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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  April 28, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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first one scheduled takeoff from travis air force base. even everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. india has now seen the number of coronavirus death surge past 200,000 and many health experts believe the death toll may be far higher, especially in rural areas where they worry that the deaths are not being recorded. india some more than 362,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday alone, this comes as hospitals continue to scramble for basic equipment, including oxygen ventilators, even beds for patients, the u. s. canada and many other nations air rushing out to send equipment and personnel to help care for the sick today, the first of three u. s military plans is scheduled to leave travis air force base. each plane will be packed with crucial equipment and supplies. ktvu tom vacar is in fairfield tonight at that base with more on this critical mission, tom well, frank, the first of these large c five m
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aircraft, they're called galaxy supergirl. alexi's just left about three minutes ago on its way to new delhi, india, very large airport that will then distribute. although the stuff that has gone but the important thing is these aircraft that were made to support war do a lot more work these days supporting humanitarian efforts such as the one you're about to see. india's national capital of new delhi is under walked down until may, the third as its vaccination program struggles with sickness and death raging across the entire nation of the death rates are astronomical, much more than reported infection rate is very, very high. clifton 2% of the one in the third billion inhabitants have been fully vaccinated less than 10. have gotten one dose. the u. s is responding big time and travis air force base in solano county will be a key player we're
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working to deploy resources and supplies. including therapeutics. rapid testing kits, ventilators, ppe and raw materials needed to manufacture vaccines in india. i pleased that the president is sending ppe. that's the most important thing is getting the oxygen the ppe. they're helping the medical systems and then ultimately, we need to get our astrazeneca vaccine when it's been seen to make it. be safe. a joint c five galaxy cargo plane scheduled for a takeoff a soon as possible is being readied with as much as $125. tons of medical supplies, oxygen cylinders and personal protective equipment. it's 7700 miles from travis air force base to new delhi. a 16 hour nonstop flight where the cargo will be delivered, though the c five's ranges just short of that it can refuel in midair and make the trip nonstop. time is supercritical. the covid
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outbreak is so critical that at 1.1 of their major hospitals, which was a 240 bed hospital was 40 minutes away from running out of oxygen for the patients. any time we have a major outbreak, it increases the variance. all it takes is one of those variants to defeat our vaccine, so it's in our interest to make sure that we're limiting the amount of barry instead, i'll emerge on if we limit outbreaks that limits variants. congressman khanna wants five. madonna to provide india with the vaccine formula so it can produce vaccines there in its many vaccine factories. now there's another c five out there doing practice runs right now, but another aircraft called a c 17 will make the trip at about 10 o'clock tonight, and there's an option for one more trip, depending on just how much of the goods come in to get there to actually make the flight. that is the situation here, and this is being repeated in many places around the world. but
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india with 1.3 billion people, has one heck of a lot of need and ah, lot of people in the interim are gonna pass away from this, but there is hope on a lot of it's coming from the usa. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom. thank you. a south bay dentists has now launched an effort to collect used to breathing machines that can be converted to ventilators and then sent the hospitals in india. we are trying to collect the facts and buy back machines that that shows that around 10 million cpac mike mibach machines. sitting in america and used collecting dust in people's closets. so we're trying to collect those and send it over to the covid patients where they can help as a non critical jews, ventilators and we're really desperate need off oxygen concentrators and pulse ox emitters also. people can drop off used breathing machines at
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her practice, the gilroy family dental center on first street in gilroy or the sikh gurdwara in san jose, now to washington and a live look at congress tonight in just about an hour, president joe biden will address congress and the nation. the address to a joint session of congress is usually delivered in february, but it was delayed because of the coronavirus, our political reporter greg lee, here now with a preview and also look at what else the coronavirus has change. just about the speech tonight. yeah, frank. good evening. not only is this first address later than normal, it also look very different from others in the past for one to bay area politicians will make history ppe, kamila harris and house speaker nancy pelosi will be the first women to share the stage during a presidential address. security will also be incredibly tight for biden's big speech. on the eve of his 100th day in office. president biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress as democrats and republicans evaluate what promises he's kept in which
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she's broken. he's expected to talty administration's covid-19 response and look ahead the job during the speech in the joint session of congress and on the 100 day mark, the next day is to turn the country forward into the future. past covid covid covid to a sense of normalcy. coronavirus is the reason this address fel. look much different from others in the past. don't expect handshakes or hugs and only limited number of members of congress have been invited to the spacing protocols. as for what else? he'll talk about a range of priorities that he has for the upcoming months of his presidency, including putting in place working with congress to put in place police reform, including. doing more to expand off access to affordable health care. he's also expected to lay out the details of the american families plan focused on child care paid leave and education. it comes with the roughly 1.5 trillion price tag paid for in part by tax hikes on the wealthy, a nonstarter for
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republicans. i predict they're going to ram through something with only democrat votes and no republican participation again to the tune of a couple trillion dollars. senator tim scott will deliver the gop rebuttal. republicans say biden's failed to keep his promise of bipartisanship. we're going to hit 100 days i have not met with the president one time nor had one conversation with him, and also challenges joe biden zag ministrations for his relationships on capitol hill. and can he get this to work? the president will also hear response from his own party. progressives intend to continue pushing him from the left. area. congressman ro khanna gives the president high marks and looks forward to following up on progressive priorities. it's a simple to talk about $15 wage, which we need expanding medicare, which we need in a health care crisis, making sure that we have free public college and options for people who want to do trade school or get a certificate, making sure that student debt is taken care of. tackling climate change.
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now back to those covid restrictions. only about 200 people will be in the audience is opposed to the usual 1600. some members of congress have invited guests who will attend the speech. virtually frank, we heard kevin mccarthy, the minority leader's say there that he hasn't met with the president one time since the president was elected. joe biden was in the senate for 36 years. he knows how to make a deal. but again, it seems like an uphill climb with these big ticket plans, frankly, absolutely right. he is well known for being able to work with both sides of the aisle. he touted that during the campaign and during the inauguration, but keep this in mind the party split is 50 50 in the senate, vp harris the tie breaking vote, and when it comes to the nearly $4 trillion, he's proposing spending with these two new plans, the infrastructure and families plan he not only needs to convince republicans he has to win over members of his own party, who either agree that it's too much money or that his plans don't go far enough. this is going to be. quite the climb,
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greatly live for us tonight, greg. thank you. more details now on president biden's american families plan. the proposal includes free community college universal preschool for all three and four year olds. increased tax credits for families with children and paid family leave. the plan faces opposition in the senate from republicans and some moderate democrats because of its tax increases and nearly $2 trillion price tag. i think there is a decent chance. some or much of it could get enacted. i think the price tag will make some members bulk, but not necessarily all of them. and the biden white house has been pretty smart in saying that it's open to alternative funding mechanisms to it's unclear wheth plan by itself or along with the president's infrastructure proposal. an attorney for the three alameda police officers on leave in the
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death of mario gonzales is now speaking out, and so is the alameda police chief. our crime reporter henry lee is here. now with more on henry. they're asking the public not to rush to judgment here. you're afraid this comes a day after that police body cam video was released to the public, so the police chief and the attorney are saying those videos are you only telling part of the story that three investigations are only in their early stages. these officers were there to help alice and very wilkinson is an attorney representing the three alameda police officers who restrain and confronted mario gonzalez. he died in their custody. these officers used the lowest degree of force. possible given the intensity of mr gonzales is efforts to evade their grasp, she says gonzalez was disoriented and intoxicated. thea officers had to take action to ensure his safety and that of the public. they couldn't leave him there. he could fall. they were very concerned about him falling, she says. officer james fisher, a 10 year veteran, seen here did put his knee on gonzales is back that is being used. it is
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a balance point, much like you would put your hand on rested on a railing as you go down the stair. there was never a point in time where any officers need was on mr gonzales his neck. nor was there a time when they were pressing down hard enough on his body to cause him not to breathe officer fisher as well as officers eric mckinley and cameron leahy. or on paid leave corado. gonzales says officers murdered his brother. the truth is that he was killed by the police department was heartbreaking to see my mother having to see her her firstborn spinal moments is troubling. it's hard to watch my condolences, of course, go to mr gonzales, his mother and family, but interim alameda police chief randy finn had this to say about the murder accusation. well, i think that's a pretty strong charge that there's not enough evidence to support that charge. right now. that's what the investigation is for. we don't even know the cause of death. right now. here's the public to wait for the results of investigations into the death.
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the only tells part of the story, so we needed the entire investigation. you understand? um whether or not the actions were legal, consistent with training on within policy they wanted to do is to get him into a safe spot. they didn't have any intention. the events going in the direction that they did. you know, the city of alameda has asked the sheriff's office in an outside attorney to investigate and pending any autopsy results. the d a's office will determine whether any of those officers are criminally liable in this depth reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. okay, henry. thank you, the justice department announced federal hate crime charges today in the death of a georgia man who was killed while out for a run last year. the criminal case charging the three men in connection with the death of ahmad robbery is them. most significant civil rights prosecution undertaken to date by the biden administration. justice department travis mcmichael and his father, gregory, and a third man,
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william roddy bryant, are all charged with one count of interference with civil rights and attempted kidnapping today for the first time we're hearing from one of the jurors in the derrick show vin murder trial who actually voted in the deliberations, he talked to the fox affiliate in minneapolis. and they asked him if the jurors felt any pressure in any way i personally know and i don't think i don't think any of the other jurors did either. just because from being in the courtroom during the trial every day and having to witness on instant replay, somebody dying every day. the stress of that alone. you don't even have time to think about pressure. that's that's enough pressure long just to make the right decision because you're deciding someone else's life. mitchell also said quote i think we came with the right verdict. i think everybody was at peace with it. everybody was on the same page from sleeping
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in her car to her own apartment tonight at 5 30, the new partnership that's helping this navy veteran get back on her feet. also ahead tonight, he took a walk on his break during a work shift and then was and was then shot in the back with a bow and arrow. it was pretty close to hitting some vital organs from what i understand. coming up next. why some say. this could be a hate crime, and a very weather. lots of sunshine today. you probably knows that big warm up with a few spots right around 90 degrees coming up to let you know if this warm chatter continues in your thursday forecast.
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this comes after someone is shot him in the back with an arrow while he was walking not far from his bus ourself. a reporter jesse gary joins us now he's been following developments in this case suggest he do detectives have they said what the motive could be. julie sheriff's investigators do not know why this worker in particular was targeted. the union represents him says he is recovering, and that he, as a member of the sikh community, may have been the. them of a hate crime. he's doing a little bit better by the day. um just a little bit shocked that this could happen to him or anybody. vita union president john courtney says the unnamed bus driver was walking with a co worker tuesday while on break near sierra brand a way and north capitol expressway 36 year old man who's a five year employee. was shot in the back with an arrow around 2 30 in the afternoon when did penetrate through his skin. i will say. fortunately this situation could been a lot worse and was
5:18 pm
pretty close of hitting some vital organs. from what i understand. sheriff's investigators say had the victim been facing the opposite direction with wound could have been fatal. union reps say this isn't the first time one of their members has been assaulted near the alameda rock transit center 18 months ago, they say, ah female driver was shot in the head with a pellet gun. she just tough is a common it took her a little while, but she's back. back to work. transit authority officials say the sheriff's department has law enforcement jurisdiction over their transit hubs. additionally the authority contracts with allied universal security to provide additional officers, but they serve as a visible deterrent to crime and most are unarmed. union officials say the victim and his co worker are both members of the sikh community and fear this attack could be a hate crime, or we face all source of. the salt's verbally or operators here just about everything. so that certainly puts this in the narrative of
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some of the things that we've heard that this could possibly be a hate crime. the union and the sheriff's advisory committee or both, offering $1000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest in this case will put the information on that on our website ktvu .com. obviously if you saw or heard anything about this urge to call the santa clara county sheriff's office, we live in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you. we have breaking news out of southern california, a fast moving brushfire in cost aic, which is in the northern part of l, a county. we've been watching this plane fly here for battle past minute and it hasn't gone over the flames. yet. sadly we have no control over this camera, so hopefully we'll get a new idea of the fire momentarily. so far, it hasn't burned any structures. it's called the north fire. some evacuation warnings have been issued for nearby
5:20 pm
residents. they're being told to be ready to go the fight. started about 1 30 this afternoon and quickly grew to more than 150 acres. the conditions are dry, and there are gusty winds. there are dozens of firefighters on the ground, but much of the firefight is being conducted from the air for safety reasons. that's because the fire is burning near the l. a county sheriff's department bomb squad facility. we're working to get more information as we do. we'll bring it along to you. and i have been watching the weather conditions for that portion around the fire zone in southern california. current temperature close to 80 degrees winds were gusting to right around 23 miles an hour, so it's breezy, and it's pretty dry. i could tell by the hillsides already drying things out from the winter rains, and also the air is a pretty dry relative humidity close to 12% so unfortunately, it's still april and we're talking about fire season already now here in the bay area, of course, it was a warm wednesday take a look at some of the preliminary highs
5:21 pm
from this afternoon fairfield 92 degrees lots of eighties for gilroy, gilroy want to create danville castro valley san matteo in the eighties. petaluma 82 berkeley in the upper 70 77 degrees right now, it is still warm for the five o'clock hour. we have some eighties out toward conquered san jose right now. 81 in santa rosa, checking in 80 degrees as he back out, the maps were showing you this and we'll check out the satellite with clear skies from the inland spots all the way to the coast and lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. but some of those clouds you can't see up to our north will drift in. in fact, that's the plan. as we head into what your thursday here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco this evening, where we still have mostly clear skies, so not much the way of falling for tonight, but we could have us and more patches redevelop right near the immediate coastline. first thing tomorrow morning, so start off tomorrow morning in the forties and then into the afternoon hours, a nice recovery probably not as warm as today, especially near the coast and right around the bay,
5:22 pm
and you can also see this pretty circular forecast model bringing in some cloud cover so we could have a few high clouds occasionally drifting in throughout the day on your thursday, so it's warm inland. once again, the warm spots back up into the eighties around the bay, the seventies and the beaches in san francisco in the sixties. so bit of a cool down there. well, this cool down continues. we head toward the weekend, we'll have the full update coming up in just a little bit. a livermore city leader in trouble tonight for the word he used to describe affordable housing the word and the fall out coming up and a head at six o'clock protesters in north carolina step up their calls for justice in the shooting death of andrew brown jr coming up why the public won't have a chance to see video of what happened. plus children up to 26 years old can stay on their parents healthcare plans as dependents. the new proposal in sacramento to allow the reverse
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after remarks he made during a recent m meeting over a planned develolopment that includes affordable housing. ktvu is rob roth talked with that commissioner today and with elected officials whoho will now be deciding his fate. the problem began last week during a a livermore planning commissin meeting. at issue is a proposal to build 130 units of affordable housing is part of a
5:26 pm
downtown development project commisisoner john stein had concerns really donon't want to see thdowntown become. again oh of affordable housing. many people feel the word ghetto is derogatorygainst marginalize minorities. less than two minutes later, stein double down. i'i'concerned that we not create a again. oh basically, and he also offered this comment. as with homelessnesess. living. we're not become the go to place in the valley. since the meeting, there's been a backlash found it offensnsive ad a miminimum fun. carling serves on the livermore city council, demeananing to the people were trying to o serve all income levels in this community. in a telephone intview wednesday, stein apologized. i found out it was hurtful to the number of people and i did not intenend that. um andre, i have apologized in person. people have contacted basase. i find those were defensive, bubut more
5:27 pm
th the words theheelves. i find the attitudes behind them. offensive the five member city council is expepected to decide next monday whwhether to remove stein from the planning commission. he does not desesere to continue in his role as planning commissioner b before that position, stein served on the city council for 16 years. ththat's the council feels my statements were irreemable and. was such a stage a single point error. they canan either remove the arrest for my reservation. so if they ask for it. yes livermo advice. marryve trish monroe says stein's comments point to a deeper problem. whatatever happens with him as an individual if we do not talk about these larger issues we have. not done are works as a society. the planning commission did end up approving that development, with stein casting thehe lone no vote. but he said that was due
5:28 pm
to parking concerns. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. yeah. getting shots into the arms of the most vulnerable. that is the goal where san franciscocos focusing attention on protecting people from covid. plus i've been seeing thiss to my frids that i went through #### to get to heaven. i'm in heaven, a navy veveteran homeles no more. the emotional ternrnoon that ended with this veteran in her own home just months after living in a car, lance fields orr jones. those around by 49ers fans forossed months. tomrow we'll finally find out w who they will take in the nfl draft. our srts director market baniyas will join us to talk about the new
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♪ discover new lines— in the stylish toyota highlander and 36 mpg highlander hybrid. toyota. let's go places. coronavirus vaccines and some of the cities hardest hit neighborhoods, including ocean view were, said heights, ingleside and ingleside terrace, the san francisco health department opened a new vaccine site this morning at 50 broad street. it's near the mew t 24 em bus lines, making it more accessible and convenient. this is the city's sixth neighborhood vaccination site. we're going to be christening this vaccination site today and we're going to continue to make sure that we're moving forward in an aggressive way to make sure that people have the vaccination and access in the low barrier way to ensure the
5:32 pm
safety of this community. vaccines are available at the new site by appointment or by drop in wednesdays, fridays and saturdays, also in san francisco. mayor breed says the city is nearing the end of the coronavirus pandemic. in a tweet, the mayor said 70% of san francisco residents, 16 and older have received at least of first vaccine shot. that's 15% higher than the rest of the united states. mayor breed also said that on lee 150.7 of coronavirus chests are coming back. positive, sam matteo county supervisor david can napa received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine today can never received the visor vaccine at northeast medical services in daily. city, canada and county health officials are trying to encourage people to get their shot. they say the number of vaccinations at northeast medical services has dropped by 20% in recent weeks. we have kamala harris covid
5:33 pm
times, but we must not be complacent or hesitant as there is a potential for the fourth wave due to the contagious variance. so far about 445,000 people have been vaccinated in san mateo county. that's about 69% of the population. health officials say 75 to 85 or 75 to 80% is needed to reach herd immunity. california has now administered more than 29 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to the latest data. there are now more than 337,000 shots a day being given in this state that is down slightly from yesterday and more than 37, a half percent. california's population of around 40 million are fully vaccinated. 20% are partially vaccinated. more states across the country are easy mask restrictions in response to the new cdc guidance. but as fox news molly line tells us, some health
5:34 pm
experts are arguing that the new guidelines are too cautious. one year ago today the u. s surpassed one million coronavirus cases since then, the country's recorded a total of more than 32 million infections. according to the cdc, new cases are declining, falling about 15% in the last week. most of the country has significant suppression of the infection right now, herd immunity has kicked in. it is not binary. it's not a finish line, it's going to continue to linger for decades to come, but at very low levels from california to maine states are adopting new cdc guidance on outdoor mask usefully vaccinated people don't need to wear masks outside unless they're in a big crowd. unvaccinated people can also skip the masks in certain situations. but some health experts argue the guidelines are too cautious and don't offer a strong incentive for americans who are hesitant to get a shot. we take our masks off, we feel a sense of liberation from the virus. if you're vaccinated, you're not spreading this virus. you can
5:35 pm
take your mask off outside. more than a third of us adults are fully vaccinated, and more than half have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. a new cdc assessment finds that fully vaccinated adults, 65 years and older where 94% less likely to be hospitalized with covid-19, then unvaccinated people of the same age, partially vaccinated adults in that age group were 64% less likely to be hospitalized with the virus. the cdc assessment focused only on those adults received visors or modernist vaccine in boston. molly line fox news. redwood city police are looking for four men involved in a violent home invasion. it happened last thursday night at home on oak avenue and the loader road. police say the men used a taser on the male victim and restrained him with zip ties. the female victim was pistol whipped. she was hospitalized, but it's since been released. the men, then ransack the home, getting away with a safe a purse and watches. female
5:36 pm
veteran in san jose, now has a new place to call home after she'd been living out of her car. she was gifted a year of free rent after seeking help, and today she got to move into her new apartment. ktvu is cristina rendon. he is here now, with their story, cristina. she must be so excited. so excited, frank, the organizations that are helping this woman say that it is a lot harder for female veterans to get out of homelessness, and they encourage any woman or vet really, to reach out to their local v a for help. so the woman you are about to meet did exactly that. and in her unique case, asking for help lead to a home life just changed for on a speedy at her emotional support dog hardly in the best. they've got a doorbell speed. the 10 year navy veteran took us inside her new apartment, a reality she never thought possible. just a couple of months ago while living out of her car. the fridge is just amazing to speedy and says she was left on house after her critically ill mom died and their house. was put up for
5:37 pm
sale. she went to the san jose v a for help and was connected with an organization called home first services of santa clara county. now she's been given a 15 month lease, including one year of free rent. i've been seeing this to my friends that i went through #### to get to heaven. i'm in heaven. i really am home for services says this was possible thanks to a public private partnership with developer republic urban properties and says female veterans are twice as likely to become homeless than those who didn't serve. many of. them who have been in battle have trauma, brain injuries, all different kinds of ptsd mental health challenges that, coupled with being homeless makes it harder to find their way out of homelessness. weaken in homelessness weaken in homelessness to public private partnerships like this where we bring in these incredible people speaking out now has stability, a safe place to sleep at night. ah home for her and harley females are kind of left. in between the gaps and
5:38 pm
we fall through and we just need tonto. speak up and. ask that we need help air condition? yes. you know what else could he asked for, she says, well, the organizations that are helping spt es say that they're encouraging other local landlords in the south bay really across the bay area to enter into partnerships to help and homelessness for veterans, frank cristina rendon. live forced tonight, christina. thank you, federal investigators executed a search warrant today on rudy giuliani's home and office in new york. fbi agents showed up at his home around six this morning. they seize electronic device. says, including laptops and cell phones. giuliani who served as former president donald trump's personal attorney, is under investigation for his business dealings in ukraine. federal agents are looking into whether giuliani violated federal law by failing to register as a
5:39 pm
foreign agent to lobby the trump administration. anybody any american whether you're ready or blue should be extremely disturbed by what happened here today by the continued politicization off the justice department. rudy giuliani's attorney, said the former new york mayor has nothing to hide. so far. the fbi has not commented. why the 49ers make their first pick in tomorrow's nfl draft. it's likely going to be one of these three quarterbacks coming up. next our sports director marco baniyas will join us. he's going to play general manager and tell us who he them. too. thw
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
tomorrow night is the nfl draft and there's a lot of interest before because five quarterbacks could go in the
5:42 pm
first round, including one to the 49ers recall that the niners traded to future first round picks to move up to third overall in this draft, most experts say the niners will be choosing from one of these three quarterbacks justin fields from ohio state, mac jones from alabama or trade lance from north dakota state. our sports russia market by news is here now. so mark, how do you think they're gonna go for? well frankie, don't i always say opinions are like belly buttons. everybody's got one right that i do, too. but i gotta tell you, though, you know, just as far as the big picture goes, i've been covering professionally 49ers draft days since 1978. i have sn a draft. i mean, think about all the players that they've picked over the years, joe montana. jerry rice, ronnie lott, alex smith, but this draft has so much riding on it for the future of this
5:43 pm
franchise now to get to your question, i personally think that the 49ers are going to pick mcenany, the national championship team, and the reasons for that is, i think that shanahan, the coach and offensive, so called genius really wants a guy who doesn't fool around. and by that, i mean, he's a straight pocket passer. he doesn't quickly flinch and get out of there. he's going to stick in there. he's gonna follow the game plan. he's not physically gift. but from all reports, he's a very quick study. he played it a pro style offensive set up at alabama, and he would be more of a plug and play god like he could be ready to go next fall, which doesn't bode well for the future of jimmy garoppolo in the organization so he could be traded or moved at any time. i personally if i were the general manager would be going
5:44 pm
for trey lance out of north dakota. now, the negatives about him. he only played one game last year because of covid related situations in his league, but this guy is a physical specimen, he is reportedly kind of raw. in other words, yes, honed his skills, but i mean this guy six ft. 4 £230. he's fast. he's very conscientious from all reports, he is that absolute sponge for information. he wants to be great. and i believe that his upside is just huge and i could see him being the next step. pat mahomes of the kansas city chiefs, that is who i would pick without a doubt, but they think they're gonna go with mac jones. that is what i believe they're going to do. okay so how much is on the line here for coach mike shanahan and general manager john lynch. they're pretty much better. the farm on this draft pick by giving away two future
5:45 pm
first round picks, and we all know that in the nfl draft for every peyton manning there is unfortunately, a ryan leaf. absolutely well. here's the good news for coach shanahan and john lynch. you never know about these draft picks for at least i'm gonna save for a quarterback. minimum 2 to 3 years, so they're not gonna be judged on this selection tomorrow for good 2 to 3 seasons. the bad news is when they do they do this, and it doesn't turn out there pretty much done. i mean, you can that forfeit to future draft choices, plus a third round pick to first and expect that you're gonna come out. all right. i mean, they rolled the dice and i believe from the get go when they made this trade they were certain of exactly who they want. and they think that the future is there. so the good
5:46 pm
news they're not going to lose their jobs tomorrow. could you never know about quarterbacks for a few years? bad news is, if it doesn't turn out two or three years, i can't see them sustaining. they're they're a rain here with the 49ers. well, we all find out tomorrow also have to give a shout out to nausea. harris the running back from antioch high school, who then went to alabama, and he's expected to be the first running back drafted in the first round, great job by nausea. harris, mark, thank you so much for talking with us. we'll see a guy here. he's hey may go to the pittsburgh steel. that's what i'm here. so yeah, all right, we'll see. okay man, take care. coming out. music festival tickets go on sale tomorrow. that's something we haven't been able to say for a long time here in california. why local health officials are confident they can safely pull up outside lands this fall. also ahead for the first time in more than a year in the east bay favorite, is set to reopen details about when you can book your next trip to the lindsay wildlife center. ah warm spring
5:47 pm
day with a lot of the berry in the eighties. even if you load nineties, the sub or weather pattern sticks around a little bit, but some changes by the weekend we'll have more on that with your forecast coming up i was hit by a car and needed help.
5:48 pm
i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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music festival. go on sale tomorrow. ktvu christien kafton tells us that health officials say it's an indication that big festivals and events are coming
5:50 pm
back. right now, the polo field in san francisco's golden gate park is relatively quiet. but in october organizers hope to bring the field alive as it has in the years past with the music arts and food festival, known as outside lands, event, organizers announced that single day tickets will be available thursday for the three day festival, currently scheduled to take place over the halloween weekend. california health officials released a statement saying when it comes to large scale festivals and events, they're still hoping to fully reopen the states. economy in mid june and will continue to provide guidance for specific events were closely linked to the state. as you know, and that june 15th date is a data which, yes, we're going to see what guidance remains on the state part and we're going to do what we've always done in san francisco, which is look at our local conditions. san francisco's health authorities say, continuing vaccinations and dropping infection rates or why were even able to have a
5:51 pm
discussion about large events like outside lands. the city's acting health officer, says outside lands organizer's have been working closely with health experts in planning and are an example of how some of the city's signature events like outside lands and even fleet week can proceed. it is a very fantastic position right now that we can't even talk about outside lands. it needed a such a fixture of san francisco every fall, so it is super exciting to me as acting health officer but also as a person that, you know, loves these events. some major event organizers are still planning for their return this year after being canceled last year. organizers of the gilroy garlic festival announced plans for drive thru events in july and bottle rock and napa county has announced plans to go ahead over the labor day weekend. but other major festivals, including coachella and stage coach initially tried to reschedule their shows, but finally decided to push back their festivals to 2022. health experts say it will take some
5:52 pm
time before organizing major events gets back to normal. we did reach out to outside lands organizer's hoping to learn more about what kinds of safety precautions they're going to have in place, and just how many people they're hoping will attend this year, but we did not hear back from them. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. the gilroy garlic festival is back on this year, two years after a mass shooting left four people dead, organizers say the reimagined festival will look different, among other events. it will include a drive thru gourmet galley, and it won't be held at christmas tree park. instead it will be held at the gilroy presbyterian church. the festival is scheduled for the weekend of july, 23rd and august 1st. well a big warm up today. here in the bay area, lots of sunshine lots of eighties. in fact, the warm spots approaching the lower nineties. so today, probably one of the warmest days of the week. we'll look cool things off a little bit for tomorrow, but still it's not a sharp drop off the numbers. looks like
5:53 pm
this mild pattern is here to stay. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. san francisco 71 oakland 80 look at those nineties out toward fairfield and antioch, so pretty warm, well inland. it is still warm right now, as you can see, still, some eighties for concord and fairfield, oakland. i 73 san francisco has cooled out to 65 santa rosa. checking in 80 degrees satellite the clear skies up above, but you can't see some clouds up to our north and west and some of the high cloud cover will seep into a northern california and the bay area for tomorrow's will be watching out for that change as we head into your thursday, but it is a nice. wednesday evening out there was still mostly clear skies. we'll start out tomorrow morning with partly cloudy conditions and some patchy coastal fog. so the biggest change tomorrow we begin to cool things off coast side and right around the bay, but it is still a warm day. the overall weather pattern is still not moving around too much is big area. five pressure is still kind of overhead, keeping his dried also relatively warm, but just a change in the wind direction. you probably feel that toe
5:54 pm
onshore wind if you're near the coast right now, we will look cool off those numbers. coast side. but still some warm temperatures well inland back up into at least the mid eighties for tomorrow afternoon, of course, the dry weather pattern having a huge impact on our water supplied a lot going on this graphic here. so this was shasta lake earlier this afternoon, when i put in showing you this, that's the largest california reservoir but showing you all of the at least that the largest 47 reservoirs you can see kind of up and down the state if we were to sum him up as a whole, you can see the statistics and as you know, with this dry winter, not very impressed. so capacity could see those big numbers. they're average and then last year look at this year. this number is not high at all. in fact, really 49% of capacity if you take all these reservoirs as a whole, so that's a reflection of this really dry winter and it looks like this dry weather pattern is here to stay. by the way. i want to think agenda, all from golden gate weather services for doing the hard research show with those numbers crunching all those statistics. so here's the forecast model
5:55 pm
for tonight, so we do have mostly clear skies tomorrow. we bring in some malone's low clouds and higher clubs throughout the day, so we could kind of have that filtered sunshine effect for tomorrow for you thursday and that'll be the case as we head into your friday, but we still have some eighties for the warm spots tomorrow. oakland 70 san francisco 66 degrees so not as warm near the coast not as warm right around the bay as well, but it's still a warm day. scattered clouds for your friday the weekend starts off breezy and it looks like this quiet weather pattern will hold steady as we head into next week. all right, mark. thank you, the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek announced today will reopen its exhibit hall on tuesday, completing a return to its pre pandemic operations. the museum will be unveiling a new habitat for its bald eagle for a special member day next tuesday. then we'll reopen to the general public on wednesday. attendance will be limited to 50% of capacity or 75 guests at a time. and mass will be
5:56 pm
required earlier today on the four we spoke to emma mullen eri, the curator of animal encounters at the lindsay wildlife experience about the reopening or excited to invite you in and enjoy our bald eagle, who's in the sun and kind of blown out behind me right now that she's enjoying a yummy piece of rabbit behind me. this exhibit we want you all to experience for the first time when you come back, the museum says the new bald eagle habitat and new natural hiss. three exhibit are just the beginning of the exhibit hall, returning to full access and operations. some sad news tonight from nasa, the astronaut who piloted apollo 11 around the moon, while buzz aldrin and neil armstrong made their historic landing on the moon has died. all right here, their trip of ours to the moon may have looked to you simple or easy. i'd like to show you that that has not been the gate. michael collins was 90
5:57 pm
years old. he was battling cancer. nasa released a statement about colin's death, saying the nation lost a true pioneer and lifelong advocate for exploration, and that is going to do it for us here on ktvu. if you wanna watch the ktvu channel two news at six switch over to ktvu plus. or keep it right here and watch keep it right here and watch president biden is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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