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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  April 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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session of congress and the nation tonight. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage, and i'm heather holmes. let's go live down to washington, d. c were in just about two hours from now. president biden will address congress telling the nation that america is on the move again. he'll reflect on his 1st 100 days in office and also look ahead to his next priorities. get to be political reporter greg lee joins us now live this afternoon with what the president is expected to tell tonight, greg, another good afternoon. he's got a number of things to talk about. not only is this first address later than normal duty covid-19 and also look very different from others in the past for one to bay area politicians will make history ppe kamila here. person. house speaker nancy pelosi will be the first women to share the stage during a presidential address. security will also be incredibly tight for biden's big speech on the eve of his 100th day in office, president biden will deliver his first address to a joint
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session of congress as democrats and republicans evaluate what promises he's kept in which she's broken. he's expected to talty administration's covid-19 response and look ahead the job. during the speech in the joint session of congress and on the 100 day mark the next day is to turn the country forward into the future. past covid covid covid to a sense of normalcy. coronavirus is the reason this address will look much different from others in the past. don't expect handshakes or hugs and only limited number of members of congress have been invited to the spacing protocols. as for what else will talk about a range of priorities that he has for the upcoming months of his presidency, including putting in place working with congress to put in place police reform, including doing more to expand access to affordable health care? he's also expected to lay out the details of the american families plan focused on child care, paid leave and education. it comes with the roughly $1.5
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trillion price tag paid for in part by tax hikes on the wealthy, a nonstarter for republicans. i predict they're going to ram through something with only democrat votes and no republican participation again to the tune of a couple trillion dollars. senator tim scott will deliver the gop rebuttal. republicans say biden's failed to keep his promise of bipartisanship. we're going to hit 100 days. i have not met with the president one time, nor had one conversation with him and also challenges joe biden zag ministrations for his relationships on capitol hill. and can he get this to work? the president will also hear response from his own party. progressives intend to continue pushing him from the left bay area. congressman ro khanna gives the president high marks and looks forward to following up on progressive priorities. it's a simple to talk about a $15 wage, which we need expanding medicare, which we need in a health care crisis, making sure that we have free public college and options for people who want to do trade
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school or get a certificate, making sure that student debt is taking care of tackling climate change. only about 200. people will be in the audience tonight, as opposed to the usual 1600. some members of congress have invited invited guests who will attend the speech. virtually reporting live. greg lee ktvu fox tuners. all right, greg. thank you. we have more now on president biden's american families plan. it includes free community college universal preschool for all three and four year olds increased tax credits for families with children. and paid family leave. these are all just immensely immensely popular with the public. but the plan faces opposition in the senate from republicans and some moderate democrats because of its tax increases and nearly $2 trillion price tag. the president says he intends to finance the package by hiking taxes on the rich, saying he wants to reward work, not wealth. i think the plan has life in it. i think there is a
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decent chance. some or much of it could get enacted. i think the price tag will make some members bulk, but not necessarily all of them and the biden white house has been pretty smart in saying that it's open to alternative funding mechanisms. to it's unclear whether lawmakers will consider the plan by itself or along with the american jobs plan, which is president. biden's infrastructure proposal. india has now seen coronavirus death surge past 200,000. many health experts feel the death toll may be far higher, particularly in rule areas. the nation recorded more than 362,000 new coronavirus cases. just yesterday, hospitals continue to scramble for basic equipment. including oxygen, ventilators, even beds for patients, the u. s canada and many other nations air rushing to send equipment and personnel to help care for the sick and that includes help from the bay
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area, the first of three u. s. military planes with much needed equipment and supplies, is expected to leave travis air force base today gave his tom vacar joins us now live from the base there in fairfield. after talking with officials about this important mission, tom. well travis is the home of the 60th air milk of military airlift wing and it is very important because this is some of the most expensive and some of the most critical. uh equipment that the military has because it could be used in war to carry people, soldiers and mill and military gear. but it's just a soften used for humanitarian purposes. now let's take a look out here. this is the aircraft that has the white truck by it that. we'll be leaving for india momentarily, it could leave almost at any time. as long as the trucks there it will not. but this is the plane that's going to be the first to take help to india, where it is needed as never ever before. oh
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india's national capital of new delhi, is under walked down until may, the third as its vaccination program struggles with sickness and death raging across the entire nation. the death rates are astronomical, much more than reported infection rate is very, very high. clifton 2% of the one in the third billion inhabitants have been fully vaccinated less than 10. have gotten one dose. the u. s is responding big time and travis air force base in solano county will be a key player we're working to deploy resources and supplies. including therapeutics. rapid testing kits, ventilators, ppe and raw materials needed to manufacture vaccines in india. i pleased that the president is sending ppe. that's the most important thing is getting the oxygen the ppe. they're helping the medical systems and then ultimately, we need to get our astrazeneca vaccine when it's been seen to make it. be safe.
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a joint c five galaxy cargo plane scheduled for a takeoff a soon as possible is being readied with as much as $125. tons of medical supplies, oxygen cylinders and personal protective equipment. it's 7700 miles from travis air force base to new delhi, a 16 hour nonstop flight. where the cargo will be delivered, though the c five's ranges just short of that it can refuel in midair and make the trip nonstop. time is supercritical. the covid outbreak is so critical that at 1.1 of their major hospitals, which was a 240 bed hospital was 40 minutes away from running out of oxygen for the patients. any time we have a major outbreak, it increases the variance. all it takes is one of those variants to defeat our vaccine, so it's in order. just to make sure that we're limiting the amount of berry instead, i'll emerge on if we limit outbreaks that limits variants. congressman khanna
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wants visor and madonna to provide india with the vaccine formula so it can produce vaccines there in its many vaccine factories. and so the 60th air mobility wing is about to do its duty as it does each and every day now. congressman ro khanna says that what he really wants to have happened in addition to that all that's being done here and around the world as he wants visor and moderna to give up its formula to india, which has many, many vaccine factories so that they can make us much as possible to head office. what's going to be clearly one of the most epic disasters in indian history from travis air force base, tom vacar ktvu. fox two news. all right, tell him thank you. south bay dentist has launched an effort to collect used breathing machines that can be converted into ventilators and sent over to hospitals in india, and it's a mission that hits close to home for dr consume a trail who was born in india and knows people who are suffering
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right now, during the crisis there, i talked earlier with the board certified sleep dentist about how people can help. you're trying to collect, see facts and buy back machines that i shows that around. 10 million cpac five pack machines sitting in america and used collecting dust in people's closets. so we're trying to collect those and send it over to the covid patients where they can help as a non critical jews, ventilators and we're really desperate need off oxygen concentrators and pulse ox emitters. also, what was your motivation? to try toe. do something from you know from from where you're sitting to help the people of india. because previous year when we collected, we were able to have latin america and african countries and itwas it is now val tester proven solution. so then we saw this search and we have lots of friends and family who are suffering, and it's
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really bad over there. it is heartbreaking to see that doctors are there can't help because they don't have intelligence that don't have oxygen, so we do need it very desperately. over there. what's your message to people who are you know who may have one of these machines sitting around that they haven't used in a while. what what is your plea to them to try to make a difference for people in india right now? guys just started quest. please come forward and help help is needed. you can save a life you can help to save my life just less help fellows citizens. we really, really need your help their friends. places will have the collection center set up in every look town so well. if somebody calls us, we will direct them to that town, so we're trying to connect with the good juarez and temples so we will have collection centers or we'll have volunteers who will go pick it up. lots of people helping me. it's a
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personal mission for you. i mean, do you do you personally know friends family, who are in the midst of this of this crisis and facing this. yes it is. see every human beings is a personal for a health care professional doesn't matter. it is from india. it is from america. it is from latin americans from africa. so it is for anybody or everybody is right now it's india tomorrow. it can be some other country where we can help so wherever we can have will help. dr betrayed tells me that she's coordinating her collection drive with an international aid organization that will be getting those breathing machines to india. already she says that she's collected more than 100 machines here in the bay area. now people can drop off used breathing machine see papper by pat machines at her practice, that's the gilroy family dental center at 13 95. 1st street, a sweet 103 in gilroy or at the sick gurdwara
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in san jose at 36 36. good war a afternoon or you could arrange your collection of your machine by calling her office at 408842. coming up. federal agents raid the home and office of president trump's former personal attorney, rudy giuliani will tell you what prompted the search warrant. plus we're learning new information about the moments leading up to the death of a bay area man in police custody. what newly released body camera video is revealing. adam area weather a sunny and up, we'll lt you know this warm weather pattern continues up. in come byl
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butler and davante williams were booked on murder charges yesterday. alexandre antonio, also known as little yays, was
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killed in november near the dublin, pleasanton, bart station, investigators say the wrapper left the studio in san francisco and drove to dublin to see butler on the night. he was killed. both suspects face first degree murder charges, and butler faces an additional charge for conspiracy to commit a crime. police had redwood city or looking for four men in connection with a violent home invasion. it happened last thursday night at a home on oak avenue and the loader road. police say the men used a taser on the male victim and restrained him with zip ties. the female victim was pistol whipped. she was hospitalized but has since been released. excuse me released, the men ransacked the home, getting away with the purse and watches. alameda, as interim police chief offereda man who died in police custody, he said. the newly released body camera footage of a struggle between officers and 26 year old mario gonzalez only tells part of the story. ktvu
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elissa harrington tells us how family members feel about that video and why some legal experts say this will be a hard case to prosecute. body camera footage shows the final moments of mario gonzales his life as he struggled with police while being handcuffed monday of last week. alameda police officers first made contact with gonzalez after they were called about an intoxicated man who was involved in a possible theft. when they arrived, he spent several minutes speaking with the suspect, and when officers tried to put gonzales his hands behind his back, they all fell to the ground. officers are seen on video, placing a knee on his lower back then on his shoulder. honey brass is a criminal defense attorney who's a former prosecutor with the san francisco district attorney's office, he said officers seem to be aware of gonzales was having trouble breathing when one officer suggests rolling him to his side. it's pretty clear that putting someone belly down. handcuffed with weight on their back is dangerous family members and activists are calling gonzalez
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is death murder, they say the 26 year old did not attack the officers. they say he was healthy and should not have died. they know how that right killing humans, the footage shows officers on top of mario while he was face down on the ground. they had their way on his head and his back. he was complying, and they continue to pin him down with their weight. three responding officer james fisher, cameron leahy and eric mckinley have been placed on administrative leave. i'm elissa harrington. ktvu fox two news, just after midnight, there was an earthquake here in the bay area, a magnitude 2.8 quick near piedmont at around 12 18 this morning, the u. s geological miles underground, and so far no word of any damage. oh! oh merry weather. we were thinking today be sunny and warmer, basically right on in fact of the warm spots inland right now close to 90
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degrees. so what? today a big warm up tomorrow. my cool things off a little bit coast side right around the bay. but still this war. my pattern is here to stay over the next few days. let's check out some of the current numbers out there for the four o'clock hour and the one temperature jumping off this map is that 91 degrees in the fairfield. we have won the creek 84 san jose 80 to oakland and i 70 60. grease in san francisco earlier 70 right now cooling off to a 67. as we show you the satellite. we have lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. looks like we have a bad frame here on the satellite, but we do have some higher clouds up to our north and some of those high clouds will be moving in as we head into your thursday forecast, but today it is a sunny day not only for the inland spots but across the entire region out toward the bay and also for the coastal neighborhoods as well as you can see behind me that breeze kicking up well, so what? those winds around attend to a 20 miles an hour. here is the plan tomorrow morning. we'll start out your thursday in the forties, too. right around 50
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degrees and then into the afternoon hours, we will see a few high clouds occasionally drift in. so might be partly sunny movie that filtered sunshine effect, but still we are expecting some mid eighties. well inland lots of seventies around the bay and the beaches will cool off a little bit, mainly in the lower sixties. so for your thursday forecast, we'll call it partly sunny temperatures still warm inland. lots of eighties. maybe a few mid to mid eighties around the bail. call it nice and seventies and the peaches not to warm it up too much, but make basically the sixties low to mid sixties. that's for your thursday forecast with a few high clouds. still, it could be a power could be a possibility as we head into your friday as well. what about the weekend? we'll have more on that with your full update just minutes away. okay thanks. mark, right. how cool. is this? a pair of michael jordan's rookie year sneakers up for auction folks. the nba champion war, the air jordan once in 1984 and 1985. this was at the start of his career for the chicago bulls,
4:20 pm
which, as we all know, included those six championships. well, sotheby says these specific shoes are perhaps the most recognizable for jordan. the auction house is expecting bids to fly anywhere from 110,000. to more than 160,000. you can see there's a little bit of where from the game on the shoes, which really adds to the character and the story of these of these beautiful and iconic pair of shoes, may have 2020 another pair of game worn sneakers from jordan's rookie season fetched a record $560,000, but they were signed by the superstar. these shoes are the star of the first ever. sneakers on lee auction by sotherby's, which includes fromh curry is well that auction by the way closes on may 12th. developing news involving president trump's former personal attorney, rudy giuliani. the feds searching his home and office in manhattan today what they took
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apartment in new york city and attorney for giuliani confirmed to fox news that agents raided his residence and offices in manhattan. sources say that computers and cell phones were taken. the former new york city mayor has been under investigation over his business dealings in ukraine, including efforts to dig up dirt on joe biden son, hunter biden in a statement, giuliani accused the justice department of targeting him because of his work as former president trump's attorney by north carolina judge ordered a delay for the public release of body camera footage related to the deadly shooting of andrew brown
4:24 pm
jr by sheriff's deputies boxes. griff jenkins has the latest now from north carolina. judge in north carolina, denying a petition to publicly release the body camera footage related to the deputy involved shooting of andrew brown jr brown's family, however, will be allowed to view the video, but the sheriff's office cannot release it to the public for a least 30 days. relation this time would create a serious threat to the fair, impartial and orderly administration of justice. brown was killed one week ago as deputies attempted to serve a drug related warrant in the days since brown's family protesters in the pascua tank county sheriff have all called for the release of the body cam video. we and accountay will follow. during the hearing. prosecutors argued that brown hit deputies with his car before the shooting. while brown's family maintains his car was stationary when the shooting started. hurt statements being made where he
4:25 pm
he might have hit the hit the deputies or he might have did that. well, show us the video, and that is underrate the law enforcement officer. the meeting with already seen a test results of an independent autopsy, finding that brown was shot five times with one failed bullet entering the back of his head. i'm tired. off spilt blood protests continuing in elizabeth city wednesday for the seventh straight day, the mayor here in acting and eight p.m. curfew tuesday night, which will remain in effect until further notice in elizabeth city, north carolina. griff jenkins fox news, the justice department announced federal hate crimes charges today in the death of a georgia man who was killed while out for a run last year. the criminal case, charging the three men in connection with the death of ahmad armory is the most significant civil rights prosecution undertaken to date by the biden administration's justice department. travis mcmichael
4:26 pm
and his father, gregory, along with a third man, william, roddy, brian, are all charged with one count of interference with civil rights and attempted kidnapping. a sentencing for former minneapolis police officer derek shelvin is now set for june 25th. the sentencing date was pushed back a week due to a scheduling conflict. shelvin was convicted of second anther degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd. shobin faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. but legal experts say more likely sentence is 30 years or less. the u. s supreme court is wrestling with how to balance free speech rights with the needs of schools to maintain order and discipline. the high court heard nearly two hours of arguments today in a case involving a pennsylvania high school teenager in 2017. she was suspended from her school's cheerleading squad for a year because of a profanity laced snapchat post. she made off
4:27 pm
campus after not making the school's varsity squad. her parents sued the school district for violating her freedom of speech and a judge ruled in there. favor, but the school district appealed. the justices are expected to hand down a decision in this case by the end of june. coronavirus cases are declining nationwide, while states is masked mandates. i'm only line in boston. i'll have that story coming up last has been closed down to the public for more than a year. the exciting announcement from the lindsay wildlife experience their walnut creek and how it plans to keep visitors safe.
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latest data from johns hopkins university. there have now been more than 32 million cases of covid-19 reported in the us since the pandemic began, including just more than 50,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. that is about 12,000 fewer cases than the day before, so we're trending in the right direction. more than 574,000 people, though, with covid have now died here in the u. s more states, though across the country are easing mask restrictions in response to that new guidance from the cdc, but it's fox's molly line reports this afternoon. some health experts argue that these new guidelines there too cautious and may not help with vaccine hesitancy. one year ago today, the u. s surpassed one million coronavirus cases since then, the country's recorded a total of more than 32 million.
4:31 pm
infections but according to the cdc, new cases are declining, falling about 15% in the last week. most of the country has significant suppression of the infection right now, herd immunity has kicked in. it is not binary. it's not a finish line. it's going to continue to linger for decades to come, but at very low levels from california to maine states are adopting new cdc guidance on outdoor mask usefully vaccinated. people don't need to wear masks outside unless they're in a big crowd. unvaccinated people can also skip the masks in so situations. but some health experts argue the guidelines are too cautious and don't offer a strong incentive for americans who are hesitant to get a shot. we take our masks off. we feel a sense of liberation from the virus. if you're vaccinated, you're not spreading this virus. you can take your mask off outside. more than a third of us adults are fully vaccinated, and more than half have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, a new cdc assessment finds that fully vaccinated adults 65 years. and older
4:32 pm
where 94% less likely to be hospitalized with covid-19, then unvaccinated people of the same age, partially vaccinated adults in that age group were 64% less likely to be hospitalized with the virus. the cdc assessment focused only on those adults received visors or modernist vaccine in boston. molly line fox news. there have now been over 3.6 million cases of the coronavirus reported here in california since the start of the pandemic that includes about 1600 new cases reported in the last 24 hours more than 60,000 people have died in our state from the virus, and that includes 65 additional deaths since yesterday, the state's 14 day test positivity rate now stands at 1.3% that is down slightly from two weeks ago. san francisco is expanding access to coronavirus vaccines in some of the cities hardest hit neighborhoods, including ocean view or said heights, ingleside
4:33 pm
and ingleside terrorists. san francisco health department opened a new vaccine site this morning at 50 broad street. this is near the mew t 24 em bus lines, making it more accessible and convenient. it's the city's sixth neighborhood vaccination site. it's being operated through a partnership between the health department and community based organizations were going to be christening this vaccination. site today, and we're going to continue to make sure that we're moving forward in an aggressive way to make sure that people have the vaccination and access in the low barrier way to ensure the safety of this community. vaccines are available at the new site by appointment or by dropping wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. the lindsay wildlife experience in walnut creek announced today that it will reopen its exhibit hall next tuesday. now that day will be dedicated. remembers only but the wildlife museum will open to the general public the following day wednesday, may
4:34 pm
5th male attendants will be limited to 50% of capacity or 75 guests at a time and masks will be required. joining us now live from the lindsay wildlife experiences. mm elin, ari mullen air excuse me. she's the curator of animal encounters there at the lindsay wildlife experience. and thanks so much for being here. what an exciting announcement and i'm sure it is something that all of you have been looking forward to for a very long time. now we are so excited to have everyone come back and join us and share a love for wildlife with you. yes so talk a little bit about what visitors can expect. and do you have anything special planned? absolutely well, one. our doors have not been open. lindsey has still been active and one of working on is what's right behind me here. our brand. new eagle theory. this is a brand new exhibit that no one's ever seen before. so we're excited
4:35 pm
to invite you in and enjoy our bald eagle, who's in the sun and kind of blown out behind me right now, but she's enjoying a yummy piece of rabbit behind me. this exhibit we want you all to experience for the first time when you come back on, chief. yeah that that's very, very cool there, emma. obviously it was so difficult for you and so many others to go from 100. of guest today. tol you know, essentially zero. how have you been able to hang on? who well, it's through the graceful donations and everybody out there in the public. we're losing $150,000 a month with our doors closed. we not only miss our visitors and connecting with them, but by donating and visiting and behind stuff. there are store you are funding the care of not only the animals that call lindsay home. over 60 individuals but the over 5000 hospital patients we get in every single year, so
4:36 pm
fortunately, our community has always rally behind us and supported us and we're just excited to open the doors back up welcome everyone back in. yeah and i'm sure peoplebe e to go once again. you mentioned about the hospital during this time has remained open. what is the caseload been like, oh, man. well, it hasn't stopped, in fact, some months or even seeing peace. jin's come in at a greater number then they have before we've had reallocate our teams and changed our focus to be primarily animal care at this time because animals are in need throughout this pandemic, just like they were before and just like they will be afterwards. so it's been a lot of work. ah, lot of teamwork, but together we came together as an organization and were able to continue to fulfill our mission. and emma. i mentioned that mask are going to be required. you're going to have reduced to pass. city. what other precautions are you taking? well our whole look a little different from those who
4:37 pm
are familiar. we're gonna have a one way path to make it easier to social distance from one another. we also have hand sanitizer stations all around, and we are continuing to offer our outdoor only experiences as well for those who feel more comfortable exploring the great outdoors at this time, so we have programs that are on site here. we have heights that are farther out in nature, so there's lots of different ways that you can explore and enjoy. the wildlife experience, including some virtual options as well. ah lot of options. i know that there is a lot of excitement from folks to get back there to see that really special place that you have emma bullet there. thanks so much for coming on this afternoon really appreciated and good luck next week. thank you hope to see you all soon. all right, that was looking forward to outside lands this year. listen up coming up. next we'll have more on how you can get your hands on tickets to the music festival that will now be taking place in october and a burial, whether a much warmer day with a few spots
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so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time... go time... no time. hi. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere... ross. yes for less! shooting this morning sky. fox was over that scene late this afternoon. police were called to the home there on garrow. dr nearsighted scored just before 11 a.m. officers found a 52 year old man with the least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. those officers say a 50 year old man was found at the scene with a gun. he was being
4:41 pm
interviewed and is considered a person of interest. we now have more details about a crash in san jose that killed two people. it happened late monday night at lawrence expressway near midi way. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this started when deputies tried to pull over the driver of a honda accord, but the driver refused to stop that. honda took off running through a red light and crashing into a toyota camry, the driver and the passenger inside that camera died at the scene. all the other guy had to do was just pull over and he probably would've gone off with a warning or like a minimum sentence for whatever he was running away from. instead of now, he's probably like ruined his life and his friend's life and the victims. the names of the two people killed have not been released by the coroner's office to others who were in that honda were injured and they were arrested on suspicion of evading an officer and gross vehicular manslaughter, as well as several firearms and drug offenses. vac aviles police
4:42 pm
chief is addressing a video from back in december that shows a police officer punching a canine under his command. now acting police chief in smut slur presented the findings from three different investigations into the incident to the city council last night. the chief said that the officer involved remains with the department but is no longer a dog handler. the canine has since been returned to the company that sold the dog to the department. thanks believes in and really, really good shape. we need to do more training with the handlers prior to getting the dog so that they understand that you know the to a better extent, the proper chair, the proper feeding theing of these animals. we absolutely need to do right away. the chief says. despite the backlash and threats his department faced well, they've learned from the incident and are hoping to make progress and move forward. single tickets for san francisco's outside land's music festival will go
4:43 pm
on sale tomorrow. this year's festival is planned for halloween weekend in golden gate park, the friday night headliner band will be the strokes on saturday. the headliner will be liz oh, and on sunday the headliner is tame. impala festival organizers say they're working with state and local officials to make sure that everyone is safe. we will have more on the safety plans for this festival and others coming up tonight at five o'clock. oh well worth spring day here in the bay area, we were advertising that warm up in the warm spots. habit in fact, pretty warm to hot too close to 90 degrees. i'm thinking today, probably one of the warmer days the week and there were two cool things off a bit as we head into the weekend, but just a little bit of a drop off in the numbers. here's the forecast for is we take a look at the map, so we are expecting some subtle changes in that your thursday forecast the beaches low sixties around the bay low seventies, the in the neighborhoods in the mid eighties and patchy coastal fog. making a comeback, but temperatures still a good 5 to
4:44 pm
10 degrees above the average, especially for the inland areas. what about rainfall of coursework so excited with that system that kind of just fell apart last weekend last sunday, ending that to dry stretch and as we look ahead here, we just have a bunch of zeros for the most part, so no real rain in the bay area forecast. maybe things could change as we head into may, but at least right now looks like our dry weather pattern will continue, in fact, a warm one as well right now is 91 degrees and fairfield we have okay. in 76 san francisco, 67 santa rosa in the lower eighties. as we back out, the maps will show you this. we have lots of clear skies up and down our coastline. some clouds up to our north to our west and some of those cloud you're seeing right down the satellite could approach the bay area for tomorrow so we could have partly sunny skies in your thursday forecast for today, though completely in the clear from the inland spots all the way to the coast, in fact, look like looking like a beautiful a beach day out there with temperatures in the sixties. now, first thing tomorrow more we'll start out the day with partly cloudy skies and patchy
4:45 pm
coastal fog. most areas in the forties to the lower fifties. so here's kind of a big view of the satellite. we're just basically showing you big ridge overhead. so that is keeping us warm, some subtle changes the developing as we head into what your thursday as that ridge will stick around, but we'll see a little bit more of an onshore breeze. so with that will cool things off a bit. coast side. still a nice day, patchy fog possible during the morning hours. and temperatures inland about the same as today. that means some or eighties as you do work your way out toward the conquered livermore and antioch. here's the forecast model. this does bring in a bunch of clouds is you can't see coming up as we head into for tomorrow may step out of the way to a reset the computer a little bit. give me a second, and here we go. well we do put this into motion and we have a few high clouds move in throughout the afternoon hours on thursday, and then into your friday, we'll still have a few scattered high clouds. as well. but still it is a mild pattern. well inland. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. once again a little bit cooler.
4:46 pm
coast side don't survive around san francisco. still lots of seventies around the bed warm inland. we're thinking some eighties out towards santa rosa, livermore, antioch and fairfield. here's look ahead your five day and you will notice a few claws into your friday a breeze will kick up into the weekend so we could be tracking some windy conditions, especially if you are heading to the coast on saturday, but it looks like this dry weather pattern will continue when early, mild pattern will continue as we head into the weekend and beyond. okay mark. thank you. well a massive massive bull is alive and well after falling hundreds of feet down a cliff when i say this bull is massive weight, £1700, and it fell from this 300 ft cliff landing on the beach below. this is that law. narrow beach in spain and watches the helicopter hovers there over the bull, whose name is bolero. he's been hoisted lifted away. larra belongs to a local farmer. there he is safe and now back to his racing grounds.
4:47 pm
coming up here on the four, remembering astronaut michael collins of apollo 11 up next, we'll have a look back at his remarkable life. and his place in history and coming up. just a few minutes on the news at five of e t. a driver gets shot while on his break the weapon a bow and arrow. he's doing a little bit better by the day, just a little bit shocked that this could happen to him or anybody. yeah, that is shocking more on the attack and why investigators believe it co
4:48 pm
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don't wait for a break, call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. dependents to their health insurance plans. federal law allows adults to keep their children on their health insurance plans until at least aged 26 to be eligible under the california proposal, parents would have to rely on
4:50 pm
their children for at least half of their support. proponents say the bill would save family's money by limiting their expenses, but business groups say it would increase health care costs for everyone. this proposal passed its first committee hearing yesterday. well the berkeley city council unanimously passed a law that puts a permanent limit on what equipment the police department can use to control crowds. the ban includes what is called less lethal equipment that includes pepper spray water cannons and tear gas used to control crowds. police used them last spring during some of the black lives matter. protests. in san francisco police and community leaders took a safety walk through the richmond district today in response to recent cases of anti asian. they're trying to in the walk, distributed anonymous tip line flyers a to chinese monolingual speakers in
4:51 pm
mandarin and cantonese. the police department says it's expanding its efforts to better serve all communities, including the ap. i communities. community safety walk is all about raising awareness within our community, ensuring that our community is where of the resource is the sam cisco police department has available for reporting for addressing climb within their area, as well as working with the community on solutions to make our neighborhoods safe. the sfpd is working to expand the capacity of its multi language tip line to over seven different languages. michael collins, the man. known to many as thief or gotten astronaut has died. he was part of the historic apollo 11 mission to the moon, but never stepped foot. on the surface. collins was piloting the command mobile circling 60 miles above, while buzz aldrin and neil armstrong were walking on the moon. his family put out a statement saying collins died after a
4:52 pm
battle with cancer. david lee miller has a look back now. at his life. right there hey, was the least well known of the historic apollo 11 crew, but well, astronaut michael collins would never place his own footprints on the moon. see of tranquility. his piloting skills were invaluable to the mission success. all right here, their trip of ours to the moon may have looked to you simple or easy. i'd like to assure you that that has not been the case, like most of his high flying peers. he was a fighter pilot and test pilot before being chosen for nasa in 1966. collins made his first space flight. jim and i 10, where he became the third american. walk in space, after gemini collins was slated to join the apollo eight crew on its historic lunar orbiting mission, but was grounded for a medical condition. with a competitive space veteran. it was one of the lowest points in his career. apollo eight, houston your trajectory and guidance of go over. thank you,
4:53 pm
michael. with the space career in jeopardy, collins undertook its spinal fusion operation. when finally returned to flight status, nasa placed him on the next available mission. that flight was apollo 11 would like today. thank you very much on the mission, collins was tasked applied the apollo mothership in lunar orbit, while neil armstrong and buzz aldrin made their descent to the moon's surface. remarkably of the apollo 11 crew, famed aviator charles lindbergh identified with collins, the most collins solo orbits around the moon, lindbergh felt mirrored his solo flight across the atlantic over four decades earlier, they were both lucky. lindy felt. pilots on a lonely vigil, relatively inactive and unwatched. hello there, sports friend i got up to make it seemed everyone on planet earth was watching when extraterrestrial cameraman michael collins did his job, all right, but right now what about that? that it that david lee miller fox news? so they
4:54 pm
come today here on the four rising prices at the grocery store just how much more we're having to pay for certain items and why those prices are expected. to continue rising, plus airline bookings bounce back as covid restrictions continued to ease with flight bookings rising more than 100% have a look at the recent data. woul
4:55 pm
in our home, we trust dawn antibacterial.
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it cuts through tough grease with 50% less scrubbing... so our dishes get cleaner, faster. even better, dawn antibacterial removes 99% of bacteria from your hands. we're cleaning now more than ever. and that's why we trust dawn. dawn antibacterial. an easy way to clean your dishes... a smart way to wash your hands. enjoy the scents of orange and apple blossom. store lately, the u. s labor bureau says that the price of a dozen of eggs is now up 7% and a loaf of bread. well, that's up by 11% some of the reasons are gas prices and also supply issues. i think it's a storm that's been coming to be quite honest with you. you know, we've been dealing with. supply demand issues since the
4:57 pm
beginning of the pandemic. the supply chain was interrupted by the recent bad weather in texas and the midwest and in the port of l. a cargo ships are still being anchored. offshore experts say that toilet paper, beer and wine are monday. items expected to go up in price in the coming weeks. the airline industry is seeing its best quarter since before the pandemic. flight bookings are up 111% in march compared to the weeks leading up to the vaccine rollout. that's according to adobe. fox is grady trimble is at chicago's o'hare international airport with more. boeing posted a loss of some 537 million in the first three months of the year. but there is some good news on the air travel front as well. ceo dave calhoun says he sees this year as a key inflection point as vaccine distribution ramps up across the country and people get comfortable with the
4:58 pm
idea of flying again. he does caution, though, that he doesn't expect air travel to reach pre pandemic 2019 levels until 2023 or 2024, but certainly in talking with people here at o'hare. they say they're vaccinated and happy to be taking the skies. once again, some folks even entertaining. possibility of a european trip this summer. the you indicated it would let vaccinated americans into the european union as early as this summer. we got mixed responses when we asked folks here if they actually would go. we're from romania. so we were looking into traveling to turkey over the summer. if it's possible, so we're just starting to explore that option. i know some of the countries in europe are requi folks to be vaccinated, so i hope they have unequal pathway for those that have anti bodies that are equally immune. i mean, i've been to europe and just because it's flights are long and you know there's just so much international travel. i just can't see being a safe as you
4:59 pm
know, staying domestic and staying close. i'm still in my bubble, whether people will book a european trip this summer, still up in the air, but what's certain is people are searching for flights online. travel booking, app hopper says. these are the top european destinations people are looking for right now. denmark number one, followed by poland, portugal, the netherlands and france and if you do plan to travel to europe this summer, you might save some money because the average international ticket price hopper says is down about 9% compared to before the pandemic. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, packed and loaded onto a massive military point in northern california. next stop, india is playing is carrying life saving supplies to help india deal with a devastating surgeon. coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.
5:00 pm
today's shipment is just the first one scheduled takeoff from travis air force base. even everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. india has now seen the number of coronavirus death surge past 200,000 and many health experts believe the death toll may be far higher, especially in rural areas where they worry that the deaths are not being recorded. india some more than 362,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday alone, this comes as hospitals continue to scramble for basic equipment, including oxygen ventilators, even beds for patients, the u. s. canada and many other nations air rushing out to send equipment and personnel to help care for the sick today, the first of three u. s military plans is scheduled to leave travis air force base. each plane will be packed with crucial equipment and supplies. ktvu tom vacar is in fairfield tonight at that base with more on this critical mission, tom well, frank


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