laying on the. lawn and a man
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standing there with the gun. the victim is identified as being cosmo bell dazzled by his daughter. i was just shocked because i mean, who knows that something like this would ever happen? deseret orlando tells me her father was renting this home with his wife seen here with police and two sons. orlando says she only reconnected with her father in recent years and was not aware of problems her father may have had. i wanted 10 men things, you know, just to #### inside. from you know, not being able to have him in my life for so long, even to try to build a relationship or even get to know him. two years isn't enough. several neighbors tell me they've lived here for decades, but had little to no interaction with bald also and his family. they moved in a couple i think two years ago. i've said hi to him, but i've never talked to him. belle docile was taken to the hospital where he died. we saw police removed this truck with a trailer which had a strong
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smell of marijuana. but police have said little about their investigation. while dazzles daughter says she had been looking forward to building a relationship with her father, and now she's looking for answers. as to what happened. i. kind of wish i had more time. police say detectives are interviewing a 50 year old. and they described as a person of interest, but say they are not releasing more information at this time in addie ock, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news, evita, a bus driver in the south bay is recovering tonight after he was hit with an arrow while walking near his bus, and they're now concerns it could have been a hate crime. it happened yesterday afternoon near sierra grande a way and north capitol expressway. the 36 year old driver has been with vita. for five years and is a member of the sikh community way feet all source of assaults verbally our
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operators here just about everything. so that certainly puts this in the narrative of. some of the things that we've heard that this could possibly be a hate crime. sheriff's investigators say had the victim been facing the opposite direction. the wound could have been fatal. so far. no arrests have been made known. 11 poison livermore are warning people about sick puppies being sold for hundreds of dollars on the side of roads or in parking lots. they say the multiple puppies are sick with parvo. that's a highly infectious and deadly disease, animal control officers cited one person last week. police say he sold a sick. be for $450 in cash, but fortunately they were able to confiscate three other puppies. police want to remind people that these kind of sales are illegal. livermore city, get a liver. more city official facing calls to resign how one word he used to describe
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today. two city council members kicked off their campaigns to take mayor sam accardo seat in the november 2022 election, ricardo will be turned out of office council member raul paralysis, and councilwoman deb davis and both entered the race. the mercury news reports that paralysis as strong support from the city's organized labor base, while davis has the backing of powerful business leaders. come over tonight for
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a little walk on in commissioner to step down. ktvu rob roth tells us he used a controversial word while talking about a proposed project that includes affordable housing. the problem began last week during a livermore planning commission meeting. at issue is a proposal to build 130 units of affordable housing is part of a downtown development project commissioner john stein had concerns really don't want to see the downtown become. again oh of affordable housing. many people feel the word ghetto is derogatory against marginalize minorities. less than two minutes later, stein double down. i'm concerned that we not create a. again oh, basically, and he also offered this comment. as with homeless lists living, we're not become the go to place in the valley since the meeting. there's been a backlash found it offensive and. had a minimum, but carling serves on the livermore city
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council. demeaning to the people were trying to serve all income levels in this community. in a telephone interview wednesday, stein apologized. i found out it was hurtful to the number of people and i did not intend that. um, andre, i've apologized in person. people have contacted base. i find those were defensive, but more than the words themselves. i find the attitudes behind them. offensive the five members city council is expected to decide next monday whether to remove stein from the planning commission. he does not deserve to continue in his role as planning commissioner. before that position, stein served on the city council for 16 years. that's the council feels my statements were irredeemable and. was such a stage a single point error. they can either remove the arrest for my reservation. so if they ask for
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your resignation, you'll give it. yes. livermore advice. marry trish monroe says stein's comments point to a deeper problem. whatever happens with him as an individual if we do not talk about these larger issues we have. not done are works as a society. the planning commission did end up approving that development, with stein casting the lone no vote, but he said that was due to parking concerns. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. heading into thursday. now temperatures today got pretty warm. you see that 92 in fairfield, 91. antioch not quite as warm tomorrow but close. i mean, i think the inland spots will still be in the mid eighties. maybe even operate. he's a little bit of fog tomorrow, a little bit more of an onshore flow temperatures today we're well above the average, so it makes sense that temperatures would come down a little bit. we can't looks pretty good as well with kind of temperatures moderating into the seventies and. mostly mid seventies upper seventies on the weekend live camera shot. no fog, yet very little fog of any at the coast.
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but it should be by this time tomorrow night be back at the coast and that'll provide further cooling is you would suspect especially as we go into saturday and sunday. winds were born for time today, but let's see sfo 14 miles an hour. it was gusting earlier in the low thirties temperatures. it's still 70 in brentwood bill looking at 67 concrete for this time of night, so that's pretty warm. really so you've got a little, not much of a sea breeze. obvious temperatures are running war. ever used that pocket a cool air over therein santa rosa. that's a the brain acosta. oh, they're pushing cool, aaron, but you still have temperatures six degrees about where they were yesterday and fairfield on day at this time, so that ridge of high pressure goes up and over. goes up into this trough, and that's why you got all this going on out in the east. but this ridge is what we concern ourselves with and it just sends everything over the top. and so we are into more of a classic spring weather pattern where we see the big bridge in the pacific. i set up and temperatures. the inland valleys of warm nicely and the temperatures on the coast will be a little cooler because of the fog. obviously
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over that loser on the mild side forecast tomorrow shows more clouds, and that's the other reason. little coast of bug afternoon, but the clouds the filtering the sunshine, that's the other reason that we're going to see temperatures cool off a little bit. so tomorrow it's so warm, right? etienne napa 81 in santa rosa 85 fairfield, and i think we could easily go a little warmer than that, in some places, so. five day forecast on saturday. it starts to cool little more. there's a little bit of a push that goes through some clouds, and it gets a little breezy, and that's when temperatures and the water hot spots stayed in the upper seventies and stay out of the low eighties. but then, right since we had sunday money, they start to climb out again, so pretty much a straight up spring forecast. i'll see you guys back here a couple nights, all right, bill. thank you. well people are heading to folsom lake in sacramento county to see as super bloom of wild flowers. this is what it looks like. people are purple blue pins are covering the dry lake bed and shoreline, and experts say super blooms occur when the timing of temperatures,
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rainfall and dry spells are aligned. just right. look at beautiful that is on average. they bloom just 2 to 4 weeks, every 10 years or so pictures, right a little bit. okay, coming up. giants finish off a great home stand as they look to keep pace with the dodgers
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like i said it doesn't hurt to dream. rocky pictures made a mess of it early, walked in a couple of runs, and then brandon belt can last there's one to center that's gonna fetch a couple two run single for nothing. giants lead and alex would having things his way. most of the way. in fact, he had a lot of hits of two outs in the six colorado's line drive. hampson liner to right all they could tell you is darren rough, rustled with it out there did his best to come up with. it's still gonna be a base if you watch the replay, almost a sensational cats, and he kicks it with this toe, almost ways of catching to the head and eventually rockies would get on the scoreboard. a couple of runs given up by wood 73 the final five into home stand. giants dodgers red sox, all 16 and nine so far, one up, let's take its first event to tampa, where the a's have their fans and their bobbleheads. and it still wasn't enough because
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they are just not hitting the ball right now. it's a weird hit up the better mike pence nino's it actually hit the roof out there in the tropicana dome or whatever they college out there. cool urban gives up the home run 16 innings, gave up a couple of runs, struck out eight. and the a's hit in tough luck, the mail much even deep center hit well, bad idea, kevin kerr my night after 96 to do that he is a gold glover and he makes a nice catch to rob extra bases there. tyler glasses napa likes starting pitchers, read his lips and said he basically does that every night. it stays to. nothing's kampe on top of things quite literally. two wins might be too little too late for the sharks in succession. they've taken care of the coyote is still very much a long shot to make it down at the tank into the postseason. they go and just one minute 12 seconds into this
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thing like it's a nice passing. can't they do that? more consistently? evander kane will benefit. he has his 20th goal. the air one nothing late. still in the first morning in the individual effort here, rudolf the ulcers picks up the puck knows what to do with that back, and he is put it to use to nothing. lead four to final two straight victories for the san jose sharks. thank goodness for the phoenix. hi. oh this is what they're saying. all right, frank, you are gonna like this. okay, let's check this out. this is back east. and this is a drill for hockey players. what they do here is the back of a pickup truck. she's dumping stuff all over the front street here. he's gotta keep keep on his skates and what i am wondering why watch this is like who goes back and clean. so i was wondering the same thing. yeah, yeah. really good that you're skating but who cleans up the mess, man?
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god what i'd give to be able to stick handle like that. alright, mark tamayo someday, julie. see tomorrow take julie. see tomorrow take everyone. thanks for joining how come we don't have the same number of containers and lids? why would they ever get separated? built-up resentment, money issues, met a younger lid. huh? mm-hmm. mom, where's my science homework? uh, it's over there on the table. so, alex, honey, what's going on? - anything exciting? - no. - any boys? - no. i'm feeling a little bit disconnected from alex right now. last week, i picked up her cellphone thinking it was mine, and i accidentally read a few flirty text messages that were probably from a boy in her class, which is fine. or they're from a drifter. come on, isn't there something you want to share with your mommers? yeah. don't call yourself "mommers." he blew his lid when she tried to contain him.


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